i really should have ironed that jacket

Photo reference 

I’m really sick so I decided to draw teenage tony and steve. i gave steve more of a modern haircut.

i realize i should have made the buckle and belt the same color as the jacket because right now it looks like steve decided to let it all hang out OTL. I might get around to fixing it later. 

I got a new drawing program too, so this was also done to test out how it works. 

jenjifr  asked:

phobos & hyperion

Phobos and Hyperion

Phobos… My favorite song as a child probably changed as far as what was popular at the time, however one song that I’ve loved from my earliest childhood (I’m not kidding, I would put it on the record player and get on my rocking horse!) and I still have it and love it today, is Inna Gadda da Vida by Iron Butterfly.

Hyperion… My favorite store? I love Goodwill, I love Thrift shops. I love to get a bargain. I’m thrilled if I can get something awesome really cheap. Earlier this year I got a black fringed leather jacket for $23.00. To me that is euphoric! My children used to refer to Goodwill as the toystore, and now they are just as bad as me! We will even play Macklemore’s Thrift Shop on the way there. They say it should be my theme song!

That’s where you’ll see me… Poppin’ tags!

Thank you for your ask, it was fun!