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Could you maybe make some hcs about how Werner Werman would act around his crush (reader), please?

Werner Werman and his crush (the reader) headcanons!

- He seems pretty normal on the outside around his crush, acting as he normally would with any of his friends. 

- However, this is just because he’s good at acting. In reality, he gets really nervous around his crush, but he refuses to show it because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself.

- Only occasionally he’ll give compliments to his crush or presents to them, but he tries to keep it as quiet as possible. He wants to show affection, but not too much.

- Maybe one day he’ll have the courage to tell his crush about how he feels, but at the rate he’s going, it’s likely not soon.

I do hope you enjoy these, anon!

- Mod Cuphead

A Higher Education PT.3

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 6,903

A/U: Enjoy yall! 

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Over the course of the following weeks, things were getting worse. I began to second guess myself with Shawn on almost everything. I’d ask myself almost every time if I was just being friendly or if I was flirting. Growing more unsure I felt the line of my friendship and my feelings beginning to blur. The more I grew unsure the more uncomfortable and tense I grew around Shawn, he had probably had no idea of this tension and never picked up on how I was feeling but that was because I was hiding it well. Nevertheless, there was a new wedge in our relationship and I had created it unintentionally.

It didn’t help either that Shawn and Lindsey’s relationship was slowly blossoming.

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Possibility P.3 [Peter Parker] [The Change]

Originally posted by pennym00

Pairing: Peter Parker x Chubby!Female!Reader

Warnings: Body Shame, Hurtful Words, Bullies, Cursing etc

Featuring: Ned, MJ

Part 2 Part 4Masterlist

Something changed.

You weren’t sure what caused the change. It was sudden though. Peter had been blowing Ned and you off for the longest time. It started out with him being late, then never showing and finally he just flat out cancelled or said he couldn’t make it. So, for a while, it had just been Ned and you. It had made your bond grow stronger- but it seemed it wasn’t strong enough. Sometime during the week, Ned had told you he was going over Peters in an attempt to get him to build the Lego Death Star with him and see what had him avoiding them so much. He had said he’d text you- but he never did. He came to school the day after and he was closer to Peter than ever before. They were whispering to each other in the halls and in class- and if you got too close they were quick to shut up.

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Talk too much // COIN (Alex Standall)

Title: Talk too much // COIN

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: hii could you do an Alex Standall imagine based on the song ‘Talk Too Much’ by COIN? I love your blog :)            

Word Count: 922 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Why can’t I leave it unsaid?

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. And this request is what I think the song explains from the beginning but I just didn’t use everything too literal. It’s about being uncomfortable with yourself being just too honest sometimes.

Saturday, Spending my morning with Alex was amazing. Especially when it was raining and he spent the night before at my house. Mom and her new boyfriend were on a trip, and we had the house to ourselves.

He usually wakes up, made some coffee and then I wake to make breakfast. Even this morning we did that, something turned to be different. It was raining and no matter what we did, probably it would be this way all the day. I loved rain, but Alex seemed to be disappointed we had to stay home.

“We still can do things. Just, enjoy the day.” I said and he smiled a little.

“Like what? Like homework?” He grabbed me by the waist and then pulled me to his chest.

“Maybe. So, you won’t call me tomorrow at 11 pm asking for help.” We both laughed and then I went to the living room. “Why we don’t watch a movie or something?”

“Maybe, I should take your advice and actually do my homework.” He continued and took from his backpack his notebooks.

“Good, I’ll be here reading, okay?” I told him and he nodded.

After some hours, he stopped doing his homework, and this time just stayed there looking at me.

“I think mom hates me.” I spit out and he crossed his arms. “Yesterday, I told her something really cruel, and she hasn’t even texted me since then.”

“What did you tell her?”

“That she looked easy to everyone because she couldn’t be in a serious relationship.” He made a surprised look at me, and I nodded.

“You were probably too honest for her. But, that’s how you are.” He said. “Just remember that time you spent your day at the director’s office just because you answered a little rude to a teacher, like a year ago.”

He tried to comfort me, but certainly, I just felt worse. I never could keep myself in silence, I always had to answer something to them. Sometimes I got in a lot of troubles because of that, but it wasn’t my fault. I just, let everything inside me go out and I had no filter to say certain stuff. I could fight everyone, and I had no idea how I did it.

“I’ll try to finish my homework to see if we can make something later when the rain stops a little.” I nodded, and he went to his books.

I tried to read again, but what Alex told me left me a little anxious. Sometimes I was too honest with everyone because I felt in confidence with people. I tried to make them feel confident too, but no, not really. They ended a lot more scared of what I said at the end. People get mad to know they aren’t always going to be right about everything. I just didn’t know if Alex thought what everyone else did. They said I was just too rude. Alex came to me after an hour and he looked worried.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to give you my opinion.” He said scared and touched my hand.

“I’m too annoying, right? Everyone just says it all the time and it’s true. I can’t keep myself quiet, and I have no filter. I’m too rude for everyone else and probably already think that about me and-”

He interrupted me with a kiss. A touchy, and careful one. Our lips attached to the other like a key that opens a door. He felt so good. He knew exactly how to make me feel and I loved him so much. He got away a little from me.

“I guess your plan works, my love,” I said and he smiled.

“In that case, when I feel you’re into so much talk, I’ll kiss you once.” He got closer and gave me a little kiss. “Or twice, I don’t know. Just the necessary.”

I smiled and he kissed me now pulling me closer to him. I sat on his lap this time, and he continued kissing me. I liked it. I talk too much, and I needed his lips to come and shut me up. That’s just what I needed.

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I read your trimberly fics, awesome!! Say, what about a smut one? Top!Kim and Bottom!Trini decide to study at Trini's place but they get horny, no one must hear them, but Kim wants to make her moan even though that means they can be caught? 7u7 If they get caught or not, it's up to you!

First of all, thank you for actually liking my fics. Second of all, I’m really, really sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to writing.

Also posted on AO3

“Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t,” Trini said, her eyes never leaving the textbook in her lap.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kim said from her spot on the bed right next to her.

“I can literally feel you staring at me like you wanna eat me.”

Kim smirked. “Well maybe I do.” Her hand crept beneath the book that Trini was reading and she gently trailed her fingers over the exposed smooth skin, silently thanking whatever gods might exist that her girlfriend had such an affinity for wearing such short shorts whenever she was relaxing at home.

“Kim,” Trini warned, glancing sideways at her. “We’re supposed to be studying. At least that’s what you told my parents, who, by the way, are right downstairs with my little brothers.” She grabbed Kim’s hand and placed it on the bed. “So this can’t happen right now.”

“Oh come on, Tri—”


Kim made a disgruntled noise and sighed. “Fine. It’s not like you’d be able to keep quiet enough anyway.”

Trini immediately looked at her with narrowed eyes. “Excuse me? I can be quiet!”

Kim scoffed. “No offense, babe, but you really can’t. How do you think the guys keep catching us all the time?”

“Maybe because you have no self-control and always jump me after we’re done training.”

Kim pretended to think about that before shaking her head. “Nope, it’s definitely because you’re too loud.”

“Am not!”

“Are too.”

“Am not!”

“Are too.”

“You know what? Fine.” Trini slammed her book shut and threw it on the ground. She swung a leg over Kim’s side, effectively straddling her, and placed her hands on either side of Kim’s head. “Let me prove it. Right here, right now. I won’t make a single sound.”

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Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 6,903

A/U: Enjoy yall! 

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Over the course of the following weeks, things were getting worse. I began to second guess myself with Shawn on almost everything. I’d ask myself almost every time if I was just being friendly or if I was flirting. Growing more unsure I felt the line of my friendship and my feelings beginning to blur. The more I grew unsure the more uncomfortable and tense I grew around Shawn, he had probably had no idea of this tension and never picked up on how I was feeling but that was because I was hiding it well. Nevertheless, there was a new wedge in our relationship and I had created it unintentionally.

It didn’t help either that Shawn and Lindsey’s relationship was slowly blossoming.

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Kpop as korean drama characters

Warning: Cancerous content. 

YG: The wealthy ass chaebol leader. Pretty cool but stern. His first wife died and he married SM.

Big Bang, 2ne1: Eldest children. Successful and popular but 2ne1 ditched home after finding out that her father had an affair with Bighit. Big Bang is still popz.
iKON: Grew up without parental love because his mom died and YG was too detached from the world to take care of him. Looks up to big brother Big Bang a lot. Generally cool kid but is rash and sometimes talks without thinking.
Winner: Second youngest in the YG fam and is the third child of YG and SM. He doesn’t share a lot of hip hop swag soul like his YG pureblooded siblings and is bullied by iKON occasionally. Just wants to be friends with others. Honestly the sweetest kid in YG’s fam.
Black Pink: Baby girl. Just born. Already has a lot of her father’s swag and her mom’s fierceness and the public’s adoration.

SM: The bitchy wife of YG. Lives for drama but denies orchestrating them. Started out righteous but burst a nerve when her husband died and became a little cray with the handling of her following children. 

Super Junior, SNSD: Majorly successful children from SM’s first marriage. Currently helping out mom with the company but SNSD fell out with mom some time before. Suju had childhood trauma but is fine now.
SHINee, f(x): Twins born after their biological father died. SM got crazy while raising them. Fortunately, none suffered psychological trauma. f(x) met some problems through her teenage years and ran away for a while. SHINee could be Winner’s true older brother in another universe.
EXO: The first child SM and YG had together. He has his dad’s hip hop skills and mom’s good voice. Good looking. But because of the extreme attention the media pays to him, he become introverted and quite shy. The media and his own mom only twists his image to a cold one but honestly, he just wants to make friends. (That BTS seems like a nice dongsaeng but screaming girls don’t allow him to approach him)
Red Velvet: Everybody hated her at first and honestly she hated herself but her mom for once told her she was the best daughter she ever had and she changed herself. Now the public loves her. Bubbly and cool.
NCT: Second youngest child of SM and YG. He takes more of YG than SM this time. Publicly famous but no one actually bothers about him. Has too many hidden talents. Mom can’t handle any more kids.

JYP: The childhood sweetheart of YG but they never got married because JYP was too poor at that time. Quite a peaceful and happy family, away from the drama.

Wonder Girls: Married and happy.
Miss A: Had some familial insecurites but is now happy.
GOT7: Cool, happy go lucky, plenty talented and sometimes too high. Dabs as his past time. Enjoys a good deal of popularity now. Attended the same schools as BTS and EXO. Everybody likes him, really.
Twice: Everybody loves her. Really really adorable. Popular the moment she was born. T.T XD :3

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 4

Maisie paced back and forth in the dressing room.   The press conference was in half an hour and no one had any idea where Niall was.  She had sent Nolan to his house to make sure he wasn’t just being an obstinate ass only to be told that Niall wasn’t even home.

Maisie checked her watch as she turned to pace back across the room.  She rubbed her hands together.  Kyle was out searching every possible spot anyone could think of while Janina held off the reporters in the room while she answered questions with as many non-answers as she could come up with.  And Nolan stayed at Niall’s house to make sure he didn’t show up.

It was safe to say this was a disaster.

Maisie was about to call the whole thing off when the door burst open.  Kyle had Niall’s arm around his neck, mostly carrying him into the room while Niall’s head bobbed back and forth like a ragdoll,

“He was with Melinda.”  Kyle informed Maisie.

Maisie sighed,


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January 4, 1985

Russia hit me with a missile last month… but it was just an accident, really. It flew over Norway´s place, and crashed then somewhere.

I tried to keep quiet about it, because I haven´t found it yet, and I didn´t want to cause a conflict, but Norway told about it to everybody a couple days ago.

…And now they think that I tried to protect Russia…

(Here, missile, missile! Luckily it didn´t hit anyone. We don´t even know yet where it crashed)

Oh, and Russia called and said that he´s sorry, I guess he called to Norway, too. This was new, he doesn´t usually feel like explaining things to anyone.


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sometimes i think about alphonse, after getting his body back, forgetting that he has WEIGHT, or the concept of getting tired, and is just delighted when he goes on a walk and has to stop afterward. basically, i enjoy the idea of alphonse getting giddy over the strangest things (like sneezing, and blinking, and burping, and getting a haircut, and all sorts of things).


You know what I also love though? Along the same vein, but something that gets a lot less attention:

Alphonse DOES have a lot of moments of feeling downright giddy over having sensation back: warmth, touch, taste, smell. But, all of that is A LOT, especially all at once. Sometimes too much. Alphonse gets sick for the first time in four years and the pain terrifies him. He can only walk for a couple minutes at a time due to his atrophied muscles, and coming from a body that used to never tire, it makes him feel useless. He finds he has a hard time being around the Resembool farm animals (boy do they smell) or finding a comfortable position to sleep in now that feeling is constantly assaulting him, or even just easing himself back into eating.

His whole life is suddenly defined by sensory overload. Sometimes it’s downright magical. Sometimes it’s borderline torturous. But Al never really dares to speak up about the bad parts because he’s supposed to be loving every second of it. That was the future they dreamed of. He feels he has to play his part now. Especially since Ed gave up his alchemy for this. Ed joined the military for this. Ed sacrificed years of his life for this. (Let’s be real: the journey was never about Ed’s body—he got on just fine with his automail parts). And everything is happy now. So Al feels so much pressure to hide the frustration and anxiety at the risk of seeming ungrateful.

And Al starts acting differently. Much more reserved, shuts himself away more, until one day Ed finally interrogates him about it and Al breaks down. He admits all of this to Ed. He expects Ed to be annoyed, or sad, but actually Ed just laughs. Like full-body “Oh man that’s why you’ve been acting weird lately?” sort of laugh. “Al, being human can suck.” And Ed goes off ticking through his fingers about all the shit he (but not Al) had to deal with while traveling. The “fiery hot stinging pain” whenever you accidentally brush against some injured part after a fight. The times he had to go to bed without dinner because he and Al rolled into this middle-of-nowhere town at 11pm with everything closed. All the mornings he woke up ice-cold in Briggs, stiff against a prison bench. All the foot blisters and cracked skin and and sunburn and the struggle of trying to track down a decent shower with a bar of soap when he reeked to high-heaven because he and Al spent 4 days in the elements following rumors of some “mystical magical alchemist guru” who maybe knew something about the stone.

Ed concludes with a statement about how so much of being in a human body sucks. And he tried to keep really damn quiet about it on their journey out of sensitivity, but like—Al if you wanna talk about the suckishness of being able to feel, Ed’s your posterchild for that. By the end of it, Al’s laughing too.

And Al’s a lot more open about how he really feels after that.

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♤ and kisuharu?

♤: Taking a bath together

“Stop squirming.”

Kisumi whined. “I can’tttt, it feels tingly…”

Haru scowled and continued to work the lather through Kisumi’s hair. Kisumi didn’t admit it to Haru, but his fidgetiness was only partially from Haru’s fingers in his hair (a weakness of Kisumi’s that Haru had discovered and taken advantage of long ago). 

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Can you do Taekwoon confessing to the guy he likes? Keep up the good work 😚

aw this is cute

-he would look really cool and collected but actually be… very nervous

-he’d been thinking for a while about how to tell you because he kind of realized his feelings for you changing a while ago

-and he’s kept quiet for the sake of not putting a strain on your friendship because you’ve been best friends for years and are roommates and everything like he’s on thin ice

-it doesn’t really help that you make all these coupley jokes and call him your boyfriend sometimes when you feel like being funny

-”c’mon be a good boyfriend and throw away my gum wrappers”

-”i’m not your boyfriend no”

-but inside he’d be like fuc that would be the dream

-it especially tears him up when you tell him you love him because he thinks you only mean it in a platonic way when he feels it differently

-like you’re just really free with it like you might say that hes your hero and you love him if he decides to share his ice cream with you

-stuff like that

-and so one day you start talking about how neither of you have dated for a while and you should both go out to a bar or something to find some dick

-and he’s like !!! how do i tell him oh my god

-and finally after your tangent on how you miss dating and how you need to find somebody you notice that he’s gone more quiet than usual and his face is a little red

-”taek what’s wrong am i embarrassing you or something?” 

-”no it’s just… difficult to talk about this.” 

-”wait why am i bothering you im sorry-” 

-”no i just- i don’t want to think of you with some other guy because i have feelings for you that are more than friendship and i’ve had them for a while and i tried to keep quiet but… you know.” 

-and you’re like how thats the most emotion youve ever really showed to me??? 

-and then it fucking hits you- holy shit he??? 

-but when you really think about it and everything 

-notice all that you’ve been doing to him that you thought was joking but might have been a little bit real

-it’s easy to see that you have feelings for him too that you had just been misguided about 

-so he looks like he’s gonna die (or shit a brick) when you finally turn back to him with your answer and you’re just like i feel the same way??? i think i’ve had feelings for you for a long time too but just not noticed it???

-and he can’t believe it so he’s instantly like no don’t pity me it’s okay you don’t have to do that

-so you just have to shut him up and you grab him by the shoulders and say: i can prove it close your eyes

-and you kiss him really gently and everything is perfect

So I’ve got a lot of headcanons about Yuuri dealing with anxiety and I want to yell about all that for a bit:
- Yuuri has been dealing with anxiety since he was about 11-12. He was a somewhat nervous and shy child before that, but it didn’t really turn into something serious until he was a pre-teen.
- He’s been to doctors about it and takes medicine. He tries to keep it all very private, he’s terrified of what would happen if the media found out and plastered the internet with his big secret, ‘KATSUKI YUURI HAS AN ANXIETY DISORDER AND IS A GIGANTIC FRAGILE MESS OF A HUMAN BEING, HOW DOES HE EVEN MANAGE TO PUT ON HIS SKATES BY HIMSELF, MORE AT 11’
- Outside of his family, the only people who know are Yuuko and Phichit. Yuuko hasn’t even told Takashi about it because Yuuri begged her not to, though he certainly suspects. And then, of course, Victor happens.
- Yuuri starts taking his pills in the privacy of his bedroom because haha he’d rather Victor not know about this.
- It’s a lot harder to keep it quiet when they’re traveling for competitions and Yuuri’s gotten a lot more comfortable with Victor but he’s still just…not over all that internalized shame he’s grown up with about having an actual mental illness. There’s no need for Victor to know.
- So he makes the big mistake of just not taking his pills while he’s in China. The medicine builds up in your system anyway, so even in the past when he’s missed a day or two, he’s usually okay. Should be fine to get through the Cup of China, right?
- He’s okay through his short program but by the end of that day he’s starting to feel Not Great.
- And everything turns out okay there in the end but after the free skate Yuuri realizes that he really does have to talk to Victor about all this because they can’t have a repeat of that whole disaster.
- He was afraid Victor would think less of him or be mad about him keeping secrets, and Victor is a little angry, but mostly he’s feeling guilty and sad that Yuuri didn’t trust him enough to tell him sooner, that Victor didn’t make him comfortable enough to be honest with him. What a crummy coach he is.
- And he’s still feeling bad about the car park because he knows he fucked up, even if he didn’t know Yuuri’s got a diagnosis and pills and all, he’s still known Yuuri gets anxious for months now, and he should have known better than to, you know, threaten someone who’s on the verge of a panic attack
- Yuuri enthusiastically agrees with him there, yeah, that was really stupid of you
- And they both laugh and. it’s okay. They broke the ice. They can talk about this openly now, and Victor isn’t going to leave or think less of him, and Yuuri is going to be more honest from now on, and they’re okay.
- From then on Yuuri puts his medicine case on the kitchen table and swallows the pill while having his morning coffee with Victor. No more hiding.
(More under the cut because this is long)

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Just a few sentences (knowing you, a few paragraphs) of Jay telling Elliot why he loves him. I'd imagine it's hard for Jay to open up like this, but maybe something happens that leads to Jay needing to tell Elliot why he will always love him. Maybe Elliot's having a bad day?

Haha you know me so well, this is a lot more than a few sentences. I wrote this really quickly but I hope you like it! It’s fun to write some stuff not related to sickfic every so often

Elliot had always tried not to get Jay’s status get in the way of their relationship too much. It was dumb to think about it anyway. He tried never to judge strangers by now much money they had, so why should his boyfriend be any different? But thinking that and actually believing it were pretty different things.

He’d been keeping quiet for hours. For days, really, or for years. But when Jay responded to a quick kiss on the cheek with an absent-mined “I love you,” Elliot hadn’t been able to hold it in.

“Why?” he asked, and Jay just scoffed.

“You know why.”

“No, I don’t,” Elliot insisted. Tears were welling in his eyes already. Of course. Of course they were. Just another thing that must drive Jay crazy. He blinked hard. “You’re rich. Your whole family’s famous. You’re a genius. You have everything. Why are you still hanging around with me?”

Jay stared at him for a few seconds, not speaking, surprise etched clearly on his face.

“You know it’s true,” Elliot continued. “Everyone your family hangs around is like…the best in the world at whatever they do. They’re all special. You’re all special. And I’m just normal, and you know it, so why do you bother?”

Jay paused for a few seconds, then spoke softly, reaching a hand out to Elliot’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t mean anything. I’ve told you that,” he said. “The best and the brightest or whoever my parents spend their time with – they’re the ordinary ones. Just a little above average and wealthy enough to run with it. If you’d started out where they did, you’d leave them all in the dust. I know it.”

Elliot didn’t look convinced. Jay frowned, stroking his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair.

“And it’s more than that. Much more,” he went on. “You’re not ordinary at all. You’re so kind. You care about people. You do things for them. You’re the only person I’ve ever met who’s genuinely selfless.”

Elliot just shook his head. “Yeah, but you don’t care about that stuff.”

“Of course I do,” Jay replied. “It’s just difficult, incredibly difficult. It would be too much for me to handle, but you…”

He paused, and seemed realize the sheer adoration in his voice. His cheeks went red.

“Anyway, I won’t go on. But you are by far the most impressive person I’ve ever known. That won’t change, Elliot. You know that, don’t you?”

Elliot managed a slow nod. Maybe he was too trusting, too naïve, but somehow, he had to believe it.

Okay but sometimes it just hits me that it’s very strange that thousands of people just shitpost about how much they ship two people and everyone tries to keep it quiet and fluffy so as not to be too creepy but there’s basically a constant feeling of expectation and I can imagine for DandP it’s like a really amped up version of when your friends are all waiting for you to kiss someone at a party. But like the party is the whole internet and the kiss is a declaration of your undying love.

Chapter 11

I opened my eyes to see white. White everything and everywhere—white lights blinding me but warming me at the same time. I felt comfortable and at peace. This must be what death is like. Soft, sweet, and soundless—painless. I sighed and smiled both happy and sad that I’m no longer on Earth. As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, ringing in my ears began taking away the soundless atmosphere. I felt someone’s fingers slowly brushing through my hair as I tried to regain myself.

“Hey Angel, you awake?” a familiar voice asked me.

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Self-preservation ~ Got7 Mark

Request: Mark scenario where you two fight and you leave to cool off but you don’t know Seoul very well so when you leave you get lost and you’re scared and cold and you call Mark to come get you

Word Count: 1,779

You couldn’t believe you’d been so stupid. You’d stormed out of your apartment without even picking up your jacket and it was cold enough outside to have you shivering. But worse than that you were lost and again you had no one to blame but yourself. While it was true that you weren’t all that familiar with Seoul yet if you’d been paying attention to where you were going you’d probably have been able to retrace your steps. You hadn’t been paying attention though, you’d been too busy thinking up creative and unflattering names to call your boyfriend the next time you saw him. But it was okay, you knew your address, all you had to do was find a main road and hail a taxi. Yes, you could fix this.

And then you realised that not only had you left your jacket behind but you’d also left your purse which meant no money and no travel card.


But there was no need to panic. You had your phone, you’d noticed it on the side table as you’d been angrily shoving your feet into your shoes and you’d picked it up before heading out the door, slamming it behind you. So yes you had your phone which meant you had access to the internet. The internet was a magical thing, it would tell you where you were and how to get home again. Feeling a little better about things now you unlocked your phone. And then immediately started to panic again as you noticed how little battery you had left. You didn’t know how long you’d been walking for exactly but the bar was in the red meaning there was every chance your phone would cut out on you before you made it even halfway home.

That wouldn’t be so bad if you could count on there being plenty of people around to ask for directions. It was dark though as well cold and you were surrounded by shops and office blocks that were locked up for the night, there were no houses or restaurants or karaoke bars in sight. It was incredibly quiet and that scared you. Not only did it mean there was no one to ask for directions it also meant that if something bad happened to you there was nowhere you could run to for help.

But no, you shouldn’t think like that. If you wanted to get home in one piece you needed to stop imagining the worst and think logically. And the most logical thing you could do would be… um… hmm…

Thinking logically was hard to do when you were freezing cold and petrified.

This was all Mark’s fault you thought bitterly. If hadn’t been so dead set on starting an argument earlier then you wouldn’t be out here in the first place. And just thinking about the way he’d spoken to you back at your apartment was enough to push the panic you’d been feeling to the back of your mind, anger rolling over you instead. Yeah his day had been crappy but so had yours, you hadn’t used it as an excuse to snap at him over nothing. He could be such an asshole sometimes.  

But asshole or not you couldn’t help wishing he was there.

With a sigh you unlocked your phone and pulled up your recent contacts list. You paused for a second, your thumb hovering over Mark’s name. He never stayed mad for long, he was probably feeling guilty already. If you did call he’d no doubt apologise and if he apologised then you’d have to apologise too. Just because the argument hadn’t been your fault that didn’t mean you hadn’t overreacted. If getting snappy with you when he was stressed was Mark’s thing overreacting when people snapped at you was yours. You just weren’t sure you were ready to admit that yet.

Your gaze was soon drawn to the red bar in the corner of the screen though and you were reminded that your phone might die on you any minute and self-preservation won out over pride. Taking a deep breath you hit call and brought your phone up to your ear.

Mark picked up almost immediately. “Where the hell are you?” he barked before you could say a word.

This had you frowning for a couple of reasons. The first reason being you’d been expecting some concern or an apology and had gotten neither of those things. The second reason being you didn’t know how to answer the question.

“Um… I don’t know?” you offered, refraining from scolding him for the lack of manners he’d just shown. You couldn’t afford to get into another argument right now. If you wanted to avoid ending up with hypothermia or worse you needed his help and you weren’t going to get that if he hung up.

There was a beat of silence and for one horrible a second you thought your phone had died on you already. But then Mark was talking again and you were breathing a sigh of relief.


“I said I don’t know.” You repeated. “I have no idea. I just started walking, I didn’t think about where I was going. And now I’m lost. I’m lost and it’s dark and it’s cold. It’s really quiet and it’s really creepy and I have no money for a taxi. All I have is my phone and it doesn’t have much battery. Oh god, what if someone comes while I’m talking to on the phone? They’ll know I’ve got something worth stealing and there’s no one here to stop them. If someone tries to mug me what do I do? I should have taken those self-defence classes I keep getting fliers about. But no, ‘it’s too much money’ I told myself, ‘it’s not like I need to take them’, and now I’m…”

It was at this point Mark decided to butt in. “Slow down.” He told you, “No one’s going to mug you. Just tell me where you are and I’ll come and get you.”

“I don’t know!” If you knew where you were you wouldn’t be having a mental break down.

“I know you don’t know.” Mark assured you sounding ever so slightly exasperated. “But you can read can’t you?”

Of course you could but you failed to see how that was relevant. Literate or illiterate you’d still be lost, it wasn’t like you’d been reading street signs or anything as you’d walked, if you had you wouldn’t have needed yo call Mark, you’d be on your way home by now.

Oh. Wait…


Twenty minutes after telling Mark the name of the street you were on you looked up and saw someone Mark-sized walking towards you. That didn’t mean it was Mark though you reminded yourself fighting the urge to run over and throw your arms around him. It might be a Mark-sized mugger and then where would you be? You took a step closer to the wall and tried to make yourself look smaller.


So it wasn’t a Mark-sized mugger then. That was a relief.

And it was just as well he’d thought to call out to you when he spotted you because he was jogging down the street towards you now. If you’d still been thinking mugger you wouldn’t be heading to meet him halfway you’d be running in the opposite direction.

You came to a stop, intending to apologise but the next thing you knew your face was pressed to your boyfriend’s chest and his chin was resting on the top of your head. “Um, hi,” you mumbled. His arms were wrapped around you so tightly you were surprised you could still breathe.

“Don’t scare me like that.” he breathed, his voice trembling slightly.

You pushed against his chest. He shifted position a little so you could look up at him but he didn’t loosen his grip. He hadn’t sounded scared over the phone, if anything he’d sounded annoyed. “What?”

“In the time it took me to get here anything could have happened to you.”

You frowned. “I thought you said I’d be perfectly safe if I just stayed where I was.”

“What else was I supposed to say? You were freaking out.”

He had a point. If you’d known he was worried you’d have been even more worried. You still didn’t appreciate him lying to you though. Your frown deepened.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He protested. He leant down and kissed the crease between your eyebrows. “I just didn’t want to scare you. I was scared enough for the both of us.”

His voice sounded a little more level now but you could tell he meant it. You really had scared him. “I’m sorry.” Your hand found the nape of his neck, your fingers twisting in his hair as you pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Next time I’ll make sure to remember my purse.”

Mark snorted. “How about next time you don’t storm out like a moody teenager.”

There was no real bite to his words, in fact he was smiling but that didn’t stop you taking a step back so you could punch his shoulder. “I wouldn’t have had to storm out if you hadn’t been acting like a temperamental toddler.” You countered.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” He said still smiling. And then he noticed what you were wearing and his smile faded. “You must be freezing.” He said and he started to unzip his jacket.

“Give me that and you’ll be freezing.” You argued with a roll of your eyes. He’d never been very good at dealing with the cold. “I’m fine.”

Mark shrugged his jacket off anyway and held it out. “Just so you know I’m not going to put it back on so you may as well just take it.” He said cutting off any argument you might have had.

You sighed and stuck your arm through one sleeve, letting him help you slip it on. You didn’t have the energy to argue with him. And he was right, you were freezing. You zipped it up, tucked your chin into the collar and pulled the fabric up over your nose before shoving your hands into the pockets. That was so much better you thought, humming slightly at the warmth.

Satisfied he’d won Mark shot you another smirk then slung an arm over your shoulders, pulling you into his side. You removed one hand from the pocket you’d just shoved it into and slipped an arm around his waist. He’d given his jacket up for you, the least you could do was keep him warm as you walked.

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The GoM + Kiyoshi + Kagami seeing their crush having a sex dream about them.

KUROKO: While he was generally a man of few words, Kuroko couldn’t keep quiet after catching you in the middle of the dream. “____-chan…” He waits for you to wake up because otherwise it was too awkward.

KAGAMI: He’s red in the face whenever he looks at you because he can’t stop imagining about what you were dreaming about. He feared if he stuck around, he’d get aroused and do something dumb.

KIYOSHI: He’s a gentlemen so he tries to push dirty thoughts away, but he also doesn’t want to leave your side. “Haha, I don’t really get you at all.” He says, though it made him a bit happy that he was on your mind.

KISE: Kise was listening to everything with interest. He can’t seem to pull himself away, even though this close proximity was tempting him. ‘This is dangerous, ____cchi! Stop moaning my name like that!’

AOMINE: His usual bored expression was different today when he caught you deep in sleep. He feels a smirk pull at his lips when you’re making sexy noises and calling for him. ‘How often do you dream about me, ____?’

MIDORIMA: His cool demeanor was gone in front of you. He’s worried that once you wake up and see him, he won’t know how to react. ‘What am I supposed to say?!’ He wonders. ‘That this is turning me on?!’

MURASAKIBARA: He’s a little bit jealous of the 'Mukkun’ in your dream, who was enjoying you right now. But when he looks at you, he supposes dreams can come true. “____-chin, come back to reality already…“

AKASHI: Of course your various movements and moaning were distracting, but Akashi didn’t touch you in your sleep. Instead, he anticipates what’s to come once you awoke. ”____, you’ve got some explaining to do…“

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2/2 you'll see how he's really making an effort to be more open and playful with the audience (he even sings at one point). But, imo, he still struggles with it. Misha handing him the phone and leaving might be the only time Jensen has alone-time with fans on social media. So that was a rare moment, and as a Jensen fan I'm really grateful to MIsha for doing that. He not only encourages Jensen to talk more (rather than talking over him constantly like Jared), but he pushes him into the spotlight

½ You are correct. Jensen has major anxiety when he’s by himself, esp onstage. For example, there’s a story about how he kept throwing up backstage before going onto a talk show for DOOL. And in his earliest Spn interviews/panels, (Paisley 2005 for example), he’s debilitatingly shy and can barely look at the audience. He’s gotten a lot better with it lately. He had to step up his solo game in Jared’s absence at JiB and AHBL last year. If you look up his solo panels from JiB 2015


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That made me want to cry, beautifully said. Jensen’s public anxiety seems worse than mine, I just shut down and can barely function, I get really quiet and if I can avoid it I will. I didn’t know Jensen had it so bad, especially for a guy who has so much going for him, it really puts in perspective Misha leaving him alone like that during the stream just…..asdfghjkl kill me fucking kill me. I can’t even! I think Jared tries to carry the load for Jensen and doesn’t mean anything by talking over him or just over excited and doesn’t think about it too much. I love Misha’s encouragement, he’s such a daddy to Jen……I better keep my mind from going in that direction.😈

 I’m starting to feel since last year or so, that Jen is grateful for Misha and has been seriously paying it forward. Misha’s been so loving and caring towards Jen in ways it seems he’s truly not used to, I don’t wish to bring Danneel into this I’m sure there are amazing things she does for him, he married her, but something that Misha does brought this dare I say more mature and new Jensen to the forefront? Of course being a father will do that too, but he’s so damn happy around Misha to the point he truly wants to break out and be more, be funny like Misha even, make ppl laugh like Misha does, I see him trying. He’s doing things he’s not used to, and I remember while he’s at Jib 6 where everything always is weird in the best Cockles way, he was so surprised at how wild he got, how much energy he had, he commented and said when did it get so weird or something like that, he didn’t understand what was happening, what was going on, just utter chaos. It was like a personal revelation for him, I’ve never seen him so wild and free like that con. There’s a remarkable difference with J2 and cockles panels, but Jensen has been bringing that renewed energy to those panels with Jared and giving into Jared’s weirdness, but the tone is still different from Cockles, Cockles is lunacy. I think Jen secretly loves it, reasons he jumps on Misha’s back after tripping him in the hall in front of fans, when did Jensen become this person? Cockles has done amazing things not just for us, but has helped him in ways we can never imagine though we try. I can go on for ever dissecting those too just ugh…