i really should stop doing this kinda stuff to myself

Should I stop with the daily yuuri appreciation thing or no? Because this is probably just me overthinking, but I feel like a lot of you are tired of just seeing posts about my love for Yuuri and not much else

senpailover666  asked:

I don't understand why people always say "oh children can't do this, children can't do that," no. Just no. I literally found out I was a pansexual demigirl BEFORE the age of 13... Technically a CHILD. So... ALL YOU PEOPLE, STOP SAYING CHILDREN CANT DO THAT, CHILDREN CAN DAMMIT. SO STOP ISING THAT AS AN EXCISE. JERKS. Sorry, I always get really defensive with this kind of stuff

Speaking as a bisexual myself, I remember talking to my female friend when I was five years old and being like “We’re best friends so we should get married. It’ll be cool. All I gotta do is wear a mustache to trick the pastor and then we can adopt a bunch of ponies.” And she was like “Ok as long as I get to wear a pretty dress”

Along the way I got kinda confused because you know how society is and I mean, I liked boys too so I thought I was straight for a long while. It wasn’t until after high school that I really looked back at my life and was like “Wait…….but….. I would totally marry Cassandra Pentaghast. Or Undyne. Or Sailor Uranus. Or a number of other princely women.”

My kid self knew what was up.


“Now it’s REALLY on!”

…What do you mean this isn’t what happened


I’m sorry.. I tried…

In general, how have the drawings I’ve done in sai looked? Better or worse?