i really should be shopping or wrapping gifts

Stockings (Blurb)

Christmas Harry picking out stocking stuffers and other gifts for y/n and their kids            


“(Y/N), wouldn’t Maisie love this?”

You turned to look in the direction of Harry’s voice and saw him standing by a shelf of toys and holding up something that looked kind of like a cat.

“Harry, she doesn’t need any more stuffed animals. She has enough to start her own colony.”

“But it’s so cute,” Harry frowned, “And she loves cats.”

You sighed. Christmas shopping with Harry was always a challenge because he had no concept of how many gifts was too many for you and your three kids. You were quite money conscious, aware of your bank account and not wanting to spoil your children. Harry would pick anything up that looked remotely interesting as long as he thought one of his kids would smile when he gave it to them. That’s how Maisie had ended up with at least 15 stuffed animals on her bed over the past seven years.

“What about this for Ollie?” he asked, moving to another shelf and showing you a rather large tractor truck.

“I’m not sure that will fit in his stocking,” you smirked.

“I can wrap it.”

“Harry, we’re supposed to shopping for stocking stuffers. We already have all of their main gifts. These things need to be small, and I’d like at least some of them to be practical. Ollie could really use some new socks; he’s got holes in all of his.”

“Socks?” Harry said, wrinkling his nose, “No five-year-old boy wants socks for Christmas, love; even if he needs them. We can buy him socks another time.”

“And Maisie has been complaining that all of her hair clips are falling apart,” you continued, ignoring Harry, “We should probably get her some of those.”

“I s’pose you’re going to tell me that Annabelle needs something practical too?” Harry said, sarcastically.

“Why not?” you asked, seriously.

“Sweetheart, she’s not even two!” Harry argued, “Can’t we at least get her toys or something?”

“We’re getting her so many toys, Harry!”

“I know but…it’s her first Christmas where she really knows what’s going on. I don’t want her to get a bunch of socks or…toothbrushes or something.”

You giggled at Harry’s pout and squeezed his cheeks together before giving him a kiss.

“You’re very cute,” you said, “and you’re a really great father. I just don’t want our kids to be spoiled.”

“Won’t buy them a lot, I promise,” Harry mumbled, “Just wanna see how excited they get when they open up their stockings. Was always my favorite part as a kid.”

“They’re going to be excited about anything they get,” you assured him, “We’ve raised some good kids.”

Harry nodded, but you could tell that he was still wanting to splurge a bit.

“Tell you what,” you said, “If you let me get all the kids mostly practical stuff for their stocking, I’ll let you get them one toy or fun thing to put in as well, okay?”

Harry smiled and you could see his entire face light up as if he were a little boy himself on Christmas morning again.


When he turned and started walking away, you went to follow him but he stopped you.

“Sorry love, but I need to do this on my own.”

“Why?” you frowned, “Am I not allowed to see what we’re getting our kids for Christmas?”

“I’m not lookin’ for the kids right now. Gotta pick out one last special present first and you’re not allowed to see this one till the 25th, love.”

He winked at you and promised he’d be back soon.

“Also, I’m sorry,” he called back, “but this present definitely won’t be practical.”

You giggled as he walked away, not feeling overly disappointed by that promise.