i really should start watermarking these

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Like I promised, I finished the doodle for Hinata in the Last setting…ugh I feel like I should start a bigger project like a NaruHina calendar…thoughts?

Hey guys. This is a really big step for me to take and I should take it now before things get too out of hand. A lot of accounts on Instagram have been stealing art from artists and using them as bases. I could name dozens of accounts like this and I don’t know but please put watermarks on your work!
My own Hinata arts have gone viral on Hinata fan accounts and they haven’t even credited me so it’s definitely a slacker you know. I’ve decided to not make fan art anymore especially not of Naruto because the OC half of the fandom is ruthless. Tracing, editing and using art without the artist’s permission is not cool.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever draw something so hard like an anime character with a mouse before?

Yeah, I used to draw with my mouse before (when I just started to draw, so at the very beginning). I think I did a lot of drawings using vectors. I was using GIMP back then and it was really hard and tiring. 

I just did this one for fun. xd

And this one with vectors but still with my mouse:

Colors with my mouse (no vectors):

And I took so much time for this, wtf. I hate using my mouse. OTL

I feel really anxious all of a sudden……the catfish thing is starting to really bother me and i have absolutely no idea what I should do about it. I guess I can start watermarking my pics, but I already have so many pics online that aren’t watermarked :(….

Some days I feel really confident and don’t let stuff bother me but other days I just wanna delete every single picture of me and delete all of my social media u.u I know if I do I’ll really regret it, but it’s an impulse I get a lot when I’m stressed out.