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When Two Worlds Collide [Pt.1]

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst & Eventual Fluff

Arranged Marriage!Au

[Preview] [pt.1]

Word Count: 1,742

By myself, I wandered the streets of Rome. On this particular Thursday night, Italy felt still; so quiet and empty. Only the street lights and late night cafes lit the entire city, walking alone at ten thirty in the evening was nice - light cool breezes blowing against my face, hair waving in the air as if it was for some sort of hair commercial. The amount of wind blowing in the air felt refreshing, and even if I were tired it would immediately bring me back to my senses. There are so many famous landmarks here and of course I had to visit one of the most well known tourist spots, the Trevi Fountain.

The fountain held legends, legends that made promises, promises that I wanted to test; to see for myself if I could still have faith in fate and legends. I stopped in front of the centre of the famous fountain itself and pulled out my phone, wanting to capture a picture of beauty that stood in front of me.

I pulled out my phone, seeing one or two tourists trying to capture the same view as I was. I felt someone stand beside me, someone who was much taller than me. As I was about to snap a picture I felt an arm whack my phone to the ground. My immediate reaction was bending to the ground to pick it up, not even bothering to shout at the guy who nearly broke my phone.

“I am so sorry oh my god, is it broken?” I recognised that voice, and the name slipped off my tongue without any further thoughts

“RM?” I say before even looking up at the man, but when I saw the world famous leader of BTS crouching in front of me; my guess became a reality.

“How did you know without even seeing me?” He questioned, his eyes looking into mine in search for an answer. I felt my own eyes widen and my breathing get caught in my own throat, stunned at the man stood before me, he was breathtakingly beautiful; a lot more handsome in person than what I would see through the screen.

“Let me guess, you’re a fan?” He laughed slightly as my cheeks flushed.

“ARMY.” I corrected. He continued to chuckle as I stood, brushing over my phone and switching it on to make sure it was still working. He mirrored me and stood.

“It’s not broken is it?”

“No, it’s not don’t need to worry.” I laughed.

After taking a picture I dug for three coins in my pocket, to test my luck and see if my wishes would be granted.

“Aw dang.” I groaned as I could only pull out two coins from my left pocket. Staring at the two, one euros in my palm, I clenched onto it slightly disappointed.

“A coin short for the fountain?” His mellow voice from beside me asked, the voice so familiar, so recognisable, yet I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Hah, uh yeah - what good luck huh?” I let out a breathy laugh.

“Wait I didn’t catch your name, let me be gentlemanly; I’m Namjoon.” He stuck out his right hand for me to shake, taking it into my own I smiled. His palm somewhat cold against mine, he continued to shake it as if he was waiting for a response.

“I know, and I’m Y/N. It’s very nice to meet you RM.” My hand was still in his as he laughed.

As I let go of his hand, I realised he had put something in mine. I opened my palm to find a Euro, sitting there gleaming under the moonlight. I looked up at him and he was smiling right back down at mine.

“I can’t take your money like this.” I say as I tried to pass his Euro back to him, but he refused to take it.

“It’s my job to make ARMYs happy and grant their wishes.” He said as he placed his hand on my shoulder, a friendly gesture that sent my body into some sort of shock.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, I kind of owe you anyway since I smacked your phone onto the ground, now you should throw your coins.” He urged as he took a step back to give me space.

I had my back facing the fountain as I took one euro with my right hand and threw it over my left shoulder. Hearing it land in the fountain, I smiled.

“Now you’re going to return to Rome in the future.” Namjoon said softly beside you. I nodded and continued onto my second coin, successfully making it into the fountain again his soft voice rung in my ears.

“New romance huh? Are you looking?” He chuckled. I laughed at his response and shook my head. “Last coin, make it worth it Y/N.” The last coin was the Euro he gave to me and so, i took my chances and threw it, the same way I’ve been throwing my two other Euros.

“You’ve got pretty good aim, all three of your coins made it into the fountain.” He recalled.

“And Mr Smartypants, what does the last coin mean?” I teased lightly.

“It ensures marriage, but you look a little young for that.”

“You’re not wrong, but you never know what’ll happen in the future.” He didn’t, but I knew my own future and what fate had in store for me; well at least I thought I knew. “If I get married, I’ll have to thank you.”

“Why me?” He asked, his head tilted slightly.

“Because the last coin was from you.”

“Then I better be invited to your wedding!”

“Can’t I invite all seven of you guys to sing at my wedding?” I laughed.

“I’ll be sure to make that happen.” There was a slight silence until I perked up and asked him a question.

“Aren’t you going to throw three coins?”

“Don’t need to.”

“Already done it?”

“No, because I already know I’ll be returning to Rome and I’m too young and busy to even think about marriage.”

“But what about the second coins meaning?”

“I don’t need new romance because my love’s back at home.” The way his eyes lit up as he said that, the way he smiled as his head dropped in embarrassment. It was cute, even someone as famous as RM himself got shy talking about romance.

“That’s really cute, she’s lucky to have you.”

“I’m the lucky one.”

“Wait, why are you telling me? I just told you I’m an ARMY, don’t you think I’m going to go tell everyone that you’re in a relationship?”

“No, it’s weird but I trust you.”

“You just met me.”

“You’re an ARMY, I can trust you.” His eyes showed sincerity, as if he knew already that I wouldn’t tell a single soul that he was happily in love.

“You have my word, I won’t tell.”

He was trying to take a photo of himself in front of the fountain, but I could tell he was struggling especially with the poor lighting.

“Let me be your Jimin.” I offered.

“I’m sorry what?”

“Let me be your photographer is what I meant. You need something to post for Kim Daily right?”

“So you really are a fan huh?”

“More than I would like to admit.” I laughed as he handed me his phone. He posed for the photos and I did my best to capture the two beauties in one picture.

“I know this is odd, but could you get a picture?”

“Sure, but if you could please not post it anywhere…”

“I meant if you could take a picture of me and the fountain.” I teased, his face dropped and his cheeks flushed.

“Oh uh-”

“I’m just kidding. Could we get a picture together?”

“No!” He teased me back and huffed.

“Aww man, please! I was kidding!!”

“Fine okay.”

“Want to take a walk?” He suggested.

“Sure.” I agreed so easily, I’ve just met this guy and not a regular one at that either. It was strange because it feels as though we’ve known each other for years but in reality, it’s only been half an hour.

“So are you travelling alone?” He asked as we continued our walk.

“Yeah I am.”

“Must be nice to do that.”

“Mmm, yeah it is. What about you? We thought you lost your passport and couldn’t make it back to Korea with everyone else. Turns out you’re here huh?” I laughed.

“Ah when you say ‘we’ you mean ARMYs right? This is a spontaneous trip with my parents.”

“That’s sweet, how come they’re not with you now?”

“They’re back at the hotel, I wanted to take some photos on my own so that’s why I’m here.” I nodded my head, understanding.

“Where are you going next?” He asked, not letting our conversation finish.

“South Korea actually, I leave tomorrow.”

“So soon?”

“Yeah.” I felt my heart clench knowing that I had to leave this place so soon.

“You don’t sound happy, what’s up? Why are you going to Korea?”

“My father signed a contract that I need to fulfil. That’s why I’m here, this was my last opportunity to travel for two weeks before having to move to S.K.”

“A contract?”

“Needn’t worry your pretty head over it Namjoon.” I laughed and he mimicked me.

“Since you’re going to Korea, and I live there let’s meet up! I feel like we get on really well and it’s kind of weird for me to say this even though we just met but you seem like you’re going to be there for a while and you’ll need a friend right? You can meet the guys too and you can invite them to sing at your future wedding yourself.” He mocked in a teasingly way.

“Ha ha ha, it’s weird for me too but it’s like I’ve known you for a lot longer than I actually have and I could definitely do with new friends in a foreign country. So let me know when you’re back in Korea!”

“Like an old friend.”

“Yeah, like an old friend.”

And so, after we had exchanged our numbers; we parted ways. Whether or not we were going to actually meet again was a different story, but I hoped. I hoped we got a chance to see each other before I was bound by that contract.

Finally got to write part 1 ~ let me know if you’d like a part 2!

The Best Of Me- Chapter Two

Prologue, One

Spotify Playlist

AO3 Link

Word Count: 1,138

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: swearing

Chapter Two: Back To College 

It’s hard- to Eddie, at least. Richie doesn’t even know what’s going on. Well, only because Eddie doesn’t let anything on. He just continues on, every morning, every evening, and every night.

It’s been three weeks since Eddie had gone to Richie’s bed, and really, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. The last twenty-one days consisted of Eddie pretending like he’s fine, like his heart doesn’t beat fast and hard everytime Richie does, well, anything, or when he flashes a stupid smile in Eddie’s direction; his eyes shining.

Really, his heart doesn’t skip a beat at all.
He’s lying, of course.

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Red Carpet Romance || Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: [Y/N] works for Buzzfeed and they send her to the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere where she has a fluffy encounter with none other than Tom Holland. 

Word Count: 839


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This was a scene you’d never thought you’d experience. While the bright lights were overwhelming, the energy in the room felt so welcoming. All of it was phenomenal. Magical. The crowd of fans screamed as the actors stepped onto the carpet at the Avengers Infinity War premiere.  

“Alright Ms. [Y/L/N], are you ready?” one of the managers asked you.

“Y-Yeah,” you stuttered. “Let’s do this.” The manager took you and your camera man Leo over to the edge of the carpet before disappearing into the crowd.

“Leo, this is my first interview, what if I mess it up? Oh I’m gonna do horrible,” you rambled to your best friend while pacing. You wiped the sweat from your brow anxiously.

“Woah, woah, [Y/L/N], first of all, you look amazing. Second of all, you’re gonna do great,” he said, sending you a kind smile. You looked down at your outfit. It was a black satin dress that beautifully complimented your body. You returned his smile, and nodded trying to convince yourself to be confident. A few minutes passed and you started to sweat again. Your hands had started fidgeting, your fingers dancing nervously. The room was booming with conversations, but in your empty space it seemed quiet. Finally, the manager returned with somebody trailing behind him. The person’s face was covered by the blinding lights and camera flashes.

“Alright, Ms. [Y/L/N], you will be interviewing Mr. Holland first,” the manager said before walking towards the other interviewers to help set them up. Your eyes grew wide as the person behind the manager finally stepped forward.

“M-Mr. Holland,” you stuttered, extending out your hand. You sent Leo a look which signaled him to start rolling. You put your microphone up to your mouth and began to speak.

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N], Buzzfeed, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” Tom gently took your hand and shook it.

“Of course, darling,” he said, his accent thick. His bright smile and kind eyes made your knees weak.

“U-Um, well, what was the most challenging part of bringing Peter Parker to life?” You asked, your voice shaking a little bit.

“Excellent question. I would have to say bringing him to the screen in a way the audience hasn’t seen before. We wanted to really to do something new, and bring attention to the fact that he’s a kid,” Tom answered. “You know, in the audition process, they said that Peter Parker had to be like this little teenage wimp. No idea why they hired me then.” You let out a laugh that sounded more like a cackle. Self consciously, you slapped your hand to your mouth, trying to cover it up. Your cheeks tinted pink from embarrassment and you turned your eyes to the floor.

“Aw don’t be ashamed, love. You have a beautiful laugh,” Tom said, a twinkle in his eye. If you were pink before, your face was beet red now. You looked up at him shyly, and sent him a small smile which he returned.

“Would you like to go to dinner with me?”

Your jaw dropped. T-Tom Holland just asked you on a date…Tom Holland just asked you on a date. Tom Holland just asked you on a date! Answer him, stupid! You realized you hadn’t said anything, you were just staring at him creepily.

“Yes!” You answered loudly. A few heads turned in your direction and you squirmed under their stare. “I-I mean, I would love to.” Tom chuckled lightly.

“You’re adorable,” he said. “Do you have your phone with you?” You nodded quickly and turned to Leo, who was holding your bag. With a smirk on his face, he handed you your bag. While Tom wasn’t looking he started to make kissy faces at you. You glared at him, which to him was considered encouragement.

“Um, here,” you said, taking your phone out of your purse and handing it to Tom.

“Excellent,” he said. He typed something quickly, and handed the device back to you. You looked at the screen to see a new contact in your phone.

Tom 💕

“Call me after the movie? I’d love to take you out,” he said, looking at the floor shyly. Who knew that the almighty Tom Holland was just a shy mush on the inside?

“Yeah, yeah totally.”


“Tom! Tom!” Other interviewers started to yell his name, trying to grab his attention.

“Well, I shouldn’t keep you,” you said.

“See you soon, love,” Tom responded, placing a light kiss on your cheek before heading towards the crowd of cameras and interviewers. But his walk this time was different than when he first walked towards you. He wasn’t dragging his feet, his shoulders weren’t slumped. It was almost like he was skating down the carpet smoothly. You also didn’t miss the fist pump he did. You let out a happy sigh, staring at his retreating form.

“Tom, oh Tom, smooch smooch smooch,” Leo mocked from behind you.

“Oh shut it.”

Weak When Ur Around - Richie Tozier

Requested: Nope.

Word Count: 2,571 

Warnings: Angst, self doubt, disappointment, underage smoking, talk of abuse, neglect, foul language

Summary: based off Weak when ur around by Blackbear 


July 1989

  Lifting the cigarette she took a drag eyeing the boy in front of her skeptically. “Look here, Tozier. You-” she paused motioning her hand towards him, “-and I, just wouldn’t work. It’d be a big waste of time, and we both know I don’t like wasting time.” 

Richie stared at her with a dead look in his eyes, before a smirk took over his features. “Oh come on, sugar. You-” he said motioning a hand out towards you mockingly, “-and I would be great together. You know it, I know it, and the losers know it.” He smirked, pointing a finger behind him where the remaining losers sat, waiting for their foolish friend to finish his proclamation of ‘like’ as Richie referred to it. When he revealed his plans to the rest of the losers club they told him how bad of an idea it was but he went ahead anyways, despite the previous failed attempts at gaining her attention. 

(y/n) glanced behind Richie, spotting the make shift gang of misfits. Making eye contact with Ben her eyes darted back to Richie’s, but not before she saw the pudgy boy raise his hand in a timid wave. Fighting the urge to smile she lifted herself off the library steps and dropped the cigarette stub on the ground, crushing it under her boot. Faking a smile she looked at over at the prideful boy before her. “As usual it was a absolute pleasure talking to you today, Trashmouth.” Sarcasm dripping from her lips as she turned to leave Richie at the bottom of the stairs.

Richie called after her retreating figure. “I love it when you walk away from me, beautiful! Only makes me want you more!” Richie waited as he watched (y/n) turn the corner and head out of sight before turning back to his friends. Adjusting his glasses he sauntered over to his friends, mimicking the cowboys from the western movies he watched. “I think that went quite well. Don’t you, gentlemen?” 

Richie heard Beverly clear her throat, wanting to be acknowledged. He dismissed her plea with a wave of his hand. “Not now woman! The men of the house are speaking.” Stan rolled his eyes in annoyance as Beverly huffed. The entire group getting annoyed with Richie’s antics. 

“Yeah Richie, that went real well. You’re such a charmer.” Stan said, crossing his arms. “Now you look here, Stanley. One day (y/n) will fall in love with my rugged looks, just you wait.” Walking backwards Richie held out his hands, placing his middle fingers in the air. “Just you wait, gang. Just you fucking wait.” With a final flick of his wrists Richie headed home for the night.

August 1989

(y/n) sat on her roof, overlooking the small suburban neighborhood as she exhaled, smoke spilling out of her mouth as she exhaled. The sun began to set and the houses around her began to light up, casting a dim yellow glow from their windows and mixing with the pink and orange hues of the sky. The sound of shattering glass echoed through the quiet suburbia. Dogs barked wildly in the distance as the shouting began.

In the time that (y/n) had lived next to Richie Tozier she had become accustomed to their fights, and she supposed so had everyone else. Mrs. Tozier yelled loudly, her shouts muffled by the walls. (y/n) still heard her clearly as she yelled obscenities at her son, the noise leaking through an open window. She had only seen Mrs. Tozier a handful of times, all of which she seemed to be intoxicated. Slurring her words and stumbling even in the early hours of the morning when she got the paper.

(y/n) felt a tinge of guilt when she heard the sharp crack of skin on skin contact, a small whine following the sound. It wasn’t the first time Mrs. Tozier had struck her son, and it wouldn’t be the last. Their fights occurring more often as the years stacked up. Time was not on Richie Tozier’s side as his mother’s abusive tendencies started to catch up with him. 

The sky grew darker with every passing second, the colors being masked with black as the stars began to appear. The yelling seemed to subside as (y/n) lifted herself from where she sat on the roof, stretching her arms over her head before throwing her cigarette over the edge. 

Climbing through her window and into her dark room she hastily tightened her boots and stomped down the stairs carelessly. She knew full well her father wouldn’t come home tonight, similar to how he skipped out on her the week before. Taking a glance back at the empty house she opened the front door and stepped out into the night, the occasional street lamp flickering as she began to walk towards the junkyard like she had done so many times before.

Walking past the Tozier household (y/n) hesitated, looking over at the upstairs window she saw a flicker of movement, a flash of black hair disappeared behind the closed curtain. A shadow moved behind it before the light turned off, covering the room in darkness. She looked away from the house and continued her trek to the junkyard.

May 1990

“-And that’s how male seahorses give birth. Rich? Richie, are you even paying attention to me?” Eddie turned to his friend noticing the obvious grimace on his face. “Aw Rich, ease up. Stop staring or else she’ll think you’re a creep.” Eddie nudged his friend finally getting him to stop.

“Its just I don’t understand how someone like her can hang out with someone like him. She deserves better.” Richie spoke in disgust. In the past Richie never had a hard ignoring who (y/n) had hung out with, but lately he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her and her newest companion. He looked back to see her holding a cigarette to her lips as the strange boy lit it for her, winking at her in the process. 

“Richie, you’ve gotta get over her man. It’s almost been a year.” Richie grunted in response to Eddie, knowing he was right. Keeping his eyes trained on the scene unfolding in front of him. Leaving the boys side (y/n) departed the school campus and headed down the block. Her back pack swaying against her shoulder as she walked. 

Richie looked at his friend, clasping his back. “Thanks for the advice, Eds. Too bad I won’t be needing it.”  With a big grin Richie grabbed his bag and sped off after her. “Richie! Come on don’t do this again!” Eddie pleaded behind him as Richie got farther and farther away. 

“See you tomorrow, Eds!” 

Continuing his chase after (y/n)’s retreating figure he called out to her. “Hey, (y/n) wait up!” She stopped abruptly, turning to look at the boy running after her. She cocked her head as he stopped in front of her, trying to catch his breath. “What do you want now, Tozier? Pill boy get tired of you?” Richie let out a breathless laugh. 

Recovering from his sprint Richie stood up straight, oozing faux confidence. “Well ya see sugar tits, I saw you and couldn’t help but say you are lethal in those jeans. Gotta give a guy a warning next time.” Pursing her lips to avoid a smile (y/n) looked at Richie in mock surprise “Oh? You really think so?”

Richie grinned, adjusting his glasses as they slid down the bridge of his nose. “Yeah, maybe you could model them for me sometime.” Resisting the urge to laugh she retaliated. “Nice try, trashmouth. I have better things to do.” Turning around (y/n) left him behind on the sidewalk. Despite being rejected yet again, Richie chose to look at the bright side. At least he got to watch her walk away.

July 1990

(y/n) paced around her room in long strides before grabbing her lighter and a pack of camels. Opening her window she climbed out, crawling onto the roof. Looking at her surroundings she lit her cigarette like she had done countless times before, a pass time turned addiction. Exhaling the toxic substance her mind cleared, forgetting the events that had occurred during the day and now she was left with an empty head and the cloudy night sky.

Like clockwork she listened as the fighting began. It continued as normal, glass breaking, curse words being thrown around, and finally the sound of skin on skin contact. But for the first time Richie didn’t scream after he was hit, or whine or cry. This time he laughed a bitter, heartless laugh before every thing went silent. Waiting a moment in confusion (y/n)’s attention was focused on creaking sound of a front door being opened and slammed. A fuming Richie Tozier rushing out. Baffled she watched as he stepped on the sidewalk, pausing as he tried to figure out where to go. 

Without thinking (y/n) yelled out towards the boy. “R-richie? Is that you?” His head snapped up to her spot on the rooftop. “Yeah its me, whats it to you.” 

(y/n) considered herself a very observant person so why she didn’t notice the drastic change in Richie Tozier was unbeknownst to her. The boy she once knew as the trashmouth was hardly recognizable, gone were the bright Hawaiian print shirts and cocky smile. Now replaced with black clothes and a scowl. She noticed the real change when he stepped into the light, his eyes magnified by the large glasses had lost their playful sparkle. Now all she could see was spite and sadness. 

 “Richie come here, climb the tree.” He hesitated before walking towards the tree and climbing it recklessly, meeting you on the roof. Sitting down next to you he picked up the pack of cigarettes grabbing one and lighting it, taking a long drag effortlessly. “You uh, you smoke?” Richie scoffed beside you shaking his head incredulously. “Always have, you just never payed attention.” That’s not true, she thought to herself. She had payed attention to Richie Tozier, ever since he first approached her. Perplexed she looked at the boy next to her in a new light, realizing she didn’t know Richie Tozier, she knew the trashmouth.

September 1990

“Whats your biggest fear?” she asked expectantly, looking over at her friend. “If you had asked a year ago, I’d say clowns. But right now I’d say losing you.” (y/n) sat up after hearing his answer. “What do you mean losing me?” 

Richie mulled over his response, turning towards her. “Well you see, I have nothing else going for me in Derry, just you. Just our late night conversations.” He paused before continuing “I lost the losers, I lost my mom, and one day I’ll lose you too.” 

Turning away from him, (y/n) laid down on the roof, staring up at the night sky. Letting out a deep breathe she spoke the words he had been waiting to hear for two years. “Richie Tozier, I think I’m in love with you.” To the trashmouth’s ears it would have sounded like heaven, it should have been everything he ever dreamed of. Instead it sounded like the laughter he had once heard in the sewers, taunting and teasing him as her confession wrapped around him like a fog. 

Richie’s biggest fear was coming true and there was nothing he could do to stop it. 

“I think I’m in love with you too.” He didn’t think, he knew. He always knew he was in love with her. Had been for a long time, he had fallen in love with the girl who always seemed to have a cigarette between her lips. She made him weak, the fear of losing her made him weak, she made him weak.

For the first time since Richie had laid his eyes on (y/n) he saw her smile. She grinned like the Cheshire cat as she stared up at the sky with her eyes closed. “I know that scares you, Rich. Its okay, it scares me too.” He looked at her seeing a sad smile on her face, continuing. “We are two little people in this big ol’ world, and I don’t know where we’re going but as long as you’re with me it’ll be okay. We will be okay.” 

Scooting over to (y/n) Richie draped his arm around her shoulder. Bringing her close to him as he kissed her on the top of the head. The stars seemed to shine a bit brighter than normal as they stared at them together. 

If only Stan could see them now.

April 1991

Roof tops and nicotine had become a constant for Richie and (y/n) ever since that night one July. They had mended each other, patched up each others hearts without even realizing it. But Derry began to weigh on Richie’s mind. The things that happened in the small town haunted him day and night, and the knowledge that he couldn’t confide in the girl he loved stressed him out even more. She wouldn’t understand, she’d call you crazy

He looked at the cheerful girl next to him as she subconsciously toyed with the laces to the boots she always wore. Pointing out various constellations. She brushed her hair out of her eyes as she looked at him, her smiling dimming as she noticed the expression on his face. “You okay, Rich?” 

He blinked at her, knowing she could read him like a book. “I want to get out, leave Derry. Move to the city.” He could tell (y/n) wasn’t expecting that, her expression changing completely. “Richie you know we can’t, not now. There’s no where for us to go anyways, we have no money, no car. We haven’t even graduated yet.” He shook his head of curls, putting out his cigarette as he tried to make his point.

“Derry just isn’t enough anymore and we hardly show up to school anways. I need to leave before it drives me out of my mind. P-please come with me.” Richie said. His voice breaking as he began to plead. “I need you to come with me, you’re all I have. Please.” (y/n) looked at him sadly, shaking her head no. 

Richie looked away from the girl as her eyes filled with tears. “Rich I don’t understand, why are you only now mentioning this. Is Derry not good enough anymore? Am I not good enough anymore?” (y/n) began to shake as she talked, her emotions getting the best of her.

He picked at the rood underneath him, a welcome distraction to the reality of what was happening. “Its not good enough anymore. Y-you’re just not good enough anymore.” He mumbled quietly, although he knew she had heard him when she released a choked breath as tears continued to stream down her face. “Richie you don’t mean it, you don’t.” Maybe she was right, maybe he didn’t mean it, but in the moment he convinced himself he did.

Richie stood up from his spot on the roof and headed for the edge, reaching for the tree as he began to climb down. “I’m sorry, (y/n). I’m sorry I have to do this. Its for the best, I need to leave.” With that Richie Tozier left his everything behind as she watched him walk away, her vision of him clouded with tears.

He had lost the losers, he had lost his mom, and now he had lost her.

Complications (Part Three) | Teen Wolf

Title: “December”

Summary: Modern AU! A series of complications come about when Stiles, a man that has been your best friend for years, realizes he’s in love with you. He just can’t manage to get the words out of his mouth.

A/N: Apologizes if you don’t celebrate Christmas, because this chapter is all about Christmas.

Gif Credit: Google

Part Two | Masterlist | Part Four

25th of December 2017

Christmas came around faster than Stiles had anticipated and soon enough, he was pulling the black sweater with a pattern of snowflakes midway over his head. With a glance in the mirror, he ran his fingers through his now flattened hair and allowed his brown orbs to travel along his face, noticing the dark circles forming; they were vague, but if anyone at the dinner party inspected him closely, they’d notice. Stiles sprayed on the familiar aftershave, the scent lingering in the air as he stumbled down the stairs to his father, who was waiting at the door holding trifles and Christmas pudding that he bought in the shop fifteen minutes ago.

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anonymous asked:

Got7 reacting to waking up to you having snack,in their bed (you as their partner)

Thank you for your request. I really hope you enjoy it!


  • When he wakes up, he doesn’t notice at first
  • But then he hears it; the sound of a crinkling wrapper. He would slowly look over at you, raising a brow.
  • He would comment on the time, and laugh that you got caught, but then he would join you in your late night munching
  • “Geez, it’s 4am, can’t you try to sneak your snacks a little quieter next time?”

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  • He wouldn’t be too happy about being woken up to the sound of a bag of chips
  • Still, he wouldn’t judge you either. If you’re hungry you should eat… something quieter.
  • He would reach onto the stand, grab his box of softer snacks and hand it to you. No noisy bag noises from this. Then he would take your chips away.
  • “Please eat these. They’re quieter.”

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  • This boy would have a fit. Not because you’re eating in bed, and not because you’re eating pie at 2am.. But because you’re eating pie in his bed at 2am and he wasn’t invited.
  • The minute he is awoken by the smell of warm pie and whipped topping, he turns to you as he opens his eyes. No. This is not a dream. You’re really doing this and he really caught you.
  • His mouth would slowly drop open in both offense and craving for some of that pie.
  • “Um.. You’re really not gonna share? In my bed?

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  • He has a stash of every kind of snack you could want. He has given you permission to steal some every now and then.
  • He wakes up feeling you get off the bed. he sits up on his elbows and quietly watches you.
  • once you come back he would wait a few minutes before reaching over and stealing some. he woudl then turn over and go back to sleep.
  • “Next time you want to steal snacks at 1am offer me some.”

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  • The sound of the bag of goldfish startles him awake and he sits up quickly. When his eyes find you at the end of the bed, he’s relieved.
  • He smiles, his gaze falling to the snack in your hands. Then he looks to the clock. 3am.
  • He looks back at you with wide eyes, he doesn’t care about the snack- just about the fact that you aren’t sleeping.
  • “Why are you up this late? Those look good, can I have some? But really, why are you up this late?”

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  • Bambam would be confused at first when he heard you struggling to open a bag of chocolates.
  • He would giggle as soon as he looks over and sees you.
  • He would gently take the bag and open them. Wrapping an arm around you, he would join in your 3 am snack.
  • “Remind me to sneak into Jinyoungs room tomorrow to steal some more of these.”

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  • He would watch you silently as you nibble on the snacks he had hidden in the room (you know his hiding places. all of them.)
  • after a bit he would slowly sit up still glaring and get as close to you as possible
  • he would then over dramatically steal a piece and slowly lay back down not talking or breaking eye contact
  • “i know i showed you my secret stash but that doesn’t mean your allowed to steal from it. next time you better let me be involved.”

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~Sunny & Shim

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Mommmm! Im sick and the only cure is a really fluffy John laurens drabble! Can you help me plz??? Ily!

I hope you feel better soon!!! 

“John!” You yelled, struggling.

“I’m trying,” John laughed, reaching out, “no, no, no!”

Without warning, your giant Saint Bernard shook out his coat, which had been covered in dog shampoo. Needless to say bathing the dog was a two person job and you were struggling. He didn’t cooperate very well, often John would hold him in place while you sudsed the pup as fast as you could. Somehow the two of you wound up with more soap on you than the dog, every time.

“Come on buddy,” John tried to hold to fur baby in place by the shoulders.

Sitting on the edge of the bath you stretched out your arms, rubbing the soap along the soft coat of your dog. The pup yanked his head away, practically pulling John into the tub with him. 

“Whoa, hey,” John rebalanced, looking over to see you giggling with your eyes closed. 

He truly couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful you were. 

“Are you laughing? I could’ve drown!” John tried to sound serious, really trying to get you to laugh more. 

This time it was more than a giggle, you smiled widely, lifted your shoulders, as your under your eyes wrinkled with joy. A smile pulled at the corner of John’s mouth, how couldn’t he be happy when he knew all that joy and love was his. Settling down from laughing, your eyes met John’s. It was a tender glance, filled with nothing but tenderness. Your eyes followed John’s freckles, down to his lips. John watched as your eyes fell on him, he adored the softness of your expression. Batting your eyelashes for a moment, you looked back up to his golden eyes, staring right at you. 

“What?” You smiled, feeling heat rise to your face.

“Nothing,” John shrugged.

“You’re staring at me,” you raised an eyebrow, “is there something on my face-”

With no warning, your soaking wet dog leaped out of the bathtub. Knocking you and John into the bath on his way out. You groaned watching the sopping mop leave the room, tail slinging suds and water everywhere. Your knees were over the edge of the bathtub you now sat in. Turning your head, John was still staring. 

“Now there’s something on your face,” John tried to keep a straight face, but the bubbles on your face were quite amusing. 

“Oh,” you acted offended, “you should see yourself right now, Santa!”

“Santa, I don’t have anything on my fa-”

Before he could finish his sentence you shoved a hand full of bubbles onto his face, laughing as you did. John closed his eyes in response as you toppled onto him, sliding him a bit further into the tub. 

“Really?” John looked down to see you, one hand on his chest as you giggled into him. 

There was nothing you could do to keep him from smiling at you in this instance. When you lifted your head you were still snickering at him. John’s expression went from humored to in love. You curled in your lip, opting to not say anything. John brushed a, now soaked, strand of hair behind your ear. Resting his hand on your cheek, he met your lips with his, sweetly, and softly.

“I love you,” John shook his head when he pulled back, still amazed how you were in love with him. 

“Wet dog smell and all,” you smirked. 

“Wet dog smell and all,” John pressed his forehead against your, “you’re my babygirl.”

Guys, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, I’m not your mom but I just wanna be clear I’m really uncomfortable with a callout culture that prefers to just point and laugh at someone who is clearly ignorant rather than trying to get to the bottom of it by communicating. You do not have to engage every person, I don’t think it’s healthy to put that responsibility on yourself,  but the reason I talk about these things is to cultivate awareness and compassion and broaden someone’s world view by sharing a different perspective so that I may hopefully have a supportive ally, not to shame them for having a very misinformed #problematic opinion even if it feels laughably dumb. 

In dealing with these situations I try to remember that this is our first time being humans in this point in time, and many people live lives where they are unfortunately not exposed to certain things, and so their viewpoint of how they think the whole world and its different kinds of people are is very narrow. It’s frustrating but I cannot blame someone for not knowing what they didn’t know, even if it infuriates me because I encounter it again and again. Such as people making fun of my narcolepsy to my face—they literally do not know any better. It’s annoying and rude but what do I gain by yelling at them and going “lol look at this dummy”? Certainly not a spoonie ally. 

hi guys im trying to stay off tumblr for the most part BUT i just saw thor ragnarok for the second time and its so good i want to send taika waititi a thank you letter and also i want to tell you some of the stuff i noticed the second time around because i think its just so cool!!

  • loki, hela, and hulk all have green in their color schemes but theyre all “evil” in a different way. theyre all selfish, but hela wants only to benefit herself, while loki cares about his family and asgard, and hulk cares about his friends :)
  • skurge and valkyrie both have blue capes, but they mean different things: valkyrie wears hers once she has committed to protecting asgard once again. skurge discards his once he had decided to turn on hela (i cant remember if she gave him the cape but probably)
  • when loki arrives on asgard to help the people of asgard escape, he is posed the same way as his statue was when he was pretending to be odin
  • do you remember the circle where the contenders live that korg called a “freaky circle” cause it just shows the same area over and over again? its a metaphor for the relationship between loki and thor, showing how they never progress. this is the spot where loki’s illusion self talks to thor when thor first arrives. the circle finally breaks when valkyrie frees the prisoners, giving them an escape. in the scene right after that, loki betrays thor but we see that thor expected it, as he disables loki with the blue shocky thing. also idk if its relevant but the ship that thor steals with loki’s help is in the shape of a circle
  • hulk and thor describe themselves as “fire” and they save asgard by burning it down
  • you know that moment when banner gets green dust thrown in his face? theres still some remaining when he meets valkyrie. i thought that was funny
  • youre probably not reading anymore cause this post got very long. valkyrie is so pretty and i love her

ANYWAY ragnarok is good its a good movie thanks

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if the mc is trying to erm get the li to do the mattress samba but something goes wrong/they are just awful at it? reactions?

Nothing… really NSFW in the answer here? But I guess for safety’s sake and the subject here it’s under the cut. Can’t hurt, at least!

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i finally gave her a personality she’s trying her best 

basically, this is corey! uh i got bored ages ago and decided to make an oc and this is her final design :00 

she’s just kinda there and nearly pisses herself laughing at really fucking stupid jokes like why did the chicken cross the road

she has an older brother and a sad n’ single dad who’s kinda fucked up but still tries his best. 

also she’s a total weeb and tries to pull off an 80s aesthetic ://


My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!


Trauma tips

Inspired by @chsabina post (x)

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”

💜 NYA! 💜 Happy Voltron Fandom Positivity Day!!!

(-^    v  ^-) if you’ve been following my blog at all~ then you already know that this Pidge is all about that fandom family vibe!!!! (^O   w O)^ MUCH LOVEEE!!!! *throws confetti in the air* so thank you so much to @stargazershiro for organizing this exchange!!! My piece is dedicated to @lyrikin !!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FANDOM FRIEND!!!! (-^    O ^-) and the best of luck with your writing project! gawd knows i’m not a writer!!! so you’re heads and tails above me just by trying your best!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! <3 <3 <3


I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

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Your art gives me life! Can I pretty please get HamLaf just cuddling? Maybe John walks in and Lafayette gives him a death glare?

The sequel of this

I love making Laf’s hair a mess