i really should draw something different c:

I also wrote tic-tac-toe tonight - interactive mode, smart mode, dumb mode, and simulation mode - and used inheritance to handle the different modes, though probably not that gracefully. I think I screwed something up, though, because when player 1 is smart and player 2 is dumb, player 1 wins literally 100,000 games in a row - there are no draws - and when both players are smart, there are no wins, only draws. I’d think sometimes random chance would change the results? anyway I’ll tweak it some more tomorrow. I really should be moving on to more challenging projects. And I should be getting off python for a bit. I need to be brushing up on C#.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanted to thank you for the tutorials on how to paint hair and skin. They were extremely helpful! Your art and tutorials are amazing~ I was wondering if you had any advice on how to modify your example skin palette to/ for other complexions? Thank you in advance! <3

hellooo! c:
oh, thank you sooo much! ♥ I’m really glad you found them helpful ;v;

mmm… I don’t think you can “modify” my example palette, cuz I was focusing on pale skin and even if we take it and try to darken those colors or apply filter - it will be mess haha
plus, it wasn’t really a palette. I just made an example of how you can (and should c:) put different colors to your skintones to have something different than just “beige”, you know haha
I see what you mean and I made the same thing for different skin colors here :>

but again, this is not a palette (I mean..of course you can use there colors/ combine them differently), it’s just an example of how you can add pinks, purples, reds, yellows and greys to colors to make more realistic looking skin~
there’s so many factors that affect skin color in drawings (such as lighting, background, clothes(?), etc.), so it’s impossible to make one “universal” palette for all situations, I think.
doing photo studies will help you understand and learn these “situations” very fast. but don’t use color picker/eyedrop tool! try to see all different colors on the photo and then try to find the closest colors to them. it will reaaally help your color choosing skills c:
hope everything makes sense and hope it will be helpful ;v; ♥