i really think this should happen

it’s not like i’m on fire. i sort of miss being on fire. when i was on fire at least i knew it wasn’t just me, that my illness was alive, scorching. there were claw marks in everything. it was so bad it was a brand. everyone could see, you know? but now i am just lazy. now there’s nothing but empty. now i’m an adult and i’m handling thing. the fire is still burning, it’s just that most people die from the smoke inhalation, you know? like i look fine. but my lungs don’t work. i’m saying i fucked up and my future is dying. my dreams are curled up somewhere, smothered. i’m handling it really well. everything looks good. i think. it’s just i can’t even feel what’s been happening. it’s just i think i should feel what’s been happening, and i would be scared about what this means, but i can’t be. did you know you can be in the burning house and also outside of it at the same time. my therapist says this is disassociation. i tell her. if some part of me is in and some part is out, we both win. it’s just it got too heavy to carry so i left my heart in there. it might actually even be a good thing. i don’t know. i can’t tell. i can’t feel anything.

On Sidney Crosby (and his recent incidents).

So along with the amazing goal he had in our last game, Sid has been the subject of much controversy due to his stick to the groin of O’reilly and the slash to Methot’s hand tonight.

Both should have been penalties. However, do you realize how many times throughout the course of a single game, let alone a season, things that could be penalties are NOT called?

The stick to the groin was a shitty play and I do think he knew what he was doing (Sidney Crosby does not miss pucks often, if at all).

However, slashes happen multiple times in ANY given game. Methot was really unlucky that it hit him in a bad spot and I wish he hadn’t been injured and that he is able to play again soon.

But if you think some random referees mean that the LEAGUE has a bias towards the Penguins I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

Should he have been fined for the cheap shot in Buffalo? Probably. Should he have gotten penalties for both of the above instances? Absolutely.

But the man also takes so many cheap shots each and every game that I’m not entirely surprised that he reacts and does things like this from time to time.

I watch literally every regular season game (and obviously all of playoffs). Has Sid been known to make a dirty play every now and then? Sure, but you know what? He also usually is the first to apologize if it’s something truly awful (he did this just the other night after he ball-tapped O’Reilly). 

Anyway, has he taken some dirty plays that should have been penalties recently? Yes. Is he a “dirty player”? I personally don’t think so, but I’m sure there are people out there who will disagree with me. 

Also, to those claiming “The League” favors the Penguins, that’s kind of laughable. We are penalized pretty regularly and our challenge and overturned goal totals are pretty far up there, too.

But, hey, who am I to tell you to stop whining about Sidney Crosby? After all, that’s what you all hate him for, right? Being a whiner back in his rookie year?

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I'm really scared to have more sex with my boyfriend because I'm scared I'm going to queef in front of him, what should I do?

lmao don’t be scared bc if you’re scared its Going to happen so just be chill and don’t even think about it ! lol wishing you luck girl!! 

I’ll try to keep it as short and concise as possible, and avoid any drama tone (because it’s not really necessary).

In the past months, it happened from time to time that people used gifs of mine in their own posts without giving me any credit. They typically were reaction posts, so I’m usually nice enough to think that maybe they had saved them and didn’t realize they should have given credit when using.
Now, at a certain point it happened that someone else made a gifset reusing my own, or - just to make my eyes bleed - made a screenshot of a gifsets to repost it. In both cases, I wrote to the authors asking them to remove the incriminated posts, and so they did (although I would have appreciated a word of apology).

That being said,
* Please, please, please. If you recognize something I did in a post which is not from me, DO NOT SHARE IT. It’s not even because the loss of credit (we’re talking about gifsets, not The Divine Comedy), but mostly because they usually come in a very poor form. I was not joking, my eyes bleed looking at that still screenshot of a bunch of gifs.
* Of course, just don’t repost. Pretty please? 

I know that a (partial) solution and deterrent is watermarking. I understand who use those. But really, I can’t help it. I can’t accept to have to put something I don’t like over my thing because people just need to be rude. Maybe I’m naive, but I want to think that one can be better than that. Be better than that!

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Do you feel that people who were sexually abused as a child should not be able to relate to moonlight unless they are also gay, black or poor?

IDK if you’re being sarcastic or not but I’m going to answer you straight forward, I don’t think it’s a question of relating to Moonlight, because we all can relate to various issues within a piece as they are all part of the human condition. The question is really about focus and centering, in that respect it’s not about you, just like it isn’t about me just because I happen to share one aspect with the characters. Everything doesn’t have to be about you (I mean this in a plural sense not as you the individual songs maybe “us ” would be more appropriate ) for you to enjoy or be moved by it. OG anon (idk if this is you or not ) was trying to unnescesarily insert themselves in a very specific space.
-mod f

"after the after"

the alarm is fake. we
go back to/sleep/dream of
alarms, dream of daydreaming

the last time/we read that story/we both/
believed the fires were really happening

that the houses & the cars & the last thing
we loved were/burning down.

Now I think we can talk about the
things we don’t think we should talk about

because, honestly? the river isn’t where
I last saw it. I asked you & you/told me/
the ocean isn’t calling you back either.

the emails we sent/to the fire/bounced back

Asuka was incredible on last night’s episode of NXT. She has really transcended the role of the face and the heel, she is what she is. I love it. I really liked that she cut a promo in Japanese, it makes her stand out from the rest of the female wrestlers in WWE and shows that she can very well work the mic, despite that many fans say she has no mic skills, just because English is not her first language. The booking of the NXT women’s division has been disappointing and the Asuka vs Ember Moon match doesn’t feel as big as it should, but it’s going to be show stealing nonetheless. I really want to see Asuka lose the title to Ember, go crazy and fully turn to the darkside. It’s going to be the perfect opportunity for Asuka to debut the deranged character we have seen her perform as Kana. We’ve been waiting so long to see her debut her famous facepaint and i think we might see that happen very soon.

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I have seen a therapist for maybe 8 sessions or so. I lied st my intake about trauma. Would it be weird to take pictures of my art journal to explain what happened? I feel like I can't get the words out but idk if my therapist will be like why is this girl handing me her iPhone

i don’t think that’s weird at all anon!!!! speaking is hard. really hard. if the best way for you to communicate what happened and be open with her is through art, then that’s exactly what you should do. i am so proud of you for taking this step to be honest. i know it’s scary, but it’s the right thing to do. i’ll be thinking of you <3

Can’t Be Really Gone

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A/N: Thanks to my love @impala-dreamer for the beta (she’s an angel we don’t deserve) 90’s country messes me up guys. This is based on Tim McGraw’s “Can’t Be Really Gone” (lyrics in italics) You certainly don’t have to read both Sam and Dean parts but I think you should because I wrote both damn it and I need love and attention they kind of play off each other. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 875 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Look, this is angsty. Not like Swan Song angsty, but there are feels & the insinuation of character death, but this is Supernatural sooo…



He failed. Again. It shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, it had happened so many times before. Sam more than once, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Charlie, and Kevin he’d failed them all. Y/N was just the next name on a long list of people he loved that ended up dying because of it. They all hurt, but Y/N was different. Her home was here with them. There were parts of her in each room of the bunker. Each one taunting him, bringing her memory back to the forefront of his mind just when he thought he was going to be alright.

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People make a big deal about who tops or bottoms in a fic but for me it's who is best friends/roommates (Zouis, always gotta have Zouis). (And Narry.) (And Ziam should be the side ship.)


zouis friendship is so important to me in fics. like it’s not /necessary/ but i always feel like the dynamic is missing when it’s not there. because no matter what u believe happened, zouis’s dynamic was Iconique. so. i gotta have zouis. AND LILO. narry can go either way for me because the n*rries kind of… tainted it. lol. but lirry is good. and i really like side ziam BUT side ziall is also Tragically Underrated like where is the justice for ziall? lol

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I am so afraid. I am so deeply falling in love with a boy with deep hazel eyes. He is so soft and lighthearted and his heart has been hurt but somehow he has the brightest smile. I am broken and chaotic and sad. I am afraid of falling in love because the last time, I was hurt VERY bad. I still have physical scars from my ex. Me and my crush are in a play together and we have to be 'in love' and my heart is exploding. I need to tell him but I am scared. Help!

I’m really sorry for what happened in you past relationship, no woman should ever be treated in the way you were treated. If you’re in a play together and you have to be “in love” I guess how you must be feeling but ultimately you have to think if you love this guy to the point that you want to be in a relationship with him. It’s better to tell him, what’s the worst that can happen? Him not liking you back? Just because he doesn’t like you in the same way, doesn’t mean you can’t remain friends. And maybe, just maybe he could fancy you and you’re debating on whether to tell him or not. You just have to be honest with yourself and do what’s best for you.

the signs as Bob Ross things

Aries: “just really make it come alive”

Taurus: tons and tons of mountains. he loved painting those rascals

Gemini: let’s paint this tree a friend. i think everyone should have a friend, they are very important

Cancer: on our canvas, there is no hate or pain. there is only peace and happiness

Leo: perhaps we love painting because we can control the canvas and the world we are creating

Virgo: let it happen! in the time you’ve been sitting around worrying you could’ve finished the whole painting

Libra: “now look at that. in just a matter of a few minutes we have something beautiful”

Scorpio: for every highlight we have to have some shadow, some darkness

Sagittarius: “the Almighty ___”

Capricorn: “oh what the heck. let’s do this.”

Aquarius: trees and leaves and bushes hidin’ in your brush

Pisces: look at all the happy little clouds just playing in the sky

#snl_성추행 (#snl_sexualharassment) is trending #1 in Korea right now

I’m so shocked that I don’t even know what to type but here’s a brief summary of what happened.
Today some backstage videos of Infinite and B1A4 on SNL went viral in which the female staff members can be seen how they grab the boys genitals, cheering loudly and celebrating how they managed to get a touch of it. I think it isn’t necessary to add that both, Infinite and B1A4 looked BEYOND uncomfortable, some of them even covering their crotches while the staff members just continue to clap and laugh.
I am fully disgusted. I can’t believe that these kind of things really happened backstage, that the boys needed to brush it off with some pressed laughs and that they went out there and finished this show like nothing happened. This is sexual harassment and should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES taken lightly. I just hope that these staff members get fired and B1A4 and Infinite get a more than proper apology from SNL or even better TVN because I don’t know what is wrong with their heads to brush it off as a joke because things like these are not funny. TOUCHING SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION NO MATTER IF MALE OR FEMALE ISN’T FUNNY. IT’S HARASSMENT AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED ACCORDING SO.
And just imagine how many times this must’ve happened without any video evidence. SNL is cancelled, over for me.


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”


I’ve spent a lot of time deciding whether or not I should write this post now, when I’m upset and salty, but with every negative comment about Russia and Russian people I was growing more assured that you, guys, really should read this and fucking THINK.
Here’s the thing: I LOVE Sherlock fandom. I love the Russian part of it, full of incredibly talented people who literally make ART and I love this big English-speaking part, too, you’re fantastic. We don’t ALWAYS get along, there’s a bunch of really bad toxic people talking shit. These guys are everywhere. But the big question is: are those the ones talking right now or is the whole fandom full of shit?
You know what happened: Russian Federal Channel leaked the new episode before the actual air date. Let’s not talk about all the “fake ep” thing with multiple endings theory and whatever and focus on the part where SOMEONE. FROM THE TV. FUCKED UP. We don’t know and probably we’ll NEVER know if it was an accident or this certain someone did it on purpose, but RUSSIAN DUB OF TFP HAS ENDED UP SOMEWHERE WHERE IT SHOULDN’T BE.
We, Russians, all reacted differently. Some people stopped whatever they were doing and went to watch the episode (and I’m SURE that most of you would have probably done the same thing), some were very upset and quit all the social media to avoid SPOILERS, some started spreading these spoilers EVERYWHERE (who can judge them? It is Sherlock after all).
That’s it. That’s the whole story. We didn’t have a referendum on deciding should we leak TFP ep or not. We didn’t ask the channel to do this. We are probably even more surprised than you are, AND lots of people are not even going to watch the leaked episode.
When I logged in to my tumblr account I EXPECTED something like this. You, guys, are not really fond of Russians or Russia in general, I understand that. It’s funny and upsetting and we just kinda accepted this shit. However I never expected the amounts of HATE towards our nation and our country and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
I haven’t said anything to the yoi fandom, because, well, homophobia is smth we really are responsible for and I have nothing to say but THIS.
I really REALLY wanted to finish this with wishing you love and peace, but not this time, no.
THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. About all the people like me (angry, bitter and disappointed), or unlike me (probably REALLY upset and insulted). THINK AND

Remember when the TF2 fandom decided Engie and Sniper were the next big brotp? Whatever happened to that? I never see anybody talk about them anymore.

I mean, look…

I’m just sayin,’ we should really bring that back…I’d weep for joy if they became a big thing again. I think they’d get along perfectly since they’re both quiet cowboy types. It’s not hard to picture the two of them sitting at a campfire at the end of the day, sipping their beer and conversing about the little things in life as they both gaze up at the stars.

So, yeah. Consider this my plea to bring back this brotp.

Today, I fucked up... by gorilla gluing my buttcheeks together

Title says it all. I was curious and wanted to see what would happen. I really need to take a dump and am not sure what is going to happen now. I think I am going to take a shower to try and fix this. Any tips to get me out of this mess I have now found myself in?

Updates: So late last night I was able to separate the cheeks. They are not sealed together anymore, now there is just a ring of gnarled up hair mixed with dry glue chunks. I think a few more bath treatments and it should all come out within the next couple of days. Going to the ER at this point would be pointless, a lot more painful, and probably quite expensive.

Check out more TIFU: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

For the last time:

If Victor bought that ring for Yuuri ahead of time then the anime would have shown us. And even if they wouldn’t have shown it, if that’s what they wanted us to think, they would have made it explicitly clearEspecially in the episode that was narrated by Victor.

What interest does the anime have in hiding the information that Victor bought the ring earlier?


Which is probably enough reason to believe that it didn’t happen.

Listen, I know it’s a really sweet idea and I know that we’d all like that to be true, but there are limits to wishful thinking.

I keep seeing people speaking of the headcanon (because that’s what it should be called) that Victor bought the ring ahead of time as though it’s a fact and I think it’s very confusing and even misleading to a part of the fandom.

And listen, if you want to believe that’s what happened, that’s cool, but at least acknowledge the fact that you’re talking about a theory or a headcanon like I mentioned above, and don’t act like that’s what canonically happened because if that’s what it really were then it would be clear to everyone and we wouldn’t even have to have this argument.

(Especially that there is much more proof for Yuuri buying both rings/Yuuri and Victor buying the rings in the same store at the same time than of Victor buying one beforehand.)

Rowan Blanchard On Confronting Biases in Friends
  • Teen Vogue: How do you confront a racist or sexist bias with a friend, instead of just not doing it to avoid conflict? What's your advice on confronting biases you find in other people?
  • Rowan Blanchard: I totally understand that feeling of somebody saying something and you not wanting to upset that person further. Recently, I had a friend who said something along the lines of "I don't want to drive by the hood today," or something. It's that weird moment where you're like "Wait, am I really friends with this person? Should I be doing this?" But I think, when something like that happens, you can just say, "Hey, what do you mean by that?"
  • Because then the person might realize the thing they just said was not acceptable and I think people kind of respond to that. When they get a quick response that's like, "What do you mean by that? Can you just elaborate on what you were trying to say?" I’ve found the person will usually not be able to come up with a response because they realize how racist or sexist the thing that they're trying to actually initiate is.
  • The other thing that I try to do [to educate] inadvertently with friends or family members [is by saying], "Well, let's go see this movie instead of this movie,” with me knowing that the movie is more [education] about the topic that I'm trying to educate that person on.
  • I feel like that's how I use my social media; I'll post if I see a film that I really want people to see, and that's my way of suddenly putting that into their head.

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!