i really wanna rewatch it

A important question here: what is the true color of yamaguchi’s hair?

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in this gif it seems a type of green

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but here it seems brown/black

I don’t know which color it is. Maybe between brown and green? Everytime time I rewatch haikyuu I think about but never have any conclusion

ok was anyone else a shugo chara kid???? bc that was my absolute most favorite thing for like 3 years…. i just watched the first theme song and got the craziest rush of nostalgia
tadamu is still better than amuto

Does anybody remember that series where the zombie apocalypse hits during Big Brother UK and and nobody in the house knows what’s going on til I think it’s one of the producers assistants breaks in while hiding from a zombie and then the rest if the series is everyone just gradually being killed by/turned into zombies? Cause if thats an alternate ending to bb19 I’m cool with it.

But also seriously the only person I met who’s seen it is my brother and neither of us remember the name but I wanna rewatch it

Unpopular Opinion (I guess??) I really really don’t like the 11th doctor

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Could you give dynamics to the dmmd boys?

It’s honestly been so long since I watched/played DMMD I had to go and look up the characters bc I ain’t got time to rewatch it and…it’s…not really something I wanna play again (if you’ve played it, you’ll understand why) but the anime is good

Aoba: omega
Noiz: beta
Clear: beta 
Koujaku: alpha
Ren: alpha 
Trip: alpha
Virus: beta
Mink: alpha
Sei: omega

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i JUst saw you were in the Merlin fandom so uh maybe a Merlin AU with Nico as Authur and Will as Merlin (But he kinda specializes in healing magic and like brings Nico back from the brink of death all the time )

  • will visits the market closest to the di angelo’s castle once a week probably and one time while hes there he gets caught in the middle of the knights’ training and a couple of the knights start trash talking him for getting in the way and literally the one thing that will says back is essentially calling nico a 12 year old and nico basically responds with ‘pal you better not show your face here again got it’
  • and wills ready to get the heck out of there but he overhears someone plotting to crash the king’s dinner that night to kill the prince so wills like “ok guess im also gonna crash that dinner and use my magic to stop that from happening hopefully nobody sees me”
    • thankfully instead of ending up getting burned at the stake for practicing magic inside the kingdom, will gets rewarded for saving the prince (who turned out to be that jerk hanging out with the knights at the market) and the king offers will the position of nico’s servant/bodyguard
    • will gives his fakest smile and is like “yes thank you thats totally what i wanted to come out of this situation please dont kill me”
  • so will has to wait hand and foot on nico the total jerk and thats not even the biggest problem!! bc nicos super against magic users and has no idea how to be polite!! so he keeps ticking people off and getting on their bad side so they come back to try to kill him!!! and ofc will as the bodyguard has to keep getting him out of trouble
  • will manages like 2 years of saving nicos life over and over and somehow never gets caught even when hes using magic literally constantly, and over time nico stops acting like a complete and total jerk??? at least to will???? like sometimes he still does but will can tell its just teasing and they sort of develop,,,,, a relationship??? almost??? theres feelings there but they cant say anything to anyone and can only act on it in private
    • hazel’s the only one they can talk to bc theres no one nico trusts more than hazel they tell each other everything (except for the fact that hazel also has magic???? her and will bond over that and nicos always confused about what they could possibly have in common)
  • nico ends up way more hurt then ever before once bc someone managed to get him and will separated and when wills finally there to heal nico he’s too afraid to let nico fall asleep bc hes too injured and what if he doesnt wake up??? but he has to heal him asap or hes gonna die real soon
    • so wills like “nico u need to listen to me very carefully im so sorry i never told u but i have magic and thats how ive been healing u all the time and thats what im gonna do now so please dont be angry im doing this bc i love u and if u dont let me then youre gonna die so please just hang on ok”
  • he gets nico healed and gets him tucked into bed and he sleeps for like 2 days and when he wakes up he makes will get in the bed with him and will thinks theyre gonna cuddle but nico hits him bc how dare will never tell him he had magic did he really think nico would have him killed????

now i wanna rewatch merlin so thanks for that but im in the middle of a voltron rewatch so,,,,,,

thanks for the suggestion!!!! i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons

no more please!

youre all lucky you missed me when i was really really obsessed with moral orel… i wanna rewatch it but its not gonna be the same after being called a stupid b*tch by dino stamatopoulos on facebook


crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 2.08 who is josh’s soup fairy?