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So, it hasn’t occurred to me that other autistic people might not know this, so I figured I’d make a post.

Shopping channel stuff.

If there’s household stuff that you struggle with, for whatever reason, you should probably check out the shopping channels.

A lot of the stuff advertised on those channels is designed for various disabilities, it’s just not advertised as such.

Like, I can’t really use sharp knives for cooking. I don’t have the fine motor skills to use them safely.

But my mum bought a Nicer Dicer from the shopping channel, and it completely removes any danger for me.

[image of the Nicer Dicer]

Of course, it pretty much can’t be hand-washed, and it’s big, so it’s a pain in the dishwasher, but if I can’t get pre-sliced veg, it’s great.

She just bought a new hoover as well that’s a lot more light-weight and maneuverable than the Dyson one we’ve got, and I can finally actually use it with my dyspraxic arms.

Plus it’s quieter, so my headphones block the noise better.

So, yeah, if there’s any household jobs that you really struggle with, there’s probably a shopping channel solution.

so here it is,  April 4th.   and MY personal opinion ,   today was the day kurt died.

just call it a hunch.    born on a monday, ,married on a monday.   and with his twisted way of looking at things,  died on a monday.  which was april 4th , 1994.

kurt,  still missed after all these years.   and still selling magazines, and with people hanging on to your image and the bucks it makes……causing blogs to get deleted.     I bet you laughed.

however, things end and others begin.  this is the first “april” note on the new blog.  

darn you kurt.    you should be around.   getting banned from twitter, tearing up

deviantart.   instead,  there’s just a empty spot in rock,  the world, my heart.

but really.  you loved your fans.   you were very nice to that girl in chicago (me) all those years ago.   I’ll never forget that.

Rest in Peace, Kurt.      twenty three years……..this year it’s worse than ever.

 but I will remain  ,  forever……..PHINEAS4COBAIN

The hiatus is finally over.

It’s so hard to believe that we’re actually getting a new episode of Gotham tonight. We’ve been waiting for like 3 months. And it seems like even longer if we remember that we had a month long hiatus in december, which was followed by only 3 episodes and then ANOTHER hiatus lol. 

This was the first image of my countdown, which I started when we were already a few weeks into the hiatus. And it felt like it would neverrrr end. There were definitely times when I was like “fuck why did i start the countdown so early, I should have waited”. But I really needed some kind of indication that we were getting closer to new episodes. 

Thanks everyone for following along with my at times inconsistent countdown! And a special thanks to my dear friend @supes9 for always leaving lovely captions/tags on my countdown posts. They always made me smile. And also for filling in for me on those days when I had banished myself from Tumblr to sit in the library and work on my thesis! You’re the best!

I’m SUPER excited for tonight. I can’t wait to see hallucination!Oswald being amazing and Ed finally becoming the Riddler. But most of all, if this episode ends up surprising us by showing us the real Oswald ALIVE. You all know that I’m going to die of happiness and cry real tears lol.

Self Defense

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Hey 😊  i had an idea and I hope it’s not weird. Bucky gives self-defense lessons in his free time and you’re there to take lessons but you’re also a bit shy. He is very friendly and helpful then through your lessons and you slowly get comfortable around him. One time you practice a “fight” which ends up with you on top of him, before you can leave he kisses you that eventually ends in his bed (but all gentle). Then you cuddle and you both confess your growing feelings for each other? ❤️ thank u - @diving-down-to-wonderland

Word Count: 3291

Warnings: shyness, mild anxiety, fluff, bit of smut

A/N: hope you enjoy, doll! I really enjoyed this idea and wish I had more time to spend on it, but I’ve been slammed at work and wanted to get it up before Thanksgiving!


(I normally try to find pictures of Buck because I’m not a fan of fics excluding his arm or excluding any characters specific physical differences, but this image was too good to refuse)

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I'm curious, what is it you like about Invader Zim that makes you love it so much?

Honestly it’s been a really long time since I’ve watched the show and I should get back to it, though I’ve recently picked up the first 10 issues of the new comic in its 5-issue-per-volume form. And I have to say the following things:

  • The animation really grosses me out. I mean, it really disgusts me. The images in Dark Harvest especially will. Never. Leave. When the movie comes out I will be sure to not eat anything while watching it, and I would advise anyone else the same.
  • The humor of the show appeals to me. I find randomness to be funny, and Invader Zim plays its running gags pretty well without beating them to death. You can always count on Dib to be paranoid, you can always count on Zim to overcompensate, you can always count on GIR to… well… be GIR. And the characters all play off each other really well, even characters that don’t get AS much play like Gaz are given their due and their set behaviors that play off certain foibles of the other characters.
  • My absolute favorite thing about the show, frankly, was the potential in the characters. Why is Zim as crazy as he is? Does Dib have a breaking point (of NO return)? If X, Y, or Z happened and the characters were allowed to evolve past the roles they keep themselves trapped in, what would the outcome be? There is so much potential in these characters if they could be allowed to “grow” like real people. I get it, they’re in a cartoon that relies on a certain amount of predictability, and there isn’t really an overarching story arc (like, say, Steven Universe or Gravity Falls), this isn’t that kind of cartoon. But if is WAS… these are some fascinating characters to study, let me tell you.
Peter Parker x Stark Reader  So Your a Stark Pt.3

Originally posted by prettystucky

Peter’s P.O.V

Y/N and I decided to watch (insert favorite movie). We didn’t say a thing once the move started but for some reason my spider senses we’re going off. I looked at Y/N and she just blankly stared at the TV. I don’t think there is any real danger but there must be something going on with Y/N. She looks deep in though like she is deciding between life and death.

“Hey you ok there Y/N?”

“Yea….*sigh* No…. I don’t know”

“You wanna talk about it”

“Well Tony has been great you know trying to be a dad and all , it’s just that I feel that after I move in with him he will just toss me to the curve. I feel like he’s just putting on a good show for my grandparents , and then he will make him look good for the press and I just feel like he doesn’t actually care about me, that he only care how will I can boost up his image. I mean…… *sigh* Sorry I should stop. This isn’t your problem”

“ No it’s ok really. Do you really feel like Mr. Stark will do something like that I mean he has been spending so much time to get to know you for you. Most dad who find out that they have had a secret daughter usually freak out or go back into hiding. He wants to spend time with you I mean he missed so much already.”

I don’t know why but I started to record our conversation on my new watch Mr.Stark gave me but I feel like he needs to know how she feels about having him in her life.

“Listen if Mr.Stark didn’t care about you he wouldn’t be trying so hard to be in your life. I mean he wanted to take you to school and pick you up today. He wants to make up every year he’s missed, I mean who wouldn’t you’re amazing Y/N”

“You really think I’m amazing Pete?”

“ Yea I do. Not to ruin the moment and all but you should call Mr.Stark and tell him where you are it 9:00pm right now “

“Yea wouldn’t want him to kill you spiderling”


You got off Peters bed and went too grab your phone from your backpack next to the door. You just got you phone out when you turn back to Peter and see him all in shock.

“H-How… Where did you hear that from?”

“Come on Pete my dad is Tony Stark you really think I just thought you were one of this interns.”

“ What are you talking about I’m just his intern.”

“ Ok whatever you say Bug Boy……Hey dad …. Yea I know….. Time just flow by so fast….. What do you mean you’re not here where are you?…… Why are you in Brazil?….yea I’ll ask … yea see you later”

“ What happened? Why is he in Brazil?”

“ He said Avenger stuff and he wanted me to ask if it’s ok that I stay the night and that he will pick me up in the morning”

“ Umm yea I don’t think May would mind you know she loves you.”

“Thanks Pete… umm can I borrow a shirt please?”

“ Yea you can pick whichever one you want. I gonna call May and tell her what’s going on I’ll be back.”

The next morning

“So you’re telling me this is how they would sleep when her mother would let her sleep over? Don’t you think this is a bad thing?”

“Calm down Mr.Stark nothing has ever happened. I mean look at the they look so cute. You know I have always taken a picture of them whenever they would sleep over I have all of them plus some more of them when they were growing up, If you ever want to see them. Well see Y/N growing up.”

“ I would like that May thank you very much, why don’t you get them and I’ll wake her up and get her ready to go.”

“No let them sleep I can show you some videos I have from Y/N 6th birthday”

“Umm okay and are you sure they’re ok like this?”

“Yes they are, now come on I want to show you how Y/C/E her eyes we're”

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lol you translated the good reactions to chanyeol's rap but left out the bad ones even tho there were A LOT of them .. chanyeol will not improve if we don't show him that he was bad, he thinks that the rap he did on the show was awesome and continue doing it and embarrassing himself

With all due respect, we don’t think that you understand why we exist, we are here to complete the full image and show the flip side to what gets fed to the fans by other translation sites. Don’t you think you should direct the question to these translation sites over why do they not post any positive comments?
But If it’s difficult to understand, we will simplify it for you.

These sites opened for no other reasons but to profit out of k-pop fans, they translate negative articles most of the time from questionable and negligible sources like pann, to relay a false image about how someone is seen, this way they are brainwashing you into thinking that this person is hated, and since negativity always gets people talking, they are assuring that you enter their site, entering their sites results into them gaining traffic they get paid over for all the ads that are available on their sites. In other words, K-pop international fans are no other than a tool to gain money for these sites, and to do so, they encourage witch hunts and spread a false image. Otherwise, why do you think they keep releasing post after post? To gain more visitors and more money, because when you are a popular celebrity and every single thing you do gets interest, you are bound to be used and taken advantage of by greedy people with no morals.

Now to answer the second part of your ask,

Do you know what’s the saddest thing a person can do? It’s to hold themselves from doing something they are passionate about just because they fear the thought that they may embarrass themselves because of a set prejudice, and that’s not Chanyeol.

Chanyeol deserves respect for having the courage to go after a dream many before him hesitated to do so, he has a goal that he yearns to achieve and he’s working hard towards it, Chanyeol is our pride, he’s an inspiration to all his fans to wake up every morning with determination to be better people at the end of every day, because successful people are not born, they are made.

Change doesn’t come over night, and the road to the top is not easy, but if Chanyeol is anything, he’s not a quitter, he feeds off his fans energy and praise, he listens to their constructive criticism in a respectful and rational way because they are not the ones who send him hate disguised as criticism, and he’s humble and understands that we weren’t born perfect, that’s why and as he said, he is always ready to take on challenges with a brave heart and open ears and a flexible attitude, to absorb what will help him. There is no other way to say this but to quote his own mannerful and wise response towards malicious comments:

Trans: I don’t know what action of me that made you not like me. But if you have criticized me this way, I will work harder.
It would be great though if you refrain from using very harsh words here in this place where many young people can see.
Moreover, I seriously created an instagram account to not only be closer to our fans but to everyone else too!
So it would be nice if everyone thinks of this lightly!
I will also listen to the comments that should be listened to and ignore what should be ignored, so don’t feel worried! I’m also an adult
So, everyone please have a good day!

And to our fellow Chanyeol fans:

A person with a dream and who has the courage to pursue that dream should never be discouraged or ashamed, a person who lives with a meaning is worth looking up to.
Chanyeol never held back from showering us with his love and care even in his busiest and most tiring days, he stays up working in his own studio that he personally built to create new sounds he can excitedly share with us later on his soundcloud. Our days feel brighter and better thanks to the happiness he gives us.
We, the  people who know him the best, should always keep our heads high and support him fully, because just like he nurtures us with love, he strives on our positive energy too.

Chanyeol said because of the prejudice, he learnt how to look beyond and it stimulates him to work harder and show a better image of him, “I really liked how I’m praised for doing good, I started working hard when I get praised”( Jonghyun’s Blue night radio)

We are finishing this note with more heart warming words from him
“Chanyeol: Everyone be happy, don’t be sick, see only good things, make only good things, while believing in each other.
Let’s all be happy.”

Thank you Chanyeol, we feel always blessed to know you.
And Thank you to every proud Chanyeol fan standing strong behind him.

Vampire Diaries Live Blog: “The Downward Spiral”

Caroline - Her humanity + Alcohol = Badass and Hilarious…

I mean, I love the normal Caroline. She’s my favorite and I want her back. But, it’s a nice change of pace to see one of our vamps without their humanity. Is it bad that I like the no humanity side to these characters a lot?! Like remember 70s-punk Damon and Rippah!Stefan…

Except for the fact that Caroline turned off her humanity before Stefan could tell her he loved her…Arrrgghhh. We almost had Steroline. 

Caroline: “Liam, the boy I totally forgot existed!” 

Is that meta? Because it feels meta. Seriously, did anyone actually like or remember that Liam guy? Boring.

Did she just kill him?!?! 

So, chronologically, if Bonnie came back the night before, aka the Bamon reunion hugging scene, and she JUST now, the morning after, revealed that she was back to Elena…Does that mean she and Damon hung-out and had a best friends sleepover? 

(I’m accepting it as canon.)

Kai: “Feelings are hard.”

Are Kai and Damon becoming friends now? Because I like this unholy, diabolical duo.

Damon is in total denial about his mom being alive in a prison world and possibly being a vampire, so he decides to dig up her grave only to discover that her coffin has been empty the whole time. Anyone getting serious S1-Katherine’s-tomb-‘She’s not here!’ flashbacks?! Think about it: a woman he loved, who is still alive, and isn’t who he thought she was after over 100 years…

Ugh…Enzo is still stalking Sarah Salvatore. Not this again…

Why did Bonnie jump at the sound of the champagne bottle popping? Is it because she’s so use to silence and being alone? Is it PTSD from all the dying and not-dying and trauma over the years, from not only Kai but just in general? Also, is she an alcoholic now? Dang, poor Bon-Bon. Hang in there, lovely.

Elena to Bonnie: “You were stuck there all by yourself. While we were here living our lives. And this is the worst toast ever…” 

Yes, yes it is, Elena. Also, stop pretending like you were actively trying to get her back or caring about Bonnie at all. Because the only one who seemed to be doing that was Damon. And heck, even Kai was helping out with his magic when he became all non-psycho. You were off taking magical, hallucination herbs and planning birthday parties where the guest of honor couldn’t even attend.

No happy, hugging Caroline/Bonnie reunion because Caroline flipped the humanity switch!! Dang it, Caroline!!! 

Although, I have to say, Caroline showed her true colors by not killing Liam and saying she’s giving herself a one-year deadline before she turns the switch back on. She has always had incredible self-control, resolve, and compassion. Not even taking away her humanity can take those things away from her. There’s a little bit of our girl still in there. She’ll be back soon.

Caroline to Liam [in flashback]: “You got blood on my necklace!” 

Caroline to Bonnie/Elena: “If anyone tries to get me to flip my switch back on, I’ll become their worst nightmare…I’m gonna get a latte.” 

Awwww, Kai wants to apologize to Bonnie. Kai, I love you more and more with each passing episode.

Sarah: What are you?
Enzo: I’m a vampire.

Hold up. No. I did not sign up for shoddy, Twilight writing, Vampire Diaries. You’re better than that. Twilight blows. Please never do that again.

Stefan was all jealous when Liam was talking about Caroline…Adorable.

“Do you wanna go to a rave?”

Rave!Caroline is the BEST Caroline!

That Damon/Bonnie phone call! They were getting all flirty and they miss each other and they are friends. And Damon was protective of her when Kai insisted he wanted to see her and Damon said no…I’M SO HAPPY! Yay Bamon! 

Stefan FINALLY told Caroline that he likes her and they were SO cutesy together at the rave…And then she ran away. Noooooo!!!

Kai’s apology to Bonnie…

Poor Bonnie. That place changed her. She’s so messed up and has some serious PTSD…

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Damon, I know you wanted to learn about your mama, but Kai was the last thing Bonnie needs right now. You knew that! Use your head!

Bonnie and Damon were becoming the best of friends and now she hates him and doesn’t want to be around him…Why would you do this, TVD writers? Why?!?

Caroline to Elena: “I compelled a student to perform surgery on Stefan’s niece. And you find a way to make this about you? You are good.” 

It’s probably not gonna happen, but can you imagine Stefan and Caroline flipping the switch…together. They’d make such a badass, crazy, dynamic duo…


Well, I guess that explains where Stefan got his ripping tendencies from.

Poor Damon. He lost Bon-Bon and the image of his wonderful mother has been tainted now that he knows who she really is. And he can’t even talk to Stefan about it because he’s trying to preserve little Stefan’s memories of her.


I know I should be horrified, but, I actually LOVE Ripper Stefan. And, rest assured, the Stefan we all know and love will find his way back to us. So, for now let’s just enjoy snarky, funny, no humanity Stefan.

AND we get The Hilarious, Sassy, INSANE Adventures of Rippah!Stefan and No-Humanity!Caroline!!

Side Note: Can Stefan sipping that margarita be the new Kermit tea-sipping meme? PLEASE?!?!

Damn! That was one of the BEST TVD episodes we’ve had in a while! So action packed! Very nostalgic Season 1-3 TVD. Just like the good ol’ days. Also, congrats to Director Somerhalder!

Until next time, my little vampcakes.

'You're swarmed by paparazzi'

requested by anonymous

summary: you and Luke have gone public, the paparazzi want gossip

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okay @timdrakemockingjay, will this get me out of the time-out corner?

A Series of Tim hcs

Sometimes, one or more Bat will hear noises in the manor, very late at night, and they’ll get up to investigate only to find Tim making himself a snack in the kitchen.

“Tim it’s like-” *squints at clock* “-5am? Don’t you have a meeting at 8? You should be sleeping!”

“Uhm. I was hungry.”

“You had a snack when we got back from patrol literally two hours ago what the heck.”

When the new Star Wars came out, Tim dragged all of his siblings and Bruce to go see it with him, keeping a running, whispered commentary going and acting like a child on Christmas morning. Later, he made Kon go shopping with him because Kon they’re gonna have all the paraphernalia out already c'mon let’s get some!! *Kon following after his weirdo best friend with a very amused/bewildered expression*

Also okay I really love the mental image of Tim sitting on Kon’s back as Kon flies them somewhere (“it’s faster than your bike Tim stop whining.”) and he’s trying to be all stoic and very superior looking but he’s just failing miserably because his cape is flapping madly behind him and his hair is all in his face and Kon’s totally laughing at him and shut up Kon-El I am Robin I am the legendary terror of the night.

“Of course you are, Tim.”

So this image has began to circulate and I just wanna say what’s on my mind.

I find this absolutely hilarious/ridiculous. The fact that the media to its out an article of this sort after Taylor just tweeted the other day. They think they’re being smart. But they’re not. They’re stupid.

I thought this was the generation where we were going to get over body shaming. And not just body shaming the bigger sized people like myself, the smaller people too, like Taylor. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but no two people are the exact same, unless you’re twins, and even then.having these obligations to look like barbies should not be something any little girl should be aiming for.

Taylor is a lengthy person who is clearly small boned and it’s not like she came out of the whom being like ‘i want to be super skinny and have small bones’ that’s not how the works. It’s natural that she has a faster metabolism and the fact that she works out…. Have people forgot about this?

I think this era Taylor has found this confidence within herself which is absolutely so beautiful. She cut her hair, started wearing crop tops, began to show off her legs, I think it’s really sad that she can’t walk the streets without being criticized. Now yes, I know just as well as you that indeed, Taylor asked to be famous and this is just the life that comes with it. It is. I know. But it shouldn’t have to be, is what I’m getting at.

I think as a growing and changing society we should be growing and changing in the right ways, because with this, we are only going backwards. I think we should be teaching the new generation, our children, that it’s okay to be yourself. That you shouldn’t have to be this image of ‘perfection’ because honestly, I don’t think we even know what this ‘perfection’ is. We should be teaching everyone to love themselves for who they are and not what they should be. I ain’t about that life.

Please. Just remember.

That telling someone to eat a cheeseburger is just as bad as telling someone to drop the cheeseburger.

[TRANS] Wooyoung NYLON Interview

-       You’ve given a lot of ideas for today’s photo shoot. To the point that we’ve received several messages.
I gave it a lot of thought, because this pictorial was supposed to be shot with the “musicians I like”. So I made a few requests on this and that.

-       When you take a look at the list you have sent us, it is a lot harder to find a common point than one would think. Even if there were something in common, it is a rather unusual list.
Previously I had fixed boundaries of liking just ballads or just dance music, but these days it’s not like that. It may be hard to find a common ground, because I jotted down the names of the musicians that I usually like, listen often to or just get inspired by. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave out anyone so I wrote down them all.

-       How many hours a day do you spend listening to the music?
It’s really hard to say the exact amount of time… but I put on some music when I wake up. I choose a type of music thinking “How would I like that kind of feeling today”. I put on some music, check out the day’s schedule and then go wash up. And when I go to the bathroom I listen to yet another type of music.

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I saw an excellent post about messaging Tumblr Support to politely give them feedback and ask them to not go through with this update. I know not everyone is good with words, so I made a template that you can use to send to Tumblr. It won’t take long and it will help actually show them their users are unhappy with this. Just reblogging won’t do a thing. 

please send the staff feedback!

If you need help, you’re all free to send this message to them (edit it however you like, or to fit what you’d like to say). This is just somewhat of a template.

Hello Staff of Tumblr,

I’d like to thank you for all your continued hard work throughout the years. I have been apart of this community for a very long time and honestly, for the most part I enjoy the changes you’ve made through and through.

I know you’re having issues with people changing what others say, and that’s fine, but I think with this new reblog option, you should realize that it really does stretch out the dashboard even more (as shown by your previewed images) and it will look extremely awful and even longer with multiple blockquote replies.

In all honesty, the only people who have those giant blockquote lines that stretch the entire post to make it illegible are just because they’re on mobile Tumblr and they can’t change it that way or get rid of some comments.

I don’t think that making it look the way you did is a very smart move. If I may suggest an alternative, perhaps not change your features in reblogs. A lot of people just talk to their friends and followers one on one and don’t actually want to stretch the dash and cut down  their posts back and forth.

My other idea is if you do want to go through with this change, make it so that you can in fact delete other people’s replies (choose which ones you can delete) without deleting everyone’s (because let’s face it some people make unnecessary comments on quality posts like ‘LOL’ or 'THIS!!!!!’ and I don’t really want that on my post). I also suggest perhaps keeping it so that no one can change the source of the post, so no matter what the original poster is always credited! This will clear up credibility and misattribution issues.

I also suggest your staff think of people who send members hate, or even comment on their posts telling them awful things, or threaten them (sad but true, it happens). They would never be able to delete those comment reblogs on their posts! Is that really something you’d allow let happen on Tumblr? I sincerely hope not.

Anyhow, I really hope you all have a lovely day and not go through with this update right now. Hold back, recon with the potential feedback that you have currently received and then go back to take in everyone’s use of Tumblr.

A Valued Tumblr User

dandraco  asked:

Quick question, don't know if I asked this before, I feel like I have, but anyway, the biggest thing about your art that makes it so good is the lighting and shadows, its like, omfg perf. So my question is whats your process making your lights and shadows?

I actually don’t remember being asked this but it’s a very good art tip none the less! I’ll do my best to explain how I go about doing my shading and hope that it will help some artists out there!

★ First off, shading and color is a very important ingredient for shaping the mood around your image. It will help you convey the mood better.
There are two categories that I use, warm and cool colors.
I use these colors to set different moods.

It’s also important to play with contrast. Contrast is a key element when creating a dramatic setting or not. For example::

You can play the contrast and brightness setting with the slider tool in either Photoshop or paint tool sai. I’m sure almost every program has this tool. High contrast can be sore on the eyes sometimes to watch out not to over do it!

Now on to my actual shading process.
It’s really quite simple and doesn’t take too long.

1) First you should have your image lined and ready to enter the coloring process.
2) Apply just your flat colors to your lineart so that it looks like the image below.

You’re already half way done! Good job!

★ Next few steps you should practice a few times before trying it out on a serious art piece, just to get the hang of it!

Make sure you have an idea of where abouts your light source is coming from!!

Also this technique only really works well in Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop isn’t such a good program when it comes to shading this way.

1) So now that you have your picture flat colored it’s time to make a new group folder.

★  And I mean everything! Even your line art.

2) Now once you have everything inside the folder you will create a new layer above this folder and change it to a clipping group/mask.

★ If you’ve gotten to this step and it all looks like the image above then you’re on the right track!

3) So now pick a color that you would like to use as your shading color( for this one I’ll choose blue) and fill that new clipping mask layer. The shortcut to fill a layer in sai is Ctrl+F.
So you should the same as the image below.

4) Last but not least you will proceed to shading! 
I work from dark to light with my shading which mean I will erase parts of that clipping mask in order to create my shading.

★ You can use the pencil tool to refill the clipping layer to get precised and crisp shading lines. Make sure it’s the same color as your clipping though or else it won’t work very well.
★ If you accidentally change colors then you can just turn the multiply mode off and return it to normal mode to regain your color.

Experiment with this technique for yourself and see how it works for you! 
                                     ★ ::Happy shading!!:: ★


(Daesung’s interview on songs in his new album D'slove)

All translation credit is me, mmvvip. Thank you and I hope you enjoy what Dae wants to say about each of his original songs :D

1. Rainy Rainy

“This song was in the final list of the songs that I chose from and the moment I listened to it, there was something I felt.  I could immediately image how I should sing this song.  There initially was temporary lyrics to it and it was already good so I tried not to break that atmosphere and added my colors.  It’s about love that already came to an end and the main character can’t get over his past love and it really hurt my heart.  I personally experienced a 6 year long unrequited love. From 3rd grade in Elementary school until 3rd year of middle school.  I’m not really good at confessing and I had no confidence so I couldn’t tell her. Then I found out she has a boyfriend and I thought I had to clear out my feelings. However, I couldn’t let go of the feelings I had for her for so long, so ended up not getting over her for 2 years. I don’t really mind when you listen to this song, but I prefer you listen to it on a rainy day to get more soaked in that feeling.  If you have anyone that you can’t get over, you should listen to this song and wait for that person until you are satisfied.  Because there will be the time when that person becomes a past!”

2. 想い募って (Omoi Tsunotte - Feelings Deepened)

“We weren’t planning to put this song in the album.  YG said ‘Something is lacking. I don’t know how to express it, but something is lacking.’ So it was on hold.  But I really loved this song so I wanted to put it in my album and tried many things and ended up bringing the key half level up and recorded. YG said 'Now there’s emotions in that song.’ Then we added to the track list.  I wrote the lyrics with the producer of YG so it went very smooth because we know each other.  It is about the main character who keeps his feelings toward the one, comparing the loneliness to the cold winter season.  When winter pasts and spring comes, the piled snow melts as you touch it with your warm hands, but he won’t touch it so his memories don’t melt(fade). Why is my heart still in the cold winter season…. So painful.  Please listen to this song and deepen your feelings toward your love.”


“When I was training at 12o'clock noon at YG Ent, YG called me and says 'Where are you. Come to 3rd floor recording room right now.’ I was worried there was something wrong but he suddenly says 'Sing this song.’ Then I recorded then he says 'AWESOME. Let’s add to the list.’ So we decided to add this song last minute.  The lyrics is written by G-DRAGON so I love it. Because we have different personalities, the mood is very different comparing to what I write. I think this fact broadens the charms of the album, and my voice, melody and the pitch all matched, so I could sing smoothly.  More than anything, I can’t use the phrase SHUT UP in real life but I can say it so many times in the song so it feels very good…I am satisfied (laughs) It relieves your stress and it’s simply a fun song so I want everyone to have fun with it too. If you have some troubles that you can’t say out loud, stare at the wall and listen to this song and yell SHUT UP! Don’t say it to a person, but say it to the wall!!”

4. 二人?一人!!(Futari? Hitori!! - Two? Alone!!)

“This is the song that shows my true feelings now.  Being alone is better than being with someone…Haha. Let’s put the joke aside.  This isn’t a sad break up song but rather a situation when it was good to break up.  At first the phrase 'alone than two’ came up then I tried to come up with the characters and the story so the lady in the song is very bad (laughs) The man falls in love at first sight because of her beauty but the lady puts other guys in the same situation.  When the guy asks the girl, she tries to get away with it by saying things like 'that was a misunderstanding’. Such a devilish woman. This story is something I can’t relate to but it’s fun to act the character in the song in such situation.  The lyrics 'freedom…freedom….’ shows my true feelings that I want to be free and sang it openly.  After watching live video of QUEEN’s KIND OF MAGIC, I decided to arrange it so I can have fun on stage like it.  I want people to clap hands and have fun together.”

5. Dress

“This is composed by the same person as Rainy Rainy, and the moment I listened to this song I could imagine myself singing it. But the recording part didn’t go well as I was thinking, especially the pronunciation. Such as the word 'sonnna’s 'nn’ and the voiced-consonant marks. The lyrics is about being with you is very fortunate;stay by my side; let’s keep on spending the time together.  There was initially temporary lyrics and this phrase and the melody of the chorus 'Let’s keep it as it is, Let’s keep that as it is’ touched my heart and kept the temporary lyrics.  For me, the happiest moment is when I am performing on stage.  Thinking that I can sing again and being able to make a happy time with the fans using my voice/songs is unbelievably the happiest moment.  Because the fans are there with me, I am able to keep singing and that is my promise to you all.  This song is very beautiful and I am able to sing it while I soak my feelings to it, so I hope everyone gets into this song and feel the same as me.”

6. Try Smiling

“I sang this song in Korean during last year’s tour. I made a promise that I will sing this song in Japanese if I get the chance, so I wanted to keep that promise so went on to record it.  This was my first solo song which explains well about the feelings when I had a crush on someone, so I was easily able to relate to it.  Making this in Japanese changed the structure of the song and most of all, I was surprised that my voice is very different from when I first recorded in 2006. I hope people will feel that I have experienced many things since 2006 and compare the old and new version and see the charms in both versions.”

7. 醒めて、眠れ (Samete, Nemure - Awake, Asleep)

“As your feelings deepens toward the one, you get more disappointed when you get betrayed. I sang this song with so much power/dynamics to show the feeling of rather than hanging on to that person, trying to let go of that person is very gracious.  If you are heartbroken, please listen to this song and transform that damage into a positive power.”

8. 世界が終わっても(Sekai ga Owattemo - Even when the world ends)

“When I first listened to this song, the track and the vocal seemed very difficult and I had to think how to sing it with my voice. When I record, I record the song I think the most difficult last, so this was the song I recorded at the very last. I thought it will take about 2 days to finish recording but process went smoothly so it only took one. I practiced so many times before recording but rather than trying to use the skills, I thought focusing on the feelings would be better. So I tried to keep the clear thoughts in my heart and sang.  Also as I sang this song, I realized the things that I never knew about myself as a vocalist and it opened up a new scope for me.  The title 'even when the world ends’ characterize this song.  It simply express the feelings to the love that as long as she/he is there, it is all good.  As I write the words 'I can die for you’, I was worried if it was too much but I though expressing like this would be good for this song (laughs) It has that much magnificence.”

9. Look at me Gwisun

“My first trot song.  My parents love trot so I grew up listening to it.  This was release in 2008 in Korea. At that time I used to work in various variety shows so it suited my bright, delightful character; many people had the image of D-LITE= trot singer.  I sang this during the tour last year in Korean and the fans sang along and danced along but this time I wanted to express the funniness of the song so decided to make a Japanese ver. Japanese lyrics is written by Hyadain-san (famous composer in Japan) and I have met him before in TV shows so he knows about my personality and ended up with lyrics like this (laughs) I really want people to take a look at the lyrics. The tempo of the song is very fast and there’s so many words and the key is high so I had to work on it a lot but it was very fun.  Especially the rap part was fun! If you sing it at a party or karaoke, I believe all people will bond and be able to get along.  But rather than explaining too much,I think it is good to just have fun as you feel.”


“There’s no explanation needed for this song. So I’m done….kidding. Listening to Taro Hakase’s beautiful violin makes me feel that divine feeling everytime I listen.  Then Seiji Kameda’s  arrangement and my interpretation got mixed and I was able to make my own I LOVE YOU. This is the only cover song in this album but I put this as my final song of the album because cover songs is my starting point of my career as a solo in Japan. Then, starting again from this, there will be another new world starting… I want people to feel this D-lite’s story and future.  I also want you to sing this song to your love and confess your true feelings." 

(trans cr. mmvvip)


I’m so happy to hear that we will get to see a new animation with Reborn!, even though it will be something short. Who knows, maybe (they really should!) a continuation or remake, now with new animation style and following the plot of the manga will be announced :D
The new anime scenes showed the images that were in the REBO to DLIVE book, the ones that showed the characters at different hours so I’m guessing they will be in the format of mini-episodes (just speculating) and if that’s so then, oh boy do I really want to see this one animated:

I want to see Gokudera at his part-time job as a cashier who doesn’t act very friendly with customers, but the moment Tsuna appears…just look him <3
I think he would be employee of the month if his attitude was always like that :))
Even the store manager is freaked out, saying that  Gokudera is suddenly a different person xD
Ah my GokuTsuna feels…I really hope this gets animated ^_^

I don’t get why so many criticise Rogue so much. I understand that it does feel a LOT like Black Flag, but Brotherhood feels a lot like ACII too, doesn’t it? Rogue’s story is pretty good to be honest, and though it is a little too short the side missions could leave you playing for many more hours! There are also a few new things to the game like having assassins stalk and try to kill you and ship battles where you can actually get boarded by the enemy ships. Rogue really isn’t that bad, people should stop criticising it for being so much like Black Flag and just enjoy it, in my opinion.

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how to make gifs on gimp 2.8 (a mediocre tutorial) part 1

we gon start with a bouncing ball bc thats like the easiest animation out there

okay imma start by creating a new image, but if you want ur animation to be over a certain background image, you can hit open and choose a pic

using the paintbrush tool, i made a lil ball at the side of the screen where its gonna start in the animation

like so

then u need to open a new layer, so the ball can show up in a different place when its moving cross ya screen

make sure to change the fill type from “transparency” to “white” if you dont want the first layer to show up too

then ur gonna have 2 layers in ur layers window, and the new one should be selected (if not, click it to select)

theres a lil eyecon (see what I did there) next to the pic of the layer, and if you click it, that layer will be invisible. do that (but still have ur layer selected)

it should look like this

next you’re gonna have to draw the ball in a different spot. I made the new layer invisible, so you can see where the ball was before while you put it in a new place (so dont be alarmed when you dont see the new ball you draw on the second layer)

if you go back to the layer window then, and click to make it visible again, the new ball position you made should show up and the original will be hidden

<(new ball position)

now the first part of the balls path is done, and after that its just repeating those few steps over and over

so go to layers>new layer, and make the new one invisible

and then just keep drawing the ball in a different spot

over and over and over until u get ur ball across the screen or like you want to end the animation

(I ended up with a whole lotta layers)

when ur ready to save, go to filters>animation>optimize for gif (you should always do this with your gifs before you save because it fixes them to take up less data)

after you do that, it should open a new window thingy with ur gif (the layers will look different, bc its getting rid of all this extra stuff the animation doesnt need)

< like dat

after that ur really really ready to save. go to file>export as…

and make sure the image will export as a .gif file

then this new window will come up and make sure the “As animation” box is checked (otherwise the gif wont move)

(I like to uncheck the box that says “GIF comment” because I want people to think I create my gifs with elf magic and not free photoshop programs)

(you can also change the delay between frames to make the gif faster or slower- you can do this at any time, even after the gif is saved. Just open it in gimp again and resave it this way)

when ur all done u get this lovely lil ball bouncing across the screen like so:

good luck friends