i really think their relationship is one of the best on both the books and the series

This is why I think Albus/Scorpius could 100% be cannon if they continued the book series. Why you may ask since it’s clear that Scorpius has a crush on Rose at the end of the book. Remember that they are only 14-15ish!!! At this age Harry was convinced he was in love with Cho and Ron hadn’t even put it together that he was in love with Hermione yet. 

In cannon both have gotten jealous/pissed at the other for looking at girls (it’s literally in the stage directions that Albus doesn’t like Scorpius chatting up this chick at one point) 

In fact I think their growing relationship really does remind me a lot of Ron and Hermione’s with the fact that they were best friends who had no idea they were hopelessly in love with each other until later. So yeah, I am convinced that if the book had gone on to their later years Albus and Scorpius would have hooked up. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.