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Actually, I hope it is standard Resistance wear. I'm tired of the "Poe gave Finn his jacket/name" stuff that led to so much of the slave AU and Finn "belongs to Poe" stuff in the fandom. I'm sorry I mean I know you're being fun and funny with this but I'm serious, Finn needs to get some items of his own. I'm not even really happy he's still wearing that jacket because people still insist on calling it Poe's jacket.

That’s fair and you’re probably right about the shirt being standard Resistance fare. I do like the jacket and I think it’s more strongly associated with Finn than it is with Poe by now (or should be, at least - fandom will be fandom). The Celebration art looks a bit different though, with a more structured high collar that seems like it’s part of the jacket, so Finn probably will get a cool new outfit. Hopefully something fancy and debonair for the casino scenes so we can all swoon. ♥

a peculiar problem i am having

so i work in an office, but occupy kind of a weird space of working in the office but not really…working….for the office? we’re housed here but my main job is more on the periphery of what they actually do here. 

but my desk is right next to the office of this guy bob. bob’s assistant used to sit at my desk, but now has a shiny fancy office where she works and just drops by when she needs bob for something. but the problem is that this desk does very much look like it should house bob’s assistant. it’s located very conveniently. bob is often standing on front of it, talking to me. usually we’re talking about his apple watch or why it is important to snatch up good discount furniture when you see it, because it won’t be there when you go back! but i can understand why passers-by might think, “there’s bob with his new assistant.”

of course the problem is that i am not bob’s assistant. which means that no matter how badly i would like to, i cannot help people:

  • schedule meetings with or for bob
  • get into bob’s office
  • estimate when bob will be back
  • explain where bob has gone
  • tell people who bob is meeting with, even if i saw them go into the office, because as not bob’s assistant i can’t recognize any of his colleagues
  • RSVP to things for bob

when this problem initially cropped up i tried explaining? that i wasn’t bob’s assistant? but people got this absolutely mortified look on their face every time i was like, “actually, i’m not bob’s assistant,” because due to Society there isn’t any way to say “i’m not his assistant” without it sounding like “i’m not his assistant” in The Tone.

  • you know what tone i mean.
  • you KNOW.
  • it’s that same tone your teachers used when you said “can i go to the bathroom?” and they said, “i don’t know, can you?”

and no matter HOW i tried to phrase it, i just couldn’t!!! make it sound not horrible!!! 

so eventually i just stopped trying to explain it, because i thought: you know, who cares if they think i’m bob’s assistant? who cares. i like bob. i’d be happy to assist him.

except……some problems….have arisen. due to this method. because now i’m like 89% sure that everyone who comes to see bob thinks that he has a new, wildly incompetent, assistant.  

like, WILDLY incompetent.

“is bob in?” not sure!! you can poke your head in and check.

  • their mouth says, “oh…okay?”
  • but their eyes say, “wow, you are failing to perform, like, the baseline of your job requirements.”

“can i get on bob’s calendar this week?” you know, i actually don’t have access his schedule, so you’ll really have to ask him.

  • their mouth says, “oh, uh, sure. i’ll…do that.”
  • but their eyes say, “how on earth have you worked here this long and don’t yet know how to access his calendar?”

“bob said to meet him in todd’s office. where is todd’s office?” todd? hmm. i’m not sure!! you could try texting bob. he’ll get the text message on his apple watch.

  • their mouth says, “sure, i’ll text his…apple watch…”
  • but their eyes say, “girl are you FOR REAL telling me to text that man’s apple watch right now.”

i have told bob about this problem, worried that maybe people were going to talk shit about how terrible his assistant is, thinking of me, but that he would think they were talking shit about his actual assistant, who is not me.

“that’s funny,” said bob.

Another Small Adventure!

Feel free to send me requests and prompts! (And share these stories…) Enjoy this first-date fic!

Amy was freaking out, like freaking out. Not on the outside, of course, she was better than that, but her head was absolutely racing. Tonight was her first date with Sonic.

Yup, after waiting patiently for so. long. she got her long awaited date!

And now that it was here, she wanted it to go away! She didn’t know if she was dressed correctly for what they were doing, let alone did she know what they doing. For that reason, she wore no more than her usual outfit.

What if it’s somewhere fancy? What if he’s expecting me to look, like, super hot, or something? Ugh! Anything would look better than what I’m wearing right now, oh gosh. I’ve made a horrible mistake. I really should just call him and tell him I’m sick. Yeah, I’ll do that!’

She raised her communicator, about to dial, only to be interrupted by the Ding! of her doorbell.

‘Oh. Crap.’

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Never Strikes Twice Chapter 1

-Bucky Barnes Imagine-

Shoutout to @avengersimaginings for more-or-less inspiring me to start on this after reading ‘Fancy a roll in the hay’! (BTW If you haven’t read that one, I HIGHLY recommend it.)

~ Rachael

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[Y/N] - Your Name
[H/C] - Hair Colour
[E/C] - Eye Colour

I was falling.

Why? I had no clue. Although everything was pretty hazy, I came to the conclusion that I had been dropped from something and I should really get into a safer falling position. Following my instincts, I spread my arms out, flattening out my body. My falling seemed to slow a little. Suddenly, a monstrous rumble echoed through the black clouds.


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