i really should start my bio now


I’ll just give in and post this now, this is the drawing I worked on before Undyne Month and had like 98% completed really before it started but I kept wanting to change little things and wanted to try different things out but now I’m just leaving it as it is! 

So yeah, Mermaid Undyne. I like that idea. drew the sketches long before and wanted to complete that doodle so have now. wanted to give her glowy bio-luminescence markings too cuz that idea is nice too. My only regret of the pic right now is her fingers don’t have webbing which it totally should have, but hands are hard to draw anyway and I am basically too lazy to go back and add them. So here’s just the completed pic then and the original sketch

-rolls away-

casually add in a bit of a close up cause why not..

anonymous asked:

Any tips about studying Biology?

When I was doing bio in high school and in my first year of college, I didn’t really do all that I do with subjects now because it just wasn’t as heavy and I didn’t feel like I needed to.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying you should always stick to the following, I’m giving you advice based on what worked for me.

  1. Before you start, set objectives. Know what you need to learn and how you’ll go about learning it. You can make notes or flashcards or study straight from the book… whatever works for you. (My preference is to make notes).
  2. Spend time learning the way you learn best (I do that by explaining things to myself a couple of times).
  3. When you’re confident that you’ve learned everything, close your books/notes/study material and re-explain what you learned.
  4. If you have access to questions or practice tests, do them.
  5. Review regularly. Try as you go along to formulate questions so that you look at the information from different points of view.

Some tips on what you could do before your study sessions to make it easier for yourself:

  • Skim the book/lecture slides/objectives if posted by your instructor before going to class you can follow along easily.
  • Actively listen in class and take notes if you need to (I didn’t need to in HS because everything explained was in the books).
  • Go over the material in the next 24 hours.

Hope this helped! Happy studying :)

Hoo boy! Sorry about the comic spam. I wanted it here since it’s pretty much the story numero uno and start for all the other stories that will come.

So yeah! Welcome! Welcome to my silly blog for splatoon. This is the place where you can see me throw all my splatoon art from now on. Ask me questions about these characters and I might answer, maybe even draw the answer (I really missed doing these). Or, ask me splatoon related questions too! But be sure to check About&FAQ before sending me any.

Anyway, as you can see things here are still a bit bare… I am still working on the bio pages but those should be up… Soonish.

And while I am planning to do stories in chronological order, I think our green and purple friends will be here from the start. Hehe… *cough* We all know em and love em.

But yeah! Speaking of stories… What are you gonna do next Tammy? WELL! I’m gonna take a well deserved vacation and do plan stuff for future. I hope to open patreon and commissions soon so gotta plan for those.

But yes, I can confirm, there will be a new splatoon comic… SOONISH. A comic called “First Match! Splat Jam vs Vitamin-Ink” is on the making. First three pages are already done. The comic will be very different in style compared to HOI but I think you will like it. ;)c

Anyway, I’m rambling. Welcome and hope you enjoy. Next i’m gonna talk about Clementine and Whinter’s names. I got many questions about those. ;D 

Hey everyone! Up-and-coming studyblr/premedblr here! 🌸

My name’s Katie (or Kat, as per my URL). I’m a rising college freshman in the Boston area, majoring in bio/premed and in my school’s honors program. I’m also interested in psychology, neuroscience, writing, and illustration. I’ve always wanted to start a studyblr and figured now would be as good a time as any- I really want to be able to stay on track with all my commitments during college, and meet more people in this community!

I do a lot of doodling and journaling, so those should show up pretty consistently in my original posts. I’m planning on blogging a bit about my traveling and college transition as well ❤️ 

Some of my biggest inspirations and all-around favorite studyblrs, who I’ve been following for a long time on my personal blog, are @mochi-studies @lycheestudy  @studyign @theorganisedstudent @ohstudyhun @katsdesk @studythetics @getstudyblr - Shoutout to you all for being amazing!

Anyway, I’m so excited to get to know other studyblrs, and can’t wait to kick off the next school year- I’d be happy to follow everyone who gives this a reblog!