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Where Did Bucky Get His Civilian Clothes?

So obviously the clothes Bucky’s wearing in Civil War definitely aren’t his Winter Soldier “uniform” and I doubt he waited till he got to Romania to buy those, which means that shortly after the end of Winter Soldier, unless HYDRA somehow kept civilian clothes in his size on hand and he knew where they were (ya know, the boring option), either:

1) some poor body builder got mugged in an alley by the actual Winter Soldier


2) the world’s most wanted assassin walked into a clothing store in his full leather getup, a wad of “stolen” HYDRA cash clutched in his metal hand, and bought himself a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts  

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I'm really impressed with Undrrverse. I've tried animating and it's really tough! With something like Undervse on your resume, I bet you'll get picked up on by some big network that'll recognize your epic ness. Except don't ditch us for stardom yet! (I mean if you're doing it, I'd watch any show you started, but I want to see Underverse through!) can't wait to see you on Cartoon Network or Disney XD!

Wowie… my own series on tv ;.;
That’d be a big goal…thinking about that scares me so much tho.


LET ME JUST SAY THIS: Jhope’s performance was one of my FAVORITES of the night - yall when I tell you this boy is an ANGEL I am not lying - I was uplifted, my acne cleared, I felt like I was seeing and hearing for the first time, my sickness was cured future, past and present yall - Jhope’s performance left me feeling like I was kissed by the sun, I am not exaggerating yall I felt blessed and I will be forever grateful I got to experience that live. 

books I love {in no particular order}
The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

We catch one another’s eye. In Maren’s, I can see the green-blue of the ocean. A tide of sorrow rushes over my heart. The ocean is so very far away. How will I live without my sister? She is the strong one, the outgoing one, the shiny-as-a-new-coin one. The one the village boys smile at, the one who charms extra pennies from the shrewdest of housewives when we sell our vegetables in the village square.

What am I without her?

Just a girl left by a stork.

Since most people seem to be doing this lately and they’re more popular than regular promo posts, I thought I’d try it.

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We are here for you Mark! We love you!

I’m even surprised myself that I pulled of to upload art two consecutive days lol
Today, like super early in the morning, I saw @markiplier night vlog. And I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little.
I just wanted to say that at least some of us (maybe all) may have gone or are going to go through this type of event in our lives. Feeling lost is ok, most definitely and of course it does not make us feel good. I myself have gone through this and to be honest with myself, this time (like now) I have been feeling like that. When I went through depression everything felt out of place, I felt out of place, I felt lost. I could not find the happiness that I used to have, all of my aspirations and my motivations. And now, going through my last year in high school, waiting for college acceptance letters, and my own personal problems; have made me loose sight of what I want. But with the support of family, friends (irl and here), and this community, I get back on my feet and continue trying on living my life to the fullest. Of course, I thrift off again from time to time, but I always get back.
Anyways, thanks Mark for been here for us and we are deeply honored to be for you. Love you!