i really think their ship name should be

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Sine, Sine! I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any good tips for writing 616 Tony! I just love your characterization so much :)

Oh, boy, an opportunity to talk about my fave! I was actually sitting here thinking, gosh, I hope someone asks me to write meta about my favorite characters sometime soon! And then you did, so thank you, anon! (And thank you, I’m glad you like my characterization.)

Uh. This got long.

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Why people assume that this tweet was the confirmation about pm? And do you think it was a wise move from Gillian?

Because they are arrogant. So arrogant that it blinds them. I don’t know how this didn’t even occur to them that this tweet was also pointed at them? That the assumption people make about her and PM could really upset her? Because she didn’t give them any reasons, I mean ANY REASONS, to ship her with this guy, to saying those all things, making disgusting manips. She never said a word about him, never even tweeted his name. Like NEVER. She also NEVER interacted with him as he was her boyfriend! She actually sent quite opposite signals. Her body language said that too. Didn’t they notice?

They think so highly of themselves that they were over the moon with happiness when she tweeted “fuck off” to the whole fandom, as this was a good thing! They should feel at least embarrassment that Gillian was forced to call out her own fandom for making ridiculous assumptions and sending hates and harassing her friends! Why this tweet made them happy, I have no clue.

 And there is also this hypocrisy, which is absolutely outstanding. If that tweet was confirmation to them then how we should interpret Schmoopie and Gillian’s shirt? Or her many tweets? And we were actually call out many times for reading too much into Gillian’s tweets and her and David’s interactions. Funny how things have changed for them in a very short time. 

As to your second question, I don’t think it was a wise move at all. I understand her anger, she probably was provoked after people harassed Emma and it was very Gilly like but she should first consult it with her PR which obviously she didn’t. And now she’s made things even worse, for the fandom and for herself.

But @gunningforabasementoffice had very similar ask and because my answer wouldn’t be anything better, and she answered it brilliantly, I just reblogged it for you ;)


The big box of Japanese text is artist’s notes. I translated them, but it was basically impossible to fit in English, so here they are:

I was thinking, “How the heck could Kacchan know the kanji reading for ‘Izuku’ as a kindergartener unless he looked it up in a dictionary?” Arriving at that conclusion, I thought “Kacchan was thinking about being together with Izuku-san when he was looking up the kanji to his name, wasn’t he?” It was exciting because he must have really done it as his childhood friend, not because of the incidental “Izuku”/”Deku” reading. I started talking to people about what I think Kacchan’s feeling are, and that’s why I ship KatsuDeku. Or rather I should say, that’s why it’s impossible for me not to ship KatsuDeku. Please support them.

Usually I don’t translate artist’s notes, but this, I had to include it! Please note that it’s a little liberal because of differences in fandom terms and such.

Also, deguchi is written like 出口 and means “exit.”

For sinryie

Source: もめっそ


I think the Percy Annabeth ship name should be Seaweed Brain. Seaweed=Percy and Brain= Annabeth. So really from the beginning Annabeth gave us their ship name.

Dead man walking.. Brohm

I really wanted to make this and.. uh… It’s from the musical “Heathers”.. the song “Dead Girl Walking”.. don’t judge me- literally almost song I hear it reminds me of this ship- *screams*

also.. I just changed a few words and the names- I think that’s all..

Also ].. Vanoss is the leader of the Heather’s.. I dunno why- I just had to make him… Heather.. Chandler.. Delirious shall be Heather McNamara.. and……. hmm.. who should be Heather Duke?… Anyway- We should deffinatly make an au for this? I dunno.. bleh

Enjoy!! I guess? haha- oh geez.. why

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Can we talk about how Yeri of RV has a selca of Chaeyoung and they technically formally introduced themselves less than a month or so?! I ship it.

I just looked up Yeri to check out the validity of this as a potential ship, and she and Chae are the same age, and go to the same school. They might have even classes together, this is all fitting together so perfectly. Chaeri rise. Should that be their ship name? I really want it to be their ship name because it kinda sounds like Cherry. But seriously is there a heterosexual explanation for Yeri carrying around Chae’s selca. I think not.

Percy:  You know, Annabeth, I don’t really like your name…

Annabeth:  Uh, excuse me?

Percy:  Your name.  Particularly your last name.  It sucks.

Annabeth:  *Angry* What’s wrong with my last name?

Percy:  I don’t know…  It just doesn’t suit you I guess.  I think you should change it.

Annabeth:  Change it?!  To what?!

Percy:  Jackson.  *walks away*


Annabeth:  DID YOU JUST…




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gahhh Im so glad to see you this happy!! I just wanted to say ily and your blog (and I really ship you with your crush rn so pls tell me a ship name to use)

HJHJHJkjhjhhj aaaaah thank you omg… and I don’t think I should say his name so. um. just his first name?? he’s called sebastian aaa i have no idea how to make a ship name orz

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Valentine meme: 1-10 please?

Done 3.

1. Your favourite non-canon ship?

I don’t really have any non-canon ships? I don’t think so anyway. Elsa x paperwork, no wait, that IS canon

2. Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?

Not really? If I like something I tend to be all-in

4. Name a popular ship you don’t get the appeal of.
5. What is your most fluffy + happy ship?


6. What is your most angsty ship?

Carrot/Angua maybe? Kristanna when I want it to be

7. A non-canon ship that should be canon?

Eh don’t realy have any

8. Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?

Clark Kent/Lois Lane

9. What ship represents the kind of relationship you’d love to have?

Feels a bit weird to answer when I’m married

10. Is there a ship that makes your skin crawl?

EA, and any other incest ships

I realized I never told you guys about my Geun-tae/Yun-ho headcanon, and I really should put this into a full-on story because this ship needs more fanfiction urgently. Especially of the meet cute variety.

When Yun-ho came into the General’s service at Chi’shin Castle, he didn’t think much of her partially because he assumed she was like 14 years old. She was a really capable, cute lady-in-waiting who happened to blush a lot in front of her hot boss. He knew her name because he’s the kind of guy who asks the name of everyone around him, but nothing further for a while.

Until Geun-tae got badly wounded in some fight and had to remain bed-ridden for a few weeks.

Yun-ho was assigned to be the one bringing him food and medication since the other ladies knew one of her hobbies was learning about herbs. There would be less possibilities of a mix-up since she knew her stuff. So with every meal, Yun-ho would also bring him a cup of tea of her own blends, with specific effects for fast healing or diminishing pain. Geun-tae thought they tasted gross, particularly the “flowery shit” she put to neutralize the bitter flavors, but he still drank the infusions so the girl would smile. She was terribly pushy and even bossy when it came to nursing him.

He was really bored in that bed, so he’d strike conversations with Yun-ho. He asked her about her life and the things she liked, and he got to know her better (including ”you’re how old now?! you look like a baby but you’re a woman!”). She listened to his battle stories with attention, and he also confided about his own worries. He began to look forward to her visits, and insisted that it was Yun-ho the one to tend him and even change his bandages.

When he was healed, he was madly in love and he already knew she’d be the perfect wife. And so, he immediately proposed, no time to waste because it’s Geun-tae we’re talking about, and he thought he was too old already for superfluous courting bullshit; he knew her, she knew him. She was shocked and didn’t know what to say at first: she was just a lady-in-waiting. He told her he didn’t care she was a commoner: she was cute and warm and polite and interesting and smart. She almost had a heart attack from the happiness and she said yes. And that’s how they got married.

Calyss Watches the Clone Wars - 5

01x03 - Shadow of Malevolence (08CO)

And this episode begins by throwing major shade at Anakin.

Oh so Malevolence is the name of the ship?
That’s… I don’t even have words.

Moving on.

Oh so it’s actually the Shadow Unit vs the Malevolence.

I said it last episode but that ship really looks badass.
It also really makes me think of those things - mass relays, says google - in Mass Effect that throw you into hyperspace.

The ion canon is even at the same place than the element zero core.

Grievous should stop smoking methinks.

Droid 1: “Boy, this is a lot more fun when they’re not shooting back.”
Droid 2: “I still can’t seem to hit anything.”

I feel like those droids programmers must come from the same place as the Stormtroopers’ shooting instructors.

Dooku: “I have the coordinates for a new target: The Republic’s secret Outer Rim medical station. It is unprotected and treating over 60,000 wounded Clones.”

Which makes no sense whatsoever. Firstly, who leaves a station unprotected when it’s in the Outer Rim? Secondly, who leaves a station unprotected during a war? And thirdly, the Clones there may be wounded but I bet they aren’t exactly defenseless (I mean, over 60,000 clones there must be some that are recovered enough to shoot a blaster, or have injuries that may be a hinder in battle but if they have to defend their life they still can).

Edit: okay I’m the stupid one, it’s not like they were gonna go in the station to kill the clones, they have a ion canon.

This is a hologram of a hologram an I personally find it kinda weird that they can pull this off but not colors.

This is fucking ridiculous but i also kinda like it?
Wait a minute!
*puts on The Force Awakens*



Okay I wasn’t gonna say anything at this but Plo Koon kinda did it for me so:

Anakin: “The Ryndellia system… Near Naboo. Isn’t that where our medical base is? I’ll bet that will be his next target.”
Plo Koon: “There are many star clusters in that area.”

I mean, either Anakin is not that good in astronomy or he’s very determined to make it so everyone knows he’s married to Padmé.

The Kaminoan have such tiny mouths. 

Obi-Wan: “I hope you know what you’re doing, Anakin.”

Why is he still asking this after all this time?

Ahsoka:  “ Does anyone care what the padawan thinks?”


She kinda looks like a chicken.

I’m only 10 minutes into the episode but it feels like a year i’m gonna try and watch seriously.

Aaaaaah. I’m gonna write a self insert fic where I steal the Malevolence and rename it the Badass McCool (it obviously wouldn’t take because it’s a shitty name but). I’m seriously in love with it.



Ahsoka: “That one looks hungry.”
Anakin: “Nah, it’s just smiling at you.”

And the Badass McCool comes out of hyperspace like… Some big badass space ship.
I would redo the interior decoration tho.

I just noticed that Grievous rolls his r. Also he’s not really a good strategist.

Oh no, not Matchstick :( But it gives me the occasion to talk about his name. Do they even use matchsticks in the Star Wars universe? Bet they think it’s some old artifact or something.



And here comes Obi-Wan to achieve it.



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5,7,27 plz you wasn't ask these :)

5. answered :)

7. A non-canon ship that should be canon?
Listen…Bakushima is a good and pure ship and I actually am really invested in it and I think they are wonderful friends but they would also make a good, healthy couple and I truly truly believe that

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.
Shouma and Ringo deserved a happy ending but look what they got instead… ;)

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2, 7 & 13

2- “is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?”
Kyman! I at first I was like “wtf they hate each other that makes no sense” then I paid more attention to their dynamic and I understood it!

7- “a non-canon ship that should be a canon?”
I don’t really think it should be canon in the show because it would ruin the dynamic of the boys but I do believe they should acknowledge Style as in they look into the future and there together and it’s not a big deal.

13- “name a ship the deserves more content”
Bunny. I find it both extremely cute and wish there was more posts about it!


Dear Hazel Hayes-

You have the sane side of the Phandom’s sincerest apologies. You were nothing but kind to our dearest Phil and didn’t deserve that, like, at all. Please take this messy fanart as a token of my sincerity-

Hazel’s Bullies-

If I could send each of you a personal howler to express my extreme disappointment I would. So what, she called him babe in a casual platonic way??? We call him pet names all the time (sunshine, cinnamon roll, dad, son, BAE) It’s up to Phil to decide what hes comfortable being called, not us. You’ve embarrassed him in front of one of his personal friends, and you owe him and Hazel a big apology. I don’t care who you ship. I don’t care what you think should and shouldn’t happen. If you really do care about Phil Lester as you claim to, then shape up and learn some manners because this no way to show your affection. 

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8, 17, 21, 26, 27, 30

  1. Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time? Oooh okay if we’re deadass going to, childhood days……….I shipped Sandy and Spongebob. Hard. If we’re going back to fandoms, McAbby, which is a ship I had as my first OTP. 
  2. Is there a type of ship you always go for? Honestly I don’t think I really have a type??? Like I’d like them to be friends eventually bc I think you should be friends with the person you’re with but enemies to lovers, childhood friends, coworkers, whatever type it is, I’m down for it as long as I think there’s chemistry/potential/a healthy relationship (unless it’s something like TVD where nothing is healthy in which case, just the first two lolol). 
  3. Favourite thing you’ve ever created for a ship? UMMMMMMMM??? 
  4. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to. Andy and April from Parks and Rec ended so WONDERFULLY bless this show <3 
  5. Name a ship that deserved better in the end. Swarkles :) deserved :) better :) 
  6. Is there a ship you like but you dislike the fandom? Ha. Haaa. Did you intentionally choose this one Hira??? Bc I think we both know it’s Olic*ty.

please tell me im not the only one who thinks about this

I was also going to draw Genji with Blake, and Junkrat with Yang(he’s the only other one I know of who likes fire/explosions oops), but I don’t really know how to draw them yet. They’ll have to wait.

but hey here’s a thing!!?