i really should start watermarking these

ѕweeт lιĸe нoney

Like I promised, I finished the doodle for Hinata in the Last setting…ugh I feel like I should start a bigger project like a NaruHina calendar…thoughts?

Hey guys. This is a really big step for me to take and I should take it now before things get too out of hand. A lot of accounts on Instagram have been stealing art from artists and using them as bases. I could name dozens of accounts like this and I don’t know but please put watermarks on your work!
My own Hinata arts have gone viral on Hinata fan accounts and they haven’t even credited me so it’s definitely a slacker you know. I’ve decided to not make fan art anymore especially not of Naruto because the OC half of the fandom is ruthless. Tracing, editing and using art without the artist’s permission is not cool.

lvimagery Ok I get asked on a daily basis “Will we ever get to see this shoot?!? 😩” and the short answer is… maybe. Part of the delay in putting this out into the world is the fact that when I post an image of @natvanlis & @baumanelise the images are stolen and reposted thousands of times with zero credit given. I get it, you fans adore them! As you should, they’re amazing gals who I’ve had the privilege to work with multiple times. However I love this shoot too much to have it turn into just another Tumblr image. So, until it has a proper home, I’m keeping it safe. BUT - to ease the angst, I’ve decided to show you a preview. Step one: Follow me here on IG. Then: sometime in the next couple weeks I’m going to post all the images in my IG Story. Cool? Consider it like a private screening! Me, @getreddie & @aharpstagram are really proud of this work - looking forward to sharing it with you 💛✨

baumanelise ………..how do I watch an Instagram story? 😳

natvanlis @baumanelise LOL. 💙

natvanlis @lvimagery Try having your face sold on merch without seeing a dime. Maybe I should tattoo watermarks of my parent’s names across my forehead. They’re the creators of it, right? 😂😂😂 😂 HAHAHAHA. Sigh. Internet. Anyway, brava! Brava! Excellent work ladies! @getreddie @aharpstagram @baumanelise

baumanelise @natvanlis Girl, don’t EVEN start with me on that one. 🙄🙄

he’s probably running after chocobos or something like that (click for full size!)

please do not repost or remove my watermark

anonymous asked:

I really love your art but when are you going to watermark it? I've seen so many people repost your art without credit I think you should start watermarking your art because it's clear that they aren't going to give you proper credit. And make it so that people can't crop or edit it out.

I saw ur other message but noo i dont watermark it bc idk

I had someone suggest I start watermarking my fanart. I probably should have already been doing that from the start. I just never really thought about it. And no one seems interested in it anyway. But I guess I will start watermarking it. Prolly as “shelookslikeelsa”, because that is the name of the etsy shop and instagram and my main blog. 

To all you iFunny-reposting little shits out there:

Fuck you. 

I’m tired of filing reports left and right just because you can’t listen to my simple request to NOT REPOST MY STUFF. To top it all off, you don’t even ask me if it’s okay. Of course, I’m going to say “No,” but how fucking hard is it to not repost something?

It’s not your artwork; it’s mine. You think that stuff is quick and easy to make? No. I work hard on my stuff. If it’s not worth putting out for people to enjoy at my expensive, I wouldn’t waste my time doing it in the first place. What a shame you don’t have that kind of motivation and inspiration to make your own art, dirtbags. 

You know what else? It’s pretty rare for me to straight up type profanities with my own narrative on anything online, and that doesn’t count my writing. I’m a pretty mellow person, but I’m not going to sugar-coat my feelings and tie it all up in a pretty pink bow for you to unwrap when it comes to something like this. No. This really pisses me off, and I’ve even considered putting up an obnoxious watermark on my art from now on that will blatantly call out anyone who reposts my artwork as a big fat thief. 

I know this is coming from tumblr because the other content your sorry asses are post–oops–I should say reposting are stolen all over this site. I started using tumblr to get away from drama and petty commentary on my artwork, and instead I have to deal with more thieves and shitbags in two months than I’ve ever had to deal with for 3 years on deviantART. 

Don’t give me your excuses. I know you’re not sorry. I don’t want to hear your tales of woe, attention, and desire to share other people’s art with the world and all that crap. It’s a matter of principle. It’s a matter of respect. You disrespected me. You disrespected everyone who asked to not have their art redistributed without their permission. Shame on you. Shame. On. You.

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Have you ever draw something so hard like an anime character with a mouse before?

Yeah, I used to draw with my mouse before (when I just started to draw, so at the very beginning). I think I did a lot of drawings using vectors. I was using GIMP back then and it was really hard and tiring. 

I just did this one for fun. xd

And this one with vectors but still with my mouse:

Colors with my mouse (no vectors):

And I took so much time for this, wtf. I hate using my mouse. OTL

anonymous asked:

I just found about your work today and I have to admit it is dreaaaamyy good. I have a suggestion though, you should really start watermarking your pictures/work because now that I've been wandering through your official pages I've realized that I've seen a lot of your pictures on different social networking sites (unofficial ones of course). It's just a suggestion. Keep up the great work :)

Thank you!  Honestly though, I think watermarks kind of take the viewer out of the image, they’re too distracting for me.  It sucks when people don’t credit you, but you don’t really lose anything from it, so it doesn’t bother me too much

This person on Kik started messaging me and I told her I loved her pic and she said “yeah thats me” and when I told her that I knew it wasn’t and that I was following that chick on Tumblr, she stopped messaging me. I just thought I should let you know that you’re being impersonated.

UGHHHHHH this has been happening so much lately, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, ive been getting numerous people contacting me about stolen cosplay pics >:I im really tempted to start using a watermark