i really thought it was 50 minutes

Studying tips

As someone who really struggles to concentrate and study due to anxiety, I thought it may be useful to share some of my studying strategies/tips on here in hope they might help someone else!

-Study away from home. It’ll allow you to relax better when you sleep and therefore your body and mind will be more prepared for the next day.

-Give yourself breaks. It’s pointless trying to do hours of revision straight as you’re not going to absorb everything as best as you can. Give yourself 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes, and then carry on. I use chrome extensions with timers and won’t allow myself to touch my phone until the timer has run out.

-Use pretty notebooks and colourful stationary. It will motivate you to study more and the results of your revision will be more satisfying, making it more likely that you will read back over your notes.

-Eat well and make sure you get sufficient nutrients. People often neglect their health during exam period, but a healthy diet is important as a healthy diet will ensure you feel as energised and well as possible. The last thing you want is to feel ill during exam season.

-Give yourself something to look forwards to when exams finish. Book yourself in for a spa treatment. Plan a lil day trip. Find a book you want to read. A place you want to visit. Having something to look forwards to will help you power through.

-Have a relaxing and happy study playlist. It’ll allow you to stay calm when struggling to understand and learn concepts. Music influences our emotions a lot more than people realise, and emotions affect our studies.

-Don’t study all day every day! You need evenings off. The last thing you want to happen is to ‘burn out’ and end up lacking motivation. Watch a film before you go to sleep. Spend an evening with a friend. Relax.

-Try not to stress. Exams are not the be all and end all. The most important thing is that you’re happy. If you fail an exam, so what? You can still resist. You can still complete your degree. School and university isn’t everything. You’re only going to lead a happy and fulfilling life if you’re happy yourself, so don’t fret.

Good luck for everyone currently taking exams 💞💞💞

Guys I need your help, it’s really simple and will take less than a minute (:

So I have to do research for my food tech assessment and part of it is to do a survey so I thought I’d get the biggest audience I can. It’s simple, one question and just reblog with your answer

What is your favourite type of bread out of these?

  • Plain white
  • Brown
  • Wholemeal
  • Baguette 
  • Brioche 
  • Seeded 
  • Poppy seed 
  • 50/50 (50% wholemeal. 50% white)
  • Sourdough
  • Ciabatta

If you do this I will love you forever <3  (:

Capricorns thoughts on Everyone else

Aries- shh you don’t always have to be so load and aggressive. It works better to silently ruin others like me.

Taurus- honestly marry me now. Together we could rule the world on logic and hard work, however I don’t like it when you’re lazy which is 50% if not 100% of the time. Give me ten minutes to teach you how to grow up a little.

Gemini- you are very talkative and I don’t mind much really except most of which you say has no real meaning. If we are going to have a conversation I want it to mean something to me

Cancer- you seem to be an extremely sweet person and really nice an all but why are you so sensitive I just can’t comprehend it

Leo- I like how you are a lot like me strong and powerful but it really bugs me when you make every thing about yourself. I’m trying to tell you something important and it turns into your life story, seriously I don’t care.

Virgo- I honestly have nothing bad to say about you we are completely compatible I think you’re great. I want to have your babies

Libra- you are a sweetheart but you tend to lie or not stick to your word. I HATE THAT I want someone to do what they say and you never seem too. I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and figure out your life just saying

Scorpio- I don’t know If I want to kill you or spend the rest of my life in your arms but there is literally no in between. I think I like the second option best…

Sagittarius- you have a lot of energy… Not that it’s a bad thing or anything it’s just maybe once in a while you can act like a regular human being and we can sit down and have a civilized conversation without you jumping off the walls

Capricorn- do I even have to answer this you’re perfect. However I usually hate you because we are both crazily stubborn and may not agree on everything

Aquarius- I really enjoy your company although I have a terrible time trying to read you and figure out what you are thinking, you are very chill and can carry a conversation. I enjoy your having in my presents

Pisces- I don’t understand how you spend all that time daydream. It’s like wasting your life away. And yet I kind of wish that I could be you and escape in my mind. I have a tendency to fall in love with the way you are, when you daydream, forget about all the things in life that make me crazy, and are just so relaxed. It may seem that I don’t like you but honestly I just envy you.

In the grand scheme of things, it can sometimes be of difficulty to recognize the success of your mindset evolution. Case and point: tonight I took a workout that I knew I could not complete Rx due to toe-to-bar and scaled appropriately. The WOD went like this:

1000m row
50 squats
40 DB snatches (Rx - 35)
30 TTB

The goal was to finish under 12 minutes. Working out next to some of the best athletes I’ve personally known, the version of myself 11 months ago, prior to CF, would have thought that scaling down meant I wasn’t as good of an athlete. Fast forward to tonight, I knew I could beast the row and squats. But instead of killing myself through 40 snatches at a weight that can get really uncomfortable (not in the best way) after 15, I scaled down to 25 - where I could go unbroken but still took effort. Lastly, I modified TTB to Knee to Parallel and worked on my hollow position.

3…2…1…Go: I was the first female off the rower, first female done with snatches and to complete the WOD. There are athletes that compete in much higher levels than I, and who were capable of doing the workout at Rx. Instead of beating myself up for not doing it at the same level (cause, duh, I’m not there yet), I completed the WOD at my level equivalent and kicked some ass.

That is progress. That is the evolution of my mindset. That is why I love Crossfit.


I watched a DIY video on silicone moulding and thought “I can do that, how hard can it be?” 

1) create a template out of condensed styrofoam and drywall puddy

2) create a two part silicone mould

3) Mix A & B liquid plastic and pour into the mould

4) paint and clear coat

Well the template alone was like 50 hours of cutting, glueing, and sanding to get the details to be just right. The two part mold was another 20 hours or so of not really knowing what I was doing. The pour only takes 15 minutes along with some prep and clean up. Then you have to cut off the excess (flashing), sand and fill any air bubbles, and finally home stretch. Just 10 more hours of layering paint and some light sanding, apply two layers of clear coat and you’re done. One killer prop for this nerd to fight off a hoard of mindless husks. That really wasn’t hard at all…         …yes that was sarcasm.

I don’t mean to boast, it’s just refreshing seeing progress and hard work pay off. when I first got back into working out in january, I couldn’t do a single fuckin push-up, a crunch without someone on my feet, or hold a plank longer than 10 seconds. and after only 3 ½ active months I’m able to do 50 push-ups, endless fuckin crunches and I can hold a plank with added weight on my back for 3 minutes. I also started doing dual hand bicep curls, I started at 15 lbs, and now I curl 60 lbs between both hands, n with shoulders I started at 20 each, and now I press 90.. among a bunch of other improvements. feelin good, yo

I don't get it, PLL writers

Okay, you really want to give us “all” the answers in one episode, in 42/44 minutes. I can’t have that. I promise that you’ll not give us all the answers, I can feel it. You had your time on this 7 episodes to give us answers and you didn’t and I think you’ll not do it on the two episodes that are next. You just can’t do this, I’ve seen 50 or more questions without answers and you are planning to give us all that stuff in 44 MINUTES? I can’t believe it.