i really should start my homework

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"I should be doing my homework," i say as i click very, very slowly on the next chapter button of All The World's A Stage on AO3 and start scrolling down. "I really should be doing my homework."

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AWWW Thanks so much for reading ATWAS <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you’re enjoying it!!!! Do your homework though ;p ;p

Me when I try and do anything other then kpop
  • Me: I should really finish my maths homework
  • Kpop: did I just hear right?
  • Me: *starts doing homework*
  • Kpop: OY! What do you think you're doing?!?
  • Me: .....maths
  • Kpop: but exo released two new music videos!!
  • Me: but I have to finish this work or I will get in trouble
  • Kpop: it's all me me me with you! Don't you know 4minute have just disbanded
  • Me: ...can't you just wait like five seconds
  • Kpop: no you're not getting it, if you don't check out the world of kpop now something bad might happen and you will miss it
  • Me: oh shit you're right
  • Me: *gets out phone and completely forgets about everything none-Kpop related*
  • Kpop: *insert creepy voice* good puppet 😈
punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth are way more important than my homework okay

So because of the recent blow up with punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth caused by @bananannabeth and @lililibird I wrote a little fic 

i. the first date

Percy’s hands are sweaty, and he’s scowling angrily because the wind keeps ruffling his hair and it took him forever to even kind of make it lay down straight and this is not how things are supposed to start out.

He thinks about the probability of Annabeth wearing a dress tonight. He wonders if he should really be upset about the wind at all.

He’s picking Annabeth up at her house for their date tonight. They’ve been distant friends for a while, but since Percy started sitting next to her in their Biology class at school, he’s decided that he can’t stand just being friends with her. It was an accident when he asked her out. The question had just flown out of his mouth yesterday when she had been talking about her English paper as he walked her to her car. She had stopped and stared at him for a few seconds before smiling and telling him to pick her up at seven.

He’s also driving his mom’s car just because he doesn’t want Annabeth on his motorcycle. Even though he drives it, it’s fucking dangerous, and he’ll be damned before he lets Annabeth get hurt.

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i thought you didn't like maki lol

You’d be right about that - I don’t really like her. As of late I’ve grown to like her more, but she isn’t my favorite.

The story’s this - one night last week, I finally had no homework, and I really wanted to audition for the project. So I got out my snowball, sat on my bed, and started yelling into it because I wanted to audition for Tenko.

I’ve this bad habit of talking to myself in real life, so my mom and brother kept yelling at me for talking to myself. So I figured I should do a quieter character to avoid that. So I whippes up a sub-par Maki impression, and sent it off. And somehow I was cast. Incredible.

signs as sighs
  • aries: defeated by the boss for the nth time sigh
  • taurus: ok good the food wasnt burnt sigh
  • gemini: my friend is having problems and i understand sigh
  • cancer: i am crushing really hard on a person sigh
  • leo: angry because u arent listening to me sigh
  • virgo: saved an item from falling sigh
  • libra: lonely and a single pringle sigh
  • scorpio: there isnt anything good to eat sigh
  • sagittarius: its late and i should start on my homework sigh
  • capricorn: tired of life sigh
  • aquarius: today wont be a very good day sigh
  • pisces: glad it wasnt anything serious sigh

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"They start a game—every time they hear the words History Maker, they take a shot." wow same

hahahaha same tho…. fun fact: At a sleepover a while back, it was like 11am and one person was still sleeping. We took my laptop and put it near her and started playing History Maker, the volume set super low. Then we slowly raised it and raised it until it was blasting and she finally woke up rip

         :・゚✧ “YEAH, THAT’S IF I FINISH MY HOMEWORK THIS CENTURY. I THINK THE LIBRARY should reserve a spot for me – don’t you?” Slim fingers wrapped gracefully round the strap of her bag before she ceremoniously lowered it to turn and sit at a window seat somewhere on campus, where to her didn’t really matter, but staying in classrooms and libraries to be honest were a bit too stuffy. “Maybe you should keep me company, might make this easy. Or you know, easier. What have you. Can’t promise it won’t be boring, though. Can you?”

  • Me: I should really get started on all that homework I have due
  • Brain: Little Mermaid Destiel AU
  • Me: Omg! Perfect!
  • Me: *Proceeds to write Little Mermaid Destiel AU instead of doing homework*
  • Me: *Proceeds to make a tumblr post about how I'm writing a Destiel AU instead of doing my homework, instead of doing my homework*


Oh my gosh, its Sunday and I finally found time (like really really hard you know ?) between studies & family and whatsoever. Okay enough with me finding time for ya all cause its worth it (cause I really love everyone of you)

Okay lets start from this morning, after a week of homework, studies and blah blah. I decided to pamper myself cause my hardwork for the whole week, you guys really should do that ;), and I went to Facebook. I was swiping down and saw plenty (not one/ two) complains about 2016 is killing them (and by them is my friends, juniors, seniors &etc etc). I was so so shocked cause its only a week, and so far I was having a blast. And I thought about you guys, maybe some of you all having 2016 murdering you so I decided to help (and to apologize not being active this week) you guys 😘

Seriously please yes. Its only a week of 2016 ! God sake buy it ! Its worth it ! Last year I was a total slob (BOO) so this year I bought myself a trusty book and wrote down everyday my goals, my plans , homework I have & etc etc. And it really really helped me. If anyone out there is shy or whatever to take your planner out, hey! Its your book! You should be proud of yourself making an attempt to be organized and not to be embrassed ! My planner is quite thick but I am not shy about it. I swear nobody is whispering/gossiping you with your planner. Pinky promise.

This help like so so much af. Sometimes when you wake up late and in a rush to go to school, it seriously helps if you packed your bag the night before ! Make it as a habit !!

Yes af ! If you know you are gonna go cuckoo over some app/tv show then set a rule like “I am not going to touch my phone unless I am done with xxx” if that doesn’t work, download some blocking sites/ apps then (which I will recomand down below)

I dont know about you but this year I am aiming to save money for a laptop (yes af) so this helps if you really want something and your parents says no or you just set a goal to save more money. I would bring lunch to school, I wont buy things I dont need so yea. I also made a jar to put my savings and stick cute motivational label to keep me motivated. You could use a notebook/app to record your expenses too.

Like because you EARN it ! Dont think you are not worthy enough to get some love from yourself ! ;) I always choose to read, cook something or just eat chocolate and listen to my bae song. :)) its up to you though

Music is the door to the soul (is it ? To me yes !!) When you feel stress or anything that makes you feel down, blare the music, ignore about everyone (though I suggest doing this in your room), and just dance. Just dance out till you drop laughing over your moves :) that is the best feeling ever.

Yes pleasee !! Its awesome to write down your feelings like sharing your feelings to a book (ahem) and reading it again at the end of the year. Best feeling too af.

If your lazy to write but still want to “write” your memories down, friends use your gadgets to take everything you like to remember ! I always keep a folder just for the pictures *sigh memories*

Oh that. I’ll teach you. This is actually a feeling (called self-sufficiency) when you get small lil'things and you will feel eternal grateful. This seriously improve your life & mood :) it may take time to cultivate self-sufficiency but It is totally worth it ♡

Yep really ! In this pressuring world we have there its is so so important to walk around in the nature. Even though I am busy I will always make free time for Sunday just to go to the park and that is awesome, relaxing.

Know yourself, what makes you motivate. Your family ? Pets ? Supplies ? Food ? Anything would be fine just as it must (MUST) motivate you to get studying. For me its emojis and supplies. Weird I know but they boost my determination to do my work, so it works :)

OMG the most important thing evar (I know I am exaggerating haha) if you dont have fun then trust me , it is going to be a longgg year. So take time to catch up with an old friend , watch a movie etc.

So thats all for my tips (omg I know I wrote plenty but yea) thanks for reading for so long and not give up half way through… now for our gadgets :p

I highly suggesting to have this extension ! I love looking at the beautiful wallpaper they have everyday and it so motivates me so much ♡

YAS ! AF ! OMG ! I always get inspiration from there and it really help life getting more interesting (especially uncreative people like me) its like my source of everything !

This is a game. Go to play store to check it out as I am not really sure how to describe it. Everytime I have something in my mind but couldnt get it out of my head (literally I tried everything) I would play this game to get anything my mind, out of my mind :)

For remembering important events (which I always ended up forgetting OOPS)

Yes I love this app ! Its helped me to focus so so much. And plus when a cafe is far from your house this really helps :)

To learn languages. I love it ! Its like a game but it is actually teaching you umm LANGUAGE ! Best part !!

This is so good I dont even needa explain.
BTW for who that dont know its an app to let you make flash cards on your phone and you could use it on your phone anywhere you go :DD

Like a timer , and it inculdes breaks !

Its saves life (very serious !!)

I dont even needa ♡ it teaches like EVERYTHING !

Cute app to help you focus cause nobody even DARES to kill a cute lil tree ♡

Great app to train your brain according to your brain. Awesome !

The best habit app I have ever downloaded ! It have yoga, meditation and stretching guide like COOL AF !

Calender app (and the best ever I had used)


Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

  • Speaker: "So teenagers should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night"
  • Literally Every Kid in my Class: *laughs sadly*
  • Speaker: "Guys you really need this sleep"
  • Me: Yeah, but y'all start school at 7-9, our buses get there an hour or so earlier than that. We need an hour or so to get ready, and most kids get home from school like 2-5. Some of us have jobs, we got your homework, and we need a few hours to chill. When the fuck do you think we can sleep??

UWAHHH The Japanese version of run came out yesterday!\( ≧▽≦)/  It was really amazing to watch! I couldn’t help myself and made fanart for it! I should really be doing my assignments though  ( ●@ A @●)… But Bangtan knocked my homework out of my hands and slapped me in the face with a new MV! >A<)!! The minute I saw the japanese version, my hands went and automatically started drawing -7-) ;;