i really think they focus on this so much so that we won't see the real death coming

thewildwoodwoman  asked:

Hello! I recently read your post on astral travel and over complicating things and I was wondering if you had any tips on starting astral travel in general. I know the whole "relaxing your body, feel tingly" thing but, I'm just afraid that I won't get "out" so to speak. Any tips? Thank you!

I feel like I get asked this all the time and usually I do the equivalent of a ‘huh’ face but god damn I will try this time!

As you saw in my post, I think it’s a real barrier to astral travel to focus on ‘getting out’ because imo there are quite a few people that will never actually achieve an 'OBE’ type sensation associated with the astral. And imo again I think that’s because it’s legitimately a risk to let your soul go wandering about without you because that’s a state we usually associate with death–and thus it follows that it would be hard to actually achieve that because our bodies probably freak out and try to do everything possible to prevent that outcome! And there are other risks with actually physically leaving too, like getting lost or other entities seeing an open body sans soul and thinking 'opportunity!’

I say this because I got caught up in trying to achieve an OBE and thus when I actually started seeing the astral and it wasn’t Dramatic and I never really lost my body connection I got in my own head about it–and thus in my own way.

I think a better goal is starting small. Identify what you’re actually having problems with. There are many working parts to astral skills–they include a lot of the same skills we develop in basic energy work, trance work, and witchcraft. So you need some level of mastery of slipping into altered states, some decency at visualization, and I would argue some skill at creation energy magic (for when you actually get over there)

If what you’re saying is you can’t relax enough to achieve an altered state (when you’re in a proper trance or deep meditative brain wave state you naturally forget you have a body trust me) then start with that! Research methods that work for you and allow you to hit that. If you prefer moving methods, try that too. I know after a solid yoga session I tend to slip right into the astral with zero effort on my part because I’ve expended so much energy that my body is happy to just let me go. When you can achieve that state of calmness it’s so much easier to focus on the astral side. And when you’re at the level where you can consistently forget you have a body, you can do quick pop ins to see what’s going on over there, then pop back here.

The major difference in this method vs the obe situation is I’m not focusing on moving my actual soul around. Instead I’m flipping the tv channel in my head to see what’s up, which is less invasive so to speak imo. It’s a subtle thing!

If you have trouble visualizing (because by far the fastest way for me to slip into an astral state when I haven’t been in a while is picturing a door or gateway as I said in my other post) find basic exercises to get you exercising that imagination muscle. And if you don’t prefer that sense, find exercises that strengthen other senses. My favorite one is the fruit test:

Locate a fruit (irl) and use every sense to really get to know this item. Get it so you could take a test on this fruit and ace it.

Close your eyes and focus really hard on recalling those facts you mentally recorded on the fruit. Get it so you could reach out and touch it, taste, smell it in your mind. Do all of those things. That’s already a really solid visualization.

Then, using what you just learned, create in your mind an alien fruit that doesn’t exist. Do the sense exercises again. If you can do this last step, you’re entirely capable of visualizing a door, or a gate, or a tunnel to get you there. And the combo of the altered state and the visualization is usually more than enough to help you forget the body.

Also be aware when you first start to astral there’s a really solid chance you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a home base area that isn’t on the astral proper. I’ve seen this enough times now to think it’s the norm for a LOT of people. If this applies to you, that’s lucky! You have the space and time to play around with wacky astral things in relative safety. If you’re stuck in one place for a while, don’t panic, and don’t get caught up in doubt this isn’t the real deal. Use the time to sharpen your skills and get really good at connecting.

On the connecting note, DO IT A LOT! There are some days where absolutely nothing is going to happen, and it happens to me too, and all I can tell you is the planets aren’t aligned that day or the server is down or something. It’s not on you. But try and connect often anyway, even if you reach out and absolutely nothing is there. I say this because it’s literally like exercising. If you do it consistently and often you are going to get better and it will become easier. If I do reiki every day for a week, for example, I’m exponentially more sensitive and in tune than if I take a week off–I firmly believe this applies to most spirit work stuff.

And this last tip is so common sense but I feel the need to state it: when you’re just learning to do this astral thing for the love of the gods don’t try it when you’re going to be interrupted! There’s nothing more jarring than almost achieving it and being wrenched back into your body by someone slamming the door or whatever. Seriously, it’s shocking and disorienting. Make sure you have a gradual come back to your body at the end!

Anyway, I feel like I ran around the globe twice on a simple ask but I hope something in there is helpful to you!