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SUUUUUHHH DUUUUDES @therealjacksepticeye fan community fellow trashbags!! It’s yo girlboi fighting against Billy the cancer a.k.a. Dany!

So I haven’t updated in a while, reason to that being laziness and I’ve been on a some sort of semi-hiatus from Tumblr anyway so.

As you can see from the snaps, it’s final boss time! Meaning I’ll get chemo for a few days, starting today and ending on June 2nd. That day the stem cells that were collected a few weeks ago will be transplanted. And hopefully new healthy cells will start to grow in a few months.

But for now, I’ll be in Turku’s hospital until June 2nd and then I’ll be moved to Pori’s hospital for approx. two weeks. Right now I’m really going to work on quitting smoking because I do realize how bad it is for my health. It’s just been kinda hard to quit like that after smoking for almost 8 years (I was 15 when I started. I was young, stupid, stressed and depressed). Anyway now that I can’t leave my room for the next three weeks, I’ll quit smoking once and for all. Bless nicotine patches.

I took my bf’s and my PS4 console with me to the hospital so at least I don’t get bored when I can play Dangan Ronpa and Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes, watch Netflix and of course watch Jack and other youtubers.

I miss my bf and cats a lot 😭💗

Anyway hope y'all havin a nice day/night/etc, I’ll try to update when something happend!

Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

Part One   Part Two>>> 

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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I'm A Very Good Girl

I always obey my parents. Don’t jump on the furniture, Don’t tease the dog, Eat your veggies.

They always want what’s best for me and I try hard to be the best daughter in the world.

Safety first, daddy loved to say. Whether we were going to a playground or riding the bus, he was very focused on keeping mommy and me safe from harm. Years ago, he even taught me to safely shoot his beloved rifle.

I think that’s why he moved us out to the country. Our nearest neighbor is on the western horizon and you can only see their chimney when standing on the cliffs behind our house. It’s always so nice and quiet out here. Lonely at times, but very comfortable.

It got even lonelier a few weeks ago when Bucky, our two year old Golden Retriever, got real sick and died. I miss him so much. Daddy buried him at the base of the cliffs and I used to visit his grave almost every day. He was just a dog, though. We can always get another one.

I can’t as easily get a new mommy.

The last time I saw her was three days ago talking with daddy in the backyard. She got real sick after coming home from her monthly grocery run in the city and she slept for days. I really thought she was getting better until she started coughing up blood and her skin began to look like pea soup. Daddy hasn’t let me go in the backyard since then.

There’s a fresh mound of dirt next to Bucky’s. I miss her so much.

For the last two days, daddy has been sitting at the top of the cliffs, watching and waiting. The groceries mommy brought home will feed me for another month, but after that, I don’t know what I’ll do.

I used to pass the time by listening to the radio, but lately, all they broadcast are emergency warnings about some deadly virus spreading across country. I hear them use the term “reanimated” a lot. I turned it off yesterday and am too scared to turn it back on.

I can hear daddy’s deep cough echoing down the rocks at night. I don’t want anything to happen to him. I don’t want to be alone, but I promised him I’ll do whatever he tells me as I know he only wants the best.

I need you to listen to me, Sarah, he told me yesterday. I’m not going to let this sickness get to me like it did your mother. I’ll end it before it gets too bad.

I’m a very good girl, so this morning when he told me, When you see me hit the ground at the bottom of the cliffs, do not approach me when I get back up. You’ll need to shoot me in the head, I cried but obeyed. He also taught me how to board up the house for after that happens.

“You Cappin’, Shorty” - a short story

by Tanaé B

I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend Arnell, who is undoubtedly cackling after reading that title. Love you.

Let me set the scene. It’s 10:45pm on a Wednesday and I’m just getting off work, tired as fuck. As I’m heading to the elevators to go home, I turn my phone on and immediately see a notification from Snapchat. Imagine my surprise when I see it’s from an old boo I used to mess with in fucking HIGH SCHOOL. If yall read my post about the nigga that sucked my tiddys on the second floor while the rest of the school was in the gym watching the basketball game, this is that guy. The one who said my tiddys was Downey soft.

So I open the snap and he asking if he can pull up on me and using the thirsty emoji faces. I’m like hmmm….. I haven’t seen him in literally six years. We’ve spoken from time to time but it’s been a while. So it was shocking that he suddenly wanted to see me. But as ya’ll know, I’ve been like… in heat… ever since me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago. I’ve really just been waiting for the perfect person and opportunity to get some dick and I was starting to think THIS COULD BE IT lmao. I could tell it was probably one of those situations where he just seen me on snapchat looking good as fuck and started reminiscing, so he hit me up. But I didn’t care, it was just dick right?

Let me describe him though… he’s about 5′11-6′0. Medium brown to darkskinned. Athletic build. Long locs. Juicy lips. Big nose (yall know I love niggas with big noses). He a hood nigga, so he dress like the average hood nigga that love designer clothes. Anyway, he fine as hell. So I message him back asking what he tryna pull up for. He telling me he wanna talk to me and he gotta get some shit off his chest. Talking about “I miss you fr” and “Send address” lmaoo. He just kept begging me and rushing me, steady reminding me to let him know when I was home. It was funny as hell. 

So when I got home and had showered or whatever, I told him he could come. He kept asking if I missed him but I’m like I’ll decide that when I see him. I had to wait and see where his head was at and what he been doing with his life before I start flirting and shit. Cause if he pulled up looking dirty as hell or I found out he was a bum now or something, it wasn’t happening lmfao. But he gets there and when I get in the car, it is quite clear that he is drunk. Actually, he still had the drink in his hand. I’m like no wonder this nigga being so honest and all in his feelings lol.

But he was looking good as fuckkkk though. And he smelled amazing lol. But I’m playing hard-to-get and shit, just making conversation, acting like I didn’t know he wanted me. So we’re talking, catching up on everything over the past six years. I asked him how his mama and sister was doing, and we talked about his daddy passing last year and what he was doing with his life now. He sounded like he was doing good and trying to make moves towards a better lifestyle. I tell him what I been up to and all that good shit. He played some music for me that he did and it was actually good lol. So I’m like okay..okay…everything lining up so far lmao.

And THEN….he really got me when he started talking about my art. I ain’t even know he followed it because he never likes or comments on it, but he started referencing different details in specific pieces and just telling me how amazing and talented I am and all the things I could do with it and how he wishes me so much success and he went on and on and on about all this for a good 15-20 minutes. I’m just sitting there silently while he speaking all passionately about me and thinking to myself “Yep…I’m gonna ride his dick.”

After the art talk was over though, he started talking about what he REALLY had to tell me. He leaning in towards me looking me dead in my eyes , getting serious as fuck and telling me how much he miss me. I’m laughing it off telling him he crazy cause he was staring at me for a long ass time and it was making me nervous LOL. Then he started talking about my lips. (If you didn’t already know, my lips are kinda beautiful). And he asked me if he could taste them. I think by this point for sure, my thong was wet. And I had a tight dress on. I started rearranging myself in my seat so I wouldn’t leak onto his seats and shit lmaoo.

I’m still pretending I ain’t thinking about him until he asks me for a hug. So I lean over to give him a hug and he pulls me over to his side so I’m laying halfway on top of him and he just squeezing me and rubbing on my ass. But I was uncomfortable so I moved back to my seat. Then he asked if he could have another hug lmao. And this time he pulled me all the way into his lap and when I was there, he grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him hard as fuck and kissed me. That’s one of my turn-ons, when the guy just take control and puts me where he wants me. I lowkey love that shit.

So I’m sitting cross-legged on his lap and his arms wrapped around my waist all tight and he tonguing me down. I don’t be joking when I say a good kissing is all I need to get me where I need to be lmao and man….then when we stopped kissing and I felt his wet tongue flickering all over my neck…. yooooo. The way his tongue was feeling had me wondering what it would feel like in between my legs. Because believe it or not, I’ve had some bad experiences with that because niggas tongues just don’t be wet enough? Idk about yall, but that has happened a few times to me. But his tongue was so wet and warm and doing everything right…

Then he pulled one of my tiddys out and started licking and sucking on it. He had tints on his windows so I’m thinking to myself “we could fuck RIGHT NOW if we wanted to” lol. He said I had him thinking about shit he shouldn’t be thinking about. I’m like what? And he said me bouncing up and down on his dick. Which is exactly what I wanted to be doing But honestly, I didn’t like the fact that he was drunk. I didn’t wanna fuck him when I was sober and he was drunk. And legally, that’s rape, idc what yall say lol. And I wasn’t tryna be that person. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to yall probably, but It’s the principle of the whole thang. I just told him right now wasn’t the time or place. 

We started talking about the whole tiddy sucking thing in HS lmao. And how he was the first guy I ever sent nudes to and how I had wanted him to be the first guy I had sex with. And how we used to be on the back of the bus messing around when the basketball team had away games because he was on the team and I used to run the clock and keep the book for their games. He started talking shit about how when he got home, he wanted pics of my tiddys in his snapchat. Talking about “They mine. They always been mine baby. They on you, but they belong to me.” And if any other nigga said some shit like that to me, I would’ve been like “BOAAA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” lmaoooo. But he was highkey just turning me on yall :(

He started rubbing on me and laying back in his seat saying he was tryna calm down lmfao. But he kept going back to licking on my neck and feeling for my zipper. I said “you ruining the mood” in my warning voice lol and he stopped. He started acting thirsty again, repeatedly telling me to let him know when I’m free so he can come get me. I’m like sooo you gone drive out here from Lansing to get me and take me back to your place, then drive me back out here? and he said yeah. And I believed him because I used to fuck with this guy who lived in Crestwood and did the same shit multiple times a week lol. My friend swore he wasn’t gonna really do it cause niggas don’t do all that just for some pussy. I’m like they do for this pussy

So I give him my schedule or whatever and he leaves. Texts me when he gets home and ask to see the tiddys. So I sent him my top three fave tiddy nudes lol. And he losing my mind talking how perfect they are and how he needs them and how much he miss them. Saying I was about to make him stroke it lmao. Anyway, I fell asleep soon after that. But when I woke up the next morning, I was like hmmm let me look at his facebook. I was just trying to look at pictures of him LMAO. I hadn’t been friends with him on facebook or ig in a year or so. So I just wanted to check it out.

What the fuck do you think was the first thing I saw?


I’m thinking to myself “nahh nahh nahhhh…. I KNOW this ain’t his child…. I know it’s not…….”

I had a bad experience with babymama drama before and I said I would never again fuck with a nigga that got kids because that was the only SURE way to avoid it lmaobs. And I know how niggas like to claim to be single when they got a kid on the way but they really still fuck with the BM or even be in a whole relationship with her. And like I said…he a hood nigga. I ain’t want no hood bitches coming after my ass cause I fucked her babydaddy. I’m in denial and shit though like let me check his instagram, this could be his unborn niece or nephew for all I know smfh lmaoo.

So I get on IG and it’s multiple ultrasound posts with captions like “daddy’s little girl” “My kid ain’t gone ever want for nothing!” blah blah blah. I’m PISSEDDDDDDD LOL. Like everything was going so fucking perfectly. I was bout to get some dick and I just knewwwwwww it was gone be good. I JUST KNEW! When I asked him about it, this nigga said “I thought you knew”. The fuck?? That long ass talk we had where I asked you what’s been going on in ya life and brought up multiple family members and personal shit and you didn’t think not once to tell me that you had a baby on the way fool????

I decided right then that I wasn’t gone fuck with him. But I got to talking to my friends about it and they kept tryna convince me I was thinking too much and his BM wasn’t my problem and I was blocking my blessings and shit lmfao. And lowkey, I had been thinking lately that I be cockblocking myself sometimes cause I be too worried about the wrong things. Like when I was on that date a month ago and me and dude were in the car kissing, I was READY AS FUCK but I kept saying I needed to go in the house cause we couldn’t be out in the middle of the street like that. Instead of just saying “let’s go somewhere” lmfao. And I been regretting that shit ever since. So I thought it over and was like okay… he didn’t have no pics of his BM or any other woman up on his page so maybe he really not fucking with her anymore in that way.

Clearly in denial. I hit him up anyway and ask if they still together. This how the conversation went:

Me: are yall still together? -__-

Him: We cool :(

Me: yall were in a relationship?

Him: That’s my bm I won’t lie to you I got to cuz of my daughter (????). Yes.

Me: but yall dont fuck with each other in that way huh -__-

Him: *says nothing*

Me: That’s a yes.

Him: that’s a ……..

Me: if you can’t say no, it’s yes.

Him: *eyeroll* *sad face* stop it

Me: *getting pissed cause he beating around the bush* why did you even do all that yesterday if you know you in a relationship and bout to have a baby with someone lol like what was the purpose in even coming to see me


DO YOU KNOW???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS NIGGA SAID “you cappin shorty”. 

Yall…I lost it. I was looking like Lois Griffin after everybody ruined Christmas and then it wasn’t even no paper towels left. I was minding my own damn business not thinking bout yo ass, then you gone come over and seduce me just to tell me you still with ya babymama?? And then when I find out, you gone tell me I’m trippin???!!! Is this real life??? I told his ass bye. He sent some sad faces but fuck him lmao. I was so mad. Playing with my pussy’s heart like that. I couldn’t believe he was 25, still acting like he did at 18 when we was in high school. That shit is crazy. I hope he find out the baby ain’t his.

Just joking. 

But only sort of.


We'll Be Okay (Barry Allen X Reader) (Smut)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader
Word Count: 5,736
Prompt: “Today was the first family gathering I’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin (niece, in my fic) that absolutely adored you asked where you were and I had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures I took of you to feel okay again¨
For: myself lmaooo
Author’s Note: this is EXPLICIT!! contains (pretty poorly written) smut!! don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with that!!

You fidgeted anxiously with the sleeves of your sweater, mentally begging your family to understand that Barry wasn’t coming.

Luckily for you, they seemed to get the message when after ten minutes had passed, you remained alone (Barry was never more than ten minutes late, and since he hadn’t shown up yet…well, they knew what that meant).

Unluckily for you, one member of your family didn’t seem to get the memo.

“__y/n__! __y/n__!” Your youngest niece, Maddie, tugged at the hem of your shirt until you picked her up, settling her on your hip.

“What’s up, munchkin?” You asked, trying to press a kiss to her nose and frowning when she pulled away from you. She wrinkled her eyebrows at you and peered over your shoulder.

“Where’s Bawwy?”

Your mind went blank. What were you supposed to tell her? “He broke up with me, you’re probably never gonna see him again” would break her little heart.

“He, uh, couldn’t make it today.” You offered up reluctantly.

Her lower lip quivered as she pouted. “But Bawwy never misses my birthday!”

“I know, honeybun, I’m sorry. He had work stuff to deal with today.” A total lie.

She looked like she was about to cry for a moment, and you panicked internally. If she started crying, there was not a doubt in your mind that you would cry too. And you really didn’t feel like breaking down in front of your family members, not today, of all days.

You hadn’t wanted to come today, it would’ve been your five year anniversary with Barry, but your sister had begged you to come, for Maddie’s sake.

“Can I spend the night with you and Bawwy this weekend?” She asked hopefully, and you didn’t know what to say.

Barry had moved out of your apartment two months ago, after he told you that he had to “get away from you”. He didn’t even give you a reason aside from that, and instead gave you one last, lingering kiss before gathering up his stuff and leaving the apartment.

You didn’t go to work for the next week, unable to do anything but wallow in your misery. Barry, the love of your life, the man you were so sure you were going to marry, had broken up with you without a second thought.

“Of course you can, sweetie!” Fuckfuckfuck, that was not what you meant to say.

“Yay! Thank you, auntie!” She squealed excitedly and scrambled out of your arms, running over to her mom and telling her the good news.

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Have two dumb exorcists sleeping leaning on each other (probably waking up will be awkward)

An anon asked for Yullen months ago, so I finally drew it, although it isn’t really romantic, since I’m not high on Yullen nowadays like I used to be years ago lol


(Tae runs into a woman from the past and finds himself willing to do whatever she asks.)

Warning: smut, male sub, female dom, masturbation, dirty talk, public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism

Something about you seemed oddly familiar to Tae, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  

When Jin asked Tae and Jimin to go out with him and his girlfriend, Youngsook, he had originally refused.  Jin and Youngsook were embarrassingly affectionate and Tae had no interest in being forced to watch them act all lovey-dovey in public.  However, when Jin said that Youngsook was bringing two of her female coworkers with her, he quickly agreed.

When all three men arrived at the bar, Youngsook was already there sitting in a large round booth with her friends.  As these things typically go, everyone was paired off with a partner of their own. Jin and Youngsook sat in the middle of the booth.  Tae sat next to a girl named Miri and Jimin sat next to you.  Tae was happy with his pairing – Miri seemed like the kind of girl anyone would like to date.  As the evening wore on, the contrast between you and Miri became increasingly evident. Miri was cute while you were sexy. Miri laughed while you smirked. Miri was open while you were mysterious. Miri was friendly while you seemed slightly dangerous.

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Alley Talk

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Fandom: MCU, Daredevil

Characters: Matt Murdock

Pairing: Reader X Matt Murdock

Notes/Warnings: violence, injury

Word count: 1.630

Imagine: Imagine meeting Daredevil one night and helping him. You two end up talking and you tell him you have a crush on your colleague, Matt Murdock.  [x]

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Hey everyone! I started this piece like four months ago and I’ve had such terrible writer’s block since. I originally had intended to write this piece using Sonata Allegro form but when I decided to revisit this piece I decided to go with a simpler ABA form instead since I already had the first two themes written. Then I polished up the return to the A theme and switched up the bass line a little. I’m kinda happy with it now though!

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i checked the models-resource on a whim and saw they FINALLY started uploading BOTW and lookie lookie what was in there~ it’s only the veil atm so I have to wait for his clothes cause for some reason they didn’t do it all at once but!! gerudo link my dudes!!

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not sure if your still doing this but for the prompt thingy 106. “I may die if it gets any colder.” - Marichat

106. “I may die if it gets any colder.” from this prompt list


“I’m so cold!”

“So you’ve said.”

“Seriously, I may die if it gets any colder.”

“And you say I’m over the top.”

Chat grinned at the girl sitting on the chaise, wrapped in no fewer than four blankets and letting off pathetic little noises from time to time. His friend pouted and he found it adorably sexy in spite of his desperate attempts not to.

“Chat, I just don’t like the cold. And with the heating only warming up to halfway till it’s fixed, I’m just…struggling.”

“But all those photo albums you showed me have masses of pictures of you in snowball fights and stuff!” he exclaimed as he remembered the multitude of fun cold weather activities he had seen snaps of.

“Funny,” she said, suddenly smirking although he had no idea why, “I’m not sure I showed you that many. I mean-“ her smirk dropped into almost over-exaggerated innocence, “-your reactions to them are what made me decide to show them all off to Alya and Adrien, since they hadn’t seen them before either, but I thought I’d only shown you a couple of pages.”

“Riiight,” he said as his mind scrambled for an excuse, “Well, I flipped through some more quickly when you went to the bathroom later on. The point is, you used to love the cold weather.”

“Yeah, well…in recent months I find myself enjoying it less than I used to,” she huffed.

He chuckled a little at her grumpy attitude, which reminded him a lot of Nino’s little cousin when she couldn’t convince Nino to buy her the toys she wanted. Marinette wore the annoyed tantrum look much better though, and he fought down some wildly inappropriate thoughts which surfaced when he considered that tantrums were usually punished.

His chuckled transformed into an awkward cough as he glanced away.

“Well,” he said, in an attempt to distract her from the blush beginning to form on his face, “they say heat rises, so you’re lucky you have an attic room really.”

“Hmm,” she murmured, “ It does, doesn’t it? I guess I should curl up in bed then. It’s higher up there.”

“Oh,” he said, ears drooping flat against his hair, “I guess I’ll just…go then.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, standing and making her way up her ladder, “Come up and keep me company. And let me steal your heat.”

He gulped and he was sure she heard it, though she didn’t comment. She gestured for him to follow her up and he sluggishly made his way up her ladder without being entirely sure how he was still remaining co-ordinated at all.

“Umm, how can you steal my heat?” he asked once he reached the top, and was immensely proud of himself for keeping his voice steady, despite the internal discomfort which was starting to climb up through his chest and forcing it’s way into his throat.

“Cuddles obviously.”

Okay. Breathe Adrien he told himself, you kinda knew that was coming. Don’t freak out now.

“Do you-“ he cleared his throat awkwardly as she settled herself on the bed, “cuddle with your other friends?”

“Sure. Alya stays over a lot and she’s a cuddly sleeper.”

“I meant your other guy friends,” he said, “isn’t it a bit weird?”

“I don’t think so,” she said with a coy little smile, “I haven’t cuddled with a guy since I was a little kid, but if one of my close friends wanted to, I wouldn’t even hesitate.”

She reached out her arms for him and he took a deep breath as discreetly as possible before moving forward and sliding in next to her. She immediately wrapped her arms around him and snuggled into his chest, which made him stiffen for a moment before he allowed himself to relax and enjoy the comfort he was feeling being held. He placed his own arms around her in return.

“So how close is a close friend?” he asked, some of his teasing bravado returning.

“Well, you for starters, obviously,” she said and Chat could almost hear her eyes roll, “and obviously Alya because she’s my BFF…”

“And?” he asked, feeling like there was more and she was waiting for his prompting to continue.

“And well…I’ve known Nino forever and I hang out with him a lot because he’s dating Alya now…so I guess he’s the third and final one.”

“Oh,” he said, unable to keep himself from feeling disappointed and a little hurt, “not that model then? Isn’t he that Nino guy’s best friend? So you must hang out with him a lot too right?”

“Well obviously I’d cuddle with Adrien.”

He frowned and looked down at her. She looked up from her spot on his chest to meet his eyes, an amused look on her face.

“But, you said Nino was third and final. Adrien makes four.” She giggled.

“I mentioned you first, you dumb-ass.”

His eyes widened as he made the connection and he would have jumped away from her, had she not clamped her arms around him tighter to hold him in place.


She giggled again and his stomach churned with butterflies at a combination of the pretty sound and his flustered panic over his identity.

“Yup. Since you, as Adrien, mentioned a story I’d told you as Chat without realising you shouldn’t have known it. That was two weeks ago.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before now!?”

“Well, I did freak out a bit at first, but then it just seemed like so much fun to tease you without you understanding that was what I was doing.”

“Teasing me? For wha-”

“So, just how long have you been crushing on me? ‘Cause I only started to notice about a month ago; Only that Chat did of course.”

“Crush!?” he squeaked, “MONTH!?!”

Marinette just giggled.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s clip, here is a short fic of Yousana in the future (let’s say in 2 years). They’re happy and together. Sana just finished an exam and Yousef is waiting for her (so I guess this is for @smoothyousef and @nothesc who recently had exams of their own). Hope you like it!


Sana comes out of the room, relieved to be done with her exams for the first semester. She had been taking exams for a week and a half now and was exhausted. She was really looking forward to the winter break, to finally get some rest.

As she is leaving the building, she turns her phone back on to find that she has received several messages from the girls wishing her luck, asking her if the exam went well and wondering is she was free to hang out tonight to celebrate the break. She really misses seeing these girls everyday, even if they are constantly keeping in touch thanks to the group chat. Thankfully, they are all studying in Oslo which made things easier whenever they have the opportunity to see each other.

She replies to them quickly and as she is pressing « send » she hears a voice saying :

“- Hey! Have you seen my girlfriend? She’s wearing black and she.. ”

Without missing a beat or raising her head, Sana replies :

“-No sorry, I didn’t really pay attention to the others during the exam.”

She keeps on walking and hears : 

“- Are you sure? Because I’m sure she just took an exam here !

-Ask someone else, sorry.”

She keeps on walking, a satisfied smile starting to appear on her face. She starts counting in her head wondering how long it will take him to react. 

1,2,3…She hears him letting out an exasperated sigh mixed with a laugh 

4,5,6,7… She types “A guy is trying to flirt with me in front of the school. What a weirdo”. And presses send. She hears that laugh again as her phone indicates that he has read the text.

8,9, 10,11,12… She hears footsteps behind her as she reaches the bench she’s been walking towards. 

13,14,15…She sits down, still not looking up from her phone 

16,17,18…He arrives in front of her.

“- Happy with yourself?” 

She raises her head with a little laugh to look up at Yousef, whose facial expression seems to hesitate between fondness and amusement, and replies :

“- Indeed, I am.

- I honestly thought for a second that you didn’t recognize my voice. Which ruined my joke. 

- "Have you seen my girlfriend?” What kind of a joke is that? 

- The kind you like because I’m the one doing it. 

- Pff, as if !

- You love my humour, you really do. 

- You’re blocking the sun and ,that, is something I know I don’t like 

- Oh sorry, I forgot you needed to perfect your tan!” 

Sana laughs. It’s really a wonder how this boy can make her smile and laugh and feel giddy by saying stupid things like that. He can truly be hilarious at time (not that she would ever tell him how she sometimes gets into a fit of laughter late at night when they are conversing by texts, so much so that she has to hide her face in her pillow to avoid waking her parents and Elias up). 

« - You have permission to sit down next to me 

- Oh I have permission? What an honour! I’m flattered. 

- You must be feeling so lucky right now .

- I do »

His voice has lost the tone of banter, becoming soft and full of love. The affection pouring through those tiny words makes Sana blush. 

Instead of sitting down next to her, he asks :

“- How about we go to a café instead of just sitting here in the cold? This way you can tell me all about how amazing you were at that exam while we drink a hot chocolate. I need to warm up after waiting for you in the cold. 

- You’re right. It’s probably better if you don’t catch a cold seeing that you work with kid and all, you don’t want to make them sick!

- You’re more worried about their health than mine ? Ok. Nice.

- And I don’t even like kids so that tells you a lot about how I feel about you.

- Shut up, you love me.

- Hm, do I ?

- You do.

- Do I, really ?”

She stands up and says :

“- I guess that if I do love you we should go to a café, to make you happy or something.

- So you’re saying you love me ?

- I will make no declarations in public on that matter.

- Not that you do many declarations in private either.”

At that, she bites her lips. She knows that she isn’t really affectionate with him. Not as much as she would like to be. Teasing him is so much more easier than pouring her heart out, even if her hearts sings everytime he’s near her. She wishes she could tell him that everyday, but she often struggles to let it out.

Sensing her hesitation, Yousef takes her hand and adds  with a soft voice:

- And I wouldn’t have it any other way .

She smiles at him and they start walking down the street. After a few steps, she says :

- I thought soulmates didn’t need to talk to know each others’ feelings anyway?

He stops walking abruptly which causes her to stumble on her feet.

« -Sana you can’t say things like that to me, in the middle of the street !

- Will you stop being dramatic please ? We have a café to go to.

- You said « soulmates ».

- No, you said « soulmates », remember ? You were the first one to say it and it wasn’t even to me.

- Whatever, you repeated it!

- Will you stop ?

- Nope

Sana laughs again and tugs on his hand to make him start walking again.

« - I want my hot chocolate now, come on !

- Oh now, she wants her cocolate ! Well, diva much ?

- Shut up, you love it »

They keep on bantering for the rest of the walk down to their favorite café. After ordering, they sit down in front of each other at a table in a corner. They stay silent for a few seconds, looking into each other eyes.

After a while, Yousef asks :

- So, how brilliantly did you do ?

-Well, I don’t know if it was « brilliant »…

- I bet it was.

- Do not interrupt me.

- Sorry, just had to tell the truth.

- Yousef…

- I know, I know, we have to wait for the results !

- That’s right.

- So how did you do ?

She knows she just told him to wait for the results before saying whether or not she did well but she can’t help but smile when she thinks about the exams she just took. She really think she did well.

“- Hm quite well, I think. Remember I told you it was two different exercices ?

- Sana, I have been working on this with you for the past month or so, of course I remember !

- It was a way of introducing what I was going to say, I knew you knew.

- “I knew you knew” !

- Yousef ! I’m trying to answer your question here !”

Oh how she loves this. Talking nonsense with him, laughing with him, being with him. She knows that in the and, and whenever she needs him to, he will listen and he will ask questions and he will care. He will always support her and encourage her. But he will also never let an opportunity to tease her and/or make her laugh pass. She starts again :

“- So the first part was quite easy. It was really similar to one of the exercises I did in preparation which was helpful although it was a slightly different subject but that made it really interesting. I was dreading the second part because I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked in my mock exam. But I was able to write 4 pages and include some of the examples I researched on the side as well as some from that lecture I attended two months ago. So I think all the content is right and interesting. I just hope that my teacher approves of my conclusion because that really matters.

- I knew you would do well but it’s really nice to hear you say that. What conclusion did you write ?”

They keep on talking about science and theories for a while. Yousef has spent so many hours helping her study that he knows a great deal about her subjects now. She can rarely speaks about how passionate she is about science and biology with her fiends. But with Yousef, she can talk about anything and she knows he will be interested. It never cease to warm her heart . To return the favor, she asks him about his day  at the children center.

He starts telling her the story of this boy who tried to eat tree bark because he thought he was an elf and how he (Yousef) had to stop him (the little boy) from degrading the tree and hurting himself as well as explaining him (the little boy) why he couldn’t eat tree bark. He also told her that he had received confirmation that his application for specialized educator had been received. By the formation center. He was trying to become a teacher assistant for kids with special needs. When he first told her that he was working in a children center a few years ago, she thought he was only doing it for the money and to be busy. But he is truly passionate about kids and education. He can go on and on about the educational system in Norway and the different organizations he would like to work with.

She wants to heal bodies, he wants to educate minds.

She wants to cure, he wants to teach.

She is passionate about science, he is passionate about education.

She is passionate about understanding and discovering, he is passionate about explaining and teaching.

She is passionate about him, he is equally passionate about her.

“I guess that’s what being soulmates means after all.” thinks Sana

girlmeetshit  asked:

prompt: While Jughead thinks about how happier Betty looks with Archie after months of their split, Betty thinks about how happier she was with Jughead.

Hey! I started writing this with your prompt in mind but it’s not exactly what you asked for. I hope you like it anyway.

A/N: Jughead doesn’t live with Archie in this prompt because it wouldn’t really fit.


“I’m sorry, Jug, I didn’t know who else to call.” Veronica said as she stood in the doorway of her penthouse apartment, holding the door open for Jughead Jones.

“What about her boyfriend?” Jughead mumbled.

“Jughead, first off, you broke up with her two months ago. Secondly, you know Betty and Archie aren’t dating. So shut up and help me.” Veronica said pointedly, then nodded her head behind her.

They ambled into the living room where Betty was slumped back in what had to be the most uncomfortable position.

“Oh God,” Betty mumbled as she saw Jughead walk into the room.

“Ready to go there, Princess?” Jughead said sarcastically.

Betty didn’t say anything, just slumped further down in the sofa.

“Help me get her up?” Veronica asked Jughead.

He nodded, then slung one of Betty’s arms over his shoulder. Veronica did the same, then hoisted Betty onto her feet.

Immediately, Betty swayed forward, then towards Jughead’s shoulder.

“Shit, Veronica, how much did you let her drink?!” Jughead said, his eyebrows furrowing.

“We had one glass of wine each. She tells me after she’s done drinking it that she took two allergy pills earlier. Apparently she didn’t know you can’t mix the two or you get thoroughly fucked up.”

“How am I supposed to get her home like this?”

“I’m fine, Jughead.” Betty said suddenly, steadying herself.

“Can you walk?” Jughead cocked an eyebrow.

Betty took a breath, taking an unsteady step forward.

She swayed on her feet but caught herself, then took another step. “Yes,” She said uncertainly.

“See?” Veronica piped up. “She can lean on you and make it home just fine.”

Jughead muttered some curse words under his breath, then gripped Betty around her waist, holding her up.

“What was that?” Veronica smirked as she walked ahead of them towards the door.

“Nothing,” Jughead muttered, keeping focus on holding Betty upright.

“Thanks again, Juggie.” Veronica smiled sweetly and Jughead pulled Betty out the door.

“You owe me big time.” Jughead called behind him as he walked towards the elevator.

He heard a laugh as Veronica closed the door.

Betty and Jughead rode the elevator silently. Swaying and gripping and grumbling and hiccuping half way through the walk to Betty’s, but no words.

Betty stumbled forward, tripping over her feet. Jughead caught her easily, grabbing her arm and gripping her her ribs to keep her steady.

“Ow,” Betty complained. “Jughead you’re hurting my side.”

Jughead loosened his grip on Betty’s waist. “Sorry,” He muttered.

“About time you apologized.” Betty murmured sarcastically.

Jughead was dumbfounded. “What?”

“You’ve owed me an apology for months!”

“What are you talking about?!” Jughead protested. He lifted his hands in exasperation before remembering he was literally holding Betty upright.

He placed his hands back on Betty’s body and sighed. The street light they were under flickered.

“You broke my heart!” Betty yelled at him, swaying as she did so.

“Well you broke mine too!” Jughead yelled right back, keeping Betty steady as they walked.

“What are you talking about?” Betty muttered. “You’re the one who broke up with me!” The wind picked up, tousling their hair.

“Yeah, because I was protecting you not because I stopped loving you.” Jughead lamented.

“Protecting me? Protecting me from what?” Betty asked sadly. The moon was bright above them.

“From… myself.” Jughead muttered. “Anyway, that’s not the point.” Jughead gripped the back of Betty’s shirt more tightly. “The point is, two weeks after we broke up, you started dating Archie.”

Betty started laughing - actually full-on cackling in the middle of the street - and fell out of Jughead’s grip, landing on her knees on the pavement.They heard a car horn a few blocks away.

“You think I’m dating Archie?”

“I know you’re dating Archie.” Jughead said as he helped Betty to her feet.

“I’m not dating him. Ver - Veronica -” Betty stumbled over her words. “-made me and him go out for milksh-shakes after two weeks of me wallowing in my room and not eating after you dumped me. She thought it would help. I cried through our entire thing, realized I loved him as a brother and haven’t seen him outside of school since. So please, Jug, tell me how Archie and I are dating.”

Jughead was at a loss for words for a moment. “But I saw you two sitting in a booth smiling.” Jughead muttered.

“It was probably during the five seconds I stopped crying when Archie told me you were an idiot for dumping me.” Betty murmured as they continued to walk, almost at her house.

“And at school you’re always… talking and laughing.” Jughead mumbled.

“I talk and laugh with Veronica, am I dating her too?” Betty asked sarcastically.

“Alright, I’m an idiot for letting you go, Betty, I know. I did think you had moved on to Archie though.” Jughead stated as he helped Betty cross the street towards her house.

“Why didn’t you just a-ask him?”

“I haven’t been talking to many people since we broke up, Betty. He’s been kind of mad at me.” Jughead said as he walked Betty up her driveway.

“I thought you broke up with me because you stopped loving me,” Betty murmured sadly, walking up her stairs slowly.

“I miss you every day, Betty.” Jughead said as they climbed the last stair.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Betty said as she looked up into Jughead’s eyes.

“Because you deserve so much more.” Jughead whispered. He cleared his throat, then let Betty’s shirt go. “Can you make it up from here?”

Betty swayed on her feet. “Yeah, I guess.” She said sadly. She reached for the doorknob but drifted towards the bushes.

“Whoa there,” Jughead murmured, catching Betty before she fell. “I’ll help you upstairs, lets go.” He said quietly. 

Betty opened the front door, slipping her shoes off in the entrance way.

After a comical but daunting walk up the stairs, Jughead helped Betty pad down the hall to her bedroom without making too much noise.

He pushed open her bedroom door, moonlight illuminating her room. Jughead made sure to not turn on the light, not wanting to draw attention to the two of them in her bedroom, from down the hall or across the yard.

“Alright, under your covers. Take your jeans off so you’re comfortable. You good?” Jughead asked quietly so as not to wake her parents.

“Wait, Jughead.” Betty said as she rested her head on her pillow, her eyes closing slightly, moonlight from outside making her skin glow.

“What is it?”

“Will you rub my back like you used to?” Betty asked sleepily.

Jughead sighed. “I-”

“Please, Jughead?” Betty whispered. “Just until I fall asleep?” She yawned.

Jughead pushed his shoes off his feet, placing his long legs on the bed to get more comfortable.

He gently started to rub Betty’s back, circling delicate patterns against her clothing. He propped his head up with the other hand, leaning closely to her body.

“Why couldn’t you just let yourself be happy, Jug?” Betty sighed. “I know you were happy, and I was happy. It was the first time you were happy in a long time, so…” Betty trailed off, breathing hard into her pillow.

“Because I’m an idiot,” Jughead said to himself, assuming Betty had fallen asleep.

He continued to trace circles into Betty’s back. This was the first time he had touched her in months. It was like giving an addict his fix - he was craving her.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I do. I thought I was protecting you from a life you didn’t deserve. You deserved better, Betty, better than I could give you. I thought you’d move on. But I.. I -”

“I love you, Jug.” Betty whispered, facing away from him, her breathing even.

Is she awake, or is she asleep? Jughead thought to himself. How much of this will she even remember?

“I love you too,” He whispered. He set his head down, planning on resting for a moment before going home.

Jughead heard birds chirping. He felt his hand embraced in someone else’s. He knew he had had the most pleasant sleep in a long time.

Someone was curved against his body, his chest against a back, a mess of blonde hair in his face.

“Ahem,” Alice Cooper cleared her throat the next morning as sunlight streamed into the room. “What’s going on here?”

Jughead sat up immediately, almost falling off the bed as he did so.

Betty stirred from the sudden lack of contact, cool air pooling where his body heat once was.

She yawned and stretched, not yet realizing the situation.

“Elizabeth,” Her mother hissed from the doorway.

Betty’s eyes shot open. She slowly craned her neck towards the doorway.

“Mom?” She asked, sitting up. She looked to see if Jughead was still beside her. He was.

“Do you care to explain yourselves?” She growled.

Betty took a deep breath. “Veronica called Jughead to get me last night. I wasn’t feeling well. I… I fainted and Jughead was kind enough to walk me home. He fell asleep. I mean, you can see, we have clothes on.”

“Downstairs in five minutes.” Alice muttered as she left the room.

As they heard her steps retreating, Betty sat back, sighing. “God my throat hurts.” She whispered.

Jughead stood up. “How much of last night do you remember?” He asked warily.

“All of it. I know I was out of my mind with the stupid allergy pills and wine but I remember everything.”

“You do?” Jughead said, sitting back down suddenly.

Three and a half minutes!” Alice called from downstairs.

“I do. And I love you, Jughead, and I always will, and  I don’t know what you want to do about it now, but -”

Jughead cut her off, leaning across the bed and pressing his mouth softly against hers.

“I’m so fucking sorry that I hurt you Betty. But I love you, too. And nobody knows how to love you like I do, and nobody ever will, and I promise to never, ever do anything like that again if you say you’ll take me back.” Jughead murmured urgently.

“I will, I do, I love you, too.” Betty whispered as she leaned forward to kiss Jughead once more.

So, you two lovebirds work it out yet? A text message read on Jughead’s phone.

You’re an evil genius, Veronica Lodge. Jughead typed back quickly, smiling down at his phone.

Then, Thank you. He added quickly.

You’re welcome. But if you really want to thank me, you’ll bring me flowers Monday morning.

Jughead laughed and placed his phone back in his pocket as he walked down the street. This was the best he had felt in two months.

Assist Me (Part 3)

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1248

Warnings: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Originally posted by kingsebastian

You avoided Bucky, Sam, and Steve the next few days. Avoiding them was easier than you thought because Tony had asked you to help him with a multitude of tedious tasks. When you would finish with those tasks, you would stick around to see if he needed help with anything else.

Whenever Steve walked into a room you were in, you pretended to be occupied with something. It was so obvious you were and Steve felt bad. He never said anything though. He was just trying to protect you and follow the rules. After Bucky had reminded Steve of himself before the serum, he thought about a lot. If anything, Steve thought you could have a role like Maria. Maria was trained to fight and also helped with missions – she just was not able to contest the enemies unless they came to her. She was not an official avenger, but she worked for them as planetary defense and under intelligence service. Yet after reflecting on it, he still came to terms that it would be best if you just remained an assistant.

Sam finally caught you on your way to Tony’s office. Telling him you were busy, you walked faster.

“Y/n, I’m sorry that it didn’t turn out well,” Sam stood in his place. You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him. You had no valid reason to avoid Sam. Nor did you have a valid reason to avoid Bucky. They didn’t do anything wrong. In reality, they were helping you and putting themselves at risk. They should be avoiding you.

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How long have you been dating?; Mark.

Request: “Can you do a Mark lee x idol reader where they’re best friends (but like each other) and they’re getting teased on a show”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Margarie has all the hoes, all my request are for him, shm. Also this was really short I’m sorry you have my permission to kick me in the face for being such a no-creative writer, thank you.

“How long have you and Mark been friends, Y/N?” One of the MC’s asked you, so he can start the program with a friendly conversation and to know you a bit better.

After spending years and years of dreaming about making a collaboration together, you and Mark finally got the opportunity of having a subunit for the two of you. The mix between Mark’s incredible rap skills and your sweeter and softer voice was the perfect combination, making all the songs sound amazing and the mini-album really well known. Both of you just started your promotions, and right now you were in one of the most known shows in Korea, just starting the interview.

“I think it has been.. four years now?” You answer with some doubts before turning your face to look at your friend to confirm your response.

“Didn’t our fifth anniversary happend like two months ago?”

“No. I think that was my debut anniversary Mark.”

Both of you quickly got into a small discussion about it, forgeting about all the persons that were in the studio and only concentraring in each other. But the MC’s quickly ended the argument that could go on for hours with laughs.

"You guys fight like if both of you were an old married couple.” He finally said once both of you got silent, but after hearing his comment both of you exploted in shy and loud laughs. “I think I even saw Y/N hugging Mark and holding his hand before starting filming. Is here something that I should know?”

Both of you keep trying to hide your embarrasement with laughs, but the blush of your faces was making everything too obvious. This sudden reaction wasn’t only because both of you were best friends but because the feelings that you had for each other. The members of your groups would always laugh at how stupid you are, being deeply in love but never being brave enough to confess. But it is completely understandable in both sides. You had known each other for the longest time and a sudden confession would make everything really awkward between both of you. The questions were always the same; What if s/he doesn’t like you back? What if the confession ruins your friendship? What if you never talk to each other ever again? No. That would be terrible. Your lifes wouldn’t be the same thing without the other’s support and love. You needed him by your side to be strong enough to keep your feet on the ground when you feel like dying of the stress, and him needed you to keep him inspired and motivated. Both of you became one and.. you couldn’t ruin such a precios friendship.

“I was really nervous about getting here. Y/N was being a good friend and trying to calm me down.” Mark explained, hoping that the MC changes the topics quickly.

“You still look really nervous, should Y/N grab your hand again? Y/N, why don’t you hug him?” Both of you hided the blush of your faces with your hands as you kept giggling, but ended up giving each other a small and comforting hug, making both of your hearts beat faster and faster.

The MC’s applauded and laughed at how embarrased both of you looked, making fun of you and loving how adorable you were.

“Forget about the friendship question. The real question is, how long have you and Mark been dating?”

“I can answer that.” Other MC said, getting the attention of the whole studio. “It’s like if they just started dating, right now. The whole atmosfere feels different now.” The MC’s agreed with him and you noticed Mark’s gaze over you.

“Well, Y/N, I guess we’re dating now. I’ll take you to a date after finishing this.” He said, trying to look like if he was joking, but you knew him too well. You could read his eyes perfectly and tell that every words that he just said was truth.

“Sounds lovely, Mark.” You said, in the same playful voice tone to convince the MC’s but telling something completely different with your eyes.

Joly: Oh, man. Here we go.

Bossuet: Lay off! It was an accident.

Joly: Of course, I’d never imply that you broke Chetta’s arm on purpose. It’s just funny given…your luck.

Bossuet: Of course I didn’t mean to!

Joly: Wanna explain then?

Bossuet: Yeah, I-I just. Chetta and I were fucking around on Jehan and R’s skateboards outside of the Musain right before a meeting about two years ago. Musichetta and I had started dating maybe six months prior to that.

Bossuet: Anyway, I wanted her to watch this sick kick flip I could do…and I fell on her and broke her arm.

Joly: That’s when I came in. It was my first meeting with Les Amis, and I walk up to the building and see these two breathtakingly gorgeous people. But, Chetta’s arm was bent really weirdly and Bossuet was crying and flipping out. So naturally, I try to play it cool. I walked over and was like “please stay calm, I’m a doctor”-

Bossuet: Bullshit! You started flapping your arms like a scared bird and squeaked out “hey wait, I’m in med school, I can help!”

Joly: …I feel called out.

Bossuet: You are. Anyway, Joly got all three of us to the hospital and gave us his number for updates. Musichetta always knew she was poly so she asked be about “maybe kidnapping the baby bird as our own”, and…well, I realized I was pretty taken with him too.

Joly: So after a few weeks of Musain meetings, they asked me out by holding up a cute sign with a scared bird on it. How could I say no?

What I Love and Hate about the 16 Types

Sick idea of doing “Love” and “Hate” for each type, CREDIT to entj-girl! :)


ENTJ Hate: Remind me of human bulldozers (not always a bad thing…)

INTJ Love: Um obviously we’re the best. Like c’mon. Dignified, intelligent, strategically gifted, the works. The perfect package. *flips hair*

INTJ Hate: We are such assholes. Lol. And sometimes I wish I could stop myself from overthinking the absolute SHIT out of everything. Especially when it comes to dating.

ENTP Love: SO fun, SO energetic, SO many amazing ideas and exciting things happening! Your brain must be like a kaleidoscope. Amazing.


INTP Love: I can bring up, like, anything, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and have already done an in-depth research report about it last week.

INTP Hate: At least try to make the handwriting semi-legible, if only so I can read your glorious work without you having to translate it for me.

ENFJ Love: You guys are amazing. You’re like the gooey stuff in a cinnamon roll; you’re ridiculously sweet and just want to hold everyone together.

ENFJ Hate: Sometimes your energy overwhelms me a bit. You might want to tone it down a notch if you see me leaning backward and blinking really fast.

INFJ Love: Mystical unicorns. Every one of you. I want more.


ENFP Love: Where do I even start? You guys are amazing. You can fall in love with literally anything from pet rocks to that cashier at the supermarket who smiled at you once like five months ago, and that’s pretty inspiring.

ENFP Hate: Two things. 1. Please try not to overwhelm both yourself and me with your own emotions. Please. 2. COMMIT TO A HUMAN BEING, I feel like all the ENFPs I know love flirting too much to ever stop and I wish this could change because you’re breaking INTJs’ hearts on the daily.

INFP Love: If the world was completely made up of INFPs, I truly believe the only issue the planet would EVER have would be running out of journals to write down feelings in.

INFP Hate: You guys are far too good to let people misuse your kindness, compassion, etc. Please try to set some boundaries so you don’t get shit on by lesser beings.

ESTJ Love: Such amazing dedication. I admire your stubborn-ness–when it’s applied in the right way.

ESTJ Hate: You could oh I don’t know maybe taKE SOME SUGGESTIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE SOMETIMES???? (This is really just me being frustrated with being shut down in class by these 2 ESTJs who think they know everything)

ISTJ Love: Surprisingly super funny when they get into goofy moods. Strong-minded.

ISTJ Hate: Break some rules once in a while. Don’t make your bed. Stay up past 9 PM. Go wild.

ESTP Love: If I was forced leave my house and go do a social activity, I would pick you crazy f*ckers. I have never met an ESTP who has backed down from a dare. Number one type to pick for doing wack-ass shit that is probably illegal and/or deadly.

ESTP Hate: Stop. Trying. To. Impress. Everyone. All the time. It’s exhausting. Also: you should really try to weigh Risk vs Benefit more often. This ESTP right here, vroom-vroom-mothafucka, attempted to leap off of a two story balcony last summer…. to go meet up with some hot motocross boy racers… at midnight… and would have done it if I hadn’t locked her inside.

ISTP Love: It’s like God gifted you with the ability to fix all sorts of shit.

ISTP Hate: Sometimes I feel like I need to inject you with adrenaline or sugar or something to get a little more, ah yes, pizazz out of you guys. Yeah, that’s what I want, an ISTP on crack. Perfect.

ESFJ Love: I truly admire the way you seem to remember the birthday of every single person on the Earth AND find the time to make fully decorated, professional bakery level cupcakes for them.

ESFJ Hate: Don’t worry so much about social status. If some basic bitch didn’t like the afore mentioned cupcakes, don’t lose sleep.

ISFJ Love: You guys seem to usually be that one friend in the squad that is sort of everyone’s mom. Responsible and gentle.

ISFJ Hate: Stop taking everything so personally. It’s totally hypocritical for an INTJ to tell you this, but I’m gonna tell you anyway: loosen up a little.

ESFP Love: Like a human form of a golden retriever. Super fun and always everywhere at once, most likely dancing and singing and wearing the newest, cutest fashion trends.

ESFP Hate: Literally calm the f**ck down sometimes.

ISFP Love: Is EVERY single one of you a gifted artist? You guys are so damn creative it’s actually irritating. Stop that.

ISFP Hate: Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll stress you out if I sneeze too loud…


“What’s going on with you Barry?”  You asked, dumping a stack of papers on his desk.  He had been staring out in space but the sudden ‘thump’ made him jolt back into reality.  Instead of staring right through you, he blinked up at you.


“You’re acting weird.”  Leaning back on the heels of your feet you crossed your arms, waiting for an answer.

“I always act weird.”  He tried to defend with a small shrug.  You settled him with a glare, foot tapping rather impatiently on the tile floor.  You two had been best friends.  Tight as could possibly be.  And then a month ago he started acting funny.  He’d either ignore you completely for a week or he’d cling to you like glue, and there was no in-between.  You were getting whiplash from his sudden hot and cold changes.

“Out with it Barry.”

Rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck Barry swiveled in his chair to face you properly.  Huffing a deep breath he stared up at you, hesitating for a moment before finally speaking.  “I like you.  I really, really like you.”