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Also I've just remembered, if you google "What each Hogwarts house should do when stressed" and go to google images then there's a picture that briefly gives some nice tips for each house that I think are really accurate. For example for Hufflepuff it's "Take a break. Put yourself first. Celebrate the positives, express your stress. Practice conflict management. Eat right. Remember you can say no." And I'll leave you alone now before my Ravenclawness makes me ramble more aha.


Teen Wolf Preference - Fake Dating


Derek couldn’t believe you had convinced him into doing this.

“You want me to what?” he’d asked, not sure if he’d heard you correctly.  

“I just need you to pretend to be my boyfriend for this event since… I kinda already told everyone that you’re my boyfriend and you were coming. There’ll be free food and alcohol and you won’t even have to talk to many people!”

This had naturally intrigued Derek but there had been something that he couldn’t help but ask you.

“Really? You picked me for your big fake boyfriend plan? You know I don’t… get along well with people around here. Why not Parrish?”

Derek could see Parrish pulling up now at the event in his police uniform. Parrish wasn’t a bad guy but Derek couldn’t help but clench his fists at the sight of him. He wasn’t one to get jealous easily but this guy just put his teeth on edge.

“Shit! Parrish! Why didn’t I think of that?” you’d said angrily, shaking your head, “well, it’s too late. Will you just please go with me, Derek? It’s just one night. We can fake break up the next day.”

Derek had then thought for a moment, making sure to avoid your eye. You had a particular pleading look that you often gave him that made it hard for him to ever say no to you. But he couldn’t resist and looked at you, and it was then that he decided that he was going to be a part of your fake dating charade and he was going to be the best fake date there ever was.

“You came!”

Derek was pulled out of his trance, turning to see you hurrying towards him with a grin on your face.

“I said I would, didn’t I?”

You shook your head, “I just wasn’t sure. Wow, you look really good, you should wear suits more often.”

“I always look good,” he offered his hand, smiling a little as you took it. Your hand was so tiny compared to his. “You don’t look too bad either.”

That was an understatement. Derek always thought you looked gorgeous but right now, he was so blown away by how beautiful you looked that he had to remind himself to breathe.

Gee, thanks. We’re running a bit behind – I’d planned to have at least 2 drinks by now.”

The event was in full swing and Derek felt like he was in high school again. First of all, the event was being held in the school’s hall as the community one was under construction and second of all, he found himself watching protectively over you as he heard several greasy men comment on how good you looked.

“I was wondering when the two of you were going to get together,” Jordan Parrish congratulated the two of you, avoiding Derek’s intimidating stare, “all (Y/N) ever talked about was ‘how hot Derek is’.”

Your eyes widened, taking a rather large sip of your drink as you elbowed Jordan ‘playfully’.

“I did not!”

All throughout the night people had approached you and Derek and gave similar comments (minus the snarky one Jordan gave), saying that they’d seen the two of you out on dates and were wondering when you were going to call it official. In all honesty, neither you or Derek had considered your outings to be dates but now that he was thinking back on it, he wondered if he should start considering them as just that.

Derek proceeded to smile as Jordan winced from the hit you gave him, “well, it was a surprise to me actually. I had always thought the two of you were going to get together.”

“Nah, (Y/N) has only ever had eyes for you!” Jordan glanced at your now nearly empty glass, “want a refill?”

“God, yes please. I’m gonna be needing something heavier at this rate.”

“Completely agree with you.” and with a wink, Jordan disappeared back through the crowd towards the bar and Derek shifted his focus back to you.

“I feel a bit stupid for being jealous of him now,” he admitted, smelling the embarrassment on you which only caused his smile to widen more. Derek honestly couldn’t remember smiling this much since he was a teenager and it turned out a lot of people at the event were being a lot kinder to him because of it.

“Yeah, well, I picked you as my fake boyfriend for a reason. It’s believable and everyone seems to already think it was happening.”

You wished Jordan would hurry up with that drink.

Derek could hear your heart racing and you glanced up at him, something seeming to occur to you as a surprised expression dawned on your face.

“Holy shit – you don’t actually like me, do you?”

He leaned closer to you, his grin seeming rather wolfish now.

“By the sounds of it,” he pointed to your heart, “you feel the same way.”

Derek was now the one taken aback as very quickly, you closed the gap between the two of you and pressed a hard kiss against his lips.

“Stupid werewolf powers.” Was all you said as a low growl came from the back of Derek’s throat, Jordan now walking up from behind you with drinks in his hand. Derek wanted to desperately kiss you just a little longer but as his eyes met briefly with yours, he knew the whole dating charade was going to become a lot more realistic and there was going to be endless amount of time to kiss you.


“Sorry man. You probably won’t have a lot to contribute to the conversation considering you’ve never had a girlfriend,” Stiles teased for what felt like the millionth time as he and Isaac stood by the lockers waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.

Stiles had just asked him for advice for an upcoming date but then took it back quickly saying he probably would just ask Scott about it in the car. A low growl escaped Isaac’s lips as he tried to remind himself that Stiles just wasn’t worth it as the idiot seemed to get off on annoying him. And unfortunately, it was working and sometimes Isaac was just a bit impulsive.

“Well, not one that you know of.”

Stiles’s eyebrow quirked up and a Grinch like smile came across his face, wondering if he was hearing this right.

“A girlfriend in fourth grade doesn’t count,” he reminded and Isaac’s hands balled into fists.

“I’m not supposed to talk about it.” Because it isn’t real, Isaac thought.

Stiles nodded, “oh, yeah right, sure, sure.”

The tone in his voice was enough for Isaac to glance around and see you and Lydia walking in the opposite direction of where he was standing. You and Isaac weren’t close but you got along like a house on fire, regularly working together on pack ‘missions’ or sometimes you just studied together in the library. He’d been asked several times if he was interested in you, all those times he just shrugged as an answer but if anyone was to believe he was dating someone, you would be a good candidate.

“(Y/N),” Isaac said, “(Y/N) and I have been dating.”

Stiles looked as if he’d just discovered gold.

“(Y/N)? You want me to believe that? She’s way out of your league!” and then he was shouting, “(Y/N)! Are you and Isaac dating?”

Lydia and you stopped your walking, Lydia raising her eyebrows at you as you turned around slowly. Everyone in the hallway seemed to go quiet, interested in this little bit of gossip and you met with Isaac’s horrified eyes.

“Uh, yes?” was all you said before continuing on your way, Lydia beginning to smack you excitedly at discovering this information as Stiles turning back to Isaac.

“I can’t believe you weren’t just fucking with me. You should invite her to come bowling with all of us tomorrow night – Lydia will be there so she won’t feel so weird. I seriously can’t believe you landed a girlfriend like that, fuck.”

Isaac couldn’t believe that he’d landed a fake girlfriend like that either.

That night, Isaac found himself climbing into your bedroom and nearly scaring you half to death.

“What the shit?” you hissed, pausing the show you were watching, “first you say we’re dating and now you’re climbing through my window? Did I miss something?”

He smiled sheepishly, brushing off a few sticks that got caught in his sweater while trying to climb up through your window.

“Uh, I know normal people just text but I thought I should just ask you in person. I didn’t really think this through –,”

You cut him off, “yeah, I can see that.”

“But, fuck this is stupid. Stiles was being a dick and I kind of just said you were my girlfriend so he’d leave me alone. I didn’t think he’d actually, uh, ask you about it but do… you wanna go bowling with the group of us tomorrow?”

You’d always had a crush on Isaac. He was one of the first guys to ever really notice you and see you for more than just your looks and you wanted to throw one of your pillows at him and demand he take you out on a proper date because you genuinely liked him. But even though he freaked you out a bit by abruptly climbing through your window at that time of night, you couldn’t resist him.

“Fine. But before you leave, I already answered a bunch of our relationship questions to Lydia so you’ll have to learn them. And you’re paying for my shoes and games for bowling. Oh, and when we fake break up, it’ll be a mutual break up and it can’t be weird.”

You weren’t particularly eager to be out bowling with the group. You got along well with everyone and they were being overly nice to you ever since they found out you and Isaac were ‘dating’. A few times Stiles had said to you ‘really, Isaac?’ but other than that, no one really questioned it. The people in the group who were wolves didn’t even suspect that the two of you were faking the whole ordeal because they could hear how fast your heart rates were when you were around one another, which made everything much easier.

“Lydia said she invited you to come earlier in the week but you said no.” Isaac said, his arm wrapped around you rather lazily as you watched Scott get up for his first go. It felt rather natural for the two of you to be like this, having small touches here and there and sneaking each other little glances. It was comfortable and you had to remind yourself that this was all supposed to be a charade.

“Uh, did I forget to mention that I can’t bowl?”

“You know you’re up next, right?”

You nodded, “yeah, that’s why I’m just a bit nervous.”

Scott got a strike, grinning as he turned to the group who were all rolling their eyes at the unfairness of him having werewolf abilities which were a rather big help in the situation. You wished you had the abilities because you had no idea what you were about to do.

“C’mon,” Isaac helped you to your feet, picking up your ball for you and beginning to walk towards your lane.

“Seriously? What are you doing?”

He handed you the ball, smiling a little and back at the seats the two of you were already earning a few ‘awes’.

“I’ll help you, it’s the least I can do,” he handed you the ball and you held it in the hand you were most comfortable with as he began to help line you up correctly, “aren’t we just relationship goals?”

You laughed rather nervously and Isaac stood behind you, his back pressed against yours and you did your best to concentrate on your bowling but it was proving to be difficult.

“Just move sort of like… this,” he murmured into your ear and as he showed you the throwing movement the second time around, you released the ball and it went flying down the middle of the lane, hitting all the pins except one.

“Oh my god,” a grin came across your face as you turned around to Isaac who couldn’t quite believe it either, “oh my god!”

You flung your arms around his neck, kissing him excitedly and Isaac nearly fell backwards at the sudden action. Eagerly though, he kissed you back, enjoying the feeling and hoping that you’d do this every time you did well in the game.

“How come you don’t do that when I do well?” Scott asked Kira from their seats and she nudged him playfully.

Realising that you had to bowl once more and everyone was watching the two of you with stupid grins on their faces, you shyly pulled away and began to walk back to get another ball. Triumphantly, Isaac walked back to the group who might as well have been clapping for him and Lydia patted his arm.

“It’s about time the two of you got together. (Y/N) always talked about how much she liked you but you just ‘didn’t like her back’. I swear if you break her heart I’ll break you.” She smiled sweetly and Isaac, who had to admit was a little intimidated, smiled back as you successfully knocked down your final pin.

“Not planning on it, Lydia.”


“I think I left my lacrosse jersey at your place,” you were startled by your ex-boyfriend who was now standing beside your locker, an annoyed look on his face as if it were you fault that he’d misplaced his belongings.

“You never took any of your lacrosse gear to my house.” You told him coolly, shutting your locker which you weren’t actually done looking in and attempting to walk away from him. To your annoyance, he followed.

“Well, if you see it then tell me,” he said and you rolled your eyes. The two of you had been broken up for 3 months, you were certain you would have come across it by now. “How’re you going anyway? Any new guys in your life?”

The last bit he said with an amused tone, causing you to clutch your bag just a bit tighter. You knew if you said no that he’d proceed to tell you the long list of girls that were in his life now – some of which were in his life while the two of you were dating.

“Yeah, believe it or not I actually have a boyfriend.”

You saw a group of guys up ahead being rather rowdy and spotted Liam Dunbar, the guy you were planning to find just earlier because he’d promised you his research notes from one of your classes.

“Oh, really? Do I know them?”

You knew you should’ve just made up a name of some guy that went to another school but because you just happened to be looking at Liam, you couldn’t help it.


Your ex looked surprised, “Dunbar? Seriously?”

At that moment, Liam looked up, having been listening in on your conversation and he was just as confused too. You couldn’t believe you picked someone so obvious – and someone that was on the same team as your ex as well. You weren’t going to get away with this.

“Um… yeah?”

Liam sensed your embarrassment and excused himself from the group of friends he was talking to. It was well known that he hated your ex and any opportunity to annoy him was valuable.

“Hey babe!” he said cheerfully as he approached you, trying not to laugh at how red you went as he placed a kiss on your cheek, “everything alright here?”

Your ex, to your relief, stepped away, “everything’s fine, man. (Y/N), if you see the jersey let me know.”

When your ex was safely out of sight, you turned to Liam who had a smug smile on his face.

“How – why?” you stammered, not really sure how you’d just managed that.

“I hate that guy,” he said, “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone we’re not really dating. We make a cute couple anyway, even if it’s fake.”

“What? Liam, you don’t have to do this. I was just being stupid.”

He shook his head, “he’s just told about 5 people that we’re dating. It’ll be fun! We can get back at that guy all while doing our assignments. It’s a win-win situation.”

And so the fake relationship began. To your surprise, you greatly benefited from the situation. Creepy guys stopped bothering you, if you ever needed to get warm Liam was perfectly fine with you just walking into his arms while he talked with some friends and you ended up making more friends of your own. Some of the seniors he hung around became protective of you and Lydia Martin, of all people, started casually talking to you and giving you advice whenever you needed it. You often forgot that you weren’t really dating because whenever you were around Liam, your heart raced and you got butterflies as if you were actually hanging out with someone you had feelings for. It wasn’t until you sometimes saw your ex around the school who made snide and rude comments about the two of you that you remembered what was going on.

“You’re all sweaty,” you laughed as you and Mason went onto the field after one of the lacrosse games to congratulate Liam. He had a large grin on his face, pulling off his lacrosse helmet and Mason gave him a high five.

“Usually after sports people get sweaty. Weird, isn’t it?” Mason said as you gave Liam a short congratulatory hug, “poor Devenford Prep though… I should probably go and see if Brett’s alright…”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re really concerned about his feelings,” Liam said sarcastically as Mason ignored him, walking over to the opposite (and losing) team.

“So, how does it feel to win against your old school?”

“Quite amazing, actually,” he paused, “he’s watching again. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”

You shrugged, knowing exactly who Liam was talking about, “maybe we should give him a show.”

You had been joking – kind of. And Liam knew that but he couldn’t resist. He dropped his helmet, cupping your face and kissing you passionately. You no longer cared about how sweaty he was as you kissed him back, a part of you relieved that you were finally getting to do this.

You pulled away slightly, smiling like an idiot and Liam began to lean in again.

“He’s not even watching anymore,” you told him and he shook his head.

“I just really like kissing you.”

And then you kissed him again.


“This is just relationship…ist,” you said angrily as you and Scott sat in the library working on an assignment together. Scott raised an eyebrow, half listening as he was actually working while you were flicking through a free Beacon Hills magazine that you could always find lying around the town in random places.

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.”

You put the magazine down in front of him so he had to actually look away from what he was doing, pointing to the ad on the page.

“Couples get a 50% discount at the Canary. Couples are the ones that can actually afford to be there, single people should be the ones getting the discount.”

Scott pushed the magazine back towards you, amused by your reaction.

“What’s so good about the restaurant, anyway?” he asked and you looked at him in disbelief.

“How – how could you ask that? The food is the best food I’ve ever eaten. It makes you want to cry rainbows it’s so good.”

He snorted, “if you let me do my work I’ll be your fake boyfriend and go with you.”

“You know the way to my heart, McCall.”

You told maybe one person that you and Scott were going for the discounted food and the word got out like Chinese whispers. Soon, everyone ignored the fact you were just going to a restaurant together and were talking about how the two of you were now dating. Both of you, even with Scott’s werewolf senses, were oblivious to the rumours and were sitting at lunch together when Stiles was the first person to sit down with the both of you.

“I can’t believe you two,” he said, you having your mouth full with your lunch but raising an eyebrow at him, “you’re dating and you didn’t even tell me.”

You nearly choked on your food.

“Where’d you hear that?” Scott asked casually, not denying the claim.

“From fucking Lindsay of all people! She wanted to know how long it’d be going on – how come everyone knew before your best friend?!”

You looked at Scott and to your surprise, he shrugged.

“We were going to keep it a secret.”

That was when the rest of the group sat down at the table.

“So it’s true then?” Lydia asked, looking between you and Scott and he took your hand, giving it a small squeeze.

“Yes, we’re dating,” and then he looked at you, “and we’re going to get a discount at the Canary. I want to cry rainbows.”

You knocked at Scott’s front door on Saturday night, ready for your fake date. The two of you had found the whole fake dating thing to be rather amusing, promising each other to keep it up until after the restaurant date and then saying that you would break up afterwards because you realised you were just ‘better off as friends’.

As Scott didn’t have a car you said you’d drop by his place after he was done practicing lacrosse with Stiles and Liam that day. Usually you didn’t mind just going on the back of his motorbike to places but tonight you actually got dressed up a little bit and you couldn’t risk having helmet hair or your makeup getting smudged.

“(Y/N)!” Melissa grinned as she opened the door, “come on in. Scott got home later than expected and he’s nearly ready. God, I’m so glad he finally got the guts to ask you out. He’s always gushing about his feelings for you and how he just doesn’t know what to do about it. He adores you, really.”

“Really, mum?” Scott said, knowing he was too late in defusing the embarrassing situation as he came walking quickly down the stairs.

“I’m your mother, it’s my job to embarrass you,” Melissa teased, “I guess that’s my cue to leave the two of you alone. Have fun – be safe!”

You only managed to yell a goodbye because Scott was pushing you out of the door, eager to get out of the situation.

“Don’t,” he warned, knowing you were ready to mention what had just happened, “you look amazing, by the way.”

“It’s not often I dress up like this so you better appreciate it. So should the discounted food, which I’m highly looking forward to.”

The Canary was filled with couples of all ages and you and Scott fit right in as plates of food were being placed in front of you.

“Are we going to be able to eat this all?” you asked.

“(Y/N), I’m a guy who also happens to be a werewolf. I could finish all of this on my own.”

He had a fair point.

The two of you were complimented several times by waiters for being such a cute couple, you both accepting these compliments graciously but with bright red faces. Ever since Melissa made the comment earlier about the two of you, you couldn’t help but wonder if she was joking because you’d always thought it was just you that liked him.

“What is it?” Scott asked, noticing your wondering expression. You gave a small shrug, feeling awfully shy which you weren’t usually like around him.

“Do you really gush about having feelings for me?”

This time, he was the shy one. Scott poked at his food, his cheeks reddening which they had been on and off throughout the night.

“I wouldn’t say I gushed about it,” he finally admitted, “but I do talk about liking you a bit.”


Saturday night had been a blur. The last memory you had was agreeing to do shots with Stiles and the next day you woke up safely tucked in bed (thanks to Scott) just before you launched yourself to the toilet to begin your day of being hungover. You felt like shit. And even on Monday morning as you walked into school you had a faint throbbing in your head and you were drinking more water when Stiles arrived.

“I’m never drinking alcohol again,” was the first thing you said to him, noticing he looked a similar way to you.

“Tell me about it,” he agreed, “but we say that all the time.”

You leaned against his side, waiting for the others to arrive when you got your first ‘congratulations’ from someone. Neither of you were sure what the person was congratulating you on but you thanked them anyway. Then it happened again when a girl from your English class walked past, lifting her hand to high five you.

“I heard about Saturday! It’s about time you two got together!” she said excitedly before walking into school.

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?” you asked, confused as to what you just witnessed as Stiles shook his head.

“I spent yesterday in the toilet. I didn’t even turn my phone on because the brightness made me sick.”

You waited a little longer and then Stiles suddenly perked up.

“Dude, there’s Theo. I saw him at the party on Saturday with that guy – I think he’s trying to get him to join his weird ass pack,” Stiles tried to tell you quietly, hoping that Theo was listening in.

“Or he could be into guys?”

“Well, you two were certainly a sight for sore eyes,” Kira suddenly said, appearing beside the two of you and making you jump. When she noticed the confused, she elaborated. “On Saturday, I mean. I didn’t know that getting the two of you together meant getting you drunk and having you confess your love to one another but man, it worked. That was gross.”

You and Stiles nearly had a heart attack. Quickly, you stepped away from one another, sharing a confused stare just as the bell went. Kira looked between the two of you but didn’t say anything, leaving you two alone as she entered the school on her own. Rather than say anything, you and Stiles went your separate ways.

During second period, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You glanced at the message from Stiles which simply read to meet him at your spot. Your teacher was reluctant to let you leave but when you did, you nearly sprinted to the spot under the third floor corridor staircase where Stiles was waiting clearly agitated. It seems you weren’t the only one having people come up to you and congratulate you on officially dating Stiles and that many people saw your proclamation of love which neither of you can remember.

“Do you remember?” you began but Stiles suddenly pulled you to him, putting a hand over your mouth. You were confused, only to hear Theo’s voice echoing the corridor and you got the idea. You tried to listen in with him but Theo stopped talking and soon you heard footsteps coming towards where the two of you were hiding.

Stiles swiftly kissed you, causing you to freeze up. You weren’t sure whether to pull away or to kiss him back, only to understand what he was doing when Theo finally stopped in front of the two of you.

“Whoa, Theo!” Stiles pulled away, “can’t a couple just have a few moments of peace?”

Theo’s eyebrows furrowed, “so the rumours are true.”

“The rumours? Didn’t you see us at the party?” Stiles wrapped his arm around you and you smiled sheepishly. Your teacher was gonna be pissed at how late you were going to be.

“Must’ve left by then.”

“With your guy friend?” you blurted out and Stiles tried to stifle a laugh. Theo decided it was best to ignore you – which it was – and began to walk back to class that he was obviously avoiding as well.

You looked at Stiles with a questioning expression but he shook his head, “we’ll talk about this later.”

You never talked about it later but you had a silent agreement to continue the fake dating. Both of you watched one too many movies and had the idea that if you did the couple getting caught making out when you were actually searching into something you shouldn’t be then it was a win-win deal. You were just too nosy.

“We’re basically detectives,” Stiles said, the two of you hidden in a corner of a club watching a group of suspected chimeras. The two of you had been awfully touchy the past few days, both of you trying to convince yourselves it was all just a charade but it wasn’t. If you were able to convince your friends that you were dating, the people you were closest to, then it wasn’t really fake.

“Do you wanna go home and watch Star Wars?” you yelled over the music and Stiles leaned his forehead against yours.

“You are perfect for me.” He said, grabbing your and leading you out of the club. Your heart was racing and even when you got to the car, Stiles continued to hold your hand on the drive back to his place.

“For our detective work, right?” you said jokingly to him when he pulled into the driveway, Stiles walking quickly around to your side of the car to open the door for you.

Stiles leaned in and kissed you, “this has never been about the detective work.”


“Leave me alone,” you said for the third time to a guy that hadn’t stopped trying to chat you up during the last big lacrosse game. You looked around, trying to find someone you knew to go to for help but the crowds of people all looked the same.

“Why? You got a boyfriend?”

“Why should that matter? Leave me alone.”

You tried to remember how to throw a punch – you even considered making a scene by yelling loudly for the creep to get away from you. But your rescuer stepped out of the shadows, wrapping their arm around you and you nearly punched them in the face until you saw who it was.

“This guy bothering you, babe?” Theo Raeken said sternly and the guy put his hands in the air.

“Hey! No problem here, Raeken!”

“Really?” Theo stepped towards him, “because you better not be bothering my girlfriend.”

Despite how scared you were, your heart was filling with butterflies for all the wrong reasons. You had Theo in a few of your classes and god, you found him insanely attractive. He was always sweet towards you and now you were never going to be able to thank him enough.

“I’m not! I was just leaving, I swear!”

You’d never seen someone move so quickly.

When he disappeared into the crowd, Theo turned to you and gave you the most charming smile. You knew about his powers and was fully aware that he could probably smell your lust and nervousness.

“Don’t mention it,” he winked before disappearing as well and you couldn’t help but smile like an idiot.

The next week you were sitting in the library on your own when Theo sat down beside you again, putting his arm around you. Your heart got caught in your throat as you glanced up at him, Theo seeming very comfortable and casual with the situation.

“Didn’t you hear?” he said with an amused tone, “everyone thinks we’re actually dating. I want to make sure they continue to think that so those guys will leave you alone.”

“What guys?”

“Over there. They’ve been saying some disgusting things about you and either I beat the shit out of them or they just get too freaked out to do anything in the first place,” he paused, “you’re cute when you’re nervous.”

You ignored him, “so, what? You’re fake dating me now?”

“Do you mind? I think it’d be fun.”

Theo took your answer as a yes when you blushed and look hastily away.

The next few weeks went past in a blur. It all started out as a bit of fun and eventually you were comfortable enough with Theo to get a bit into it as well. He never did anything beyond holding your hand or wrapping his arms around you but soon you were beginning to realise you wanted more – and so did Theo. He tried to convince himself that he was just doing this as a nice gesture because he’d thought you were vulnerable but he came to realise that you were stronger than even he was. You impressed him and Theo found himself lying in bed at night wishing you were there and he got excited whenever he knew you were nearby.

It was another big lacrosse game and Theo was finishing up some personal business when he saw a guy attempting to take the seat that Theo had originally be sitting in and chat you up. He clenched his teeth, storming towards you and his heart jumped when you made eye contact and you smiled at him.

“Hey babe,” Theo said, leaning down to where you were sitting, cupping your cheek and kissing you hard on the lips. You froze up but kissed him back, the guy that had been attempting to hit on you moving far away as possible.

“Get a room!” someone yelled and Theo moved away, brushing his thumb against your cheek.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

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miyakage is even more abusive then oikage congrats you played yourself bitch

RFA + Saeran finding MC wearing their clothes/underwear (NSFW)

These two anons suggested something similar, so I combined these. And… two NSFW requests on a row, gurl… the sin is real!

Hope you like this


  • He only sees your upper half since you’re behind the balcony
  • Awww, you’re wearing one of the white tank tops he usually wears to work out, how cute! But… where is your bra?
  • “Good morning, Zenny! Slept well?” “I always do when you are in my arms, princess…” this man just woke up and it’s already being that smooth? Jesus…
  • You giggle and blush. “You’re so cute when you blush, babe.” “Cute? I’m as red as your boxers, Zenny!” now he’s blushing, do you remember the color of his boxers from last night?
  • But wait! He’s not wearing red boxers and… LORD GIVE HIM STRENGHT! You move from behind the balcony to put the breakfast on the table and he sees… YOU are wearing his red boxers!
  • “B-babe?” “Yes?” you answer without looking at him, focusing on setting the table. “Wh-why are you wearing my underwear?” “Oh? I’m sorry, I just picked the first time I found in the closet, on that note, can I have my own drawer? It’s kinda messy in your closet with our clothes all mixed…” dressed like that, you can have anything you want from him!
  • “B-but babe…” “Oh, I’m sorry! I should’ve asked you, right?” you pout. OH MY GOD! It’s 8 am, MC! Too early to unleash the beast!
  • You know this look, you always know when he’s fighting internally with the beast. “I’m sorry, Zen. I’ll change right now!” you smile and pass right beside him, heading to the bedroom, he grabs your wrist and pulls you for a deep kiss
  • He pins you against the wall without breaking the kiss, his hands already looking for the bra… oh yeah, no bra… well, better for him.
  • “How come my own clothes look better on you?” he asks while his hands play with the tank top hem. “Why are we still talking about clothes and not taking them off?”
  • “Oh babe, you’re so bold…” his lips attack yours, the tank top is so baggy he manages to take it off of you just sliding the straps from your shoulders.
  •  His mouth travels to your breasts quickly, giving you some nips. Oh… you know that fight with the beast from before? Yeah, he lost…
  • Not that you’re complaining.


  • He wakes up super down to some cuddling, but… you’re already up? Too bad…
  • He blushes noticing the pool of clothes from last night still on the floor. He should pick them, but… he looks at them and can only remember what you two did.
  • “Good morning!” you greet him, he doesn’t answer. He’s frozen to the image of you cooking wearing his blue t-shirt.
  • You look beautiful in every color, but you in blue is so mesmerizing… he’s just worried if this tee isn’t dirty or smelly. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be and… HOLY SHIT!
  •  You go to him, he notices your bare legs and his dark blue boxers as your pajama bottoms. “Yoosung, are you okay?” OF COURSE HE’S NOT!
  • “MC, is… is… this… my… my, un-underwear?” “Hum? Oh, yes, it is. I’m sorry, it was dark and I took the first thing I found in the closet.” “Why… Why didn’t you turn the lights on?” “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so tired…” of course, YOU let him that tired, ahem.
  • “Are you mad? I’m sorry…” “N-No! I’m not mad! How could I be mad? You look so hot and I… cute! I meant ‘cute’!” he’s trying so hard not to stare, you giggle and cup his cheeks, forcing to look at you while you give him a little peck.
  • But he wants more, so he holds you when you try to back away. His hands circle your waist, bringing you closer as his tongue shyly meets yours in your mouth.
  • You sigh in satisfaction, and boy is not that shy anymore with his tongue as one hand of his moves to the back of your head, his fingers tangling to your hair.
  • “You look so good in blue…” he says, pulling you away a little to admire you one more time. “Guess I should wear blue more often if that’s how you’re gonna react.” You play with his hair and smile, oh… he really thought he was the one in control of this?
  • “MC… do you… do you mind taking this to the bedroom?” the way you wrap your arms around his neck and kisses him can only mean ‘no’.
  • But he would still like to have the upper hand this time, so his hands move to your ass, giving it a little squeeze before going down the back thighs, making you raise your legs and wrap them around his waist.
  • He carries you to the bedroom. Well, guess that pile of clothes on that floor will gain a few more pieces…


  • She wakes up and smells the fresh coffee. Oh… what a nice surprise drinking your coffee that early in the morning.
  • You’re wearing a long-sleeve button shirt, judging from all the room in the bust are, it can only be her shirt.
  • She doesn’t mind, you two have this habit of sharing clothes, even though yours usually feel really tight in her chest since your boobs are fairly smaller.
  • But sharing panties? That’s new! She knows it’s hers because usually you wear thongs while she likes the bikini type more.
  •  This arouses her more as she would care to admit. You making coffee while looking that cute it’s too good for this hour in the morning…
  • “Earth to Jaehee!” you tease her waving your hand in front of her face. “Why are you spacing out like this?”
  • “Don’t ask as if you don’t know. Did you finally surrender to the bikini’s comfort?” “I guess, though thongs are cuter, don’t you agree?”on you? Yes, definitely.
  • “Anyway, your clothes are comfortable and smell like you,that’s why I put it,  I hope that’s not a problem…” How would this be a problem? You can’t say cute things like that looking so sexy! It’ almost a crime!
  • “The only problem here is that you look so beautiful I feel I won’t be able to get my hands off of you.” Oh wow… so bold in the morning, miss Jaehee… “Hmm, I don’t see the problem here…”
  • “Good.” She says bringing you closer, you’re so surprised by her sudden boldness you almost don’t know what to do with your hands, you start holding her forearms, then wrapping around her neck, but holding her by the waist feels more comfortable.
  •  One of her hand is in your cheek, moving your head as she wants, the other one is already undoing the buttons of the shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”
  • You nod negatively with a wicked smile, that’s her cue to slide the shirt off of you and plant hungry kisses to your neck as you moan.
  • That delicious coffee you made would have to wait a little… okay, maybe a lot.


  • He got a little sad you weren’t beside him in the bed.
  • But as soon as he saw your back in the kitchen, that little sadness faded away completely. Of course he doesn’t need you cooking since he can always call the chef, but seeing you like this make him feel so special and loved…
  • And then he couldn’t help but smirk in curiosity realizing you were wearing his striped shirt from last night.
  • “May I ask why you keep stealing my clothes when you have the most comfortable and beautiful sleepwear in your closet?” you yelp in scare, just noticing him standing by the table looking at you with his arms crossed.
  • “They’re so fancy I’m afraid of ruining them. Plus, this smells nicer.” Cute… unbelievably cute! He heard about people being grumpy in the morning, but you’re just… cute.
  • He was about to say you won this one, then you bend down to take something out of the oven and he notices grey boxers showing up…
  • “MC?” “Yes, Jumin?” your eyes are still focused on the oven. “Why are you wearing my underwear?”
  • “Hum? Oh… don’t get me wrong, I really like those Victoria Secret’s ones, but this is so comfortable! Why is man’s underwear so much more comfortable? Ugh, it isn’t fair!” he narrows his eyes at you.
  • “You know what is really unfair? You provoking me this early in the morning before I have to leave for work.” He comes closer, his eyes locked to yours as a predator corning its prey.
  • “Provoking you? Me? Ah, come on, Jumin, it’s just und… mmm.” He interrupts you with a kiss, his tongue desperate trying to invade your mouth while his hands move to under the shirt, making you shiver.
  • You’re not feeling like having him in charge so much, so you break the kiss and start kissing his neck, he plays along and starts undoing his pajama so your tongue can roll down.
  • And it keeps rolling down his neck, reaching his chest, his abs… you tug his pajama trousers and smile playfully as find he’s wearing grey boxers too. “We’re matching!”
  • It’s still weird letting you in charge and he definitely needs to teach you a lesson for stealing his clothes but right now… all he can focus is in your mouth.



  • He is a light sleep, so when he hears some noises coming from that kitchen, he immediately wakes up.
  • Then he finds you wearing his hoodie and… nothing else? Ohoho, what a view in the morning, am I right?
  • “Good morning!” you notice him behind you and smile, he hugs you from behind and buries his face in your hair. “Yes, it’s a great morning!”
  • He presses his body against yours and feels there are some panties down there. Well, not as if this was less hot, anyway.
  •  “Someone is in a good mood, usually I have to drag you out of the bed, your lazy bum!”
  • “Well, now you should be careful I don’t drag you back there.” He tries to tickle your sides, but you shoo him away. “No! We have to eat something beside HBC at least in the morning, you know?” he pouts, but you ignore him, focusing again on whatever you’re cooking.
  •  And he knows you’re right, so he sits and just watches you. And he was really willing to leave you alone, but when you raise your arms to reach something in a higher shelf, revealing his kitten pattern boxers, he’s gone!
  • “MC?” “What now, Saeyoung?” you glare at him, only to find his eyes roaming to your body. “You know stealing my hoodie is one thing, but stealing my underwear is something I can’t let you get away, right?”
  • “So what? You’re always stealing my bras and I never say anything!” “But I do to be funny because I know I look pathetic, you can’t steal my boxers and look that hot!” “Well, I’m sorry I look so hot, are you happy?
  • He knows you’re not actually mad, you’re just teasing him. “Oh, you’re sorry? I see… but I don’t think I can’t forgive you just like this” he’s behind you again, now using his arms to lock you and corner you against the balcony.
  • “What do you want me to do, then?” “First, give me back my hoodie…” he unzips the hoodie, making you shiver. “But then… then I’ll have nothing on…”
  • “That’s the idea.” He takes it off of you and tugs your hair behind your ear, letting your neck and shoulder completely available to his nips and bites while one hand slips to inside the kitten pattern boxers.
  • Well, he warned you about dragging you back to bed, didn’t he?


  • It took him a while to get used to sharing the bed, but now he got used to it, he hates waking up without you beside him
  • Then he finds you in the kitchen making breakfast… okay, you’re forgiven this time.
  • But he can’t forgive you for wearing one of his sweaters and… one of his black boxers? WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “Hey! Who told you could steal my clothes like that?” “Good morning to you too, Saeran!” you smile sweetly, ignoring his glare.
  • “Don’t mock me! And what’s with you wearing my boxers, you pervert?” “Don’t think too highly of yourself, it was just the first thing I found in the closet.”
  • “Ugh… you’re impossible! What would you do if I stole one of your panties?” your eyes gleam “Would you really? I would recommend a pink one, you would look so cute!”, he blushes, you’re obviously not taking him seriously… or maybe you are a pervert after all.
  • Either way, he’s not pleased. He doesn’t like this invasion of his personal space, like, the most personal space he could have.
  • So he corners you against the balcony, and having you this close wearing his sweater and boxers, nothing else… he’s almost forgetting why he was mad.
  • “You’re tempting me, aren’t you?” “Ugh, not everything is about you…” you look so cute when you get mad like this… he grins.
  • “But okay, since you don’t like it, I’ll take it off!” YES! Oh… no, you mean change, right? “Well, allow me to take it off for you.”
  • He hooks his thumbs on the waistband of the boxers, you look down in anticipation, then look back at his face, reaching his mouth for a deep kiss.
  • He takes this as a chance to grind on you , his hand slowly pulling the boxers down your thighs as he moves his mouth to your neck, biting and letting a few hickeys.
  • Now he definitely forgot what he was mad about before.
college boyfriend!jihoon

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • for this college boyfriend!jihoon request. i love you
  • okay so i originally really wanted to do campus dj!woozi because i’ve had this same idea for another boy for about a year but i had hit a rut and i really didn’t know where to go with it until i saw the gifs of woozi at the piano and so piano prodigy!woozi popped into my head and i had a hannah montana moment,,, who said you can’t have the best of both worlds,,

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My Best Friend is the School’s Bad Boy(Luke Hemmings)

Requested by Anon

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Luke walks down the hall, hard look on his face. His tattoo covered body was what drawed a lot of attention towards him, not that Luke minded. He smelt a bit like cigarettes, having just smoked one before class, and the freshmen that saw him had already told half the school.

He opens his locker, removing the dark sunglasses off his face, and tucking them on the collar of his shirt. “Hey, Luke,” you grin leaning on the locker next to his.

“Hey, Y/N,” he gives you a soft smile.

“So, the new Fast and Furious comes out this week, and I already got us tickets.”

Luke chuckles a bit, “When?”

“Friday, a little before nine,” you answer. “We could get something to eat before,” you offer. “Pizza at Leo’s?” He smirks, knowing full and well that that’s what you would want to eat, and that you’d probably hate eating anywhere.

“Great,” you grin. He shuts his locker, swinging his arm over your shoulder, walking towards you locker. “So, rumors true? Were you smoking outside?”

He sighs, “Y/N.”

“You promised,” you frown at him.

“I promised I’d try,” he corrects.

“Luke,” you pout. “I don’t want to lose you to lung cancer, please, will you get better? For me?”

He sighs again, “Fine, for you.” He grins watching as you clap your hands with a smile on your face.

“Give me the pack,” you hold your hand out.

Luke complies, taking the new pack from his back pocket, and slapping it into your palm. You toss it in the trash as you near your locker. “So, you wanna spend the night after the movie?” You turn the combination on your locker. Luke has been sneaking into your house for awhile now, and he often spent the night. Luke helped with your nightmares, which you get rather frequently. “Have they gotten worse?”

“They aren’t as often, but they aren’t getting better.” You grab your textbook.

“I’ll be there,” he smiles.

“Mr. Hemmings.” You both turn to see the principle standing there. “My office, now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What happened?” You asked later at lunch. You both sat alone most days, but sometimes some of Luke’s friends would join. Michael, Calum, and Ashton were just like Luke. Four very misunderstood nice guys. Today they had a different lunch period, so that meant you two were alone.

“Well let’s just say you did good taking the pack,” he says.

“Those freshmen really work fast.”

“It’s uncanny,” he comments.

A few minutes later, you’re approached by a girl in your grade. “Are you guys dating?” She asks, timidly.

“Is that your business?” Luke asks. He wasn’t trying to be mean, but he didn’t like when people would spread rumors about you. You were one of the few people he considered family.

“Luke,” you scold. “No we aren’t dating, why?”

“Some people were talking, and-”

“Who?” Luke cuts her off, and she cowers back a bit.

“Luke,” you give him a look. “It’s fine.” You give her a soft smile, “Don’t worry about him, but no. He’s like my brother,” you shrug.

“Oh,” she seemed surprised. “Really? Cause you guys seem-”

“We’re not, okay? Now leave,” Luke says. The girl hurries off, rushing back to her friends.

“You didn’t have to be such an ass,” you comment.

“I’m gonna kill them,” he grumbles. “Why were they talking about you? They should know better than to-”

“Luke,” you smile, “It’s okay. It’s high school, it’s normal for people to talk. You can’t protect me from everything.”

“I sure as hell can, and I will.”

“Luke, they’ll suspend you if you get in another fight. Just leave it alone, please,” you plead.

“Fine, whatever,” he rolls his eyes.

“Perfect, now I’m coming over to help you study for the science test on Thursday.”

“We have a test?”

“And that’s why I’m coming over.”


Mafia AU

Word count: 1009

A/N 1: At the ending of last school year I was a little bit idgaf and missed a lot my lessons and so even this year a lot of my classmates and even some teachers began suspecting that maybe I’m in some shady business as I don’t really like telling people what I’m doing… So yeah, long story short quite a few people believe I’m friends with the wrong people or that I’m doing something illegal, I find this hilarious, so that’s why I wrote this short story…

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“Shit.” you mumbled to yourself

You were bleeding. A lot. Or so it seemed to you. But you never wanted for it to end up this way. It all started as a joke, why did anyone even make a big deal out of it?

“In pain?”

A black haired man was standing in front of you. He was wearing a black classy suit. Somehow even this appearance sent shivers down your spine.

“You know everything would have been much easier if you just told me in the beginning where the drugs were.”

This situation was so bad it’s funny. You taught for a while how to answer. You have been telling him the truth from the start but of course he wouldn’t believe you, who would. Stupid. You were so stupid to even start this game.

“As I told you before, I don’t know. Or more like there aren’t even any drugs, how many times do I have to say it?”  you told him through gritted teeth.

A sharp pain went through your body again.

“How about you stop talking nonsense and wasting my time and just tell me where they are.”

“Maybe I would if you stopped kicking me when I’m already down!” you shouted in pain.

It was not working. This torturing was going too far. You were still shocked as it is that he shot you. You were thinking about a way out of this but strength was already starting to leave your body.

“Oh no, you don’t get to pass out on me before you tell me” he put his fingers on your chin and made you look at him.

But at this point you were too tired. “Whatever” you thought. It’s not like you have a plan or anything and it’s too late to explain that none of that story is true. He wouldn’t listen anyway. You looked him in the eyes. They were so dark but no anger or anything like that in them. Actually there was no expression on his face at all. You wondered what he was thinking. With all the strength that you had you smacked his hand away from your face.

“Do not touch me.”

“I think you don’t understand the situation you’re in right now.” he told you standing up, still looking at you.

“I do actually,” you said. “And it’s so funny that this has been going on for so long that everyone really started to believe me and I even got myself involved with the real things!”  you started laughing.

That caught him a little bit off gourd but he didn’t let it show on his face. He sighed. I think it was about time he was done with you. He started pacing back and forth in the room.

“Ah, you’re a pain. What should I do with you?”

“How about you believe me and just leave me alone?”

“Nope, can’t do that. You see I have heard how good you are with words.”

“Great. Just great.”  you thought. He knows another lie about you. Well it was not exactly a lie, you were pretty good with coming up with stories. Actually really good, so good that everyone around you believed you even though you were bluffing all this time. At first you found it funny but later on you just couldn’t drop the act but now see where this got you.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked in a harsh tone.

You didn’t realize but while being lost in thoughts you stared straight at him. Okay. Don’t panic. You’re not afraid. Well you were but of course you can’t show it.

“I have eyes, so can’t I?”

Good job. You did not want to sass him. Why did out of all the possible answers you told him that. You waited in silence for him to say something. A small smirk appeared on his face.

“Okay, I see there’s no point from me to talk to you anymore because you clearly don’t feel intimidated. I think I should bring you to someone who will make you talk.”

He started approaching you. Still holding your wound you tried standing up from the wall and get something to protect yourself.

“And now you suddenly want to fight? Why not do it earlier?”

You did not say anything because even though you wanted to just kick him and go you did not have the strength anymore. You watched as he approached you and just threw you over his shoulder. He signalled the other men you even forgot were in your room to open the door. You tried punching or doing anything really but you couldn’t even see clearly. Did you really lose that much blood? He went for the stairs and took you out through the back. It was dark but of course he couldn’t risk someone seeing you. He placed you in the trunk and shut it. You tried your best to stay awake but you were tired and just done with everything, so you close your eyes not knowing if you will ever open them again.


But you did. You were surprised by the sight as you slowly opened your eyes. You were in a hospital. A nurse came to check on you.

“Oh, you’re awake!”


“No need to worry. You’re in the Phoenix Private Hospital.”

Good. You were still in the city.

“That was some nasty accident, we’re glad you’re okay now. It will still be some time till you recover but we will take good care of you.”


“Yes, don’t you remember? Oh dear, I will call the doctor, I hope you don’t have a concussion.” the nurse said as she quickly left the room.

Oh you do remember. But it was no accident. Why would she even say that? As you were pondering silent steps could be heard outside. You looked up expecting the man from the night before to enter the room. It was not him though.

“Yoongi.” you hissed.

“Well good morning to you too.”

~ I turned this one shot into a series you can read it here -> Part 1 ~

A/N 2: Thanks for reading! Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have missed. I may continue this or make a series out of this if inspiration strikes me again and if anyone would be interested  😂

Bed Rest

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by anon

Jason Todd x reader where the reader is pregnant and is on bed rest and Jason and his family are being super overprotective

“Jason, I’m fine!” you shouted as Jason tried to put you back in bed. “I just want to get something from the kitchen.”

“The doctor said that you are on bed rest, so you’re staying in bed,” Jason said, pulling the blanket over you. “Whatever you need I can get for you.”

“I want cereal,” you said, crossing your arms.

“That might be hard,” Jason responded, rubbing the back of his neck. “I think Dick ate all the cereal,” Jason said as you began to pout. “I’ll head out to the store and get some right now,” Jason said, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead before hopping off the bed and headed out the room. You pulled out a book from the nightstand and began to read. After a few minutes passed, Dick walked into your room.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Dick said.

“Hey, Dick,” you responded putting your book away.

“I heard I delayed your cereal craving,” Dick said, hanging his head in shame. “So I brought you some from my secret stash,” Dick said, revealing a box of Crocky Crunch and bowls, with a small carton of milk in them, behind his back.

“I can have the whole box?” you asked, eyes widening.

“Oh, well, I was um gonna let you have some,” Dick began rubbing the back of his neck, “but I guess maybe we could share?”

“I guess you can have some of my cereal,” you responded with a smile. Dick sat down next to you and poured some cereal in a bowl and offered it you. You reached out to grab the bowl but went across him to grab the cereal box and began eating it.

“I should have saw that coming,” Dick said, turning on the tv to watch cartoons. In a few seconds, you ate the entire box of cereal. “You ate that really fast,” Dick said, taking away the box.

“I was really hungry,” you responded.

“I guess I’ll leave you alone now,” Dick said, placing an arm around you and giving you a quick hug. “See ya, (Y/N).”

“Bye, Dick,” you said as Dick walked out the room but a minute later, there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” you shouted as Barbara, Stephanie, and Cass walked in. “Hey guys.”

“We just wanted to come check on you,” Barbara said.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling.

“So do you have cravings yet? Can you feel the baby kicking? Is it a boy or a girl?” Stephanie asked, rapid-fire before Barbara hit her on the arm. “Ow!” Stephanie yelled whilst everyone began to laugh.

“Are you excited?” Cass piped up.

“I’m very excited,” you said smiling wider when another knock came to the door. “Come in!” you said when Bruce slowly entered the room with Alfred right behind.

“Are you okay? Is the bed comfortable?” Bruce asked.

“I’m doing fine and the bed is comfy,” you answered.

“You sure? You don’t need new pillows or blankets?” Bruce continued.

“I’m sure,” you responded.

“Okay, girls. Let’s give (Y/N) some space,” Bruce said before walking out the room. Babs, Steph and Cass all waved their goodbyes as they exited the room. Alfred walked forward to the nightstand and placed a glass of water.

“Is there anything I can do for you miss?” Alfred asked.

“No but thank you, Alfred,” you answered before Alfred walked out the room with Tim walking in a second later. “Hey, Tim. What are you doing here?” you asked.

“Well since you’re on bed rest, I came to set up a game console to the tv and I was going to lend you my laptop,” Tim answered with a sheepish grin.

“Thank you, Tim,” you said, smiling. Tim walked up to the tv to set up the game.

“Finished!” Tim shouted as he stood up. “I should get going. I have coffee waiting for me,” Tim said, giving you a hug before walking to the door. You began to slump down into the bed before Damian walked into the room.

“I heard Drake came in here,” Damian said.

“Yes he did,” you responded.

“What did he do?” Damian asked.

“He set up a video game console,” you answered.

TT,” Damian responded. “I can do better,” Damian declared.

“What can you do?” you asked. Damian then opened the door as Titus and Alfred ran in and jumped on the bed. Damian then picked up a bag by the door and laid next to you on the bed. He pulled out a pint of ice cream and handed it to you with a spoon whilst he pulled out his own. You both began to eat your ice cream and watch tv whilst the dog and cat laid at your feet.

“I’m back!” Jason said, walking into the room with two grocery bags full of cereal. “Why is Demon Spawn here?” Jason asked.

“Entertaining (Y/N),” Damian answered, eating another spoonful of ice cream. “I’ll be going now,” Damian said, getting off the bed. “Goodbye, (Y/N)” Damian said to you before he glared at Jason whilst walking out the room with Titus and Alfred following suit.

“So what did I miss?” Jason asked, sitting down next to you as you gave him a spoonful of ice cream.

“Cereal, questions, more questions, video games, and ice cream,” you answered.

“You already had cereal?” Jason asked as you nodded in response. “I guess I can bring these to the kitchen.”

“No no no,” you began to say. “The cereal stays.” Jason walked over to you and laid down next to you. He wrapped an arm around you and placed a kiss on your forehead.

He smiled and said, “Just don’t eat it all at once.”

You turned to face him and planted a kiss on his cheek before saying, “No promises.”

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Darkest Desire: Heart’s Still Beating

Don’t forget to read previous chapters! Darkest Desire Masterlist

Chapter 16

Summary: You struggle to keep secret what David did to you from Eugene & Jamie. Negan finally comes home. 

Word Count: 2,784

Warnings: Threat of rape, Language

HUGE THANK YOU as always to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

“I don’t understand why we are out here.” Negan spoke up loudly from the bottom bunk.

Simon laid fast asleep on the top bunk of the bed. They were on a run looking for medicine to take back to the Sanctuary— medicine that would save Jamie’s life. It had only been a day on the road and so far the trip hadn’t been successful, but tomorrow was a new day and Negan couldn’t fail you. There was a nearby hospital the Saviors had randomly found hours earlier. They were spending the night in an abandoned school so they could scavenge the hospital in the morning. Simon made the mistake of sharing a bunk bed with Negan, a choice he would soon regret.

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Guilty (Alex Standall)

Title: Guilty.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request:  Can you do one where Alex won’t let anyone pass the tapes to the reader(she is the 14th tape) because he doesn’t want her to get hurt but Clay passes them anyway. Then Alex freaks out on Clay and Alex let’s slip that he loves her and he couldn’t hurt her. And clay tells the reader because he doesn’t want Alex to suffer how he did when Hannah died so the reader confronts him and Alex kisses her.                  

Word Count: 1,421 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’re one of the reasons why.

Warning: It’s not something in specific, I just think you should be warned for this one.

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. This meant something to me, it’s deep and I liked it.

“Who has the tapes?” Courtney asked Jessica walking down the hallway.

“As far as I heard, Jensen had them. Then it’s Y/n’s, Bryce’s and Porter’s.” She said a little serious and Courtney limited herself to nod. She knew from the tapes that Jessica didn’t like to talk about Bryce even when lately she spent some time with him.

“Hey.” Alex joined them and Courtney waved her hand. “Do you now who’s listening to the tapes right now?”

“It’s funny because I just asked that. Clay has them.” Courtney said and Alex got serious.

“What are you doing about that?” Jessica asked him. She knew the truth.

Days before on a moment when Alex felt weak, he spilled the tea. He liked Y/n. And this time, her tape was next. Clay needed to pass the tapes and she was going to hear Hannah’s truth. And just like it, Alex had his truth about the situation. When Hannah died, he knew how much she suffered for her. And how guilty she felt for leaving her alone. Alex helped, but she didn’t talk about Hannah anymore, or the situation, she had no idea about the tapes.

“I don’t know, I just-” He shut himself and continued looking down. “I need to tell Clay to pass the tapes to the next one.”

“Why?” Courtney asked and Alex turned to see Jessica.

“He likes Y/n and you know, he wants to avoid the traumatic event for her.” She admitted and Alex gave her a weak smile. “Unfortunately, no one did that. Justin didn’t avoid me to hear the tapes. I didn’t avoid Courtney to listen to hers, we didn’t avoid Clay to hear them and now he’s going around spilling everything.”

“There must be something I can do for her.” Alex continued, Jessica moved around Courtney and she got in front of Alex.

“You need to stop everything with Clay,” Courtney told him and went to her class.

“My advice is what I told you the other day.” Jessica leans against the wall. “The only thing you can do is be by Y/n’s side once she hears her tape.”

Alex stayed there watching Jessica go away. He felt confused, and everything in his head was blurry. He only had her picture in mind, her tears stuck in her cheeks while something was stuck in her throat making her cry louder. He had her voice around. Her sweet sound surrounding him, which quickly turned to be something complementing her picture of her crying.

Then he saw the only answer he had come to his locker. Clay Jensen.

“Clay!” Alex shouted and Clay turned to see him. “Can we talk?”

“Why?” Clay asked taking his books to his backpack.
“Is about the tapes.” Alex spills and Clay nods.

“Ok, say it.”

“Can you stay with the tapes?” Alex asked not knowing if he should explain about Y/n which finally will end on how much he likes her, or if he should make a new story, or not even say her name in the conversation.

“What?” Clay wonder quite surprised. “Some days ago you didn’t want me to have them, and now you’re asking me to keep them? What’s the truth?”

“Which one are you listening to? Which tape.” Alex continued avoiding to say the name who he kept hiding between words.

“I already pass them.”

Alex got nauseous. Fuck. Clay wasn’t that stupid. What if she already was listening to them? What if she hated him already because of the fucking list? What if…?

It wasn’t hours the ones she took listening to the tapes that arrived at night. Probably she heard them all at once before falling asleep, and the information got so stuck in herself that she needed to listen to them again. She didn’t come to the first class listening to her tape in particular. It was all her fault. That’s why later Hannah stopped talking. And she called Hannah “Crazy” and other certain words who weren’t too nice for someone who was raped the night before.
Her tape was simple, but it was terrible. Y/n invited her to Bryce’s party. She took her, and almost put her in the same place where everything happened. Y/n went there to talk with Zach and left Hannah alone in the middle of that. It was her fault. Hannah Baker was dead because Y/n killed her. In class, she felt sick. She threw up in the bathroom after two bites of some chocolate she found somewhere in her backpack. She threw up every bad thing she had done at the moment. She deserved it. Her nails were half shorter than the day before, her hair looked a mess, and her hands kept shaking. Someone in the hallway told her about how her eyes looked swollen after crying too much, but they were afraid to know the answer. She was afraid too.

She went out the bathroom after taking some pills and continued crying for half an hour. She came outside the library in the middle of the trees and sat there. She was silent, and she felt she needed to stay like that for Hannah.

“Y/n.” She heard Clay’s voice near her and she turned to see him.

“What Jensen?” She claimed.

“Can you give me the tapes back? I want to hear them again.”

“Who would want to listen to that again?” She laughed a little in a sarcastic way. She heard her tape like 20 times already, so she could hear better how she was the one to blame for everything.

“Did you already hear them, right?” She nodded and continued watching the grass around her.

“Why do you even care?” She stood up rushed by the conversation and got in front of him.

“Because I think we need to stay together now that these tapes exist.” He excused and she looked down.

“Of course not, you’re not even in the tapes for something you did. Can you leave me alone? You’ve never cared about me.”

“Okay, maybe I’m not the one you should stick to, maybe you should just go with someone who cares. Someone who really cares about you, y/n.” He touched her shoulder and she frowned. “Alex Standall.”


“Yes, he cares about you.” Clay continued trying to get her to understand the idea. “I know I may have said too much, but you need to know it. You said I didn’t do anything to Hannah. Yes, that’s why I’m there. Because I never told her how much she meant to me, and I know how you must be feeling, but you have someone you mean the world to, and he definitely needs you here.”

Clay’s words were painful. Tough. And true. She never knew she meant something to him, but it was true that she had a certain connection with him. They had each other’s back, but with all these thoughts around her, his name never came up.

“Thank you, Clay.”

What if he was wrong? What if Clay messed up everything he had with Y/n? It was a completely bad situation. When Clay told him about Y/n having the tapes, he felt his world was ruined. He slipped how much he loved her, and how he wanted to protect her.

“Standall.” A cracked voice interrupted his walking to the class he was already late. “I’m sorry.”

And right before he turned around, she fell to the floor crying. He ran to hold her, and even some dudes were staring, they stayed like this.

“I killed Hannah Baker.” Y/n said and he denied quickly pulling her to his chest in a hug.

“You didn’t do that, love. Don’t say that.” He touched her hair slowly and then hold her face.

“I’m a killer, how can you still talk to me?” She cried louder, and he felt his heart aching just of seeing her like this.

“I’m the one who wrote that list, I’m as guilty as you.” She touched his cheek and looked at the situation.

Two teenagers who were assumed to know Hannah Baker were spotted crying on the floor instead of going to class. She was pale, he was crying too. She had a rotten smell, and he still holds her like if those were her last minutes, maybe yes. At least, that’s how she felt.

From all sudden, they kissed. Like nothing else mattered, just like they needed each other’s pain to turn it to medicine. Just like each other’s eternity turning to seconds.

It was okay.

Stalking: Sentence Starters!

“Come out, come out, where ever you are…”

“Do you think you can hide from me?”

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

{Text}: You enjoy that shower? You should drop the towel.

{Text}: I know you’re home alone.

“Why don’t you let me inside? I just want to talk.”

“It’s too late for you to be out by yourself.”

{Text}: Good morning. I enjoyed last night, you’re really cute when you sleep.

“Why did you lock the door? Let me in!”

“Ssh, it’s okay! We’re all alone now, no one will bother us out here.”

“You can’t get away from me!”

“I love you…don’t you love me?”

“We were meant to be together, you can’t change that.”

“Please, leave me alone!”

“I don’t know who you are!”

“Wh—where have you brought me?”

“Get away! Don’t touch me!”

“I don’t belong to you!”

“Please…I want to go home!”

Match Maker (Alec x Reader)

Request: Could you do a friend reader with Alec? maybe something Magnus

“Why do you look so nervous?” You asked as you walked by Alec side. His breathing was off and he was picking at his hands. A clear sign that he was anxious.

“I’m not” Alec said clearly trying to hide it. He walked a bit ahead of you not really wanting you to question this any further but it didn’t work. You matched his pace and let out

“You know you can’t lie to me right? I’ve been around for years Alec I know the signs. So tell me what’s up, I am your new best friend after all” Alec rolled his eyes at your comment wondering why at this moment did he decide to have a warlock as a best friend. Even if he didn’t tell the truth you would just put a spell on him which he knew. Reaching your temporary home, you guys made your way in. You still wouldn’t leave Alec alone and he hoped you would of dropped the subject by now.

“Come on Alec, what is it that got you so worked up?” You asked practically begging at this point for him to tell you. Alec let out a sigh not really knowing what to do but he knew he could trust with his life, so this should be a piece of cake.

“Will you hate me if I told you?” He asked as he started to pick at his fingers once again refusing to make eye contact with you.

“God no Alec, I could never” You reassure him as you took a place on the couch next to him. Letting your hand touch his in support of what he had to say you waited. You both were there in silence for a while. All Alec needed to know at this point was that your were going to be there for him no matter what. After what felt like forever Alec finally spoke

“I umm… I’m gay” Alec put his head down not wanting to see your face after the news. You smiled at your best friend, happy that he finally told you.

“I know” Alec head shot up from your answer


“Alec I’ve been around for hundreds of years, I usually can tell these things. I notice a while ago but I wasn’t going to say anything if you weren’t ready to tell me. It’s not my place too.”

Alec smiled at you with tears in his eyes. You accepted him, it was something that he truly wanted.

“Thank you” He mouthed as he leaned back into the couch, happy that a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

“So who’s the lucky guy” You said as you nudged him in the ribs. Alec let out a laugh before he mumbled

“No one”

“What did I say earlier about lying? I could put a spell on you right now” You teased, pressing in harder so he would give up.

“Fine, Fine” Alec said trying to catch his breath from you and all of the laughing he was doing.

“Well obviously it’s a guy” Alec started and all you did was rolled your eyes at Alec’s attempt to try to make you feel stupid. “He’s older then me but it doesn’t really matter I could still love him. He’s has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen, it lights up the room every time. His eyes are one of my favourite things about him”  You gasped fully award of who Alec was talking about. Jumping up from your spot you started to do a happy dance.

“Oh my god, your hard core crushing on Magnus” Alec looked shocked that you knew from these little details who he was talking about.

“Yeah I guess I am” He said as he went to scratch his neck. Which you knew as another sign of being nervous.

“This is such good new. You have no idea how happy I am you like him.” You let out and continue dancing around the room but stopped as you heard the door knob turned. In made his way was Magnus, it was his house after all you were just staying here for the time being. Magnus stopped as he made it to the living room looking at you two.

“Did I interrupt something?” He asked

“No” You and Alec both shouted at the same time which caused you three to laugh.

“I was actually leaving. You know I have a party to get to” You let out as you look at the two. Alec knew what you were doing and sent a glare your way, making sure Magnus didn’t see. But unlike Alec you knew that Magnus liked him too so you not being here could send everything in action. Giving a kiss to Magnus cheek on the way out, you smirked knowing that your two favourite people could finally be happy.

I hate you Kim Namjoon

He was Jekyll and Hyde, but you loved them both, like fire your reletionship was dangerous but you couldn’t leave him..

For anon 

Hope you like it


Originally posted by park-jimizzle

Sitting on the couch, alone..again

Nothing surprised you anymore, Joon was always so absent that it was becoming an habit.

You heard the front door open and he appeared in front of your eyes, looking bad..dark circles under his eyes, an annoyed stares.

He wasn’t lke that at the beginning, he was sweet and caring..romantic and loving.

He was a completely different person now, he was stronger..in all the ways possible. He was really jealous too and in those last months he had the worst temper ever. Like Jekill and Hyde, Joon had 2 personalities..but you loved them both.

You knew it wasn’t ok..your relationship wasn’t like others..it was like fire but you couldn’t let him go.

-Hei Joon, how was your day?

-Can’t you see?

-Mmm..ok, what do you want for dinner?

He took of his shoes and throw them aside, while he sat on the couch, far from you

-Whatever..I am not really hungry

-I know but you should eat

You looked at him, was he even Joon?

-Don’t talk to me like me mum

-I am just saying tha..


-Ya Kim Namjoon, I get it..but don’t to me like that



Again? Another fight?




Wow, that was strong.

You bared all those months because you knew he had an important comeback and he was stressed, but he crossed the line.

You took your purse without saying a world and started walking to the door



Glasses on the floor, you saw Joon breaking the glass table next to the couch and walking  to you. You just stood there, didn’t move a single muscle, was he out of his mind?

He faced you, a few cm away from your face and with a deep voice he said

-Don’t even try to fucking leave

-I hate you

You turned around and left the apartment, hearing his screams you almost run out of the building, the cold hair hitting your skin, you truly hated him right now.. couldn’t he see how much you were worried about him?

Fuck that

That was enough

You heard your phone ringing, it was him..you ignored the call and kept walking


So stubborn, it was past 2 am and he was screaming in the streets, like a crazy person.

-Kim Namjoon what the fuck?

He run to you

-Y/N come home

He grabbed your wrist, and dragged you back to the building, when he finally let you go you were back in the apartment.

-I. Told. You. Not. to. Leave

-You realize how crazy you look right now right?




-Are you sure?

You looked at him and he lost his words

-Are you really sure? You sounded pretty convinced and it’s been months since we’ve been together without fighting so…are you sure you don’t really want me to leave? Cause I think it’s better to do it that way

He looked at you confused, you just took your purse again and walked back out

-Bye Namjoon

But before you could reach the door he placed himself in front of it

-Please Namjoon I am hella tired ok?

You felt his eyes on you but you couldn’t look up to him, just trying to get him out of the way, taking his white shirt and trying to move him, actually not trying that hard.

He held your hands and you murmured a powerless “stop” but he didn’t seems to care

-Stop fighting, I won’t let you go

-Ya..ya Y/N I told you to stop

You wanted to cry, but you were to proud.

-I hate you

-And I love you

He lifted your head and looked into your eyes

-I didn’t mean it..and you know that. Do I deserve to be punished to be a fucking asshole? Yes. But I won’t let you go ok? So stop fighting back

He grabbed your hand and took you to the couch

-I am sorry Y/N, I swear I’ll make it up for this months ok?

-Talk to me Y/N

-I don’t want to


-Because I fucking hate you Kim Namjoon

-And I fucking love you Y/N, with all my heart. And I am a selfish asshole so I won’t let you brae up with me

-You’re creepy


-So stubborn

-I am, I probably am the worst person in the world but I became a bit better with you

He’s so funny..he doesn’t even know how good he is..he just has a bad temper. You looked at his dark eyes, you should just leave him..stop loving him..it would be better for the both  of you but how?

He got closer to you, placing a hand on your shoulder, cupping your face with the other. He kissed you slowly, softly.

-Y/N let me show you how much I love you

-I don’t want to

He kissed your neck, your shoulder and then back to your face

-Then why aren’t you stopping me?

-Cause I am an asshole like you

He smiled and you kissed him back, realizing you were stuck in that crazy relationship

-I hate you so fucking much Joon

He took of your shirt making you stand up and leading you to the bedroom

-I love you too

-I shouldn’t

-I love you

-You’ll ruin me

-You’ll save me Y/N

Sometimes when I read the comments in fics that I am reading I almost agree with that post from a year or two ago about never leaving criticisms on fanfiction.

But then I’m like, no, don’t leave vague/useless criticism. If you’re going to critique a work you had better have an example of where the author went wrong and a suggestion as to how it could be better. Because otherwise, what is the point? You didn’t actually help the author in a constructive manner. Saying some version of, you did it wrong, doesn’t satisfy anyone but you.

(Or worse still, people who leave personal opinions but try to pass it off as constructive criticism. Just stop.)

Here, let me give you a super basic example of useless criticism:

You mix up homophones.

Oh. Great. So, where did that happen? This chapter? Three chapters ago? Which homophones? What are homophones? Is it a detrimental problem to the fic? Or just a one time thing and you’re an asshole who can’t leave it alone?

And now a super basic example of actually useful constructive criticism:

I really liked ____ about your story. But I noticed that some times you mix up homophones, for example “They’re dog ran away.” It should be “Their dog ran away.” An easy way to see if you should or shouldn’t use they’re is to spell out the contraction completely, “They are dog ran away.”

Hey, look at that, you liked the story enough to want to help to make it better. Suddenly we know specifically where the problem occurs and what type of problem it is. And you even helpfully explained the correct word and how to prevent future mishaps. Go you for offering actually helpful criticism.

It’s not hard, people.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.
Word Count: 10,927
Warnings: Mobbing fans, anxiety attack, swearing, sexuality denial
A/N: Special thanks to @humhallephan and @moondaniel for giving me editing tips, you guys are awesome! This was originally a prompt from an anon so I hope you guys like it!

Read it on AO3


Dan knew it was a bad idea to go outside. He knew exactly what would happen when he went out (he could hear the squeals and screams even now), but he did it anyways. All he wanted to do was to go to store to grab some more dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, but of course, he couldn’t enjoy the everyday luxury of going out to the store.

As soon as he stepped out of his flat, a hush fell over the street and he sucked his breath in, waiting to see what would happen. Then, not even two minutes later, he was being pushed, screamed at, and had sobbing girls crying into his shoulder.

And all he had wanted was some damned dinosaur nuggets.

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(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: “No, sir. I’m not underestimating my kidnappers. You are underestimating my grandmother.”
Pairing: None
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: canon SPN violence and gore
A/N: I saw the prompt and couldn’t help myself! This is also my first time writing both Mary and a daughter!reader so please be kind. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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All the Things I Didn’t Say

All the Things I Didn’t Say

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3350ish

Warnings: Angssst, 2 curse words

Part one HERE!

A/N: This took longer than I wanted it but im a lazy piece o crap. I think this is canceling out my other request for “no happy ending” but like I cant ignore this request so here you go.

Originally posted by tmholland

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Saved- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 4)

Originally posted by austonmatthews-34

Ok this is it… the finale of Damsel in Distress! But apparently I have a request for a Sid version so same basis, but… I’m gonna change it up a bit so you all don’t get bored! But until then… enjoy Auston! (And let me live my Leafs loss through this ok?)

Warning: some cussing, a drunk guy who doesn’t take a hint, and a Leafs playoff loss (TOTALLY A VALID WARNING OK?)


              You sat on the hood of Auston’s car, scrolling through your social media.

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Daryl smut!

(Request: hellooo, can I request an imagine where Daryl and reader are fuck buddies, and Daryl falls in love with her, tries to confess his feelings but she doesn’t feel the same about him?)

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: Smut, fingering, oral (on Daryl) more smut, rough smut! just loads of smut basically :D

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

You watched as Daryl walked into Alexandria looking irritable. He’d just come back from a run and by the looks of it he didn’t find anything. An idea popped into your head and you internally smirked at your dirty thoughts.

“Hey Daryl” you approached him, trying to match his fast pace.

“What do you want?” he growled

“I think you know” you said, a hint of eagerness in your voice.

“Can’t you see I aint in the mood right now (y/n)?”

“Exactly, you can take out all your anger and stress on me” you smiled.

He stopped in his tracks and thought about it for a moment. Then he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards his house, and you smiled by how in charge he was being. As soon as the door shut Daryl pinned you to the wall, dragging your hands up and holding them there in one hand. The other roamed your body while he attacked your mouth with rough kisses. You could feel yourself soaking your pants already, he always knew how to turn you on.

“Get down” he said, his voice husky.

You got down on your knees and was faced with the hard lump in his pants. “Someone’s excited to see me” you smirked up at him.

You unzipped his pants and they dropped to the floor, next you pulled down his boxers, taking in the sight of him. You grabbed the base of his cock and ran your tongue along the bottom, making sure to flick it over his slit, just how he liked it. He groaned and placed one hand on the wall and the other in your hair, grabbing a fistful of it. You weren’t ready when he shoved your head forward and you took in his long length, making you gag against him. He hissed at the vibrations it sent through him and you started to bob your head back and forth and a fast pace. You then cupped his balls in your hand and started to massage them, making him groan.

“I’m nearly there” he managed to get out, his voice strained by the pleasure you were giving him. You closed your legs tighter to try and give yourself some relief as he was turning you on with his low moans and gruff voice. You began to feel him throb in your mouth and you made sure to flick your tongue over his slit every time you came to his tip. He started to move your head to the speed he wanted and in a matter of seconds he filled your mouth with his seed, moaning as he released himself. You raised your eyes to look at him and his head was craned back, eyes shut tight and mouth open. You swallowed the remains and you released his cock from your mouth with a pop.

“Shit” he muttered.

You giggled while he helped you up and immediately started kissing you again. His hand wandered to your top and he pulled on the hem of it, indicating he wanted it off. You broke away from the kiss to quickly take your top off and without breaking contact you took your jeans off too. His hands quickly went to your ass and he gave it a squeeze before moving a hand to your panties.

“Seems like I’m not the only one who’s excited” he laughed.

You laughed as well but it soon turned into a moan as he pushed his fingers against the fabric, rubbing at your swollen clit. You grabbed onto his shoulders while he was sucking and biting at your neck, his fingers giving you immense amount of pleasure at the same time. He then grabbed your panties and pulled them off you, still kissing your neck. He ran his finger up and down your slit, making your legs shake. He then inserted two fingers into you and started pumping fast. You moaned as he moved from your neck to your nipple, taking it his mouth and sucking at it. You leaned your head back in pleasure as his remaining hand rested on your throat, his fingers daring to wrap around it.

“Yes Daryl!” you moaned as you felt your walls getting tighter around his fingers. He felt it too and told you not to come just yet. He removed his fingers from you and you sighed at the loss of pleasure. Suddenly he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him. He brought you to the counter in the kitchen and placed you down on it, the cold feel of it sending goose bumps along your arms and legs. He didn’t wait any longer before pushing himself fully in you. You felt the instant pleasure rush back to you and you felt the heat begin to rise again in your stomach. He pounded into you, his eyes focused on your boobs that bounced up and down with every thrust. The sounds that filled the room was both of your moans and the sound of skin slapping skin, this turned you on even more and you grabbed a piece of his hair and pulled. He brought his head down to you neck and planted kisses all over it before stopping to get his breath back. He pulled our legs up even higher and he carried on thrusting in harder and harder. His large hands grabbed onto your waist as he pulled you closer than you already were. You his cock throbbing in you and that mixed with his grunts and moans sent you over the edge. Your eyes rolled to the back of your and your toes curled, your orgasm lasting a lot longer than usually as Daryl continued to pound into you. He came soon after you and you both carried out each other’s highs.

Once he had finished, he pulled out of you and leaned forward on the counter next to you. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and laughed at how out of breath you both were, that was an intense session. Once Daryl had caught his breath back he walked over to the door to get both of your clothes which lay in a pile on the floor. He handed them to you and you thanked him, quickly getting changed and ready to leave.

“See you later” you said as you headed to the door, but Daryl spoke, making you stop and turn to look at him.

“Wait. I gotta tell you something” he said, lowering his head to look at the floor.

“Make it quick, I’m on watch now” you said.

He looked up at you and walked closer so you were right in front of him. “I- I really like you (y/n), and I think we should be more than just this” he said, pointing back to the counter.

You looked at him with sad eyes as you really wished he didn’t say that. “Look Daryl, I’m not into that kind of whole boyfriend girlfriend thing,” you took his hand in yours and continued. “I’m comfortable just having these quick hook-ups once in a while, but I like you as a friend Daryl, nothing more. I’m sorry” you said finally.

You didn’t want to be there any longer so you gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and walked out the house, leaving Daryl alone in his now sad bubble.

anonymous asked:

what exactly is happening between fans and tarjei/david? who tf asked tarjei for a kiss? what is going on? honestly i cringe everytime i see a video of him, he is so blatantly uncomfortable. he's an angel who doesn't deserve creepy people feeling entitled to have photos with him

Hello sunshine!! 

Well, I don’t know how much true this is but I read on ig that while some girls were visiting Nissen, and NOT planning(!) to see Tarjei or David, they met with them. (I mean, wow man, I don’t know how they were there. What a luck!) Taryay wanted to leave but David didn’t let him. So he had to take pictures with them. And also I read somewhere that he asked for his teacher’s help to send fans away. The thing is he is there to be get some education. He doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable in his own school. He probably just wanted to take a break from his lessons and went to outside and guess what?? There was some fans who wants to take pictures and sometimes more, like a KISS! which I also heard that he was shook when the girl asked for a kiss and he asked “ON THE CHEEK, RIGHT? ” I mean hellllooooo! You are a stranger for him. He never saw you before. You watch him maybe million times on your computer  but he just met you! In which universe you think it’s okay to ask for a kiss ? He DID NOT know your existence until you came to HIS school. I know that people are going there because they love Skam and Tarjei/David and I appreciate this love and I am so sure that Tarjei does, too. But it’s not ok. People shouldn’t follow their footsteps. He has to be able to sit with his friends in the school’s garden. He has to be able to get some fucking fresh air. Man. Can you think about it, you just took the math or physic lesson and all you want to do is now just get some air but then BAM! there are people who are waiting for you and thinking that you should make them happy and that you should take picture with them and smile to them even though you don’t feel good. He doesn’t have to make you happy. He doesn’t owe you anything. And never ever blame him for this. You are the one who should be blamed. You are violating his personal space. I am really pissed off about this. Just leave him alone. Stop going to Nissen. Stop blocking Tarjei’s or David’s or other people’s,who are studying in there, education. IT IS NOT OK.

 I am sorry if this is so long for a simple ask but I’m really so unhappy about this…