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While on the one hand I think that the restroom question isn’t really one abt restrooms (but abt “should trans women be allowed in public/exist”) but at the same time I think it’s meaningful that both trans politics and gay male politics focus on a sort of copropolitics that focuses on like feces, the anus, etc as a focus of like rendering us disgusting beings

January 19th, 2017

“Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” Elon Musk. 

I have been very busy with work these past three weeks, and have not had the chance to really dedicate some time to posting but here we go!

I go back to campus this Sunday so second semester is right around the corner! These are some of my goals for my final semester at UMass Amherst!

1. To read all assignments before their due date and be completely focused on my work every day. (So far I am taking a computer science class, a comp lit class, and 2 econ classes. I want them to be a priority, and thus will place them as my number 1 goal to get straight A’s again this semester.) I want to dedicate at least 1 hour of work per class each day. 

2. To work out, swim, run, or train 4-5 times a week, Monday, Wed, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

3. To finish my winter class, Business Law, with an A.

4. To learn more about computer science and information technology and get an A in the class.

5. To apply to 1 full-time job/week. 

6. To read 30 mins of a recreational book each day.

7. To go hiking with the outdoor club every 3 weeks. 

8. To go snowboarding at least twice during the semester. 

9. To eat well, to prepare meals in advance, eat less, and control my portions. Lots of iced coffee.

10. To stay clean, organised, prepared, and work hard from morning until the night. 

11. Do Yoga once every 2 weeks. 

12. Run 10 miles/week. 

13. Swim 50x5/week=250 or 60x4 laps=240 

Fall semester was a really great semester for me. I worked hard, getting straight A’s, working 2 jobs, working out, and I enjoyed free time with friends on Thursdays and Fridays. 

What worked well I think was that I dedicated many hours a week to being organised and planning the next week. This kept me on track from procrastinating and pushed me to face up to what I needed to do. I wrote down homework due weeks in advance, and would get ahead on the weekends. Also, working out before reading and studying I think was really helpful because if you do something that hard, scrolling through pages will seem easier than ever. 

I also think that cleaning and taking care of my body was really beneficial in my overall mood. I loved the feeling of an organised room, with everything in it’s place, precision, and absolute clarity. I want to continue to and improve this level by dedicating more time to this, to about 20 mins each day. Buy some Cleanex, disinfectants, room spray, wood spray, etc and keep clothes folded neatly. Choose your outfits for the next day in advance, and have everything ready for the morning the night before. 

I also want to get up early and work out in the mornings. I did an okay job at this last semester but we can step it up a notch and wake up at 6 AM to read the newspaper for 30 mins, then go to the pool at 7 AM to swim 60 laps for an hour and a half, shower, and get ready to study, read, and do assignments for the coming week. 

Spring Semester HERE WE GO! 

i keep seeing posts about how “there are no latinos in trump’s cabinet!” and like….it doesn’t bother me that no one in his cabinet shares my ethnicity since there are latinos with horribly bad politics, but it does bother me that all of his cabinet picks are painfully unqualified and i think that’s what we should really be focusing on lmao

im still hurt over it so that’s why im focusing on really minor characters like tom and anderson and ooh i should do some hoopkins stuff i just gotta take some time ya know and focus on something slightly different

anonymous asked:

What upsets me is that the management is forcing these girls to do extra stuff when is not necessary. They so busy are to make the girls look sexy instead of what they really need to work on; vocals. Why do the girls even need to dance? Why do the need to wear sexual outfits? Its Like their voices aren't enough. The girls can't even catch their breaths to sing, because of this ridiculous choreography. It should be about them and their voices not about making them a sex symbol.

if you’re talking about this performance in particular, it looks like they felt really comfortable and happy with it all, so i don’t see anything wrong with it. also it seems like they’re focusing more on vocals and whatnot, so it’s fine.



au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

the more i think critically about the ideas that asexuality advocates have developped, the more i think that it’s……a big waste of time to focus all this ideology on people who identify as asexual (which doesn’t even really have a concrete definition) rather than just focusing on the idea that every living person has different feelings about sex and that nobody should be judged for their personal feelings about sex

why encourage the usage of 15 different labels stating how often someone experiences sexual attraction when you can just accept that there is no normal way to experience attraction/feel about sex?

the examples i’ve seen for why asexuals are oppressed/marginalized are not even close to exclusive to asexuals, nor do they apply to all ace people (since there are multiple definitions for asexual and there’s an Ace Spectrum, there are apparently asexuals who still have sex and/or sexual attraction.) for this reason, it seems unproductive to make a little movement only for people who see themselves as abnormal and identify with this word when you can focus on the bigger picture

people who don’t like sex face social stigma but so do tons of marginalized people who do like sex and we can advocate for all these people without making it about what’s normal and what’s not and, instead, just prioritize getting people to let go of unnecessary judgements about other’s sex lives

What is Meditation About Anyway?

As meditation enters the mainstream, it can often be distorted into various forms. This leads to certain confusions regarding what meditation is and isn’t. The following post is not a judgment on other practices one might engage with their attention but it is meant as a means of clarification. 

What Meditation Is Not

  • Meditation is not about zoning out. 
    • I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “Yeah I should meditate more, I could really use some time to just zone out, you know?”
  • Meditation is not a trance state. 
    • Many assume meditation is about entering a specific state. 
      • That may be a state of peace, a state of love, a state of bliss, or a state of sleep. 
  • Meditation is not a guided journey. 
    • Guided meditations can be useful in their own way but I wish people would find a better word than “meditation.”
      • Guided contemplation may be more fitting. 

What Meditation Is

  • Meditation is about focusing your attention. 
    • That sounds like work, doesn’t it? Whenever we are told to focus, it seems like a shitty time. 
      • But does someone need to tell you to focus when you are watching your favorite TV show?
      • Does someone need to tell you to focus during sex? (I hope not.)
      • Does someone need to tell you to focus when you’re savoring a delicious meal?
    • The kind of focus meditation practices is the same focus we engage when we are wholly present and engaged in what we are doing. 
      • At first this may feel like work because you are focusing without the enjoyable objects to focus on. 
      • Soon you discover that there is bliss and happiness in the act of focusing itself. 
  • Meditation is about the absence of tension. 
    • You could call this relaxation but remember that focus is at play here too. 
      • Often people see relaxation as being the absence of the need for focus. 
    • During meditation you are both relaxed and focused. 
      • I think of this as focus without tension. 
      • Typically when we focus, it is intense and there is a degree of “pressure” behind the energy of focusing. 
      • In meditation, we are calm but we are also focused. 
  • Meditation is the practice of patience. 
    • Patience and peace are one. 
      • Patience in its purest form isn’t about waiting for the future but rather not measuring the present against the future. 
      • Then you can actually be patient. 
      • Time carries you onward regardless, being patient means being present with the flow of time. 
  • Meditation is about becoming acquainted with formlessness. 
    • There are many meditation techniques. Focusing on a certain spot on the body, focusing on breathing, focusing on images, focusing on mantras. 
    • Eventually your focusing becomes focused on focus. Awareness of awareness rests in awareness. 
    • As you practice more, you use less technique. That comes with experience. 
    • The more formless your meditation, the more continuous it becomes. 
      • Eventually it doesn’t depend on eyes open or eyes closed, on body sitting or body standing, on mind thinking or not-thinking, and so on. 

That’s just, like, your opinion, man. 

It is. I’m not saying all of this because it is permanently true and anything else doesn’t count. I am stating this to help clarify what is a meditation practice and what is practice for meditation. Hopefully it was helpful. 

Namaste :)

I’m a big fan of “hard” science fiction, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that, in practice, it’s really more of an aesthetic, not a taxonomic category.

In principle, hard science fiction is science fiction that focuses on technical accuracy and scientific rigour; while speculative technologies and developments may be present, ideally these speculative elements should be consistent with what’s theoretically possible, even if they don’t currently exist.

In practice, trying to treat hard science fiction as a coherent category of literature runs into four main problems:

1. The scientific consensus is constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to get a handle on what we mean by “theoretically possible”.

Suppose that a work’s premise is believed to be possible today, but is proven to be impossible tomorrow. Does that work stop being hard sci-fi? Does it continue to be hard sci-fi on the basis that its premise was believed to be possible at the time it was written? Or does this mean it was never hard sci-fi in the first place, and both its author and its audience were mistaken about its status all along?

Conversely, what if a story’s premise was believed to be impossible at the time it was written, but is later demonstrated to be possible after all?

Every possible approach to resolving these questions has serious issues. If we allow a work’s “hardness” to be judged based on the scientific consensus at the time it was written, for example, then we’re really basing our assessment on the author’s level of ignorance rather than the work’s level of rigour.

On the other hand, if we judge a work’s “hardness” based on the present concensus, then we can never really know whether the work in question is hard sci-fi or not - the possibility that its premise will be refuted tomorrow can never be entirely ruled out.

2. A great deal of science fiction ventures into territories where we simply don’t know enough to say one way or the other whether a given premise lies within the realm of possibility. How do these works interact with the hard/soft binary?

Are they hard by default? If so, then hard sci-fi takes refuge in ignorance - a curious position for a genre that’s ostensibly defined by rigorous thought.

Are they soft by default? If so, then hard sci-fi would seem to be restricted to those works that don’t engage in any substantive speculation - which is a problem for a genre that’s ostensibly defined by its speculative nature.

Or do we simply reserve judgement? If so, then the hard/soft binary is inapplicable to the vast majority of sci-fi literature.

3. It’s not at all clear that scientific rigour and consistency with the current scientific consensus are related in any essential way.

Suppose that a work takes place in a world where the laws of physics permit slightly different things than they do in our world, and carefully reasons through what those differences would imply in terms of technology and society.

Is this work hard sci-fi? And if it is, what’s to stop, say, a fantasy novel with an especially well-thought-out magic system from claiming the same distinction?

4. In practice, the canon of hard sci-fi tends to be very selective about the particular branches of science in which rigour is necessary.

Many acclaimed works of hard sci-fi are exceedingly careful about their physics, for example, but their sociology is so far out of whack, they may as well be taking place in Narnia.

What justification is there for treating some branches of science as more important than others when judging a work’s scientific rigour?

Without such a justification, it’s difficult to say what we even mean by “scientific rigour”, much less to evaluate whether any particular work exhibits it.

Don’t get me wrong: many of my favourite stories would be considered hard sci-fi. It’s just that when I dig into what actually defines hard sci-fi as a genre, I’m not convinced there’s anything there apart from a generally cynical tone and a penchant for frequent expository infodumping. The whole “scientific rigour” thing feels like an aesthetic pose, no more essential to the substance of a work than pulp sci-fi’s batwinged spaceships and noisy zap-guns. And there’s nothing wrong with that - but boy do some folks get worked up about it!

I’m a tough, thick skinned, no time for nonsense and bullshit, “I don’t need any help I can do it myself”, refuse to cry in front of people, workaholic, mind focused on my business and finances, people come people go type of girl.. but on the flip side, I’m highly emotional, I cry alone often, overly stressed, extremely sensitive, dwells on shit for longer than I should, mind still focused on my business and finances and I love the people who’ve stayed in my life dearly, but people really do come and go so meh..

My point is, strong women aren’t made of metal. Just because we have a strong exterior doesn’t mean we don’t feel deeply. Give us a fucking break and offer a helping hand or even just a hug once in a while. Even if we say we don’t need it.



i’m noticing that there’s a lot of vips being extremely focused on getting these records beaten and that’s totally fine because it is their last comeback until top’s enlistment and it should end with a bang. i’m here for all of it and i encourage people to stream melon and buy their album if they can tbh.

however, i personally don’t like the narrative that we gotta beat bts or fight with some of these ugly armys (who never represents the entire fandom and this can be applied to any fandom really). bts as a whole are quite talented, wonderful performers and has a really great discography, things that you can find in bigbang too. they look up to bigbang and i’m sure bigbang is proud to have inspired them, just as they felt the same with exo and the many juniors before them.

they have their own lists of achievements as bigbang has theirs, and there’s no need to compare. there’s no need to start shit and there’s no need to defend ourselves over anything. if you’re bothered, don’t look for it. if you don’t like bts, ignore them. but just know that there’s also vips who like/respect bts too and please don’t speak for all of us.

i like the idea that finn would be really inspired by bodhi bc obviously there are some parallels there (although i also think the differences between them are super fascinating and get right at the heart of the message rogue one should have been focused on but that’s a whole different post)

but like…realistically the entire team would be lost to time, tbh. names forgotten, stories untold…no one will remember them and i feel like that’s a huge part of their sacrifice. they can only live on in the success they helped accomplish and nothing more

I’ve spent the last 4 hours for designing Haymitch’s face, and this is the final product. I couldn’t come up with a face for Effie so I just…Took Elizabeth Banks’ face. And I guess it’ll be the final one too.

I proudly present to you: the faces of Hayffie.

“The girl tends to be harmed more when there’s a scandal so I discussed it with Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim about how I should react when a scandal broke out. I also told him whom, and from which label, I was dating. I told him [Lee Soo Man] that if a scandal happened, to announce that I really like her a lot. I told that to both Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim and also to her label. I still don’t know much about dating but I really didn’t know anything back then. I was only worried about a solution to when we got caught and wasn’t focused on my girlfriend. I thought that was love and caring. I’ve never even taken pictures with her. I dated her for about 3 months but I think we met like 5 times… I don’t think I even saw her 7 times in total.” - Heechul, Super Junior

in an effort to bring lots of goodies to sell and give away for CTNx, I’ll be focusing all my efforts in producing art from here until the 16th when I leave for burbank. :D I figured selling warrior ladies inspired by the different zodiac signs would be a pretty cute idea! starting off with Aries. not sure if I’ll keep it all medieval themed or if I should branch out into other eras or locations…

commissions will slow down a little again (I’M SORRY!!! I feel so bad delaying work like this, I really do), but I really don’t want the bulk of my stufff to be fanart (don’t wanna get in trouble, plus I gotta bring original stuff too!), so I really have to do this. I will be planning out my days ahead and will hopefully be able to address my clients for this current batch :) After CTNx is over I will be back to normal, I won’t have anything else urgent in my schedule for a long time to come.

thank you thank you to everyone who is in line for a commish and is patient with me. <3 I have gone from 0 to 20 to 100 art-wise reaaal quick these past few months and while they have been amazing, I still have some planning and discipline issues I need to get in order.

so anyway, here is knight Aries :D