i really wanna touch myself lol

lol, rewatching kumirei scenes and thinking back to my problems in high school band. i denied to myself that i was bisexual for almost all 4 years in high school and honestly hibike’s kind of queerbaiting is the kind of shit that encourages other kids like me to lie to themselves too. 

i mean in high school with my best friend in band, i was pretty much always like “haha yeah i really like her and she’s smart and passionate and i’d do anything for her and yeahh i guess she’s really pretty and i love her eyes and wanna touch her cheeks and hug her forever and kiss her scalp and…. but i mean LOL HAHA THAT’S JUST GALS BEING PALS RIGHT??? i mean she’s jsut a REALLY GOOD FRIEND TO ME RIGHT??? RIGHTTT??/”””

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Hey! I can't wrap my head around the fake making out u witnessed, lucky lucky lucky u! Can I ask one question pls? After Jared took off the mask, was it like the time in 2006 when he pretended to be about to kiss Jensen while Jensen was being interviewed on the red carpet & Jensen pulled back then smiled again after Jared went back to his interviewing spot on the red carpet? Oh I am swoooooning lucky lucky u! <3 Thanks 4sharing that amazing experience & for correcting the Cockles tweet! <3

Man, I honest to god didn’t expect to receive so many questions omg (ok yeah, I should have known better. Wtf.)

I’ll try to cover them all (not in order because that’d mean too much order and my head can’t keep up with it)


Autographs room, last session. Jared, Misha and Jensen were there. (From the left to the right. Can’t remember if anyone else was there - but I don’t think so.)
No video or pics (that I know of), sadly. (It pains me too. I want the video so bad. My memories are all cloudy). It all happened quickly and nobody could take their cameras without missing the whole scene: one would have had to be already recording - and in the autograph room is forbidden.

Jared had this wendigo mask on his face, and went to bother Misha - like the actual 5 years old he is, ahhh. I love thim. Uhm.

Ok. So. Went to bother Misha - you know, like Jared always do (so nope, not drunk). And Misha of course played along since instant one and started to fake making out with him too, lol.

From my point of view: Jared was at Misha’s left (it would be Misha’s right, if we consider their point of view. Out of simplicity I’ll consider my point of view - the point of view of the fans.) and Jensen was at Misha’s right. So, when Jared went to Misha, he was facing both Misha and Jensen (two tables behind Misha). Misha was facing Jared.

From this point on, mind it, these are my memories talking. Don’t take for pure gold the futile details. 

So, Jared and Misha were making out like this (standing!), and Jensen came up from his table to the one where Misha was, and grabbed Jared from his shoulders and took him off Misha. 

And of course Jared went to molest him as well. (Standing too)

The good thing was that Jensen went along too, so they moved their heads like in a full-on making out, legs wrapped around the other (sorry, don’t remember whose legs on who) and faces actually touching. Jared of course had the mask on his face, which covered his mouth too, so they weren’t actually touching, but you know. Their faces were touching and my friends say even the mouths were touching (each other’s mouth? Some part of the face? Who knows. I NEED THE VIDEO. I was too distant to make out all the details. Fuck.)

They kept going for like 10/15 seconds, then Jared took his mask off and laughed. (THIS is when I realized it was him! At first it was all so sudden that I only caught mid scene of Jared and Misha making out - my friends say that Misha’s tongue was out, help lmao - So I didn’t really pay ALL THAT attention to the j2 making out because I didn’t think they were j2!! I wanna kill myself sigh)

So, after taking his mask off, Jared was laughing (like everyone, lol). But then he went at Jensen again - without mask. And Jensen was startled and leaned back with his eyes wide open, full wtf are you doing way. (No, it wasn’t like the one on of 2006. This time he took a step back while holding Jared from his arms).
But Jared was relentless so he still tried to “make out” some more, this time not touching, just really really close - and for like 5 seconds Jensen humored him: again faces moving against each other, but Jensen of course tried to free himself in the meanwhile. So Jared’s face kinda slid down to Jensen’s neck? For a second or two? (No, I don’t think Jared actually touched his neck with his lips. Or maybe I prefer thinking he hasn’t. Because I don’t wanna die. Also, from my point of view, I could see Jared’s back at this point, so I couldn’t really see what his face was doing in that moment)

Then, they parted for good and laughed, and returned to their spots, Jensen shaking his head, Jared keeping on laughing - and yep, we were all dead :)

Still am, tbh.

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I've never been to a strip club but I really want to. Any helpful tips to really get the best experience? I'd probably go with one of my friends, cause I dont know about going by myself. I feel like I would get a boner lol

Tip the girls and bring $$$ to spend!! Don’t touch a dancers vagina
or breasts or ANYTHING without permission! DO NOT lick or kiss the dancers! Follow those basic rules and you should be treated well and have a good time. Also go with friends and you will probably have a better time, just make sure you all have money. You could also have a drink or two to loosen up but don’t get too crazy. Anyone wanna add anything that customers should know?

Mortal Crown

“Lead me to where I may lay my body, and I will grant you a garden like that of heaven.”

I bought this Orchid guide and decided to make an artwork out of the cover illustration of this particular orchid. Im still not sure of the name. lol.

TT^TT my current masterpiece. Another big step in evolving my style. I had to stop slacking around with colors and backgrounds, and decided to push myself further if I wanna assure the best for my portfolio and of course my future. and im really damn PROUD! :’]

Photoshop CS6, Bamboo Pen&Touch, about a day? hehe :D


Unoccupied house in Belladonna Cove.

Currently trying to decide what to do with my megahood. There are a few lots I simply DO NOT wanna touch (like every “mansion” ever) and some I have made over so many times before I don’t really feel like making them over again right now (lol basically every Pleasantview lot). At the same time I want to makeover every lot in the neighborhood myself, and I want to keep everybody in their original houses. Blegh.

I guess I’ll take a break from it for now. :P