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Ahhhh Family gatherings…

My Mother: “So have you got anyone in your “ radar” yet?”
Me: No…and it’s starting to weight on me a bit. I mean, My little sister is having a baby and her own house with her boyfriend, My twin is in a happy relationship and brother got his daughter… and then there’s me.
Her: Well you had to expect it with the decisions you made.
Me: What are you talking about?
Her: Well that “being Trans thing” and that “Ace thing”. You had to expect that not everyone would put up with that. You won’t find as many people.
Me: ……geez , thanks. Not like I CHOSE to be either of those things, ya know, had I had the choice, I would have picked an easier life, don’t you think? God mom…
Her: I’m not saying that to be mean.
Me: too late.

This is for the lovely @unisonraidd and @demon-slayer-grayy (who are like the real life Gruvia couple to me!) I hope you two enjoy it! ^~^

Juvia couldn’t have been happier. Her insides were bubbling with excitement as she held Gray’s hand down the street. She hadn’t seen her Gray in person in months, and he had surprised her the day before announcing that they would be spending the three days before Christmas at a cabin resort.

Juvia shivered as the cool air hit her, and she glanced at Gray, watching him as he looked for their cabin. He carried their duffle bags over his free shoulder. The cold air wasn’t seeming to bother him.

“There it is,” he motioned towards a cabin ahead. “Cabin 25.”

“Ah,” Juvia’s eyes widened as she looked at the small cabin. It looked incredibly cozy, with a few steps leading up to a wide front porch that had a swing on the side of it. On the other side was a tall, stoned chimney. “Juvia can’t wait to go inside,” she told him with excitement.

He chuckled lightly, “come on,” he said, leading her up the steps. He adjusted the bags and dug into his pockets before pulling out the cabin key and unlocking the door. He pulled the key out and opened the door with a smirk. “After you, Milady…”

Juvia grinned and walked in through the doors. Her breath caught as she looked around in awe. The room was spacious, the walls decorated as if it really was a log cabin… A large fireplace rested against the side of the house with a large tv hanging above it. A comfortable-looking grey couch sat in front of it, with a wooden rocker on one side and a leather brown recliner on the other. On the other side of the house rested a small kitchen with a fridge, oven, sink and microwave. A hallway split the living room and kitchen Juvia walked down it slowly as Gray shut the door and followed behind her.

There were two doors along the hallway. One in the right, just past the kitchen was where water and heating utilities lied with a few cleaning supplies. A few feet down there was another door on the left for closet space.

“Ready for the bedroom?” Gray smirked, stepping in front of her and walking towards the door at the end of the hall.

Juvia felt butterflies in her stomach as Gray opened the door… A bedroom, singular. They would be sharing the bedroom! The statement had herself in jitters. She took a calming breath before following after Gray…

Juvia stepped in just as Gray placed the bags down by the end of the bed… The room was absolutely perfect! The bed was big, the comforters being a dark shade of grey, blue and black to match the wooden walls. Across from the large bed was a two-door sliding closet that doubled as two giant mirrors. There was two giant doors on the left wall that lead to a beautiful patio that had a breathtaking view of the mountains behind them, and on the right side… A beautiful, marble bathroom with two beautifully crafted sinks and a large tub.

Juvia almost felt overwhelmed at all the emotions…It would be her first time staying with Gray like this. Having a long-distance relationship was hard, but both of them were willing to put the effort into it to make it work.

“What’s wrong?” Gray asked from beside her, a frown forming on his face. “Do you not like it…?” He asked, a slight worried tone to his voice.

“What?” Juvia blinked, realizing her eyes had grown wet. “No… I mean, yes! I mean, Juvia loves it, Gray-sama!” She told him truthfully, fighting a sniff. “Juvia is just so… Happy, and the fact that she gets to spend these next few days with you, makes her happier than she’s ever been…”

Gray reached out, tucking a piece of her blue hair behind her ear as his lips twitched. “It makes me happy too…” he leaned down, his lips brushing against hers softly.

Juvia kissed him back immediately, her hand grabbing onto the back of his thin black sweater. Being able to kiss him like this was better than any sweets she had ever eaten. She loved him… God, how she loved him, and she didn’t want these three days to come to an end.

A gurgling sounds broke them apart, and Juvia’s face had taken a nice shade of pink. “Hungry?” Gray raised an amused eyebrow as the side of his lip twitched.

“Just a little,” Juvia admitted. She had hardly eaten anything earlier that day, because she was too nervous about the trip.

“How about we walk back up to the car and go to the store to get a few things that will last us while we’re here?” Gray asked her. “When we get back, I’ll park closer to the cabin since I know where it is now.”

Juvia nodded, taking the hand he had reached out for her. They would be staying together for three whole days! She could already imagine herself and Gray in front of the stove, cooking a meal together. The thought made her want to squeal!

Juvia froze slightly when the cold air hit her. She figured this would be the worse thing about the trip… She was cold-natured, and Gray was hot-natured. She wrapped her jacket around her tighter with her free hand as she walked with Gray. She wouldn’t let the cold get her, not when she would be with Gray!


Juvia was freezing… She had tried her best to not let the cold get to her, but now it wasn’t just cold outside, but in the cabin, too. She ate her warm pizza slowly, trying to savor its warmth… Her and Gray had both decided that a pizza for the night would be the best choice since it was their first night there.

“Are you okay?” Gray asked her, leaning back next to her and giving her a worried look.

“Hm?” Juvia asked, slightly confused before she shook her head. “Juvia is perfect, Gray-sama.”

“Your teeth are chattering,” Gray told her dully.

“Well, Juvia is a little cold…” she admitted. “But really, it’s okay! She knows Gray-sama gets hot easily so she’ll just layer up more,” she gave him the softest of smiles.

Gray watched for a few seconds, as if he were debating something in his head. “Okay, I got something that might help,” he told her as he stood up.

“What?” Juvia asked, watching as he stretched.

“Stay here,” he ordered her. “I’ll be right back…”

He came back just a minute or two later, and in his arms he carried a packaged wrapped neatly in purple paper. Gently, he placed it on her lap and she blinked up at him. “What is it?” She asked, carefully picking the package up.

“An early Christmas present,” he smirked. “Open it.”

“Ah,” she gasped, her eyes shinning. “Really? Can Juvia really open it?”

Gray nodded, “yep, come on now, open it,” he motioned towards the package.

“Okay!” Juvia giggled, opening the package carefully. She didn’t want to ruin the anything, not even the paper. She got it open, and blinked at the folded up item in the middle of the paper. Juvia picked it up gently, standing up and unfolding it. Her eyes widened when she saw the gift and she let out a happy squeal as she hugged it to her chest tightly. “Gray-sama got Juvia a mermaid tail blanket?!”

He chuckled as she held the blue blanket out in front of her. “Glad you like it,” he told her.

“Juvia loves it!” She declared, leaning down and giving him a soft kiss. “Thank you!” Another kiss, “thank you!” A kiss again, “thank you!”

Gray grabbed her, pulling her to his lap as she kissed him once more. “You’re so easy to please,” he commented with amusement as she leaned back, still sitting in his lap.

Juvia smiled, shifting herself so she sat between Gray’s legs and she shimmed the dark blue mermaid tail blanket up her legs. She giggled, resting her head against Gray’s chest as a small sigh escaped her smiling lips. “All Juvia needs to be pleased is Gray-sama. If she has him, then she’s happy.”

He wrapped his arms around her then, pulling her close as their lips brushed again. After the night was over with, he would only have two more days with her before he’d have to leave again. He was going to make the best out of it. Gray was going to make Juvia the happiest he could.


Gray peaked his dark eyes open and scanned the dim room. Not a sign of blue was around and that made him frown… he got up slowly and stretched. His socks padded against the soft carpet as he walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway. He yawned, his white shirt rising as he scratched his stomach. He placed his hands in his grey sweats and walked into the kitchen where he saw Juvia.

He smirked slightly, she was wearing the sweater he had been wearing last night with her fuzzy pajama bottoms. Her blue mermaid tail blanket laid on the kitchen island as she cooked on the stove. He walked up behind her quietly.

“What are you cooking?” He asked, sitting his chin on her shoulder.

Juvia almost jumped out of her skin. “You scared Juvia,” she scolded him lightly.

“Sorry,” he apologized, but his grin showed just how sorry he really was.

“Juvia is making pancakes,” she told him softly. “Is Gray-sama hungry?”

He nodded, not bothering to move as he watched her continue to cook. Now this was something he could get use to…


“Gray-sama!” Juvia’s eyes widened as she looked out the window. “It’s snowing!”

“Is it?” He raised a brow as he walked up behind her. “Huh… Look at that,” he smirked as they watched the snow filter to the ground gracefully.

Juvia let out a small sigh, and half of her wished that it would snow so much that her and Gray would be stuck in the cabin for an extra few days…

“How about you go pick out something for us to watch and I’ll make some hot chocolate?” He told her, causing her eyes to sparkle.

She gave him a nod, heading towards the roaring fireplace where the tv sat above it. She skimmed through some of the movies Gray had brought, deciding on an anime she had never seen before… It wasn’t like they were going to do much watching, anyways.

Juvia sat down on the couch, grabbing her blanket and slipping it on her legs. She adjusted Gray’s big sweater on her before leaning back and waiting for him to return.

It was close to five minutes later when he arrived back, two big cups of hot chocolate in his hands. “Here you go,” he handed one to Juvia gently as he sat down beside her.

Juvia took the warm mug into her palms and looked at for a few seconds. Her eyes darted to the window where she could still see flakes of snow falling, but it was growing dark already… The day was almost over and it had went by so fast. A feeling of sadness washed over her… Tomorrow would be her last day with Gray before he had to leave… She rested her head against his shoulder as he started the movie, trying her absolute best to soak up every little detail about him so she could remember it when he was gone.


Juvia sat on the bed silently as she watched Gray gather up his belongings in his bag. Two days had passed in just a blink of an eye… It was Christmas Eve, a day where joy was suppose to be, but all Juvia could feel was sadness…

Gray had helped her make breakfast earlier that morning, pancakes they had decided since they both loved them. Gray made Juvia a snowflake shaped one, and she made him a heart one… After breakfast was presents that they had to give to one another today because they wouldn’t be able to see each other afterwards…

And now was the worse part… The part where they got ready to leave, but Juvia didn’t want to leave! She was just now getting a glimpse of what it would be like to live with Gray, and she definitely didn’t want to lose it!

“I think that’s all of my stuff,” Gray sighed, zipping up his bag. “Got all yours?” He asked Juvia. She looked as if she were in a daze and he waved a hand in front of her. “Juvs…?”

She blinked, her brown eyes focusing on Gray. “Juvia doesn’t want to leave…” she whispered.

Gray sighed gently, he had been worried about something like this happening… Honestly, he didn’t want to leave either, but they both had lives and families they needed to get back to for now.

“Juvs, I’m sorry, but… We got to go…” he told her gently.

She sniffed, her lip trembling. No, they couldn’t leave… Not yet! She bit her lip as she jumped up, running to the patio doors and flinging them open before running out to it.

“Juvia!” Gray called after her, but she was running down the steps and into the snow-covered grass. He chased her down a few yards away, and by then she was crying, hot and heavy tears rolling down her cheeks.

“J-Juvia doesn’t wa-want Gray-sama to leave…” her voice croaked as she cried. “Three days isn’t enough!” She declared, holding onto him tightly.

“Hey now, stop crying,” he muttered, rubbing her back soothingly. “People are going to think I don’t treat you right…” he glanced around nervously, hoping that no one had seen her run off crying and thought the worse…

Juvia sniffed, pulling back from him, her eyes red and swollen. “Juvia doesn’t want you to go…”

Gray stared at her for a few seconds, her brown eyes were so big and beautiful. He loved everything about her… It was just a shame that they lived so far away from each other. But it wouldn’t always be like that…

He let out a heavy sigh through his nose as the box in his right pant pocket became heavy. Carefully, he took out the little black box and held it out to Juvia.

She gasped, her eyes growing wide and her heart starting to race wildly in her ears. Just what was in that box…?!

“I was undecided on rather or not to give this to you just yet,” Gray admitted. “But… I want you to have it…” he opened he box, revealing a beautiful silver ring. He picked it up carefully before sliding it on her left ring finger. “It’s not a wedding ring,” he told her softly. “But it is a promise that one day it will be…” he gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “I know some people think these things are silly, but I love you, Juvia, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you… It’s just I can’t right now…” she frowned slightly and he cupped her cheek with his free hand. “We both have things we need to finish before we can be with each other,” he leaned down, kissing her nose. “But I promise you, once everything is done, nothing is going to stop me from being with you…”

Juvia sniffed, a small smile finding its way to her lips. She gave Gray a small nod, “Juvia can’t wait for that day…”

“Me too,” he smiled. “Now come on, let’s finish getting packed… We still got the whole drive to the airport to be together,” he told her gently.

Juvia nodded slowly, holding onto his hand tightly as they walked back to the cabin. She would never forget the memories she had made with him on this tiny vacation of theirs, but even more so, she was excited for the many more memories that they would be making in the near future together.


fikiweek day 2: cliché or original

wish that you could be
only mine
be only mine
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
what you’re doing to me
you’re so fine
oh, you’re so fine (x)

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Nami: Zodiac Analysis

@bittersweit here’s Nami’s zodiac.

Nami: Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, Gemini rising.

The sun sign is the basic self, the moon sign is the inner self, and the rising sign is the outer self.

Nami as a Cancer sun: Now, when you think of Nami, Cancer traits don’t immediately come to mind. But I think that if you observe closely, you can see she does show many, though it’s more subtle.
A typical Cancer trait I see in Nami is her caring nature. Though her greed and self-reservation instincts tend to overshine this, think back to Alabasta, where she spent a lot of time with Vivi. She showed a lot of care to her, and showed a subtle protective instinct. She shows a similar instinct to her crew. Another example of her caring nature would be when she donated a portion if her treasure to Lola, having obviously grown close to her.
Nami also shows great intuition, another Cancer trait. She is an expert navigator due to her ability to partially use her intuition to predict weather patterns. Honestly speaking, the crew would be long gone if it wasn’t for Nami’s intuition.

Nami as an Aquarius moon: A key trait of an Aquarius moon is that they are both independent and fiercely loyal. They are highly dedicated to their goals, which Nami shows as she spent 8 years putting herself in danger to rob pirates and collect money. Though Aquarius moon is stubborn and unsympathetic, this is counteracted by Nami’s Cancer sun, making her extremely stubborn, but also very kind to her close friends. Now, the Cancer sun-Aquarius moon combo can be very quiet and reserved, but I feel this is counteracted by her rising sign.

Nami as a Gemini rising: A key trait of Gemini rising is that they are very perceptive of their environment. As the other half of Nami’s extremely goid navigation skills, I feel that when in conjunction with Nami’s intuition, it makes her a master at observing her surroundings, further amplified by her time as a thief.
Another Gemini trait is how clever and well informed they are. Nami shows this trait because, at the age of 10, she could draw some of the most accurate maps of her island. She is also able to pick up information very quickly, as seen by how easily she learned to use a waver in Skypeia.
Gemini rising is very sociable, but also very flighty, quick to leave disadvantageous situations. This is at odds with her loyalty and her caring nature, because when she grew partially atrached to Luffy and his crew, she struggled with doubt and guilt for her betrayal.

Do you guys have any thoughts? Let me know!!!



Summary: Pre 686, trying to explore how Ichigo and Rukia separated and what Ichigo dealt with/processed after Ywach’s words. Kind of ended up being Ichigo-centric, hope that’s alright. Formatting inspired by @deathbympreg! Angst (aka I’m back lmao).

Weekly fic prompt for @deathberryprompts - ‘vengeance’.

996 words.


Day 1

His vengeance is low cavils to the moon: ‘You’re too pretty; too bright; too holy.’ Before him, that orb lounges, unfettered, and her waves bathe him in incandescent motion. It’s the last of her he lets himself steal; it seeps into his soul and festers in his vessel, a slow erosion of all memory.

      Take them away, take them away; have your revenge.

Wind is careless because it is unkempt, so the gail bites at his skin and tugs at his hair as he stays, stubborn in his vision of the night sky.

Only when his bones feel as cold as stone does he pull away from her gaze.

Hatred. Replace with hatred.

Day 386, repeat

Her vengeance didn’t need to be anything more than a look in his direction, eyes lakes of violet and void and hurt. It was worse than any puncture wound, any hit and scratch, any fight he had sustained in the past. It was shattering pain and fiery explosions in his atoms; it was swords at his skin and fists at his neck.

He wonders if he ever conveyed the reaches of his love; abiding affections; hatred it has to be hatred, but — how could one woman be so sincerely faultless?


Ywach is a constant hot lesion to his abdomen - he doesn’t know why there; there have been many tears to his foundations so the specification of a spot unnerves him . It has never been just one pain. It has been countless, nasty, vicious, pounding things. The worst are the tears on the inside. Those that demand his oxygen in hot drafts and drain all colour from his life. Purple, specifically. Specifically that.

The day he realises is the first day he lets himself loiter outside his house. There is a spot on the concrete that he loathes; it’s there he is assaulted by the sudden phantom of a blade plunged through his organs; the old riveted power that had flowed into him by the grace of one, singular cause a burning reminder of loss. 

          The irony of feeling a ‘ghost’ of a memory almost makes him laugh.

      Harder than he ever has before, though, he howls, splintering with the weight of it all.


“You should come over, really. It’s been better, lately. Your reiatsu is more stable these days, right? Tamed?” That’s a lie. Renji is far better at Kidō than Ichigo; he knows. “Rukia’s cooking,” He breaks for a wince “-she borrowed a recipe from Inoue. I tried to tell her to stop, let me take over, but, you know Rukia.”

      Ichigo thanks god that he does.


There’s an excuse at his tongue; anger a viper at his teeth. The audacity of his request is personal.

     He doesn’t know; no one does.

Doubt colours Renji’s eyes for the first time since Ichigo drove Zangetsu through his flesh from shoulder to ribs, and tore through every tendon and string of sinew piecing him together. With his love. His love. His. Almost, something akin to revelation greets Ichigo in that memory, and he lingers on it until his fingernails break skin.

      “Sorry, I can’t.”

          Tell Rukia—

Renji’s vengeance is the person he gets to go home to each night.

March 18th

Vengeance is the absence of the moon. There is no ‘New Moon’ because there only ever was one, and a celestial body can only be a celestial body once — he should know.

      There are days where it seems that his future destination has been ripped from the universe’s original formatting. 

This is one of them.

Day off

He… is unashamedly self-centric. Heroic to a fracturing fault; it carves at him more than anything else.

      The funny thing is: the absolutely hilarious bit, just wait

There is unbridled, raw, power within his veins, and it whispers joy. It whispers warmth; solace; comfort; light, light, light— Rukia. That’s the cruelest part, he thinks; knows. Part of her had been embedded into him since their first meeting, since his world fell away into colours and sound and life. Joyous, giddy, motherfucking life.

But, he can’t direct a fist into his flesh in order to find a small sliver of her soul. Not with family to take care of.

Maybe, just maybe, he laughs, then. Laughs at the off-hand comment that his wife had made regarding it all: You should see her. She misses you, I hear — it’s raucous. Maddeningly dissonant. If only he could articulate how desperately he has been willing those words away, then maybe his laugh would seem less wicked, and less heavy, and less like teeth sinking into the skin of her arms.

Inoue Orihime had never not known Ichigo Kurosaki until that moment.

Day 1000

Each timeline is a razored-wire dragging channels into his heart. If he were a blank canvas before he is now nothing but furious cicatrice, marks marring a page of depression and indecision and smouldering angst.

      Vengeance is the cold bathroom tiles digging into his knees at 3AM.

It is the accumulation of each string, each thread intertwining to a single breaking point deep, deep within his sternum. An angry pressure that pulses relentlessly every waking second of every waking minute of every waking day.

July 15th

The most vicious form of self-abasing is allowing himself the time of the day to think. When the whirring of his mind stops, even for a second, there’s only universes and constellations he is far too peripheral to be a part of; but still, all they sing is home.

      He believes them, because his house surely isn’t.

Those parts are the worst. He dreads those parts. He dreads them even before he knows them, and he dreads them forever after.

January 14th

Vengeance, it turns out, is the absence of Rukia Kuchiki in his life.

For some unknown reason, he hadn’t thought that it would pull apart each piece of him in such a excruciating manner.

      But, you know Ichigo.

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miimoomilk  asked:

Are you at all interested in virtual reality or is that not really your style?

I’ve tried a few VR tech demos and they’ve almost all made me sick. The Vive was nice though. I felt fine when I played that. Still, most of the things out right now are tech demos right? Or very basic games? Idk if it’ll be my style until things I’m interested in start using it. And even then I might avoid using it to avoid getting sick. 


OutOfSword: Omg guys…. I … am speechless honestly… Real talk this means so much to me because I never thought I would get to this point…. When I first made a blog on tumblr I had a really popular character just because no one else tried him at first… And I got really close to a number like this but I was forced to run away and abandon that blog due to bullying and I never thought I would be able to do it again so this…. Is amazing to me. I wish I could thank every single one of you so many times. I normally would say around now that all of you are lost and to leave… but… This milestone… I am going to say Thank you… With all my heart I mean it. This means a lot to me… gosh I’m rambling so sorry. But… Thank you for dealing with me.

“It is quite different from what I have performed in the past,” said the 2015 World Junior champion. “I tried to start with what tango is really like. In the beginning, I wasn’t so sure I would be able to pull this out, but the music just started to grow inside of me and I started to enjoy expressing this type of music. I just tried to express what fit my skating to the music.”

“I did my very best and I was able to win. I was prepared to give it 120 percent … I want to work hard and be in a position to compete among the world’s best.”

“My warmup didn’t feel so good but I was still able to pull it out and I’m satisfied with that,” Uno said. “The first half of my program was great. I missed a combination near the end and I regret that.”

"This title means more to me than others, because I really won it by how well I skated, not because other skaters made mistakes.”
—  Post-free skate interviews: Goldenskate, The Japan Times, The Japan News, Icenetwork