i really should stop doing this kinda stuff to myself

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Hi hello! Im new to the demigender community. I've recently discovered im a demigirl and i dont really know what i should do. Im always confident about myself but im worried my bestest friends wont like me anymore. My mother and father are accepting cuz they dont care about that stuff (in a good way ^^) but im afraid they'll see me as a boy and stop trusting me. Any advice?

Hopefully you have good friends and are willing to learn more about your identity. They shouldn’t see you as a boy because you’re not!! It’s in the name demigirl! You’re kinda girl kinda not. If your friend is as good a friend as I’m sure she is, she’ll understand and accept you. Good luck love and welcome 💙

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I don't understand why people always say "oh children can't do this, children can't do that," no. Just no. I literally found out I was a pansexual demigirl BEFORE the age of 13... Technically a CHILD. So... ALL YOU PEOPLE, STOP SAYING CHILDREN CANT DO THAT, CHILDREN CAN DAMMIT. SO STOP ISING THAT AS AN EXCISE. JERKS. Sorry, I always get really defensive with this kind of stuff

Speaking as a bisexual myself, I remember talking to my female friend when I was five years old and being like “We’re best friends so we should get married. It’ll be cool. All I gotta do is wear a mustache to trick the pastor and then we can adopt a bunch of ponies.” And she was like “Ok as long as I get to wear a pretty dress”

Along the way I got kinda confused because you know how society is and I mean, I liked boys too so I thought I was straight for a long while. It wasn’t until after high school that I really looked back at my life and was like “Wait…….but….. I would totally marry Cassandra Pentaghast. Or Undyne. Or Sailor Uranus. Or a number of other princely women.”

My kid self knew what was up.



I’m sorry.. I tried…

In general, how have the drawings I’ve done in sai looked? Better or worse?

“Now it’s REALLY on!”

…What do you mean this isn’t what happened