i really want a pet turtle

Domestic Klance Headcanons
  • Lance tries as hard as possible to sleep in for as long as possible
  • this is a difficult task considering Keith is an early riser he doesn’t even need an alarm he just naturally wakes up at 7 to work out or whatever
  • one time lance tried to wake up early enough to surprise keith with a birthday breakfast-in-bed, but of course keith didn’t get the message to sleep in and was already awake
  • they made a mess making pancakes and bacon together instead
  • lance is a neat freak. it annoys the crap out of keith because he never had to clean up for anyone else whereas lance’s mother pretty much programmed him to clean up after himself and his little siblings
  • keith affectionately labels these tirades as The Nag™…brace yourselves, The Nag is coming
  • lance can also cook??? he chops vegetables like it’s nothing and keith is alway afraid he’s going to lose a finger at the speed he’s going
  • they couldn’t decide on a color scheme for their room so it’s just a mismatched mess of soft blues and and calm grays and vibrant red and angsty black and it looks awful. but it’s theirs
  • lance convinced keith to do weekly Couple Luxury Night where they did relaxing at-home spa treatment-esque routines. he told keith it’d be fun but really it’s just an excuse for him to pamper his boyfriend and take goofy pictures in face masks and cucumbers
  • lance always fixes keith’s hair before he walks out the door because that boy does not know that bedheads aren’t acceptable. keith always pretends to be annoyed but his favorite thing is feeling lances fingers run through his hair
  • lance got them really into competitive cooking shows and naturally it turned into a heated cooking war between the two. since lance is 1000x better at cooking (keith can barely peel a potato) keith is allowed to distract him by whatever means necessary. lance is extremely susceptible to neck kisses, side tickling, and obnoxious raspberries
  • lance in aprons with flirtatious sayings
  • keith complying with the aprons’ suggestions
  • lance totally has a childhood teddy bear that he still sleeps with with named tigre (as a child he didn’t really have a clear grasp on the difference between bears and tigers). He is now señor tigre, respect the title, and is appalled when keith calls it ratty and old-looking
  • whenever lance is mad at keith he pretends keith isn’t there and complains about him to tigre
  • when keith needs comfort and can’t get any words out, lance lets him hold tigre—he might be old as hell but he is soft—and just talks to him about anything until keith feels better
  • they have matching red and blue mugs with cute lions on them
  • keith sleeps on the left side of the bed, but always manages to roll all the way to lance’s side by the morning
  • keith also has deathgrip when he’s asleep, so lance had to buy him a body pillow for those nights when lance just wants to sprawl out
  • lance taped a fucking picture of his face to the body pillow the first night keith slept with it and the next morning lance was woken abruptly by keith shrieking in terror
  • lance likes to do voices and impressions all the time to keep himself entertained and uses random objects around the house as props. keith’s reactions range from tired-of-your-shit to must-hold-in-laughter, but most of the time keith likes to film him on his phone so he can watch it again later. he says it’s blackmail material but these are keith’s videos of the lance that only he gets to see every day
  • whenever lance decides to fart in front of keith he turns it into a punchline
  • keith would never fart in front of other people because it’s fucking barbaric but he feels comfortable enough to voice his body’s concerns (oh god lance i have to fucking dump pause the tv i can’t miss gordon ramsay ripping this neglectful chef a new asshole)
  • they have a weekly chore chart with shifting roles, except keith can’t do the dishes because sticking his hands under hot water and touching grimy dishes is a nightmare for him
  • keith never likes to walk around barefoot esp in the kitchen, so lance makes it fun by gifting keith with funky socks. his most recent pair has shooting stars with a moon made of cheese at the ankle. (keith unintentionally called them cheesy and lance keeled over) keith is known at work/school as the serious guy with uncharacteristically fun socks
  • lance likes to blast music but when it bothers keith, he turns it down and sings along at a moderate volume, which keith finds comforting
  • keith: did u check between the couch cushions
  • it was between the couch cushions
  • they have a codeword for when keith misses a social cue and says something too blunt or rude, that way they can communicate easily in private and when company’s over
  • they also have a word for when lance is doing something annoyingly repetitive that keith can’t deal with
  • lance is superstitious and it’s all pretty humorous, but he never risks going to bed without saying i love you, even if they’re angry at each other. keith doesn’t understand why they need to say it out loud all the time but he knows it makes lance feel better so he doesn’t ask questions
  • some nights they like to sleep outside on the back porch so they can see the stars together, and they make their own constellations
  • when the Bad Thoughts hit lance, keith just stays with him, cradles him, strokes his hair. keith’s blunt honesty is a solace whenever lance splits
  • when lance dissociates, keith finds a simple activity for them to do together to coax him back like watching crap tv or going for a drive with the windows down
  • lance bought this weird porcelain duck cookie jar and every time keith comes into contact with it he stares it down for a good minute out of suspicion and spite
  • if either of them don’t feel like using their voice at any particular time, they bought mini whiteboards with tons of colorful markers
  • keith really likes to doodle?? its not his passion or anything but lance lets him draw on his skin and loves to show off his “new tattoo” to literally anyone
  • keith really wants a cat but lance thinks cats are too boring and moody. lance wants a dog but keith thinks they’re too high-maintenance and overwhelming
  • when they went pet shopping they became unwittingly enamored with a turtle struggling to eat a tomato. it was inspirational, and they named her Rita
  • they probably start a small garden and grow tomatoes for Rita and lance in floppy sun hats and keith digging gleefully into the earth
  • lance naming their gardening hoe keith and promptly running from an angry dirt-covered keith

im dy i ng I could go on about these dorks and their habits

if anyone wants to add anything more please do I'm thirsty for domestic klance fluff

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my queen my angel my number one favourite writer could you do one of those lil au thingys for Minhyuk please??? You don't have to obvs but if you wanna that'd be great I liVe for your blog I literally check it like 4 times a day and I'm so excited for your jooheon college au bcos he is my number 1 but u r also my number 1 ok I'm done sorry thank u in advance if you do this xxxxx

waaa so many compliments,,,,,,,im currently feeling my heart burst hehe!!! thank you for liking my writing, college jooheon is coming really really soon!!

  • mermaid!minhyuk
  • his tail is a shimmery pink and coral, and the gills on his neck and scales that highlight his cheek are really pretty and always look like there’s glitter on them
  • for the most part he can shift back and forth between human form and mermaid form,,,,but if he touches water,,,,,,,,there’s his tail and he’s left, basically flopping on the floor 
  • most people know he’s a mermaid,,,,,,thanks to changkyun stupidly throwing a water balloon at him at the park and well,,,,,,everyone has come to accept it
  • nicknamed prince of the sea,,,,because he looks like a prince and is a mermaid and someone (cough jooheon cough) once was even like “you’re like ariel!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,well maybe eric?? he wasn’t a mermaid but he was a prince,,,,,you’re their child minhyuk”
  • minhyuk: if you ever say that again, ill say you’re the love child of shrek and donkey- so DONT
  • and since he’s a mermaid,,,,minhyuk can communicate with aquatic animals and well you’re his neighbor who happens to own a pet turtle and ,,,,,,,,,you’re worried
  • because crush the turtle hasn’t been as active as before,,,he just sits on his rock and doesn’t swim around his tank and you’re like “crush,,,,,,are you ok? are you lonely? am i bad owner,,,,,,,,,” and you decide that since you can’t speak crush’s language, you need to get someone who does
  • and luckily, your next door neighbor is a mermaid
  • so when you knock on minhyuk’s door, holding crush in a little pail of water he’s like “,,,,,,is everything ok? am i going to be babysitting your pet turtle?”
  • and you’re shaking your head, looking really sad because you’re like “can you talk to him???? is he sick??? he hasn’t been eating as much or swimming and i love him,,,,i want to help him.”
  • and minhyuk is watching you get emotionally broken up over your pet turtle and he thinks it’s kinda funny but he’s holding back a laugh,,,,,that and also,,,,,,,,it’s kinda cute,,,,,,,you care so much about the little guy
  • and minhyuk is like “sure, let me talk to him but i need to transform to do so,,,,,,,are you ok with sitting in the bathroom with me?”
  • and so you end up sitting at the edge of minhyuk’s bathtub as he lays in it, tail hanging out the opposite edge
  • and he’s talking with your turtle as you’re waiting nervously and minhyuk finally returns crush to you and he’s like “he said that he wishes he had a bigger tank, it’s kind of boring because it’s been the same size for too long. maybe you could invest in a bigger one with more pebbles and stuff???” 
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,,,,,he isn’t sick??????? or mad at ,,,,,me????” and minhyuk laughs and is like no, no he likes you as an owner very much
  • and you’re like WHAT A RELIEF MY TURTLE LIKES ME
  • but also you smile and then notice suddenly that minhyuk is there,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,,,wet,,,,,,,,,and you automatically look down and are like “sorry!!!!!!! i didn’t mean to stare,,,,,,” and minhyuk is like “most people stare when they see my mermaid form,,,,,,,it’s weird right?”
  • and you’re like “no!!!!! you’re so pretty,,,,,” and minhyuk is flattered,,,,because oh,,,,,,that’s so nice of you to say
  • and then he’s suddenly getting flushed and you’re like ???? and minhyuk is like “sorry, your turtle keeps asking me silly questions,,,,,,” and you’re like “oh???? what’s he asking????”
  • and minhyuk is like “he’s asking,,,,,,,,if im you’re,,,,,,,mermaid,,,,,,,,ma,,,,,mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,crush!!!!!!!!
  • and you look at your turtle and you’re like don’t be rude even though it can’t understand you but minhyuk is like looking away and he can’t really get up until the water goes down the drain
  • and you’re like “ill keep you company so it isn’t boring ^^” and you and minhyuk talk and you click so well
  • and then the water is almost gone and minhyuk is like qUICk,,,,close the shower curtain!!!! and you’re like why- and he’s like “i transform back nude,,,,,”
  • and you jump up like wOAH,,,,ok im closing it!!!!!!!!!
  • both you and minhyuk blushing on each side of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,,,,your neighbors crushing on you,,,,,,,and you’re crushing on your (mermaid) neighbor,,,,,,,,,hehu

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what are your thoughts about bakugou and midoriya's relationship? platonic, i mean

I live and die for it, every part of the manga in which that relationship is shown progressing is between my favorite parts of the manga and I’ve reread them a hundred times and cried over them way more than necessary - the battle trial one? yes, the end of terms exam? absolutely yes holy shit, the post-license exam fight? god yes fuck me that’s my absolute fav, the rescue arc? shit yes between all the reasons why that arc’s my fave the change in the deku/baku relationship is definitely a worthy of note one

It’s an interesting relationship, a painful one that’s making both of them grow so so so much, a rivalry they both need to better each other and keep each other straight on the path to become two great, all-around heroes - I’m not sure they’ll ever end up having the type of relationship Izuku has with Todoroki or Bakugou with Kirishima, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be friends like that, they’re just too different to properly fit like that and to avoid stepping on each other’s toes every single day of their lives they’d have to change their core personalities too much, but they did end up being able to coexist (Bakugou’s even giving Deku tips!!!) and I do think they’ll be able to cooperate and support each other in the end. If one day they’ll be able to make fun of each other in a friendly manner and egg each other on and be honest with each other without it escalating into a full blown fight I’d truly be happy, that’s probably my main dream for this whole manga. For them to have a healthy rivalry, one in which they can maybe even laugh together. I think it might happen, I’m waiting for it to happen

Anon said: Hi Fran! I’m obsessed with your BakuShimaNari work. Here’s a cute thought to hopefully cheer you up a bit while you’re unable to draw: they’re all in their early 20s and Denki likes to poke/smooth out the little crease between Bakugo’s eyebrows and tease him about getting wrinkles early from all the scowling he does. Bakugo flicks him in the nose and says he’s starting to get crows feet from always grinning like an idiot.

Oh my god. Oh my g o d this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Oh my g OD I’m just imagining them doing that and Kiri in the background watching them like they’re most precious thing in the world I’m dying rip me this just made my whole life thank you so much anon *sob*

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you know what ?

our society tends to value two things for adulthood that i, a 16 y/o, should want to get for my future.

it’s :
- a long term romantic relationship
- a good career.

- i am aromantic.
- i’m like 97% sure i have ADHD and all thoughts of academics and career sends me in a loophole of dread and anxiousness.

so that is probably linked to why i fear the future so much. bc i wont have any of these and i have no idea what else i will ever get in life.

but in the end i realized that who the hell cares about career and romance when you can get friends. you can get a nicely decorated appartment. you can get a good bookshelf. you can get a great pub to drink at. you can get cool clothes. you can get a pet turtle.

these are less prestigious goals but who cares right. if they make you happy. these are the goals i really want in life and that would make me happy. that’s the future i want and to hell with c*reer and r*mance.

set your own goals, and fuck anyone who says they are insignificant.

The New Kid

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 1,156ish
T/W: Fluff!
A/N: For Stormy Anon’s request: Yo! So I had an idea for a fluffy fic. Okay, so as far as I’ve read I’ve never read a John fic where the reader likes turtles and has freckles too. So I was thinking maybe could you do a fluffy high school fic where John and reader have sooo much in common, but John is too shy to talk to the reader and when he does he just stutters and blushes and is all cute, and it turns out reader likes John, too.”
Yes, so cute. Oh, I remember high school so well… acne, braces and all that fun stuff! Also I didn’t go to an official pubic school, so I’m not sure how it really works, but here we go!

“I am going to hate this year!” you threw your backpack down at your desk, laying your face against the table.

“Why? It’s senior year, we’re almost done!” your best friend Alex stated, properly setting down his backpack next to you.

“Exactly! Senior year is awful it’s like you’re almost done, but not…yet.” you huffed, dramatically.

“You’ll be fine, maybe you’ll meet someone interesting-”

Before Alex could finish, your teacher interrupted, telling you there was a new kid joining your class. You and Alex both leaned around your desks to get a better look. This new kid had insanely curly hair, tied back. He had a TMNT t-shirt on and jeans. As the teacher said his name, he just waved slightly, barely lifting his hand. He looked beyond nervous. 

“Oh, hello,” you whispered to Alex.

“He’s cute, you should ask him out,” Alex teased. 

“Shut up, I don’t even know him,” you nudged Alex a little, “and he’d probably have no interest in me.”

Once the teacher was done introducing him, he quickly rushed to find an empty seat. Of course, the one right next to you. He sat down and let out an anxious sigh of relief, slouching into the chair a little. Now that he was closer you noticed he had beautiful freckles or as you called them, star dust, spread across his face. You smiled a little, it was something you had in common. Throughout class you occasionally glanced his direction, once he looked up to see you. He felt a flutter in his stomach. Your eyes locked for a moment as you noted how golden brown his were. You smiled at him and he began to blush a little, nervously smiling before ducking his head down. After class was over, you opted to introduce yourself.

“Hey! John right?” you called out to him in the hallway. 

He turned around to see you coming toward him with a smile, “Y-yeah.”

“I’m y/n!” you held your hand out and he gently shook it, “I really like your t-shirt, turtles are my favourite animal!”

“R-really?” a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

“Yeah! I even have two pet turtles actually!” You bounced on your feet a little. 

“Wow, I’ve always wanted one.” John rubbed the side of his arm, “but after mom…and the move, Dad said they’re too much of a hassle…”

“They’re not too bad, maybe I can sneak one into class and you can meet em.” you whispered.

After the brief discussion with John, you realised what time it was and rushed to your next class. On the bus ride home you saw John sit a couple rows ahead of you setting his back pack beside him, looking around. You waved and smiled at him when he found you. John waved back a little and that’s when Alex began asking you questions, to which you told him all about your hallway conversation.  

“See ya tomorrow!” you said, passing John who faintly waved and said ‘bye.’

The next day you managed to sneak Koopa, one of your pet turtles, into school. You found John at lunch and you and Alex sat with him. The cafeteria was busy, so you double checked no one was really looking you, before opening your backpack. 

“Hey, John,” you whispered, he looked over to you, “look who I brought.”

“Whoa! Is that?” John’s eyes sparkled and for the first time he had a full on smile on his face. 

“Yep! This is Koopa, he’s a painted turtle,” you held your turtle, who was reaching for a piece of lettuce on your plate, “Wanna hold him?”

“S-sure,” John held his hands out, timidly. 

“They can feel a little, funny so don’t freak out,” you smiled placing Koopa in his hands.

Koope sat still, looking around for the piece of lettuce. 

“I think he likes you!” you exclaimed, “Here try feeding him!”

Handing John the little leaf of lettuce he took in and Koopa instantly started nibbling on it, causing John to laugh a little. You smiled and Alex raised an eyebrow smirking at you, while he ate. As usual though, one of the Jocks just had to come over and ruin the moment.

“Hah, so the new kid likes turtles? That’s so lame!” 

“I like turtles,” you arched an eyebrow sighing, this guy had been chasing after you for years, but he was a total jerk and it got worse every year. 

“Yeah, but it’s cute that you like then, baby,” he winked at you, you just grunted and rolled your eyes, “this kid is just a dork! Aww you like turtles-”

You could see John’s demeanor shift as he ducked his head down, continuing to be mocked.

“Okay, Lee, leave him alone!” you stared him down. 

“Hey, I didn’t know you were so attacked to him, sweetie.” Lee tried sweet talking you. 

“Yeah, well I am. I happen to like him very much.” you put a certain tone on the end of your sentence causing John to look up at you and Lee to back off, “God, ignore him John, he’s always been that way.”

“You-you like me?” John asked shyly, and Alex leaned around him to look at you making a flirty face. 

“Well, yeah,” you answered smiling and biting your lip a little, 

“I-I like you too,” John began to blush, before Koopa nearly fell out of his hands, reaching for anther leaf of lettuce.

“I can’t believe this!” you bounced, “we graduated, baby!”

“I-I know!” John wrapped his arms around you as you nearly leapt into his arms.

“Oh miss ‘senior year is gonna be awful’ is actually excited now!” Alex teased you, attempting to fix hit graduation hat. 

“Yes! Ah, Alex, I can’t believe this!” you bounced over to him, fixing his hat for him and hugging him tightly. 

“Hmm, I distinctly remember you saying you were gonna hate the year and now look, you’re done with high school, you got to graduate with your best friend, me of course,” Alex gestured to himself, “and your boyfriend, who you thought would have noooo interest in you at the beginning of this year.”

“You- you didn’t think I would like you?” John asked. 

“Well, I mean no-”

“Seriously? I thought I was the lamest kid ever, I was the new kid…and- and why would such a gorgeous girl ever be interested in a dork like me?” John began to blush. 

“Aww and you still blush, how adorable!” You reached your arms around his neck, pulling him down into a kiss. 

Your mom quickly rushed over to take a picture of all three of you. 

“Wait, wait!” you rushed over to your backpack, once again bringing Koopa out.

“That can’t be good for him,” Alex commented.

“Oh, shush, smile!” you stood in between the boys with turtle in hand. 

Needless to say, it was the first picture you hung in your dorm that fall.

Raphael, the Dog Lover (TMNT)

This is the pitbull thing that was requested a while ago and I figured I’d write it while I’m in the swing of writing requests. ^.^ Plus this so cute and I love doggies…

My only issue is because I love doggies, I know there are several breeds of dog that are called ‘pit bull’. It’s a type of dog, not a breed. Personally I’m going to write the dog as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Why? My own dog is a staffie, and a recuse for that matter.

Serious note before we get onto the fic, pit bulls are often victimised by the media but the dogs are sweethearts and anyone who knows anything about the breed is well aware of this. Owners are to blame. I say this as someone who owns a dog who was quite nasty when I got her. Now she is very sweet. Her old owner used to beat her. I think that speaks miles about it. Because of this abuse of the breeds known as pitbulls, most of them end up in shelters. About half a million pit bulls are euthanised in shelters every year, about 40% of all dogs euthanised. (Not that kill shelters aren’t a problem in and of themselves) Please, please, please, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, consider a pit. It’s a bit of a long story and this foreword is getting too long as it is, but my pitbull saved myself and my sister from being murdered. And it’s not we might have been hurt, we would have died. I’ll never forget that. And I’m not trying to say another dog breed wouldn’t do that, all dogs would but that’s my point. Pits are not these evil creatures the media makes them out to be. They’re dogs.


Raphael sighed, as he ventured the rooftops. Alone. Unusual for this time of night. He should be heading home, with his brothers but tonight had been different. He’d had a small… Exchange with Mikey forcing Leo and Donnie to step in- But dammit Mikey had started it with that dumb prank!

So now, he was taking the long way home. Descending from the city buildings, he made his way into the alleyway, only to hear… Whimpering? It was a strange noise but in a city like this it was one he could recognise as a dog. There were so many pet pooches around, he’d grown used to their noises.

While he could have just went home and forgot about the whole thing, he was up for anything in order to avoid going home to confront his family. So follow it he did, tracking the noise to the back of some garbage cans.

Lying there, nursing a clearly broken paw and a skeletal body, was the thinnest dog Raphael had ever seen. She whimpered and whined, licking at the blood seeping from the wound.

Raphael grunted a little, the sight unnerving him. Poor dog, how had she gotten into such a state? He wondered. “ Yer not lookin’ yer best, are ye, girl? ” He asked, making a few soft kissy noises to get her attention.

In response the dog’s head snapped up, her ears pinned back, a low growl escaping a throat. Raph slowly raises his hands.

“ S'alright, I’m not gonna hurt ya, ” He assured, trying to work out how to calm the canine. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small wrapper. It was just a cereal bar, mostly oatmeal and honey. He usually carried one or two on him, for working out if he got hungry so he didn’t need to stop. Unwrapping it, he held it out carefully to her.

The dog seemed to give a small sniff, examining the extended morsel before giving a few uncertain licks. Having come to the decision it was not dangerous and tasted good, she wolfed it down, her tail wagging heavily; beating against the ground.

“ There’s a good girl. Were you hungry? ” He asked, very slowly moving a hand towards her to sniff, clenched in a fist. At the sight, the dog howled, whimpering and trying to back off. Quickly Raph stopped and she calmed. He paused for a moment, frowning before he tried it again, his hand held loosely now. She seemed more calm with this, her wet nose rubbing his scales.

Raph clenched his teeth a little. “ It was a person that did this to you, wasn’t it girl? ” He asked, as she continued to explore his hand with her tongue. He wasn’t really sure why he was talking to the dog, she couldn’t talk back, it just felt more natural than silence.

After staying there for maybe ten, fifteen minutes, slowly building up some trust with her; Raph very carefully moved to slip his strong arms beneath her, scooping her up, paying no mind to the blood that coated his arm now.

The dog seemed somewhat happy to have the pressure taken off of her leg, it seemed. Slightly less so about the smell of the sewer.

Upon arriving, Mikey was the first to greet him, as usual. Looking up from the comic he was reading, he took a moment to register before gasping in shock.

“ Dude, that’s a dog, ” He said, leaning over the couch, childishly. Raph grunted.

“ Yes, Mikey, she’s a dog, ” Raph agreed, making his way to Donnie’s lab.

“ What’s wrong with her leg? And how’d you know she’s a she? ” Mikey asked.

“ Someone hurt her… And you can tell on pitbulls, ” He responded.

“ Pitbull? ” Donnie looked up from his work as Raph walked in, the messy bundle of chocolate and white fur in his arms still. Studying the creature as he rose out of his chair, he corrected, “ Actually I think she’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. While Pitbull is technically correct, that’s a type of dog, not a breed. ”

“ Whatever you say Kennel Club, can you help her? ” Raph asked nervously.

“ I don’t know, I’m no vet… I’ll call April and Casey, if they’re free I’ll ask one of them to take her to a vet. I’ll try and make her comfortable until then, ” Donnie agreed, clearing a space on the table for her while searching for his phone.

“ Al'ight, but don’t mess around, ” Raph agreed, patting soft ears as he placed her down.


It was a week later when Raph got a call. From April. Placing his weights to the side, he grabbed his phone and answered.

“ Hey? ” He asked, wondering what she wanted.

“ Hey, Raph, it’s about that dog you found. The vet’s prescribed her a medical plan and they’ve operated on her leg but they’ve had to amputate it, ” At the mention of this, Raph winced at the memory of the mangled leg. He wasn’t surprised, it’d been a mess. “ She’s really underweight but the vet says she should make a full recovery and she should still be able to walk once she figures out how to balance, ” April finished.

“ That’s great, I’m glad she’s doing good, ” Raphael told her, as he picked up a bottle of energy drink, downing half the bottle.

“ Yeah but now they want to know what to do with her. The state could take her but… The nearest shelter is a high kill one. So the vet asked if I wanted to take her… But I really don’t have the time for a dog. ”

“ You’re asking me if I want her? ” Raph asked.

“ Yeah, I am… I guess if you don’t we could try and find someone el- ”

“ No, ” He cut her off. “ I’ll take her, ” He agreed without a moment of hesitation. Master Splinter was going to kill him.

But it was the right thing to do.


Once she got home, she was like a new dog. Raph could hardly believe this dog April had brought with her was the same pitbull he’d found last week.

“ Thatta girl, ” He praised, rubbing her belly as she ambled over to him, still trying to perfect the balance of running on only three legs.

“ Are you going to name her? ” Leo asked, watching vaguely amused from the couch.

“ Name her? ”

“ Well, duh, she needs a name, ” Mikey quipped in response. “ I vote for Turtledog. Like Batdog, but a turtle. ”

Raphael rolled his eyes, considering for a moment. “ I don’t know, I’m no good at names, ” He admitted.

“ What about Tenshi? ” Leo offered idly. While Raph’s Japanese might not have been as great as his brothers, he could translate that well enough, Angel.

“ Mm, I guess it’s better than Turtledog, ” Raph agreed, chuckling as he pet her ears.

“ Oh and Raph, the vet mentioned something else, ” April said.

“ Really what? ”

“ Just to mention she’s recently had pups. Maybe she was part of a puppy farm and they decided they didn’t want her anymore? ” April offered, trying to explain it somehow.

Raphael nodded, looking back to Tenshi as she snuggled up to him. A sigh escaped him, “ Where are your babies girl? I hope they’re doing better than you were. ”


The next day, Raph was walking Tenshi. It was a little hard, given he had to avoid being seen and let her pee and all, but he managed it. Somehow. He didn’t have a leash but he didn’t seem to need one, as she happily plodded along.

At some point however, she seemed to be leading him, rather than him her.

“ Tenshi, Tenshi c'mere, where ye going girl? ” He called after her, carefully following as she crossed the street. This was near where he’d found her, only maybe a block or so away.

He continued to follow her, all the way to a seemingly abandoned warehouse, continuing to call after her but stubbornly she seemed to be ignoring him. Once inside, he followed her further, round the back of some dusty crates that hadn’t been touched in what could have been years.

There he found something most unusual. Tucked into a makeshift bed of the sheets that used to cover crates were four skinny puppies, guarded by a Dalmatian; his face battle scarred and worn.

Tenshi greeted the other dog happily, nuzzling and licking faced as Raph followed curiously. Upon getting closer the Dalmatian snarled, baring his fangs however Tenshi happily trotted up to him and pressed some slobbery kissed to his leg and the spotty dog accompanying her seemed to understand.

“ Tenshi, these are your babies, ” Raph said happily, a very proud smile on his face, his heart melting. He was glad his brothers weren’t around to see him consumed by his soft side. Carefully holding out a hand to pet the Dalmatian who was now equally as curious about him, he smiled. “ Is this yer mate? Has he been looking after yer pups? He’s a good boy, ” He praised, ruffling his ears.

“ C'mon, ” He said, gathering up the pups in the sheet with no protest from either parent. “ Let’s go home, all of us. ”


A year later, Raph lounged by the TV. To one side of him Tenshi was snuggled up to him. Her stomach was once more swollen with pups, she’d give birth soon. By his feet lay her loyal protector and 'Raph’s good boy’, Butch the Dalmatian. Only two of their first litter still remained in the Lair. Turtledog, who was of course Mikey’s bundle of fun and Hana (Flower in Japanese) who had become something of a therapy dog for Master Splinter. Beowulf and Godzilla were never far behind their master, Casey.

“ You want some beef jerky? ” Raph offered the dogs and at the mention of 'beef jerky’ Turtledog had somehow appeared from the woodwork for her fair share of the food. Hana didn’t seem so bothered, resting still by Splinter’s feet.

Looking around him, Raph was very happy he had decided to keep Tenshi. She had only brought their family happiness. She was an angel, just with four legs and a tail rather than wings.

Big Bang reactions to your new pet

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last post:  Seungri:”Adorable”


As you see I’m more of a cat person but I hope you like it anyways and keep reading my reactions ^^

You went to your old school friend and she just happened to work in a pet store. She told you there is a cute hamster on sale and it has to be bought in a week or they will have to give him away. You liked animals but you’ve never thought about getting a pet  Now you had a chance and you took it. You bought an enormous cage with a lot of tunnels and food and 100 other things you didn’t have to buy. Since it was your first pet you wanted to spoil him as much as you can. You came home with full car realizing you will have to explain everything to Seunghyun since you lived together. He was just in the kitchen, eating an apple. You asked him to help you carry things and when he saw a little hamster in the cage, he froze and just watched him for a second. He loves animals but he’s not very fond of taking care of them. But since you’ve wanted it he agreed to take care of him too. After a couple of days you saw him playing with him and petting him, taking thousand pictures of him and posting them on Instagram.
“We should name him… What about Riri? He looks like he is gonna be a lot of trouble…”

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You already met all of his pets. His dog and he recently got a cat but they weren’t living with you. You knew he secretly wanted a cat badly. The problem for him was he couldn’t take care of the cat but now you lived together. That means you can also take care of the cat, that’s why you decided to adopt a cat from the shelter. Although you knew he likes unique breeds and expensive animals, you felt a lot better adopting a kitty from a shelter than paying money for an animal. You got home with  2 boxes and a bag. He was home at that moment and saw you carrying all those boxes and a bag and he helped. He was really surprised to hear someone meowing. You opened a box and showed the cat and all the other things you bought for her. He was against it at first but she was too cute to give her away now and he loved her with all his heart.
“NO. You know I can’t take care of animals because of my work… Aigoo ~ She is so cutee ~~”

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When you lived at home you always had a dog and sometimes even two because you didn’t live in the center of the city. But when you moved in with Youngbae in an apartment, you felt lonely when he was working. He had a dog but he was stolen. It was really hard for him since he always played with him and went on walks with him. You went to the shelter and bought cute little puppy. You knew he needs a lot of care now, when he’s smaller and you just knew Youngbae will love to take care of him too. You bought everything for the dog and even made a special place for him in the apartment. When Youngbae got home and found a puppy laying in his bed with you, he just wowed and petted him immediately. He thought it wasn’t the best idea to just get a dog without asking him about his opinion but he loved the dog and played with him the whole day.
“Come here~~ Who’s a good boy? *Starts singing Good boy* You are a good boy…”

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You visited a pet store a lot with him and the way he loved playing with every animal was fascinating to you. He was playing with a dog and the next moment he was talking to a parrot. You decided to buy turtles. They were small and cute. You knew you will have to clean the aquarium a lot but if that meant he would be happier, finally having a pet home, you would love to clean it. He was at an interview when you got home and build the aquarium. When he came home, tired from the interview and saw the aquarium with 2 little turtles, he just stopped and admired them for a while. He got closer and petted them. He was really happy you bought them and he wanted to take good care of them. He named them after flowers because he thought they look like sunflower and a rose, since one was slow and beautiful and the other one was quick and cute. like a sunflower.
“Hi Rose~ Hi Sunflower~ Did you eat well~? I ate meat today~”

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He never wanted a pet because he thought they are too much work and you wanted to prove him wrong. Animals are amazing and it is paid off if you take care of them. The perfect animal for him is a cat. And you bought one. It was little older cat who loved just laying around, eating and loved being cuddled and petted. Seungri loved to cuddle with you but you don’t always have time for him, so the cat was there. When you introduced him to the cat he liked her but didn’t want her to live with you because he knew she’ll torn some things and eat a lot of your food, those were his thoughts at first and just after 2 days cuddling with her and petting her, he got used to her and loved her. He bought her expensive bed and good food, toys she always just bit and a collar with her name on it.
“SO CUTE~~~”

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Birthday Girl! {Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader}

Prompt: It’s their daughter’s birthday so they go to the zoo.

Pairing: Poly!hamilsquad x reader

Word Count: 925

Warning: None

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thepalaceofmelanie  asked:

For the prompt. You and Finn trying to figure out what kind of pet to get.

- Finn’s leaving for work again. His two week break is over and you’ve started pouting as the days draw closer to his departure.
- “sometimes it just gets lonely living by myself in this apartment.” You sigh
- Finn wraps an arm around your shoulder: “you just need a distractor baby”
- “A distractor like what, a pet?”
- Finn’s eyes grow wide with excitement. “Oh that’s a good idea too!”
- He quickly scrolls through a pet adoption website.
- “Finn, a pet is a great responsibility.” You try to reason with him
- “You’re responsible enough, babe.” He smiles at you teasingly.
- “So you like turtles?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you.
- “Uh. Not really.”
- “What about goldfish?”
- No
- “How about we get a chicken? It’ll at least benefit us with some high protein eggs!” Finn amused the thought of rearing one with you.
- “Finn. Why do I get the feeling you want to eat our pet? I just want a cuddle buddy.”
-“But I’m your cuddle buddy!” He protests.
-But you’ll be gone :(
-“So we get a pet that reminds you of me!”
-You throw your head back and snicker at him. “We can’t possibly get a polar bear here”
-Finn rolls his eyes at you. “I’m more of a lion thank you very much”
-“Sure you are.” You ruffle his short hair and decide it was time for bed.

(Early morning)
-“Babeee.” Finn whispers into your ear. You slowly rouse awake to see him beaming at you.
-He gestures for you to look at the edge of the bed.
-The cutest little husky pup stares at you with its big blue eyes holding a tinge that somehow matched Finn’s own :)

theyregazebostheyrebullshit  asked:

When I was little I really wanted a turtle and my mom was like "alright you do research and we'll consider it" and I'm so glad I did research bc I saw "they'll need this this and this lighting and blah blah water testing" and realized it was too much for my 8 year old self to handle so like. I'm really glad I was a responsible 8 year old lmao

I wish more 8-year-olds and parents of 8-year-olds were as responsible as you and your mom.

My parents were similar. Whenever I begged for a pet they would say “well go do research” and I would put together massive power point presentations on animal care. I was never allowed to get any of these pets because they were all a big amount of work that my parents knew would end up falling on them when I got busy or bored (as children do). But it did instill the value of “the first step of getting a pet is research”. Which is so important.

Roleplaying themes/Ideas

(MORE to be added later, but im tired and wanna post this)

1: Turtles find a merman/mermaid in the sewer… Mayhem ensuses. Maybe Shredder gets involved, IDK.

2: TMNT… Set in the 1940’s New York. Casey is a returning soilder from WW2, and I want him to be a focus, cuz he’s my bro and I have planssss….

3:TMNT, except someone vital to the storyline doesn’t exist. Haven’t decided yet.

4: Girl gets involved with the turtles, but doesn’t call for any of them. No, she chooses to join the Foot instead. She don’t need no man, or turtle.

5: Ghost In the Sewers. Nuff said.

6: Raphael ‘dies’ and suddenly there’s an amnesiac turtle in France. Don’t ask, I just really like the idea of a very confused Raphael shouting in French.

7: There is only one mutant turtle, who has three normal pet turtles. Said turtle is in for a shock of the lifetime, when they accidently spill mutanting/aging mutagen on their pets. Wild stuff happens.

8: Litterally everything is the same, except one turtle is a girl. Seriously, everything is exactly the same, no romance, no sexist parts… Just a female mutant turtle kicking butt, side by side as an equal with her brothers. Excwpt when its that time of the month, EVERYTHING is the same.

9: A drunk, non-vigilante Casey stumbles upon the turtles… He doesnt know what to believe anymore.

happy-fazzbear-ponies2  asked:

Heyo! I only discovered you an hour ago, but browsing through your blog and your extremely amazing comics, I think I feel you on so many levels! Were like on the same brainwaves of something something I caan't find the right word right now But, But all I'm saying IS THAT I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOUR STUFF AND AND THINGS. ALSO PETS! FUNNY THING. MY TURTLE THINKS IT CAN FLY. HEHEH. Oh God I feel like I made myself out as a crazy person. I forgot everything, I messed up words... pltbtgy -falls over-

92 Truths

 Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself then tag 25 people

Tagged by: @bangtanchats 


1.Drink: Water

2.Phone call: My mom

3.Text message: A fellow BTS stan that I met in school

4.Song you listened to: Recently I’ve been listening to How Can I Say by Day6 a lot

5.Time you cried: I can’t remember. I don’t cry very often.


6.Dated someone twice: I’ve never even dated someone once

7.Been cheated on: Can’t get cheated on if I’ve never dated

8.Kissed someone and regretted it: Nope

9.Lost someone special: Nopedy Nope

10.Been depressed: Yes

11.Gotten drunk and thrown up: I don’t like the taste of alcohol




-Black(I know it’s a shade not a color, let me live)


15.Made new friends: Definitely C:

16.Fallen out of love: No, but I have fallen out of bed.

17.Laughed until you cried: Quite often actually.

18.Found out someone was talking about you: No? But that’s because I’m not very sociable.

19.Met someone who changed you: Not that I know of. 

20.Found out who your true friends are: As of right now, I’d like to say yes.

21.Kissed someone on your Facebook list: Nope. I’m 100% pure innocence


22.How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: All. I don’t add random strangers.

23.Do you have any pets: Yes, I have a cat and fish. I’ve also had birds, crayfish, and turtles.

24.Do you want to change your name: Nope, I’m happy with my name.

25.What did you do for your last birthday: Nothing. Birthdays don’t really matter to me. If anything, I don’t want to grow any older.

26.What time did you wake up: 7:45 am. On Saturdays I typically wake up around 1 or 2 pm though.

27.What were you doing at midnight last night: I was watching random YouTube videos on my phone.

28.Name something you cannot wait for : BTS’ new album. Who’s with me?

29.When was the last time you saw your mother: Just before I started this question thing.

30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I could be smarter.

31.What are you listening to right now: Nothing.

32.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes. I met him this year and he’s in one of my classes.

33.Something that is getting on your nerves: Nothing right now, but in general, I don’t like slow walkers.

34.Most visited website: YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook

35.Elementary: Graduated

36.High school: Still suffering through

37.College: Will hopefully get into

38.Hair color: Boring black

39.Long or short hair: Long. That’s what everyone tells me.

40.Do you have a crush on someone: Does Jimin count?

41.What do you like about yourself: My hair.

42.Piercings: A piercing on each ear that’s probably closed by now

43.Blood type: No idea

44.Nickname: Liddy Titty

45.Relationship status: Forever alone

46.Zodiac sign: Virgo

47.Pronouns: She/her

48.Favorite tv show: I mostly only watch Korean dramas but I really liked How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory

49.Tattoos: None. I have commitment issues

50.Right or left hand: Ambidextrous. I only use my left for writing though.


51.Surgery: Never had surgery.

52.Piercing: Ears. When I first got my ears pierced it hurt way more than I expected and wanted to leave the store with just one pierced ear.

53.Best friend: A girl from elementary school, we were best friends for 6 years and then she just dumped me when she met this other girl .

54.Sport: I don’t really play sports but I like volleyball the most.

55.Vacation: The last one I remember going on is to China.

56.Pair of trainers: Ummmmm I don’t know.

57.Eating: Nothing.

58.Drinking: Nothing.

59.I’m about to: Do question 60.

60.Listening to: Dream in a Dream by Ten

61.Waiting for: Myself to think of an answer to this question

62.Want: To not feel stressed.

63.Get married: Maybe? If not, I’ll adopt myself some three legged cats and dogs. Adopt don’t shop!

64.Career: No idea what I want to do in life


65.Hugs or kisses: Hugs. I don’t like touching people or people touching me though. But if it’s someone special then it’s okay.

66.Lips or eyes: Eyes. They can tell you so much about a person.

67.Shorter or taller: Taller. I’m quite short soooo

68.Older or younger: Older. It gives me an excuse to be more childish.

70.Nice arms or nice stomach: Stomach. No reason though.

71.Sensitive or loud: Loud? But also sensitive…??

72.Hook up or relationship: Relationship. I would only date if I know there’s potential.

73.Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker. I need someone that will encourage me to do what I want.


74.Kissed a stranger?: No

75.Drank hard liquor? : Nope

76.Lost glasses contact/lenses? : I’ve never worn contact lenses.

77.Turned someone down? Yes, it makes me feel so awkward.

78.Sex on first date?: Never even been on a date

79.Broken someone’s heart?: No…? I don’t think I’m important enough to do that to someone

80.Had your heart broken?: Never been in love 

81.Been arrested?: I’m a good noodle

82.Cried when someone died?: Yes.

83.Fallen for a friend?: Possibly, but that was only because they liked me. Does that mean I’ve been in love? I’m pretty sure it was only a crush though.


84.Yourself?: Depends on what

85.Miracles?: Yes, like how I met the friends I have now.

86.Love at first sight?: Nope. I think you really have to know someone to love them.

87.Santa Claus?: Nope.

88.Kiss on the first date?: Nah, seems too quick


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90.Current best friend’s name: Char

91.Eye color: Doodoo brown

92.Favorite movie : I love Iron Man

Now I’ll tag: @btskookiefangirl @albareliz @marvelbtr13 @cosyjimin I don’t talk to many people but if anyone wants to do it, feel free to C:

ID #50633

Name: Anandita
Age: 20
Country: India

I’m Anandita. 20 years old and a complete introvert. I love animals.
I spend most of my time at home with my 3 pets (a dog,a turtle and a budgie).
I love listening to calm, indie and downtempo music.
I also have a YouTube channel where I make art videos.
Love bullet journaling. I’ve always wanted a penpal. And I really hope I find one here. :)

Preferences: Foreign and between 18-22.
Lets stick to the traditional: snail mail

anonymous asked:

Anonymous opinion: Youre very educated on birbs and opened my eyes to a lot of animal related problems. Also you've made me realize that i dont EVER want a bird BECAUSE i would not be able to handle the responsibility and I'm glad that i know now. Also ive changed a lot of things related to my turtles so they have a better, even healthier life and i thank you for that because i realized i need more research and educated myself.

That makes me SO happy to hear, anon, and I would love to see pics of your turtles!

Don’t forget, however, parrots are NOT the only pet bird! Most other pet birds are domesticated, therefore inherently easier to care for. This isn’t to say they don’t require work, but they’re nothing like parrots. So if you really do want a bird, don’t be discouraged and look into non-parrots, such as pigeons, doves, quails, ducks, chickens, canaries, finches, and other fowl :)

Today I want to talk about TURTLES

(This is also one of those stories about how I need to stop bringing shit home)

I get at least one call a week at work asking if we sell ‘those little turtles’ (this week so far I’ve had three), and at least one call from someone wanting to get rid of one of the same, grown up.As far as selling turtles goes…

We don’t. For good reason.

There is no such thing as ‘those little turtles’. The SMALLEST pet turtle species out there is STILL probably quite a bit larger than what these people are expecting, and most of those species are hard to find and expensive to boot. What they are looking for (or THINK they are looking for), are baby red-eared sliders or painted turtles, the little toonie-sized ones.

Full grown, those things get to be size of a dinner plate. I tell this to every person wanting one, right along with the ‘no we don’t sell those’ speech. 99% of those people are SHOCKED BY THIS INFORMATION.

I’ve talked dozens of people out of buying turtles simply by showing them what a turtle needs and how much it will cost.

Last time the carnival was in town we had three people came in with tiny turtles in CUPS they barely fit in, looking for food and ‘turtle bowls’. Of those, one had only ‘won’ the turtle to save it and knew what they’d signed up for. Of the other two – one of them promptly asked us if WE wanted it because it suddenly wasn’t fun anymore, and the third bought the cheapest tank they could get away with, alternating curses with the shell-shocked expression of one who discovers their bear-skin rug, is instead, a living bear.

Turtles are marketed as cheap, small pets you can keep in two inches of water and all they need is food. THAT IS SUCH A FUCKING SHAM.  At the VERY least, turtles need enough water to fully submerge, enough land to get completely dry, UVB lights (which are expensive and must be changed every six months) AND a heat source (preferably a basking bulb). MINIMUM.

I hear the most misinformed and/or lazy shit.

Can’t I just put his bowl by the window so he gets sun instead of getting a UVB? NO, window glass blocks most, if not all uvb rays, and the plastic or glass of his enclosure is going to block even more.

But my house is warm! YEAH, TO YOU, Not to a reptile! If your living room is equivalent to sitting in the full sun on a hot summer day, then you might be able to make do. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

How do I top him from being so messy! Maybe don’t keep in a tank that’s way too small? Or, y’know, actually fucking clean it.

And my favorite: How do I stop it from growing too big? Have you considered buying a fake turtle to put in your torture chamber instead? That seems more your speed.

(I am mean)

(But I am also very annoyed about the systemic neglect that turtles suffer in the pet trade)

Now, this neglect would be bad enough on its own, but I live in Canada. Red eared sliders are not native to Canada. But when people find no one wants their giant turtle, said giant turtle is TONS of work to clean and house and feed and they can’t find any rescues that aren’t full, they LET THEM FUCKING GO.

It’s gotten to he point that some local environmental management agencies have started treating sliders like Canadian species, because there is no way we’re getting rid of them; they’re incredibly invasive, and they out-compete out native turtles for resources, causing population declines in all other species that occupy similar niches in the ecosystem.

When I was really young, we had a red-eared slider. And we were one of the shitty families that let him go in the local pond after having him for many years (I never remember him as being small, I’m not sure if we got him as an adult or if he was older than I was). That is still one of my most wince-worthy fails, although I was much too young to have known any better.

Long story short, turtles are not easy pets to keep. They require very specialized care, that care is EXPENSIVE, they get large, can live 40 years or more and require a LOT of upkeep and maintenance as well as large habitats.

They’re also poor pets for children as they are one of the animals most likely to carry salmonella, especially if they are kept in a tank that is dirty (which it is, if it is too small).

They’re really neat animals, but they are not a pet most people can handle! I’m amazed by the amount of people who don’t do their research. I always tell people to go adopt an adult turtle from a rescue if they want one so bad, then when they hem and haw over it being too big, tell them to maybe reconsider getting a turtle at all. Maybe try a pet rock first. Or fish.

Fish need more work than people think they do too (I have five tanks and spend half a day every week just doing maintenance on them. Not once a month, ‘when they’re dirty’ or ‘when I feel like it’, EVERY. FUCKING. WEEK.)

If someone can’t handle a fish tank, they have no business even considering a turtle.

As a side note, I now have a turtle. I don’t want a turtle.

However, I don’t think I can call myself an animal advocate if I don’t help an animal that I CAN possibly help.

These two girls came into the store today, with this slider in a TINY container (it could barely sit flat on the bottom it was so small), in about an inch of FILTHY water (like, it was so nasty I could only see the parts of the turtle that were above water), wanting to ‘donate’ it to us like they were doing us a favor.

(fucking people. Last adopt-a-thon weekend I had someone call because they wanted to ‘donate’ their dog for the event. No. just no. go find a shelter.)

The story came out that they were moving THE NEXT DAY and weren’t taking the turtle, so it had to be gone that day. She’d got it for her birthday (THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T GIVE PETS AS SURPRISE PRESENTS PEOPLE FUCK). Now, my coworker suggested a couple rescues, but they are all far away and we didn’t know if they were open Saturdays, and I was afraid of what would happen to this thing if they drove up there and the rescue was closed, so I offered to take it and bring it up there myself (since I’m going to my cottage in a few weeks and we drive right by it).

So the turtle (after a water change because EW) got to spend the rest of the day hanging out on the manager’s desk in the office until I went home.

Once I got a proper look at her and did some more quick research (my turtle knowledge is mostly on how to take care of them, set-up wise, I’m not an expert) and I wish I’d berated those girls more than I did, since although the turtle had been given to her unasked-for, which wasn’t her fault, the poor thing couldn’t have been cared for properly.

She’s got some shell abnormalities and a grey cast to her skin, both of which suggest a bad diet (notably too much protein and overfeeding resulting in unhealthily rapid growth), and she’s got shell rot, although until I dry her off and clean her shell tomorrow I’m can’t be sure how bad it is. And this is an animal that her previous owners had obviously thought was entirely healthy!

I just have so many questions I was too frustrated at the girls to ask – did she even have a light? Or a basking spot? Why didn’t you research hat you SHOULD have been feeding her? Why did you leave it until the LAST DAY to find a home for her if you ‘care so much’?

Goddamnit, I don’t even really like turtles and I sure as hell don’t want one. I hope the rescue will be able to take her from me sooner rather than later, I really don’t want to be stuck with her, and the setup I cobbled together for her is VERY temporary.

Tldr; took in a turtle some people tried to dump at my work, will hopefully get her to a rescue soon, am annoyed because people buy turtles without realizing they are a lot of work, expensive and live for a really fucking long time.

If she had a name they didn’t tell me what it was, so I’ve named her Fiona.

Edit: I’ve made an update photopost about Fiona, its HERE


This is fun. Cute and disturbing at same time. .. I mean.. can’t imagine a kraang in a god mother costume lol

Prepare to have your mind blown  


I wouldn’t mind finding these four monsters under my bed :D

I hate to say this, but it seems the sleep deprivations suits you. I love the sleeping pile of arms, legs and shells. They remind me of kitties with those ribbons around their necks. Also April looks great. I just can’t take my eyes off of them, I want to adopt them :D

I did want to give it a sort of ‘pet’ vibe. The inspiration came from three places: generic anime cliches, dating sims, and pet raising sims. So really this is like some sort of horrific amalgamation of the three.

But with ninja turtles

Maybe they can upgrade (downgrade?) to french maid in the future.


YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THIS WAS UP! AHHHH IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. Look at their cute little ribbons! And that note!  😂😂😂 Also, I absolutely lurve April’s hair ahhhhh

Well, at least it was a surprise then!

I tried to take aspects from all versions of April for the design. The overall look is clearly 2k12 (since I took the turtles and kraang from it I decided it’d be fitting if I took April from it too), her hair is meant to harken the 87 series, and I think I’ll dress her in the 2k3 clothes from time to time as well.


How dare you? Now my mind is threatening mama moments with April (Okay and some other moments too but mostly nurturing ‘im-going-to-raise-these-turts-peoperly’ mentality … Because I can’t help the family fluff!!!!!!

Family fluff is DEFINITELY a route that an be taken with this, and a precious one at that!

I figured, like with everything I do, I’d let people toss ideas and suggestions (or make silly comments; that’s the best) and I can build the story up from there. The premise is INSANELY loose, so really ANYTHING can happen.

Even then, I didn’t go into a lot of detail with it either (yet). This story could be cute, comedic, romantic, lewd, depressing, dark, pretty much anything depending on a lot of factors.

Jon: We don’t have any pets or mascots but I would really like to have a pet!! I wouldn’t mind getting a dog, or a cat, rat, lizard… *gasp* Or a snake! Maybe even a bird or-

Mark: Too bad Eduardo won’t let you have one.

Jon: Yeah, what a grump.

Mark: To be fair I think he’s just still broken up over his pet turtle from fifth grade.

Jon: I know but we’re adults now and I want a cuddly friend like Ringo, or Toast or-

Jon: Hey, Mark, what are you doing back there?

Mark: I lost one of my wrist bands and I was seeing if I dropped it.

Jon: You wanna borrow one of mine?