i really struggled trying to colour this one :(

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I need some tips on how to make regular lipsticks last longer. I have a beautiful lighter grey ipstick that only lasts an hour or two at the most :(

When it comes to lipstick, one of the most frustrating occurrences is when you perfectly apply a beautiful shade only to have it wear off in just a few hours time. Luckily there are a few little handy tips and tricks you can use to keep your lipstick looking fresh and fabulous.

Skip the lip balm
It’s often said that you should moisturise lips before applying lipstick and whilst I agree to some point, I think it should be done well in advance (like 2-3 hours or the night before) although lip balm can hydrate the lips and make them nice and smooth, it can also cause the lipstick to have too much “slip” resulting in it moving about all over the place

Try a lip primer
Adding on to the above, instead of lip balm try a lip primer, these are significantly waxier than lip balms and contain special ingredients that are designed to give a clean and long lasting base for lipstick. I recommend: MAC Prep & Prime Lip Primer and Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

Use a lip liner
“Use a lip liner!” it’s a term heard so often that it starts to sound like a broken record, but it really does help. Obviously you may struggle to find one that matches your lipstick colour so go for a nude instead. Either line the outside of your lips to prevent feathering or bleeding or for serious staying power fill in your entire lips (the waxy formula will help the lipstick last longer but can also dry out your lips so don’t do it every day)

Change your formula
Sometimes the formula just won’t cut it. Liquid lipsticks and 2-step lipsticks tend to be significantly longer lasting than tradition bullets and although it sucks to find a gorgeous unique shade in a sub-par formula if staying power is what you’re after you may have to look elsewhere

Set it with powder
It will change the finish of your lipstick and it will dull down the colour, but it’s proven that setting creams with powders makes them last a lot longer. It’s not my favourite tip, but it does work. Just apply your lipstick as normal, split a tissue in half so you only have one ply, place it over your lips and dust them with a little powder.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use causes you irritation discontinue use immediately.

*Please view my disclosure policy regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

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Hey, I've been struggling for over a year with a good pallet for my Morganite, would it be alright to ask for a little bit of help? ;3; please and thank you!

Last one though, I don’t really want to get into the habit of doing these all the time. If you need help with colour palettes try @gemsonahelp

When people say all snakes are scary

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Hi Emma. I have to give a memorized oration in a week about something I'm passionate about. But I'm terrified beyond what is normal. How can I get over my anxiety?? Another question is: Would it be bad to talk about myself? I just want ppl to understand me, but Ive led a boring life.. Please help, I don't know what to do... And I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience. <3

Hi! I think being passionate about the topic is a great start. Since you clearly know about the topic and are going to have a clear opinion, it will be much easier for you I think. Here are a couple of things you can try:

  • be super prepared - the more prepared you are the more confidence you should have! If you’re able to memorise your speech, your chance of making mistakes will hopefully be minimised! Like I said, since you’re passionate about the topic you might find it alot more comfortable to discuss.
  • try to settle any nerves - speeches are sometimes really scary. For me, I’ve always struggled. But it is important to remember that no one (besides your teacher) really cares. Everyone is just doing it because they have too. They’re probably too busy on their phones or thinking about their own speech to be really listening to yours. If you make a mistake, take a breath and continue. Perhaps try listening to music before your class!
  • use a powerpoint - if you can this is a great way to take the eyes off you and focus them elsewhere!
  • change the colour of the font every four lines - I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a clever idea. It can keep you on the right line so you don’t reread something or lose your place.
  • take deep breaths - remember to breathe deeply and slowly. If you’re beginning to feel nervous, inhale for three seconds and exhale for three.
  • try to speak slow - it can be super difficult when you’re nervous but that is what is going to trip you up. Take it slow and steady.
  • remember that whilst people are wanting you to succeed they probably aren’t paying much attention - speeches are generally a free class. Most people zone out and aren’t really fully listening. Once I swore by accident in a speech and the only person that noticed was the teacher. Luckily he laughed, but no one else was even listening.
  • pick a spot on the floor and try to stick around there - try not to be too rigid! Move round slightly and look up towards the back of the room every now and then. If you’re looking confident, you will probably be awarded a few extra points. Remember “fake it till you make it!”
  • finish strongly - try to avoid standing there at the end and whispering “I’m done”. Say thank you and sit back down! Be strong! Remember once you walk away, most people will forget your speech!

Hopefully this helps! x

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Can I request number 6 in "For want a Nail" form 🙏. Pretty sure piccolo would be the that kind of partner in a relationship

“You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

Piccolo rubbed at his eyes, half swaying on his feet. He’d never been this tired before. His eyes hurt and his head pounded and it was a struggle to concentrate. He never should have started skipping out on his meditations. And for what? More sparring, more training, more excuses to spend time with Nail. It was pitiful. Weak and pitiful. And now he was going to pass out for it.

“You’ve been neglecting your body again, haven’t you.”

Nail’s comment was not a question. He propped his hands on his hips, looking at Piccolo impassively. Piccolo shrugged. “What, you care or something?” His voice was rough with exhaustion and he winced to hear it. Disgusting.

“Yeah, actually, I do.” Nail shook his head. “This may shock you, Piccolo, but most people have this thing called ‘compassion’ that compels them to feel bad for others.”

“I know what compassion is,” Piccolo growled, pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes. It helped ground him and woke him up a touch, but he was still bone tired. He was going to collapse from exhaustion at this rate.

“Here.” Hands were on his wrists, pulling his hands away from his face. “You need to sleep.”

Piccolo tried to glare at him, but he wasn’t sure how successful it was. “I don’t sleep. You don’t sleep. Our entire species doesn’t sleep.”

“We do if we’ve been forgetting to actually take a rest for a week straight,” Nail shot back. “Just for a little while. Humans call it a ‘power nap,’ I think. Come on.” He tugged, and Piccolo followed, not bothering to resist. There wouldn’t be much point, anyway; in his state he could only put up a token resistance. Nail could overpower him easily, and he refused to give the bastard that satisfaction.

Nail led him down the hallway to the room he’d taken over when he and Piccolo first defused and Nail started living on the Lookout. From what Piccolo knew, he mostly used it as storage for the things he collected when they went sparring–rocks, branches, dried plants, living plants in tiny jars or pieces of broken pottery. There wasn’t much other use for it, since they didn’t sleep. Piccolo certainly never used the room that Mr. Popo insisted belonged to him. The only one who ever slept there was Gohan on the rare occasion he stayed on the Lookout overnight.

To Piccolo’s surprise, though, the bed in the corner looked fairly well used. He raised a brow at Nail, who shrugged. “It’s comfortable, and sometimes I like somewhere quiet to relax with a good book. Now come on, lie down.” Grumbling, Piccolo crossed to the bed and started to crawl onto it. “Hold on.” Nail’s hands gently lifted Piccolo’s turban off. “You don’t want to have your weighted clothes on for this. I swear, Piccolo, that’s half the reason you’re so tired all the time.”

“Some of us aren’t happy getting complacent during peace time,” Piccolo muttered, but he tugged his cape off and let it fall to the floor before crawling onto the bed.

As soon as his body hit the mattress, it was a struggle to keep his eyes open. Shit. Nail had been right. Piccolo needed this. The last thing he registered before dozing off was a slight dip in the mattress behind him.

When Piccolo woke, it was dark, and he peered blearily around to see if he could figure out where he was. It was comfortable, and warm. His eyes started to drift shut again. Surely a few more minutes couldn’t hurt.

Something shifted behind him and his eyes blinked open again. There was an arm across his waist, pulling him flush against a body. He rolled over and squinted through the darkness. It was Nail, of course it was Nail. Piccolo couldn’t even be surprised.

Although wait, yes he could. It was all coming back to him now–he’d been so tired, and Nail had dragged him to his bed to sleep, and there he was, and there Nail was, except why was Nail with him? Such proximity was making Piccolo feel things, uncomfortable things, the same things that drove him to seek Nail out every waking minute while also screaming at himself to push Nail away. It took a long time for his eyes to adjust to the dim light, but when they did his vision was filled with Nail’s calm, sleeping face, and he swallowed.

Nail was so…attractive. There was really no other word for him. His full lips were parted slightly and Piccolo wanted to touch them. But that would be so inappropriate, so he held back, instead resting a hand on Nail’s side and closing his eyes again. He still needed his sleep.

The second time Piccolo woke up, it was to Nail’s smiling face. “Hi there,” he murmured. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah,” Piccolo mumbled, blinking sleep from his eyes. The situation suddenly registered, far clearer than it had while he was still half-asleep, and he shoved away from Nail, his back slamming into the wall. His eyes went wide and panicked. “What the hell?” he demanded. “Why–why are you here?”

“I needed some sleep too.” Nail shrugged with one shoulder. “Come on, can’t a guy sleep in his own bed?”

“But–” Piccolo rubbed his forehead. “I’m sleeping here. Get out.”

Nail jerked back in shock. “I–you can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

“Well I–you–we can’t be in the same bed, that’s just weird.” Piccolo shook his head and sat up. “I’m not sleeping with you. If you won’t go, I will.”

“What, so you can work yourself half to death again?” Nail grabbed Piccolo’s shoulder and shoved him back down. “I don’t think so.”

Something in Piccolo’s stomach twisted about how easily Nail could push him around, but that wasn’t the problem right now. The problem was Nail’s very handsome face directly over his, and the colour creeping up Piccolo’s exposed neck. “Let go of me before I do something we’re both going to regret.”

Nail leaned down, fangs bared. “Try me.”

Without thinking, Piccolo grabbed both sides of Nail’s face and pulled their foreheads together with an audible clack. He squeezed his eyes shut and wrapped his antennae around Nail’s in a searing kiss. Yes, this is what he’d wanted, what he’d really been searching Nail out for. Nail didn’t move against him, but he didn’t struggle either, and Piccolo opened his eyes to see Nail staring bewilderedly at him.

“What…” he whispered hoarsely. One hand came up to cup Piccolo’s face. “What are you doing?”

Piccolo swallowed. “I can’t sleep with you because I don’t understand what these feelings are yet.” It was only a partial truth, but it was easier than the full truth. He understood his feelings just fine–better than usual, a little too well, even. He just didn’t want to admit them. “I want to kiss you and–other things.”

“Other things?” Nail smirked and slid one antenna up Piccolo’s, drawing a startled gasp. “Well. Lucky for you,” he said, brushing a thumb over Piccolo’s cheekbone, “I want to kiss you too.”

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I've watched one tutorial you have done once of Youtube, when you did the goblins for a Christmas special (I think?? It was the one with the spotlight)? I still watch it from time to time to remember my color theory, as I love your colors best! Have you done anymore? Or do you want to?

Colour theory and I mesh about as well as oil and water, in fact I have no formal training with colours so you should really be looking at someone else to learn!! I still struggle with lighting and colours on a daily basis, and try painting at least once a week in the hopes of improving even marginally before I die.

As to videos, I have several in the process of editing from as far back as a year ago, I’m just a lazy ass when it comes to exporting and uploading. If and when I complete them I’ll post links to my new Youtube channel for sure. I am no longer updating or using that old one, but will leave it up for the moment as people seem to like watching those old regrets–I mean, videos.

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hi, your work is amazing! i just wanted to ask how did you find your own art style? i'm an artist too and i'm currently struggling with that a little bit. do you have any tips to figure that out? thank you and happy new year!

Hi, there! Thank you for the kind words! 

It really can be one of the greatest struggles to find your own art style, and sometimes you may get stuck in a rut which is really frustrating. I know exactly how this feels, cause this time last year, I was going through the same thing! 

Here are a few tips for finding your own individual style:

  • Make a list of some of your favourite artists (current and historically speaking) and look at their work critically, try to pinpoint what exactly it is about their art that you like. Doing this, I learnt that I really liked simple expressive lines and vibrant colours - concept art is basically my favourite; simple yet incredibly expressive. (Don’t forget to view the art styles from animated TV series and movies as a creative springboard too.)
  • Make a side blog where you can reblog all the things that inspire you. Tag everything that you reblog obsessively so you can find them again when you need to! I suggest using tags like #colours, #landscape, #interior, #fashion etc etc. It’s great to browse your inspiration blog when you blank out and need something to pep up your drawing.
  • Do “style studies” where you practice copying some of your favourite artists’ styles. I know this sounds an awful lot like plagiarism, but when you’re using it to learn about your own art, it’s not. You’ll probably notice that as you draw, there will be parts of their style that you really enjoy incorporating into your work, and there’ll be parts that you want to leave out. This is the beginning of the development of your own style! Sometimes it’s very helpful to do self-portraits of yourself and try to do it in your favourite artist’s styles - then it isn’t strictly copying and forces you to put some of your amazing individuality into the exercise.
  • Practice doing a bunch of gesture sketches using sites like this or this. When you draw quickly, you will start exaggerating the features you like and learning what works best for you. It’s also fun to work quickly without the pressure of finishing things. It’s important to remember that when you’re developing your style, you don’t have to feel pressured to upload the drawings or show anybody your sketchbook - they’re just for you. 

Remember that no matter how long it takes, you will find your style. Most of the artists you see on Tumblr have been consuming media, practicing drawing and developing their styles for years on end, so it’s okay if it doesn’t happen to you straight away. In fact, you may not even realise you’ve found your style until you look back over your own work a few months later and realise “WHOA HEY. IT HAPPENED! I ACTUALLY HAVE MY OWN STYLE!”

So, with all that said, my most important tip is to stick to it. I know how cheesy that sounds, but honestly, it is so so important that you keep cranking out work and pushing your limits. As time goes by your art will evolve along with you, and with every single line you draw, you’re gonna be improving and developing your style.

Thank you for the message and all the best for your art in 2015, I hope my advice helps you!

Completed coloured sketch commission done for @aidan-khontus of their auri character with @tiergan-vashir‘s miqote peacefully relaxing together. 

This one was really pleasant to work with - loved both design since beginning and playing with the size difference was challenging and also a new field to try myself in. Also finally looks like with the new tower and power supply I am able to work again to catch up everything. 

The continuous shut downs and computer problems and the struggle with overheat was a nightmare.:<



A while ago I said I would do a post about my Copic collection and here it is! I’m going to talk a bit about the colours I have, which ones I like or struggle with and how I go about selecting colours for an image. I debated about whether or not to make this a text post so I could put my rambles under a cut, but figured people would prefer to see larger versions of the images at the inconvenience of having to scroll a bit more. 

The Collection

Overall I think I’ve managed to collect quite a balanced lot of colours so far. Although there are a few near-duplicates of individual shades, I’ve mostly managed to avoid similar blending sets and can cover most of the colour spectrum with what I have. Honestly, when I make a decision to splurge on a few more markers, I can spend aaages just picking out new colours and comparing them to what I already own. My boyfriend mocks me mercilessly for this but it makes me happy. I think the only real area I’m lacking in is yellow, since I just…don’t like yellow very much. That’s why my Venus princess picture is taking so long; I’ve put it on the back-burner for now whilst I save up for a few more yellow markers.

I started out by buying the Ciao style markers purely because they’re cheaper and I wanted to try them out before investing in the more expensive Sketch style. Aside from their physical design, Sketch and Ciao markers are identical: both have the brush and chisel tips, as opposed to the original square Copics that have the bullet and chisel tips. Now I’m committed to using my Copics, I only buy the Sketch style markers because I like the way the oval barrel feels in the hand and the fact that the colour code is printed clearly on the cap. 

For those who don’t know how the Copic codes work, the letters refer to the hue/colour family (BG = blue-green, for example), the first number to the saturation/blending group within the colour family, and the second number to the intensity of the colour. This means that sometimes a marker with low saturation and low intensity can look fairly similar to a marker with high saturation and low intensity (V01 and V91, for example, or BG18 and BG75). The same It’s not an exact science because the numbers are a bit of a sliding scale, but you can be quite economical with your marker purchases if you take those values into account. 

At my current level of experience I find using darker markers really tricky. Such markers are BV08, BV29, W-8 to W-10, 100, B39, B69, RV99. They’re such strong colours that I’m a little afraid to use them in my artwork in case I accidentally ruin a picture D: It’s just a case of confidence and practice, though, so I’ll get there eventually. 

My favourite colours are blues and purples, so it’s inevitable that I’ve got a buttload of markers from the B, BG and BV colour families and, of course, it’s really important to have a wide range of skin tones to hand, which is why the E (Earth?) colour family is so large. Some markers that I really like are E74, E93, YG11, YG45, R85, RV95, B97, BG13, BG75 and BV34.

Choosing Colours

I haven’t quite worked out the best way to pick colours yet, so I use a mixture of techniques. Usually after looking at my colour chart I’ve got a rough idea of which base colours I want to use and it’s just a case of finding the best markers to use for the shading, which is entirely down to what they look like when layered over each other. Depending on how well the inking stage went, I’ll either mock up a thumbnail using blobs of colour, as I did with Jupiter and Venus, or just colour in a failed inking attempt (of which there are often many…), as I did with Mars and Mercury. 

After that it’s just a case of colour swatching on top to see how the markers blend/layer together. It’s not my area of expertise but I guess they’re quite like watercolours in that some colours are more transparent than others, and you have to work from light to dark - using a light marker over a dark one can often lead to the base colour being lifted off of the page.

If I’m struggling to choose markers to shade with I find that I can go a bit mad with the colour swatches, which can really confuse or overcomplicate the colouring process. In future I’m going to try and limit my palette somewhat and see how I go with that. It’s still very early days and I have so much to learn about how best to use my Copics. 

Right, I’mma stop babbling. I hope this is somewhat interesting/useful to those who were asking me about my markers! Please do ask questions if you have them <3

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how do you always pick out such pretty colors??? :0 I'm really bad at colors, could you give me any tips ?

I actually feel like I struggle a lot when it comes to colouring — I’m still working towards making my choices more dynamic and interesting! So I’ve been trying to explore colours more and go more extreme than I usually would. 

I’ll use Amethyst as an example though to try and show what I do –I’m still learning but I hope this helps even a little!

For this one I started with a purple outline (since I like to try and use colours other than black) and her general base colours (I’ve already added a bg colour sinceIt’s going to be important for my lighting choices). If you want to have a more extreme colourful result, however, I recommend not doing this but instead starting with a singular base colour and working off of that –I believe this gives more freedom of colour selection. With this one though I wanted to keep it more simple.

Next I add shading. Blues and Purples are my favourite colour to shade with, though depending on the palette its fun to try other colours too. What’s nice about blues is that they make the shadows feel cool (I almost never ever use black since black usually makes colours look dirty).

Now the initial lighting – I’m now incorporating my background colour into this. I chose orange since it’s bright and more unusual than yellow but still a warm colour. I kind of combined the shading of the hair with the lighting just because I thought it looked more interesting haha

Finally the rest of my lighting plus any other details. I used yellow on the overlay layer setting for a lot of this. Again, its still a pretty simple colour palette. The main colours I used after the base were blue, orange, and yellow. The layer settings I used helped add pink elements into this too, though I never directly used the colour. Ultimately just using warm and cool colours does a lot to a piece! I don’t have time to go more into this but I hope you liked this ^_^

Spooky Empire

Wow, it took me only one day this time! Probably because it wasn’t that long and because I just wanted to write all those intense feelings down. I might have skipped some parts. because, you know.

Also, I was trying to write it quickly and make it short, I didn’t read it afterwards so there are probably mistakes and typos and missing words, feel free to let me know. I’m super tired and my eyes are half closed. Still emotionally exhausted.


Another adventure ahead of me! Oh, well, right now it’s already behind.

I’m just sitting here in my almost dark room, still in disbelieve of what happened this weekend. I feel like I don’t deserve this, I feel so grateful and blessed. I never use these words, I don’t even know how I would say it in Czech correctly. But that’s how I feel now. Meeting Lana was on my US bucket list. I put there the usual things like White House and Golden Gate Bridge. And then, at the bottom, there are four people. Because what if. But I only truly wanted to meet two of them. And I did. I met Lana and Bex. I met Lana twice. I spent quite a lot of time with her or around her, especially at Regal con. I spent almost  all my saved money on Lana. And I don’t regret it. I would have been happy for a simple picture and autograph. I never hoped, in my wildest dreams, that I could have an actual conversation with her, even just a short one. But I did. I got to talk to her. More than once. I’m in like all the group pictures that she took with us. And I didn’t even have to try hard, I was just there. I got so much, this whole experience means so much that I choke on my emotions and tears come out of my eyes.

But back to the con.

Most of Swens were in Orlando since Friday, I decided to go on Saturday morning because there was nothing to do on Friday and it’s close. I can’t waste all my days off on Lana. Well, I can but not at once, right…

I don’t know why I even bother with setting an alarm… Of course I woke up much earlier. At least I had enough time to casually procrastinate before my host dad said that it was time to leave and I was still drinking my coffee.

The way to Orlando took much longer than I expected. Or maybe I was just impatient. When I got into the hotel, Stashia met me in the lobby and then I met other people who I know from our weeks long group conversation on Twitter.

I checked in after a while and we were just hanging around talking. Then I finally met Kaleigh and Mandy who were supposed to share a room with me.

I was trying to decide if I should change into my SQ shirt for the photo with Lana, but the colour doesn’t really go with the skirt I was wearing. Do you understand the struggle…  After all three girls told me it’s fine, I decided for that one but you know what, you can’t see it in the picture anyway.

Lana’s photo op started at 3pm. I went to look there at like 1:15 and there was already a line. The VIP line was short, I was like third or fourth. In front of me was a family, they had two daughters, the older one could be like 11 and their dad was just accompanying them and I can assure you, he had lots of fun watching me and the woman behind me fangirling over Lana for the almost two hours we were waiting there.

And behind the woman was Larry. Hadn’t met him before but he know that the Czech republic and Canada were just playing the hockey match and he pulled out the outcomes immediately. And then finally Lana came.

The moment she came into the building, everyone lost their shit. She walked around one of the lines and everyone started to scream. It was like Justin Bieber and 13yrs old girls.

Do I have to say that Lana was flawless? She was amazing and she was smiling.

After a moment they moved us inside. I wanted to ask Lana for a cheek kiss and I said a fake kiss, because many people do it with so many actors and I wanted too.

Her answer was “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to do kisses anymore.” And she looked like she was really sorry. That was fine, I didn’t actually really believe that it could happen but in that moment my brain stopped working and I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I had tons of back up plans just in case.

So we did like a bowing pose and then a hugging photo. Which is exactly what I didn’t want to do because everyone wants to have a picture where they hug her. But then the pictures came out and I fell in love with it. Seriously, I think that’s the best picture I have with Lana. And the one where I’m bowing to her… I hated it. I say hated because I don’t anymore. But it’s just… weird. It got better on Sunday tho.

I was wondering if she remembered me, it didn’t really look like she did, she just said “Hi, how are you doing” which she says to everyone. We went to the autographs and I spent the whole time we were waiting thinking about what I should tell her and how beautiful she is. I wanted to take some pictures but I didn’t want the security guy to see me because what if he remembered me…

Soon it was my turn. I wanted to have my phone signed. Lana looked at me and was like “Haven’t I just met you…? Weren’t you at…”

“Yeah, at Regal con…”

“And you gave me a gift…”

“Yes, I did…” *whoaaaa!*

“Wait, what was it…”

*me telling her what it was*

“Are you from the Czech republic?”

“Yes, that’s me.” *internally screaming because what the fuck, she knows exactly who I am*

Talking about the gift I gave her reminded me on the one I had in my bag. So I took it out and gave it to her, it was a phone case, it wasn’t wrapped because I wanted to see her reaction.

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