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Keith really wanted to do something nice for his boyfriend’s birthday❤️💙

about 2x17 and Malec

Just to clarify, I am NOT hating on writers, nor Harry, not anyone, i’m just posting my thoughts.

In books Alec was the drama queen. Here Magnus is kind of the drama queen brought to the next fucking level. Let’s sum up what happened to both of them in the show (which means: a month/two months):

> was a closeted gay boy, who was NOT accepting himself, nor his feelings
> he was bottling everything inside, not being open to anyone, even Jace
> he found out that his parents were in the Circle and LIED to him and Isabelle all his life
> his mother was basically a bitch, favouring Jace instead of her true son
> his parents basically pushed him to marry a girl he barely knew and took the Institute from them
> Jace was being the worst parabatai ever, constantly choosing Clary instead of his own parabatai, putting Alec at risk, many times, breaking the rules, which lead to Lydia coming and taking the Institute
> he risked for Magnus everything, his family’s name, Institute (and leading Institute was his DREAM, he always wanted to lead it, ever since he was a kid), and his family indeed pushed him away
> he lost his parabatai for a moment, didn’t know if Jace was alive or dead, he only knew he was with Valentine and that Jocelyn and Aldertree want to kill him
> he was dying because he tried to find his parabatai
> who was like few seconds later thrown into a cell and Alec, again, lost him
> his mother turned Max against him and Magnus and was still not accepting (2x08)
> demon fucking possessed him and made him kill a mother of his friend and parabatai (so he thought)
> then a warlock made him think Clary hates him for killing her mother and he almost killed himself he felt so guilty
> he thought Magnus was dead when Valentine activated the sword and that scared the living hell out of him
> he helped Clary to get to a warlock and bring her mother back, which almost lead to Clary being raped by a demon and him being beaten by a warlock
> he found out that his father is having an affair and again, was lying to him for years
> Shadowhunters at the Institute have some serious troubles respecting him because of his relationship with Magnus, but he keeps it anyway and tries to help the Downworlders
> he thought Azazel hurt Isabelle and didn’t know if she was alive or dead
> he found out that Izzy is addicted to yin fen and Raphael is sucking on her blood, and that Magnus knew something about it
> he had to deal with racist bitchy-witchy Jace’s grandma a.k.a Imogen Herondale
> He almost lost Institute (at least he thought so) because Valentine escaped on his watch
> He knew something was wrong with Jace and he couldn’t go to help him, he had to send Izzy
> and then he had to deal with Jace being slightly racist, and he had to listen to orders, because he’s a Shadowhunter, he can’t constantly say no to Clave’s orders, that would get him de-runed or worse
> Max was almost killed by Kaelie
> He feels guilty af because he didn’t know that Magnus and Valentine switched bodies and he feels guilty for putting Magnus through tortures
> Magnus compared him to his fucking father. A cheating liar, who destroys Alec’s family.
> He’s only 19/20. And this all happened in ½ months.


> The Circle killed some of his warlock friends
> Alec was for a moment choosing his family over Magnus (even tho he knew Magnus for like 2 weeks maybe)
> Ragnor was killed
> someone stole his book
> Alec was dying because he tried to help Jace
> Raphael was tortured by Aldertree and Magnus could only help with the wounds
> he had to send Camille to the Clave (even tho she kind of tried to break his relationship with Alec…?)
> he switched bodies with Valentine and was tortured for ½ days with agony rune
> he struggled with memories brought by agony rune
> Alec asked him for a hair (nevermind the point that he was asking for it cuz 1) he has fucking orders 2) that was a fastest way to prove to CLAVE not ALEC that Magnus is completely innocent)
> Alec didn’t say anything about the Soul Sword being missing (because he didn’t want to make Magnus lie to his people, probably because he knows how bad it feels to lie to someone you care about)
> He was almost executed by Imogen Herondale
But Magnus is hundreds years old. He is an adult. A grown adult.

And saying those things to Alec was at least unfair, even not mentioning that he wanted to go off and tell the Seelie Queen, which could really hurt Alec in the process. By all this, Alec is learning that no matter how badly he hurts, Magnus’s pain is more important, and he has to abandon his own rules, morals or dreams because otherwise Magnus kickes him out of the apartament/storms off and yells at him. Alec constantly learns that he is not doing enough, and he has to put his family on the line, for Magnus to be happy. Shadowhunters are Alec’s family and he can’t go on ignoring Clave’s orders if he wants to be with his family, and yet for Magnus following orders is bad and he should not do it.

Idk I just feel like Magnus is seriously overdramatic and he should stop for a second and see, that Alec has responsibilities as a Head of the Institute, as a brother, parabatai, son and friend. And that he’s hurting too.


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Little gift for @promiscuous-jalapeno / @saizoswifey. Heard your birth day is today. So I wanted to draw Saizo for you ! Thank you for always being so extra !

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