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Picture this. It's the apocalypse, you and your crush are the only people left alive, and you believe you have no choice but to tell them how you feel. How would you express your feelings?

“Look, everyone else is dead which is kinda cool because hey I can go find a slushie machine and get free slushies but eventually that’s going to run out and I’m going to have to learn how to make slushies myself also if you want to drop a beat we could free style rap to pass the time I know it sounds dumb but it’s actually really fun if you’re terrible but if we do it too much we might get good at it and then it wouldn’t be fun so we better use that time wisely and also you’re the last other person alive on earth so there’s a 99.999% you’re not into goat people with bad posture and lois griffin noses but even if you are I’m not into the whole re-population deal I can’t say I’ve really thought it through but I’m pretty sure incest is involved and if you’re really not happy with the whole last people on earth thing we can go climb a roof top watch a sunset and off ourselves or something because everyone you know and love is dead so I understand if you want to leave but I’m probably going to stick around for a couple more years and create some more things maybe some more films as that’s a lot of fun also I’d like to draw more and maybe I’ll rob some fancy dress stores until I find a suitable black robe because if you’re not wandering around in the apocalypse with a black robe you’re doing it wrong oh man I’ve been talking all this time without pausing for breath I really should have split this into separate sentences I don’t normally talk very much but y’know everyone else is dead and I’m actually really scared so I just have a lot of inner dialogue I’m spewing out everywhere also you look pretty what’s your favorite ice cream flavour because I personally prefer vanilla to chocolate and I get a lot of shit for that but you don’t seem like a very judgemental person also if you do decide to kill yourself I’m probably going to have a little dance montage to the song Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol because I had a dream when I was 14 where I did that and I thought that’d be a pretty funny thing to do if you’re the last person alive but if you don’t want to die we could go get ice cream or something actually you know what I don’t really even like ice cream very much I’m actually more of a popsicle person”

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Starmora #20 please! Love your writing!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Takes place after vol 2 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened. She hadn’t even reached his door yet when she heard him talking.

“Do you think I should do something more elaborate?” She heard him say.

“I am Groot!” The little tree wasn’t exactly quiet either.  

“Yeah, you’re right. She’d prefer straightforward.”

She paused with her fist poised to knock, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, how’s this? Gamora, will you go on a date with me?”

“I am Groot.”

“It’s too formal? How else am I supposed to say it?”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean, what if she says no? She’s not gonna say no… do you think she’s gonna say no?!”

She’d heard enough. She retreated as quietly as she could, feeling puzzled. Why would Peter be stressed about asking her on a date? True, they’d never been on one before, but they’d already kissed - a lot. She’d more or less admitted that she loved him. What could he possibly be worried about?

She pulled out her holo; time to do some research.

Some time later, with a new understanding of Terran culture and a handful of the reddest flowers she could find, she found Peter messing with some wires in the cargo hold.

“Hey, Gamora!” He said, standing up when he noticed her. His eyes went to the flowers. “What are those for?”

“For you.” She thrust them towards him and he took them, though with a very confused look on his face – did he not understand his own culture’s customs?

She pushed on. “Would you like to go somewhere to eat and then see a movie in public?”

“Like… a date?”

“Yes,” she said, relieved that he got it. “I’ve done some research, and apparently first dates are very significant on Terra. One person is supposed to present flowers to the other, and then they go eat at an upscale restaurant and watch a movie.”

Peter’s lips had been twitching during her entire speech, and he finally broke out into a grin. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of information about Terra out here. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the girl who’s supposed to receive the flowers.”

“Fine, I’ll take them back –“

“No!” He clutched them to his chest, crushing half of them in the process. “That’s a stupid custom. I’m keeping them forever.”

She tried not to look too satisfied; she’d known he would like those. “So?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course, let’s go on a date!” He looked ecstatic, and Gamora was pleased that she’d taken the pressure off of him. As cute as Peter was when he was nervous, she didn’t want him to stress about something as simple as asking her a question.

But then he frowned. “Wait. Do you even really want to go on a date, or do you just think it’s something we’re supposed to do?”

“I… want to spend time with you,” she said honestly.

“But not at a fancy restaurant, right?”

“Is that not a requirement for it to be a date?” She asked. Maybe she should have checked more than one website for information.

Peter laughed. “Hell, no! I mean, I don’t know if Earth customs have changed, but a date can be anything.”


“Yeah!” He grabbed one of her hands with his free one. “Wanna go watch a holo movie and make out?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.”

a peculiar problem i am having

so i work in an office, but occupy kind of a weird space of working in the office but not really…working….for the office? we’re housed here but my main job is more on the periphery of what they actually do here. 

but my desk is right next to the office of this guy bob. bob’s assistant used to sit at my desk, but now has a shiny fancy office where she works and just drops by when she needs bob for something. but the problem is that this desk does very much look like it should house bob’s assistant. it’s located very conveniently. bob is often standing on front of it, talking to me. usually we’re talking about his apple watch or why it is important to snatch up good discount furniture when you see it, because it won’t be there when you go back! but i can understand why passers-by might think, “there’s bob with his new assistant.”

of course the problem is that i am not bob’s assistant. which means that no matter how badly i would like to, i cannot help people:

  • schedule meetings with or for bob
  • get into bob’s office
  • estimate when bob will be back
  • explain where bob has gone
  • tell people who bob is meeting with, even if i saw them go into the office, because as not bob’s assistant i can’t recognize any of his colleagues
  • RSVP to things for bob

when this problem initially cropped up i tried explaining? that i wasn’t bob’s assistant? but people got this absolutely mortified look on their face every time i was like, “actually, i’m not bob’s assistant,” because due to Society there isn’t any way to say “i’m not his assistant” without it sounding like “i’m not his assistant” in The Tone.

  • you know what tone i mean.
  • you KNOW.
  • it’s that same tone your teachers used when you said “can i go to the bathroom?” and they said, “i don’t know, can you?”

and no matter HOW i tried to phrase it, i just couldn’t!!! make it sound not horrible!!! 

so eventually i just stopped trying to explain it, because i thought: you know, who cares if they think i’m bob’s assistant? who cares. i like bob. i’d be happy to assist him.

except……some problems….have arisen. due to this method. because now i’m like 89% sure that everyone who comes to see bob thinks that he has a new, wildly incompetent, assistant.  

like, WILDLY incompetent.

“is bob in?” not sure!! you can poke your head in and check.

  • their mouth says, “oh…okay?”
  • but their eyes say, “wow, you are failing to perform, like, the baseline of your job requirements.”

“can i get on bob’s calendar this week?” you know, i actually don’t have access his schedule, so you’ll really have to ask him.

  • their mouth says, “oh, uh, sure. i’ll…do that.”
  • but their eyes say, “how on earth have you worked here this long and don’t yet know how to access his calendar?”

“bob said to meet him in todd’s office. where is todd’s office?” todd? hmm. i’m not sure!! you could try texting bob. he’ll get the text message on his apple watch.

  • their mouth says, “sure, i’ll text his…apple watch…”
  • but their eyes say, “girl are you FOR REAL telling me to text that man’s apple watch right now.”

i have told bob about this problem, worried that maybe people were going to talk shit about how terrible his assistant is, thinking of me, but that he would think they were talking shit about his actual assistant, who is not me.

“that’s funny,” said bob.


Harry is always working, you are lonely and want him to come back home

Request: Can you write one where y/n has no friends and feels lonely all the time without harry?

A/N: I know the story isn’t exactly how Harry’s real life is but I just really wanted to try this idea and thought it would be more interesting and change it up since I don’t want all my stories to sound the same. Plus I just love the idea of Harry being a strong business man in a nice expensive suit. Hope you enjoy



  Sitting on the sofa watching tv and doing nothing as usual is pretty much how my life is. Being a house wife isn’t as fancy as everyone dreams it to be. I just sit here all do cleaning, watching tv, cooking and day dream waiting for my husband to come back home. My husband is the main CEO at his accountant company. He works long hours from 5 am till sometimes 9 pm and when he would get home he would get eat the dinner that I cooked and hop into bed and fall asleep. I had no friends and when I married Harry I had to move all the way to New York City where his company all started, so its not like I know anyone down here. The only real person I talk to is my neighbor which is a 86 year old women who lives alone with her three cats and her endless amount of money that she got when her husband died. This isn’t what I wanted, I wasn’t happy, I wanted something to change, I’m lonely. 

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I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!

{bmc} prom

Jeremy Heere

  • poor bby is so nervous
  • he really wants to do something cool to ask you but is to anxious
  • “What should I do Michael?”
  • “I got this.” - Michael does not got this.
  • The next day you’re walking down the hallway and there’s Jeremy.  with flowers. in his best outfit.
  • You’re super confused, because ?? is drama squad here wearing fancy outfits? and they’re holding signs? P R O M ? - OH!!!!
  • Jeremy smiling nervously and death gripping the flowers
  • You obviously say yes!!
  • !!!PROM TIME!!!
  • First few songs are pretty upbeat songs and you have fun dancing with Jeremy.
  • And then, a slow song.
  • You’re about to go sit this one out with Jeremy but like, Jeremy took a few dance lessons when he was younger so he knows what he’s doing.
  • Actually very impressive??
  • But he gets nervous as soon as he messes up and will sputter out apology after apology.
  • “It’s okay, don’t worry Jeremy!” 
  • “Still…”
  • You end up pulling him in for a kiss at the end of the song.
  • It’s all very cute and the nervous boy is very cute and prom was fun

Brooke Lohst

  • Girl has been planning this since senior year started
  • She is so nervous because ?? she really likes you ?? and what if you say no??
  • but you won’t because it’s Brooke!
  • Brooke shows up at your door, very nervous but is ready
  • “Brooke?” You answer the door and see your very cute girlf
  • She leads you outside and has you stand in the middle of your yard.
  • You’re like ?? What’s going on Brooke? and why is Chloe and Jenna in my bushes?
  • They’re filming, shhh
  • Looks nervously at Jenna and Chloe before starting a long speech
  • about how much she adores you and all and youre like awww
  • then she has you turn around to face your house and a long banner is hung that says ‘GO TO PROM W/ ME?’
  • You got excited and tackle hugged her
  • totes going on Jennas blog–
  • !!!PROM TIME!!!
  • it’s all fun and games until a slow song
  • Brooke cannot dance
  • she fumbles and steps on your feet a lot but insist on dancing 
  • after realizing she’s a terrible dancer she laughs and looks up at you through her lashes
  • and you are s h o o k
  • how is she so pretty?!
  • “Lets go somewhere?” She suggest, cause its loud and she can barely hear you now
  • “Ok!” you follow her like a puppy out the building
  • you’ll end up going back to your place where you two end up cuddling
  • it’s all fun and you both were gOALS AND IT WAS PERFECT

~~ Hope you liked it!

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hi Mia could you write a scenario about Atobe, Fuji S., Yukimura, Sanada, Shiraishi, and Zaizen's s/o seeing the boys in a suit for the first time and then being a blushing mess while doing something embarrassing like squealing or staring at them for too long because they look so handsome?

Hey, love! <3 Definitely! The PoT guys in suits are damn sexy.


It wasn’t unusual for Atobe to wear a suit. Hell, he was wearing them every single day and you had to admit that he really was able to pull it off. It was your birthday when Atobe picked you up for dinner at some high-class restaurant. When you opened the door and saw Atobe standing in front of you, holding a single flower, your jaw dropped. He was wearing a black, tight fitting tuxedo. The color was simple but elegant and it was easy to tell that the fabric was exquisite. The simple but perfectly fitting tuxedo brought out his well-built body and only emphasized his natural handsome face. You were still dazed when Atobe bent down to place a kiss on your cheek. You lightly placed your hands on his chest, feeling the smooth fabric under your skin. 

You didn’t realize that you were staring at Atobe with dreamy eyes until he chuckled. Your head snapped up and your cheeks instantly turned red when you saw him smirk. Why did he have to look so damn good even while making fun of you?!  Atobe stepped even closer and you were able to breath in his subtle cologne “Happy Birthday, love. I have the impression that my outfit is to your liking?” Idiot, he knew exactly what you were thinking about his outfit! You tried to sound nonchalant, but still weren’t able to rip your eyes from his body “Y-You look handsome.” Atobe only laughed and gently grabbed your chin to tilt your head upwards, giving him the opportunity to gaze directly into your eyes “Well, you always look beautiful, love.” Atobe softly kissed your lips and let one of his hands rest on your waist after he pulled back. The whole evening he didn’t say anything else about the tuxedo, but you coincidentally found out the next week that he ordered 10 more of the same brand just in different colors.

Fuji S.:

Fuji and you were going to the opening event of a new photography exhibition. You were really excited, on one hand for the exhibition and on the other hand that you finally had the chance to wear a fancy dress/suit. Like always Fuji was right on time to pick you up and you quickly hurried down the stairs to open the front door. The grin on your face fell when you saw Fuji and you recoiled from him with a small squeak. Oh god, he looked soooo good. You almost wanted to drag him into your room to hide him from the world, so no one would have the chance to take him from you. You always had known that Fuji is handsome, heck everyone knows that Fuji is handsome, but today he simply was breathtaking. You didn’t even attempt to put into words how good he looked. Fuji had tilted his head when he saw your reaction and you averted your eyes, all of a sudden feeling shy in front of your longtime boyfriend. 

Fuji took a step towards you, a subtle grin on his face “Saaa… Did you make that noise because I look so bad today?” You should have known that he was just teasing you, but you still were dazed when you started to ramble “N-No, you look really sexy…no, I didn’t mean sexy! I meant beautiful…. ugh handsome? It’s not that you don’t look sexy… I just mean…I mean…” embarrassed your voice died down, but Fuji looked at you with a bright smile when he teased “Aww, thank you (Name).” He leaned closer, making you feel even more nervous “Do you know how adorable you are when you are flustered? Maybe I should wear a suit more often? You would like that, right?” You blinked a few times before blurting “Yes.” making Fuji pull you into a hug, his chest rumbling with laughter.


Yukimura and you got invited to one of Atobe’s parties. Both of you had no idea why he suddenly  invited you, but well, it was Atobe and no one really understood why he was doing what he was doing. Obviously you had to wear something fancy for the party so you extra bought a new dress/suit for the occasion. You were already dressed and just slipped into your shoes when the doorbell rang. You hurried down the stairs, only wearing one shoe the other still in your hand. You opened the door and grinned up at Yukimura, but your smile froze and you let your shoe drop when you took in his attire. Damn, Yukimura always was handsome, but right now, wearing his suit, he looked breathtaking. He was wearing a gray suit with a vest in a slightly darker gray underneath. His tie was a dark blue, perfectly matching his hair. You actually intended to greet him, but you only managed to let out a small shriek. 

Yukimura innocently tilted his head, showing you his gentle smile. Damn, as if he didn’t already look perfect enough his smile was the death of you. Yukimura chuckled and gently placed a hand on your waist before pressing a short, but sweet kiss on your lips “You don’t seem to plan on greeting me today, but it’s nice to see you, (Name)… and if you allow me to add, you look absolutely beautiful.” You felt a blush rise on your cheeks, but you still didn’t manage to say a word and only continued to gawk at your boyfriend. Yukimura let you stare for a bit longer before he lightly flicked your nose and teased “Are you staring at me because you like the way I look in a suit or do you want me to leave?” Embarrassed by your own behavior you shyly glanced at your feet, “I can’t help it when you look so handsome…” Yukimura laughed “Thank you, (Name).”He kneeled down in front of you to pick up your shoe and with a smirk he held it up, so you could easily slip into it “May I Cinderella?”


During break Sanada was planning to do a small job. Today he had a job interview for a job he really wanted and he promised you to come over after the interview to let you know if he got the job. Anxiously you waited for him and you were already lingering around the door when the doorbell finally rung. In a matter of seconds, you ripped the door open, seeing a suit wearing Sanada in front of you. Woah, he really was rocking the suit, his broad shoulders and muscular arms even more noticeable and contrasting nicely with the elegance of the suit. You couldn’t suppress an excited squeal – he looked so handsome! Sanada was visibly confused by your reaction, frowning at you with his arms crossed in front of his chest, “I haven’t even told you if I got the job or not so why are you making that weird sound?” 

You only rolled your eyes and excitedly tugged on his arm to make him unfold them so you could inspect the suit better. Grinning to yourself, you fixed his tie, lightly patting his chest when you were done. Sanada’s expression was still grumpy, but when you declared “You look so handsome… like really, really model handsome!” his eyes widened in surprise and he tried to hide his blush behind a glare. You still were ogling Sanada when he awkwardly cleared his throat “W-Well, I just came to tell you that I got the job.” You grinned, happy for him and blurted out “Everyone would have given you the job when you look so handsome.” Sanada was getting clearly uncomfortable by all your compliments and he gently pushed you back inside the house “L-Let’s go inside the house y-your neighbor is already staring.” You giggled, just now picking up on how embarrassed Sanada was from all your compliments and cheekily added “Everyone would stare at you since you look so handsome.”


You won free tickets to an opera performance. Obviously, you didn’t want to waste them so you asked your boyfriend to come with you. It was clearly stated that you should wear something fancy to the opera, so you really dressed up. You were home alone and Shiraishi had a spare key to your apartment. Since you were running low on time and you still had to do your hair you texted Shiraishi to just let himself in when he arrived because you were still in the bathroom. Only a few minutes later you heard how he unlocked the door and shouted a greeting. Turning off the hairdryer you yelled back “Hey, just wait in the living room. I should be done in a few minutes.” Quickly you finished styling your hair and walked into the living room. Nothing could have prepared you for how freaking good Shiraishi looked in a suit. 

The suit was fitting perfectly, the dark fabric creating a nice contrast to his blond hair. The suit made Shiraishi look more mature and when his eyes landed on you, you gulped shyly. He stood up from his sitting position and he looked even better standing. Shiraishi was slightly bewildered from your silence and with worried eyes, he cupped your face to make you look at him “ Are you okay, (Name)?” You blinked a few times, trying to shake off the feeling of amazement. You wanted to play the whole situation off, but when you opened your mouth you only said one word “Fuck.” Shiraishi’s eyes widened in surprise and he only seemed to get more worried “(N-Name)?” Embarrassed you dismissively waved your hand “S-Sorry. You just look really, really good in a suit.” A shy smile spread across Shiraishi’s cheeks when he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck with one hand “Thank you. You look really pretty today… not that you don’t look pretty every day.” You silently stared at each other for a while before you both broke out into laughter…


You had managed to convince Zaizen to accompany you to your sister’s marriage and obviously he needed a suit for this occasion. You first proposed to Zaizen to go shopping together, but he told you nonchalantly that he already had a suit. It took you another half hour to convince him to show the suit to you. Now you already waited 10 minutes for Zaizen to come out of the bathroom. You were comfortably spread out on Zaizen’s bed, playing some game on your phone when someone pushed open the door to his room. Grumpily Zaizen strolled into the room, running one hand through his hair so it looked even messier than usual. As soon as your eyes landed on Zaizen your jaw dropped and so did your phone. He looked just so damn hot. 

The black suit hugged his figure nicely, showing off his broad shoulders. He wore a simple white dress shirt and a thin black tie, making the look somehow casual and cool. You didn’t realize that you were still gawking at him with an open mouth until he picked up your phone and dangled it in front of your face “Yo, (Name). I’m not repairing your phone again if you ruin it.” Quickly you closed your mouth, your cheeks flushing. Zaizen stared at your red cheeks and slowly a smirk crept onto his face. How could he look even more handsome with that smirk?! Zaizen raised an eyebrow and in the spur of the moment you blurted “You look hot.” Zaizen threw his head back in laughter “Yeah, thanks.” His voice grew huskier when he gently grabbed your chin, tilting your head upwards “Why suddenly so shy, sweetheart?” You tried to glare at Zaizen, but it wasn’t really convincing considering you red cheeks. With a small chuckle, Zaizen kissed your lips, giving you the opportunity to bury your hands in his hair.

Fell For His Eyes part 2

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“Y/N come here let me do your make up !!” Ever since Kendall knew that i had a date with Justin , she went crazy , we went shopping , beauty salon . We did a lot of things

Today was the big day , he was picking me up to go eat in some fancy restaurant. Kendall was more nervous than i am . I haven’t really been on a date before i don’t know what to do .

“So black or white ?” Kendall asked while doing my make up .
“What are you talking about ? ” i asked
“Your lingerie of course! Duh cause when you have sex you should look hot ”
I jumped up “No!! Its only a date Kenny ! We are not going any further” she laughed and continued making my make up.

How could she think something like this ? I have only dated once . And it wasn’t really that good , we used to fight a lot . We couldn’t understand each other .

I started thinking about our last night . The whole squad was here except Hailey. Speaking of hailey , she hasn’t talked to me ever since Kenny’s birthday. She has been ignoring me and every time i tried to talk to her she just shooed me away . I don’t know if i did something or not .

Its 8 pm and he should be here any minute . I was wearing a white skintight dress that reached mid thigh. It hugged all my curves carefully .

“He is here ..!!! ” Kenny jumped.

We went to a really fancy restaurant . It was huge and it had huge chandeliers and very warm atmosphere.

“Do you like the food ?” Justin asked .

I looked up at him and admired his beauty . He had those warm brown eyes and his hair was set perfectly. His clothes were awesome it all matches perfectly.

“Yes i like it . Very much ”
“So tell me more about you ” Justin said after the plates were removed .

“What do you wanna know ? Ask me questions and i will answer ”

“Where are you from ?”

“How old are you ?”

“Favorite thing to do ?”
“Eating ”
“Really ?” he laughed .
“I am going to be honest, food is my life . I eat 24/7”
“You don’t look .. You know .. You look fit ”
“I practice a lot of sports .. Its my turn i will ask you questions ”
“Favorite thing to do ?”
“Writing music ”
“Who’s your best friend ?”
“I got a lot of best friend but right now its Hailey” he said .
“Hailey ? As in Hailey Bladwin ?”
He nodded .

And now i know why she has been ignoring me . She is jealous of me . Hailey is very nice and she likes to have fun. She is always sweet and nice to people . I never thought she would have a crush on justin.

“Are you okay ?” Justin asked , reaching out for my hand . He took it and stared deep into my eyes . While his hand was massaging mine . He looked down on my lips then back to my eyes . We started getting closer and closer asking for more . Until those lips touched mine . We moved together , forgetting all about the people , paps everyone .

We kept like this for minutes until we broke . He smiled and i smiled too. I never thought it would be amazing . He kept holding my hand while asking the waiter for the check .

“It was a fun night Justin "i said as he stopped his car right in front my house .

"I will see you again tomorrow right ?”
“Sure ” i said while getting out of the car. He smiled and made a salute with his fingers. I started moving towards the door of the house, when all of sudden i was pulled back into a pair of tattooed arms, i turned and i found myself kissing him.

It was a passionate kiss, he let his tongue inside my mouth tasting each other fully. Our hands were roaming each other bodies, his were on my back, ass, hair, neck everywhere he could reach and with every touch i was on fire.

I didn’t even realize that he was pushing me until mu back hit a hard surface. His lips moved to my neck sucking and kissing, untill he found my sweet spot. My moans were all over the place. He ket whispering things like “ you are so beautiful” “soft skin” but i wasn’t really paying attention.

His hands were slipping under my dress reaching my upper thigh and my breath hitched. He chuckled and smirked, “what already wet for me?”

He kept messaging my thigh.

“Goodnight sweetie, i will come to you tomorrow at night” he said and kissed my one other time and left.

Well that was a nice date…….

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Here’s part 1 :
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Another Small Adventure!

Feel free to send me requests and prompts! (And share these stories…) Enjoy this first-date fic!

Amy was freaking out, like freaking out. Not on the outside, of course, she was better than that, but her head was absolutely racing. Tonight was her first date with Sonic.

Yup, after waiting patiently for so. long. she got her long awaited date!

And now that it was here, she wanted it to go away! She didn’t know if she was dressed correctly for what they were doing, let alone did she know what they doing. For that reason, she wore no more than her usual outfit.

What if it’s somewhere fancy? What if he’s expecting me to look, like, super hot, or something? Ugh! Anything would look better than what I’m wearing right now, oh gosh. I’ve made a horrible mistake. I really should just call him and tell him I’m sick. Yeah, I’ll do that!’

She raised her communicator, about to dial, only to be interrupted by the Ding! of her doorbell.

‘Oh. Crap.’

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  • he was very shy at first but once he opened up he really opened up
  • he didn’t have to be completely forced to ask you out but it took a little nudging tbh
  • like he would look over at you and panic
  • “i can’t i can’t do it i can’t they’re going to say no, they’re going to reject me; they’re going to hate me”
  • and everyone around him is like “????? pls relax just go talk to them and you will see”
  • so eventually he gathers up all of his courage
  • and practically screams it
  • because he was so focused on actually saying the words that he didn’t really consider the volume of them???
  • and you were like “!!!!! yes!!!!”
  • he was so appalled by himself that it took him a second but he realized that you had just accepted and had not, in fact, proclaimed your undying hatred towards him
  • so he was so surprised that he just stared at you and then smiled and nodded because he was just trying to salvage his pride at that point
  • and despite his initial awkwardness things are literally never awkward
  • not even on the first date
  • like sure he was a bit tentative at first but
  • suddenly he’s this adventurous little ball of energy and sunshine and you think he’s the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever seen
  • first date??? he took you out to a cute little cafe and you just sat there and ordered whatever you wanted and you got to sit in a really big fluffy couch together
  • the first date was so cute and memorable and neither of you made a huge effort to try and relax because your chemistry was just so spectacular from the beginning
  • like the entire night, all you can really remember was laughing 24/7 and learning cute little tidbits about him
  • ever since then you just sort of knew
  • and your relationship only got cuter as time went on
  • he goes from normal to weirdly cheesy in like .2 seconds and it always catches you by surprise
  • he’s so passionate about his career and he just loves what he does so fiercely and whenever he talks about it his entire face lights up
  • you could listen to him talk forever
  • but oNCe he was talking about how much he loved dancing and it was so cute and you were just watching him and studying his expressions and his hand gestures
  • and he pauses for a second and smiles at you
  • and he just
  • “i love you. more than anything, more than everything, i love you.”
  • you freeze up because of course you know that you’re in love with him and you know that he loves you back but he’s never really admitted something so profound to you
  • “wHAt”
  • “i’m here and i’m talking about what i love to do, and i get to look at you, and i just realized that i should mention how much i love you.”
  • he tries to help you all the time even if he doesn’t know how
  • like he wanted to make you a fancy dinner but when you came over he was sprinting across the room screaming and a huge cloud of flour was billowing around the kitchen and you were just like ???????
  • bc like everything was somehow ruined????? even the rAW carrots???? like everything had just exploded???????
  • minhyuk loves cuddles
  • all sorts of cuddles
  • he loves to lie behind you on the couch bc it’s easy to draw cute little patterns on your back
  • also loves forehead kisses
  • literally the ideal boyfriend tbh
  • he does subtle romantic things?????
  • like he was away for a while and you were just cleaning your room and you looked under your bed and you found this random little box and you pulled it out and started looking at it
  • he had a little notebook that was packed with cute little sketches of the two of you together
  • it also had little mementos in it????? like oh right there’s that movie ticket from when you went to the theater
  • you literally couldn’t handle it
  • immediate tears
  • like he’s just so sweet and thoughtful and you can’t believe that the shy little noodle that you first met was the love of your life
  • also on one last note,,,,,,, he loves getting up before you so that he can take a shower and then ask you to dry his hair with a towel
  • morning routine: eating breakfast on the couch and minhyuk sitting in front of you so that you can scrub the water out of his hair

Wantering Trendsetter: Monsieur Jean Yves

Have you ever seen a bow tie made out of blue peacock feathers, gold leaf, or python? No? That just shows how unique and creative French bow tie designer Monsieur Jean Yves is when it comes to creating stylish neckwear. His creations have such a sophisticated elegance, that even Oscar winner Jared Leto rocked his beautiful blood-red Phoebus 5 bow tie to this year’s awards. Get to know the magnificent designer; meet Monsieur Jean Yves. 

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Sorry for the lack of art everyone!  The vast majority of the work I’ve been doing I can’t show online yet, so I haven’t had much to show.  I think I’ll try to do some layer dissections of previous pieces to help fill the void with something interesting and art related.

In the meantime, here’s a self portrait I did!  I should do more, it’s really good for the ol’ skill set to try to do a self portrait a year.  I think my last one was in my final year of art school.  This one’s just a quickie ink looking one though, nothing fancy.  I look so smarmy in this!  XD

The Adoption!verse Summer Spectacular

tinuviel-undomiel said:

Adopted Son verse!: Belle and Bae always have a picnic on the first day of summer and this time Gold gets to go with them.

Continues from thisthisthisthisthisthis, and this.  Also available on AO3.

A reminder that I AM still taking prompts on this thing.  I intend for it to run through their Christmas, so the more prompts I have the longer the series goes.

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I hit another thousand followers yesterday and I am always humbled and surprised by how many of you like the content on my blog. 2k more to go to a goal I never thought would happen when I first came here. I really should do something special but I don’t ever know what. D: I am not good with fancy graphics but I could probably do a number of requests or something. I don’t know. We shall see. 

Either way, you’re all the best. <3