i really wanna make this my icon

I don’t wanna look you in the eyes, you might call me away
I don’t wanna give you the chance to make me stay
And the hardest part in all of this is
I know my way back, I don’t want to go
And let you see all that has become of me

– The Grey [Icon For Hire]

“How dare you doubt yourself now?! You made your choice! Now live with it like the rest of us had to!

I’ve been really invested in my ongoing FE:Fates RPs recently, and especially the relationship between my two “Kamuis“, Miyu [My main, Nohr] and Sorako [Hoshido]. And then, I stumbled across this song. A perfect Kamui song. And my mind started going to places.

iconic jeon jungkook lyrics
  • “the name is Jung Kook, my scale is nationwide” 
  • “you have a glass mentality, boy”
  • “ok mom, I’m going to the library right now”
  • “don’t wanna be fool, wanna be cool”
  • “after we broke up, you look better, pretty woman” 
  • “though i drink coffee and open my eyes
    it feels like i’ll fall asleep, oh no no”
  • “i want to be your oppa
    i’m so hungry for your love”
  • “Dad, just how exactly
    did dad ask Mom out?”
  • “hold me tight before i kiss you” 
  • “what is wrong with you? you’re crazy baby”
  • “you’re a cutie and i am pitiful”
  • “am i easy to you? are you playing with me?”
  • “i’m 18, i know what i need to know”
  • “yes i’m a bad boy so i like bad girl”
  • “your front is the best, your back is the best
    from your head to your toes, you’re the best”
  • “ayo ladies & gentleman” 
  • “every day is about the hustle life”
  • “i’m so into your converse highs”

NCT Dream Icons~

I’m not good at photoshop but to thank you guys for following me and getting me to 3.3k followers I decided to make an attempt to give back to you all~ im so thankful to each and every one of you who followed me, talked to me, reblogged my stuff and who tagged me in things. I really do appreciate it!

please don’t repost or claim as your own, and please do credit me if someone asks where your icon is from~

It’s a weird pattern I’ve noticed…in all the Asks I get there are A LOT of Steven Universe icons and it seems like all the nice, helpful, supportive ones are of Steven himself and the ones that are either angry, nasty, or just a little bit critical (which is fine) have all been the Gems.  I’m not saying there’s any sort of connection; it’s just a funny coincidence to me. 

I really wanna get into SU one of these days ‘cuz it looks like a show I’d absolutely adore, but almost every time it pops up on my dash, someone is being upset/mean about it, so it kinda makes me wanna wait ‘til folks have settled down a little bit. Gotta catch up on Gravity Falls first, anyway.