i really should start my bio now

Hoo boy! Sorry about the comic spam. I wanted it here since it’s pretty much the story numero uno and start for all the other stories that will come.

So yeah! Welcome! Welcome to my silly blog for splatoon. This is the place where you can see me throw all my splatoon art from now on. Ask me questions about these characters and I might answer, maybe even draw the answer (I really missed doing these). Or, ask me splatoon related questions too! But be sure to check About&FAQ before sending me any.

Anyway, as you can see things here are still a bit bare… I am still working on the bio pages but those should be up… Soonish.

And while I am planning to do stories in chronological order, I think our green and purple friends will be here from the start. Hehe… *cough* We all know em and love em.

But yeah! Speaking of stories… What are you gonna do next Tammy? WELL! I’m gonna take a well deserved vacation and do plan stuff for future. I hope to open patreon and commissions soon so gotta plan for those.

But yes, I can confirm, there will be a new splatoon comic… SOONISH. A comic called “First Match! Splat Jam vs Vitamin-Ink” is on the making. First three pages are already done. The comic will be very different in style compared to HOI but I think you will like it. ;)c

Anyway, I’m rambling. Welcome and hope you enjoy. Next i’m gonna talk about Clementine and Whinter’s names. I got many questions about those. ;D