i really tried hard not to laugh at dans face

Wait What? Part 2 | a danisnotonfire fanfic

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“You like me?” He said, so quietly it was almost a whisper. 

“I’d like you to go away so I can sleep” I muttered burrowing my head back into the pillows, I wasn’t in the mood for this. I should have known better than to open this can of worms. But Dan apparently took this as an invitation to come in and sit on the end of the bed. 

“No, how about you stop being a little shit and tell me?” Dan replied half serious half joking. He picked up one of my necklaces off the floor and started fiddling with it while he looked down at his feet 

“Why are you so insistent? It’s not like it matters, I have a boyfriend back home you silly twat.” It was true I did have a boyfriend but he was a proper dick, I don’t know why I stayed with him.

“It doesn’t matter but I’m still curious. Your boyf is a dickhead anyway.” Dan said as if to further illustrate my thoughts, it was no secret he was a horrible person and the relationship was circling the drain. I complained all the time, especially to Dan and Phil. They were really good about it though. 

“Curiosity killed the cat.” I laughed while I spoke. His response was to put his head down and look up at me with the puppy dog eyes he knew perfectly well I couldn’t say no to. “Thats just rude Dan.” I said with mock seriousness pushing his head down, he just laughed.

“Liked was the specific word I used, emphasis on the ‘ed’” I looked at him and he did a little nod signaling for me to continue. “First year of uni I had a crush on you but you were with someone else so I could never tell you. I was just messing around when I told your live show, you know, spice things up a little bit.” I laughed and Dan looked at like he was thinking really hard about something. 

“So, you’re tell me, you wanted this body so bad that you’re still hung up on the fact that you couldn’t date me 5 years ago?” Dan said with a smirk on his face while rubbing his hands over his black shirt.

“No thats exactly what i’m not saying, I’m saying…” I tried explaining quickly before I was cut off.

“So you’re saying, that after all this time you still have a thing for me?” Dan moved up the bed and hugged me while I stayed still, arms hanging by my side. I knew he was taking the piss out of me and I knew he wouldn’t stop whether he got a reaction or not. “It’s okay (Y/N), you’ll get your chance one day.” He laughed as he let me go.

“You’re a fucking douche, you know that right?” I said to him getting slightly annoyed that he was still in my room.

“Oh honey, I’m completely aware of that.” He laughed back at me. Dan then proceeded to get up and walk out still laughing without another word closing the door behind him.

“Yes, Dan. I’m saying that after all this time I still have a thing for you.” I muttered once he was gone then sighed loudly while getting comfy in my bed again to continue my rudely interrupted sleep. 

Dan’s POV

I closed the door behind me and stood there for a long second trying to process everything that just happened. After rerunning the dialogue through my head I decided there was nothing to worry about, she said 'liked’ people move on, she probably didn’t feel the same way anymore. Good, best not to complicate things.

I walk down to the lounge room where I know Phil is doing something on his computer, probably watching porn. I sat down on the chair across the room from him and pulled out my phone to look at twitter. Needless to say it was going off with questions and comments about (Y/N) and I. Things like this had happened before but normally the danosaurs found their social network sites rather quickly, but with (Y/N) they could only go off what she had told them as there was no twitter, instagram or facebook to be found. Med students didn’t have time for that.

“You alright?” Phil asked not looking up from his computer as he continued typing.

“Did you know about this?” I asked, Phil is the type of person who kinda knew everything. He was ridiculously trustworthy probably because he forgot any secret you told him about 10 minutes later.

“I did.” was all Phil replied with never looking up from his computer.

“Wait, what? Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked getting annoyed at him for not immediately divulging all the information he had.

“One, because she asked me not to. And two, because you never asked.” Phil replied actually looking up at me this time.

“What should I do?” I asked, Phil was a goof but he was pretty wise.

“What do you want me to tell you? That you should go in there and jump on her right now? There’s nothing you can do Dan, she has a boyfriend anyway. And if you start to like her now you know it’s for the wrong reasons. It’s been almost 6 years I wouldn’t dwell on it too much if I were you." 

"Damn, careful with the truth bombs there. She hates her boyfriend anyway.” I retorted.

“That’s not the point and you know it. You don’t want to be 'that guy’ that breaks them up only to find out you don’t like her that much after all.” Phil said keeping an even voice through showing little emotion. I knew he was right. He knew I knew he was right.

“Okay” was all I could muster at the present time, I quickly got up and said goodnight to Phil and walked down the stairs to go to bed. 

As it was still rather early for me to go to bed, and I wasn’t tired yet, I decided to troll Tumblr for a bit and look at the danisnotonfire tag. I wasn’t exactly surprised by what was filling up the tag. The edits of (Y/N) and I were everywhere. 

After scrolling down a little a shut my laptop and threw it to the side. What phil had said was replaying in my mind and I couldn’t make it stop. I knew there was nothing I could do but there was one thing he was wrong about. 

I wouldn’t just start liking (Y/N) now because I found out she had a thing for me. I had more than liked her for the past 5 years, I had to do something. 

A/N Sup guys! Quite a few people were after a part 2 so here it is! You guys are lucky I work at night and have nothing to do during the day so I can write these haha. Thanks to everyone who messaged me!! You are all awesome. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas for other fanfics please tell me. Part 3 maybe? Love ya’s xx p.s the gif isn’t mine!

247. You’re going through a rough time (requested)

Trigger warning: alcohol

Dan: You had only meant to smoke one cigarette. You just needed something to calm your nerves. You had lost your job the other day and you were at risk of being kicked out of your apartment. So, you dug through your closet to find an open pack of cigarettes that you had hidden when you had quit a couple of years ago. But, it was now a couple of days later, and here you were, now buying a second pack. The fact that you had fallen back into this habit so easily made you feel even worse about the situation. You had tried so hard to quit, and here you were, smoking again. Feeling even shittier than you did to begin with, you texted Dan. hey are you free later today? He texted back a couple minutes later. yeah im not doing anything all day. You smiled and then planned to meet up with him about an hour later. You were hoping that this would make you feel at least a little better. You met him a couple of blocks from your apartment. “So how’ve you been? I feel like we haven’t seen each other in ages,” Dan said as you two began walking. “It’s been two weeks!” you laughed. “I know. But still. So, what’s new?” “Well… I lost my job and I may get kicked out of my apartment,” you said nonchalantly. “Oh wow. I’m sorry. That’s awful!” You shrugged and took a cigarette out of your purse, lighting it without even thinking. Dan sighed. “Again?” he asked. You didn’t have to look over at him to see the disappointed look on his face. He remembered how hard you had tried to quit before. “Sorry. I’m just really stressed.” “How long do you think it’ll be before you’re evicted?” “Honestly, probably in three weeks. I don’t have enough in savings to cover next month, which means I’ll have to find a job… in the next week, really, in order to get enough money to stay there.” Dan thought for a second. “If you don’t find a job, you can stay with me and Phil.” “Really?” you asked hopefully. Dan held up his finger. “Under one condition.” “Which is?” “Quit smoking for good.” “Deal.”

Phil: Phil knew that you weren’t exactly in the best place at the moment. Your parents recently got divorced and your boyfriend broke up with you. Luckily, Phil had wanted to take you out for the night to hopefully lighten the mood. You had decided to meet at 5pm at a nearby restaurant, but you had become too engrossed in a movie. Well, that’s what you wanted to believe. The truth was that you were too busy drinking straight from a bottle of wine while watching the movie and you had forgotten. You jumped when you heard hard knocks on your front door. You put the almost empty bottle down on the table and walked over to the door. When you opened it, Phil stood there. “Hey,” you greeted. “I’ve been trying to call and text you for the last thirty minutes. We were supposed to meet up for dinner, remember?” Oh god. You couldn’t believe you had forgotten. You were known as being kind of an emotional drunk, and you began to cry, feeling awful that you let Phil down like that. “Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?” he asked softly as he ushered you inside and closed the door. “I’m so sorry I forgot,” you cried. He brought you in for a hug, and then smelled the alcohol on you. He released you and held you by your shoulders. “Let’s go sit down, yeah?” The two of you walked over to the sofa, and on the way there, Phil noticed the empty wine bottles that were placed next to the sink, along with the one you were drinking from before he arrived. The two of you sat down and you had finished crying. “Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly as he placed a hand on your back. “I just feel like shit.” You reached for the bottle but he grabbed your hand to stop you. “C'mon. You don’t need that stuff. What are some things that make you happy?” “Alcohol.” Phil rolled his eyes. “Besides that.” “Um, going for walks, warm weather, dogs, you.” “Well, how about we get you some food and then we can go for a walk? It’s a really nice day, and maybe we’ll see some dogs,” he smiled. “Alright.” You were lucky to have Phil in your life.