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Hi! This is really random but I bumped into one of your posts and I've ALWAYS been interested in witchcraft since I was really young. Recently I keep thinking about it and stuff but idk where to begin. I was wondering if you could tell me?:)

Sure, I’ll try my best! I do have a beginner tag where you can find this original post, but I’m going to copy and paste the majority of it for the purpose of this ask.

“I’m going to start off with three things you should consider before deciding to be a witch. These are not necessary, but are suggestions.

One - What is your primary goal or what you want to achieve from becoming a witch? If you are just interested in it for the aesthetic, or because you think it will make you look cool, I would reconsider the reason behind your interest. This isn’t to say that people haven’t come to witchcraft this way and have been successful, but it may take you longer to grow into. Something else to consider is that having this identity can be dangerous depending on your location and situation. Those that dress as witches for the aesthetic are probably not trying to be harmful, but can sometimes cause a false sense of belonging to those that are practicing witches. (I asked a girl once if she was a witch because she wore a pentacle and I was looking for a local friend and she laughed at me.) Being a witch is often lonely and kept as a personal identification.

Two - Witchcraft can be happy and sunshine and rainbows, but at it’s base it is not something to laugh about. Witchcraft is about using the world around you and bending it to your will. That is a huge responsibility to have on your shoulders, as what you do can often affect others around you, whether you mean it or not. You have to be able to accept that witchcraft means work, responsibility and dedication. It is not a toy.

Three - Not everything you see is up for grabs when it comes to magical practices. There is (yes, there is) such a thing as Cultural Appropriation and it is a harmful thing to spread and practice. I’ll leave you more information on this later, but the point is that not all practices and paths are open for you to explore. You need to be able to look at everything objectively and do research and ask questions. Where does this practice come from? Who started it? What culture is it from? More often than not, when you engage in these types of practices, you are not even getting the original information. Why would you want to so something that is just a half-assed version? It’s disrespectful and harmful to the actual, living people of color (POC) that still practice the original forms of magic or ideology that so easily gets passed off as “ancient and mystical” when it is really just a white-washed version.

Some other tidbits to keep in mind.

Magic is not black and/or white. It is a neutral force that you bend to your intentions. Calling “good” magic white, and “bad” magic black only propagates racial inequality and the subliminal message that POC are evil.

You don’t have to be Wiccan to be a witch. Wicca is a religion/cult/practice where members worship the god and goddess, revere nature and often use magic in order to supplement worship. They follow The Rede and the Three-Fold Law. Most of what you will see on Tumblr is actually Neo-Wicca, which does not require a practitioner to be initiated into a group by way of a Priestess or otherwise. Wicca is an initiatory cult. Neo-Wicca is based off of Wiccan teachings, and often allows the practitioner to be solitary.

You can follow a religion (any) or you can not follow a religion. Witchcraft can be viewed as a religion on its own, but generally speaking it is a practice that can be blended with religion or not.

Witchcraft does not equal Satanism - as Satanism has many forms and ideologies it branches to as well, some not even involving magic.

You don’t have to be pagan or worship any deities to be a witch.

You don’t need to be white to be a witch. (I’ve been asked this!!!)

You don’t need to be straight to be a witch.

You don’t need to be able-bodied to be a witch.

You don’t need crystals.

You don’t need fancy tools.

You don’t need to read Tarot.

You don’t need an Ouija board.

You don’t need to communicate with spirits.

You don’t need a familiar.

You don’t have a spirit animal unless you are Native American and studying in a tribe. (Please read this post)

Smudging is also NA, see above. Please refer to it as smoke cleansing.

You can curse.

You can choose not to curse.

You don’t have to practice every day.

You can take extended breaks.

You don’t even have to call yourself a witch! Witch is a gender neutral term, but some feel uncomfortable using it because of its feminine history. You could use Wix, sorcerer(ess), magician, practitioner, cunning man/woman, etc. You don’t even need a title at all.

You don’t need a magical name unless you want one.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something along the way, but the bottom line is that whatever you choose to do, you are valid. All you need is yourself and the drive to learn and practice, whatever that may mean to you. There is no right or wrong way to be a witch, unless you are doing something that is harmful to oppressed cultures and people.”

Reading Material

Mostly, I’ll be using my tags for this, so that you can peruse as you wish!

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Anything else you are welcome to search on my blog by typing in torque-witch.tumblr.com/search/(enter word here) or you can visit my FAQ for more information.

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Some of these blogs do overlap with witchcraft and divination, but these are people I follow and respect. If you have any questions please feel free to send me and ask or message me! That goes for anyone :)


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3



1. A SAFE PLACE – keep all irreplaceable/important documents like your birth certificate, a level certificates, UCAS letters in here. Ideally a concertina folder, or a folder with different sections. Mine is organised by bank stuff, ID, student finance, qualifications, tenancy, and my part time job. Keep this folder in your room and ideally keep a list of what is inside taped to the front.

2. NOTEBOOK – for lecture notes, shopping lists, any notes. At lectures, write the week number, date, module title, etc at the top. If anything requires action (e.g. you have to email someone, read something for next week) circle it, highlight it, underline it, make it clear. When you go home you can make a list of what needs to be done and when. Keep this with you at uni, and when you get home always leave it in the same place in your bag/on your desk. 

3. BINDER – with plastic wallets, dividers if you want. I keep two sections: ‘to do’ and ‘to return’. When a teacher hands me homework or a bit of paper I immediately put it in ‘to do’. When I get home I check ‘to do’ and make a list, decide when to do it. When I’ve done it I immediately put it in ‘to return’. Keep this with you at uni and when you get home always leave it in the same place

4. SEMESTER PLANNER – week numbers going down, mon/tues/wed/thurs/fri/sat/sun going across. Write down deadlines, birthdays, holidays so you can see everything in one place. You might notice two deadlines in the same week. Keep on your wall.

5. WEEKLY PLANNER – print off one for each week, hours of the day going down, days of the week going across. Fill in your classes, society events, etc. Write your goal for that week (e.g. a deadline, or to begin an essay). Keep this in your notebook/binder so if you need to organise a tutorial or to meet a friend, you can quickly check when you are free.

6. FORGET PLACE – this is where I put things I can forget about. Put in stuff you look at occasionally like recipes, or old photos, or internship info you don’t want to think about right now. When I write down a list of all my assessments, I stuff it in the forget place and stop worrying. Keep this stuff in a plastic wallet/folder in your room.

You know, I just want Tsukishima trying to comfort a distressed Kageyama, for a change. (The other way around is really really sweet too but I see a lot of stressed Tsukishimas for some reason hahaha.)

-Like, just when Tsukishima is about to tease him, the certain silence and frown Kageyama shows just screams “I can’t deal with that right now,” so Tsukishima just keeps quiet and as tactful as possible.

-Tsukishima recommending songs for Kageyama to listen to, or even lending his music player and headphones for the other to use for the day.

-Tsukishima volunteering to receive Kageyama’s serves (to the initial shock of everyone probably like “are you both sick???” but apparently Tsukishima gets to read how the setter feels at that moment).

-Actually Tsukishima getting serious and dragging Kageyama out someplace to get fresh air.

(But if they already live together though–)

-Imagine Tsukishima making warm milk shakes for the setter to relax at night.

-Tsukishima being the big spoon for the night and humming to Kageyama.

-(◕‿◕✿) Vanilla. Body worship. Praising. Name it. Sweet intimate stuff.

Lastly, I think Kageyama opening up to Tsukishima without having the latter ask him what’s up would be really, really nice too.


Hi guys! It’s been a while since there has been a Charmed Appreciation Week so I wanted to create one! :D 

It will start on August 13th and will continue until August 19th and I’m hoping that all the gif makers, photoset/graphic makers, video makers, fanfic writers, etc. will want to participate! :)

There will be a theme to represent each day. On that day you should make a post (gifs, graphic, essay, fanart, video, audio, things you deem your personal headcannon  or really anything else) related to the theme. Although this is a confessions blog, I will reblog all your stuff on this blog that way every Charmed fan can see it! In order to do this, you’ll need tag it whatever you make as charmedaw2017 so I could track your tags. P.S. be sure to make charmedaw2017 as the first tag in your posts because only first 5 tags can be tracked on Tumblr.

Day one: Favorite Power / Favorite Transformation (Aug. 13)
Day two:  Favorite Character(s) (Aug. 14)
Day three: Most Heartbreaking Moment / Happiest Moment (Aug. 15)
Day four: Favorite Episode(s) / Favorite Quote(s) (Aug. 16)
Day five: Favorite Season (Aug. 17)
Day six: Favorite Friendship / trio (Aug. 18)
Day seven: Favorite Storyline / Free Choice (Aug. 19)

There different categories for some days. You can do just one two or all of them. It’s completely up to you guys!

Be creative as you like!! 

What is your real name?

A few months ago I used to work at a hotel. One night a guest checked in with what I presumed to be his wife, since they looked in their 50s. The guest was a Platinum member and platinums get either a free drink from a bar or extra points. He got the drink. I’m also working that night with another girl named S. S is a Laotian girl my age and we get a long pretty well. A few hours go by and he comes to the desk and says to me “You never recognized my platinum status” he leans closer and says “So how are you going to make that up to me?” I’m thinking this guy is a fuckin pig, he’s drunk too. I say “Sir, I did and you chose the free drink” He turns to S and looks at her for a second and he reads her name tag and says “S can’t be your real name, what’s your real name? Where are you really from?” And S is like “S is short for blah blah (she has a common American name)” So the guy starts asking her if she likes to travel and stuff and he takes her hand because he knows how to read hands I guess?? And he’s telling her that they both have a lot in common and that she should come travel with him. S asked him about the lady he came with and he told her not to worry about her , that she didn’t need to know. So S is believing this guy and all the shit he’s saying and the guy gives her his business card and says “Call me if you ever want to have a good time” and he leaves. I had to go to the back and sit down for a minute to process all of this and how S was so naive to what this man was doing.

Tldr; old guy tries soliciting my coworker because he thinks she’s exotic and wants to have a good time with her even though he has a wife he brought with.

one reason I’m really excited about DA4 being in Tevinter, is that I can’t design clothing for the life of me EXCEPT for tevinter clothing. For some reason I really understand tevinter style and have a lot of ease coming up with stuff for it? 

I just really love that tevinter fashion is all about bold, geometric lines and shapes, even their dresses are designed to make a silhouette look powerful, rather than beautiful. Like, power IS beauty in tevinter, and looking delicate or graceful is not nearly as desirable as looking imposing and badass. and…I can really work with that lol.

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Do you have any headcanons for an autistic keith? Im autistic myself & keiths a very relatable character & it would be really interesting to see how other interpret him!

Oh heck yes, nonny. I love the idea of an autistic Keith; there are so many possibilities to it and it can fit so well with his character! (I may or may not have accepted it as personal canon.) Since autism so wide and varied, I’m aiming for general autism headcanons rather than any one specific kind of autism (like Asperger’s).

  • Autism is largely defined by difficulties in social interaction and communication, both of which Keith seems to struggle with. He’s a loner out on the edge of the desert, after all, and got kicked out of the Garrison for discipline issues (read: probably started a fight). He didn’t seem at all worried about being isolated from the rest of the world and even seemed a little miffed that these strangers tagged along with him when he rescued Shiro. He didn’t originally want them there. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit either if Keith was a loner even as a small child and seemed disinterested in the world.
  • A lot of the ‘duh’ stuff is not ‘duh’ to him. It doesn’t register to him that when Pidge’s tone of voice changes or her fingers start twitching that she’s exhausted and he should be careful about what he says, or that when he says something that he really means, it pisses Lance off. He doesn’t censor his words or thoughts when he speaks them and it can slide right past him that often times those are fighting words. And he doesn’t actively try to do it; it just doesn’t register to him. Why shouldn’t he say what he’s really thinking? Shiro picked up on this really quickly when he first met Keith, as did Hunk. Both of them usually help him realize when he goes too far or when he misses a subtle social cue.
    • (My brother is the same way. He doesn’t realize that if he makes a joke that’s super blunt and rude, people are going to get mad at him. He kind of feels like the whole world is constantly mad at him for being himself. I would imagine Keith feels exactly the same way every time he gets into a fight or in trouble.)
  • Hunk and Shiro help the others realize that they need to be more explicit and honest in what they say to Keith. Lance struggles the most with this since sarcasm is his shield and weapon against the world and his own emotions, but he does give it a try for Keith’s sake. He’s slowly getting better. They don’t mention it to Keith but the change in the way they talk to him is noticeable and it helps him handle and adjust to the group better.
  • Public school was a nightmare for Keith. There were so many people and so many noises that it became too overwhelming and he shut down. He’d pull his hoodie up and lay his head down on the desk to try and block out the world, or put his headphones in and turn up the volume so he could drown out the noise. His teachers didn’t understand why he would ignore them in class or why he would suddenly detach himself from everything. It was all he could do to make it through school some days. It got somewhat better at the Garrison since there weren’t as many people and it wasn’t so loud.
  • Keith keeps a lot of his thoughts and feelings to himself. Combine this with his disinterest in the world, it can lead people to think he’s arrogant or rude. In reality, he doesn’t know how to share his thoughts or emotions very well. He’s not like Lance, who’s always bubbling to the brim with emotions and energy, or Shiro who’s able to express himself clearly and accurately in a few sentences, or Hunk with his huge heart and great empathy. They get stuck somewhere from his brain to his mouth and it can frustrate him to no end. He usually ends up bottling everything up until it explodes, which doesn’t help his social situation. Shiro and his parents helped him realize that fighting could be his physical outlet for these frustrations, hence the reason he trains so much.
  • Keith knows some sign language from when he was a child. He didn’t speak for a long time and became frustrated when his parents didn’t know what he wanted, so he would scream or hit them to try and convey his message across. They realized that he was trying to talk to them so his mother taught him basic signs like “hungry”, “thirsty”, “tired”, “scared”, “listen”, etc. He was so excited the first time he signed “hungry” to his father and he understood. He could finally talk to the world and be understood. (His speaking abilities eventually came along.) He’s kept those signs throughout the years and the rest of the lionsquad learns them, which actually becomes super helpful when they’re out in the field or they need to make covert conversation with each other while visiting foreign planets. Pidge picks up on it the quickest and they have full-blown conversations.
  • Keith could talk for hours about flying and flying dynamics. He knows pretty much everything he could get his hands on about aerodynamics, weather, aeronautics engineering…you name it. It was the subject he excelled at most in school. As a child, he about made his parents’ ears bleed from how much he talked about it, but intense teasing and bullying over the years and their death taught him to not talk about it. The one he talks to it about the most is Shiro, and he’ll become a completely different person. His eyes will sparkle and he’ll wave his hands around and make grand gestures as he talks about plane designs or wind speeds; it’s a rare side of Keith that not many see and Shiro loves to see him break out of the mask he’s placed on himself.

Can we please stop allowing people, mostly those older than her, to fixate on Clementine’s relationships and sexuality without saying anything because it’s really fucking creeping me out.

You can like a ship or think she’s whatever sexuality but when your whole blog starts to become about it and you attack others who think differently, it is not okay. I’m sick of seeing this stuff in the tags and it’s becoming really unbearable, and I’m barely 19. I imagine it’s worse for those even older.

There’s a line between liking something involving a 13yr old and becoming fixated on it and going out of your way to make posts and start stuff with people because you know others think differently.

It may be seen as starting drama, but it’s really getting weird and needs to stop. Clementine is 13 years old and the fandom should not be fixating and arguing over her relationships and sexuality as much as they are.

Okay so I was just sitting here thinking and I suddenly remembered that I had to read act four of Hamlet for my english class and I was so flustered that under my breath I said “Damlet.”


20 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Day 8 ▶ Favorite Secondary Character & Why: Fujimoto

At first, I really didn’t like Fujimoto, but after looking back and rewatching Ponyo, I actually really like his character. The reason why I didn’t like him at first was because he reminded me of my own father, of his obsession with protecting his daughter, but I realized how hard it must’ve been for Fujimoto to deal with the ocean as well as his daughter and to learn to let her go, and I love that aspect of him. He’s truly caring, he’s absolutely dorky, and he’s just an adorable character in the end.

I need to like… paint a reminder on my wall.


Like a little under four years ago I was relearning how to speak. My vocabulary shrunk to nothing. In terms of writing I basically had to start over.

I need to remember that there was a time, not that long ago, where I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to string a paragraph together again.

This past month I’ve been really unwell in terms of brain stuff, and it’s been so frustrating, because i have never wanted to write This Badly and yet been This Bad at actually doing so. But I need to remember it’s because I was having a lot of trouble and that I straight up didn’t have the vocabulary to write well, these past few weeks. And feeling guilty about it is just gonna make everything worse. All I can do is work very hard to catch up.

So that’s what I have to do.

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Okay ♥ I figured i should ask before i just spewed a bunch of names out at you lol. I'm really into x-men but there's so many comics i have no idea where to start. My favorites are probably Rogue, Gambit, Magneto, Jean, Deadpool, Emma, X-23, and Wolverine (I'm going through your fic rec tag right now to see if you've done any before!!!)

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If you haven't already, you should start reading the Dom/sub series called 'String Theory' by NadiaHart on AO3. It's full of some really amazing, quality stuff and I'm constantly checking to see when she'll upload the next part even though I'm subscribed. It's some of the best D/s fics I've read in a while.

Nonnie I have not but I definitely am going to! Thank you so much, honeybee!  ❤︎

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Hey hey! I'm 17 and I really want to get into digital art and drawing. I don't know where to start on the topic of learning. Should I just draw freehand or should I take lessons. I'm really confused on this. I know this is a dumb question, but you have some amazing work and I want to try to start my own stuff, but I can't seem to get the right help anywhere.

Well just so you know, I’ve never took lessons to start drawing.  I only got into art school to improve the work never to learn how to.  there are many tutorials you can find online, I even have an art tag on my blog that has some references you can find extremely helpful.  So for me, draw what you like and learn from other artists and copy their styles to understand how to draw when you’re having trouble.

as long as you’re having fun creating things then go for it! looking up things like “how to draw this” is how I learned how to improve.  It was mostly how to color on programs that I used tutorials but yeah, honestly just start and look up things that you’re having difficulty with and you should be good :D