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popular text posts + ask memes (part two) 

❛ i don’t have time for a relationship. do you know how many books i need to read? ❜
❛ i think it’s hilarious when people tell me i’m laid back because i’ve pretty uch been screaming nonstop in my head since like fifth grade ❜
❛ coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just… not good ❜
❛ i’m a piece of shit, but it’s fine ❜
❛ how i am supposed to have a lit summer with $4.65 ❜
❛ i’m a huge fan of space; both outer and personal ❜
❛ and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything ❜
❛ any full cast musical number can be a solo if you believe hard enough ❜
❛ kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo ❜
❛ no amount of under eye concealer can cover up how tired i am of this world ❜
❛ i’m ready for autumn, but not autumn responsibilities ❜
❛ today i’m wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don’t piss me off ❜
❛ i’m not making enough boys nervous ❜
❛ i really want my last words to be ‘hey, wanna see a dead body?’ ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it? ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for conspiracy theories ❜
❛ i wanna make a diss track about myself ❜
❛ true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch ❜
❛ i’d be such a good girlfriend/boyfriend/s.o. you’re all missing out ❜
❛ sorry i was late. i can’t conceptualize time. ❜
❛ fuck what the aliens said ❜
❛ sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments ❜ 
❛ if outfit repeating was a crime i would be sentenced to life without parole ❜
❛ does anyone have ten thousand dollars they don’t want? ❜
❛ i want a sugar daddy, but i know nicki minaj wants me to be independent  ❜
❛ i stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if anyone wants to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ tbh sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic because i will get over it, but let me be dramatic first. ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ if we date, you have to hold my hand in the car. no exceptions. ❜
❛ in an unfortunate development, i am now awake ❜
❛ you’re hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you ❜
❛ kinda hurt, kinda offended, kinda not planning on saying anything about it ❜
❛ trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary. i do it to myself just fine. ❜
❛ if you don’t think i’m a princess then you’re 100% right. i’m the fucking queen. ❜
❛ fuck summer. i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october. ❜
❛ lana may have fucked her way up to the top, but i am bullshitting my way up to the middle ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ so… do you want to watch 49.7 hours of parks and recreation with me? ❜
❛ i hit rock bottom like every two weeks ❜
❛ can someone please be proud of me? like fuck, i’m trying. ❜
❛ give me a few days to overthink about it ❜
❛ can i sell my feelings on ebay? i don’t want them anymore. ❜
❛ i’m really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time ❜
❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when you wake up and you’re awake ❜
❛ i lowkey just wanna make sure you’re happy as fuck ❜
❛ i literally have no idea what i’m gonna do if i don’t end up rich ❜
❛ you know you’re in deep when you love listening to them talk and you get attached to their voice ❜
❛ no offense, but when is it my turn for someone to be in love with me ❜
❛ i’m an asshole with a really big heart ❜
❛ i have to be funny because being hot is not an option ❜
❛ can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do ❜
❛ okay that’s cool, but consider the following: snuggling with me until i fall asleep ❜
❛ please handle me with care. i am a very sleepy and soft creature. ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk. ❜

All I Want - Jughead Jones

 Request: Hii! Could you maybe do one with Jughead where he thinks he’s not good enough for the reader so he starts distancing himself from them and they confront him and then just fluff please? Thnxxx love your writing 💕

Why thank you little cinnamon roll! Hope I did your request justice :)

Warnings: swearing

Jughead Jones x Reader

OH AND ALSO, I have nothing against Reggie. Personally I think there should be more imagines and stuff for him. CHUCK on the other hand, I hate with a fiery passion. He can spontaneously combust for all I care.

Cheers to @satanwithstardust for being trash and reading stuff as always cos she smells. Oh and @betty-coopers-number-one-stan for being my new friend because I’m alone ;c eheheh ENJOY

Words: 3,014 (longest one yet yayay)

“How long have you two been dating now?” Veronica queried, as you walked down Riverdale High’s empty corridors with her by your side. She was of course, referring to the ‘Sad Breakfast Clubs’ power couple, you and Jughead Jones. 

A light blush creeped onto your cheeks as you responded. “A few months now,” You tried to play it off casually, acting like you didn’t know it had been exactly 3 months and 17 days since he’d mustered the courage to ask you out on a date to Pop’s. Everything had escalated from there and you’d never felt happier. He was your best friend and the one you loved, and in your eyes, there was nothing better than falling in love with your best friend. 

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anonymous asked:

rfa + minor trio- middle of the night, can't find mc, find her doing whatever. (stargazing on the roof, baking, just random little things that could be cute?) ps thank u for giving vanderwood the love they deserve, i love my baby sm too

Vanderwood deserves all the love.


  • While Zen was at rehearsals, you stayed home. He always didn’t come back until late, leaving you to eat dinner alone.
  • You sat on the couch eating your food, watching the news. Just to see that he was involved in yet another scandal with one of his coworkers on the new musical he was starring it. They shared romantic roles with each other.
  • A sigh involuntarily left you. He told you not to pay any attention to it, because literally none of that stuff was true. But…you couldn’t help it sometimes. Jealousy and doubt are natural things to feel when you see your significant other be associated with someone else.
  • When Zen got home, it was pretty late. You cuddled with him as he ate and listened to him speak about his day, you staying mostly quiet with the thoughts of doubt still in your head. He assumed you were tired then you both went off to bed.
  • It was a little past midnight when you crept out of your guy’s shared bed, careful not to disturb him, and went up to the roof. The place he took you when you first visited his home and where he confessed his love to you.
  • You sat cross legged and looked up at the starry night sky.
  • Zen was beautiful and so talented. He had thousands of people who admired him and could get anyone he wanted. He was one of those bright stars in the sky, and you? Well..you were just one of those people who were only worthy of watching him from down below. How could he have ever chosen someone like you?
  • Tears began to form in your eyes, until you felt a presence standing behind you, causing you to whip your body around as you were greeted with Zen’s face with a tired expression plastered over it. A balled up fist went to rub at one of his tired eyes.
  • “Jagiya? Is everything okay? It’s so late…what are you doing up here? Come back to bed.”
  • You turned yourself back around and stayed quiet, just as you did earlier. Moments later, he settled down next to you and he yawned, leaning his head against your shoulder.
  • “What’s wrong? Tell me. You’ve been silent all night, I miss your voice.”
  • You told him softly and subtly how neglected you felt, how worried you were that he would leave you for someone else or that the media would ruin your guy’s relationship. 
  • He immediately sat up and stared over at you. He used his fingers to gently turn your face towards him.
  • “Baby, you’re all I want. All I need. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re way more amazing than you think. You may not see it, but trust me I do and so many more people do. Why would I want anyone else when I already have the most breath taking person right in front of me? You’re my entire world, Jagiya. Now, shall we go back to bed?”


  • Of all the times you played LOL with Yoosung, you didn’t horribly lose only once. But. You still lost.
  • His other friend’s online would constantly laugh at how bad you were, and honestly Yoosung thought it was pretty humorous too. You’d all laugh, but Yoosung would always have your back and tell them to stop, even though it wasn’t that deep. He’s just very protective over you okay.
  • You told him that you were going to bed while he was up studying one night and he simply nodded his head, as you went into your bedroom, sneaking your laptop in with you.
  • Once you got snuggled up in bed, you immediately turned it on and signed into LOL. You were determined to get better so you could play harder missions with your boyfriend!
  • A few hours passed…along with many epic fails and deaths. You were sure you the only thing you’ve improved on is running away from the boss. At least you could dodge, slightly better. I mean. you noticed you were getting blown up significantly less.
  • Suddenly, Yoosung walked into the room, stretching his arms out and letting out a big yawn. When he saw you were still awake, expecting you to be asleep, he tilted his head at you in confusion. 
  • “What are you doing up?”
  • “Uh…..nothing….”
  • “But, you’re clearly doing something.”
  • “I’m not doing anything.”
  • “Then why is my laptop in front of you?”
  • “…i was sleeping and it just showed up, i don’t know how it got here.” 
  • “…..really?….”
  • “yes, really.”
  • Yoosung crawled in bed and you tried to hide the laptop in your chest.
  • “NO!”
  • This boy was A LOT stronger than he put himself off to be. He ended up snatching it away from you, ignoring your loud whining and protests in the background.
  • He looked at the screen just to see your death count.
  • You died a whopping 47 times in the last two hours you’ve been playing. 
  • “Oh my god..” *cue loud snorting laughter*
  • You huffed, did the cutest pout he had ever seen in his life, before plopping down in bed and pulling the covers over you.
  • He eventually quieted down and pushed the laptop to the side, pulling your body over to him.
  • “You’re so cute, MC. You don’t have to get any better, you’re already the best you can be!”
  • “Really?..You don’t care if I die a lot?”
  • “As long as you don’t die in real life, I’m good. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suck die so many times in LOL before. That’s an accomplishment! Along with being the most adorable person to ever exist. Wanna pull an all nighter?” 


  • It was yet another long, and painful night of work for Jaehee. 
  • When she came home, she didn’t really say anything. She just gave you a kiss on your forehead, then pulled you to bed with her, where you two snuggled up with each other for the night. 
  • You felt so terrible for her, that she was working so hard like this for the both of you. So you decided you would make her lunch to take with her tomorrow! It would be much better than her getting takeout.
  • You lied there and pretended to be asleep for awhile, until you were sure that she was fast asleep herself. Jaehee was actually a pretty light sleeper, but she was so tired, you were sure that you didn’t wake her up when you crawled out of bed.
  • You immediately got to work in the kitchen, quietly and stealthily as you put together a bento box for her. You decided to bake her some cookies as well!
  • It occurred to you that you weren’t as quiet as you thought, as you heard a voice speak your name from behind you as you mixing some cookie batter together. 
  • “Why are you cooking?..So late? Should I have brought some food home when I left work?”
  • “Oh…no! Jaehee, I was just making you food to take with you tomorrow. I want to make sure you’re eating healthy and taking care of yourself since you always take care of me..”
  • Her tired, baggy eyes went wide and blinked a few times before she gave you the sweetest smile. 
  • “Thank you…No one has ever thought of me like that before. I appreciate it. But, I would much rather be in bed with you right now.” 
  • She walked up to you and pressed a kiss to your lips, causing you to smile. 
  • “How about you finish this up tomorrow? You can bring it to the office and we can both eat together during our break. How does that sound?”


  • It was a Sunday night. Jumin had a meeting the next morning so you both went to bed early.
  • The night went along peacefully, he held you close to his chest with an arm draped around your waist as you two slept. You awoke to the sound of meowing in the other room. It was no other than Elizabeth, but you never heard her meow this late before, nor was it this frantic.
  • You rose up and slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Jumin and tip toed into the living room.
  • Elizabeth was curled up on the couch, asleep, but she was whimpering and meowing aloud. It appeared she was having a nightmare and your heart sunk.
  • You settled down on the couch and gently shook her awake. Her blue irises opened up and stared at you, you could see the fear and sadness in them.
  • Elizabeth had such a good life, you wondered what she could’ve been dreaming about. 
  • You scooped the cat up into your arms and held her gently to her chest, much like how Jumin did when consoling you, and your head rested lightly on top of hers.
  • You rocked steadily side to side as you sang her a soft lullaby and stroked the fur on her back, she emitted soft purrs as you continued.
  • “MC?”
  • You didn’t notice Jumin’s deep voice in the background, as you were falling asleep as well with Elizabeth in your arms. 
  • He found the sight all too adorable and endearing, a smile spreading across his lips as he inched towards you.
  • He carried you bridal style in his arms, while you still held Elizabeth. The both of you had already fall back fast asleep.
  • “Let’s go back to bed, my princesses.”


  • This boy barely ever slept.
  • But when he does, he really wants you to be snuggled up besides him.
  • He almost had what seemed like a death grip on you, as he snored softly and was dead asleep.
  • You really had to pee.
  • You shook, you shimmied, you wiggled and eventually you were free from his grip, quickly shoving a pillow into your arms to replace yourself, because you knew he would wake up. And you wanted him getting all the sleep he could get. 
  • You scurried over to the bathroom and relieved yourself. 
  • You were about to crawl back into bed, until you saw Robo Cat!
  • Seven mentioned that he had made a new addition to his abilities and you picked up the tiny robot and examined it.
  • There was a new button on his stomach, and you could see the dots on his ears, implying that they were actually speakers. How cute!
  • You pressed the button, and kpop began to play. 
  • You laughed and put down the Robo Cat, and it even began to dance around a little bit.
  • You found it so adorable and this song was bangin’! You couldn’t help yourself, so you danced around too and sang along. 
  • As you were enjoying yourself, you didn’t notice Seven standing in the doorway recording you.
  • “Those are some nice moves you got there, MC!”
  • “Why would I delete the cutest video to ever exist? I have to share this with others and bless this cruel world!”
  • Then with a press of a button it was on his instagram, his snapchat story, his twitter, in the RFA chatroom.
  • youweregoingtokillhim
  • Before you could even begin to yell at him, he pressed a hard kiss to your lips and demanded Robo Cat to start playing music again. 
  • “Let’s boogie until the sun comes up my space queen!”
  • You guys literally danced until the sun came up, trashed the bunker, then passed out in the bathtub.

Jihyun (V): 

  • V had the tendency to take pictures of you when you least expected it. 
  • It annoyed you and made you pout because you weren’t ready and thought you looked ugly, while V was literally having heart explosions over them. 
  • But he couldn’t deny, he got some really good memes of your face and used them in the RFA chat.
  • “When your cacti won’t grow.” *picture of you snarling at sushi at a terrible restaurant u guys had gone to*
  • “When you have no idea what’s going on.” *picture of you looking hella confused during a RFA meeting*
  • “The floor is your endless love and compassion for me.” *picture of you tripping onto the sidewalk*
  • don’tworryhehelpedyouuprightafter
  • “omg jihyun stop pleasge” 
  • “When you literally just can’t stop.” *picture of you crying over how cute a ladybug was*
  • Seven saves a l l of them and joins in.
  • He literally had a WHOLE album dedicated to memes of your face on his phone.
  • Little did he know, you were going to get him back.
  • Jihyun had gone to bed a bit early that night before you, you guys had a movie marathon but you decided to stay up a bit longer. 
  • When you were sure he was fast asleep, you got his camera from his desk and crept into your guy’s room.
  • Finally, you were going to get a picture of your own.
  • You crawled onto the bed and were ready to take a picture until you realized…
  • s h i t
  • V literally looks like an angel when he’s asleep. HOW COULD YOU MAKE A MEME OUT OF THIS?
  • You decided to take a picture anyway and…
  • s h i t x2
  • The flash went off.
  • You were about to quickly scramble off the bed and hide when a hand gently grabbed your wrist.
  • “What are you doing?” V’s sleepy, deep, baritone voice asked you.
  • nut
  • “I…was trying to get a funny picture of your face. Like you do to me. But failed, because you literally look so gorgeous when you sleep.”
  • His cheeks flushed a dark red and laughed.
  • “Well…allow me to help you.” He said, then literally made the silliest face that he could (still looking adorable as fUC  K).
  • Now, you had a V meme to use for yourself.
  • You both laughed for ten straight minutes at the picture before he kissed you goodnight and you both fell asleep.
  • The next day when you woke up in the morning, the first thing you sent in the chatroom was
  • “When people don’t ship you with someone who blinded you then started a religious cult. Also, when your route comes out soon.” *picture of V’s happy face*
  • nicebreakingthe4thwallmcthat’sseven’sjob

Minor duo below the cut!

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Tom’s Little Sister | Harrison Osterfield

Summary: The reader is Tom Holland little sister and develops a crush on his best mate, Harrison Osterfield. Harrison brings reader to the Spiderman: Homecoming premiere and things start to develop…

Warning: Language?

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot (extended scene here)

Requested by: @neewtmas


Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

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anonymous asked:

Could you do headcanons for how the paladins might react to their s/o telling them theyre going to have a baby and what gender their baby will be?

Round 1 in the pregnant S/O series!!!! More to come after vacation!

Also I’m adding Pidge to this under my HC of her as a trans woman, bc even if she starts hormone therapy she could have totally frozen sperm, so that’s that.

This would take place when each paladin is about 22-25. I ain’t about to advocate teen pregnancy (i’m a result of one so don’t worry, I’m not shaming. I just want what’s ideal for the smol children)

Under the cut bc it’s long

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Here are the Diahoes saying sexy lines but instead of sprites, it’s accompanied with completely unrelated pictures.

Shu: You dirty girl~. I bet you want to see me naked don’t you~. *pulls off his shirt to reveal his well-toned body* You’re blushing and your body temperature is rising from my touch. Pervert.  I haven’t even done anything to you yet~.  I wonder how you’ll be when I’m actually done with you.  You’ll be a mess you naughty girl~

Reiji: Hmm, is it a punishment you desire? You naughty woman… Don’t deny it, I can sense your arousal, you’re yearning for a spanking. So lewd *unbuttons his shirt a little and smirks* On your knees now.  I’ll show who your Master is~. *starts unbuttoning his pants*

Ayato:  *slams his S/O against the wall* You’ve really done it now…..Talking to that fucking Mukami.  Have you forgotten who you belong to? *Smirks and starts kissing her neck* I’ll mark you with my scent.  When I’m done with you you’ll want me and only me.  I’ll make you sure to fuck you so hard that even that damn Mukami will hear you.  

Kanato: *looks at his S/O and smirks* You’re trembling… Are you scared? *comes in closely and whispers sexily* keep showing me your fear, cry for me, it really gets me going… *slides his hand up her shirt and grasps her boob* Mmm keep whimpering… I can’t wait to dirty you and make you my dolly, forever~

Laito:  Bitch-chan~ *gropes her ass and nibbles on her ear* You’re practically begging for it aren’t you~. How naughty~ It’s hard to resist when you’re provoking me Bitch-chan~. *licks his lips* You know if you seduce a man like that they’ll turn into an animal~ *pushes her down and crawls on top of her* I’ll make you scream my name as I drag you down to hell with me~

Subaru: Tch, you’re trying to provoke me, aren’t you? You’re thinking dirty things. Maybe I should take you, right here… *holds her hands over her head*  Prepare yourself, I’m gonna destroy you.. *sexily smirks down at her*

Ruki: Livestock. *beckons her over* Come here sit on your Master’s lap.  You’ve been such a good girl all week so I’ve decided to reward you…*lightly spanks her and grinds up against her* But first you must beg for it.  Tell me who you belong to and beg for Master’s cock.

Kou: Hehe, M-neko-chaaan don’t hide it, my little kitten is in heat~! I can tell by your actions that you want me… Ah, you’re blushing! Haha, am I making you nervous? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle….Just kidding~ No I won’t *sadistically smiles and pins her to the wall* 

Yuma: Dammit Sow you’re ruining my garden again!!! This is the 4th time you’ve messed up.  It’s as if you’re trying to anger me…Naughty Sow you want a punishment don’t you…*grabs her roughly and pulls her towards him* I wonder if a tiny thing like you can handle my big cock.  I’ll try not to break you….too hard.

Azusa: *is cuddling with his lover and is snuggling into her chest* Mmm, your breasts, they’re so…comfortable… *reaches up and cups one of them in his hand* they’re so nice…just like you….you’re beautiful *looks up at her* and I’m getting really…excited…thinking about the things we’ll do. *gets on top of her and slowly starts grinding* mm~ *groans* augh, I really wanna…take you… *goes in for a harsh kiss* I love you…. 

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SPN FanFic

~Dean can have fun in almost any situation.~

Dean x Reader

3,510 Words (oops)

Warnings: CRACK. Implied Sexual Activities. Really bad jokes. Very little plot.

A/N: This is my entry for @trexrambling Jess’ Hunter Challenge. My prompts were Dean, Wraith, Potato Launcher. You wanted crack, and this is what you got. I am so sorry, I have no idea if this makes sense but here we are. The ending keeps cracking me up. ;) Hope you enjoy. 

Dean Winchester. Hunter. Ladies’ Man. Closet genius. Bad-ass warrior. Kid at heart.

When Dean came home with an arm full of black pipe and various bags from Home Depot, you were a little curious, but not enough to really ask questions. He gave you a mischievous smile and hid himself away for a few hours in the garage, which again, was nothing to write home about. You figured he was tinkering with one of the dozen cars in there, or trying his hand at crafting a new weapon. Honestly, you didn’t really care.

All had been quiet for a while, and you were enjoying the down time, keeping busy with internet articles and brushing up on your culinary skills. Sam had split town for a few days, giving himself a little vacation from you and Dean, off to some literary convention in Tulsa. Why he wanted to spend eight hours a day crammed into a stuffy auditorium listening to authors read their books aloud was beyond you, but whatever, Sam was weird.

With a grumbling tummy, you took to the kitchen, deciding to make Dean a hearty dinner. Nothing too fancy, just a roast chicken with all the fixings. Well, not all the fixings. Since Sam was gone, you could skip the salad and veggies; Dean wouldn’t mind.

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You're Cute When... // Archie Andrews

Could you do one where Archie is supper cuddly with his girlfriend like carrying her everywhere and using cute pet names?

Thank you for this request! I’ve changed it up a little but it’s still cute! I’ve been swarmed with requests in the past few days holy moly it’s crazy, but it keeps me busy! Hopefully this ones good too!


‘Archibald!’ I exclaimed, slapping his knee. I was sitting in front of him, my back turned away from him and sitting in between his legs.

I was playing Call of Duty with him and was getting frustrated that he kept shooting at me and we were on the same god damn team. Archie threw his head back, that contagious laugh escaping his lips.

'Archie, it’s not funny! I’m taking this seriously and you’re trying to be a dick!’

'You’re cute when you’re serious.’ He said in my ear, both of us watching the screen as we shot the opposing team.

'Archie, you’re making me angry.’ I grumbled, elbowing him in the stomach. That however didn’t do anything since it was rock hard.

'You’re cute when you’re angry.’ He whispered in my ear, making me smile a little.

I stopped the game, turning my head to look at him, seeing a small confused smile on his face. He looked down at me, taking a quick glance at my lips. 'Why did you do that?’

'Cause I was kicking your ass and didn’t want your to feel bad. But, I’d prefer to also look at you more then kick your ass.’ I smiled cheekily.

He frowned playfully at him, before a small smile replaced it. 'Come here,’ he whispered, pulling me into his chest, my head resting up near his shoulder, my hand resting on his heart.

I listened to Archie’s heartbeat with a mixture of the rain slightly hitting his window of his bedroom. I closed my eyes, feeling relaxed after the first time in a long time.

It always felt that way in Archie’s arms; he managed to make me feel safe from everything else in the world. With everything that had been going on with the murder, our friends and school, these moments to me were the most precious ones. I felt his chin resting on top of my head, letting out a sigh.

'Can we stay like this forever?’ I whispered, my eyes still closed.

'I wish we could. This here is where I wanna stay. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanna be.’ He kissed the top of my head, resting his forehead on my head.

I smiled, feeling my mind becoming sleepy, almost wanting to fall asleep. 'You’re really comfy.’ I mumbled. Archie chuckled, causing his chest to vibrate and hold me tighter.

'Did you wanna sleep for a bit?’ He asked. I nodded, not being able to find my voice. I soon felt Archie pick me up off of the floor, carrying me bridal style to his bed.

He laid me down, climbing into the bed and throwing the covers over the two of us. I snuggled into his chest, feeling his fingers running through my hair.

'It’s okay sweetheart, go to sleep. I’ll still be here when you wake up.’ He whispered, kissing my forehead.

'I love you.’ I mumbled.

'I love you.’ He whispered.

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does it ever make your heart soar, that during that weekend after their first kiss, when even and isak are lying in bed all cuddled up, that all even wanted to do was listen to isak talk. that he questioned isak, wanting to know his point of view on things: 

  • “i think life’s just like a movie, and that you can be the director of your own life. do you get what i mean?” “i do, but i’m not sure i agree with you completely.” 
  • you don’t agree?” “no. what makes it all so interesting is the infinity.” “what do you mean?”
  • “yeah, but .. have you never thought about it before?” 
  • so how did you end up here in this shared apartment?”
  • “i am going to make a movie about you. do you wanna know what it’s gonna be called?”

like, yeah, there’s all the physical stuff that happens between them, the cuddling, the eskimo kisses, the actual kisses, the part where even is adjusting isak’s hair as isak snuggles next to even and rests his head on top of even’s heart on even’s chest, 

but what even wants to do more is listen to isak talk. because, as he’s gathered, isak isn’t really one to talk all that much, until you question him, and then he opens up to you. and whilst glancing across rooms since the first day of school, and then finally being able to kiss isak was extremely overwhelming and a dream come true,

what’s more significant also for even now, was to actually hear isak. and hear isak ramble, and talk, and ponder, and express, and laugh, and think, and speak his words out loud. hear his story. hear his backstory. hear about his past. his current state of mind. how vividly he sees things. getting him to input himself into the conversation, by asking these small little questions.

and then seeing isak just talk, and talk, and talk and talk and talk, and then end on a huff of laughter as he realises he’s just … so easily, so openly, been able to converse with even about all these small things he keeps inside of him, and how he sees the world. and to finally be able to put all those bottled up thoughts into words and let them escape like birds from a cage, out into the open air, upon even’s ears, that have been waiting so patiently to hear isak speak.

boyfriend; minhyun

a/n: requested by anonie / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + love comme des garc(fiveunderthingy)on boi


  • he’s one of the sweetest members in wanna one
  • so i bet his confession would be super sweet as well
  • “i should give this to ____. jaehwan do you think that this present is good?”
  • “yeah, as long as s/he accepts your confession. it’s good.”
  • “actually”
  • the day, minnie was gonna confess to you
  • he was pretty nervous, not just because he was going to confess but it’s because of you
  • when you’re around
  • minhyun automatically becomes likes this since he likes you a lot
  • “minhyun, don’t be nervous. we’re here anyways.”
  • “_____ is a sweet person. i’m sure s/he will accept you.”
  • “fighting, man. you can do this.”
  • the members would be all there to support their fellow member
  • and i bet they will be there as well, when minhyun confesses 
  • they will all hide somewhere where they cannot be seen by you
  • the moment you arrived, jisung quickly opened the door before running off as fast he can
  • to his hiding place
  • you were confused why jisung ran away but just brushed it off
  • “hey ____”
  • “hi minhyun, why are there hearts every where here? did the little ones do this?”
  • “ah, they did? but i helped with them as well since it’s a special day.”
  • “oh, that makes sense. what kind of special day is it though?”
  • “love confession.”
  • “oh my god, seriously? who’s gonna confess to who?”
  • “me to you.”
  • you screamed in the inside, since he said it so sweet and ugh
  • from the outside you were just shocked because you never noticed him crushing on you
  • “we’ve been friends for a while now, right? well, now, i don’t wanna be your friend anymore. i wanna be your boyfriend. every time you’re around i feel nervous because you’re so beautiful and something about you makes my heart beat go faster than normal. not to sound creepy but when you’re eating you look really cute with that remember, the minute they said my name that i’ll be in wanna one?”
  • “i do.”
  • “i mouthed ‘i love you’ in the end at you. i really love you, without you i wouldn’t be standing here. so do you wanna be mine?”


  • omg dates with this heart boi
  • like most boyfriends, minhyun would take you to walk around the city and buy things
  • such as matching couple stuff, foods
  • and everything the two of you can see & buy
  • "minhyun! look it’s you!”
  • “oh, you’re right.”
  • actually it wasn’t him, it was just that heart that looked like him
  • minhyun would try pulling off the same face as the heart but he’d look so cute trying
  • “babe, you’re so cute. stop it.”
  • “but is this good?”
  • “yes, you already look like it so there’s no need to pull the same face as it.”
  • minhyun would just laugh it off as he held your hand
  • while the two of you continue to walk around
  • i can also see him feeding you 
  • when you two are eating
  • and some other couples next to you would get envious
  • so they will start doing the same
  • “are they copying what we just did?”
  • “yeah, it’s pretty funny. look at everyone around us.”
  • you looked around and realized everyone was doing the same
  • you two laughed it off and continued to eat 
  • so, literally dates with minnie would be filled with lots and lots of love and laughter


  • his kisses omg
  • i can see him, wrapping his arms around your waist before kissing you
  • bc our heart boi is very romantic
  • and he’d do everything to make you feel very loved every day
  • “i love you princess.”
  • he’d shower you with compliments 24/7
  • and expect a kiss after he ended the sentences
  • “i love you.” kiss
  • “i can’t believe that i’m able to call you, mine.” kiss
  • “wait, i have something for you.”
  • he’d start 'searching’ and you’d suddenly feel his lips on yours
  • “surprise, princess. that was the something i wanted to give to you.”
  • even in public
  • when the two of you are together
  • he’d kiss you 
  • but he’s a person that respects everyone, so he knows his limit
  • and when you ask him to stop, he’d do it
  • he wouldn’t kiss you again until the two of you are back home
  • “princess, is it okay to give you a kiss?”
  • “sure, love. sorry about back then.”
  • “it’s okay, i’m the one to apologize.”
  • minhyun would really love kissing you
  • every where he’s allowed
  • and expect it almost every day & night


  • i kind of already described how he hugs you
  • he’d put his arms around your waist
  • as he leans his head against yours
  • “you’re so beautiful.”
  • minhyun would also love hugging you from behind
  • as you cook 
  • “that smells super nice, just like you.”
  • “can i taste it?”
  • you’d just put a spoon in and feed him
  • “it’s a bit hot though.”
  • “oh, it’s very nice.”
  • he’d love hugging you while being snuggled up
  • and having a movie marathon
  • or when the two of you are out and sitting next to each other
  • like a nice summer day, you’re eating ice cream
  • and he’d have his arms around you
  • also when you and minhyun are sleeping next to each other
  • he’d always have his arms around you
  • to let you know that you’re safe in his arms and he 
  • would never dare to let go of you

missing each other:

  • he would show it but in a very quiet way
  • like minhyun would dissapear from the dance room
  • without someone noticing it
  • but of course there are some eyes that are on him for a while 
  • bc he’s very suspicious why minhyun keeps going to the toilet
  • this guy, named daehwi lee and his side hoe lai guanlin 
  • would follow minhyun to the toilet
  • “shh…be quiet. we don’t want minhyun to know.”
  • “wait, is that even a toilet? i can’t read or understand french at all.”
  • “i don’t know if that’s even french but let’s go in.”
  • “we’re in the french side of belgium.”
  • “then i bet it is french.”
  • “okay, let’s go.”
  • the two of them would sneak in and be as quiet as possible 
  • since minhyun is calling you
  • “princess, i don’t know. there’s something wrong.”
  • “what? what do you mean, honey?”
  • “i can’t seem to concentrate, i can’t seem to think straight. i think it’s because that i miss you so much.”
  • daehwi’s mouth would form into an o-form bc it was like a sad k-drama scene
  • “guanlin, did you hear that? my heart, oh my god.”
  • “i did and be quiet, he’d hear you.”
  • minhyun would hear the two of them almost screaming instead of whispering
  • “did you two hear everything? i’m sorry you had to hear me being so sad.”
  • “we did but it was daehwi’s plan to follow you and it’s okay, isn’t everyone sad once?”
  • “it was my plan, yeah. but let’s be happy! we’re here for you to support you.”
  • minhyun would become a less more sad and would try his best to keep the thoughts of missing you out
  • in the end of the day this prince
  • would call you to check if everything’s fine and you’re doing okay 


  • i can already see him waking up before you
  • just to make breakfast
  • he was literally dressed the same way as he was dressed in the teasers 
  • and when you see the sight of this
  • it’s like kenta who saw the japanese breakfast
  • bc your boyfriend is so boyfriend & husband material
  • the moment he realizes you’re awake
  • he’d come to you and give you a peck
  • “good morning, princess. did you sleep well?”
  • “yes, i did. how about you?”
  • “great as well because i woke up next to the person, i love the most.”
  • he’d always be there for you
  • and it doesn’t matter to him as long as you’re feeling good & happy
  • “princess, you have anything to do today?”
  • “no, not really. i got free today because it’s like an holiday or something.”
  • “do you wanna go on a date?”
  • “sure.”
  • “what do you prefer? here or somewhere else?”
  • “i’d like to stay at home since i’m really tired and kind of lazy to change clothes.”
  • you two would mostly snuggle and watch a movie together
  • it’s so adorable
  • and minhyun would make sure, you’re comfortable 
  • mornings with him would feel as if you’re in heaven or something
  • really, you two get married


A/N: OMG IM BACK. I hope you guys liked this and if you did I truly would love some feed back. love you all - maddy



Y/n has been away for so long. I feel like whenever I am working or away she is off and sitting at home but whenever she has work or has to fly somewhere I am always home alone. I just miss her a lot and feel like we both haven’t had a proper time to really be with each other in months. Ever since y/n’s modeling job really got going and she got more important roles we really haven’t seen each other. 

I’ve been trying to contact her but every time we do reach each other she is always busy working and can’t talk. I just want her back home and back in my arms where she truly belongs. We have been together for so long almost 3 years and most of it we were seeing each other till 6 months ago she starting to do some modeling for teen vogue and ever seen then she as been everywhere modeling with so many different companies. 

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Autumn Days! with Tom Would Include

(A/N: As the summer winds down, what’s a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than imagining spending the fall with Tom?! Huge shoutout to @thesprintersoldier and @itsybitsypetey for some of these amazing headcanons!)

-Autumn is your favorite season for a multitude of reasons. The weather is absolutely perfect, the crisp morning air a refreshing change after the oppressive heat of the summer. Tom also shares your love of autumn, so you and him would try and enjoy each day more than the last! 

-One of the days, you and Tom would drive out to the countryside to watch the changing of leaves and revel in the beautiful colors. 

-You would go to the grocery store and pick out seasonal teas or coffees (”Darling, do we really need all of these… pumpkin spice things?” “It’s festive, Tom!”).

-Pumpkins would start being sold at your local farmer’s market, and you and Tom would go and seek the biggest ones (”Mine’s bigger than my head!” you would shout. “Whoa, that’s a pretty big deal. Your head is absolutely ginormous,” Tom would tease, causing you to playfully shove his shoulder). 

-You two wouldn’t just pick two pumpkins, though. You both had four pumpkins of various sizes in your arms. The quizzical looks of passersby entertained you two to no end. 

-Local, small county fairs would start occurring over the weekends. There would be corn mazes, face painting, funnel cakes, pumpkin patches, hay rides, scarecrows, and more! You and Tom would walk hand in hand zigzagging through every area, making sure not to miss anything. 

-Eventually, you two would stop to eat funnel cake and drink apple cider (”You know,” Tom would grumble with his mouth full. “I really love this stuff. So bad for you… But, so good.” “I can tell you really are into it, Tom. You got some powdered sugar on your nose.”). 

-When your pumpkins would begin to rot on the outside, you decided to make pumpkin pie from scratch (”Have you ever done this before, Y/N?” “No! But I’m willing to try. Wanna help?”). 

-Baking with Tom was fun, though terribly destructive. When you were laying out all the ingredients, Tom would take some flour in his hands and blow it in the air, showering you both with the white powder (”Look! It’s snowing!”). Tom would juggle the eggs, trying to psych you out that he would drop them (”Tom! Stop! Those are our last eggs! Stop!!” “What you don’t trust me?” he would laugh, still throwing them up in the air, laughing at your aggravation).

-When the pie would finally come out of the oven, the first bite would be unexpected (”It tastes.. okay? I mean, it is homemade so it’s not gonna be perfect. It tastes weird, though. Did I forget to add something?” you would question, looking over the list. “I know you added some ingredients while I was walking Tessa.” “Hmm,” Tom pondered. “I think I added everything correctly.” He would begin running down the list of ingredients and corresponding measurements. “Tom!” you would shout, realizing the mistake. “You added triple the amount of salt!” “Ohh.. guess I read that wrong. Whoops.”). 

-In order to resolve the mistake, Tom’s solution was simply to add more whipped cream on top (”It was my idea all along!” he would shout gleefully, dolloping an obscene amount of cream on his slice. “That’s way too much, love,” you would tell him. “Here, take some,” he would say, scraping off some of the excess with his finger and wiping it on your nose, laughing like a child). 

-When the nights would draw to a close, you two would put on the fire, snuggle underneath blankets, and watch movies! 

-As it grew closer to Halloween, the scarier movies would start to emerge, much to Tom’s dismay (”I don’t wanna watch thissss,” Tom would whine. “I don’t like scary movies! Can’t we watch some more Disney or some comedies?” “Tom! We have to get into the autumnal and Halloween-y spirit!” “You just said weenie.” “Grow up.”).

-Each night, no matter how hard you both tried to stay awake, you two would eventually fall asleep on the couch. The fire crackling as it slowly died, the movie softly playing in the background, and you two wrapped in each other’s arms. 

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Leave Me and Love Me

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

 Words: 3079

 A/N: I have got a prompt request a while ago 🙂

 Em my angel! What would I do without you? Thank you so much for editing again 💕 I love you @fillthevoid-stilinski 


Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

 Stiles POV 

 The weather was nice today, so the group and I decided to spend our lunch break outside. Everyone was in a good mood, well besides Y/N but this was nothing unusual. She was always in a grumpy mood but nice in her own way at the same time. The Y/H/C haired girl was not like any other girl I knew. If you didn’t know her, you probably would ask yourself why she was even part of our friend group. Because she was so different than the rest of us and seemed to be rude to everyone all the time. But when you know her, you knew that she was very kind at heart.

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Why Not?

Request from anon: Oh my gosh, Levi walking in on his partner watching a tv show notorious for sex and violence e.g. GoT (it doesn’t have to be that show, but you get the gist of where I’m coming from ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Request from anon: How would Levi react If his s.o just tickled him while they were cuddling? 💕

I don’t watch GoT, so I went with AHS and I sort of combined these two requests. Hope you enjoy! :)


“What the hell are you watching?” Levi strolled into the living room, setting down beside you on the couch as he watched a scene of redheaded maid biting off the penis of a man, who was subsequently suffocated and murdered. “I mean, was that necessary?”

“Well, kind of. Biting off his dick? Eh, maybe not. Murder? Sort of. This is pretty much the whole show. It’s brilliant. Wanna watch it with me?” Lifting his arm, you brought your legs up on the couch, leaning against his chest, laying his arm over yourself.

“Do I have s choice?” Levi smiled to himself, secretly loving you being cuddled up against him.

“Hmm, no. Not really.” Snuggling into his chest, you laid against him as the two of you watched episode after episode.

“You know, this show isn’t that bad. I didn’t realize there was so much sex in it though.” Levi’s fingers ran through your hair gently and you closed your eyes, sighing softly in content.

“Are you complaining?” You placed your hand on his abdomen, smiling as you felt him tense up slightly.

“No. Just noticing, that’s all.” He cleared his throat as he shifted carefully, trying to retain his calm and collected demeanor.

“Oh? Not getting excited?” Feigning innocent curiosity, you slid your hand against the top of his jeans, smiling wider as he squirmed slightly.

“No, I didn’t say that.” He cleared his throat again, smoothing his fingers through his hair.

“No? Well..let’s see if we can fix that.” Smiling deviously, you wiggled your fingers against his sides and began tickling him.

“Wha–ah! Hey! Stop it!” A smile broke across his face as he scrambled to push your hands away from him. It was Levi as you had never seen him before, having a truly spontaneous reaction. He even giggled, uncontrollably actually, but he bit at his lip and tried to restrain himself as he wriggled out of your reach.

“Oh my goodness, that was amazing.” Laughter burst from you as you laid back on the couch, smiling proudly at what you accomplished.

“Wh–why?” The amusement had left his face.

“Why? Why not? C'mon I had to see if the ever-so-stoic Levi Ackerman was ticklish. I couldn’t resist.” Sitting up on the couch, you leaned forward and took his hands, smiling up at him as you pulled him closer.

He avoided your eyes as his demeanor cracked and a smile briefly danced upon his lips.

“Ah ha, see? You still love me.” Playfully, you winked up at him, tugging him back to the couch.

“I suppose I do.” Smiling intentionally now, he sat back down beside you, pulling you back into his lap. “Even if you’re an annoying brat sometimes.” He smirked, lifting your chin to place a gentle kiss on your lips.

Noise (Part 4)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader / Sebastian Stan x Reader) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: a little angst, some fluff
Word count: 2194
A/N: This one’s a long one but things are getting somewhere! I also cried while writing this so that’s a first lol. Let me know what you think! :D 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Originally posted by namelessgabi

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This Means War

Summary: Reader and Dean have a bet on who can pick up the most people at the bar and things get competitive.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2172

Warning: Language, fluff, implied smut

A/N: Flirt war! Just let your imagination run wild at the end of this I guess, I fear my smut gets repetitive :/ Been nursing a pulled wisdom tooth for the last couple of days so apologies if it’s well… crappy. I’m not 100% but writing makes the pain lessen somewhat :)

Tag list originally from @spnfanficpond I deleted a bunch that didn’t seem to be working, and now some of these aren’t working either? I don’t understand Tumblr tags at all. Feel free to lemme know if you’d like to be added/removed.

“The next time Sam says ‘ooh it’s a simple ghost haunting, you guys can handle it’, remind me to hit him in the face with a brick,” You groan throwing yourself onto one of the motel beds.

“Noted,” Dean grunts as he copies you. You’re both covered head to toe in black goopy ectoplasm and cut up to hell. It wasn’t as simple as Sam thought but…well you had both handled it.

“Aw man, now it’s all over the sheets,” you grimace as you sit up and see a perfect black outline from where you’ve been laid, “Perfect.”

“Well, I’m getting a shower,” Dean announces getting to his feet, “Then we’re hitting the bar.”

“Ugh does it have to be we?” you scoff, “Do I really have to sit and watch you hit on skanks all night?”

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Baby (Part I)

Hello lovelies! I got carried away with Jo and Shawn and after talking to @lilli-jo about this I continued writing. Hope you like it! Leave feedback! xx

Jo’s hands trembled slightly as she was standing on a balcony, overlooking L.A., shivering in her Marchesa gown.

Being Shawn Mendes’ officially acclaimed girlfriend had changed her world in an instant and she had been confronted with hate, more hate, crazy stalker fans and… hate.

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anonymous asked:

a fluffy scenario where gf gets back home from school super tired and a vERy cLiNGy jihOoN wants to cuddle with her but she doesn't want to, he tries his best and she gives in later on please? thank you so much ♡

Originally posted by lookgoodkpop

thanks for requesting!! 

ok also thanks for @wannaonestars !! bless ur soul,,, i would’ve never gotten this done if it wasn’t for u!! and pls go send some requests to them!! and send them lots of love okay!! 

- ok imagine coming back home after a long day of school

- not bc u woke up late lmfao but mainly bc u slept late rip u

- and also bc it was just tiring in general + finals week wow 

- jihoon usually comes to ur home after u get done w school and usually u guys do something bc ur time together is limited

- but today u weren’t feeling it lmfao

- jihoon comes over and he’s like

- ‘’i missed my cuddle buddy hellooo’’’

- and ure like ‘’jihoon im too tired pls no’’

- and all u wanna do is go to bed bc ur so tired and today has been a long day and all u wanted to do is sleep for 390348 hours

- but the way jihoon is looking at u,,,,w his puppy eyes,,,and his lips forming into a pout,,,

- and ur just like

- ‘’shit’’

- and u don’t know if he means to do that (ok tbh he would lmfao) but u try to resist this inhuman sound coming from ur throat bc hes so cuTE how can a person be so cute what

- and jihoon just comes over and basically clings on to u and whining like a baby

- ‘’jagiyaaaaaa pleasee’’

- ‘’im so tired though,,,,’’

- ‘’im never stamping u in my heart anymore’’ (i hAD TO ADD THIS IN IT WAS SO FUNNY NFDJLSNFD)

- ‘’sTOP oH M Y GOD’’

- but hes giving u those puppy eyes again

- and pouts even more and ure just like

- ‘’u lil baby o KAY FINE’’

- and jihoon just gives u this cute little grin before pulling u to couch

- and immediately snuggles up to u and ur like

- ‘’this isn’t so bad’’

- and ure right bc jihoon’s hands are playing w ur hair and drawing soft circles on ur back and its really relaxing and soon enough, u find urself drifting off

- he taked a bunch of photos of u and guess where they r going

- thats right (my type) to the wanna one gc

- ‘’hello have i mentioned that i love my s/o’’

- ‘’look at how cute they are!!’’

- ‘’wow look @ us i love dating a visual’’

- ‘’#visuals’’

- everyone in the gc: jihoon s HUT UP

- also guanlin: hyung,,,please stop u’ve been sending photos for the past ten minutes,,,

Mayday - i

Okay, so I got inspired to do a series like that after the first time I listened to Mayday- specifically Mark’s part in the beginning; “I want you to find me- to save me”. This will be more of a thriller/mystery/angst type series that will in the future come with trigger warnings if dark things are mentioned. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy it and look forward to future parts~!

Genre; is it possible to not have one specific genre

Length; 1,300+ words

Warnings; obsession, violent thoughts, stalking

Originally posted by markson-or-never

Jackson’s POV

He laid there in his dark, near freezing room. He laid there lost in his own thoughts and imagination as he listened to Mark fuck you in the room over. 


Anger was a feeling he felt all too often, and that was exactly all he could feel right now. Why did you choose Mark? He was such a cold, reserved person; he could never give you what you needed, yet you chose him. You chose him when he was right there- the lively, loving, funny one of the group. The only one that could give you the life you needed and deserved. 

He knew you like he knew the back of his hand. He knew all your favorite foods and drinks, movies, shows, songs- everything- he even knew your favorite position to sleep in. Because whether you knew it or not, which you most likely didn’t, he carefully watched you; he observed every aspect of you- your life- since the day he met you.

When he wasn’t practicing, traveling, etc…to be frank, he stalked you. He’d quietly leave the dorm unnoticed and follow you too and from work completely undetected. If you weren’t at work nor at the dorm, he’d sit a good distance away from your house and quietly watch you strut throughout your place freely. 

If he wasn’t keeping an eye on you, you were the only thing on his mind. He’d remember the tone of your voice; he’d picture your plump lips moving as you spoke, the way your thick thighs rubbed together when you tried to hide your neediness. He was obsessed. Obsessed with a girl he desperately wanted all to himself- his best friend’s girlfriend.

Jackson laid there, lightly shutting his eyes as he imagined your ethereal figure wandering around the dorm delicately swimming in a shirt that was just slightly too big for you and lace panties that complemented your curves. He imagined you running into his arms instead of Mark’s. Peace flooded over him as he pictured your bright, angelic smile beaming up at him as he held you protectively- but his fantasy was cut short when he heard your wrecked voice moaning as his friend pounded into you.

Reluctantly, his eye lids slowly opened as his glazed over eyes stared up at the ceiling. Anger washing over him once more. His thoughts were slowly twisting into something dark… something he knew would become horrifying. 

Insanity, that was the only word that popped in his mind as he began slowly thinking about you bound and gagged; hidden away in a place where only he knew- where only he could have you. 

“She’s mine..” Jackson mumbled under his breath the moment he heard you scream out his friends name. He needed you, more than Mark did- he wanted you. He wanted you so badly, so desperately that he’d risk it all for you; his career, his friends, his family.. his sanity. “She’s mine.” He repeated in an aggressive snarl as he tightly clenched the white bed sheets in his fists. 

You were going to be his no matter what. 

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