i really should close that tab

When they were deciding Keith's birthday
  • Writers: Alright lets see..we know we should have it in October...Steven what do you think?
  • Steven: The 23rd
  • Writers: that was quick...
  • Steven: that's when I died
  • Writers: wait-
  • Steven: and the black parade was released, plus its slap your annoying coworker day
  • Writers: I'm guessing you're referring to Lance...wait but why is all this important?
  • Steven: If you're making him emo go all the way
  • Writers: huh well-
  • Steven: also that's the first day of Scorpio and scorpios and Pisces are really compatible
  • Writers: why does that matter?
  • Steven: *closing out seven tabs of most compatible sign with Pisces and Scorpio and Pisces relationship*
  • Steven, Josh, and Bex: no reason

rlupin-moony said:

Tom Holland x Reader where the reader is a fan and has a blog all about tom?

Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it! 

Warnings: like one swear and that’s it, just fluff, and smut mentioned

Word Count: 1120

Send in requests here!


It was nice having Tom back home, especially because he’d been gone for so long. He had come back home from Montreal for the weekend, you had told him that you would come to him but he wanted to save that for a time that Harrison was out of their shared home. As much as he loved Harrison, he needed some alone time with his girlfriend.

On Saturday morning, the sun shined through the blinds in your bedroom door, rays of light hitting yours and Tom’s faces. This earned a tired groan from Tom and he nuzzled his face deeper in your neck. He placed soft kisses to your neck which made you giggle and turn around to face him. Tom smiled and looked at you through half-open and tired eyes.

“Morning, darling.” he hummed and you blushed a little, you thought his morning voice was the cutest thing ever, you giggle like a little school girl everytime you hear it.

“Morning.” You placed a soft kiss to Tom’s lips as he smiled. You looked at him in content, how did you get so lucky to wake up next to Tom Holland in the morning. “I’m gonna go make some breakfast.” You whispered after a minute and kissed his cheek quickly.

As you go to get up, you felt Tom slap your ass playfully and you turned back to see him smiling like a goof and winking a you.

“I couldn’t resist.” He giggled a little and it made your heart soar, he’s the cutest man to ever live, it still boggles your mind how he could be so perfect.

While cooking pancakes for you and Tom, he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, swaying your bodies lightly. With his head resting on your shoulder, you dipped your finger in the batter, looked back at the man behind you, his eyes closed, and you touched his nose with the batter-covered finger. He gasped loudly at you and let go of your waist.

“I know you did not just do that.” He glared at you with his hands on his hips. An all out war erupted when all you did was smile at Tom’s comment. By the end of it, there was more batter on your faces than in the mixing bowl.

Tom went into the bathroom to get you a washcloth to wipe your face after he washed his own. He handed you the damp cloth, you gave him an appreciative look as you were trying to wipe off the batter with paper towels.

“That got a little out of hand, huh love?” Tom giggled, kissing your cheek, to which you nodded. “That’ll teach you to mess with me.” He smiled, grabbing your bum playfully, walking out of the kitchen.

“Shit!” You heard Tom yell from the other room as you beat the eggs and milk in the bowl.

“You okay, babe?” You yelled back to him.

“I left my laptop at the house in Montreal, can I borrow yours for a moment to find something about my schedule next week?” He said, popping his head in the doorway of the kitchen, a pleading look on his face. He already had your laptop in his hands, knowing you couldn’t say no to his pouty face.

“Of course.” You smiled at him, turning back to the stove to finish cooking breakfast. Tom sat at the table facing you and opened your computer.

Typing in your password, your computer came to life, but there was a window open from the other night that you forgot to close. Tom looked at it skeptically as he scrolled through the feed with the blue background. GIFs, photos and text posts about him flooded the feed and Tom giggled a little.

He clicked the profile icon in the corner in order to look at your account. To his surprise, the entire blog was filled with pictures, videos and GIFs of him. He looked up at you as you hummed, not knowing that Tom had just found out your biggest secret ever, you had a fan blog dedicated to him.

He smiled as he read some of the things that you reblogged, always adding tags like he’s so cute and we don’t deserve him or sometimes love of my life. He saw a video that you reblogged that was captioned, every time tom holland says darling, it is the death of me.

“Find what you needed to, love?” You asked, placing a plate of food in front of him, he shut your computer without even looking for his work schedule.

“Oh I found more than I needed to, darling.” He smirked a little at you to which you gave him a weird look.

“Why are you acting so weird?” You asked sitting down across the table.

“I’m not acting weird, darling.” He said, stretching out the word darling, as he poured syrup on his pancakes.

After a moment, Tom spoke again, “I was on Instagram the other day and I saw this comment where this girl asked if you had ever read a fanfiction about me, and whether or not it was accurate. I’ve been wondering ever since because I didn’t even know people wrote that stuff about me.” Tom knew full well that you’ve read stuff about him, you reblogged some of them.

“No, I haven’t , I mean I know that girls write stuff about you, they do it with everyone, but I’ve never read anything.” You said nonchalantly, you wanted to keep this fan blog a secret for as long as possible and you didn’t want Tom thinking that you were this super fan that was only with him because he was Tom Holland.

“I beg to differ, because you see, darling. I have just found some interesting information about a blog called, (y/blog/n).” Tom paused as you hit your head against the table next to your plate.

“How did you find out about that?” You mumbled

“You should really close all of your tabs, darling.” Tom laughed and bit his lip at you. “I think it’s cute babe, I know that you were a fan before we met, and I think it’s endearing.”

“Really?” You asked looking up at him, an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, now tell me, do any of those fanfiction things reflect real life?” He asked smirking, and you knew he didn’t care about the fluff fics that you’ve read, he wants to know about the smut.

“Well there’s this one…“ You trail off telling Tom about a fanfiction that you read that was spot on. Let’s just say he reenacted the scene after breakfast.


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Summary: When a fellow baekhyun fan account reaches out to you and you unknowingly become best friends with THE baekhyun of EXO

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @sefuns  for the gif

Members: Baekhyun from EXO x black female reader

Rating: Fluff

Words: 1205

Notes: Italics means text, bold is baekhyun, normal is you 

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Tutorial: Making tops fit over pants

This tutorial is how to make sure that when you make a top it doesn’t clip with all pants that are not skin tight. I know a tutorial on this exists, but this is a more step by step version.

1) Open TSRW, go to Create New Project > New Import and import a file of some trousers you downloaded that are pretty wide. I usually check in CAS first which trousers are the fattest ;)

2) Go to the Mesh tab, pick “High Level of Detail” then click “Export”. Save the .wso somewhere with an appropriate name.

3) The best thing to do is to do this will lots of different pants and skirts, if you really want it to fit nicely. You should have like 4-5 .wso files saved.

4) Close TSRW and open Milkshape. Import the base EA body.

5) Import the .wso you just export from TSRW.

6) Under the groups tab, delete all morphs except the group_base and the EA body.

7) Import each .wso and do the same. (switched to kids as I make kid CC)

8) Select all the groups and use “regroup” to regroup them.

9) Export as a .obj file.

10) Close Milkshape and open your project in MD. Make sure the Simulate arrow is grey!! And Save beforehand!!

11) Right Click somewhere on the avatar and click “Delete all Avatars”. I would strongly advice to “freeze” any parts of the mesh that are higher up. For example Sleeves, Hoods, Collars etc. My tutorial on MD tips shows you how to do this.

12) Go to File > Import > Object

13) Choose your file you export from Milkshape. Click on “Load as Avatar” and make sure the Scale is “m”.

14) Just to make sure again, I would freeze any parts of the mesh that do not need to move to accomodate the pants! Especially if your avatar does not have a head and your mesh has a high neck, or you spent hours getting the sleeves not to clip or to look exactly how you want them!

15) Now press “Simulate” and move your mesh so that it does not clip with the pants!

16) Once all clipping is gone you can export your mesh and continue on in Milkshape :)

17) Obviously, if you have done step 1-9 once for each the age-group/sex you are making CC for, you can always use the same pant avatar. If I download or create new pants, I usually open my Pant Avatar in Milkshape and import the new pants in. Just so I stay up-to-date!

etherealperrie  asked:

What are your fav Harry fics? I haven't heard of any good ones lately & I'm in need of something to read!

This took me a while to answer, sorry!

One of the first series I read on here was the Snowbound series by @permanentcross … I kid you not, I read that whole thing over the span of one day (and it has a lot of parts to it!). That one is forever my favorite and I think I’ll probably re-read it again soon :)

Another series that I keep close tabs on is Shakespeare by @hardliquorhaz – IT’S SO GOOD. Frat boy writer Harry is a weakness I didn’t know that I had (thanks Laney).

I’m getting really excited to read more of Saint Knickers by @kasiwrites (and honestly anything Kasi has written is more than worth a read because it’s just that good). 

Some other writers to check out that post concepts or blurbs that I love are @stylishmuser // @iloveyouhaz // @mizpahes // @nips-and-tats 

Also check out my fic rec tag on my blog! I update it all the time :)

now recording {chapter one}

When upcoming YouTuber Lucy Heartfilia finds herself collaborating with popular channel Fairy Tail, she ends up getting more than she bargained for. ( ff.net // ao3 )

aka the youtuber au no one asked for but i’m delivering anyway

Lucy presses the ’upload’ button, then proceeds to fall face-first on her keyboard, her energy completely drained. “I never want to edit another video again in my entire life,” she whines, turning her head towards her bed where her dog Plue is sitting. “Do you wanna learn how to edit videos, Plue? You could be my star editor.”

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anonymous asked:

Why are you so nasty to anon reviewers all of a sudden? And even reviewers who dont write fic themselves. You're only super nice to reviewers who give you gift fic and art now. What happened.

I hardly think I’m being nasty (or at least I don’t believe so).

When I get a demand for a story to be updated, even though I’ve literally just done so, it feels like I’m not trying hard enough. Like, I’ve spent hours toiling away between work and other commitments and to me told ‘More’ or ‘update soon’ sucks.

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Headcanons for the Paladin's with a S/O who always takes care of everyone else and has to be forced into taking care of themselves? Kind of like their SAVIOR? ;) good luck with the blog, sending all my best wishes <3 -Izar

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!! *points* It’s you! Thanks again for the boost, @voltron-savior. Everyone please go visit his blog ‘cause it’s great. 


  • Ok, first off are we talking about Shiro’s S/O or Shiro himself? ‘cause it that isn’t Space Dad’s MO, I don’t know what is
  • I think even Shiro realizes that he can’t really talk because he tends to do the same exact thing.
  • Still, this is probably what made Shiro fall in love with them in the first place. But of course he still worries.
  • “Sweetheart, maybe you should lay down and take a break.”
  • “Babe, I’m fine - why don’t you rest up for a bit? You’ve already done a lot.”
  • ^ Can’t tell who said what, huh? That’s basically their relationship.
  • Shiro keeps close tabs on their mental health, making sure that they’re not getting overly stressed out and taking on too much for other people’s sakes. He himself knows all too well what it’s like to bear other people’s burdens and how overwhelming it can be.
  • Always ready to just Talk if his S/O needs it. Shiro will take them out of the Castle so it’s just the two of them. Asking how they’re feeling, talking about their fears, sharing concerns about the other Paladins (like how parents talk about their kids when they’re worried), etc.
  • Which is really great because Shiro needs that, too.
  • Also an opportunity for Shiro to tell them he’s worried about them and thinks they need to take better care of himself. Reminds them that he’s always there for them if they ever need him and both of them will take care of everyone together.
  • Firm but Gentle approach
  • It’ll take these two a little while to sort it out and achieve a balance. Ultimately, I say this would be really, really good for Shiro who will have someone to rely on and helps support the team as well. He’s not bearing the burden himself anymore and neither is his S/O for that matter.


  • Keith may be new to the whole relationship thing and a little awkward but his feelings are Strong For Them and he keeps a close eye on them
  • Which is good because Keith is really observant and he can tell when S/O is just. physically exhausted.
  • He kind of puts more focus on their physical health because it’s easier for him to pick up on and he knows how to fix it
  • Always watchful during training. Yeah, he’s focusing on his own training, but remember how he noticed immediately when Shiro was having a flashback while up against the gladiator? Like that x10
  • When they look about to collapse, Keith is Right There to shut down the training bot and gently pushes them to take a break
  • Constantly reminds S/O to drink water
  • He will usher them towards their room for a nap if they really need it and will even stay with them if asked.
  • Having been alone for so long, Keith is extra protective of his S/O and only wants for them to healthy and safe. Even if this means getting into fights with them over how they’re not taking care of themselves enough (they make up quickly after because S/O knows he’s right)


  • Hunk loves his s/o and loves how they how they take care of other people. But the bae has to take care of themselves.
  • One sure fire way for S/O to stop for a moment is for Hunk to look at them with those big, pretty brown eyes filled with concern and say, “I’m a little worried about you.”
  • Who wants to make Hunk sad like that? Definitely not his S/O. And Hunk definitely gets nervous when he sees that his S/O isn’t taking care of themselves properly.
  • So nervous
  • Food being very important to him, he keeps track of how his S/O is eating and makes sure they’re getting enough even if it means saving a plate and bringing it to them himself.
  • Totally see Hunk preparing the meals himself
  • Hugs, lots of hugs. Complete with stroking their hair and rubbing their back soothingly. Hunk just gives the best hugs, okay? You can’t help but just melt into them and relax.
  • I can also see Hunk getting a little bit tense if S/O really pushes it and puts everyone else above themselves at cost to their own health. Not at his S/O, of course, but maybe other people. You know how snappy he got with Nyma and Rolo when Shay was in trouble? Kind of like that when someone comes up and asks his S/O for help when they need resting.
  • Hunk means business. If S/O needs R&R, they’re getting R&R. So no, Lance, S/O will not be helping you find your moisturizer. You should’ve kept better track of it in the first place.


  • Do you see how this boy self cares? He is so, so, so good and will make sure his partner gets the same treatment. Someone get him the cucumber! It’s facials time.
  • Always, always, always reminding them about personal hygiene but in a nice way, like he gives them some of his own personal products to encourage them to use and finally take care of themselves: hey, here’s this really nice, slightly expensive body wash I like. Try some!! :) Oh, and I have this really great toothpaste brand I use that makes my teeth so white.
  • He’s not super subtle because he’s Lance but c’mon. Would you say no to hydrating body lotion made with raw shea butter, offered so kindly by your loving boyfriend? If not, I’ll take it.
  • “Also, if you need any help with that lotion…” (Please slap him)
  • For once, Lance being an attention hog for his S/O is a good thing. His Constant Presence is good for distracting them enough that they don’t even notice how much time has gone by
  • Also makes his S/O laugh a lot and I don’t think I need to tell you how good laughter is for anyone’s overall health
  • Always ready for a heart-to-heart if that’s what they need. Lance is pretty sensitive, so I think he’d be good at picking up on stuff like that.


  • Pidge is the most blunt out of all of them. “Quit worrying about everyone else and take care of yourself for once.”
  • …oh, that was a little much.
  • She said it because she cares and S/O knows that but still
  • at least it opens the door for this conversation and Pidge tells her S/O just how worried she gets and that she just wants them to take care of themselves. She’s already lost her dad and brother. She can’t lose them, too.
  • Pretty emotional heart-to-heart over here
  • I see some tears
  • One of the fews times Pidge initiates cuddles and tbh they both needed that
  • Probably has one of her little bots tail S/O (with permission of course) to keep track of their overall health and act as a personal assistant of sorts. Rover 2.0
  • Still calls her S/O out when they’re pushing it too much and need to think of themselves
  • Clear, open communication on this topic and it’s good for both for them
  • Only fair because S/O gets on Pidge’s case just as much for staying up all night tinkering on her tech 
You would be my queen - Part. I

I was rambling on Youtube and stumbled on that song. I could totally imagine Fell saying something like this to his bro, and here I am with 2k words and just one paragraph of it related to the song. Typical.

This is a 2-shots by the way (it just fitted that way), so the second part will also be the last.

Thank you sooooooooo much @lazy-sintastic-13 for beta-reading this! Again, you did an amazing work!

Pairing: Fellcest

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Good Night (Simon Dominic)

This is for my girl at @k-hiphopshit. We figured the plot out via message and I hope she likes it!! ❤️

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

    You smiled as Kiseok wrapped an arm around your shoulders, the both of you looking down at the tiny sleeping form in the crib. Kiseok reached up to stroke his fingers through your curls, kissing your temple before saying, “Come on, babe, let’s go to bed.”

    You nodded, following him into your bedroom where you climbed into bed, yawning. “By the way, I want you to really sleep well tonight,” Kiseok said. “If Chanwoo needs anything, I’ll take care of him.”

    “Thank you,” you said, snuggling up to his side as he climbed in next to you.

    “No problem. Sleep well.”

    “Good night!” you reached over to turn off the light and then settled back in. Within minutes, you were asleep.


    Something woke you in the middle of the night and you opened your eyes to see Kiseok leaving the room. You could faintly hear Chanwoo’s cries from his room next to yours and Kiseok’s, and you lay there for a few moments, way too warm and comfortable to want to get out of bed, but more strongly than you wanted to be cozy, you wanted to make sure everything was okay, so you pushed back the blankets, grabbing your robe and pulling it on before walking toward’s Chanwoo’s room. You leaned against the doorframe as you watched Kiseok, who had Chanwoo on the changing table with his dirty diaper off, but he couldn’t seem to get the new diaper situated. Every time he tried to pull up the front, Chanwoo squirmed so that it wouldn’t stay in place long enough for Kiseok to stick the tabs on the sides closed. Kiseok sighed, pushing his over-long bangs out of the way with the back of his forearm. “Hey, kiddo,” he said, his voice tired but loving, looking into Chanwoo’s eyes. Chanwoo just peered back up at him, his eyes, which looked so much like Kiseok’s, wide and intent on his father. “I need you to hold still for a little while so I can get this diaper on you. Otherwise your mom’s gonna wake up and realize something is up and she really should get some rest. Ready to try this again? Work with me, buddy.”

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He Finds Your Tumblr

Masterlist | Request 


It’s a normal, peaceful day. Your boyfriend Ashton is on break from his tour and is currently sitting in your living room whilst you’re making lunch for the both of you. 

Ashton’s laughs echo through the open door and you stick a head round the frame to see what’s so funny.

“What’re you laughing at?” Your words only make him laugh louder so you narrow your eyes. “Seriously, Ash, what’s going on?” He abruptly stops laughing after hearing the seriousness in your tone and looks up guiltily. “What do you have there?” you grin with curiosity and start walking over. He slams the computer screen down and you glare at him. 

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She Walks In Beauty, Chapter 4

Title: She Walks In Beauty

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe since I’m not sure how far I’ll take it.

Synopsis: A glimpse into how Earth 2 Barry and Iris could have met and fallen in love, with the slight change from E2 canon that they were already a CSI and detective respectively when they met.

Chapters: 4/?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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#1: Parents Give Names, Writers Don’t

Even though names shouldn’t be the thing to spoil a story, there are some cases you should really avoid when naming a character. Bad names, as silly as it may sound, are turning point to many people because they give an impression of the originality and quality of the story you are about to read. So, if you don’t want people to shake their head and close the tab once they’ve seen the name of your character, I’d suggest to open a Word document (because, let’s be honest, who’d get a pen and paper just for this?) and join me as I walk you through the main things I think you’d be better off avoiding.

The most important thing to remember, in my opinion, is that names are given by the character’s parents and not by you. Don’t make them a fish out of time (a medieval prince named Brad Miller), don’t make them the false foreigner (an American high school girl named Yuuka Ichiban or a Swedish accountant named Jason Parker) and please avoid the too-accurate-to-be-true syndrome (a very depressed teenage boy with the name Teardrop Gravestone). Such names will give your readers the impression you’re unoriginal and a bad writer. 

Why would they assume this because of but a name?

Because there is no logic in your characters having these names. Make sure to remember that in the story, your character’s names are chosen by their parents, and not by you. An American family would not name their child Yuuka and they would not have a Japanese surname. A medieval nobleman would probably be named something like William or Leonard, and no parent in their right mind would name their child Teardrop. The same goes for names with certain meanings, but that’s could be overseen when done with great caution and subtlety: Lilith’s parents didn’t know she’d be bitten by a vampire when she turned 18 years old making her literally “belong to the night”, but Lilith is in most scenarios a reasonable name to give to your daughter.

(TL;DR: names are given by parents, not by you, so try to keep that in mind while naming your character.) 

Yours Sincerely, a Hypocrite
Write it, read it, edit, love it!


For everyone who likes to make people in the checkout line a little uncomfortable.

1. You will need: cardboard, a Sharpie, a pen knife, an eraser, black fabric paint, and (obviously) a top of your choice. Mine’s polyester, but cotton should work too.

2. Draw the eye (or whatever you want, really) on the eraser. Mark what you’ll cut away with Xs. Those’ll be the white spaces, and what you leave behind will be the actual stamp.

3. Cut away marked spaces VERY CAREFULLY with a pen knife. Turn on all the lights and close your Netflix tab. I mean it.

4. Slip the cardboard inside the top. This’ll keep the ink from running to the other side. It’s also a good idea to put newspaper under everything. I mean, a table with eyes stamped onto it is pretty rad, but your mom might not agree.

5. Test your stamp on some cardboard, and then have at it when you find the right spacing and texture. Let dry for 6 hours, and wash inside-out after 72.

6. If you’re reading this on the Welcome to Night Vale feed, pair with something purple.

Derek Hale- Tattoo

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Originally posted by dont-stop-doin-what-youre-doin1

Prompt:Imagine person A  getting a new tattoo and they drag person B with them because “If I’m gonna die there, I want you to be the last thing that I see between tears . It’s gonna be awesome!”

A/N: I have found this really cute idea while I was searching for inspiration and it fits one imagine that I had in plan to write for a long long time. I hope you like it. :) 

Your name: submit What is this?

It was Derek’s and I three years anniversary. I wanted to make something special for this important occasion so I asked him to come with me to get a tattoo. I always admired the triskelion tattoo he had on his back so I decided to do the same one on my shoulder.

We were walking down the street to the tattoo studio.

“Is it going to hurt bad?” I asked Derek. 

“Mine did, but since you are a human, the methods aren’t so painful.” He said. I was excited but in the same time nervous. My hands were shaking, but Derek squezeed the one he was holding and brough it to his lips for a kiss. “You don’t have to do this, babe. “ He said.

“No!” I protested. “It’s our anniversary, Der. Three amazing years, full of unforgetable moments. You mean a lot to me and I want  to have matching tattoos. And besides, I have wanted to do this since I was little.“ I said.

“Still, I don’t understand why you want me to come with you. It will hurt and you know that I don’t like to see you suffer.” He said.

“It’s important to me. It’s a big step in my life. I know it will hurt and if I’m gonna die there, I want you to be the last thing that I see between tears .” I stood a moment and looked at his confused face. “It will be fine,Der. It’s gonna be awesome!” I said jumping up and down.


I was standing on the chair and tried to calm myself. I was tapping my feet uncontrollably.  Derek stood by my side and ran his hand up and down my arm.

“It’s not too late to back down.” He said.

“Thanks for encouragement.” I said.

“It’s going to be fine, right?” I asked the tattoo artist, while he washed his hands.

“Sure.” He said, picking the tattoo machine. When I saw him coming towards me with that thing, fear flooded me. I changed my mind and jumped from that chair.

“Sorry but I don’t want this, Bye.” I mumbled and rushed outside that place, not even waiting for Derek.


I went to my boyfriend’s loft and thought about what gift should I give him. I have to make him forget about the tattoo because he will tease me for the rest of my life. I could surprise him with a cake. I looked through recipes from internet and cooking books.

“Yep, I can’t do this.” I said, closing a tab on my laptop.

I picked my phone and dialed the number from a local cafeteria.

“Hello! I would need a cake for today. Do you think you can send it to me in like…an hour?” I asked. “Yes, I understand it’s in a really short time but if I don’t have a cake for my boyfriend when he comes home, I will have to spend the rest of my life listening to him making fun of me, so pleeeease….” I pleaded. Luckily, I was talking to a lady that understood my crisis.

In an hour I received the cake and put it on a nice plate. I heard the door opening and I grabbed a handful of flour and threw it on me. I cought a little and went in the living room to greet Derek.

“Hi!” I said cheerfully.

“What happened to you?” He laughed, looking at me up and down.

“I just prepared you a surprise.” I said and grabbed his hand, leading him in the kitchen.

“Taaa daaa.” I yelled and raised my hands in the air.

“You made me a cake?” He said.

“Yeah. Sorry for the mess but it’s hard to cook.” I sighed.

“Mhhm.” He hummed. “So hard that you hired that boy to help you?” He said.


“What boy?” I asked, giving him a confused look.

“The one that was descending the stairs with a bag in which you could put a cake and who got into a car that had some cookies drawn on it.” He smirked.

“Fine. I bought it. I am a disaster in the kitchen.” I huffed and plopped on the couch.

“I don’t understand why you tried to make me cake. I told you I don’t want anything. You are enough. You are my gift. “ He said and moved a strand of my hair.

“I know what you said. It’s just…It was more for me than for you. I couldn’t get a tattoo so I thought that I could make a cake. Apparently I can’t make a cake either…”I said.

“I can’t believe how fast you ran from that place.I am a werewolf and I couldn’t catch you.” He laughed, making me punch his arm playfully.

“Stop laughing. It was important to me. I wanted to have that triskelion. I though it will be a cute thing for us.” I said.

“Then don’t worry. I know how much you wanted to have that symbol. It’s my family’s symbol and it’s important to me, too. It’s an honor for me that you want to have it so badly. “ He said and kissed me.

“Here.” He pulled from his jacket a rectangular box.

“What is it?” I asked studying the box.

“Your gift. Open it.” he encouraged me.

I slowly took the cover and I gasped when I saw what was inside.

“Derek…” I whispered, taking a necklace with a triskelion pendant on my palm. “It’s so beautiful.” I said, tracing the symbol.

“That’s why I came late today. I spent the whole day at the jewelry to explain them how much I need it today. Apparently if you tell them that your girlfriend is mad at you, they tend to do everything to help you. They called a jewelry from the town near our own and they had it.” He explained.

“Thank you.” I said and hugged him. I moved so I could look into his eyes and slowly leaned to kiss him. I turned around and gave him the necklace. He moved my hair aside and put the jewel on. He kissed my neck making me giggle.

“It’s the best anniversary.” I whispered against his lips.

“Trust me, Y/N. We will have much more.” He said and kissed me again.

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do you have a favorite mm headcanon blog? i need more to follow 😅

Yes I do! 

I love @anyway-i-love-vanderwood‘s HCs. If you love Vanderwood, V and Saeran they are the person to go to ^_^

I used to follow a whole bunch but a lot of them haven’t be active for months :c

I should make my own HC blog, like i always say gotta take matters into your own hands.

And… recently I have been seeing @godd707′s HCs floating around. A bunch of their stuff is so cute and funny. Tell that cutie I said hi

There is also @promiscuous-jalapeno 

Lolol Sorry, I should really follow more blogs but whenever i find a good blog, I always close the tab before following lol i don’t know what’s wrong with me 

Sunday Night
  • Me: Oh hey I want to procrastinate and NOT do my math homework, what to do instead?
  • Me: Well, I've had this ML fic collecting dust for a bit, how about I read that?
  • *reads literally two sentences*
  • Book: If you want to be like Chat, you should start smelling like him
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *closes tab*
Pray You Catch Me (Pt. 2/2)

Summary: This is the next story in my series of Beyoncé-inspired one-shots! It’s based of the first track from LEMONADE, “Pray You Catch Me” (my fave!!), with some references to “Resentment”. Don’t wanna spoil too much but it’s sad/jealous Bucky.

Other fics in this series: All Night

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1.9K+

Warnings: sadness, angst, minor swearing (im sorry its SO melodramatic)

Part One | Part Two

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

And then, he saw that red dress again.

She said her father needed help cleaning out her attic, or something. And she took her luggage with her for the weekend again. So he trailed her.

He wished it wasn’t so, but Hydra’s training came in handy at this point. All those years of cold trails and evolving into a legend, he was an efficient worker, a secret in the night that left chaos in his wake for the morning. The mental programming may have been gone, but the muscle memory remained, and his instincts as accurate as before.

A wolf in the crowd, dark hair, dark clothes and darkened eyes, he walked towards the diner across her hotel. It was a notification on her phone that gave her away some days before – a confirmation for a room booking at a hotel in the city. All he really needed to do was wait for her to pack up and leave, again. So there he was, waiting for her at her destination.

His burger was cold, milkshake warmed, thin and runny. He didn’t touch his food, didn’t even look at it. His eyes were peeled at the revolving doors across the road. 

Two hours later, a limousine pulled up and a lady red strutted through those glass doors.

She was dressed to the nines. A blonde man with an over-moussed comb-over got out to greet her, leaving wet kisses on her perfectly powdered cheeks. She giggled as the man’s arms snaked around her waist for an intimate hug, palms lying low at her hip. The blonde’s slimy grip on her body was aided by his short stature, exaggerated by the six-inch heels buckled to her feet.

“I see you’re wearing that dress again. Don’t you gals hate repeating outfits?” he teased.
“Sure, but how else were you gonna recognise me if I wasn’t in this?” she purred.
“Baby, I’d know your legs from a mile away if you were walking towards me.”

He looked pathetic in comparison to her glamorous ensemble, wearing a black polo tee and blue jeans. She took his hand anyway and got in, whisked away in the fancy limousine, tinted windows shielding them from Bucky’s prying blue eyes.

He threw a fifty on the table before bursting out to hail a cab.

“Follow that limousine.”

It stopped at the corner of a nightclub in a swanky part of town, queues snaked around the block full of wannabes desperate to party with the rich and famous. But with the burly bouncers up front with a clipboard in hand. They wouldn’t let him touch the door, not without his name on the list, not without the money and name to buy himself onto the list.

He wasn’t far behind them. If he had quickened his pace, he would have been able to reach for her hand, to pull her back to him. Cowardice and resolution stopped him from taking action. He lingered long enough to see her slip into the dimly-lit entrance of the club as the bouncers nodded at the man guiding her in.

With his stature and strength, he could have knocked the bouncers out and barged his way in. With his metal arm, he wanted so badly to knock that sleazeball out, for good. His greasy hair and greasier outfit, what kind of self-respecting man would take a beautiful girl out wearing that? What kind of man would disrespect his date like that? Bucky knew how to clean up when the occasion called for it, even if he couldn’t afford expensive hotel stays or long black limousines.

And to think of it, he was probably half her age. The chap showed no signs of stubble on his face, while acne had certainly found its way to parts of his cheek and chin.

He ain’t even half of me.

He considered breaking into her hotel room to wait for her to return, but he knew he would have broken the man’s nose, jaw, ribs and dick if he saw them stumbling in past 3am and his slimy fingers pulled down the zipper of her dress (if he could reach it).

What are you doing my love?

Hovering his thumb over the “call” button, he stared at the photo of the two of them placed beside her number. It was their first New Year’s together but the photo wasn’t of the usual midnight kiss. Steve had taken a candid of them looking at each other, hanging out at Tony’s party. That night, fuelled by Tony’s Crystal, made it easier for him to let his guard down in front of the team. There were private conversations, lips to an ear. There was a hand on a knee, a palm on a waist, hands that couldn’t be kept to himself. He wasn’t fond of public displays of affection, but he betrayed those ideals and made public his very private desire for her. That night, she looked so damn good in ever little black sequinned dress. He was too proud to call her his, so he didn’t mind all the stares and hoots they got from everyone.

Nothing else ever seems to hurt
Like the smile on your face
When it’s only in memory

He decided against calling her. He decided against leaving a message for her. He decided against waiting in the hotel lobby until she returned until she checked out of the place. Flagging down an old yellow cab, he made his way home. He was going to wait for her, again. Those hours on the road gave him more than enough time to craft all he needed to say and do when she came back.

“I saw you last night. With that man.”

It was the first thing she heard when she unlocked the door to their bedroom. Her ragged appearance was a far cry from the glamour puss she was the day before. Matching that was the bags under his eyes. His sullen face was the first thing her eyes traced over as she stepped into the once-familiar, once-comforting space she called home. He sat at the edge of their bed, back hunched, eyes expressionlessly pointed towards a picture of them together, stuck on the mirror of her dresser.

Her brain skipped past several trains of thought. She didn’t need to ask where, how, or why he was saying this. She should have known better, he would have found out eventually. Occupational hazard. A spy always knows.

“It’s not what you think, let me expla-“

“Who is he? What the hell, he’s half my size, probably half your age. Is it the money? Are you going to leave me for him, or were you playing us both? If you weren’t happy with me why didn’t you say anything? I know you lied about your parents. Have you even told them about me? You must be embarrassed of me, huh?” He paused for a breather. “I just want to know – why?”

His voice was raised, cracking as he asked his last question. The floodgates had opened. Hiding his suspicions for so long, wrestling with his insecurities. He poured out his pain with his sharp choice of words.

Still, she knew she did nothing wrong. It was an occupational hazard. That was all.

“I love you so so so much, Bucky. I’m sorry I lied, I had to. But I didn’t mean for you to be hurt this way.”

“You had to? You had to lie to me? So you had to cheat too?”

She was close to tears. “Please, just let me finish.” She cautiously sat beside him on the bed. He didn’t flinch at her touch as she took his hands in hers.

“He’s nothing. He was my mission. I couldn’t tell you before because no one else knows about this. I’m on assignment from Director Coulson.”


“That’s exactly it, the team doesn’t know Coulson’s alive yet. And that guy was a high-ranking employee of this tech startup that was manufacturing malware and was intending to auction it off to terrorists around the world. I had to get intel on the sale. SHIELD needed me. Please understand.”

His face softened as he sighed through his nostrils. As much as he was relieved, her words didn’t lift the pain that still hung heavily on his chest.

“You had to lie,” he repeatedly after her.

“Yes, and I’m sorry. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but it comes with the job, you know?” She waited for him to respond.

“Is the mission over?”

“Yes. Last night was the end of it. I got the intel, his encryption key, copied his access card.. the usual. It’s done. I’m not going anywhere. Will you look at me, please?”

As his eyes met hers, she broke at the sadness that still lingered in his eyes. She fought through her own tears as she spoke.

“I would never do that to you, okay? I will never-” She took a deep breath before she continued, “cheat on you. I really do love you. I’m so so sorry, Buck. It was just part of the mission.”

She didn’t deserve to cry. She waited for him to shout back and argue. She waited for the but-still’s and you-should-have’s.

“Did you.. with him?”


“And that dress?”

“He bought it for me. “A gift” he said.”

“And the hotel?”

“SHIELD’s tab. It was my cover. The jet-setting socialite. He didn’t get anywhere near my room, I swear.”

“I wanted to stab his eyes out when he ogled at you in that dress. I was so close to breaking his nubby fingers when he touched you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“What did you do with those plums? I really wanted your parents to have them.”

“I gave them to my taxi driver. I’m sorry, Buck. I really do wanna introduce you to them. I am not and have never been embarrassed about you. How’s this Christmas sound? My dad’s really excited to meet a Howling Commando.”

She prayed that those words would convince him that he had no competition at all. She had planned to spend the rest of week with him and only him, erasing that sleazeball’s fingerprints with Bucky’s tender touch, recuperating from the charade she had to put up for the past few months. No one likes keeping secrets from the people they love.

Her heart raced when he stood up. More tears fell from her eyes as she held her breath, expecting the worst. But he didn’t get up to leave. 

 After fetching some tissues from the bathroom, he began dabbing away the tears from her eyes, ever so gently with his metal fingers. 

“I’m sorry. I should have just asked instead of following you like that. I could have compromised your mission. If he’d spotted me, you could have gotten hurt. I should have tru—I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, I’m sorry my insecurities got the better of me. I’m sorry.”

It took her a while to register what he was saying. Relief overcame her as she pulled him into a hug, “please don’t apologise. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

They lingered in that position for a while, soaking all they had missed of each other, recollecting every arch and dune of their bodies, familiar puzzle pieces finding their way back to each other.

“Do you still have that dress?”


“You shouldn’t stuff it in your bag like that, it probably costs more than all the stuff we have here.”

“I know. But it’s his money.”

“You looked really good in it by the way.”
It felt good to hear the playfulness return in his voice.

“I’ll put it on for you anytime you like, soldier.”

that’s it for this one! tried something new with this one, hope you liked it. thanks for reading :)

read All Night next~

the woman   THE WOMAN   the woman

The damn WOMAN keeps coming back - again and again and again

Since last December I stumble repeatedly over Irene Adler. At first I thought it possible she could be a secret confidant of John Watson (returning a favour because Sherlock saved her life in Karachi) - then I remembered how Moffat described Irenes smile when Sherlock showed up to her rescue - 'I totally have you’ (meaning ‘I can manipulate you as I like’???). Was Karachi a test then and Irene is actually Sherlocks enemy? Is she seeking revenge because Sherlock defeated her in ASIB? Or is her game even much more sinister and far from over now? Is her connection to Jim Moriarty closer than suspected? Does she know Mary? Someone pointed out that we don’t know for sure who called whom at the pool. WHO IS BEHIND WHOM?

At some point I tried to ignore all thoughts about THE WOMAN. Too complicated - too unbelievably - too silly. The scenes in TAB that seemed somehow connected to her don’t mean anything - I told myself. All episodes of Sherlock BBC are more or less featured in TAB - of course ASIB would be among them. Of course THE WOMAN would be mentioned too. So what???


! So I sat down an read the TAB script (by @callie-ariane)  with a pen in hand - and marked all the bits where THE WOMAN could be involved.


TAB - Bakerstreet

Mary receives an envelope with a card. 'Immediately’ on one side - on the other ’M’.

If you turn the M round - you get a peppy W. Looks rather feminine too, I think. Remember the deleted scene with Magnusson in Sherlocks hospital room? The single red rose in a vase? There was also a card attached - with W on it. (Of course it can be turned around too. :)))


TAB - at the Diogenes Club

Mycroft Holmes: Murderous jealousy. He’d written a paper for the Royal Astronomical Society on the obliquity of the ecliptic, and then read another that seemed to surpass it.

Holmes: I know. I read it.

Mycroft: Did you understand it?

Holmes: Yes, of course I understood it. It was perfectly simple.

Mycroft: No - did you understand the murderous jealousy? It is no easy thing for a great mind to contemplate a still greater one.


This scene reminds me stongly of Sherlock and John at Buckingham Palace sitting beside each other with Mycroft across of them:

Mycroft: There are many names for what she does. She prefers 'dominatrix’.

Sherlock: Dominatrix.

Mycroft: Don’t be alarmed. It’s to do with sex.

Sherlock: Sex doesn’t alarm me.

Mycroft: How would you know?


In both scenes they are talking about something Mycroft believes Sherlock doesn’t realy understand. But in TAB MP-Mycroft is much more insistent/demanding that Sherlock has to understand. He even offers an explanation.


Recommended by Mycroft

TAB - It is Mycroft who sends Lady C to Sherlock

ASIB - It is also Mycroft who calls Sherlock to Buckingham Palace which results in meeting THE WOMAN ('I drove you into her path’)


TAB - Moriarty at Bakerstreet

Moriarty: By the way, you have a surprisingly confortable bed.

The only person we’ve seen lying in Sherlocks bed - with our own eyes - is Irene Adler. We are told about Janine but we didn’t see her.


Moriarty: The bride put a gun to her mouth and shot the back of her head off, and then she came back. Impossible.

Moriarty: But she did it, and you need to know how, how ….?

Moriarty: … don’t you? It’s tearing your world apart not knowing.

Moriarty: Because doesn’t this remind you of another case?

Moriarty: Hasn’t this all happend before? There’s nothing new under the sun.

Moriarty: What was it? What was that case? Huh? D'you remember?

Moriarty: It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Moriarty: Dead …. is the new sexy.


Nothing new under the sun? What does Sherlock tell Plummer in the car on the way to the plain?

Sherlock: … The plain will blow up. Coventry all over again. The wheel turns. Nothing is ever new.


And what case is similar to that of Emelia Ricoletti? Surely Sherlock would remember MP-Jim shooting himself in the head when he is standig right before him? And I asume that Sherlock rules out his own faked suicide too. That leaves only Irene Adler. She faked her death. A woman looking similat to her lay on a table in a morgue. Irene came not only back very much alive - she repeated 'not’ dying and going under cover successfully a second time at the end of the story.


Additionally this is definitely something Sherlock knows and Mycroft does not. 

Brain is the new sexy?  -  Or was it …… death?  


TAB - in the crypt

Watson: Good God, what is this place? And what the devil are you doing here?

Mary: I’ve been making inquiries. Mr Holmes asked me.

Watson: Holmes, how could you?!

Mary: No, not him. The clever one.


Holmes: The clever one?

Mary: When did it occur to you?

Holmes: Only now, I’m afraid.

Mary: Must be difficult being the slow little brother.


What said Irene Adler to Sherlock on the plain in ASIB?

Irene: Not you, Junior. You’re done now.

And later in Mycrofts Office.

Irene (mockingly): He’s good, isn’t he? I should have him on a leash - in fact, I might.


Can’t possible resist this one:

Irene: Explosive. It’s more me.

Explosives are more hers - really? Jim would certainly agree.


Clever Irene - wanted to play the Holmes boys and lost to Homes Junior. She comes so very, very close to winning the game. Then Sherlock defeats her unexpectedly and completely. There are tears and there is begging. And Sherlock walks away without looking back - 'Sorry about dinner’.

No easy thing for such a clever mind to contemplate a still cleverer one. Such things can lead to murderous jealousy and bitter revanche.


TAB - at the cementry

Mycroft: Cherchez la femme.

MP-Mycroft tells Sherlock to look for the woman. But what woman?  Mary? Irene? The Bride? All of the them?


As the saying goes:

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

Love for love   Play by William Congreve 1695 


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