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The Things She Carried

Part 3. Fraternization Attempt

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1300+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @barneybrigade @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @iliketowrite02  

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Loads Of Dee Stuff Pt2

Im going to start combining some asks and put them all in one post just like the last post I did. Hope you enjoy an here we goooo

                                 1. Opinions On Other Companions

 Dee hangs out a lot at the settlements that Sole leaves him at and most of the time he is either doing paper work or doing spy stuff. Most of the time, he chats up few of the companions and he has made a sort of list for them from least to greatest. 

 X6-88 Is straight foward and rude and Deacon can’t figure out why sole even keeps him around anymore. A lot of their dialog include death threats from X6 to which leaves Dee activating a Stealth Boy and getting the hell out of there and leaving X6 with a slight smirk.

 Strong is well… Special says Deacon to him. Sure, he’s big, scary, green, and occasionally screams/yells in the middle of the night because he see’s an “attack” when in reality its just leaves or something drifting in the wind but he can be useful when an actual attack comes. 

 Hancock is a druggie and that to Deacon is a pretty big no no. But Hancock is a pretty chill dude and Deacon does enjoy his company from time to time. Hancock swears that he might have seen him before but Deacon is quick to dismiss the thoughts.

 Cait is LOUD AND SCARY. Deacon thought that she would just be like any gal raised by raiders and forced to fight BUT NO. He finally noticed what she is really like when dude tried to flirt with her and she broke a bottle and stabbed him in the stomach and a few settlers tried to pull her away. Needless to say Deacon dosent hangout with cait that much anymore.

 Macready is fun company and has the same level of wit and sarcasm. Most of their time consist of sniper battles and drinking alcohol. theyre pretty good bros and they will protect eachother for life .     im gon stop cause i wanna move on to other stuff.  sorry for not doing the rest of the family

                                  2. Fave Food

 Without a doubt his favorite has got to be mirelurk cakes with butter or salsa. his alternative food is fancy lads. He also enjoys the noodles at Takahashi’s noodle stand though he is a pretty messy noodle eater, he gets a lot of sauce on his chin and shirt.

                                 3. Opinions on kids

 He had always wanted a few of his own, but that was a long time ago. For him, it’s always fun to hang out with the kids in the settlements and thats pretty much why he goes with Sole to check out the settlement. He even got a few of the kids to tell him whats going on around town. He got really happy when Sole brought lil Synth Shaun into sanctuary. He thinks the kid is really cool and if Sole wants Dee to be a sort of parenting figure he will gladly accept.

big thanks to @deaconidolizesyou for asking these and for being supportive of both my blogs all the way! 

Restart -Liam Dunbar Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolf

A/N: Since this was requested by a few of you, I decided to make a part 2! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Rude comments, mention of abuse/violence

Based on “Restart” by Sam Smith! I don’t own the lyrics to the song!

Part 1

It was a Monday night when you told me it was over, babe
And by the Friday night, I knew that I would be okay
Don’t say it was a good thing
Don’t say it was the right thing to do
Don’t say it was the best thing for the both of us
When I’m the one playing the fool

”Look at her neck” “I heard she and Liam broke up” “I bet he did that to her”

Y/N tried to ignore their whispers, but it was hard, pretending they didn’t hurt. She hadn’t wanted to come to school, she just felt weak and useless. Scott was the one who convinced her to go, saying that she needed to show Liam that she was stronger than that. 

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A Bangtan Boys Huddle #SEVENTEENisMovingIN??

A/N (GAHHH I was legitimately asked by everyone and their mother to bring BTS into this crazy mix, and I have finally decided to heed the requests and let BTS and Seventeen be roommates. I hope you enjoy the utter pettiness and shade of this Kpop crack. WARNING I’m not responsible for any side effects of the consumption of this post. Ask your doctor before reading.)

Rapmon:  Okay guys now I know this isn’t our usual style to have meetings like this but I there’s some news that you all need to know. 

 Jungkook: Text it to me *leaves room* 


Jin: What is it? For there to be a meeting it must be pretty big. 


 Rapmon: No we’re not getting a dog that would be stupid. We’re literally never home. Gah I’m just trying to tell you that Seventeen is moving in with us for a few days because they had flooding at their dorms. *Door bell rings* 

 Rapmon: I think it’s them now. *opens door*

 S.Coups: *Seventeen trails in* Hello everyone! 

 Seungkwan: *enters* This place is even smaller than the Exo dorms. Why can’t our company just pay for a hotel?? 

 DK: *enters* Um I think I left a bag in Chen’s room. Does anyone have any extra underwear I can borrow? 

 Suga: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

 Taehyung: So let me get this straight. We are definitely not getting a puppy?

 Rapmon: Tae. Shut up… Hey Seventeen! Welcome to our dorms, we don’t have much space, but we’re all willing to make room for you all. 

Suga: I’m not.

 S.Coups: It’s cool, we know that we’re kind of a bother right now and we appreciate you agreeing to take us.

 Jimin: Lol but we didn’t. 

 J-Hope: Yeah we just found out about it as soon as you came.

 S.Coups: Rapmon you told me that your whole team knew about it.

 Rapmon: Do you honestly think that anyone in their right mind would agree for 17 people to move into their dorms if they knew about it first?? 

 Hoshi: Actually we’re 13 members in 3 units and together we are One. That’s where the name comes from.


 Suga: Did anyone ask?

 Woozi: *whispers* Father.

 Jungkook: Hey I’m just coming to get my headpho…..Woah why is Seventeen here?

 Rapmon: Check your texts from me. 

 Jungkook: You actually think I have your number saved? Lol that’s funny.

 The8: Sorry to interrupt but where are we going to stay? This place is really tiny.

 Rapmon: We’ll make room, don’t worry about it.

 Jin: Woahhh woah wait a minute who’s suppose to be doing the cooking for 17 more people?

 Hoshi: Actually we have 13 membe– 

 Suga & Woozi: SHUT UP! 

 Suga: Son? 

 Rapmon: Anyway I’ll assign rooms so that this will be a smooth transition. So J-hope you’ll room with DK and Hoshi. 

 J-Hope: I only have one bed so you’ll have to both share the floor.

 DK: Can we go back to the Exo dorms?

 Hoshi: Nahh I’ll take a cold floor over D.O. and Woozi trying to murder me everyday. 

 Woozi: We almost got him too. 

 Rapmon: Jimin I’m going to pair you wi– 

 Jimin: Jungkook?! 

 Jungkook: Oh God no. 

 Rapmon: Um no you’re taking Joshua and Jun.

Jun: Did you pair us just because we have J names?


Rapmon: Maybe.

Suga: Are any of you from Daegu?

Seungkwan: No but I’m from Jeju and I would love to share ro–

Suga: Pass.

S.Coups: I’m from Daegu

Rapmon: Okay S.Coups and Vernon with Suga….Where’s Vernon?

Mingyu: He’s still in the car. He took leaving Chanyeol kinda hard.

Taehyung: Understandable.

Rapmon: Fine whatever. Tae, You have Mingyu and Wonwoo.

Taehyung: Do you guys like dogs?


Mingyu: Um we really could just stay in the living room or something.

Wonwoo: Yeah I have a bed with my name on it reserved at the local hospital.

Rapmon: I don’t really care what you people do okay?? just let me finish these room assignments.

Jungkook: I don’t want any roommates. I just bought 12 new white t-shirts and my closet space is gone.

Rapmon: You have Dino and Seungkwan.

Seungkwan: Hey it’ll be fun, I like to meet new people and do fun thin—

Jungkook: Say one more word to me you rookie scum and I’ll make you sleep next to the toilet.

Woozi: Please let me stay with Jungkook too!

Rapmon: Sure. Now Jin you’ll take Jeonghan and I’ll take The8.

J-Hope: I have some issues with this.

Jimin:  Me too! Why do you both get to have one roommate while the rest of us have two?

Jungkook: and three!

Rapmon: It’s simple, do you wanna know why?

Jimin: Yeah!




Dino: *whispers to Seungkwan*  I think he may be a little stricter than Suho.

Seungkwan: Duhh you think??

Rapmon: Now that that’s done, you can go do whatever you want. I’m going into the studio and work on some songs on the computer. *leaves*

Joshua: Is he really going to work on songs?

J-hope: If you count watching dirty videos and infecting the computer as “working on songs” then sure that’s exactly what he’s doing.

S.Coups: Um good meeting guys, thanks again for letttin-

Suga: Just cut it Egg Scoops, Rapmon already left and I don’t want to pretend to care about you kids anymore.


Woozi: *tears up* I knew that I would find you again one day. Can I have a hug?

Suga: No.

Woozi: That’s what I always dreamt you would say! I think that this may be exactly where need to be.

Jungkook: If anyone needs me I’ll be in my room changing the locks and my telephone number. Bye.

How should I have fun on this trip if the company of my mom and my sis (and ppl.in general) gets on my nerves, but now I’m locked up with them in a tiny room with a weird Italian guy hanging out in the rest of the apartment for 2 nights and I’m depressed as hell and just don’t feel like doing anything? 😔😔

What Would You Do ~S.W.~

Summary: *gives knowing look* based off What Would You Do by Bastille. Seriously one of my favorite songs.

Song Series- #4

Sam’s POV

“It’s so nice to be back in Omaha. This party is lit. I’ve already seen a couple dudes we used to kick it with” Nate says as strippers are dancing on us. I was getting bored of the lapdance so I put down my drink and stood up.

I walked over to where the main girls were dancing. There were only 5 or 6 girls here. Me and the boys were back in Nebraska and got invited to some party.

As I was watching one girl caught my eye. She just got off the stage and gathered all the money that had been thrown at here. I wanted her so much. Something about her made me want every inch of her. I don’t care if I was about to pay her for sex. She was worth the hundreds.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside.

“Don’t worry I’m paying for the night. You gotta name?” I say feeling on her.

“Y/n. Don’t I know you from somewhere” she says as I kiss her neck.

“Well I am kind of famous. Wait. We went to high school together. You disappeared halfway through senior year.”

“Oh yeah. I heard you and your friends got pretty big. Congrats.”

I pulled her into my car and started it.

“On the way to my place we can catch up” I say looking at her. She was always beautiful. But she wasn’t very outgoing. Always quiet and usually missed most days of school.

“So why are you a stripper. You’re only what 20? You could just get a regular job. You look much different.”

“I have another job. 3 actually. I wait tables during the day and strip at night” she said fixing her skirt.

“Why do you have to strip. That’s a terrible job.”

“What would you do Sam? If you had a 3 ½ year old son who is at home crying right now because he only had a granola bar for breakfast and I have yet to feed him. He doesn’t even have a bed Sam. He gets a sheet while I get nothing. The only way i can get him food is to sleep with random men”

“Where’s his dad?” I ask pulling over to the side of the road.

“Somewhere smoking crack. He just got outta jail. I’m not having him around my son”

“He’s not in school?”

“I can’t afford a daycare right now. Can we just go. I’ll do whatever you want. I just really need this money. This is my life you know?”

“I want to meet your son”

“What? No it’s late”

“Come on. I just wanna meet him.”

“Fine. Go up here. Take a left then go down the alley and we have to walk from there.”

“You live on that part of town?”

“I can’t afford anything else”


Why does Sam want to meet my son? It’s not like he knew me when I actually went to school. We get out of the car and I realize I’m still in my “work clothes”

“Um Sam. Do you have some sweatpants or something I can borrow. I don’t want my son to see my like this. He’s too young.”

He goes around and digs through his trunk before pulling out a pair of joggers. My shirt wasn’t too bad so I just put in the pants over my tight shorts.

We walk up the stairs of my old apartment/motel. I get to my door and pull a key out from under the mat. I unlock all 4 of the dead bolts.

I tip toe over to the pallet of blankets I made for my son. He was laying in a ball but I knew he wasn’t sleep. He couldn’t sleep without me.

“Hey baby. Mommas home.” He jumps into my arms. He looks up and sees Sammy.

“I’ll go next door” he says grabbing a blanket and his stuffed animal. I tell him to go next door because sometimes I have to bring work home.

“No baby. This is mommys friend. Sam. Go say hi.”

“Hi. I’m Joshua. Mommy calls me joshie.” He sticks his hand out for Sam to shake. Sam picks him up and talks to him for a little bit. I take this time to put on my actual clothes.

“Joshie sweetie. Take this 5$ and go to the vending machine at the end of the hall. Get something to drink and something to eat. Get something that’ll last you and that’s yummy” I kiss his head and he runs off. Our room is right at the end the hall so I can hear him from here.

“You know you’re not the first person to be a teen mom. Why are you acting like its the hardest thing in the world.” Sammy says looking at me. I feel tears form in my eyes but I push them back. I walk up to him and look him dead in his eyes.

“Because Sammy. Before I even got pregnant I had severe depression I was already suicidal. I wake up every day wishing, hoping, praying that I’ll die. But I know that I’ll have no one to take care of Joshua. I just got fired from my day job so sucking dick is all I’ve got.”

“Why were you depressed before?”

“M sister killed her self right after me and her ran away so our dad couldn’t rape us anymore. Sam, I’ve been through more shit you could ever relate to before I was even a teen. So don’t give me that shit cause I’m trying my hardest here. So what the fuck would you do if you are in my situation”

“I’d get off my feet and quit making excuses.”

“You and everyone else are gonna know what pain feels like. When I get steady. I swear. I’ll show you.” Just then Joshua comes back in with an arm full of snacks. He puts most of it in a drawer and keeps a little for right now.

“Here mommy.” He says pushing part of it towards me.

“I’m not hungry baby. Thank you though. eat it up.” It breaks my heart to see him having to ration his food so early in life. I start crying when Sammy speaks up.

“Hey kiddo, can you go next door. This isn’t for work but I have to talk to your mom about a surprise for you” he bends down next to Josh and helps gather his stuff. When josh is safely next door he shuts our door and looks at me.

“Why would you tell him that. I don’t need you getting his hopes up.” I say sitting on the pallet of blankets.

Sam sees a bug and steps on it. He then joins me on the pallet.

“If you didn’t have your son and weren’t depressed,What would you wanna do with your life?”

“Ive always liked music but I’m not talented, so either songwriter or like assistant. That’s always been cool to me”

“Ok. I know you need a job so I’m going to offer you one. We need an assistant and my record company could really use a girl. So you can come in tommorow morning and we’ll hold an interview. If the rest of the boys like you, you can work for us. But right now you’re going to be staying at our penthouse apartment. It’s got beds and there’s already food in the fridge. It’s reserved especially for our assistants and friends. There’s already a nanny who works there so she can watch Joshua. You’d be getting paid an average salary of 52,000$ that’s 1000$ a week. Although you won’t need it cause living in the apartment is complimentary. ”

“Sam. No. I’m not going to be living off you. I don’t want your help.”

“Yeah. But you need it and so does Joshua. He needs a father figure and me and the boys can be that”

“Fine. For Joshua.” I stand up and hug Sammy tighter than I’ve hugged anyone. He’s saving me. He really is. He not only cares for me but my son. This is why I had a crush on him back in high school.

“Ok let’s get you guys packed up.”

“For what?”

“You guys aren’t staying here anymore. We leave tonight.”

I’m now a recording artist and my stupid ass decided to tell everyone i was going to have a new song out in 2 days. The producer is expecting it this afternoon.
I live with the boys in this huge ass mansion we bought.

“Nate. Can you please take Josh to school. I have this song to finish and he’s going to be late.” I’m at the piano trying to help Josh tie his shoes. He’s currently 5 years old and he spoiled. I blame it on his uncles.

Once his shoes are good I put on his backpack and kiss him goodbye. I go back to finishing the song that’s due in a few hours.

“Yeah. Let’s go kid.” They leave the house and I think it’s just me and my music.

“You drive me crazy, and I can think of anymore words shoot me please” I sing while banging my head on the piano.

“Damn y/n. It’s not that hard. What’s the song about?” I hear Johnson come into the room and hop on top the piano.

“You know who it’s about.” Ever since I got the job with the boys my feelings for Sam grew immensely. Everyone expect for Sam knew it. Me and G were the closest but Johnson was great for advice. Sam was all I thought about. He helped me realize I wasn’t that bad of a singer and now I’m signed to their label. I told my fans and everyone else I would have this song done today and out tomorrow. All I have is the melody.

“Jack I can’t do this. My beat is all wrong and the melody is just slightly wrong. I keep singing off key.“I almost start to cry when Jack slides in the chair with me.

“Well Sammy is going to be here soon so why don’t you get him to feature on it and help write it” he says hugging me before getting up.

“Who feature on what?” Sam says walk into the music room.

“Y/n wants you to help her with this song.” Jack says walking out.

“Oh. Of course.” He sits beside me and looks over my notes of what I’ve written down. I can’t help but blush. He’s so close and it makes my heart beat faster then ever. I look over at him and he looks up at me,his lips are close to me. He licks his lips and I can’t take it.

I lean in and capture our lips together. I felt fireworks and then song just snapped together in my brain. I break away. And focus on the piano. I fix my melody and get the beat straight. I begin singing and soon I have half the song done. I get it recorded and then Sam goes into the booth and raps a verse before singing the verse with me. The song was finished within an hour. I sent it to our main producer and he approved it so I fixed it. Added some ad libs and tweaked the bass.

Me and Sammy listened to it and realized we just made straight fire.

I looked him in his eyes and he kissed me again. We began making out and somehow made it to his room.

“Lock the door Sam.”


“Hey guys you’re probably wondering why I called you all here.” All the boys are sitting on the couch with Joshua bouncing on Sam’s knee. They’ve been close ever since we announced me and Sam are dating.

“Is everything okay?” Gilinsky asks.

“I hope so. Ok um. Im having another baby. No. We’re having another baby.” I say looking at Sam. They all start running around jumping and hugging me.

Sammy comes up to me Joshua still in his arms, and kisses me with so much love.

“I love you so much ma.”

“I love you too Sammy”

Overwatch Modern AU: Mi Casa

Another bit from my Modern Roommates Au “Coexisting”

Thank you to the anon who suggested it and to @quantummeganics for the commission!

“Hey Amelie your phone has been buzzing nonstop for like 10 minutes”

“Who’s calling?”

Lena paused a moment, swiping the vibrating phone before it shimmied off the desk and flipped it over in her grasp to read the name. She froze.

“…..uh…your Mum?”

“Shove it under a pillow or something, what I normally do” and like that, the hair dryer clicked back on.

She watched the the screen change, letting out one last long buzz before the call was long gone.

8 Missed calls from Mother

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Eyes on You (Part V)

Part V

Monster AU

word count: 2646

previous parts

This is clearly a dangerous addiction

After the trials, all the boys were rounded up and brought back to their cells to get their rest. You wanted to commend each of them on their performance but there were too many doctors around, and you didn’t want to raise suspicion. You take the stack of papers back to your desk to finish filling them out instead. 

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Isaac: An Awful Place For Love

Request: “#1 with Isaac?: ‘Come over here and make me’” and “Can you do Isaac Lahey #22: ‘I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice’ please :D thank you so much!” from @justiceandwar98

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

A/N: hey guys! thank you so much for over 100 followers! We love each and every one of you! Here is the Isaac imagine that I promised you guys! I’m opening requests again tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! Tomorrow I’m also hoping to post my first Stiles imagine (loml). I lovelovelove Isaac Lahey and I miss him so much. I really hope Jeff will bring him back. I also really hope you guys enjoy this one! Feel free to send me some feedback (or anything really). Thanks guys!! -rose


Originally posted by wolfeimagines

Being a part of Scott’s pack had its pros and cons.

Pros: Friday night pack meetings with pizza, prank wars with Stiles, cooking dinner with Scott, blind makeovers with Allison and Lydia, play-wrestling with Derek, etc… The list goes on and on.

Cons: Isaac Lahey.

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