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fratboy!luke was so clueless on what to do the moment he started to have feelings for you. he didn’t do the relationship thing; fuck, he didn’t even know how to do the relationship thing. the only memories left of all the girls he’s been with are flashes of blurred faces, rumpled sheets, and dark hickeys. so, naturally he was a nervous wreck knocking on your door with a bouquet of flowers in hand (ones he’d spent hours picking because “should i even get her flowers?” “what if she’s allergic” “which ones would she like best?” “should i go with daisies or roses?”) in his best jeans, a black button up, and a pair of black converse.

In the Shallows

Pairing: Jongkey
Rating: R, mostly, with one NC-17 segment
Word count: 29,000
Warnings: Violence, language, child abuse
Other notes: This was my entry for Shinee Big Bang this year! It was a privilege to go up against so many good writers! You can check out the winning entries here! Special shout-out to minearebigger for winning first place! It was such a treat to be their beta reader. ^^

Under the water, the silence filled his ears until only the throbbing of his heart remained. Under the water, his clear eyes gazed up at the reflected ribbons of light that undulated across the ceiling like a school of fish. Under the water, his arms lost their heaviness and floated by his side. Under the water, he was at peace.

For as long as he could hold his breath.

Jonghyun sat up, gasping, in the bath, the water coursing off his hair and over the curved slope of his back, and meeting the water below with a ringing slap. They were fighting still, downstairs, and he could hear the heavy sound of his father’s feet on the linoleum, as he paced, as he always did, in front of the kitchen table. His mother was talking now, very rapidly, in sharp, querulous bursts, interrupted every few moments by the deeper rumble of his father’s voice. And standing out against it all, the shrill beeping of the oven timer, which invaded and dominated his brain until that was all he could hear, and he felt he might go mad if he had to listen to the insistent noise for one more moment.

He hurriedly washed himself and stood up in the tepid bathwater, shivering as he waited for most of the water to scurry down his back and legs. There was a bathmat, but he was not supposed to stand on it while soaking wet, or he would be scolded for leaving it sodden on the floor. At last he lifted one foot and shook it clear of the water before placing it neatly on the bathmat, followed by the other. Only then did he reach for the thin towel on the counter in front of him, and palm his shaggy hair roughly with it, before wrapping it neatly around his hips. 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAGAMI-KUN!!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

In which Kuroko tried to greet Kagami on facebook. Normally.

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43 & Murphy for the drabble game? c:

A/N: You know who can’t properly do the drabble game? Me. Because this isn’t a drabble. But here you go! Hope this doesn’t make you want to poke your eyes out. The prompt list can be found here.

Warning(s): Not NSFW but an agonizing attempt at something steamy.

xliii. “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

“You know, if you’re bored Y/N, you are cordially invited to come back to my tent later for some fun.”

Standing across from you at the firepit was Murphy, his arms crossed and a cocky grin present. He did this frequently, caught you when you were away from your friends and made suggestive offers. Honestly you had mixed feelings about where you stood on this. Sometimes he rubbed you the wrong way, looking at you strangely like how a toddler would to a parent, trying to tell them they wanted something but not knowing the words to say it. Other times it was almost… tempting. Maybe it was because you hadn’t had a decent fling since being arrested, or maybe it was the wear and tear of being on Earth getting to you, slowly pushing you towards desperation. You didn’t know, but you knew one thing at this moment, and it was that you wanted it to stop.

Feeling unusually impulsive, a plan slowly composing itself in your mind, you mustered your most charming smile and looked towards him, going: “Why later?”

God, it had been such a long time since you made yourself flirt with someone and got the reaction Murphy was giving you now. He seemed taken back, losing his nonchalant composure for the briefest of seconds before he stumbled to get it back. You could tell he planned on being rejected already, probably thinking of multiple scenarios where you turned him down and he was forced to reinstate his masculinity by starting a fight or going on the next hunting trip. But it never crossed his mind (or yours, until just recently) that you would even consider accepting.

“Why not now?” you drawled, the boldness you were feeling prompting you to see this out. The plan seemed to grow oddly more appealing the more you watched him conceal his nervous squirming. You sauntered around the fire pit, bumping into him purposefully before taking a hold of the sides of his shirt and tugging him towards you. “Let’s go.”

His tent was empty, surprisingly so considering he shared it with Mbege, but it was opportune for the moment as well. You didn’t hesitate before pushing Murphy to ground, getting on top of him, and straddling his waist. Leaning forward, you could feel his ragged, excited breaths fan your face as you slowly ran your hands up his chest.

“Oh god,” he breathed, eyes half-lidded.

What you were doing almost felt cruel, like torturing an animal, but your objective remained clear.

Murphy instinctively grabbed your hips, pulling them closer to him, showing you how well your plan was working. You chuckled deviously, leaning forward and trailing a finger down his jaw on one side while methodically placing and kissing his neck on the other. He moaned, further confirming how your plan was going, and you continued to place wet kisses on his neck, along his jawline, and stopped just below his earlobe.

“You’ve been really wanting this, haven’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” he breathed.

“Well, I’ve got something to tell you. You, John Murphy,” you pressed your lips against his earlobe and whispered, “are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” Hastily, you got up, leaving him hot, bothered, and all kinds of confused. But all you could think, despite assuming the plan succeeded, Murphy likely not willing to embarrass himself further, was how you were very tempted to take him up on his offer after all.

I was a candle, held together by the cool air of all that surrounded me and a single thread that extended throughout my entire being.
You were the flame that lit up the darkness that consumed me and made me beautiful, radiant, a glorious sight to behold to anyone who was lucky enough to catch a glimpse.
But as you burned brighter, I grew weaker.
I softened even more than ever before under your fiery passion and smoldering sparks,
Reacted to what was such a stark contrast to only the cold I knew before you.
I melted, so quick that I didn’t realize how I was shrinking against the growing flame,
How I was burning out,
How I was dying.
I didn’t realize until I was more than halfway gone that beautiful could be dangerous,
So, so dangerous.
I didn’t realize that beauty came with a price until it was almost too late.
But I did eventually;
I cried for help against your fire,
I screamed for something to be able to stop you in your tracks,
I begged for something or someone to save me.
And come did help;
Water poured over you in the form of distractions that were other people and things and snuffed you out,
Halting you in your tracks to consume me fully.
You burn me no more, but the damage has been done;
I am damaged,
A pile of melted wax that has but an ounce of the original potential it had to burn again,
No longer the innocent, lovely, untouched, unmarked candle straight out of its packaging.
My thread is still hot to the touch and smoke still emanates from me because of your heat.
You no longer fully consume me like you used to, but you’ve left your mark,
A permanent burn,
And I know with every bit of me that survived your flame that I will never forget the way you brought me to life,
I will never be able to undo what you’ve done to me
And I will never feel the same way again, not really,
Because when your flame went out, you took with yourself parts of me that I will never, ever be able to call mine again.
—  All that’s left is a ghost of who I used to be. {Shira}
the signs + psychological complexes
  • *also check your moon sign
  • Aries:Ego complex - stems from conviction that ‘I am a center of the Universe’ and that one's own desires should be satisfied instantly, whereas others can wait
  • Taurus:Obstacles complex - complex where one's emotions and behaviors are focused on obstacles when making arrangements
  • Gemini:Status complex - complex where one's emotions and behaviors are controlled by their perception of their social status
  • Cancer:Persecution complex - a feeling or fear that everyone is out to get you/hurt you in some way; those with this complex distrust the world and also feel like they are constantly being watched
  • Leo:Superiority complex - perceiving yourself as superior to others (often a defense mechanism to conceal true feelings of inferiority)
  • Virgo:Superman/Hero complex - unhealthy sense of responsibility, or the belief that everyone else lacks the capacity to successfully perform one or more task; such a person may feel a constant need to "save" others
  • Libra:Cinderella complex - desire of being taken care of by others in response to fear of independence
  • Scorpio:Authority complex - intense desire to be in charge of people and things
  • Sagittarius:Messianic/Redeemer complex - state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, a savior or that they have a certain mission confined to them that they have to fulfill at any cost
  • Capricorn:Failure complex - emotions and behaviors controlled by the fear of failing, often leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Aquarius:God complex - psychological illusion of unlimited personal potential; individual is convinced that they are very powerful in influence and will constantly try to display their abilities. 
  • Pisces:Peter Pan complex - desire to remain a child forever and avoid all responsibilities; belief in a fantasy world where one can achieve success without taking any proactive actions