i really tried to recreate them

Okay, can  i just say?  This episode shows the real mentality of most conservative people.  This really did show, in a more positive, but still realistic way, why they think the way they do. Why they cling to the past.  The past was good to them. The past worked. But things changed. And they couldn’t change.  They got left behind. SO they tried to recreate what worked. They got scared by more change.  And you know what opened him up?  Love.  Someone caring. Someone chasing after them and saying “No, you are loved. No, you belong.”  I think thats just so important.

Why You Should Definitely Not Throw Out Your Kids Binder

If you throw out your kids binder, I’m sad to say they’ll probably find another way of binding and there’s a chance it will not be safe. Gender dysphoria is like depression and it gets out of hand sometimes. If you find your kid has a binder leave it alone. They probably paid a lot of money for it and tried really hard to get it, they most likely will not talk to you afterwards, and their methods of recreating what the binder does could potentially harm them. Thank you.

SU Headcanon

They watch Yuri!!! On Ice and:

never have I ever with the foxes

-so I don’t know if this has already been done
-sorry if it has
-never have I ever with the foxes
-never have I ever is usually a pretty ‘scandalous’ game, right
-but the foxes are so used to stuff like that (lbr, they’re all pretty fucked up)
-so their version is with really tame statements
-(also they’d all be drunk really quickly if they played it normally)
-for example:
-“never have I ever eaten an entire pint of ice cream in an hour” “fuck you josten”
-they also use it to settle bets
-like really silly bets
-about guilty pleasures and music tastes “never have I ever tried to recreate single ladies by beyonce” “THAT WAS ONE TIME”
-occasionally one of them nicky will get a bit too drunk and ask about something they usually avoid “never have I ever had sex with a man in uniform”
-someone Andrew shuts him up and the game ends

-for Renee (and usually Neil) they have to find a non-alcoholic substance that they still don’t want to drink
-they use one of Kevin’s smoothies
-for some reason, after that, Renee isn’t always as enthusiastic to play never have I ever


When I was designing a house for the Able Sisters in HHD, I really wanted to add a special finishing touch that I thought they might like. How better to personalize their home than to hang up two of their favorite photos? 

I somewhat painstakingly and lovingly recreated these by zooming in on the originals that hang on the wall of their shop in MS Paint until I could see the individual pixels, choosing an appropriate color palette, and sitting down to work for at least 45 minutes-an hour each. I tried to make them have more of an old photograph quality as well. <3

I hope you all enjoy them!  :)  Feel free to use them in your town or in homes that you design! 


“You took a polaroid of us, then discovered. The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.”

taylorswift I tried really hard to recreate a few of your polaroids from 1989…these are the ones that I think came out the best. I hope you like them(:

I love you ALWAYS.
xoxo Juli aka Jules


Oh my goodness I am so late so late so late! I finally have a bit of downtime to sort and go through all my Momocon pics. #squadcon was GREAT again this year. I had fun being awesome and dank AF with my usual squad and new friends! <3 I still have a TON of photos, mainly from the Fire Emblem shoots to upload so please look forward to it! :D

Kana and Morgan are @tipsy-scales We tried to recreate a portion of the Velour and Kana supports! Kana wants an adventure and Velour wants nothing to do with it. Haha.
Kagero is @storytellermage
Velour is me! @drandis

Images were taken and edited by all three of us!

Corrin is @voca1oid she was really cute and made an excellent Corrin!

The Nohrian clips (although you can hardly see them in these images) used to fasten my cape were made by the ever so lovely @dangerous-ladies! This was my first time buying from them and it was a smooth transaction! The clips are very well made and sturdy and look lovely with a nice coating of spray paint! Will definitely go to them for future needs! <3

Working on two new Fire Emblem cosplays so please look forward to them and let’s take photos together if we ever meet each other at a con everyone! :D


Classic and EU Who Appreciation Week

Day 1: A Favourite Classic Who Serial > Reign of Terror

(I did my best really. I partly tried to recreate some screenscaps but it emerged it to be quite impossible so I’d rather won’t point at them. The last three pics are more to show the whole “costumes” (that are still not to seen properly on the pics unfortunately - I mean they’re not great and they’re not sewed together but it actually looks surprisingly well in real) than to make some particular scene. P.S. the only more properly part of their disguise is Ian’s hat, I crochet it for this occasion and it was first thing to be done for this :) )

I wish the missing parts of this serial would be found… *sigh*