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least effective way to get yourself out there is to put down your own work. heres a goal: hype yourself! stop with the self deprecating captions and tags on everything
i know, trust me, i understand its really tempting to point out bad things in your work so that no one else can, but the only thing that will accomplish is convincing your audience that you dont have faith in the work you do, so why should they? when you give people the expectation that something is bad or wrong about every piece, they will start to look for flaws on their own

Hello hello its Abi! I figured I’d attempt an advice post! I’ve only been a studyblr for a little over 2 months, so I know it can be quite intimidating when you first join the studyblr community when you see all these blogs that look so amazing and you wonder, how can I ever get my blog to look like that? Obviously there’s no proper way to have a studyblr, and you should always stay true to who you are, but I figured I’d make a post giving some tips on how to start a studyblr! (everything is under the cut)

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so since we can’t seem to have nice things, everyone in the bellarke fandom should just reblog this and tag their favorite fics so I can read as many as possible because I always binge read them after BFFA and I was really looking forward to recommendations. new or old, post your recs.


I just want you guys to know that I’ve been combing through the source code of relevant videos on Mark’s channel, and on the “WHERE THE F$@K?” video, “is Markiplier dead” is one of the tags.

But more importantly, I have just been declared the Queen of Tags for finding this. 

@markiplier Can you give me an approximate address of where I should go to pick up my crown? Is it in the mail? Does this mean I can retire early? Are… are there citizens of the tags that I have to look after? Do I have to make them pay taxes? 

I was really not prepared to have the responsibility of a monarchy thrust upon me like this and I think it’s a tad unfair, you can’t just force regency on me because you’re too irresponsible to look after your own tags

Moment of Peace

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader
Prompt: Frank does his ‘job’, and you watch Max for him. A simple relationship that means more than meets the eye.
Word Count: 736 Words
Warning: Mention of blood/violence, lil angst (not really), fluff, a singular curse
A/N: I just finished both seasons of Daredevil and I love Matt and Frank???? Sm??? So instead of working on my request, I wrote this quick lil thing. Enjoy!! (pls give feedback, i’m desperate)
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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) side note: that lil pout owns my ass

                Frank isn’t sure if he should be surprised, or laugh when he enters you apartment to see you sitting on your couch, typing away. Max was lying beside you, his head rested on your thigh and you both were oblivious to Frank’s presence. That was until Frank stuffed his keys, along with the spare one you gave him into his pocket. You’d given him a spare key when he was worried about waking you up in the night, but he soon found out you were quite nocturnal like him. Max’s ears perked up at the sound, and he jumped off the couch, bringing you out of your haze. You glanced over to Frank, who was kneeling down, petting his over excited dog. You had been watching Max in the evenings, while Frank was out doing his ‘nightly activities’. Although, today you had watched Max for most of the day. Frank had dropped him off around eight a.m., and then was out for the rest of the day, doing god knows what to who.

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Hi. I usually dont comment on fics bc as you said it is extremely difficult to find the right words (especially when its not your first language and have severe social anxiety) but after seeing the shit you have to deal with im gonna leave a lil review fic. Tbh your fics are the best fucking fics i ever read, for real, like infinity/10. I love how you give importance to how the event that happen have their psychological consecuences bc THATS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS and most people ignore that (1/?)

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This is just a public announcement to say that even though this blog has definitely been hypercritical of Dany in the past and I agree with a lot of the blowback she’s gotten this season, she is also one of my favorite book characters and it’s still okay to love her a lot? And like, I do love her a lot? I mean, I love Jaime Lannister too and he is, as I’ve mentioned before, an actual piece of shit. And Dany hasn’t even pushed a child out a window! (My standards for ethical behavior may be a little low.)

If the less nuanced portrayal of show!Dany starts to grate on you, just remember that she is still GRRM’s invention and he deliberately wrote her to be a troubling and morally gray character. You’re supposed to notice the way her good intentions can have terrible consequences, and you’re supposed to be concerned by the fact that, despite her self-image as a hero, her actions frequently fail to match up to her words. Dany is supposed to be a complicated, idealistic, ambitious and alarmingly destructive protagonist who screws up all the time, even - or rather especially - when she thinks she’s doing the right thing. That’s her whole point. And it makes for a really cool character!

In my opinion, if you can say “Jaime tried to kill a child, and that will always be terrible but I love him anyway,” you can also say “Dany is waging an unjust war of aggression, and I am not ethically okay with her actions but I love her anyway.” And that’s pretty much my stance. Basically, don’t let inattentive show-watchers and Dany’s less rational fans ruin your enjoyment of her character. It’s not Dany’s fault that so many people have entirely misread her arc or that the show has leaned so heavily into this misreading. I say this because I’ve seen some of the criticism she’s earned this season start to slide into flat-out character hate, and it makes me sad. All of the major female characters on GOT have had their arcs mangled in one way or another, and just because Dany’s particular storytelling missteps resulted in making her more popular instead of less doesn’t mean she hasn’t also been done a disservice.

So…yeah, just putting that out there. I know I tag a fair amount of my critical posts ‘anti-daenerys’ or ‘dark!dany’ so as to avoid tangling with her more fanatical supporters, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also adore her. This is not an anti-Daenerys blog, and I’m not here to support Dany-hatred of any kind. I know there are people in the fandom who really can’t stand her, and that’s totally fine - I have zero desire to police anyone else’s blog or personal preferences. But I felt like I should make my own opinions on the subject clear.

Watch Over You

Request: hi gorgeous! Love your stories! can you do a story where the reader is a doctor and patches bucky up and doesnt see him again but he falls in love with her? and he secretly watches over her to make sure she’s always alright and stuff?( I’m bad at this) maybe fluff if you can?!? thanks a bunch! xxxxxx

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fluff really

A/N: I have lots of requests so I’m gonna try and get caught up with those before I continue with any series. Also I changed the reader to a nurse instead of a doctor, I hope you don’t mind!

“It’s just a slice Steve, I’ll be fine.” Bucky stated as his best friend guided him to the infirmary.

“Yeah but knowing you, you’ll just leave it be and it’ll get more infected.” he responds.

“Whatever.” the brunette grumbled.

The two men entered the room where Bruce was talking with a nurse. Upon seeing the two soldiers, Bruce excuses himself from the woman and walks up to them. “What happened?”

“The idiot got hurt on the mission.” Steve responded and Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Some dude came up from behind me and got a good slice out of my shoulder. It’s no big deal.” he shrugs, instantly wincing due to the pain.

Bruce shakes his head. “Take your shirt off, I’ll go get the new nurse.”

Bucky’s head perks up. “New nurse?”

“Yep, she just stared working here two weeks ago.” Bruce tells him, walking to go find her. Bucky looks up at his friend.

“New nurse? Is she at least experienced? What if she’s just starting out and she does something wrong? Nuh uh tell Bruce I want Natalie to patch me up.” Bucky says but all Steve does is roll his eyes.

Bucky continues to rant on about how he just wants nurse Natalie to patch him up when Bruce comes back with a girl. When Bucky makes eye contact with her he immediately shuts up.

She’s beautiful - gorgeous even. He’s never seen anyone so lovely. Her hair looks so soft, her eyes are sparkling, she has the most beautiful smile ever to be seen. It’s love at first sight for him. He’s completely stunned. His mouth is hung open, trying to produce words but nothing will come out. Steve hits his friends shoulder and Bucky snaps back to reality.

Bruce chuckles. “This is Y/N, she’s new.”

You smile brightly at the two men in front of you. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

“I’ll let you get to it then, if you need me, you know where I am.” Bruce says before walking away.

“Yeah I’m gonna get going too, training is about to start. See you later pal.” Steve pats Bucky’s back then leaves the room leaving him with you which wasn’t a problem in his book.

“Alright, what seems to be the problem?” you ask the brunette, walking to stand in front of him.

It takes him a second to respond. “Uh.. I got hurt. My uh, my shoulder is..” he trails off and you fight the smile that tried spreading across your lips.

“Take your shirt off.” you say and he nods, pulling the fabric over his head. You inspect his shoulder, having no reaction to his other arm which was pure metal. This surprised him. When nurse Natalie first started working here, she was a bit hesitant to be near Bucky because of his arm. Others were just the same way so when you didn’t do the same thing it surprised Bucky. “You’ve got quite the gash in your shoulder there buddy.”

“My names Bucky if you’d like to call me that.” he immediately responds and you look at him, that beautiful smile plastered on your face.

“Okay Bucky,” you spoke “You’re gonna need stitches.”

“Okay.” he nods.

While you stitched him up he stared at you, taking in your features. You were truly flawless. Such an angel. After you were done you let him go, telling him to take it easy or else he’d rip the stitching. Bucky nods, saying goodbye to you before leaving the room. Once the doors close behind him, he starts running down the hallway in search for Bruce.

He made it to the lab and just as he suspected, Bruce was there working on something. “Bruce!” Bucky ran over to the man. “What do you know about Y/N?”

“Just what I told you in there; she’s new and she started two weeks ago.” he responds causing Bucky to sigh. “You can ask Tony. He’s the one who hired her, I’m pretty sure he-”

Not letting Bruce finish his sentence, Bucky runs out of the room, off to search for Tony who was easy to find. He was making himself a sandwich.

“Tony, tell me everything you know about Y/N.” he breathed out. Tony smirked.

“Infatuated, aren’t you James?” he teased causing Bucky to roll his eyes.

“Just tell me.” he hissed.

“Fine, fine.” Tony waved his hand in the air. And so Tony told Bucky everything he knew about Y/N. Like that she was a complete nerd, she owned so many comics, she was actually really shy and clumsy except when she was at work. She geeked out when she met Tony and the rest of the team. As Tony went on, Bucky realized that they had a lot in common.

The following week he watched over her, made sure she was okay. He’d hide behind the large plant in the lobby, making sure you got there safe, he’d peek in the infirmary a couple of time to see if you were alright then he’d make sure you left the tower alright. He’d do that everyday, like he was right now.

Bucky was watching Y/N through the little window in the door with a smile on his face when Clint was passing by. With a smirk on his face, he bumps Bucky, startling him. Bucky turns to Clint with a scowl.

“What the heck man.” Bucky says and all Clint does is laugh.

“You spying on Y/N again?” Clint laughed out and Bucky rolled his eyes.

“I’m not spying.. Just making sure she’s okay.” he huffed.

Clint glances at Y/N through the window before looking back at Bucky. “You like her, don’t you?”

Bucky scoffed. “What? No way dude. Why would I even like her? Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous and that she has such a nice and comforting smile.. She likes the same things as I do.. She’s really gentle..” he realizes he’s zoned out and looks at Clint who was fighting the urge to laugh. “But I don’t like her.”

This time Clint scoffed. “Sure Bucky. Whatever you say.” he turns to leave. “Grow a pair and ask her out on a date already.”

A date? Should he really ask her out on a date? As Clint walked away Bucky contemplated whether or not he should ask her out. One thing was for sure though, he really, really liked her.

A/N: Here it is, this got requested a while ago but I had no interest in it at the time and I didn’t want to give you guys a shitty piece of writing (this is still probably pretty shitty lol) Also I got a laptop today with my own money! I’m still getting used to it so ye. I don’t know if this needs a part 2 but if you want Bucky to ask Y/N out on a date tell meee :)


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Thoughts on Raising the Barn/ Lapidot

(Any hate will be blocked. I’m fine for debate, but I’m not in the mood for trolls and antis.)

So, as some may know, I’m a strong Lapidot shipper.  I adore the relationship a lot. That being said, it almost disgusts me seeing the amount of hate against lapidot in its own tag.

Things I have heard being said: Their relationship is toxic/abusive, Lapis is abusive, the ship is dead

My first point: Lapidot is not toxic or abusive, let’s just get that out there. Having one fight break out in a relationship doesn’t mean it’s abusive. Lapis and Peridot miscommunicated, and are having a rough patch like any other normal relationship that they will work together to overcome. Lapis and Peridot care about each other deeply, and both of them may have upset one another, but none of them abused each other in any way. Calling them abusive/toxic is like calling Connie x Steven, or Sadie x Lars toxic when it isn’t.

Second Point: Lapis isn’t abusive towards Peridot. What we have to remember: Lapis suffers from PTSD. That affected her overall health greatly. Peridot is the one who made Lapis better, happier even. Lapis wanted to take both Peridot, Pumpkin, and their home up to space with her. She never once thought about leaving Peridot behind. Peridot only didn’t want to tell Lapis about not wanting to go is because she was putting Lapis in her mind first because she knew how afraid Lapis was of a possible war. In the end, Lapis only left because she was genuinely scared, she didn’t want to hurt Peridot’s feelings by any means. You could see the hurt on her face as she flew away.

Third Point: Lapidot is not dead. I understand Amedot fans are very excited about their episode, and now some (I 100% agree not all of them) like to call lapidot dead. Why would the writers build up all this drama and angst for no reason? They’re doing this for Peridot and Lapis’ relationship to have development. They’re going to be apart for a while, but they’re going to realize how important they are to each other and how much they miss each other. I expect that when Lapis comes back, there will be all kinds of different emotions, but in the end, they will come back stronger. This development will not only shape their relationship but give much-needed development to Lapis as well. So from what I can see, Lapidot is even more alive than it was before.

Okay, so those are really the main points I wanted to make. But just a message:

The Lapidot tag should be free from hate posts. I’m wholeheartedly sick of seeing the tag bombarded with hate or people spewing amedot content into it. It’s the Lapidot tag for a reason, to post lapidot content. If antis want to post hate against lapidot, it would be appreciated if they could leave it to their own tags and if they could leave the lapidot tag alone. Also, stop attacking lapidot shippers just for liking their own ship. I see so many people getting anon hate messages and it’s really hurtful and rude. You are totally free to ship whatever you want, but don’t hate on shippers and harass them

 Let’s work to keep this a safe, fun zone for all shippers!

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Everyone dogs on Kakashi for reading porn in front of kids but what about Jiraiya who made a 12yr read, review and help inspire his smut?

Ooh boy Jiraiya is my biggest trash pile problematic fave in Naruto. I understand and don’t like how the narrative doesn’t fully acknowledge his flaws, much like Hiruzen, but I just really really have a big weakness for “well-meaning pile of garbage makes wrong decisions over and over, gives into his own weaknesses over and over, still keeps trying, fucks everything up and inadvertently moves the plot forward in a bad way” type characters. Especially ones that are superficially very bright and cheerful like Jiraiya is.

I mean, generally, to make an exciting plot happen you need a certain amount of bad decision making, and it’s more interesting and compelling to me personally to have a certain amount of that be made by heroic characters, and not just “oh it was the least bad decision” or “oh the person was otherwise blameless because of X Y and Z”, no, give me an absolute dumpster fire of a hero whose attempt to improve things is like this:

Originally posted by amycvdh

I know the narrative plays all of it for laughs, but the Sannin all have debilitating addictions: Tsunade has alcohol and gambling problems, Jiraiya has issues with sex and lives in a fantasy world, and as for Snakebert, uh, we’ll just skip his particular predilections because I’m having a nice evening.

Man this is getting long so I’m just going to put a cut here.

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simsulfurtrash  asked:

You're such a talented builder and a decorator! Do you have any decorating tips?

Hi! You are too kind. I thought I wrote up a post on this exact topic but I can’t seem to find it. 

Really, I just browse magazines and pinterest a lot until i find a style that is appealing to me. I am a big fan of colour but in the 60/30/10 rule way so it doesn’t get overpowering. The way i decorate is probably very Modern Australian (fi thats even a thing) since we usually like a mixture of texture and colour on a blank canvas so it pops. 

As for tips, I am not the best to give advise, other then trying to emulate pictures you find. With practice you will find your own style, what you like and don’t like, and hopefully branch out into other styles too. I do think all my decorating my my own unique style since it has developed over time with lots of practice. That is all it really needs, practice and time to develop.

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Zevran x Warden "I don't like sex."

“I don’t like sex.” 

“What?” Zevran blinked, his hand halfway up her thigh. “Truly? Not at all?” 

“I…” Her face burned and she turned away from his intense gaze. “I—I like other stuff. Kissing and holding hands, but this um…” She shifted so that his hand fell from her skin. She should’ve told him sooner but the lavish attention had been such a nice change. “Even the idea of it—” She shook her head when words failed to convey what she meant. 

“I see.” 

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, tucking hair behind her ear. Her knees trembled as she started to leave the tent. 

Zevran pulled her back. “My dearest Warden, where do you think you’re going to so early?” He was smiling when he kissed her cheek. “Did you not promise that we could have some time together?” 

“Yes, but—but I don’t want…” 

“That is of little consequence.” He squeezed her close and kissed her cheek again. “You said you liked this part, no? Then this is all we shall do.” 

She frowned at his grin. “It really doesn’t bother you?” 

“Why should it? My own past and uh… preferences have never bothered you.” 

She sighed when he kissed her next, eyes closing at the touch of his warm lips. 

Zevran pulled the blanket around them, his kisses trailing along her cheeks as he murmured, “I will never ask for more than you are willing to give.” 

“Don’t you think Happily Ever After is a cliche theme for a wedding?”

“We’re best friends that fell in love, our whole love story is cliche, Jemma”

“Ugh, Fitz”

Hello there! And don’t worry, that’s alright, ahah. And no – I haven’t put my two cents in yet because lately I just have time to stay online a bit only to check the tag and maybe submit something from time to time >< also, I hate ship wars with all my heart and so I tend to avoid any posts that may bring to that. Furthermore, I’m not very rational when it comes to shipping, I just follow my own feelings & sensations and so I can’t really explain it…XD but you took your time to write to me, and so I should give you an answer!

Caution! Personal opinions ahead, be careful!

So, yes, I ship Gafou :) and I’ve always been a…monoshipper I guess (is that even a word) – I mean, if I ship A with B, I just can’t ship A with C, that’s a fact (Wesley from Buffy/AtS is the only exception that comes in my mind right now). Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Stanfou (and again, don’t take my doodles too seriously, I’m just an idiot who likes to mess things up – and I don’t even mind drawing it, to be frank). I just prefer Gafou, that’s it! As I’ve already said, I’m not very rational and when I saw the “there’s no one as easy to bolster as you” scene (and in Italian it’s even better), it gave me such incredible vibes that I was like “ok, that’s it. I’m doomed. No matter what happens, I’m shipping it”. And that’s exactly what happened XD Of course, there are other reasons as well: I believe the ship had a really good potential (“LeFou, you’re the best!” And much moar) and the chemistry between the actors (and the actors themselves in this case because Le Duo is probably one of the best things that happened to me this year) helped a lot indeed. Even if Stanley and LeFou dancing together was so damn cute, I just couldn’t help myself from thinking about Gaston being alive and ready to start his REDEMPTION ARC. And regarding those people who label it as abusive…well, I really can’t (and don’t want to) change their mind and they have every right to think whatever they want, I just wish they could keep it out from the tag (and the fact that the “anti gafou” tag actually exists makes me sad). Because it’s not about “being open to other’s opinions”, it’s often about people judging/bashing other people over fictional characters and I’ve read “gafou shippers should be burning in hell” so many times that it makes me sick. << As for Gaston, same story; some may defend him, some may not; I personally think that the events of the movie showed his worst side and nobody realized that (or realized too late as for LeFou in the Mob Song), because otherwise I believe that LeFou would have left him before (and they went to war together, so they had to deal with lots of scenarios similar to the attack on the castle I think?? Minus the enchanted objects of course). Ofc, He’s got his flaws (duh), but I strongly believe that he can change and that he deserves his redemption arc. And…I’m lost XD I hope I answered at least one of your questions, I’m sorry but I’m not really good at this and I’m so busy lately that I can’t even think straight in Italian XDD Thank you so much for your kind words anyway! <3

Maybe you should drink some tea...

This fandom. I love you guys, but sometimes…“some” of you guys need to relax and drink some chamellia tea. The things that are being said on the tags lately is dark and fuck up.

Now, first they said they will celebrate if Magnus is killed, now people want Alec to kill Magnus…and then there are people that want Alec to be killed. Why are you guys like this? Seriously…What the fuck? That’s mess up.

I like Harry and Matt…they’re nice guys and good actors. These guys got potential. And their characters matter a lot to the LGBT+ community, POC representations, and interracial relationship. What Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, and Malec stands for is so much bigger and more important than any pettiness, stupidity, and hate that this fandom can spit out.

That’s so wrong that you want them off the show…over plots that’s was written by a group of writers, producers, directors, and showrunners. Leave Harry and Matt out of this crap.

Let me asks you? What’s the purpose of a story? Why do you watch this show?….do you care about the characters development? Personality? Life lessons? Morality? Feelings? Pain? Internal and external conflicts…Etc? Can an individual or a couple resolve things within the 5-10 minutes of screen time each week? Literally, some of you guys hated on Magnus and made him into a villain because of 1-ish minute sneak peek. You read so much into that screen to a point that you’d forgot their journey and development SO FAR…see that’s a key word, so far.

Seriously…why do you watch a drama show, if you can’t take the drama??

You do know there’s a season 3 coming…to be honest. I don’t think everything is going to be resolved…THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE CLIFFHANGERS due to the multiple subplots. So you’re either here for the journey or find another hobby show…because you’re stressing yourself out.

it’s only season 2 and season 1 had only 13 episodes. It’s still a very young show and in season 2, it had a major makeover. So, to be honest…this show is still finding it’s way. It’s popular, but it’s no Games of Throne or The Walking Dead. It’s still…not fully established among the peers yet. Hell, it doesn’t even have a DVD/BLURAY season out.

Look, I really can only give as much “fucks” on these opinions. These really mess up opinions…but opinions. But if you’re not looking for trouble…or people calling you out…because it’s a tag…if you’re going to post it–You should be expecting any possible reactions, don’t be surprised…do however kindly post this kind of shit on your own hateful tags. I refused to let anyone talk this kind of shit about my two complex and beautiful sons with personality that love each other and still have a life and obligations outside their relationships.

There’s THREE CHARACTERS here: Magnus, Alec, and Malec. And I CARE about all three.

I’ll let them…judge you. Peace.

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11 Questions

Tagged @crazy-fruit! Thank you! I love doing these! :D

Answer the questions given to you. Make 11 questions of your own. Tag 11 people.

1. Is there a place you seek when you’re upset? Stereotypical, perhaps, but it’s my bed wrapped in my favorite fleece blanket. 
2. If you had to live in a different country than you the one you’re currently living in, which one would you choose and why? Hmmm… well, I’m a fairly ignorant American so I only speak English, which really means I should keep to only English speaking countries… I might say New Zealand, because it seems absolutely gorgeous.
3. Favourite place in nature? If you can give me waterfalls or mountains, I’m pretty good. 
4. Is there a movie which deserves a lot more attention than it got? True story, I’m terrible at watching and/or remembering movies, so I’m trying to think… I really enjoyed A Monster Calls when I watched it. I mean, it made me cry horrifically, but it had some really good things to say and I think a lot more people should watch it!
5. Your preferred way of transport? I wouldn’t like to do it on a regular basis, but I do enjoy flying. 
6. A thing you would like to learn? I really want to become proficient at coding!
7. Is there a book you re-read every once in a while? My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite books of all times, and my copy has been reread so many times you can tell form the binding really. 
8. If you could be an animal which one would you pick and why? I’d like to be the golden retriever of some rich family living in New England, where the only worry I have is if the teenage children will throw my tennis ball for me and if I can convince them to feed me at the kitchen table.
9. A place you’d like to see? A life goal of mine is to see every US National Park before I die. 
10. Is there a piece of art that has stuck with you? This is stereotypical, but I really love Van Gogh’s Starry Night… I really love that art style in general. I don’t have a deep reason for that, but I just really love it. 
11. Your favourite myth? Not sure if this counts as a myth as much as Urban legend, but I have a huge thing for supernatural creatures (I like to watch videos about it before I fall asleep because apparently I hate myself) and one of my personal favorites is the rake

My questions:

  1. If you could have any animal (real or fictional) as a pet, what would it be?
  2. What’s your Hogwarts house? (Or your best guess, if you’re not a fan!)
  3. If you could change the smell of rain to any other smell, what would you choose?
  4. What was your favorite book as a child?
  5. If the police came to your house to arrest you right now, what crime would they charge you with?
  6. If you could sit on a bench in a beautiful woods, who would you like sitting next to you on the bench and why?
  7. If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?
  8. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
  9. If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change?
  10. If you were to change your name, what name would you adopt going forward?
  11. How do you like to spend a rainy day?

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What do you think of the savebendy thing going around?

(( um actually lol i really don’t acknowledge it to be honest lol it’s just a bunch of teens who are like what….12-15? So i guess at the end of the day i really don’t care i am having fun doing what i love with my friends and mutuals lol i don’t even really search the tags too! :U so if someone were to say something to me and had a problem with lucie with bendy then i would just delete the ask? LMAO after owning 4 asks blogs now stuff like this really does not bother me, Eventually this will pass ))

(( SO everyone should just do what they want and draw what they want and pay no mind to those who are causing a mess because if you are giving the your time and energy then then you’re just giving them what they want )) 

(( Every Fandsome has that #SAVE????? BECAUSE THEY ARE RUINING THE FANDOM lol and it doesn’t stop anything because you’re just gonna keep doing what you want SO keep rocking guys just pretend they don’t exist ))

( uvu every single one of you are fantastic and don’t let anyone on the internet let you think other wise so smile and have fun )

Ink and Magic- new Blog?

Alright, first off: thank you everyone who liked or reblogged my FanFic, it really warmed my heart that you guys liked it :)

So I had the thought to maybe give the Ink and Magic AU it’s own blog, to post maybe fitting aestetics and lore/background to the world ect. But I’m not sure yet if I should go for it/ someone would be even interested.
So long story short let me know if you’d like something like that or just prefer the plain chapters here :)
(Shamelessly tagging @magic-marvin-protection-patrol and @chase-brody-protection-squad again hope I’m not annoying yet)
Thanks again,
Ran out

What Needs to be Said (Anti-Natza)

Literally, the only reason to attack, not criticize (believe it or not, there’s a difference), the Natza ship is because it treads upon your own “personal ship insecurity.” That’s really as simple as it gets. Our ship had to take the backseat to the two largest fiscal monoliths in the FT fandom. While definitively, Nalu has one sided feelings and Jerza has a history of mutual feelings, our ship’s overt “nebulousness” knows no bounds. Most of these people bitch at the mention of any ambiguity in the direction of their own ship. Time and time again, ludicrous amounts of people from these fandoms protested and berated Mashima from having Natsu & Lisanna interact, Natsu & Erza on the same volume cover, Not enough ‘graffiti’ of Nalu & Jerza on his personal twitter account, etc etc etc. And, if that wasn’t enough, Natza and Nali didn’t even interact in the final chapter. As someone who’s indifferent to Nali, even I can see how fucked over their ship got. That’s from only ONE of these megalithic groups complaining. Maybe, using a modicum of deductive reasoning, you can imagine what that would be like for a ship, Natza, facing TWO of these fandoms and expecting our ship to have clear-cut material, I’ll give you a minute… It gets better tho, the majority of your arguments supporting your ships, on our tags, read like this: They love each other ‘cause they do. *looks around for any signs of intelligent life* Your counter arguments rest on similar laurels. Look, I totally get it if you don’t like a ship or you don’t support one, I really do. Frankly, Idgaf what your predilections are either way. But, unless you can make a coherent argument, backed by the context, against ANY ship, you should save your breath. Honestly, I’m just struck with sheer incredulity, you got nods towards your own ship in the finale, even the anime caters to your ship, and despite all of this, our little “crack-ship,” incites such outcry? Hahaha, oh man, that’s hilarious.