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We bought a season subscription to our local theater so we could get tickets for Hamilton. I had been really looking for today’s announcement of the full schedule, and am TOTALLY PSYCHED that the kids can go with us to all of these! (This year there were really only a couple that I thought they could enjoy, but this line up is amazing!) SO EXCITED!

ETA: I was waiting to see what the line up was before deciding if we wanted to pop for weekend matinées instead of Thursday evening tickets so the kids wouldn’t fall asleep in the middle of 8pm shows (their bedtime is 8 at the very latest) But with this lineup, I think it’s worth it. 

Bruce Wayne is in love with Clark Kent, a canon masterpost from Justice League (2017)

  • Talks about him 24/7
  • For real, just constantly saying shit like 
    • “Superman was more human than I am”
    • “The world needs Superman, but the team needs Clark”
  • Had so many opportunities to make a move with Diana but he didn’t, hmnnnnn. 
  • The moment there was an opportunity to bring Clark back to life he jumped tf on that ride or die train
  • Clark: “You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die. Tell me, do you bleed?”
    • Bruce:

  • Got smacked around by Clark and definitely liked it
  • Was kind of a salty jealous bitch in that he only thought of bringing Lois to see Clark as a last resort in case it all went wrong (clearly wanted him to himself, undisputed fact)
  • When Clark came back in the final battle Bruce’s face lit up like he was a smol child being given the Nimbus 2000
  • There was a second where it looked like Superman had gotten hurt and instead of using code names Bruce just calls out ‘Clark!’ like ! he really is that binch.
  • Unbelievable canon scene that there is in hetero explanation for?!??!
    • Clark: I know you didn’t bring me back cause you like me. Bruce: [stammering] I don’t,, , ,  not,,
  • Sugar daddy spec bought an entire bank for Clark instead of just buying back the Kent farm
  • suspiciously is always standing next to clark in the superhero line up scenes, like, ok.
  • Had an off screen scene where he was chumming up to Clark enough to tell that Barry doesn’t understand the concept of brunch
  • IT: *starts with the scene about mike having to kill that lamb*
  • me: oh my god is mike going to be our main character? this makes so much more sense since the old version had him writing all their adventures down. oh this is such a smart decision for the character and itll offer a cool perspective this is so much better than the old one
  • IT: *gives all of mikes important contributions to ben*
  • IT: *doesnt introduce mike to the group for forever*
  • IT: *excludes mike from the finale because of henry bowers*
  • me: ... oh.

“as the person who sort of made lucretia… in my mind, she was never a villain. like i never - i never ever ever ever thought of her, not even for a little bit, as doing evil in this world.

in my mind, lucretia’s probably my favorite character. especially because of like, the things that happened in the stolen century and her growth there and the way that things changed, like that growth was the most concrete growth that i think any character went through in the entire show.

and what i really tried to set up in the stolen century is that like this is a really tough thing you all were going through, and you all had different ways of dealing with it, and her way was very… perhaps overprotective, right?

and so this thing that she did, she knew that you all were hurting, and she had this idea for how to solve it, and everybody else’s idea was different, and she thought the idea that you all went with was… wrong, was inherently wrong.

and so she grew from being this character who was very much on the sidelines, writing about the things that other people were doing, and taking actions into her own hands, and simultaneously like, making her friends forget this like, really really difficult and painful ordeal that they all had gone through.

and so in my mind, she was not… she was not evil. she was never ever ever ever the villain.”

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Michael.. Sorry for the sensitive question, but why do you think player 1 left/ignored you?

I… I don’t know. I thought everything was fine, really. 

But when senior year started…

We just didn’t talk anymore. And it was weird because… You don’t go from how we were, especially that summer, to… that overnight. 

So, after a while of being tired of waiting, I… decided to take the initiative and tried to find out what was going on. 

….I really did try my best. I didn’t hear from him after so long, and it felt… odd. Unnatural, even. It was unsettling and I just couldn’t stand it.

For a while, I thought I did something wrong, but I didn’t know what it could be. I thought, maybe, he just needed some time alone and I wanted to respect that. 

But… to be honest, I was worried for him. It was just countless nights of endless thoughts and no sleep.

And even when I tried asking around, no one said anything. It was like everyone thought everything was normal!

Like nothing had changed, except…


There’s Nothing Wrong With You

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was “There’s nothing wrong with you”. 

It was a Monday morning and I was relaxing with friends in a hotel pool after playing Lollapalooza. A lady bobbed opposite me sipping a ginormous glass of rose, and we started chatting. She was a stylist and told me that, when her clients tried outfits on and looked at themselves in the mirror, she would tell them “There’s nothing wrong with you”. I asked her why and she said, “because we all think there’s something wrong with us ”. It was such an odd, simple notion, but I felt like a little flower had opened up inside of me. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be a universal feeling. There was always something so wrong with ME, I hadn’t considered that other people might feel the same. The comment stuck with me like glue for the next year. 

Illustration by Lan Truong

 I lived most of my life feeling like there was something deeply wrong with me. Everything I did was somehow geared towards fixing the parts of myself I thought were bad or ‘broken’. There was also an odd safety in being broken. I could quietly blame it for anything that went wrong in my life: “It’s not my fault: I’m f**ed up and I am very sorry!”. For a while, I had counselling, and though it was extremely helpful, I started to feel uneasy at the idea of chatting about my problems, potentially for years, if I chose to. Like, really… When would I be fixed?

For me, life =  Experiences + reactions to those experiences. The only power I have is choosing how I react to them. So, though I might have uncomfortable emotional reactions, I can choose to a) accept these emotions, instead of resisting them, and b) not interpret my thoughts as the Solid Gold Truth. Whatever your problems may be, (diagnosed or not), they don’t equate to you being broken. In my own life, it’s been unhelpful to think of mental health problems in this way, particularly when you’re struggling. You are who you are at this moment in time, and you’re doing your best. Brains are plastic. People can, and do, change.

Illustration by Lolrel

  If you follow my music, it probably won’t come as a big surprise to know that I’ve dealt with mental health issues for a long time. There have been 3 things that have helped me decrease periods of depression though. For anyone in the same position, I hope this helps.

1. Meditation

This changed my mind + my life. I started doing meditation in 2013 after Electra Heart had ended. I was burnt out and desperate for change. I took no classes, read no books - just looked at a 5 minute explanation on the internet. I didn’t even do it every day. Just 20 minutes in the morning or evening. In the beginning, I felt a little dubious about the idea of “wasting 20 whole minutes” on meditation each day. But here’s the thing: Meditation is like a vacuum for your mind. It sucks up all the dust and rubbish thoughts. I can easily waste 20 minutes looking at something on the internet that I’ll never think about again, so I can invest 20 minutes in something that changes the quality of my life. This blog described Meditation as “one of the best responses to modern information overload”. I truly believe it can be an antidote to our digital lives.

Illustration by Lolrel 

2. Exercise

I know, I know. When you’re depressed, the last thing you want to do is go outside INTO THE REAL WORLD! But if you’re bottom-of-the-barrel depressed, you have nothing to lose. For years I loved to declare that I “didn’t have a body that could run”  (in order to escape ever having to actually run). But when I start meditation, the negative thoughts about myself decreased and I started to want good things for myself. The motive of exercising was not to lose weight, so it had a different energy to it.

3. Identifying With Thoughts

The reality is, I still deal with depression, but my reaction to it is different. I am more aware of its mechanisms so I don’t take my thoughts as seriously. I try not to identify with a thought and interpret it as truth just because it came into my mind. Why? Because the way I think and respond to events is largely based on my past experiences, so how can I know that my thoughts are my own and not coloured by my past? This is why I don’t always trust my thoughts, particularly when they are of the negative variety. A book I hugely recommend on this is called “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. 

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time for people who struggle with similar issues. Our culture has taught us to see happiness as some kind of end goal, but for me, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t stick around forever. Human beings need to experience some level of suffering in order to evolve emotionally and consciously. And though depression often feels like you’re stuck, or stagnating, it can also be a healthy way of your mind telling you that something isn’t quite right, and that it’s in the process of changing. We tend to view sadness as something unnatural, or negative, but perhaps viewing it as a necessary process might help us accept the low periods, and move through them more easily.

Before writing my last album, I honestly thought that I had just been born unhappy and that depression was a permanent part of me. I don’t believe that anymore. When I was writing ‘FROOT’ I felt like I was kissing goodbye to a big chapter of my life. That portion of my youth was heart-splitting and lonely at times, but it was also dazzling and beautiful. And that’s how life is for a lot of us. If only I’d known all those years that it was just part of being human.

Ask a question or share a thought here.  

Love, Marina

DREAM DADDY X JC LEYENDECKER?? Just kidding… it’s an original piece but it was heavily influenced by his style. A print for Fan Expo @ table A37!
Just finished the sketch AHAH. This is actually my first time planning out my own composition for a print and it was SO HARD because I wanted to challenge myself (just kidding there was no Leyendecker piece with 7 people). But I felt like last time people lowkey thought I was cheap for taking his compositions LOL. Ok but really I looked up so many references and had a lot of trouble fitting them in and making it look unified and just good. Friends were actually asking me when I was going to make fancy suit daddies LOL. It’s supposed to look like a formal picture but I tried to make each of their personalities very evident. Robert is the only one with his shirt open and flower on the wrong side because he’s problematic. I originally had Hugo do the funny bunny ear pose on top of Joseph but my sister told me it was so out of character. Gonna spend the next few days painting this and I’ll post the final soon.
(Sorry for the WIP I didn’t want anyone to steal it because it’s been happening)

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See? “Evil feminism” that proselytizes KillAllMen exists and is embraced and celebrated. But if in some circumstances I say one word, JUST ONE WORD that women might NOT be perfect and precious and angelic and might actually sometimes be assholes, and people are reaching for pitchforks and crosses to crucify me.

When I was six or seven I found some books on my parents’ bookshelves about understanding your children, and I was fascinated. The books talked about emotions and internal states and desires that children had, and what actions those produced, and it was the first place I’d been exposed to the idea that people had inner lives which you could understand and then interact with them more usefully. They gave me an emotional vocabulary. They helped me make sense of my own head. I read them over and over.

There was an anecdote in one of the books which I still remember vividly. It was about a mother who was cleaning out a chest freezer which had become full of massive sheets of ice. She handed a sheet of ice to each of her kids. “Hers is bigger,” objected the son, and so the mother gave him another one, and “how come he gets two?” demanded the daughter, and so the mother tossed one at her, and after a little whole both kids were standing in waist-high piles of ice they did not want, dancing back and forth because their legs were freezing, screaming and screaming for more because it was intolerable that the other pile be bigger.

They don’t actually want ice, said the book. They want to know that they matter, and the only kind of mattering they are confident of is mattering more than the other person.


“I’ll keep embracing evil feminism” obviously reads to me as “well, if the thing I need is evil, I don’t care, it’s mine”. This is often a healthy mindset to have. (If being gay is evil, I don’t care, I will be an evil gay. If being happy is evil, I don’t care, I will evilly be happy anyway.) Reading it as “whatever the worst most abusive thing done in the name of feminism is, I am in favor” is not reasonable. But, of course, there are people who say #KillAllMen, and I want them to be happy too. I don’t think it’s fair or charitable to read anon that way, but if anon is that way, I still unreservedly extend my desire that she have a fulfilling community that isn’t sexist and that affirms her value as a person.

And people strongly objecting to their lives and experiences being mischaracterized are not crucifying you. They’re not overreacting. They are reacting reasonably to wrong ideas which have harmed them, and which are still harming them.

And, like, fundamentally what is going on here is that you need to be confident in a different kind of mattering. You need to have a conception of how you matter and are valuable and deserve to be alive, which isn’t about whether the other pile of ice is bigger, and which you can achieve without just continually asking me to fling ice which you don’t want and which doesn’t help. You’re not alone in this. I think lots of people go into adulthood without much sense of how they matter or how they are valuable except that if they win enough competitions then they’re more valuable than the people who lost those.

The book’s recommendation was that you refuse to engage with competitive questions. “She has more food than me”? Respond “Oh, are you hungry, what do you want to eat?” “Why did he get two?” Respond “how many do you think you would like?” They didn’t phrase it this way but they wanted to teach the skill of thinking ‘what do I need’ instead of ‘am I losing the status game’.

So, like, what I need from you at this point is an answer to that question. What do you need? Which isn’t about what other people are getting? What does a community that affirms your value as a person look like? If that is too much to take on, what do you need in order to get to a place where you could think about that question?

You matter to me. I want you to have a meaningful and sustainable source of affirmation and value and happiness. If I could achieve that by flinging ice (well, blog posts) at whoever is currently objecting that their pile isn’t tall enough, you know what, I totally would, because affirmation and happiness that could be bought with blog posts would be really really great. But I don’t think it’s going to work. Past a point, I don’t even think it’s going to help. No one crucified you. No one yelled at you. People pointed out that your assertions were much stronger than “women are sometimes assholes” and mistaken, and someone told me that something I had said was sexist - which, you know, it was - and lots of people reblogged the post in the hopes it would be meaningful to other men who needed it, and while lots of people thought that you were wrong no one thought it was okay that you were suffering. And you’re pretty miserable about that outcome, and you feel like it proves your point. I think that’s a sign that this isn’t solvable with ice-throwing, because you don’t even want ice.

I hope you can think of something you do want. I want to help you make it happen.

Stranger things characters as things my friends have said

Eleven: Okay so I know murder is wrong and all, but what if the person REALLY sucks and I REALLY want to?

Mike: wow I’m such a lovesick dumbass. I literally almost cried yesterday because I thought the way my girlfriends dumb sneezes sound.

Dustin: I said I was going to start eating healthier but have you ever HAD a cheesecake?

Joyce: *referring to her cat* if you disturb my sleeping son I swear to god I will throw you across this room like a god damn javelin.

Hopper: If I ever become a dad, I’m gonna fully commit to it. Like start wearing those shorts with too many pockets, socks with sandles, button up shirts with fish on them. I’ll only speak in puns, and I’ll call everyone champ, even my wife. The whole nine yards.

Steve: I hate children. They are always genuinely interested in what you say and love you unconditionally. Fuckin assholes.

Max: Can I still be a rebel youth if I cry during commercials with babies in them?

Lucas: You would all die without me. Remember when we found that bag of drugs in the Pizza hut? I was the only one who didn’t say ‘sell it’ or 'try it’ I said leave it the hell alone. But do you respect me? No.

Will: Sometimes I think 'everything is fine, life is good’ and then I realize I am currently sobbing in a Wendy’s bathroom.

Nancy: I am literally too good for anyone on this planet. I unclogged my own bathtub last week and yesterday I changed my own tire with the help of only 2 YouTube videos!

Jonathan: At my funeral, can you guys play Mad World so that everyone laughs instead of cries? I want my ghost to be able to see that.

Bob: I JUST WANT ALL OF YOU TO BE HAPPY AND SAFE! You all scare the shit out of me and I don’t know how you’re all still alive.

Kali: I would kill any man. I don’t even care I’ll just do it for fun.

You all should really follow politics more.

To preface, I live in Covington, LA which is in the deep south just north of New Orleans, and is mostly white.

My family is a rather neutral one when it comes to anything political in that despite different views, we’re generally very accepting of one another and others and don’t care to make a scene or talk about politics at family gatherings. Theeeeen comes my grandfather on my mom’s side who is an extreme definition of a stereotypical white southerner. He’s INCREDIBLY racist, highly religious, disgusted by anyone who’s even remotely not straight, and will use any opportunity he can to start going on political tirades, make incredibly uncomfortable racist jokes, and share political “news” that’s clearly biased. His bouts are rather frustrating for everyone to deal with because if you’re not in FULL agreement with him, he’ll start going off on you instead claiming how “uneducated” and “ignorant” you are. The best thing to do is just ignore him and change subjects as swiftly as possible, usually resulting in him gaining a rather sour mood and for lack of a better word, pouting, and saying “You all should really follow politics more…”

A few weeks after a Christmas family gathering where he once again tried his political spiel, I was asked by him to dogsit his poodle for him while he went out of town with his wife on vacation. I was still on winter break from school and I would be getting paid so I didn’t mind. In addition to dogsitting, he also asked me (more like demanded) to get his laptop working again. (Nothing was wrong with it, he’s just rather ignorant when it comes to technology and had dimmed the display significantly and thought it was broken as a result.) So day 1 of the dogsitting job comes, and about an hour into it I decide to fix the laptop. I resolve the “problem” in about 5 seconds, when I notice an email notification pop up on the screen from a “political newsletter.” I click the notification which launches a page leading to his emails. Lo and behold, I’m greeted with a FLOOD of emailed newsletters from a whole slew of different websites that all share his incredibly biased and racist views, and a petty idea starts forming.

I took great pleasure in unsubscribing from each and every one of those newsletters and blocking them all, knowing that my grandpa would be none the wiser and would just assume they hadn’t updated. I closed out of the laptop and got back to playing with the dog, smiling like an idiot all the while as I thought what his reaction would be or if he’d even notice at all. The next family gathering during Easter he was unusually quiet and the only political stuff he spoke of was stuff pretty much everyone had seen on T.V. Some peace and quiet is pretty nice for a change~

~College!au Pen Pal Jimin~PART FOURTEEN: END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

Jimin’s heart was racing as he jogged to the campus’ cafe. Sure, you were blunt and usually said what was on your mind, you managed to beat around the bush with the question he asked. 

Instead of giving Jimin an answer, you decided to ask to meet up to ‘settle’ this, whatever this was, in person.

Jimin, although nervous, was excited to see you again. He never made the final move to get your number at the party and he definitely wasn’t going to let you slip out of his fingers again. 

Approaching the cafe, Jimin let out a shaky sigh. It was the intervention he wasn’t even expecting. When he thought about meeting his pen pal weeks ago, he never felt nervous although he had caught quite the liking to you. But now finding out you were THE girl who made him open up his heart by being so accepting of the real him? 

Real him, he thought to himself with a scoff. Would you even believe the guy you talked to at the party was the real him? Or did you think that he was just trying to appeal to you in hoped of sleeping with you later?

He didn’t have time to answer his nerve-wracking questions because he caught sight of you–of course he remembered what you looked like; your image was glued to his mind–wearing sweats and most likely a sweatshirt way too large for you. 

Smiling softly at your being, he approached while watching you bounce your knee up and down and stare at the tea before you intently.

Your thoughts were a jumbled mess. Your stomach was doing flip flops and you heart was beating a miles a minute. Why did you agree to this?

After Jimin sent you the inevitable ‘do you like me too?’ text, you couldn’t even answer that to yourself. Instead of replying you agreed on meeting him at your campus’ cafe. 

What was he going to act like? 

Better yet, what did you want him to act like?

You just wanted him to be honest. Honest with you, but most importantly honest with himself.


You snapped your head up at the voice and gave a wary smile.

“Park Jimin,” You greeted, gesturing to the seat across from you for him.

“Jimin is just fine, you know?” Jimin smiled and took a seat.

“Sorry,” You apologized before moving you tea closer to you to take a sip. “So, my pen pal is the famous Jimin that I’ve heard so much about. How many girls want to be in my shoes?” You asked before taking a long sip.

Jimin chuckled and shook his head. “You wouldn’t believe me,” He sighed before taking a long look at you, “But I’m glad it’s you.”

“Oh really?” You wiggled your eyebrows, “You mean you loved flirting with me only to be constantly rejected?” 

Looking away for a split second, he rolled his eyes with a grin, “No–o. We had nice conversations that I’ve never had with another girl before. Y/N, I don’t think you understand how much you’ve grown on me.”

“I tend to be a blessing to people’s lives,” you flipped your hair behind your shoulder. Jimin laughed, causing his eyes to crinkle into a shape resembling crescent moons.

“I agree. Plus, I think you rejecting me really gave me a reality check. If I could be so easily rejected because you didn’t know who I was, that tells a lot about my reputation. I’m so used to people just begging for my attention but with you, I felt like I was begging for yours,” He finished his statement quietly. 

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. You always discarded Jimin’s flirting with a roll of your eyes over text but now knowing who he really was made your original thoughts about him change. He never gave up on you. Well, until you made your deal but still, he managed to squeeze in a few texts of endearment. 

“And then our talk at the party? Man, that really opened my eyes. It was the first conversation with a girl that didn’t have to do with flirting. You had no idea who I was and I was able to express my true thoughts and feelings.”

“You talked about yourself, too. I could tell you had a connection to ‘Jimin,’ but I didn’t even think that you were him. I noticed you were often, how do I say, at war with yourself, and very careful with what you said at first,” You said softly.

“Yeah,” He agreed with a long sigh, “I knew if I said the wrong thing to expose myself, you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

“How do you know that? Since when we first spoke, you were nothing but honest with me. Well, besides your identity. Even if I found out who you were at the end of the night, I would’ve been the only girl who new the real Park Jimin.”

“I didn’t know. People are so judgmental nowadays. A few weeks ago I found out my friend Jungkook’s pen pal didn’t tell him who she really was because the first time they met he looked so disappointed. By a single look, her self esteem was crushed and she decided not to tell him.”

“What happened to them?”

“They became best friends! Meanwhile Jungkook was falling for her and his pen pal unknown to him that they were the same person. Heh, I guess I could relate to that. After a bunch of drama with her fake friend, Jungkook found out and he felt terrible.”

“And?” You were on the edge of your seat. Was his friend forgiven? Were they still friends?

“Oh. They’re dating now,” He finished off.

“They are?”

“Yeah, she loved him. And he realized he loved her after she was out of his life for a while. It’s a really long story, believe me.”

“Well at least by the end, neither of them were judgmental. Jungkook obviously learned from his mistake and his pen pal didn’t judge him after all the drama and instead forgave him,” You pointed out.

“It took an entire intervention! It took me and Taehyung for them to finally settle the truth.”

“I can assure you, I’m not like that.”

“I didn’t know that then. Besides, what if you did know things about me and you were just like the other girls? For once I wanted to be a nobody.”

“You know,” You began, a smile stretching on your face. “I like this Jimin. If you don’t like the reputation you have, why don’t you just change, though?”

“It’s hard to. It’s hard to be something society expects you not to be.”

“Screw society. Be whoever the hell you want to be. If I was who everybody thought I’d be, I’d be nose in books and not caring toward anyone else on the planet.”

Jimin stared at you in admiration. How were you so accepting?

“Listen, I know we met up so I can answer your question but can I ask you this really vital question first?”

Jimin widened his eyes and nodded. “Of course.”

“Am I really the girl who changed the dear fuckboy?” You teased with a smile.

Sighing at the lack of seriousness in your question, he rolled his eyes. “I think so, my love.”

“Okay no really. One question: If I was another girl, would you still have the same feelings for me?”

He thought about the question for a moment. “I’m always going to like the girl at the party. If the girl I was texting wasn’t you, she wouldn’t have had the same effect on me. You were you and nobody would’ve replaced how I felt about you the first time we met.”

“So you don’t think it’s pure coincidence me and the girl at the party are the same person.”

“My love, nothing is an accident.”

“Then yes, Park Jimin. My dear fuckboy, I’ve had feelings for you since the  ‘have you ever fallen in love?’ conversation we had. It was our first real conversation and it really won me over.”

“You mean, you’ve liked me for a while now? And you made no move?”

“And give you the satisfaction and inflate your ego? No thanks,” You laughed.

“You know, I think even if we didn’t have the conversation about how I found out you were my pen pal, I still would’ve figured it out.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

Giving him a skeptical look, you asked, “How?”

“There was one thing–one statement–you two said that I didn’t remember until now.”

“Oh yeah? What was that?” 

He leaned in close enough to be only a few centimeters away from your and your breath hitched in your throat. 

“’In your dreams boi.’“ 

Before you could scoff at your repetitive phrase, he placed his lips on yours and this time you thought, Hm maybe he was right all those months ago when we first spoke. You don’t want this to be a dream.


Hehehe even tho during the piece of their convo at the party didn’t include the iconic, in your dreams boi, SOMEWHERE IN THAT CONVO THROUGH THE NIGHT IT WAS THERE HAHA

WHo’s ready for Jin’s pen pal bc his is next!!! (im sensing lots of fluff)

Love y’all!!!<333

Home Alone -- Billy Hargrove

Requested: “Can I have a smutty billy one? Like you open the door in your robe maybe like Mrs. Wheeler did but you’re his age😂 and he just can’t handle it. If it could be super smutty with like choking that would be good. Thank you ❤️” “I need me some rough billy smut man, just some pure fucking.” “hey, was wondering if you could do a really smutty imagine w/ billy x female reader. Maybe he pursues her for a while but she keeps teasing him and he’s not used to because he usually charming girls in an instant, in the end she reciprocates and maybe really passionate rough smut? Thanks!”

Warnings: Smut (16+). Rough sex. Unprotected sex.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: With your house empty, and your mind trained on Billy, you call him and tell him to come over.

Words: 1524

Listen to: Sexual by NEIKED and I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

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1. you are the first person i want to write about, even now. i could spend hours scribbling out shaky sentences about you and your wolf grin. it’s like i enjoy self-sabotage; you are the one thing i don’t want to think about, but the only thing i can. i guess this may just be how the brain works.
2. for so long, the poetry felt like a gift for you. look at this, it seemed to cry, look at me still thinking about you. does that make you happy that you’re still my muse? i want to say that now it is a gift for myself and my battered heart. it is how i let the pain out so it doesn’t kill me.
3. last week, when your username flashed across my screen, i had an anxiety attack. i hadn’t spoken to you in months. it made me realize that i had forgotten about you long enough for a reminder to make my hands shake and my throat clench. but i had forgotten, and that’s what matters.
4. the thought of seeing you again doesn’t make me want to throw up anymore. that doesn’t mean i won’t vomit when you show up, but at least i’m not crouching over a toilet at the idea of it.
5. i used to say you were toxic. it took me a long time to realize you had been more than just a bout of food poisoning. you were like too much to drink. you were like the robber smashing through my bedroom window. you were like the monster under the bed. you left me shaken and scared to touch a glass. to the window cracked on a hot night. to go to sleep without checking behind my bed skirt. 
6. you were abusive. and i think i had been saying you were without really realizing it. i think it took a lot longer for the after of us to hit than i thought it would. i thought the worst of it had passed, but i was wrong. the worst of it is here, now. because this is the happiest i’ve been and it’s because you’re not here and that, that is why. i thought you would be here for this. i didn’t think it would be because you’re not.
7. but i can say it now. i can say you were abusive and there’s a weight behind it. i don’t just say it in my poetry because i think it sounds more powerful. now, i say it because i can’t not say it. i can’t ignore it when it spends its time staring me in the face. i have to face it, i think. i have to say it enough times so that eventually, i can acknowledge the storm you brought to me without wanting to find shelter. eventually, i will no longer even feel the rain.
—  i am managing -c.h. // instagram: @evanescent.love (via @poeticaffinity)
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Prompts: @lostandmessedup
Author: @queenofthyme

“Our sons are dating.”

Hearing Draco’s whispered voice in his ear brings Harry back to an earlier time. It’s both vivid and distant all at once. Harry allows the memory to fade as quickly as it comes to him - clinging onto to such things never helped in the past.

“You sound surprised,” Harry replies, not bothering to whisper back. Albus and Scorpius are too far away to hear them, already making their way onto the Hogwarts Express, holding hands as they had been all Summer.

“You don’t think they’re soulmates, do you?”

Harry’s jaw tightens at the word. Draco makes it sound like a bad thing. A terrible burden. “So what if they are?”

“I suppose it doesn’t matter to someone who doesn’t believe.”

A short humourless laugh escapes from Harry’s mouth. Draco was always good at picking fights where there was none. “I believe.”

“Ah,” Draco draws out the word. “I just wasn’t good enough, was I?” He asks, his cold humour cutting as always. “Thought you could pick again?”

Harry resists the urge to roll his eyes. He is determined to be a mature adult even if Draco isn’t. “Malfoy, don’t be dramatic.”

“I see, was I too dramatic? Did you prefer someone who wouldn’t steal your spotlight? Who would stand behind you like an obedient little house-elf?”

“Clearly not, otherwise I wouldn’t have married Ginny,” Harry bites back. Ginny. Holyhead Harpies Team Captain. World Renowned Quidditch Player. Earns more than Harry’s fortune in a single year. More raw magical power in her pinky finger than most wizards have in their entire body. Obedient house-elf? Not so much. If she were here, she would have decked Draco for suggesting it.

“Why did you marry her?” Draco’s voice has lost some of its edge now, the hurt clear behind his words.

“Why didn’t I just wait around for you, you mean?” Harry counters, bitterness leaking into his tone. He’s mad and he wants Draco to know it. It’s not fair for Draco to play the scorned lover. Not when the part is rightfully Harry’s. “Why didn’t I follow you halfway across the world, or wherever the hell you went, like an obedient little house-elf, you mean?”

“All you had to do was - “

“You left.” Harry interrupts. “You. So don’t you dare turn this around on me.”

Harry knows his face must be red with his anger. He can’t remember the last time he’d been so worked up like this. Not since Draco left. Draco Malfoy always had a way of drawing the uglier emotions out of him.

When too much silence has passed, Harry finally looks over to Draco and stares into the eyes of his soulmate.

“I had to,” Draco whispers. It’s not much of an excuse and Harry doesn’t know why he expected anything more.

He turns back to the train, watching the last trickles of students hurry in. “Well, I had to move on.”

Harry hears Draco clear his throat beside him. “I saw your divorce in The Daily Prophet. Did the Weas - did she find her soulmate?”

“She doesn’t have one,” Harry says stiffly. He’d sometimes been jealous of that. Not having a soulmate might have been easier. Anything would have been easier than having Draco Malfoy as his. “We both wanted children.” He adds by way of explanation. That had been the whole basis of their marriage. Harry had lied to Draco of course. He’d never really moved on.

“Do you think…” Draco trails off.

Harry looks up. “What?”

Draco shakes his head, eyes straight ahead. “Never mind.”

What, Malfoy?”

“You used to call me Draco.”

Harry shrugs as casually as he can manage. “That was years ago,” he says. What he doesn’t want to say is how much it hurts to say that name. How it brings back memories of everything he had and lost. How it means so much more to him than just a name.

“Do you think that maybe we just had the timing wrong?” Draco finally continues his earlier thought, still not looking at Harry. “That we weren’t supposed to be together until…until now.”

Harry feels his breath leave him. “Now?” He chokes out.

Draco nods, his gaze fixed on the train. “If soulmates are real, so is destiny, or fate, or whatever you want to call it. I know I was meant to have Scorpius. He’s changed me, Harry, he really has. I’m a different person.” He turns to Harry as the train horn sounds. “I think now I could be who you wanted me to be. Who I want to be.”

Harry stares back at Draco while the sound of the train’s departure roars in their ears. As the train exits the station, the sound fades to a whisper and then to a silence between them. Finally, after years, there’s nothing in their way.

“You’ve kept me waiting long enough, Draco.”

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My Immortal - Loki x Reader

Title: My Immortal

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2,838

Warnings: Very subtle spoilers for Thor: Dark World and Civil War

Summary: He is a god and he is a master in lies. Death for him can’t be this easy. But you never thought he’d lie to you about something like this, something so important that actually broke you. You return home to find a “gift” waiting for you from Odin himself and it is finally time to have a talk with it… while living the rest of your life with it on Earth.

A/N: Not betad, I apologize for any mistakes!

“Tony, please.” you said with a half-whine and half-giggle as you unlocked your apartment door.

“Come on, come on just one more!” the man at the other end said with a chuckle and you had to stifle a giggle once more.

“Tony!” you whined again, walking in the almost pitch black apartment “My stomach can’t take it anymore. What’s up with you and jokes, are you that bored in the meeting? And how the heck does nobody else tell you to shut up?”

You complained about it but truth was you needed the pick up and hearing your friend laugh, this much at that, after everything that had happened and sound like his old self again was really more than you could ask for. None of you were the same anymore, and maybe you had to endure twice the pain after what had happened in the dark world as well.

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Take my mail? I'll help the state take your kid.

This is what I thought to be somewhat pro revenge but correct me if I’m wrong. Also this is long so tl;dr is at the bottom.

It all started about 4 months ago while I was living in a shitty duplex, in the shitty part of the city where I used to live. I had been living in this duplex for about a year and a half and even though it wasn’t in a good part of the city, no one really bothered us and our neighbors were pretty normal so I didn’t really mind it. At least not until my old neighbors moved out and Satan’s minions moved in.

I knew from the moment I first met them that there was going to be an issue. There were 5 of them all together(three guys, one baby, and one girl), and these were only 1 bedroom places. I tried my best not to judge, so I went over while they were moving to say hello and welcome them to the area. I walked over and said “Hi! How’s it going? I guess you guys are my new neighbors huh?” all 5 of them at the exact same time stopped what they were doing and stared at me. The oldest of the bunch was a guy, and I extended my hand out to shake his, and he just looked at my hand, and then looked up at me and said “What do you want kid?” I replied “Just to welcome you guys to the area. Sorry to bother you.” He just stared at me, so I started to walk off and as I did I looked back and said “Lift with your knees not your back!” just to be an ass. That was the only contact I had with them for the next two weeks.

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anonymous asked:

can you please explain the whole r*ry shindig,, i’m so confused, like i keep reading that their art is super “all trans ppl’s bodies are Exaggerated” but i’ve never seen them even draw trans people since i don’t follow any of their oc’s? i thought they just had some really warped anatomy as part of their style?? i don’t mind unfollowing them at the drop of a pen if they’re a transphobic (and i already have) but what’s happening i’m Confused,,

its alright my dear discourse is always confusing dont get too worked up over it. heres an example of what folks r talking about.

the first one is cis steve. the second is trans steve. in itself i can understand why you would soften the features, but theres literally nothing wrong with trans dudes having square features? and they are obv capable of that, because if you look below they are capable of drawing trans steve without like. grossly exaggerating and sexualizing his features. hes a dude. he happens to be trans. it doesnt overpower his character.

and then you look at the second set of examples….instead of a trans dude in a style thats exaggerated and cartoony, we get a trans dude who is Obviously hypersexualized to have huge tits and ass bc rory “love[s] sexualizing (trans)men” and hes a slut by virtue of his body i guess… they dont draw cis dudes like that lol

also theres ….. this. i havent touched this much because i am white, but i think its pretty telling and hard to ignore, and a lot of black folks have spoken up about it, you should look more into the rcdart tag to get that half of the story, but its important enough to pass on

and this is what has got people stirred up about them specifically as of late