i really tried to recreate them

Okay but let's consider


- He always felt different, but didn’t know being trans was a thing, so he though he was a tomboy

- When he was 12 he learned the term trans, and he thought maybe that’s what he was, but he was too afraid to admit it to himself, let alone other people. He came out to his foster family when he was 13 and they were very loving and supportive. They bought him a binder and signed him up for hormone blockers. He started Testosterone when he was 14.

- At the Garrison, he never told Hunk or Pidge (or anyone for that matter) that he was trans because he was bullied for it a lot in school. He has the scars to prove it.

- Lance had a panic attack when he realized he forgot his binder back on earth. So he went under his sink and found something resembling ace bandages and used those to bind instead.

- Pidge was the first to find out. They had walked into Lance’s room to find him putting on his ace bandages. Lance started crying and apologizing, but Pidge just told him to take the bandages off and to put on a shirt

- When Lance told Pidge that he was trans, they immediately tried to find a fabric they could use to recreate a safe binder. They may have been a technology nerd, but they were nonbinary so they knew a shit ton about binders (and how to make them).

- Lance cried when Pidge gave him the binder

- Lance ends up coming out to the team via an argument with Keith. (“Lance, you’ll never know what it’s like to be different!” “Oh I guarantee I know a shit ton more than you do!” “Oh really? You’ll never know what it’s like to be something you don’t want to be!” “KEITH I’M FUCKING TRANS. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO BE!”)

- Everyone is really quiet and Lance runs off crying, worried that his team will hate him now that they know he not /really/ a boy

- Keith finds Lance with Blue. He immediately runs up to Lance and engulfs him in a bear hug, telling him he had no idea. The rest of the team soon follows

- Fluff ensues

never have I ever with the foxes

-so I don’t know if this has already been done
-sorry if it has
-never have I ever with the foxes
-never have I ever is usually a pretty ‘scandalous’ game, right
-but the foxes are so used to stuff like that (lbr, they’re all pretty fucked up)
-so their version is with really tame statements
-(also they’d all be drunk really quickly if they played it normally)
-for example:
-“never have I ever eaten an entire pint of ice cream in an hour” “fuck you josten”
-they also use it to settle bets
-like really silly bets
-about guilty pleasures and music tastes “never have I ever tried to recreate single ladies by beyonce” “THAT WAS ONE TIME”
-occasionally one of them nicky will get a bit too drunk and ask about something they usually avoid “never have I ever had sex with a man in uniform”
-someone Andrew shuts him up and the game ends

-for Renee (and usually Neil) they have to find a non-alcoholic substance that they still don’t want to drink
-they use one of Kevin’s smoothies
-for some reason, after that, Renee isn’t always as enthusiastic to play never have I ever

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, but could you make a tutorial of this post post/160598278702/players-like-neymar-are-great-for-football it looks amazing!!! Thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all, thank you!

okay so i couldn’t recreate the exact edit but i tried and i hope you understand all the steps, please feel free to ask any questions!

*i m really bad at explaining plus my english is a big LOL bear with me :P

here’s the edit:

What you’ll need: any version of PS, i used CS6, a picture of a person or anything i guess, water splash brushes (just look them up on google bc i don’t remember the site i downloaded mine from lol) and gifs like these x

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When I was designing a house for the Able Sisters in HHD, I really wanted to add a special finishing touch that I thought they might like. How better to personalize their home than to hang up two of their favorite photos? 

I somewhat painstakingly and lovingly recreated these by zooming in on the originals that hang on the wall of their shop in MS Paint until I could see the individual pixels, choosing an appropriate color palette, and sitting down to work for at least 45 minutes-an hour each. I tried to make them have more of an old photograph quality as well. <3

I hope you all enjoy them!  :)  Feel free to use them in your town or in homes that you design! 

Ask blogs I tried to replicate @askbongtan @ask-chimchim @ask-bts-stuff @ask-jungcoco @ask-student-joonie

A little commentary I suppose? lol

askbongtan: their art style is quite relaxing to draw in? It’s simplistic and all of the palettes that they use are so nice to look at so it’s nice to recreate that. So much respect to them for using MS Paint I could not replicate the pixeliness for my life.
ask-chimchim: their style is so soft and cute ahh! I cried a lil when I noticed the lines in the hair bc hair? who’s she idk her. I really liked their lineart bc it’s with a soft brush and a darkish brown colour (at least for this one), and I realised that the lineart on its own looked off bc of how the shading finishes the piece which I thought was cool.
ask-bts-stuff: I really don’t know how all their characters look so expressive, it’s really something… I kinda took their chim wings idea and applied it to this guy, I hope that’s ok! ^^’ I also really like how their style is so quick to produce? So cool…
ask-jungcoco: All of their character designs are so unique and individual for the person, that I really needed to look through their blog to see what they’d already done ^^’ Their lineart is really angular, they colour their lines, and their shading is so simplistic; all of these features add so much charm to their blog, and I frankly can’t believe that they don’t have more notes and followers
ask-student-joonie: Their art is surprisingly hard to replicate? The sparkles and blushes are more difficult to place than you’d think! I feel like yours is the one I did worst on, which is such a shame since it’s so unique and refreshing and most of all, cute!

The muse is an OC I made a year and a bit ago and only redrew today ^^’ I don’t have much about him other than he’s grumpy 24/7 but somehow always cute? And that he’s an angsty teen cervitaur. Any suggestions for a name would be awesome!

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Something where Graves is super protective. You're wearing a dress that he knows will make people hit on you, and so he decides to go with you ends up getting jealous and just picks you up( like In fright night 2011, with the club scene) Like the imaginyou imagine- just extended (English is not my first languege but im excited to see what you can do to my fav Character- greetings from Spain <3 )

Hi lovely! Firstly, wow! A reader from Spain! I’m really excited! Hi from Malaysia! Sorry for the delay in getting this story done, I apparently have problem writing anything that’s not angst. I tried to do my best to recreate the club scene from Fright Night and I hope this is what you had in mind! 

Warning: This story contains mature content and some coarse language.

“You’re not going.”

You rolled your eyes, head still hidden away in the massive oak wardrobe you shared as you try to find your favourite pair of shoes, the ones you wear only when you’re trying to look your best.

Finally finding them from amongst the organised chaos of the wardrobe, you huffed and pushed back your curled hair. You threw a retort over your shoulder even as you slip on your heels, wobbling briefly as you tried to find your balance. “I’ll be with my old friends Percival, and besides, I did ask you to come with me, but you’re the one who decided that you were, I quote, “far too old for such nonsense”.” You paused to admire your figure in the full length mirror and smiled when you noticed Percival’s dark gaze on you; you made the right choice wearing this dress tonight. Honestly though, it wasn’t anything too provocative; if anything, it was rather proper and covered everything it should, although it did a beautiful job of accentuating everything you (and he) loved about your body. The burgundy dress fell just above your knees, and the gorgeous scalloped neckline showed off your delicate collarbones.

Pouting slightly, you sauntered over to your sullen lover and wrapped your arms around his neck. Almost automatically, his arms encircled your waist and you leaned into his solid embrace, enjoying the small moment of intimacy. “Darling, it’s not like we’re going to one of those shabby No-Maj clubs, I promise I’ll be fine. I’ll even be back before midnight, so there’s nothing for you to be worried about.” He sighed and pushed a loose strand of hair away from your face, “It’s not your safety I’m worried about, I know you can take care of yourself. It’s just,” he gestured exasperatedly at you, “look at you! I don’t want other men staring at you like you’re some piece of meat when you’re mine-” Placing a finger against his lips, you cut off any of his forthcoming protests. You peppered light kisses along his jaw, “If you don’t want men ogling at me, all you have to do is come with me.” A groan escaped the formidable Auror’s lips, and you grinned triumphantly, knowing he’d give in. Five minutes later, the two of you Apparated to the wizarding pub where you would be meeting your old friends from Hogwarts.

Percival chuckled as he listened to Emmaline, your Ravenclaw best friend who got a job as a Potion Master’s assistant upon graduating, animatedly recounting all the times you got everyone in trouble whilst in school. You buried your face in his shoulder in embarrassment as you endured the good-natured ribbing at your past as a troublemaker, but secretly you were thrilled that your lover was getting along so well with your friends. These were people who stayed up late at night with you, trying to finish last minute assignments, they were the people who comforted you through your first breakup and who you confided in when you finally had your first kiss in your sixth year. You had missed them terribly after you moved to America, and while communication between the lot of you was sporadic and not as often as you had initially hoped it would be, the bond was still there, as evidenced by the squeals and hugs and crying that greeted you when you saw them upon your arrival.

Percival initially intimidated your group of friends, what with his serious demeanour and the regal way he held himself, even when not at work. But your friends quickly got over his scary appearance and treated him as their own; it helped that Percival had a very sharp, dry wit that delighted them. Also, the man could hold his liquor, which immediately won him points in his favour. The hours passed easily, filled with easy camaraderie and joviality and Percival found himself enjoying the company of your friends, who obviously meant a lot to you. The night couldn’t have gone any better, and you were glad to have been able to spend it with the people closest to your heart.

Everything however, went downhill when Percival excused himself to use the gents’. You went to the bar to get some more drinks because you were the only one who could still walk without falling over (you were a lightweight, so you watched the amount of alcohol you consumed. You didn’t want to have to deal with Apparating whilst drunk; that was one messy experience you didn’t want to have to go through again), and you were immediately accosted by a drunken boar of a man, whom you recognised as a petty thief whom you and your colleagues at MACUSA have apprehended more than a few times. He either didn’t recognise you, or he was far too drunk to care that he was hitting on an Auror who had once been responsible for him being in jail; one who was engaged to the Director of Magical Security, no less.

“Hey doll, fancy lettin’ a real man show ya how to have a good time?” You shuddered when he winked sloppily at you, you couldn’t believe he actually thought he looked attractive doing that eye twitch. Ignoring him, you took your drinks and made to move around him, but the drunkard placed his meaty hand on your arm, his fingers clumsily trying to trail a path. You glared at him and bared your teeth, “Get your hand off me dumbass, or you’ll be seeing the bars of a cell tonight.” It infuriated you that the man only laughed and proceeded to tug you over to him, catching you off guard as you lost your balance momentarily and stumbled. You cried out when your drinks fell to the floor, the liquid splashing onto your feet and the floor. Turning to acquaint his face with your fist, you were instead unpleasantly surprised by his trout-like lips on yours, and oh god was that tongue?!

Before you could hex the bejeezus out of the poor excuse of a man, he was suddenly pulled away from you, and you gasped in delight when you saw your Percival throw a punch straight at his face, effectively knocking him out. Your friends were standing behind Percival, confusion at the situation plainly written on their faces. Your lover turned towards you, and you threw your arms around him relieved, not noticing the dark look on his face. Realising he wasn’t returning your embrace, you pulled away slightly and for the second time that night, had a kiss forcefully pressed on your lips, although this was much more welcomed than the first. Breaking the kiss, your dark-haired beau didn’t give you a chance to explain or speak, and you shivered in delight at the husky tone his low voice took on as he whispered in your ear “You’re going to say goodbye to your friends and we’re going to leave this god-forsaken place. When we get home, you’ll get rid of that damn dress and I’ll fuck you so hard the neighbours will be able to hear you scream my name through the walls. All right?”

You were stunned and so very turned on by his promise to you that you could only nod wordlessly before complying. Walking as fast as you could to your friends who immediately broke out in questions for you, you told them, as nicely as you possibly could in your lust induced fog, that you had to go, and you would see them again before they were due to return to London. You were just heading to find Percival when you saw him stalk confidently towards you, and you felt a rush of heat pool in your belly, knowing that you were his prey that he was just dying to devour. As soon as he reached you, he tugged at your hand roughly and in one swift motion, threw you over his broad shoulder in a fireman’s carry. You squealed when he smacked your arse unexpectedly, and he soothed the sting by rubbing on your behind lovingly. You waved goodbye at your friends who were hooting and cat-calling at the both of you as Percival made his way out of the pub with you dangling helplessly over his shoulder, and just like that, he Apparated you home.

As soon as the world stopped spinning, you pulled Percival by the collar of his shirt into your bedroom. Throwing you down on the king-sized bed, he began divesting himself of his clothes while ordering you to strip, which you did, tripping over yourself in your eagerness. Percival made good on his promises, and your poor neighbours had to endure an entire night of animalistic screams and the sounds of your bed banging against the wall. The next day at work, when Tina innocently asked you if you were okay after noticing the way you were walking awkwardly, you made some flimsy excuse about how you slipped in the bath and bruised yourself, all the while promising to kill a smugly smiling Percival who very “helpfully” told Tina he would take good care of you. The git.

Bonus: Colin Farrell gif that’s making me melt and god I don’t know what it’s doing to me

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Dream A Little Dream

My first Clovis x Nico fanfic, because I love this ship so much.

For @percy-potter-sideblog, thank you for urging me to write this <3

Day 2/7 of the @lgbtqpjo 3k celebration.

“Since returning to camp and trying to find some semblance of normalcy again, Nico’s physical health had dramatically increased thanks to Solace’s constant badgering and berating. What hadn’t gotten any better over the past few months however, was his sleeping habits, and more specifically, his dreams.“


“Clovis… Are you sure about this?” Nico asked the boy in front of him, who was staring intensely. People say Nico had a weird aura, but he personally thought it was nothing compared to the aura that surrounded children of Hypnos.

“I offered didn’t I?” Clovis replied, not breaking eye contact even as he stifled a yawn. “Besides, your doctor recommended I help you with your dreams.”

“Please don’t call him my doctor, it’ll only encourage him.”

“Encouraging him to help you is something I actively do, Nico.”

And boy, wasn’t that the truth. Since returning to camp and trying to find some semblance of normalcy again, Nico’s physical health had dramatically increased thanks to Solace’s constant badgering and berating. What hadn’t gotten any better over the past few months however, was his sleeping habits, and more specifically, his dreams.

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I tried drawing them laughing but it was so blinding I couldn’t see my screen, I hope it turned out well


(Inspired by that one parks and recreation scene with the bees only that this one doesn’t really make sense)

ANYWAY YES to jackjae!! definitely up high in the list

Send me your OTPs and I’ll draw the ones that are mine too

Dennor headcanons


- Denmark and Norway like to go hiking together (though they don’t do it as much as they used to)

- They cuddle a lot (like A LOT) (you’d be surprised if you wouldn’t see them cuddling at least once)

- Both of them baby Iceland a lot and are really protective of him

- They don’t fight that often (they bicker a lot, but it’s never really serious)

- Sometimes Norway secretly cries when they watch sad movies (not that Den notices eheheh.. ok he notices and starts to comfort Norway)

- When it’s Nor’s birthday, Den will try to do everything for him or get everything for him (basically like ‘‘No Nor i will do it’‘ ‘‘No Nor just stay there, i will get it for you’‘ ‘‘NOR PLS LET ME DO THIS’‘

- Norway doesn’t really like swimming, because he’s not very good at it (naturally Den tried to teach Norway to get better at swimming, only to have Nor shove him in the water and leave) (Ok Nor came back pretty quickly after that)

- Nor wears lot of Den’s shirts (while Denmark is slowly dying because damn)

- Both of them love traditional fairytales (Nor reads them out loud a lot and Den listens) (They used to recreate them to Iceland, when he was small)

- When they first met, Den thought that Norway is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen (he still thinks so)

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you really should watch b99! i don't usually laugh out loud with comedy shows, but b99 makes me laugh a lot! it's full of that weird, dry humor that andy samberg is all about. besides, it has some really great characters, diversity, social criticism... the plot is also really good!

I’ll see that. I already tried New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Parks & Recreation and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. it was a fail for all of them lol. you’ll know if I like it or not :pp

Okay, can  i just say?  This episode shows the real mentality of most conservative people.  This really did show, in a more positive, but still realistic way, why they think the way they do. Why they cling to the past.  The past was good to them. The past worked. But things changed. And they couldn’t change.  They got left behind. SO they tried to recreate what worked. They got scared by more change.  And you know what opened him up?  Love.  Someone caring. Someone chasing after them and saying “No, you are loved. No, you belong.”  I think thats just so important.

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hi there~ just wanted to know how you do your light studies and all :) your art style is also really cute! (sorry if this has been asked before!)

oh thats ok! really that one i did last month was pretty random. i took a picture of a scene in a room with lighting i liked and tried to recreate it later while experimenting with layer effects and stuff. your best bet is probably just using pictures with different lighting effects you like as reference and trying to imitate them. ^^

SU Headcanon

They watch Yuri!!! On Ice and:

SasuHina Reloaded: Flowershop AU

AN: …where else would they put him amiright laaaadies???


Petals danced towards the floor and Sasuke’s face was in a state of shock.

It was Spring. She was allergic to pollen. Her boyfriend worked in a flowershop…

“I’m sorry!”

“…in my face?” He said slowly.

“I’m so sorry!”

“In my face,” he repeated and waved naked stems. He wiped his now moist face. “Since when…” His words went unheard as she started or rather attempted to scratch her ear.

“Yeeees?” She asked, rubbing her ears.

Sasuke couldn’t deflect the face that appeared on his face when his small girlfriend made the grossest sound with a combination of her throat and nose. It was piggish. He stood. “I think we should break up…”

Hinata took his wrist. “S-stop!” She giggled and stood up. “Don’t play like that…” Her lip poked out.

“I’m not–playing,” he rolled his eyes before looking away. “I didn’t know you were allergic to pollen.”

She cleared her throat. To her defense she only had to deal with pollen in the spring and he only worked in the flowershop seasonally.

This season. They’ve only been dating for two seasons…

“Tadaaaugh,” she coughed.

He removed himself from her. “I’ll see you in summer.”

“Sasuke!” She huffed and plopped back on the couch.

The one time he tried to be a decent boyfriend and get her flowers she’s like deathly allergic. It was karma. He didn’t exactly know how but it seemed legit. “I need you and my job but I don’t want to kill you.”

Hinata sniffled and nodded.

Sasuke turned to his girlfriend. “I have an idea.”


“I’m not wearing this…”

Sasuke held a face mask and goggles to her. “And why not?”

“People will laugh.”

“I’ll kill them.”

“That just unrealistic…” Hinata mumbled even though this job was “recreational” and Ino was really taking one for the team. She didn’t quite understand what dealing with flowers would do for the “almighty” Uchiha Sasuke but…

“But I will.” He promised.

It was almost endearing. Hinata smiled and waved him off. She went to the dresser and grab two pills. “Thank you, Sasuke.”

He huffed and pocketed his hands. “Just know…”

She nodded. “I know.” Once they were walking through the village together, a “kid” kicked a ball and it barely tapped Hinata’s leg. Next thing anyone knows Sasuke has the kid by his collar demanding an apology. Luckily the kid wasn’t a kid…it was (Hokage) Naruto pretending to be a kid ANYWAY–

And it was a nice thought but…

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“I can transport us. I don’t want you to suffer.” He spoke as if nature was the one wrong.

Sasuke was…chaotic good. She liked it. He kept her on her toes. It was kind of funny too. He talks to inanimate objects like they are enemies. Once he threatened the stove because it was taking to long to preheat.

“No, I love Spring.” She told him.

His eyes narrowed in confusion but he decided to let it go. “And they say I’m crazy,” he sighed and took her shoulders. Hinata giggled then sneezed before she stop it.

“…in my face?”

“Sasuke, I’m so - sorry.” She couldn’t help but smile. He looked so betrayed.

“…in my face, okay.” He whispered and turned away.

“Sasuke!” She ran after him.

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44, 87 and 89

44:If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get? 

I mean, probably never going to happen, because as I discovered the first go around when I pierced my (still only half healed in spite of last attempting to wear hypo-allergenic earrings like, ten years ago) ears. I had toyed with piercing my cartilage for a while, but anywhere else is really just too dangerous for someone as clumsy as I am.

87:What is your astrological sign?

Cancer. Prickly, prickly moon child.

89:Do you cook? 

Can I? Yes. Love to. I have fun breaking down recipes of things I’ve tried and recreating them at home then putting my own spin on them. Even though I’m the single child, I’ve hosted the last two Thanksgivings for 12-18 people, with mom, like, putting the pies in the oven the night before. My homemade cranberry sauce is like crack, and my turkey gets destroyed because I brine it for like 2 days beforehand. The blackberry-glazed salmon I made the other night was super tasty too.

Do I cook? Not really. I get bored with leftovers and my mother thinks a dash of pepper is spicy, so it’s not very fun without someone to appreciate it. If friends are coming over or I’m going to a party, I will. I usually just cook a lot of one thing on the weekend and mix it up for various meals between takeout and lazy foods around the house.

Blacking out on acid: "THE EXPERIENCE"

So last Saturday night, I took 2 hits acid after work. I did it with some new friends at a house I’d never been to. My friend Allison from work took some with me for her first time that night. The first 4 hours were amazing. We just chilled in the living room, staring at the ceiling and laughing while the others drank booze in the kitchen.

Mid-trip, my other friend informed me that some guys were going to come over. Which is not cool with me. Not when I’m tripping balls. They showed up, and I thought, “Whatever, big deal. I’ll just stay away from them.” And I did, but that didn’t stop my discomfort. Soon after they showed up is when I blacked out. I remember bits and pieces, but most of the night I only know because of what my friends told me. We were in the kitchen when I started screaming, “We gotta get out of here! We gotta get out of here!” which I faintly remember. Apparently there was a trashed white girl there who puked all over her chest and was trying to hug people. Fuck that. So I tried to get out of the house, furiously pushing people out of my way; including the angry mother who lived there. She threatened to kick my ass, so did her daughter. And then they kicked me out of the house, into the cold.

So I ran down the street screaming at the top of my lungs with no shoes or a jacket. I remember my throat hurting. I became panic. Keep in mind that I am 30 minutes away from my home and it is about 5 a.m. So, like drunk idiots, they had the guys at the party go find me. Guys that I do not even know the names of. Which I’m highly upset about because who knows what those guys did to me. But to my current knowledge, they found me and dropped me off on 9th Street like a stray cat. I fucking hate people. Then my friends came to find me. They searched for me for an hour before they found me in a back alley. I tried to run from them when they drove by. After they got me in the car, I was screaming and flailing my arms and hitting myself in the face. I was speaking gibberish and tried hitting people and taking my clothes off. No recollection of that. They had no choice but to take me to the hospital. Doctors strapped me down to a bed and took my clothes off to put me in a hospital gown. They stuck needles in me, too. I remember the doctors faces a little. I remember a heavy man with a beard asking “what’d you take?” I say, “Acid, heroin.” I didn’t take heroin. I think I wanted heroin so I could calm down, though I’ve never tried it. I remember repeating words like “red”, “blue,” “Allison,” “Matt,” “Eugene,” “heroin,” “tampon,” “Cody,” “Mike,” “eyebrows,” “Camy,” “needles,” “Alorica,” “purecell,” “Nikki Minaj,” “booty,” over and over and over. I kept saying, “What’s up?” and “I don’t have the time or the money.” I remember all of this pretty well.

Still tripping, I remember thinking that my life was a test. And that taking acid that night instead of going home to my boyfriend, Eugene, was a mistake that ended my life at 18. It was aliens that were God and the devil, though. I was their test subject, all humans were. My mother was the alien of death. She sat by my side at the hospital while Teen Titens Go played on tv. I hate that show. The clock on the wall was melting, indicating that my time was almost up. It felt as though I had been there for years. Familiar faces came to visit me, then soon never returned. I’d say calmly, “It’s my time to die. Let me die.” I turned old. I felt my cheeks, and my skin had become saggy and wrinkly. Very soon, nobody visited. Only the alien of death remained by my hospital bed. I looked at her and asked, “Where is Eugene?” And in a monotone voice, she answered, “He’s at work.” To my psychadelic mind, that meant that I had died and he lived on. Somewhere inside, I believed that he would have no recollection of me. Like a dying, old relative, I was to be easily forgotten. So I laid there and experienced death. Now in a slightly different hospital setting, a doctor came by and gave me three pills. He started talking to my mother about things I am insecure about. “Has she always had that lazy eye?” “Did you say she had bipolar disorder?” “What medicine does she take?” “Did she graduate high school?” The alien said, “She dropped out.” Doc said, “GED?” “She’s working on it.” Oh, thats right. I gave up on my GED. How embarrassing. I was ashamed. It was then that I realized that I had slipped into Hell. Hell was being tied down to a hospital bed with needles in my arms. Hell was them having discussions about all of my insecurities while I lay catatonic. Hell was never seeing the people I love again. Hell was knowing my life was a waste. Hell was realizing that my existence was no greater than that of a lab rat. All I wanted was to sleep, but I was unable to. They took that luxury away from me completely. I could only close my eyes. The alien of death came over to me, gave me a phone, and said, “It’s Eugene.” I listened to him talk to me, knowing it would be the last time I’d hear his voice. But from the sound of it, it was just a recording made to mock me. “Why didn’t I just go home to him?” Regret swallowed me whole. I turned my head away in a desperate attempt to sleep. This was it. This was now my life. Unable to die, unable to move, or sleep in the very depths of Hell. Hell isn’t fire and burning flesh. Hell is your biggest fears laughing in your face. It was eerie in such a real way. I “woke up” with my arms and legs strapped to the hospital bed. I was so confused as to why I couldn’t remember the rest of my awesome trip! Because at the time, I only had memory of the kelidascooe ceiling and the echoing laughter of me and Allison. At first, I wondered to myself if I had telaported to some sort of different demension. I thought, “Shit, that must have been crazy for Allison to see.” Man, this sucks! I gotta get to work on Tuesday! I’m gonna lose my job! Eugene is going to be so worried. Where is my phone? Where did my clothes go? I turned to see my mom. I smiled and said, “I just woke up here. This is a mistake.” Four doctors came in and circled me. I started cursing and yelling, “This is a mistake. I’m a teenage girl. I just woke up here. This is bullshit. I just woke up here. This is a mistake. I have an apartment to get to.” I was beyond confused. They told me I had taken some drugs and ended up in the hospital. I didn’t believe them. I did take acid, but how could that land me in the hospital? So here I am now, in some alternate demension that I feared I could never escape. How could I with restraints, an IV, and a catheter holding me hostage to this bed? I convinced myself that my mother was a clone and that I really was in Hell after all. She tried to talk to me, but I didn’t trust clones, so I stayed silent. Eugene eventually came to visit. He was also just a clone. I thought that the aliens did a wonderful job recreating him. He was a perfect image of my Eugene. I didn’t speak to him other than when he said, “I love you.” It was hard not saying it back. I knew that it was only a clone, so when he kissed me, it filled me with sadness. He left hours later. I was sure it would be the last I’d see of him.

So after some sleep, I got a feel of what might have happened. When I regained conciousnes, I at first thought that what little I did remember from that night was a weird acid dream. Was it real? Did that actually happen? It seemed bizarre. Did I totally blackout? I had never heard of any such thing happening to anyone. And that explains why I was so confused when I woke up. The guys at the party stole my phone and my bag. My bag has my social, drivers license, debit card, and Medicaid card. I am done with acid. Just the other day it was my favorite thing to do. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not gonna miss it. It was awesome. And I’m not going to advise people not to take it. It really is life changing. But you have to be careful. Instances like this are incredibly rare, as I can’t find too much about blacking out on the Internet. But it does happen. I dont know why, but it does. I never thought acid could truly hurt me, but it did. If my friend didn’t find me, I could have died in the cold. I could have ended up in jail. I could have ended up dead due to my heart rate. Doctors say I was so distraught that I almost had a heart attack. Be careful. Acid is unpredictable. Only do it in a definite safe environment. You never know what could happen.

tobygarrow  asked:

Hey Alex! Huge fan of your work. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how you do lower frame rate animation. The way you used it in phantom limb blows my mind (particularly when he slides down the wall at the end and when he is sitting on the beach). It just feels so subtle and nuanced. Ive tried to recreate the effect but it always looks jittery and I end up going back to a higher frame rate to make the movement work. Any advice you have would be really appreciated, thanks!

Oh man, I dunno hey. Slow movements work better on low frame rates, and fast ones are way juicier when you animate them on ones. I typically time my work out with as few frames as possible (2 extremes and one break down) and work backwards from there. If the posing and timing is pretty good you can get away with a lot. PL was always intended to be pretty sparing in the animation department so I tried to make sure the design felt in tune with that. I dont think it would have been as forgiving if you animated super realistic things that way.

Hope that helps dude! 


Classic and EU Who Appreciation Week

Day 1: A Favourite Classic Who Serial > Reign of Terror

(I did my best really. I partly tried to recreate some screenscaps but it emerged it to be quite impossible so I’d rather won’t point at them. The last three pics are more to show the whole “costumes” (that are still not to seen properly on the pics unfortunately - I mean they’re not great and they’re not sewed together but it actually looks surprisingly well in real) than to make some particular scene. P.S. the only more properly part of their disguise is Ian’s hat, I crochet it for this occasion and it was first thing to be done for this :) )

I wish the missing parts of this serial would be found… *sigh*

Okay, I want to continue. I can really see Poe in the 80’s, but I needed some time to think about Finn and Rey.

So I feel like Finn would wear pegged pants. Sometimes they’d be acid washed jeans as well. He’d have some casual t-shirts and some velour shirts and one or two silk shirts which have bright neon colors; he loves them but rarely wears out of fear of being too flashy. He also has one washed demin jacket. And finally he has two sweaters which are slightly large on him and incredibly comfortable. One is a little more colorful:

And one is a little more plain:

There’s more he wants. He’s too timid to really go for any bold aesthetics even if he likes them. And when Poe finds out that he’s into MJ, he completely recreates this outfit:

And Finn loves it, but he’s like, “Wait, I can’t pull this off, and Poe drags him around to his friends and Finn’s friends and people they don’t even know and tries to show Finn that there are people checking him out. And Finn doesn’t really do it too often because he almost hates the attention he gets when he wears it.

But that’s what he loves about Poe. Poe is so bold and brave. He loves walking around looking punk. He loves pulling off crop tops and wearing patches with bold statements on them. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, and he just wants to be himself. And Finn really admires that.

So a little more about Poe. Poe also owns a really ratty studded jean vest as well. And it’s also covered in pins and patches, but these are mostly social justice oriented - things like “not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you.” But because it’s Poe, it also has some like:

And others like:

And because he loves Bowie, he’s sometimes dressed up with the Bowie makeup flair. One time he went dressed as Bowie’s Aladdin Sane to a party, and he loved it. But he also loves Bad Brains.

And then we have Rey. Rey is generally so practical. Granted, in the movie she grew up on Jakku, so she had to learn to survive. But regardless, I’d say she would usually go for fashion choices that won’t get in the way of moving around. Like she wouldn’t wear miniskirts. And side ponytails would get in her way too often.

She would own one or two pairs of Z. Cavaracci pants. Something like:

She’d also own a pair of high-waisted jeans. But ones that are elastic in the way they’re made. In the summer, she’d wear crop tops as well but ones that aren’t flashy. Ones that are simple. One-colored. They’d be super cute on her too.

Also, she’d have a bomber jacket like this:

And sometimes she’ll end up looking like a lil’ rebel herself without that intention. She’ll come with her bomber jacket and one of her Z. Cavaracci pants and a crop top. And she occasionally dyes her hair. She’ll just walk in one day with bubblegum pink hair, and people will be like, “???” and she’ll just sort of look at them, so they won’t ask because they don’t even know what to say. But she’ll go through different colors. And sometimes she’ll just have her brown hair for a while and then all of a sudden she’ll come in and it’ll be lavender.

And when they do force Rey to dress up and do something wild, she surprises them and goes all out. They half expect her not to show up dressed up at all but just in her usual clothes, but instead she comes in with a Danielle Dax inspired look.

You can take your pick between:



And everyone is like, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” and think she she got help from someone else. But she just shrugs and is like, “I know how to do all of this, but it’s a lot of effort I could be putting into other things. And it either gets in the way or you can’t move, so what’s the point?”

And the next day she comes back dressed as usual and acts like nothing happened, and they half aren’t sure they saw it themselves.

I will say that occasionally when she’s just lounging about and isn’t tinkering with something or working (which she does like to keep herself preoccupied), she does have one neon sweater (single-colored) and one neon jacket (multi-colored). She also has a silk shirt with a Both are way too big for her, and she says they’re for comfort, but they are also kind of for aesthetic - even if she won’t admit it.