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so this is based LOOSELY on will and emma from the scream tv series. if you havent seen it, that doesnt matter bc like…. its not important



THAT MEANS THEY ARE 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there won’t be nsfw but there are MENTIONS of it sooooo


anyway enjoy ily all

summary: beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: richie and eddie

words: 1870

Everyone at Derry High School knew of the senior Richie Tozier. No matter who they were, what social group they were apart of, they all knew of the trashmouth. Every girl swooned over him and every gay (and possibly ‘not’ gay) guy would beg for his number. He was the ‘It’ guy in his high school and even the other high schools in the Derry school district. It was common knowledge that Richie was bi. Some people said it was fake and that he said it for more attention, but his real friends knew it wasn’t bullshit at all. 

Richie strode into the school building that Monday morning, casually sliding off his sunglasses and hooking them in his shirt. People in the hallways snuck glances at him, some even saying hello to him politely as he passed. He nodded in response, flashing them a smile. Richie approached his locker and opened it with ease, getting his few textbooks out. Despite being a ‘jock’, he still cared about his grades. 

“Hey, Rich, did you hear about the new kid?” Beverly asked casually, making her presence known. She leaned against the navy blue lockers, a small smile playing on her lips.

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I tried watching a hotdiggitydemon video after you said he had a weird complex with women and.... I watched the rant video he did on ghost busters and while he brought up some really valid points like uhhh holy shit he won’t stfu about how much women hate him, and some of the jokes he throws around are basically him just trying to taunt people into telling him off... like “if they call me out on my abortion joke they’re tumblr sjw top kek I’m single”


like every single female character he draws is some sort of “Haha It’s a Joke and the Joke is that it’s Very Sexist” bullshit. like, a ditzy airhead Gamer Girl or a Nagging Bitch™ or a Wombyns Rights Activist or some shit. like, ALL of them. we get it dude youre repulsive to most of society; tone it down edgelord

Man you can tell Millennials aren’t buying houses because homeowner’s insurance companies really have not caught up with us in terms of 

“I want to get this quote online”
“My phone number: an epic poem about how I never answer my phone unless I know who’s calling”
“I am not buying a conventional standalone house” 

Like damn, son, do you sell insurance to anyone under forty? 

Of the six places I’ve tried to get a quote from so far, three required my phone number (the other three required it but didn’t fuss when I entered all zeros), one’s website broke when I tried to customize a quote, two couldn’t provide me with an online quote at all, and three didn’t have options for entering data that wasn’t about a freestanding house. (OR a “Victorian row house” which, LOL – those were my options, freestanding house or VICTORIAN ROW HOUSE. I wish.) And all of them also want to sell me car insurance for the car I do not have. 

Progressive has a so-called “condominium” insurance quote but once you get to the bit where you actually tell them about your home it is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS they are ill-equipped to deal, because they want to know if I have a bungalow or a victorian row house condo. Though they do win for best hilarious question with “Does this home have a trampoline?”

Also, yikes Safeco: If you own one of the following breeds of dogs, it may raise your insurance rates: Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pitbull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Presa Canarios, wolf hybrid or a mix of these.

I’ve never even fucking HEARD of the Presa Canarios. I googled, and they’re quite handsome animals, but I can see how they might be tarred with the same unfair brush as a pittie. 

Aw, puppy. 

Props to Geico, who instead asked simply “Do you have or care for an animal who is vicious or attack trained”, a much better question. 

PS: Dear insurance agencies my birthdate is the fifth of none of your fucking business, 1979. (I know they need to know how old I am but they don’t need my actual birthdate, that’s nonsense.)

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DT!Line looked a bit interesting! why was it scrapped?

Mostly because I have very few ideas related to it XD Just basically explanations of why i chose certain designs-

Asriel: Has the emblem, dedication to his role to eventually become king, he’s really conflicted and struggles with this though, hence the stripes on his face (Supposed to resemble tear stains I guess?? He would like to tell ANYONE he’s not ready but feels obligated to keep his role)

Chara: (You are about to learn the canon symbolism behind DT Chara) There is a piece of the emblem as well, but only the angel part.(Because Chara WAS the hope of the underground) Chara has a lot of conflict, when they die, the soul desperately tries to keep hold of the body to try and not give up. (You might remember the form weakening during Chara’s final death) Giving up on the heroic role. The vines have thorns because despite how easily Chara handles the deaths, they are all associated with pain (and suck) Also related: The literal tears.

I’ve always had a thing for abstract and symbolism but suck at showing it… so there’s like 10 different things I’ve snuck by people solely because I’m still working on making it obvious without ruining it


“Y/N! You over did it. We all tried to look cute and you dress like an actual clown!” Your friends giggle and you scrunch your nose. “I worked really hard on this costume.”

“I quite like it.” You turn around at the new voice and see a much scarier clown standing. His eyes a piercing blue and his costume incredibly good. “Holy crap your outfit is amazing! See this guy has the right idea. Clowns are were it’s at.” Your friends roll their eyes at your comment and giggle as the darker clown stepped closer, taking one of your hands and kissing the back of the glove.

“Why thank you, doll face. My name is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. And you are?” Your face grows heated as you don’t know what to do.

“Y/N hurry up and get his phone number, the bars are gonna be packed and we are meeting the guys there.” You blush darker. Were they trying to embarrass you? ”The name is Y/N. Um… can I call you sometime?”

“I’m afraid not, but we’ll see each other again. We are practically neighbors.” He let go of your hand and your friends start tugging and dragging you away, all of them wanting to party and get shitfaced. “Okay then…See you around! Pennywise.”

“See you around, SwEetHeaRT…”

I’d Like That

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Anonymous Requested: I’m so happy requests are open! I’ve had this idea for WEEKS! Ok so it’s a Richiexreader, where the reader has a reputation for being a super aggressive fighter and they start dating cause Richie tried to pick a fight and was super witty so it impressed her. This doesn’t really make sense as I’m typing it out, but I really hope you can write it!

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted, I hope it’s okay.

Yet once again, Richie Tozier was making a fool of himself in class for the sole purpose of gaining attention. In all of your years of being in the same class as the class clown, he never failed to do the very same thing; make a fool of himself or someone else so that the class would laugh and he could feel pride that he’d gained a bit of attention on himself.

Now that wasn’t to say the boy wasn’t smart or couldn’t ever do anything else. You’ve been in Richie’s class (somehow) since grade three and over the years you’ve gotten to know him just a little bit. Over the years, over the times you’d been paired together for projects or had been assigned seats next to each other, you learned the boy was extremely smart. He had the brains for something much more but he just chose other because he thought that way he wouldn’t fade into the background.

Little did the boy know that that wasn’t needed, you’d never forget him; whether you liked to admit it or not.

The teacher sent Richie back to his desk with a ashamed sigh, as the class erupted in joyful laughter. You couldn’t help but notice the faint smile on his lips, the laughter of his classmates probably echoing in his mind proud-fully. Once took his seat next to you, you turned to him with an unimpressed glance, “you do know that’s not needed right?”

He furrowed his brows, the smile slowly slipping off his face. “What are you talking about?” 

“You don’t need to make a fool of yourself to gain attention.” You sighed, and Richie’s face fell as your words sunk in. “I’ve known you for a long time now, Richie and you don’t need to- to do that. I would never forget you, even if you just sat in your desk and worked.”

You didn’t say anything else or let the boy say anything, instead opted for turning back to your desk and continued working. For the rest of the class, Richie was oddly silent but you payed it no mind, just continuing to do your work. It wasn’t until the end of class and you were packing up your things did you finally notice that you’d changed something within the boy.

Just as you finished packing up your things, Richie made his way over to your desk. “Y/N?”

You straightened out with a curious glance, smiling over at the boy. You faltered slightly when you saw the pondering and concerned expression on his face, and with the fact that he’d been eerily silent, you wondered if you’d upset him. “Hey, sorry about earlier… if I upset you-”

“No you didn’t.” Richie quickly clarified, before glancing up at you. “Just made me think. No one’s ever really said that to me, or cared so much…”

“Oh.” You mumbled, folding your arms across your chest with a faint blush.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me sometime?” He asked, shocking you. Suddenly the Richie you knew shined through and he smirked; “teach me your ways.”

You laughed, brushing a strand of hair behind your eyes; “i’d like that.”

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Hi! I'm not sure if you're still accepting prompts but if ever, I would like to request, kolivance modern au where Kolivan has a kid? Your preference on what kind of setting it would be for the both of Lance and Kolivan.

Hi there Nonnie! I’m sorry I took longer than usual to get to your prompt OTL

I posted the drabble on AO3! Here’s the > LINK <


  “Do you like my dad?”

  The question makes Lance choke on his soda.  He sets the glass down on the counter a bit too hard and some of the sticky liquid spills over, coating his fingers and forming a small pool around the base of the glass.

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Hi again. ☺️I hope you're doing well. If it hasn't already been done, could you make head canons for Sidon centered around what really ticks him off or puts him in a bad mood? What about him changes, and how does he act? Bonus points if you include how to cheer him up/calm him down. Thanks in advance, and take care! 💕

(I really tried not to repeat things because I don’t want to keep saying them a million times, so I added some new ones that I figured would tick off everyone’s favorite fish boi~ Also I have a weird feeling that I’ve done this before so I added those special bit~ Enjoy!~ )

Shark Attacks:

Warnings: Fluff, Angry boi

  • Littering (Especially In Water)

- Sidon never has to deal with this kind of problem in the Zora Domain because they, like him, all know how to treat their land well and respect the waters that their lives basically revolve around

- Not just the lives of Zoras either; these lakes, rivers, and oceans not only sustain their lives but also the lives of hundreds of other creatures. From small creatures like fish, turtles, and frogs too large ones like crocodiles, deer, even the Octorocks as vicious as they are

-  Everyone relies on these waters to be a reliable source of water that is fresh and clean so they can live and drink in fresh and clean water

- Not even just the water, the land is also important and it’s important not to tamper with the lifestyles of the creatures that live out there

- So when Sidon is faced with scenarios where people just nonchalantly toss their garbage and unwanteds out into the wilderness it just scratches him the wrong way

- Garbage like scraps of paper, rusty containers, screws, bolts, and other random things  

- He can not for the life of him understand why people would just throw such miscellaneous things that had no business being in the wild into the wild

- So he gets rather upset when he will find random bits of junk in the grass or floating downstream it upsets him

- Sometimes they turn out to be very interesting discoveries but most of the time it is just old junk (likely why it was tossed) and he is just instantly in a sour mood

- The amount of junk plays a factor as well; just one thing upsets him for an hour or so but finding piles of things just flung about will put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day

- He of course drops everything he is doing in order to clean it up

  • Insulting Rumor/Gossip

- Why even spread rumors?

- Sidon already dislikes gossip, he never saw the appeal in sitting down to discuss other people’s personal lives

- It just feels intrusive and wrong to be talking about someone who isn’t there to defend their names, or is also in the room but is just out of earshot of the whispering gossipers

- When these rumors turn out to be misinformed and just end up hurting the person involved in it the Zora gets very upset

- He just feels obligated to stop the spread of cruel and false words and prevent innocent people from getting hurt so that others can have a laugh at their “misfortune”

  • Winter

- More specifically the winter weather, even more specifically the cold temperatures

- Zoras are all cold blooded, and while they do have some resistance to the cold even their bodies have a limit, one that freezing cold winter weather definitely surpasses

- Luckily I imagine that while they experience a drop in temperatures they don’t get a lot of snow in their domain meaning they don’t have to be too cautious when it comes to the winter months and regulating their body temperatures

- But for as long as they’ve been living in their kingdom they surely must’ve experienced some exceptions where the temperatures dropped so low that leaving the sanctuary of their sleeping pools (heated for the sake of comfortability) rather difficult

- Another thing made difficult by these extreme temperature drops would be swimming because of how it leaves the rivers and lakes either body-numbingly cold or frozen to the point of being impossible to move through

- Which is unfortunate considering how swimming is one of Sidon’s favorite things to do and it is his preferred method of stress relief

- So not being able to let off steam and partake in this activity won’t make him angry but he will certainly be grumpy

How Does He Act:

  • Can’t Hide It Depending

- Sidon is not good at hiding his emotions, mostly because he isn’t used to having to hide them and he doesn’t enjoy doing that

- He wants the people he likes to know how he is feeling, after all if he can’t be honest with them then who can he be honest with?

- However in events where he absolutely must maintain his princely poise like at royal events where influential people that he must impress are important then he will try to put on his best face

- No dishonesty, he doesn’t lie about how he is feeling about the event or the people he just puts a small spin on it to seem calmer like the capable prince that he should be

- Acting disciplined is not an easy feat when he is upset though, he can try to cover it up with polite smiles and gestures

- But eventually he won’t be able to hide it and if he hides it too long it explodes out

- There are visible signs before he gets to that point though

  • Visual Signs/Ticks

- The first and most obvious sign is that Sidon’s body tenses up and all of his movements gain a certain stiffness to them

- A handshake feels forced and holding a conversation becomes strenuous due to his uncomfortability

- He straightens his posture and stands up to make his already towering figure even taller in order to intimidate whoever is around him (whether this is intentional or not is up for debate)

- It’s the simplest and most non-violent method of trying to push people away so they will stop pushing his buttons

- Other obvious signs are his eyes and the black pupils that dilate (expand) when he is truly angry about something

- It’s a common occurrence that happens amongst all Zoras

- Another thing that changes amongst all Zoras when they’re frustrated or feeling any sort of intense emotion is the flaring of the fins that extend from their elbows

- They stick out a little farther as another intimidation mechanism, it’s not a big change though and can often go completely unnoticed but to the knowing eye it is very apparent

- The rest of Sidon’s ticks are specific to him and are also things that could very easily be missed if one isn’t paying attention

- He clenches his fists behind his back as a method of restraining himself

- Briefly he will flash his sharp teeth through a wide grin or sneer as a wordless threat to the upsetter

- He becomes more anxious and restless which causes his methods to be more curt and wears his patience thin attempting to get away from the situation causing his turmoil

- He doesn’t like being in those situations any more than you do so he really just wants to run away if he could but it all comes back to his restraint

How to Stop/Tame the Beast:

  • See this post!~ It’s for a stressful day but the same rules apply~

    People love to point out that Robb had no idea what he was doing trying to lead an army, but you have to remember that he was 1) in emotional turmoil because his father was beheaded and 2) a fourteen-year-old boy.

   On the show, Robb’s about 17 in season one. He’s got a full beard, and he’s very obviously fully grown. He’s handsome, strong, and looks like the kind of young king anyone would follow.

    However, in AGOT, Robb is 14. He never even lives to see 17. I always had a picture of him in my head as a shorter, but strong reddish-haired kid that couldn’t grow a full beard though he was obviously trying to, and whose voice sometimes cracked when he tried to give orders.

Here’s a picture of Richard Madden at around 14:

and here he is as he appeared as Robb:

Would you really expect a kid as young as the one in the first pic to be a pro at leading on army?

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One of my little sisters friends who sleeps over a lot has been flirting with me for years. She always leaves my sister to see what I'm doing and usually tries to fall asleep on the couch with me later. Anyway a couple months ago when my sister as asleep and she was sleepy on the couch we started making out. Since then we've kept kissing in secret and I've fingered her a few times. She must be around 15 and I'm 20. She's so fucking cute and her pussys so tight, should I take her virginity?

Shouldn’t really give you advice. All I’ll say is that most likely where you are it isn’t legal. Be careful



  • UGH IM
Day6 as High School Students

Request: Can I get Day6 as high school students please? :-)


  • honestly just trying to make it through the day
  • between band practice, student government, and ap calc
  • tried out for dance club once
  • we all know how that went
  • impressing all the moms and teachers
  • but really everyone knows he’s lowkey weird
  • still doesn’t stop you from having a crush tho


  • that extra af theatre kid 
  • strives to live every day like it’s high school musical 
  • should have a punch card for detention
  • for as often as he’s in it
  • would probably be failing every class if it weren’t for brian
  • always trying to use the barter system
  • “i’ll do your homework if you spot me lunch” “jae, you don’t even do your own homework”


  • the really hot jazz band guy
  • but you never seem to have him in the same class as you
  • actually popular
  • but still can’t get his classmates to call him by his nickname
  • that guy tapping out a beat on his desk from the back row
  • always busy taking care of his freshmen friends
  • aka dowoon


  • wore dress clothes on his first day of school
  • complete with a tie and all
  • two words: anime club
  • everyone’s favorite freshman
  • volunteers to stay after class and help clean up
  • somehow rigged his schedule to be the same as dowoon’s
  • quietly sings to himself as he walks down the hall


  • drumline
  • still lets his mom pack his lunch for him
  • everyone thinking he’s a senior cAUSE THaT VOIcE
  • keeps all of his notes in his favorite cat folder 
  • avoids eye contact when the teacher is asking for volunteers to read out loud
  • too awkward to get a date for homecoming 
  • but it’s cool cause he goes with wonpil instead

A page from the wincest journal

It’s been thirty seconds and Dean can’t breathe. “Sam,” He tries to say but his brother licks the words out of his mouth before he even has the chance. His mouth is wet and hungry and his lips will surely be bruised tomorrow from the ferocity of Sam’s kiss and Dean needs more, so much more.

It’s been two minutes and the whole world could be burning to the ground for all Dean cares as his hips crash against his brother’s like hungry waves against a rocky shoreline. Needy and desperate but he doesn’t care. He needs this, needs it more than the air in his lungs.

It’s been five minutes and he feels like he’s drowning, lost in the sensation of Sam’s skin against his, so smooth and warm, and it feels amazing under Dean’s calloused touch. His hands shake as they follow the planes of his stomach, growing braver with every passing second before trailing over the sharp jut of his Sam’s hipbone. His fingers dance across his brother’s skin then finally wrap around his hard length. He tightens his grip and tugs, up and down, up and down, fingers already memorizing, already lost in the beauty of his baby brother.

“Sammy,” he whispers, his hot breath washing over the head of Sam’s cock. The smell of him makes Dean’s mouth water, makes him insane with just how bad he wants, he wants, he wants… He feels like a mad man, crazed, unstable, and so fucking hungry; a hunger only Sam can satisfy.

“Please!” Sam begs, and Dean does. Wraps his mouth around his brother’s hard length and takes him as far as he can go.

It’s been ten minutes and Sam cries out, spilling hot and salty, down his brothers throat and Dean drinks him down with the passion of a zealot. Savors every drop. Sam’s moans fill the room and it’s the most beautiful sound Dean has ever heard, like an angelic chorus fit for Sunday morning mass and it’s so fitting because Sam is the only religion Dean needs; the only place he’ll ever bend down to worship.

anonymous asked:

You could always incorporate bits of your old style into your new one if you want! I like your current style now but I’m always curious about your old art!

well, part of the reason I said that I feel very far removed from my old art is because 1) my style changed dramatically 2) I improved dramatically 3) my content is very very different now. Anything from my old style that I don’t use anymore is probably for the best. 

When I changed my style from that very very anime style I changed to something more “professional” and tried really really hard to distance myself from anime. I switched styles maybe 4 or 5 years ago and even from then, my art has improved so much that I still feel kind of attached to it, but not that much anymore. 

But it’s funny that you should say anything about incorporating bits of my old art into my new work because I feel like my style is slowly starting to slide back towards “anime” and honestly?? I’m really fine with it, I think I’ve found a happy middle ground that is a little more distinctly “me” ya know

That being said, most of my old art that is on the internet is now in dA storage because I got really tired of my crappy old Warrior Cats fanart showing up in my notifications six years later, but whatever isn’t has still been on my dA since the good ol year of two-thousand-ten, you just have to scroll a bit far

or alternatively, I guess I can just break it down with actual examples (I am omitting all animal artwork because that’s all I drew until I was like 13 so I want you to see my improvement in the drawing people area):

2010 barely grasping the idea of facial structure and anatomy. Anything I knew about drawing people was probably reference from a manga or a How-To-Draw-Anime book or something

later 2010 okay getting my act together a little bit, drawing a lot of head shots but that’s a start (for the record, I was perfectly capable of drawing that right eye, I just thought it was Cool and Dramatic to cover it so)

late 2010 or 2011?? SMALL HEADS, LONG LOOOOOOOONG BODIES MYYY GOODNESSSSSSSS give it a few months, you’re gonna start getting the opposite problem

2012 in what universe did I think this was an aesthetically-pleasing face

later 2012 okay I figured out the long-face thing (not saying much)

2013 okok now this was definitely where I switched to a different style entirely (still didn’t seem to know basic anatomy but thought Disney eyes would make it better??)

2014 closer to my current style, but peak of this style in particular. What the heck were bodies??? Arms were always too short and torsos tended to be short, hip placement wrong, etc etc (although I was using a lot of references. although that makes me think: how was I still so bad at anatomy)

and now, about 2016 to 2017 (current date) this is where I started noticing my, while still improving, my backtrack to the “anime” thing (the top-right pic made me notice it first)

anyways, this is probably way more of an answer than you were wanting or expecting, but idk I like getting questions about my art itself and I tend to get pretty happy and go on and on when asked about it (is that egotistical of me? maybe a little. probably.


Good boy

This is because Kasttle keeps making itself present. It’s the trailer’s fault, of course it is. 

It’s nothing like canon. I wrote it in a non-Punisher universe, but it can be read both ways. Reader’s choice, really. 

Hope you like it. I dropped a Karedevil piece for this, because everything is pretty shitty right now, and Kastle makes everything better. Hopefully it will make someone smile. 

Much love. 

She couldn’t even ask him about it.

It was there. Clear as day. She knew it, knew it like she knew her own name, but she couldn’t ask Frank about it. The one time she tried, he looked at her with such a condescending look in his face, as if she was telling him a joke he didn’t find funny, but smiled anyway to humour her.

But she knew.

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Midoriya Izuku x Reader Comic

Sunday Morning

asdfghjkl in case you guys were wondering “Acacia? what the fuck? have you been doing?” this was it lol. I finished these three pages about a week??ago?? and I’ve been trying to make the rest which would have been about another 3 pages but I can’t. the art isn’t coming to me and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish it. It’s obvi, very hard to draw a reader, so I tried to keep her as hidden as possible and left her color-scheme pretty blank. it’s the first comic I’ve ever made and tbh, the most I’ve ever drawn in general. I really hope you guys like it!! Tell me if you want to see any more of this type of stuff or if this sucked and u don’t want to. Also, if you see anything I should improve on, please tell me!! I probably won’t finish this lmao, it was really just a tester to see how it would play out on my blog.

+ older deku, like post-grad deku

Flicker album analysis

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I really wanted to write it down, so I did. I felt like most of the songs on Niall’s album told a chronological story when you put them in a particular order, so I tried my best to figure out what order that would be and analyse what exactly the song means. The only songs I haven’t analysed in this are This Town, Slow Hands and Mirrors, because he said they weren’t personal and when you think about it, they totally fall outside the story anyways. I know this is long so I apologize in advance!

Seeing Blind: I put this song first because Niall describes knowing what love is because he’s read it in books and seen it in movies, but  never really experienced it himself. Then he see this one person and he falls in love with them from a distance, he doesn’t think they will ever notice him but suddenly they do. The rest of the song talks about how that person finally made him experience love himself, but they’re so amazing he can’t believe they actually chose him.

Since we’re alone: This one is second because he describes already being in a relationship but the other person isn’t really open with him. He know they’ve been through some bad stuff, and he really want them to trust him because he knows it would make the two of them closer.

Fire away: This song basically has the same concept as Since we’re alone but I put it after that one because it feels like the two people in the relationship are closer here. The line ‘Hold me close but at a distance’ makes me feel like Niall was really close to someone in some ways, but he also knew this person was holding stuff back in other ways. He really thinks he can help his partner and he wants them to know that even if he doesn’t understand it, they can still talk to him about it.

You & me: At first I wanted to put this song after seeing blind because it seems like quite a happy song, but then I noticed there was already some issues going on in this relationship. Niall describes how his life is selfish and that they don’t have a lot of time, but he knows that if his partner has a bit of patience with him it will be alright. It also once again talks about how he knows his partner is not feeling good, but he’s telling her not to worry because in the end the both of them will be together. In this song he fully believes the relationship will be fine because they love each other.

The tide: I feel like this describes the first signs of his relationship failing, and he’s frightened about it because he loves this person a lot. ‘Those brown eyes, crying in a crowded bar.’ It feels like they’ve had one of their first fights, maybe about the other person not sharing enough with him since that’s one of the main themes of this album. It also feels like when that fight broke out, they both started oversharing, maybe his partner finally told him what was bothering them. The lines ‘Cause I’m needing you to understand, when I go all I ever seem to fear is that you’re gonna find someone and slowly watch me disappear.’ Makes me feel like what this person hasn’t been telling him is that they struggle with him never being there, but that when he’s gone he’s always worried they might find someone else. And basically, throughout the song he’s just begging this person not to leave him and fight for their relationship.

Flicker: I was a bit scared analysing this song because I know how much it means to him and I don’t want to say something that doesn’t make sense. I hope all of you know this is just my interpretation and I’m not in any way implying that whatever I said about any of the songs is 100% true. Anyways, this song feels like Niall and his partner had another fight earlier, one that was basically the last straw. But then it calmed down and they ended up lying on the couch together, he didn’t realise until then that their relationship would probably be over after that. Niall starts thinking about how it was when he just met this person, how their relationship took off and how happy that made him. He wants to try and hold on to that, and it basically gives him that small bit of fake hope that it’s not the end for them and just like in The Tide, he’s begging this person to please not leave him because he loves them so much. But then in the bridge I feel like he talks about that feeling of being on the edge of a breakup just hurts so much, he wishes it would all just be over.

Too much to ask: Niall himself said that this song is what happened after the evens of Flicker, so I had to put it here and it makes total sense. It feels like this was really shortly after their breakup (Only yesterday we were on the run). This song talks about the early stages of heartbreak, when the only thing you can think of is your ex, and everything you see reminds you of them. You think they could walk in at any moment and make up with you. And that’s what Niall wants in this. He hopes the person he broke up with starts regretting their decision and all he’s asking is for them to think about it for a little longer because he still loves them with everything he has.

Paper Houses: In this song he also talks about heartbreak, but it seems like here it’s been a little longer since it happened. He basically talks about the reason they broke up. His relationship had lots of ups and downs, at one point they could be on top of the world and at another at the bottom of the ocean. He wanted to fight for it so badly because he knew he wasn’t going to find love like that again any time soon. In this song he’s just starting to get over it a little bit. ‘So turn your head and let us go, I learned to breathe on my own.’ He even tells the other person they should just let it go, and he first realises here that he’s going to be okay on his own.

On the loose: To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this song is about the same story as the rest of the songs, but it could be and it’s not too hard to fit it in. I feel like this is about months after the breakup where he realised some things about his partner, and that they aren’t so perfect as he thought they were. This person was someone who basically messed with his mind, he loved them so much he kept falling for their tricks. They would always tell him he’s the only person they love, but then when something went a little wrong in their relationship they’d have a new partner in a matter of seconds. He’s over it in this song though and he’s warning other people about his ex in this song.

On my own: I put this one last because I feel like here he’s finally 100% okay with being single. He realised it has a lot of great advantages like, having drinks with your mates whenever you want, sleeping for as long as you want, etc. He prefers all of these things over being in a relationship. Then he sees this attractive person who he likes and it’s not like he wouldn’t have a little fun with that, but he doesn’t want anything serious anymore. ‘Your company’s fine, but I get on better with mine.’ Basically says that he loves being around other people, and he doesn’t mind the attention but there’s nothing he loves more than being on his own.

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Dude, the "a fic of tweek getting his wisdom teeth out and then forgetting that craig’s his boyfriend" you wrote was so cute! omg

ha! wrote a drabble 

When Tweek woke up and Craig came over to see him… Craig couldn’t even hide his smile. 

His boyfriend only groaned when he saw it. “I don’t like that smile, Craig Tucker… What did I do?” 

Craig tried dropping his grin, but he was failing, miserably. “Do you really want to know?” 

Tweek’s eyes widened in response. “Do I?” Alarm bells rang inside his head. 

“Well, I’m going to tell you anyways so get ready…” he chuckled and sat at the end of Tweek’s bed. 

“Oh shit, man…” Tweek tightened his grip on his sheets. 

“So, I don’t have the whole story, since I wasn’t there when you came out of surgery, but your parents told me what happened, so I’ll let you in on it too.” 

“This isn’t on film, is it?” his boyfriend cut him off. 

“No. I’m not that mean.”

“Thank God…” Tweek sighed. 

“Anyways… when you woke up, you had forgotten all about me.” This sounded horrific already, and this was just the beginning. Tweek wanted to jump out of his window, but stayed put. “Apparently you didn’t believe your parents when they told you had a boyfriend, and you spent the whole car ride home asking them questions about me. How could you forget about me, babe? That hurts…” Craig put his hand over his heart in feigned pain. If it wasn’t for his eat-shit grin, Tweek would’ve actually felt bad about forgetting Craig. “When you got home, you wanted to know who the hot stranger sitting on your front steps was.”

Tweek blushed. “Did I say that… or are you just calling yourself hot.”

“Just you wait…” Tweek whined at his response. “You actually blurted, ‘What a hunk’ when I stood up to greet you, and started crying when your parents told you that I was your boyfriend. You were too shy to leave the car, so I had to go back and open the door for you.” Seeing Tweek act like a grade school girl with a crush was probably the cutest thing Craig had ever seen, but he wasn’t about to mention that. “Well, you thought you were being quiet when you said, ‘Take me, you beast,’ but I was kind of standing right there. Other than that you were too shy to talk to me and insisted that you needed to be carried to your bed,” Tweek felt like he was going to die in this moment, and was so shocked he didn’t have a response. “So as the gentleman I am, I did just that.” 

Tweek put his head into his hands and whined again. “Please tell me that’s all…” he begged. 

“Nope.” Craig’s mouth popped. “The whole time I carried you up the stairs you pretended to slip as an excuse to grope my biceps and pecs. You made sure to let me know how strong I was, multiple times.” Tweek couldn’t handle this anymore. Craig wasn’t even that muscular. This was going to inflate his head so big it was going to pop. He could tell that Craig wasn’t going to let this go for at least a few weeks. 

“The. End.” 

“For now? Sure… I’ll give you a break. Got to have a good resting period, right?” Tweek smacked Craig with a pillow, hard

“This can’t top your surgery, could it? You thought we were married…”

“Yeah, but at least I didn’t start fanning myself the second I saw you…”

“I did what now?” Jesus Christ. Tweek was never having surgery again, and if he did, he wasn’t seeing Craig until he was completely healed… 

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hi im an entp and i think im dying. i feel like im starting to lose myself (granted that sounds way deeper than it really is). like i don't feel witty, i don't feel as normally 'me' as i do, and i also have this nagging feeling of irrational insecurity and im beginning to suspect my stunted si is to blame. how do i fix it? (trust me i've tried turning it on and off again)

Oh nooo. Ok first of all, you get 4302348390483290 points for the IT Crowd reference. 

Whenever I get this feel, it’s kind of like a total loss of inspiration or a lack of spark for anything in life. And it’s awful and dry and boring. I’ve found that what works best for me in these times is to try to re-focus on being as healthy as possible so that I at least have the energy to pick back up when inspiration sparks again. I’ve even noticed a correlation with feeling healthy and getting that interest in things again. 

So cook full meals, go to the gym, make plans to get lunch with friends… just surround yourself with health and normalcy. Read a book or attend a weird food truck event. Just try not to put too much focus on internal things. Once you get that interest from what’s outside of you and spark that Ne, your Ti will take hold again.