i really should clean that

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

Here’s a much more flexible diagram of Hogwarts/Ilvermorny house overlap than the rudimentary one I made on iPhone Notes a couple of days ago. My friend Jenn Levine expertly crafted this! It allows for some much-needed flexibility for, say, Ravenclaws in Thunderbird or, Hufflepuffs in Wampus.

I fully realize that JKR on Twitter has said there is no correlation between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses. I won’t argue! But, based on the initial writing, these traits still match up for me closest in this way. I’m thrilled that this idea should look so clean, and really just have my friends to thank. Jenn, and everyone else for their support on this.

Venn design by Jenn Levine, based on a theory by Eric Scull.


Happy birthday @the-garbage-chute !!!(I hope I got the day,oh well)
Elizabeth,forgive me if this is not awsome or fantastic or else(and I am still asking to myself why I drew you something when YOU are a goddess)
Anyway. I basically put as a comic this Kylux drabble you sent me by @smol-hux !
I know,now the “tragic moment” is over but this was too sweet! (Like you)
Buon compleanno!

I hate when you can tell that someone is lying about believing in you. I know you think it’s too far-fetched, I can tell. Please just be honest instead of pretending I can’t see through you, just tell me I’m not good enough and let’s move on, shall we?

Little Notes In Percys Journal

“Note to self: buy more gunpowder.” crossed out and replaced with “Check on Victor”

“I should really hug my sister more”

“clean off those Calipers so someone doesnt get hurt” with “Nevermind, that was hilarious” scribbled underneath.

A thousand doodles of rings on a few diffrent pages. small ones big ones, fancy and plain. all scribbled out. a scrap of paper seems to have been torn out in the middle of one of the pages.

A list of ingredients that suspiciously look like ingredients for bleaching agents, dated two days before half of Vax’s cloaks go pink.

“I look into her eyes and all i see is my destiny. There is no redemption for me, but as long as im with her, its enough.”

I decided to do a digital version of the drawing! Although I didn’t colour it like normal…I feel too sick to do that right now, blah.

Edit: I keep making changes to the colours because my eyes are playing tricks on me right now. Arugh.

my room is so horribly messy and i wanna clean it right now but it’s 1 AM and I need to sleep.

and tomorrow I’ll want to clean it but then I’ll have homework to do instead

and then other things i need to finish

and then by the time I’m done I’ll just lay down on my bed and feel sad that my room is messy but be too tired to do anything

and i’ll try to clean it but i’ll only get a tiny chunk done before I have to do something else

i just want my room to be clean

I always think the INFP type profile is exaggerating when it says we’re emotional when being criticized.

Then my dad tells me my room is messy, and I blew up about it being my space, when in reality, it’s really messy and I should clean it up XD

So Some Stuff Happened While You Were Gone

It was strange to come home.

Except it wasn’t home anymore. Somewhere in the intervening years of grinding through undergrad and graduate coursework, the house Jazz grew up in had stopped being home.

Danielle had been given Jazz’s room when she left halfway across the country to Yale. During holiday visits they would share, Dani insisting that all her time “camping out” under overpasses and old mausoleums as proper precedent for her to sleep on the floor.

A few times Jazz caught herself thinking of it as her room, instead of Danielle’s. She could still recognize the room she’d stayed in for seventeen years, an old imprint she felt in the air, pins and needles in her scalp; her hands itched with the impression that if they just peeled away the sci-fi posters and anime wall-scrolls and the global Polaroid collage the old room would still be there, waiting beneath like a layer of wallpaper.

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