i really wanna be an artist seriously

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Ok so I've seen a lot of MM blogs answer this recently and I wanted to know the admins' response is here too... Which MM blogs do you guys like/recommend? Answers may be the same, I'm curious about each respective admin :)

Awh~ Thank you for caring!!

Ahemhemhem… wow, what nice timing anon! Just as I’ve been acquainting myself with a few more mysme blogs XD

My recommendations would be the following!! (I don’t follow many blogs but still!) (I take that back, I wrote this list two weeks ago)

  • @sinfulinsecret - for your best Jumin Han sin. Sinny’s one of my favourite blogs– WAIT NOT BECAUSE OF THE SIN but because she’s a really fun person to tease!! It’s a one-sided love BUT I WILL WIN HER OVER SOMEDAY. >^
  • @mysmekitten - Kitten’s got really cute HCs!! ^o^ She’s very sweet and considerate of her followers. I really like playing around with Kitten hehe~
  • @saeranoppa - MY SENPAI~ This busy gal can give you heartaches, I recommend her fic, hiraeth!!
  • @hachig4tsu - The chocolate chip fairy! Hachi runs an art blog~ I’ll make a bet with my followers here and now, she’s gonna become a huge blog one day XD I really feel like she’s going to become really professional and all that potential will be brought out for the world to see~
  • @serensama - oh Mother, I could never forget to mention you! Mama brings out a lot of heartwrenching angst (and sin, but seriously, check out her angst fics) and has made me really, really sad on multiple occasions. 
  • @tarotealeaf - I love her art AUs so much ahh! And she’s so cute too >///< 
  • @zenscrotch - NSFW. a talented motherfuckah who draws Zen’s dick for us and damn, they’re amazing with their drawings although I could never talk to them directly. ahaha. You think I’m crazy like Nao? I could never possibly approach such a heavenly sin-pai.
  • @digitalscratch-arting - NSFW AND IS SO SO SO NICE. I only recently started talking to them but duuuuuuude. I don’t wanna share this wonderful artist but T^T (cough be mine pls)

In the end, I’m just a fan like everyone else >o<


Haha… Call me crazy, but I tagged my favorite writing blogs on a particular post the other day (I’ve only talked to one of them and message the other, but still. I wanted to bury myself when I woke up and saw what I did). I’m sorry if that creeped you out. My inner Seven came out to play. That, and… did I mention that I tend to act drunk and reckless when I lack sleep?

I mostly follow art blogs, but there’s also a considerable number of writing blogs that I follow (apart from the ones that Ri does). I was a fan before everything else after all.


Listing my top 5 for each category:

Art blogs:

Writing blogs:

Thanks to

-Fanfiction writers
-Voice Actors
-People who share other people’s content on their blog
-Reposters who ask for permission and share artwork from other sites
-Heck, also the people who create just simple funny text posts
-Mods running blogs

…of the fandom!
I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!

As exited as I wanna be for CL’s US debut, I’m actually kinda scared. The US market is already so hard for Asian musicians to break into, and I’m worried that CL’s K-Pop roots and limited (impressive, but still very much limited) English skills will keep the US from taking her seriously. I think what she needs to boost her into the spotlight is a collab with a more popular artist. She could be so big here and I really hope that she doesn’t give up and go home just because she hasn’t exploded yet

Arc V Fandom Group Hug

I’ve had a really enjoyable past 3 years getting to know all you guys thanks to this show. I hadn’t ever really interracted with the Yugioh fandom much before Arc V (despite having seen every single episode of the other series before it) so I’m very grateful that my overall experience and interractions with the vast majority of you guys have been positive! I also wanna thank both Arc V and you guys for this immense amount of creative motivation you’ve all given me throughout (seriously be it artist, writer, editor, or just a fan who reblogs or comments I gotta say this fandom has some really talented and creative people that have inspired me in MANY ways). Lastly, thank you all for the SMILES you’ve given me. It’s been a fun time with you guys and I made a lot of really cool and incredible friends out of a lot of you guys! Thanks! 

Ah but don’t worry, even if the show is ending, the EGAOS will keep on coming for sure! Looking forward to much more from you all!

The fun has just begun!

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Do you have any tips for people who want to get into/get better at digital and traditional art? I hope you're having a good day!

Well for me its both the same thing, you just got to practice, “But Kia! all the artists I ask say the same thing!”  I know a lot of artist say this and this might not be something you wanna hear, but yeah you really have to want it, and have fun with it.  you don’t become amazing overnight, its by drawing things and learning from your mistakes.  Also to not take it TOO seriously, cause I feel like people who want to draw are too focus on it being good right away when its not going to be.  When you don’t try so hard to make it “perfect” you have more fun and it makes the drawing more alive and better.

Mainly draw what you want, who cares what people say.  It could be 10 million head shots of the same character, cars, buildings, animals, anything!  If you draw something 100 times you improve immensely which is why 2D animators improve drawing skills so quickly compared to most artist, you gotta be drawing and you gotta have fun with it.   If it feels like a chore ALL THE TIME then chances are its not for you. Then when you get too comfortable, challenge yourself with things you don’t like drawing so you can improve your skills, but only when you think you’re ready.

So yeah, basically practice! Look up tutorials! watch speed paints! all I would do to get better at coloring/drawing things is by literally look up “how to paint a moon, how to draw a dragon, how to draw anime” on google and deviantart.  Thats the fun thing about the internet, there are SO MANY THINGS you can find by using google!  I’m surprised not a lot of people use it o:

but yeah, less serious, have fun, draw a lot, thats how you improve with anything, not just art!

When The Tide Turns (7/16)

Summary:  The plan was to go to England, finish the case and head back home in a matter of days. Of course, nothing in Emma’s life ever goes according to plan. Not only does she end up travelling across Europe, looking for a Liam Jones in order to finish her case, she ends up travelling with Liam’s brother - an annoyingly handsome Killian Jones. And she doesn’t trust him one bit.

Rating: T, for language and a bit of violence later on

Beta-reader: Aina ( @forget-me-not-s ) has been such an invaluable help to me, especially with these next few chapters. Emma and Killian are headed for Barcelona, and unfortunately, I’ve only been there once myself. Aina, however, is from Barcelona, so obviously she’s been wonderful in helping me figure out where Emma and Killian should go and how to get the atmosphere of the city right. So THANK YOU, AINA!!!

Artists: these artists are seriously such talentented and amazing people, and they deserve so much praise!!! @theblacksiren - check out her beautiful artwork for chapter 1 here! @optomisticgirl created the awesome banner - and @fairytalesandtimetravel has created a true masterpiece for a later chapter, and it honestly brings tears to my eyes, it’s so beautiful.

Word count: ~3781 (68k+ in total)

A/N: just wanna give a huge thank you for the response I’ve gotten for this story, both here on tumblr and on ao3. I love hearing your thoughts, and I really hope you’re enjoying this little adventure! Now, on with the chapter! :)))

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 |


Emma’s day turned out to be quite busy - way too busy for someone who had barely slept all night and was living off coffee.

After she and Killian had agreed that going to Barcelona was their best option, Emma had to call the office and give them an update. Regina wasn’t thrilled with Emma’s progress. She certainly wasn’t thrilled with Emma going to Barcelona. But their work back in New York, trying to track Liam down through digital means wasn’t going very well either.

A stroke of luck (and a hasty packing and farewell to Belle) allowed Emma and Killian to be on the bus out of Valadilene two hours after their discovery of the clue. Another three and a half hours, and they were on the plane to Barcelona, ready for take-off.

Emma smiled at Mary Margaret’s text (just heard about Barcelona! Have fun!) and was about to set her phone to flight mode when another text chimed in.

And I hope you have time to call soon and tell me more about who this Killian Jones is… Other than him being Liam’s brother obviously. MM xx

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I need the reaction of Bts when they tell you they want a babyy!!! Loveeee you so so much. 💝💘😻💋

Thank you for your request!! Sorry it took so long i got busy with a lot of things! so here it is :) i hope you enjoy it!

JIN : He would be very sweet about it and mean every word. he would say “(y/n) i know this may be sudden but…i want a baby! i want to wake up every morning next to my beautiful wife and child. i want to start a family..our family” *he would say as he held you close to him*

JUNGKOOK : He would be extremely shy and cute! he wouldn’t really know how to ask you, but he would do his best and probably stutter a lot and skip words. he would say “ S-so umm I would l-like to have…umm….f-family with you…o-only if y-you want! But i-i want t-to have a family o-of my own…a fa-family with only you…” *he would say while hiding his face*

V : He would be very giggly and he would have a joking life attitude but he would actually be very serious about it. He would say “ So babe *laugh* i want to have *another laugh* A BABY!! *laughs hard* with you of course!” *While laughing and blushing*

SUGA : He would be very direct and serious about it, he wouldn’t try and take a roundabout way of telling you. he wants you to know how he feels and he would say it with cuteness but also straight to the point. He would say “So, we’ve been together for a while and i really want to have a kid with you…of course with swag…”

J-HOPE : He would be so happy and silly while telling you just to take away some awkwardness. he would also do some ageyo and be all smiley. He would say “So babe! how about we……have a kid *with some ageyo* i want someone who is just as cute as me!”

RAP MONSTER : He would probably try to throw some cute romantic but cheesy poem in while asking you to have his child. he would be teasing cute but also very romantic. He would say “To put it simply, Words have no way of explaining the way i feel about this. Nothing in this world could compare to you..me…..and another little miracle of life living together and being one beautiful and artistic family”  

JIMIN : He would be very cute and awkward while asking. he would do lots of cute things but also be very teasing and cocky but he would be joking. he would say “So, when are we gonna start having 5 little mini me’s running around???? huh?? when??? i wanna have mini me’s!!!!!” *he would then laugh and hug you close* “But seriously, when?”

AYEE! I hope you enjoyed it :) sorry it took so long!! i had a really fun time making this XD please send in more request!!!!! check out my bio for what all i do and what all you can request for! please follow

Get consent, kids.

No, I’m not talking about consent for like kissing and stuff, although you should always get consent for that. No, no, today I’m going to be talking about something different. Something along the lines of good ol’ copyright.

I’ve noticed that, in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom at least, comic dubbing is becoming very popular. I’m pretty sure at least a hundred (maybe more) of you follow me just because you saw one of my dubs at one time or another. I know there are others who have been doing it longer than me and some who are newer. Some of us are popular, some of us not so much. Some did it as a one-off, some do it regularly. Some people don’t even dub–they just take the comics and add music to them and put them on youtube.

Regardless of which categories you fall under, if you have or plan to make a dub of someone’s written or illustrated works, or make something that includes someone’s written or illustrated works (like an AMV w/ artwork) –whether it be in this fandom or another–this applies to you

So pay attention.

For the sake of conciseness, I will only be mentioning comics but this applies ANY works, original or fanmade, that do not belong to you. Written, illustrated, music…This includes fanmade covers of the Miraculous Ladybug theme too, btw.


I don’t care if you are “shy” or “anxious” to ask. That’s not gonna fly in court. If you’re too shy to ask for permission then you’re definitely too shy for the attention you could potentially receive for you dub. Worst case scenario, the artist says no. Fine. Deal with it. Move on.

And, seriously: ASK BEFORE YOU BEGIN PRODUCTION. You don’t wanna get halfway into the process only to find out the creator isn’t cool with you doing it. Plus, you can kinda put them in an awkward position (like, crap, they’ve already put effort into this…how can I say no?) and that’s just rude to do. Don’t be that asshole.

Why do you need to get consent?

…I really should not have to answer this. But since we have such a problem with art theft, I will. But personally, I think it all comes down to NOT BEING A JACKASS.

1. You have absolutely no right to dub/use the comic.

That’s right. You have no right. None. It doesn’t matter if the comic is fanart, it is the intellectual property of the artist. I don’t care if you REALLY REALLY WANNA DO IT!!!!!1 I don’t care if you’re “just a kid”. Posting a dub video with the artwork without prior consent from the artist is art theft. The artist may consent afterwards…or they may not. Either way, the fact you used their work without their permission made it art theft. If you think you can get around this by not posting the comic panels and just an audio version of it - you stole their story line. Still theft. 

2. What about fair use?!

Do you people even know what that means? There are a number of reasons that people like to claim fair use but actually can’t. Your dub of a persons comic is not:

  • Criticism & Commentary – you’re not criticizing the work. You’re not commentating on it or using it to commentate on something else.
  • Parody – you’re certainly not making fun of it! (What is Parody? See: SNL sketches.)
  • News reporting – it’s not newsworthy and this is not a news segment.
  • Scholarship and Research – UNLESS YOU WERE MAKING THIS FOR A SCHOOL PROJECT, it’s not academic. Even if it WAS a school project, you still do not have the right to put it up on youtube. (Ex: I did something with footage of The Garfield Show once for class. Jim Davis himself has expressed compliments after viewing my work - but I still have to get legal permission from Paws Inc to use it anywhere outside of class.)

There are a few other fair uses as well but they’re irrelevant in this instance because there’s no way anyone could even attempt to claim them.

3. But I credited them!

Yeah? And? That’s not consent. 

4. It’s just fanart.

Yeah… but it’s their art. Maybe not their characters but THEIR ART.

And GOD HELP YOU if you actually do something w/o their consent using their copyrighted works.

5. They can sue you.

Yep. You read that right. If you use an artist’s artwork without their permission, they can take you to court. It doesn’t matter how you did it, how old you are, where you are: they can file a lawsuit and your ass could end up in court. Ask yourself: do you really want to go to court over a comic dub?

Will they? Eh. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the person. Do you really want to risk it though?

And if you think you’re exempt because you’re not American: I got news for you. Tumblr, vimeo, youtube, etc…their servers are in the USA. Unless I am mistaken, that potentially puts this in the USA‘s jurisdiction.

See why this is important?

I understand that you might think that dubs are harmless. And, yeah, they’re relatively insignificant. But the fact of the matter is, you need legal permission to use everything in your videos and that includes artwork. AND sound effects and music, for that matter, but that’s not what this is about.

This isn’t a hard concept. Just ask for permission. It covers your ass. I live and breathe TCOM and trust me, YOU GOTTA ALWAYS COVER YOUR ASS. But most importantly, it shows you respect the artist/creator not only as an artist but as another human being.

If they grant you consent to use their work: WOO! YOU’RE IN BUSINESS! GO TO TOWN! DUB THAT SHIT AND MAKE IT AWESOME. If they set any terms for of use (crediting requirements, no monetizing, etc) you MUST comply or it’s a violation of your agreement and they can take action against you.

If they say no, you better respect that shit.

And, if you’ve already decided to be THAT ASSHOLE and have posted someone else’s work without their express consent in any form: IF THE ARTIST COMES TO YOU AND TELLS YOU TO TAKE IT DOWN, TAKE IT DOWN. for fuck’s sake man

For the record: I always ask. You can check with anyone in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom whose works I have dubbed and they will confirm: I have always sought their permission. I have always agreed to and complied with any terms they set forth. AND I have license to use EVERYTHING you hear in my dubs–all the music, the sfx–and the consent of the VAs, which they gave me upon initially accepting the roles.


Ask for permission before you use someone’s stuff. Be respectful. Seriously, it’s not hard. Don’t be that asshole.


Streaming Anon!! So for the first 24 hours we did good! 1Donchart reported a few hours ago it was much lower tho (?), not positive what source they’re are using? But according to the Spotify 200 chart we were just shy of 1.7 mil streams on Spotify by 2,200 streams! Seriously that’s GREAT! What I used as the “normal range” for SH for months was 1.7-1.9 mil streams nightly & that’s really our sweet spot!! Of course I wanna get streams up the 2,200 & surpass 1.7 mil mark, but if we can keep this consistent then we are golden!! The total stream count for TMTA still isn’t showing on the artist page & I’m not sure when it will? Maybe it takes a few days because it’s new idk, but I’m gonna stick to the Spotify 200 chart since it appears to be more accurate anyway! As for YT we just surpassed 1.7 mil views & we hit the 1 mil mark in 1 day (within 24 hours of release)! That’s honestly great considering w/ SH we typically averaged only 600-700K in 24 hours! So if we keep both Spotify/YT consistent, we’d actually be doing slightly better than SH is it’s prime bc of the extra YT views! **REMEMBER ON YT ALWAYS STREAM W/ A US IP!** YT views only count for the US Charts & you must use a US IP for it to count! As always thank you so much for streaming & KEEP IT UP!!

Garrett Finch, the detective from Heather Albano’s amazing choose-your-own-adventure novel/app A Study in Steampunk (well, my version of how I think he looks.)

Tagging @mxcatterbug as she’s my fellow CoG fiend and we’ve both decided this book is awesome and that we’re going to start a teeny fandom. 

She’s a great artist and she’s also gonna be posting her versions of the characters soon (she’s way further ahead than me in how much she’s drawn, too,) so like… go give her a follow. 

If anyone has read/reads this, PUH-LEASE message me ‘cause I wanna talk about it sooooo so bad! 

This is the first fictional thing that’s really struck my fancy in over a year, so expect more steampunky detectives and serial killers (seriously, this game let me play as Jack the Ripper, and I am a happy happy camper.) 

I made this kind of for my sister, based off of this bo burnham vine 

For those who maybe don’t get it, it’s Light Yagami(anime) punching Light Turner (american adaption) and writing his name in the death note. 
Would it eff up the timeline to kill an alternate universe self?
because wtf netflix

“I wanna be taken seriously as an artist” i say, proceeding to do shit like this.

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I just found your art and it's so good! Seriously, you are now one of the people I will go to for inspiration :) (I hope that's ok!) Also I just saw the Reinhardt and Symmetra outfit swap, and I'm laughing so hard! They both absolutely rock it

Oh thank you, sweets! 

It makes me so happy knowing that people find inspiration in my art, since I find it in so many other artists as well. It’s an honour to be considered an artist of that calibre, seriously. Thank you <3 

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my url?

A good artist and a really nice person!! Like seriously, I love how your start is like. you know it’s your by glance. Even when changing stuff you can see what has changed but know it’s yours idk!!! I’ts cool!!! 

I love seeing ur trolls on my dash too. New and old.

We deffo have to keep with Dai’s and Zel plot bc I wanna see more of that precious fish. Also Ona and Gai now she has sprites too!! 

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hi leena, i wanna talk about something that bothers me and i seriously can't take it anymore. and i see you as my big sister so i think i'm most comfortable telling you. i've been running a fan acc on here for almost 6 months. i write, i draw. but i don't feel appreciated. obviously i'm not the best artist out here but it makes me so sad and i don't know what else to do. i was thinking about deleting my whole existence but i really love this community and i don't wanna give up--

Part 1

League OC Challenge

So, I’ve been in a really creative mood. Why? I couldn’t tell ya. Anyways, I thought it would be a great idea to promote creativity and some OC love into the community. So, I’m calling on my fellow artists and writers to help me out with this and even take upon the challenge yourself! 

The challenge is simple, Every day you come up with a League OC. They could be a champion, they could be an average person! The sky is the limit here! Draw a quick sketch or write a quick bio! Anything! The goal of this challenge is to get those creative juices flowing and to also give some appreciation to OCs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like a character so much you’ll write more about them! (I know I’ve done that many times.) Maybe even a blog? Who knows! Nothing is more cool as a writer or artist to see a idea flourish! 

So what are the rules?

Rule 1: If you already have an OC for a certain faction/area, congrats! You’re ahead of the game as they count! 

Rule 2: This one a bit obvious, but don’t bash others ideas. Seriously, respect them and the person behind it. 

Rule 3-ish: It is nice, but not required, to write at least a paragraph about your creations. Wanna write something really long? Go for it! Wanna write a short story for them explaining their character! Awesome! Wanna make abilities/art for them? Do it! 

Rule 4: HAVE FUN. 

So now that is out of the way, let’s go for the days.

Day 1: Demacia

Day 2: Mount Targon 

Day 3: Freljord 

Day 4: Shurima

Day 5: Noxus

Day 6: Ionia

Day 7: Bilgewater

Day 8: Bandle City

Day 9: Zaun

Day 10: Shadow Isles

Day 11: Void/Icathia

Day 12: Piltover

Day 13: Independent OC/Sentient Race OC ( Angel, Brackerns, Celestials, Darkin, Ursine, Minotaur, Monkey, Armordillos, Summoners ect.)

Day 14: Favorite OC! -Choose your favorite OC out of the ones you created and write a drabble about them or give them a champion kit/make them into a champion or create a splash art for them, or talk about why they are your favorite! 

That is about it! Have fun :D Also, if you want to let me know! Tag your Oc’s with #LeagueOCChallenge 

Enjoy The Silence

Almost a week since the vocal chord operation and I feel a bit upside down… It went well and so far so good and all that but I’m going a bit nuts with no talking, no singing, no “physical activity” etc. I love my home but seriously. I haven’t been in one place for over a week since.. I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I CAN’T EVEN. Alone, isolated with my thoughts.. Fuck I have some creepy thoughts.. I’m not gonna share.. Yet. This is my first blog experience and I don’t really know what’s expected.. Any tips? What do you wanna know? All my ZERO followers haha.. That’s the funniest part of this I think.. When you’re starting out it’s like you write your message addressing the whole world but really you’re only telling yourself things about yourself. SELF ABSORBED. But I’m an artist so that’s to be expected.

Puss puss

I am so antisocial

I wanna get more in touch w some ppl on tumblr but I’m like really shy and all I ever manage to do is send them anon asks or something like that. Like seriously, it took me a decade to tell my fave artists that I love their art and It’s still so hard for me to just talk to people on here even though I really wanna chat more, ugh.