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I can’t wait for the moment  that Clark tries to tease Bruce about Selina and says something about them being nauseatingly in love or something like that (in good humor)…And Bruce full on BatGlares™ at Clark and is like, “I’ve spent the last X years dealing with you and Lois mooning over each other. You’ll survive.”

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I love the divine servant au 😭😭😭😭

oh!!!!!1!!!11 well…im not gonna be updating in a while so….(sweats profusely)


In my game Magpie and soda had a daughter named Rosette and she was super cute so. uh.  this happened.

shes not super developed yet but basically she has an excited attitude but expresses it in a subdued way, and phrases alot of what she says kinda like an old person who doesnt know what things are but is excited about it anyway. her demeanor is more like mag but shes has more of the same interests as sodad. shes blind in that funky eye of hers and is about seven. u can ask about her if you want itll probably help develop her more :P


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes

  • Inquisitor: I want the mages as our allies, not our prisoners.
  • everyone: *disapproves*
  • me: yeah well, you can fuck right off
  • Solas: *greatly approves*
  • me: this was a mistake