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the signs as things my mom has said
  • Aries: back when i was 17 i used to be really badass
  • Taurus: *talking about food* Listen i didn't buy it to just sit here and look at it
  • Gemini: Okay then i'm just gonna go and talk to myself
  • Cancer: (at 10pm after i told her i was hungry) wanna bake muffins ?
  • Leo: Let’s bike for an ice cream so that we don’t have to feel bad about eating it !
  • Virgo: oh yeah i used to know some basics on guitar *plays Beethoven*
  • Libra: *coming back from a hairdresser* Look who’s 30 again !
  • Scorpio: *talking about me* it’s okay i mean someone has to be the black sheep
  • Sagittarius: if you and your lover din’t put the same amount of effort into the relationship, then it won’t work
  • Capricorn: what are you going to eat next ? Us ??
  • Aquarius: *in a cinema after the first jumpscare* okay i feel like it’s the right time to leave
  • Pisces: What a good movie let’s never watch it again

valentine’s dodie 💖

Fall Starters because I can't help myself 🍂🍁🌰🎃

“Let’s open some windows, okay?”

“It’s starting to rain…”

“Bring a jacket!”

“Do we really need to go to a pumpkin patch? Can’t we just buy one at Tesco?”

“You sound sick. Are you sick?”

“*sneeze* Sorry, allergies.”

“Wanna go out for Halloween?”

“Looks like it’s time to rake the leaves…”

“Come in here where it’s dry!”

“It’s dark?! Already?!”

“Ooh it’s chilly out.”

“Please, enough with the pumpkin spice.”

“Good morning. No, don’t get up, it’s raining, let’s stay in bed a little longer…”

anonymous asked:

Oh gosh could you share some headcanons you have for your medieval au?

Um, Yes!

Okay okay here we go with the supercorp medieval au 

  • Kara is really damn good at fighting. Like really damn good. Ever since she was little she’s been running around with a wooden sword pretending to be a fierce knight and begging her adoptive family to let her start properly training.
  • They don’t actually let her until she turns 12 and she becomes a page and it’s strenuous and difficult and she spends her days training tirelessly and she absolutely loves every second of it. 
  • Kara rises up the ranks quickly, moving from page to squire and then from squire to knight faster than most. Eventually she’s one of the youngest to be knighted in the kingdom’s history and the house of el soon blazes out on her shield proudly whenever she rides into battle.
  • Lena never asked to be royalty. She spends her days getting shoved into tight corsets and uncomfortable dresses and is forced to keep her thoughts to herself about how maybe her mother and father aren’t necessarily good rulers. She watches, worrying more and more with each passing year, as the kingdom seems to fall further and further into despair under their harsh rule.
  • She’s a bit reckless, for a princess. Enjoys sneaking out and blatantly ignoring the suffocating rules her parents place on her life and escapes from the castle as often as possible.
  • Kara may be a good fighter but she is young and overeager and sometimes acts before she thinks. One day she defies a direct order from the captain of the guard and her punishment is confinement to the castle, forced to act as guard to a member of the royal family.
  • Lena is furious when her parents tell her that, due to her actions, she will be assigned a personal guard to watch her at all times. They hope that it will prevent her from getting into danger. Because if something happens to her brother, she is next in line for the throne and they need her to be prepared for that. They need someone to carry on their legacy.
  • Kara expects to be in for a boring assignment. One where she has to sit in on stuffy meetings and babysit an old uncle of the king or similar. She does not expect to be assigned to guard the princess. She also does not expect her to be so pretty.
  • Lena surprises both her parents when she takes one look at her new guard, the knight with the gold hair and wide blue eyes, and doesn’t argue.
  • Kara figures out how doomed she is very quickly, but this fact is sealed a month later when the princess kisses her in a hidden alcove of the castle. Lip paint smudging across both their lips because the princess is dressed in an elegant ballgown and she’s supposed to be dancing with royalty from far off kingdoms. But she’s kissing Kara instead and Kara can only think that she is doomed doomed doomed even as she pulls her closer.

“Hey!  Hi!  I’m Steven!  Nice to meet you!”

“What brings you to Earth?”

“…What’s an Earth?”

“It’s the planet we’re on!“

“Oh, are we on a planet?”


“That’s good, then.  The last place I went to was a planet, too.”

“I know, we sent you there.”

“I thought the Diamonds sent us there?”

“The Diamonds sent you here, but we sent you to Neptune.”

“What’s a Neptune?”


“I’m really confused, and you’re all kinda scary.  Can I go somewhere else now?”

“Yeah, okay, that was my fault.  You guys wanna pick next?”

2016 Quotes Starters

**these quotes were made by myself and other members of my social life

  • “I have a medical condition. It’s called "sucks-to-be-me…itis.”
  • “Can someone remind me why I decided to go to socially awkward people like you guys for dating advice?”
  • “It’s so hot…it’s like living in Satan’s asshole.”
  • “I…accidentally stuck a tampon up my ass…”
  • “Damn, he has chocolate abs.”
  • “I don’t understand why that was awkward, but it was.”
  • “How do they fit this many children in here?”
  • “Okay he’s sweet and all but I could never date him. He doesn’t believe in mermaids.”
  • “Screw small talk. Just go up to him and meow really loudly till he either asks you out or calls the police.”
  • “We should make a McDonald’s themed strip club.”
  • “That guy looks like my two worst rivals from middle school fucked immediately after graduation and gave birth to whoever the hell that guy is.”
  • “What do you think, water just FALLS FROM THE SKY??”
  • “Hey I found a zombie head on the floor!”
  • “I condemn you to death by…*slams rip-off Oreos on the table* ‘ASSORTED SANDWICHES’!!!”
  • “This is no ordinary fish. This…is a gangster fish.”
  • “Who needs doors when you have hookers?”
  • “Ah yes, dabbing…the mating call of the fuckboy.”
  • “Why is there an XL tampon in your water bottle?“
  • "Whoa, it’s a secret door! That leads to a secret bathroom!”
  • “I feel like our life is just one big schoolgirl anime, but with Mexicans.”
  • “Okay, photoSHOP needs to photoSTOP.”
  • “You’re such a gay shoelace.”
  • “From now on, instead of 'ham’ we have to call it 'swine ass’.”
  • “I have 12 dicks.”
  • “I’ve never seen you this angry over a fucking taco.”
  • “How can you like to eat chicken, but not cock?”
  • “I’m like, 50% bird shit.”
  • *spitting grass everywhere* “Listen here you city bitch-”
  • “Don’t pass the joint, its unsanitary.”
  • “Why does my codename have to be the kinky one?”
  • “Whose the person who names these fragrances? Who the hell took a big ol wiff of this and thought 'You know what this smells like? ‘Men at Midnight’.”
  • “Well TECHNICALLY I’m not wearing pants, but hear me out-”
  • “Yeah I know you aren’t wearing pants…you and your skirts n stuff…”
  • “I’m basically the human auto-correct.”
  • “Yknow waking up this morning, I didn’t realize I’d end up getting involved in a 5-way spooning session, but look at me now!”
if the rangers were a sorority

Here’s the fam, let me introduce you to them one by one

first, we have the little, Brandon

Brandon just pledged and doesn’t really know what’s going on. he has no idea why getting a big is important but he’s okay with the crafts and free booze he got from his big. not smiling too big bc he doesn’t wanna get hazed (even tho Matt would never)

next, we have the big, Matt

Matt’s very excited to get a little, so excited that he can’t take a good picture. very upset that the picture didn’t come out good enough for his insta and is mad at the rest of the fam is posting it everywhere. too nice to haze, doesn’t believe in that stuff. 

and the gbig (grandbig), Jimmy

Jimmy is here for the formality but is waiting to get drunk later with his new gg. excited the fam has grown but doesn’t want to show it bc he wants people to think he’s cool and chill. comes off as quiet and shy but is actually quite the partier and gets sent to standards a lot but he just doesn’t give a fuck. that guy that always says he’s going to drop out but never does 

then we have the ggbig, Brady

Brady is the retiring chapter president. very enthusiastic about the sorority. he’s that senior that cries at least once a week bc he doesn’t want to graduate and become an alum of the sorority. very proud of his fam and is very excited to welcome his gglittle. wears rangers stuff 5/7 days of the week.

and finally, the gggbig, Kevin

Kevin already graduated last year. he’s just here because he refuses to believe he’s not in college anymore and has to be an actual adult. also, he heard there’s going to be a party tonight

Sick (Piercer!Jungkook)

Plot: #82: “I was in the neighbourhood.” with piercer!Jungkook

Word Count: 830 

A/N: so the original piercer!kook post is right here you can read it if you want a little more details and more about what he’s like as a piercer and all of that fun stuff (I also just wanna send out my condolences to Tae and his family, I know that his grandma must have been so amazing and I’m really really sorry that he has to go through this at all let alone at such a young age and I really truly hope that he and his family are doing okay but rest in peace Grandma Kim, you helped raised the amazing man that Taehyung is and I know that myself and millions of other people are so so grateful that you did bc without you we may not have the Tae that we do today and you will definitely never be forgotten) 

You fully blamed Park Jimin for getting you sick. You had visited your boyfriend, Jungkook, at his piercing and tattoo shop where he and his friends worked. Jimin handled a lot of the tattoos, along with Yoongi while Jungkook and Taehyung tended to handle the piercings. Taehyung had started it all, catching the flu from his brother. He passed it onto Jimin, who then passed it onto both Yoongi and you. Jungkook was the only one that hadn’t gotten sick yet since he’d made everyone else take some time off because he didn’t want them to get any customers sick and he thought it wasn’t very sanitary to have them around the shop. Jungkook had been busier than ever, having to call in a few extra friends that worked in tattoo and piercing shops close by to help him handle all of the customers the other boys would normally take.

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lovinginthedawn  asked:

Hey! I want to put a tattoo in the oldest viking alfabet/runes. The thing is, i am a little afraid for that because i don't trust the internet so well.. I just want to put my name Emily Mathilda Taels but it's difficult to find the oldest alfabet or runes to make a legit "word". Do you have a website or post of yourself i can make it of, or do you think it just isnt possible... It's a tattoo so i wanna make sure everything is okay ofcourse ;) I searched on this page but i couldnt really find it.

Velkomin, lovinginthedawn,
(Welcome, lovinginthedawn,)

It is a wonderful thing that you do not trust the internet, honestly. We should all question it and be cautious about the information put on here. 

As far as writing things in runes go, it is a system designed for Old Norse, at least the runes that we are looking at. That being said, they were never meant to be used for modern English, of course. It will not be perfect, nor ‘accurate’, mainly because there is little true ‘accuracy’ to speak of in this situation. You can follow the norms discussed below, of course, but just remember that it may feel awkward because your name, for example, is not an Old Norse name.

Nonetheless, I can offer you the oldest full runic alphabet that I know of, at least that which pertains to the Vikings. Though, you should know that the Elder futhark were not in much use during the actual Viking Age - likely completely dead, in fact. The Younger futhark replaced them by 900 CE. So, if you mean to specifically refer to the Vikings, and not just medieval Scandinavia, we will have to have a different conversation. 

The information I use is from a book published by the leading scholar in the field of Viking studies, Jesse L. Byock, although he is now retired. I have cited it below so you can investigate it for yourself, if you would like. In fact, I have scanned directly from the book, so that you can rest assured that the information has come from a reliable source:

***The þ-rune = ‘th’. If you the name ‘Mathilda’ used a ‘th’ sound, use that rune. Unless, of course, it has a hard ‘t’, like ‘Matilda’, then do not used the þ-rune.

***Also, for the ‘y’, you will see there is no rune in the Elder set. There is, however, a later medieval rune for ‘y’, but it is among the youngest of the alphabets, originating towards the end of the Viking Age. I would recommend the ‘i’ rune, if you want to stick with Elder. Although, at least for the Younger Futhark, which came after the Elder, the ‘u’ rune is often used for ‘y’. Here is the scan from the book regarding multi-lettered runes, though these apply most directly to the Younger Futhark:

I am not terribly good with runes, so I would not want to mislead you by attempting to write your name in those runes for you. I am, honestly, a bit anxious when it comes to people asking about tattoos, since I still have much to learn and would regret misleading anyone when it involves something so personal and permanent. I will, however, give it a shot if you requested it of me. I also know of a few people who would likely do a better job than I would, so I could always tag them if you wished for some input. There really were no standards to rune writing, though. If you know the letters and their latin equivalents, you should be safe just writing a name.

I hope that was all helpful. If you need anything else, please do let me know!

Goð leiða þig.
(Gods guide you.)

Book Citation (as well as the page numbers used for the scans):

Jesse L. Byock, Viking Language 1: Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas. (Pacific Palisades, CA: Jules William Press, 2013), 76, 78.

We Need to Talk About Servamp

Okay, so yeah, episode 12 happened. And I can see some people pretending it didn’t exist, or saying they wish it ended at episode 11. Others are happy, and personally, I need a lot more time to look it over, collect my thoughts, and really think about what I think about the ending of Servamp. But, here is what I gathered from just a few hours of thinking. This is going to be a long post, so get ready! Okay? Let’s go!

First, I wanna talk about Hyde’s item breaking. Was it really short? Hell yeah. Was there enough detail? Hell yeah. Sure, it was short, and even if I didn’t get that far into the manga yet, I feel like they might’ve skipped things. Even if they did, it doesn’t matter. The scene had really good animations, and it showed the pain, angry, and worried feelings of Hyde and Licht very well. Sure,  they kind of made his contract item get sliced pretty fast, but the reactions to the event happening sort of made it worth it. Hyde calling out to Licht before the Jin escaped his body, Licht not leaving him there, and actually calling out to him, and running into the battle field injured just to find him, and then Licht actually cradling Hyde once he did find him, and then risking his life just to get them BOTH out of there when the ceiling almost fell on them. He kept the injured Hyde hedgehog close to his chest through the building falling to pieces, and then after when the rest of the group was waiting for the sloth pair to get done with the battle with Tsubaki. If that isn’t character development, and good animation, then seriously? I don’t understand what would be.

Second, is the conversation of Kuro’s character development. Even if episode 12 was sort of a disaster, I will praise it with all my heart. We got to see Kuro stepping up, trying to protect Mahiru, and everyone else. We got to see him trying to defend Hyde, since the Servamp was weakened from the fight before, as we see here: 

He literally looks so determined to do right here, and stop running away from his problems like he would earlier in the anime. He wanted to finally face everything, and act like the older brother that he should’ve been earlier on. As we also see, he actually fights like he wants to protect something, instead of the one time hits and then running away in his cat form. When he is fighting against Tsubaki, he tries to talk to him, and tries to understand him, and he finally even accepted Tsubaki as his younger brother. He also learns that the master literally didn’t say a thing about Tsubaki before Kuro killed him, and as we also see here, Kuro actually feels bad:

And when Mahiru joined the fight, and got hurt, Kuro got so angry that he went back into his lion form, almost trying to kill Tsubaki again, as we see here:

And if it wasn’t for Mahiru, who jumped in front of Kuro when he was about to kill Tsubaki, Kuro probably would’ve killed him without blinking. Which also means that Kuro needs Mahiru in order to feel balanced and to not go too far like killing when he defending with all his strength. He wouldn’t have done that earlier either. Kuro literally went from a running away from his battles and fears, to actually wanting to defend the things he loves and cherishes. And no offense to most of the characters, since they all went through their own developments, I think Kuro’s was the most major development we would see in this anime.

Finally, the last thing I need to talk about for this episode. Did Tsubaki really need a hug to feel better? Haha maybe he did, but I don’t think it was just that. I feel like he needed closure. When Mahiru went into his memories, and seen what the Servamp had gone through, even I felt bad for him. Sure, Kuro did it, but he regret it so much, and was trying to fix it. Even Tsubaki thought it was strange that their creator had not even tried to mention him before Kuro killed him. I am not too sure what to say about that, but maybe, getting a hug and actually coming to terms that it wasn’t anyone’s fault for what happened is what Tsubaki really needed. A hug from Mahiru was just a bonus, but when Tsubaki healed Sakuya from getting in the way of his sword attack he told him:

And, turned around with a smile, and finished with:

Meaning whatever happened after Mahiru hugged him, and his attacks faded, maybe made Tsubaki realize that he was dragging so many of his subclass who had nothing to do with what happened in his past, into his own family problems. Which is probably why he said personal problems. Honestly though, I just want to know if Kuro and him made up before the Sloth pair went back down to where Misono and the others were waiting for them.

Okay, I think my analysis is done. Now the only thing on my mind, is reading the manga, and finding out everything I can to see if we are getting another season. By the looks of how the anime ended, I am not positive, and my hopes are low, but you will never know. Until then guys, the Servamp and their Eves now have peace…for now.

Oh! And one more thing! Can we get some apperication for this part in the ending? 

Look at the smug ass grin Mahiru has on his face when he caught Kuro. Look at how precious that is!

Also, Kuro’s reaction to getting caught too. These two still have a long way to becoming stronger, but now that they are one, and are really comfortable with each other, I have high hopes for them.

Anyway, now I am done. Thanks for the 12 episodes of Servamp! It was a lot of fun and I sure had a wild ride with it.

Miraculous Anastasia Crossover

Okay so I just got this idea and I have to share so, it’s a lot, but bear with me here.

  • Marinette is a teen found wandering the far outskirts of Paris and she has no memories whatsoever of who she is or where she came from
  • She doesn’t really know where to go and instead of going to the centre of Paris she decides to slowly travel south and ultimately ends up in Toulouse by the time she’s eighteen. She… she travels slowly okay.
  • There she meets Chat Noir, a hero of sorts, helping out where he can but never sticking around the same city/town for long.
  • When they meet, he tells Marinette that she bears a remarkable resemblance to the Parisian heroine, Ladybug.
  • In this AU, Adrien never met Marinette, he just admired Ladybug from afar, not yet having a miraculous.
  • Anyway, he tries to convince her that she is Ladybug, she has to be. This is mainly bc he wants to see her back in action and fight alongside her - his dream for years.
  • Marinette is unsure and says that eventually she’ll go back to Paris, but for now she wants to travel and asks if she can join him on his travels.
  • He agrees if she’ll try to be Ladybug and offers her Ladybug’s earrings. How does he have them? Stay tuned to find out. 
  • Anyway, the earrings don’t work, Marinette doesn’t understand what to do either way.
  • Adrien tries to help her by transforming back to himself and explaining the Kwami’s so hopeful that he’s finally found a Ladybug.
  • But Tikki isn’t there, Hawkmoth captured her.
  • So instead he teaches her how to be a hero, basically a lot of Marichat interactions (; lots of sass too
  • And Adrienette ofc bc Adrien can’t travel around as Chat 24/7
  • Plagg is the sometimes helpful, usually sarcastic companion
  • As they travel around France, Marinette learns more and more and she starts remembering certains things, also Hawkmoth uses Tikki to seek out Marinette and sends akumas after her. Each time Marinette and Chat fight them off. And Adrien falls in love with her.
  • *dramatic Marinette voice* ‘There was a butterfly man and he… he attacked me and stole something. I can’t remember what. *chuckles* I’m sorry. That’s crazy. A butterfly man.’
  • Basically it’s at that moment when Adrien realises that she actually is Ladybug and not some fantasy of Ladybug he’s thrown upon some random girl.
  • Because he know exactly what the ‘butterfly man’, what Hawkmoth, his father, stole. And Adrien stole it back. Ladybug’s earrings.
  • Adrien was given his own miraculous by Fu except he was told to run and hide with it until Ladybug returned.
  • Anyway, now he has to get her to Paris, he has to get her back to Tikki who must be there. Maybe her kwami can help restore her memories.
  • But Adrien doesn’t want to go to Paris - he left to escape his father. That’s why he’d been travelling, bc otherwise he’d be recognised too quickly.
  • But for Ladybug - for Marinette - he goes back.
  • Cue a nice happy reunion with her family (I haven’t forgotten about them lol). Also, it’s totally the smell of her father’s baked goods that Tikki is so fond of that brings back her memories, or most of them anyway.
  • And then she has to face off against Hawkmoth.
  • First she kicks ass as herself - the training she went through with Chat paying off.
  • Then she rescues Tikki and transforms into Ladybug and with Chat Noir by her side they kick ass again even more, and eventually save the day, taking away Gabriel’s own miraculous.
  • LadyNoir kiss bc I’m a sucker for that.
  • They travel the world together, helping those that need to be but eventually return to Paris and settle down together.
  • Le fin.

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎

okay but a guys mars really is how he’s gonna be pursue you like 

i’m sitting here on webcam with a leo mars and he just flashed his torso and started working out in the middle of nowhere???? 

another leo mars tried to pursue me like 8 months ago and immediately when he came in he wanted us to go back outside so he could show off his skate tricks 

the rest of the guys i’ve liked i had to pursue because they were virgo mars, pisces mars, cancer mars and didn’t wanna make a move

scorpio mars pursues but its still more subtle and its like they jedi mind trick you

How to: Have multiple towns or restore corrupted data* using the online Save Editor

I was asked about this and I already wanted to write down how I do it, so I’m gonna explain what the Advanced tab in the online Save Editor is for. Remember, there may be an easier way to do it, but I feel safer following these steps everytime I’m gonna switch towns.

*You can only restore your town in case of data corruption if you have a backup save for it.

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Nohrian Festival: Silas and Saizo Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Silas and Saizo are my new official OTP. Here’s a rough summary of how this conversation goes: 

Pt. I

Silas: Do you think that Faceless have feelings?

Saizo: WTF man. 

Pt. II

Silas: You’re really nice. Wanna go on a date?

Saizo: I’m not a girl. 

Silas: Dude, don’t be sexist. Let’s go on a dessert tour. 

Saizo: I hate desserts. 

Silas: You’re cute when you blush. 


Silas: It’s a date, okay? I’ll wait for you. forever

Saizo: … Fine, BAKA. 

… No, seriously, that’s how it goes. 

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Okay, we knew this was going to happen sooner or later 🤐 im not going to post here anymore. I dont have time anymore 😥 Im not going to delete it. I’ll just leave it here. Maybe i’ll come back to say hello, i dont know haha. It was really fun talking to you guys, (most of) the anons and everything. So thanks for that 😅☺️ I go on my personal sometimes so if you wanna say hello it’s my-grave.tumblr.com. Im sorry 😪 ❤️ -v

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New Qrow Branwen

“Okay, @quoth-the-branwen‘s mun finally accepted I’m gonna be here.  So, you guys know what ta do.”  

“Hit that follow button if you wanna rp with me.  Reblogs would count towards extra credit on your homework. Now dun mind me.  I’mma grab a drink while I want.

Oh, one other thing.  This is a side blog, so chances are some o’ ya already have a follow from Raven.”

Mun: Are we really going to start this off by fourth walling?

Qrow: You thought this was going to be serious all the time?  Does Raven even do that for ya?

Mun: Point taken…


“Is it gonna be okay?” Liam asked, biting his nails as he starred at your worst wound,

“Liam, you’re a great kid and I don’t wanna lie to you- I really don’t know,” Deaton admitted,

“But we’re going to do everything we can to save y/n’s life, alright?” Scott assured him,

“Please. We’re best friends, I love y/n and I just can’t loose-”

“Liam, I promise, everything we can do, we will,” Scott swore,

“Liam, come here,” Kira pulled the boy into an awkward hug, Liam refusing to take him eyes off you, “it’s going to be okay. If there’s anything we know it’s that you and y/n are fighters, you’re both going to get through this,”

“I hope so,” Liam whispered, finally welcoming Kira’s affection.