i really should have ironed that jacket

Photo reference 

I’m really sick so I decided to draw teenage tony and steve. i gave steve more of a modern haircut.

i realize i should have made the buckle and belt the same color as the jacket because right now it looks like steve decided to let it all hang out OTL. I might get around to fixing it later. 

I got a new drawing program too, so this was also done to test out how it works. 

ugh--lets--try-something-else  asked:

Tips for fem! America cosplay?

Same as previous tips, with the addition of handling the girls if you plan to go full-exposure with her top.

I’ve seen some suggestions where you just wear a fitted bra, then sew the costume pieces above it so you don’t have to worry about straps showing, or wearing an entirely new top on top. Even if you can’t do this, just make sure whatever you wear fits you properly. If you’re well-endowed, you probably know how sometimes bras break your trust. Control the boobs with a proper top and you’ll avoid a really bad wardrobe malfunction.

  • Cheap way to make the hairclip: Yellow pipe cleaners + glue + hair pin.
  • Don’t hit anyone if you plan to bring a bat. Keep an eye on it as well - no one should be handling it but you, or someone you trust won’t go swinging it around.
  • Easy way to have perfect designs on your bomber jacket (for those with less than artsy hands): Fabric transfers. Print the patterns out, cut it out, iron on = wallah.
  • There is no short supply of cowboy boots where I live so I’m afraid the best tip I can give on those is to find/make boot covers if you can’t find any.

I’ve also seen some people add the curl to the wig despite it not being in her official design, but I honestly think that wire method looks atrocious most of the time so maybe using some hair clips to shape it, then spraying it with a ton of hair spray will make it stay. Otherwise, uh … i got nothin’. My hair does it naturally so I never had to figure it out, lol.
I’m not really sure what issues come about when cosplaying Fem! America, but I can guess what might happen considering it can be a revealing choice. If people are making you uncomfortable, call them out. Wear shorts under the skirt to keep the hopefuls at bay, or go with the short shorts. I have not encountered these people, but I’ve heard stories so better safe than sorry!

If anyone else has things to add (I know there are many lovely fem! America cosplayers on Tumblr) feel free.