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The Reason I Don’t Do Cold Readings Anymore…

by reddit user Skarjo

I don’t do ‘Cold Readings’ anymore. I don’t tell fortunes. I don’t read tea leaves.

And I do not do contact ‘the other side’.

Look, don’t judge me alright? It was an easy gig. I mean, the first time I did it, it was a joke. I did it just to impress a girl. You’ve been there right? It was something I’d read about online and I thought I’d give it a go.

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Choices || 01

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This is not nearly as long as my other scenarios, but this is only the first part of this. I’m most probably gonna make this into a series. Please let me know what you think bc this is my first time trying something like this. I hope you like it.

A/N: tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ‘MEDDLING’ IT’S ALREADY PAST 1K NOTES AND LIKE I HAVE 700+ FOLLOWERS i seriously did not expect this much positive response to it. Thank you for your support my lovelies

Pairing: Jungkook x reader, Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 4,482



  1. a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

That was one of the many definitions of it. There were too many definitions to count.

Some say that when you meet your soulmate, it’s just - it’s a feeling. It’s hard to describe that profound, lingering feeling you get when you do, but you just know it.

 Some say soulmates might not even get the chance to meet. Your soulmate just might be a person from you past life, and the only way to witness their presence is through flashbacks of your past.

Some say two soulmates make a whole. Mentally, emotionally, physically - quite literally all aspects of both sides - are compatible. The two sides complete each other and understand each other, making the other feel a sense of ease and comfort like never before.

The list could go on forever with the millions of definitions that varied from one person to the other, each according to their own view on the subject.

You, however, chose to reject them all. You could never fathom the idea that there’s this person somewhere in the world who was completely and wholly made for the sole purpose of being with you. Who was so compatible with you and you two would live the whole ‘happily ever after’ you always heard about through stories. It was too absurd of an idea.

You didn’t reject the idea of loving someone - of being in love with someone. Oh no, you weren’t that type of person. You just knew that, just like any normal relationship, if you two found that everything was going well, you would stay together. If not, you would break it off.

It was of valid reasoning. You weren’t one to ‘feel that spark as soon as you met eyes with a guy’ and claimed it to be love at first sight. You weren’t one to just babble on about him being the one just because you two happened to be at the same cafe at the same time three times a week. You weren’t one to break up with someone because you simply didn’t feel that spark you were ‘supposed’ to feel with your one and true significant others.

You lived your life like any normal person would, choosing not to get sucked in to people’s silly beliefs and myths that had been passed down generations and generations.

The most common soulmate myth was one you found completely and utterly ridiculous. The moment one is born, a rose - well, a dead rose - is given to the parents of the infant. This dead rose is kept and protected by the parents for their child, until the time comes for he or she to take responsibility of that rose themselves.

Supposedly, this rose is dead and completely lifeless, up until the moment your soulmate enters your life. The rose will slowly start to bloom back, the redness of its petals spreading out, and the green of its stem growing back. It was a slow process. The closer you got to each other, and the more you got to know them, the more beautiful and lively it became.

What made this idea even more absurd and harder to believe was the fact that the two soulmates would be the only ones able to see this lifeless flower come back to life.

Huh, you would scoff, and that’s the day that pigs would fly.

Unfortunately for you, your mother was a strong and true believer of such things, and she was adamant on proving herself right and you wrong. Both your parents even had the roses their parents had given them in a small vase near the kitchen window, providing them light and water, with love and care.

“Mom, dad, come on. They’re dead.”

Your parents would only shake their heads and sigh, muttering things about you changing your mind someday, and finally see what they were seeing.

They made you promise not to throw away your rose. And despite you knowing there was nothing on this earth that would change your mind about this, you respected and kept that promise. No matter what, your rose was there on your nightstand, a constant reminder that - yep, pigs haven’t flown yet.

“Hey, can you come over?”

The simple sentence you said to Yoongi over the phone, with the soft tone that you rarely ever used with him, told him something was definitely wrong.

“I’m off work in five minutes. I’ll be there in fifteen tops,” he replied before you hung up. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, checking his watch before deciding that he could take his boss chewing his ass out for leaving a few minutes earlier. He got up from his chair, grabbed his jacket, and quickly made his way out before anyone could notice and stop him.

He was at your apartment building in about ten minutes. After parking his car, he quickly made his way up the two flights of stars, not bothering to wait for the small, shitty elevator. It was too cramped and stuffy anyways. He definitely wasn’t going in there when he saw that guy from your third floor who seemed to always have sweat stains underneath his armpit on every single shirt he wore.

He soon forgot all about that when he knocked on your door once, before realizing that you probably left the door unlocked for him anyways. He managed to remember to take his shoes off at the door and then made his way to your living room.

He found you sat there, TV on, but considering the blank look on your face, he was pretty sure your focus was nowhere near the National Geographic channel. He quietly made his way to the couch and sat down next to you, and you turned to him with a small smile that he knew didn’t reach your eyes.



You sighed,

Yoongi wasn’t the cuddliest of people, it was clear to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes. But when he saw you, his dear friend whose usual bright smile was wiped away and replaced with a look so sad, it made his heart clench. So he always made exceptions for you. He simply lifted his arm, wordlessly inviting you closer, and you accepted it immediately, scooting closer and resting your head on his chest.

“What happened?” His hand placed itself on your hair, fingers softly soothing down some strands.

“They fired me today.” Your voice was quiet. Yoongi’s hand paused for a second before continuing its movements. He got the feeling you didn’t want to talk about it too much considering your short answer, so he let you be, but not before he said one last thing.

“You know I don’t sugarcoat anything. I know this seems bad right now, and it is, but don’t let this fuck everything over for you. I’ll help you through this, you know that.”

You stayed quiet but moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. His words comforted you a little bit, knowing he was always there for you no matter what. You were still worried, sad, angry, frustrated. But you just wanted to stay quiet for a bit, deciding you would think about this properly later.

“So I was at the club yesterday,” Yoongi said from his place on the kitchen table as he ate a bowl of cereal. You stood in front of the sink, washing the few dishes you had there just to get it out of the way. “Namjoon told me they were short on staff.”

“Really?” You tone was surprised.

“Yeah, you should try working there.”

The idea of working in a club never once crossed your mind. You’ve been looking for a job for a week, applying almost anywhere you found suitable enough, but to no avail. It seemed you were going to have to settle for something outside of your desired job areas for a little while, considering you were already short on money, and the rent wasn’t gonna pay itself.

“Maybe I should..” You sighed. “Maybe we can go there tomorrow night? That way I can talk to Joon and we can have a little night off. You can tell Hobi to come too, if you want.” 

“Alright, sure.”

The following night, after spending most of your afternoon looking up job vacancies is magazines or papers or anything even remotely related, you gave up with a sigh and closed your laptop.

You decided to let loose a little tonight considering your recent stress and everything. You dressed up, did your hair, looked yourself in the mirror with one last approving glance before you made your way out the door and to Yoongi’s car that was waiting for you downstairs.

“Lookin’ good, __,” Hoseok complimented you as soon as you got in the backseat, turning to give you a bright smile that reminded you why you always loved having him around to lighten the mood.

“Thanks Hobi,” you replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “It’s been a while.” Yoongi started up the car after you greeted him as well and drove off to the club.

“It has. Tonight’s all about having fun yeah? You already know the job’s yours, so relax and forget about everything tonight.”

You nodded at his words, determined to make use of his advice. You were pretty sure Namjoon would accept having you as an employee. You’ve worked in clubs before. You were a college student in the past, and your student loans had you bartending for a long time in some clubs and pubs to help pay them off.

Tonight should be fun for you. You wanted to make sure of it.

And you were true to your word. As soon as you took a table, the drinks started coming, giving you that buzz and chill vibe that you craved and needed for the night. Yoongi sat back in his seat, a small smile on his lips as he watched you laugh with Hoseok, drinks in hands and singing together obnoxiously loud to the music, occasionally turning and directing the lyrics to him as he shook his head jokingly.

“I wanna dance!” You yelled over the music. Hoseok got up without hesitation, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the dance floor, moving his body to the beat already. You turned to Yoongi with a genuine smile, clearly enjoying your night so far, and he smiled back, before he disappeared from your vision when you were drowned into the crowd of dancing bodies.

It seemed like you two were dancing there or hours, when in reality, it had only been three songs.

“I’m gonna grab another drink, want anything?” Hoseok yelled in your ear over the music, and you shook your head no. You’ve had enough drinks for the night, enough to get you buzzed and feeling good, but not to have you shitfaced and puking by the end of the night.

You stayed on the dance floor while Hoseok went to the bar, enjoying the music too much to stop and go with him. He disappeared from your eyes in a few seconds, but you didn’t care as you continued to move your body to the beat.

It felt like a few minutes had passed and Hoseok still wasn’t back, when you felt a pair of unfamiliar hands land on your waist. You tensed for a second, before remembering your plan for the night. Fun.

However, before you went through with it, you had to turn around to see his face. And so you did, and you thanked God the music was loud enough to hide your gasp.

Fuck he was gorgeous.

Not too tall, but still towered over you even in your heels. Brown hair that looked fluffy enough for you to want to run a hand through it. His facial features were so soft, giving him that innocent kind of charm, but you were certain there was more to him than innocent. His eyes were what truly caught your attention, shaped so beautifully, lids falling over an ordinary set of brown irises, yet they were far from ordinary. His lips were plump, shaped in a way that made you jealous of them, yet you wanted them on yours at the same time.

If you wanted your night to be well spent, he was definitely a good sign.

His hand still rested on your waist, not moving as he waited for your approval, and you gave it to him by moving closer to him and placing your arms around his neck. He gave you a smile that almost blinded you and for a second, you questioned if your heart beat just a little bit faster because of his presence.

Your bodies started moving together in sync, and you marveled at how effortlessly his moves seemed to come, clearly showing some sort of experience. You were distracted from his dancing, however, when he leaned down to your ear to speak up.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was softer than you expected, but it still fitted him very well. Soft and silky, just as he seemed.

“__,” you answered.


Jimin. You felt your heart beat faster once again when he said his name, and you were kind of confused when it happened again. But you played it off as excitement of meeting someone new after so long and being so close to a guy like this.

Your bodies started gradually moving closer, until your torsos pressed against each other. His other arm wrapped around you as well, one of his hands moving lower to rest on your lower back, and you’d be the world’s biggest liar if you said you didn’t enjoy the closeness.

You gasped slightly when you felt him tentatively moving his hips closer to yours, testing the waters on whether you were comfortable with that kind of dancing. You didn’t hesitate to reciprocate, and the two of you got more comfortable as you danced with your bodies glued together.

The beat then switched to one of your favorite songs at the moment, and it was more than perfect for this moment.

(I started listening to Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee from here, if you’d like to listen to something while reading this!)

You were suddenly spun around in his hold, your back now pressed to his torso. Your gasp was drowned out by the sound of the music. But it seemed like second nature for you to press back against him, your hips having a mind of their own as they moved against his. His hands got braver and moved along your hips and waist, his grip tight on you but you seemed to love it for some reason.

His head moved forward and closer to you, his lips now near your ear since you could feel his warm breath on it. So you lifted one of your hands, fulfilling one of your wishes and running it through his hair that felt just as soft as it looked, enjoying the way he mindlessly nuzzled into your hand. Your other hand landed on one of his that was on your waist, holding it just because.

The position you were in was intimate, and if anyone looked over at the two of you, you were pretty sure you looked like a couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Your train of thoughts was cut off when you felt his lips place a light kiss to the shell of your ear before he moved his head down so his face was right against the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your now heated skin. Your fingers tightened slightly around his hair, and he reciprocated by puckering his lips up for that last inch of space that could barely fit a needle through, pressing a kiss to your neck. 

His lips stayed still for a few seconds, then they moved again and you felt yourself getting more affected by his simple but sensual actions. He peppered delicious kisses along your skin, each one becoming more eager and sloppier  than the other, until you felt his lips part to place an open mouthed kiss to the juncture of your neck.

Your head leaned back against his shoulder, allowing him easy access to the length of your neck, feeling shivers going through your body because of how much you enjoyed his touches. His kisses got hungrier, finally parting his lips once he settled on a patch of skin and sucking softly on it. Your eyes fluttered shut involuntarily, letting out a shaky breath as sensations took over your every sense.

You really weren’t usually one to let it go far in public, you weren’t even used to dancing with hot strangers and grinding on them against the dance floor. But he was just so alluring, something about him was so captivating, it seemed as if you couldn’t control yourself around him, especially when his hand slowly but surely traveled up your side, until it grazed the side of your breast through the loose top you were wearing, barely running his thumb along it before he moved his hand back down.

But that was the last straw. You quickly turned around in his grasp causing him to detach his lips from your neck, your hand placed on his shoulder to lean into him and whisper in his ear.

“Take me home.”

A mess of tangled limbs was what you two were. Your eyes fluttered open due to the sunlight streaming in through the openings between the curtains. Despite the drinks you consumed last night, you were feeling pretty great at the moment.

You felt his arm draped over your waist, his chest pressed against your back, skin completely bare, allowing you to bask in his warmth. You could hear the soft snores escaping his lips, and to your surprise, you found the noise pretty endearing, despite you despising the sound when any of your ex-boyfriends did it.

You couldn’t help but slowly turn over in his hold, managing to keep his arm thrown around you, to face him. You almost choked on a gasp at the sight of him.

If you thought he was gorgeous last night, he was ten times more beautiful like this. You had absolutely no idea how you managed to catch his eye, let alone spend the night with him. He looked like an angel, so pure and peaceful. Hair messed up and all over the place, its brown color contrasting to the pale color of the pillow. His eyes closed, eyelashes looking as long as ever as they rested against his cheeks. Lips parted slightly, looking swollen both from sleep and from your own assault on them only hours prior.

You scooted closer to him as gently as you could, your face now barely an inch from his. So close to his face now, completely sober, yet you felt drunk and dizzy on him.

Thoughts from last night started to cloud your head, memories of your heated activities coming back in flashes.

“Fuck, Jimin,” you moaned out as you rode him slowly. Your hands rested against his chest to balance yourself as you went up and down.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groaned out. His hands traveled from your thighs to your ass where he squeezed harshly before landing a slap to your right cheek, causing you to squeal in surprise and pleasure.

That only resulted in you moving faster against him, bouncing harder against his cock. The bed squeaked beneath your erratic movements, the headboard banging against the wall every once in a while.

“Jimin!” You cried out when he thrusted up against you, hitting you so deep you fell forward against his chest, your body weak with pleasure.

He took that chance to bend his knees and plant his feet firmly against the mattress, grabbing your ass in both hands to hold you still before he started to pound into you harshly.

Your cry was weak and hoarse, your voice nearly gone due to your screams and moans from your previous rounds. Your body jostled on top of his with the force of his thrusts, panting against his neck and digging your nails into the sweaty skin of his chest.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned out. He stopped his thrusts, and you were about to whine before he wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and flipped the two of you over so you were pinned to the mattress.

Your cries once again sounded throughout the arm when he continued pounding you into the mattress, headboard now banging against the wall with each and every thrust.


You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard his raspy morning voice, and you felt yourself blush slightly at your dirty thoughts so early in the morning.

“Morning,” you greeted back with a smile.

He tightened his arm around you and brought you in closer, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m a cuddler.”

“I don’t mind,” you chuckled and stroked his hair, quite enjoying the affection you were receiving. You rarely had one night stands, but you were pretty sure guys weren’t always this nice the morning after. If anything, a proper smile was too much to get from someone after a one night stand, tops. But this, this you were enjoying.

“You hungry?” He suddenly asked, removing his face from your neck to look at you with curious eyes. You felt shy for a second, not wanting to impose and thinking he was just an overly nice and polite person in general.

“Ah, thank you Jimin. You really don’t have to-”

“Come on, I’m not the best cook, but I can cook something up.”

He got up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers from his nightstand before pulling it up his legs, and you took a few seconds to admire the view of his back, so soft yet muscly, begging to be touched. Then you noticed a faint red over his shoulder blades, and you quickly realized they were your damn scratch marks.

You felt your cheeks turned red at the sight and you quickly turned away, your eyes quickly scanning the room in search of your clothes. They landed on a spot near the door, so you wrapped the sheets around you and got up to grab the discarded shirt and jeans. You held your jeans in one hand and threw them on the bed before grabbing your top. However, when you held it up and saw that it was ripped right down the middle.

Your eyes widened and you looked to Jimin who was stood there, mouth agape and cheeks tinted pink.

“Uh, I’m-” he cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck bashfully. “I’m so sorry. Here, wait a second.” He turned to his closet and opened it, flipping through hangers before he grabbed a plan black t-shirt that seemed a few sizes too big, but it would do.

“It’s fine,” you chuckled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jimin,” you said after you two finished eating. “For breakfast. And..for last night.”

He looked up at you with his sweet smile as he was putting away the dishes.

“It was my pleasure. Both of those things.”

You blushed for the nth time, before you looked down at your phone to check the time. Your eyes widened when you saw 8 missed calls from Yoongi, 5 from Hoseok, and 18 total texts from both.

“Shit,” you muttered under your breath and got up from your seat. “I think I’m gonna head out now.”

“Oh,” his smile faltered just for a bit but he managed to stop it. “Of course. I can drive you.”

“No, I couldn’t ask that of you Jimin, You’ve already been so sweet to me,” you smiled at him gratefully. “I can catch a cab from here.”

He reluctantly agreed, walked you to the door, and watched you walk away from his apartment.

You both felt a heavy sinking feelings in your stomach with each step you took away from him, and his feeling only double when you were completely out of view and he shut the door.

You frowned at the feeling. But you convinced yourself it was because it’s been so long since you’ve been with a guy in any way, and the one you happened to meet with last night seemed like a complete sweetheart and gentleman.

You hailed a cab and told the driver your address before deciding to distract yourself with replying to Yoongi. As you typed out a text, as if on cue, your phone started ringing with his name on the screen. You slid open the green button and placed the phone to your ear.

“Did you get laid last night?”

His question was so sudden you almost choked on your own spit.

“Yoongi!” You snapped. “Morning to you too, asshole.”

“I’m hoping that’s a yes.”

“It’s a none of your damn business.”

“Listen I’ll talk to you later. I just got home and I’m in desperate need of a shower,” you said as you got out of the cab.

“Alright, text me later.”

You sighed and locked your phone before placing it in your back pocket. You didn’t take notice of the large van that was parked right in front of your building, the trunk open and filled with boxes and bags.

You took the stairs when you saw that stinky old man waiting on the elevator door. You reached your floor in no time, walking down the hall, head down and looking for your keys in your purse.

That was a bad decision since you managed to bump into a wall. Well, what felt like a wall. It was definitely solid.

You stumbled back but caught yourself before you went too far, looking up to find a guy about your age, maybe a tiny bit older staring back at you apologetically.

“I’m so sor-”

“I’m really s-”

You both chuckled at your attempts of apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t even looking in front of me,” you said.

“It’s fine, really,” he smiled what seemed to be the cutest smile in the world, making him seem much younger than he actually was. “I’m moving in here. Do you live here, too?”

“Yeah, apartment 205. Welcome to the building. What apartment are you moving into?” You asked with a smile, and his smile only widened before he chuckled. You felt your stomach fill with butterflies at the simple sound, but you tried to push them down and keep them at bay.

“204. I guess we’re neighbors, yeah?” He stretched his hand out for me to shake. “I’m Jungkook.”

How to Fake a Marriage (Chapter 2)

Adrien Agreste is excited to go to London to get a degree in Physics- but he’s less excited about the ridiculous list of rules his father keeps giving him, especially since it’s clear that his father doesn’t trust his judgement at all. So what better way to rebel than to fake a wedding with one of his friends as soon as he gets to London?

(Chapter 1)

(AO3) (FF.net)

“Your father actually forbid you from dating?” Marinette asked in disbelief as she and Adrien finished putting away her groceries. Adrien had decided to put off his grocery shopping until the next day, since Marinette had invited him over for dinner on the condition he help her put away her groceries. He had been only too eager to help and spend some time with her. “That’s insane! He does realize that you’re an adult now, right?”

“I don’t think so,” Adrien admitted, folding up the cloth bag he had just emptied. “I mean, I sure it doesn’t help that I’m still doing the same stuff at Gabriel that I’ve been doing since collège. I might have a business degree, but I haven’t been helping with the administrative stuff for the company at all and that possibility hadn’t even been mentioned at all. It’s all photoshoots and commercials and fashion shows and ‘being the face of the brand’.” Adrien rolled his eyes. “Not that I want to be doing business or anything, but it seems like a waste after getting that degree and all.”

“And you didn’t apply to work anywhere else, or did your father forbid that as well?”

Adrien winced. “I, uh. Hadn’t thought of that. I just sort of assumed that since Father had been talking about me taking over the business end of Gabriel once I got my degree, I would automatically get some sort of job there.” He should have looked into that, probably, but then Plagg had pointed out that Adrien didn’t particularly like business, so why not study what he actually liked? Maybe now that he was in London, he could get some sort of part-time job using that degree so it wouldn’t go completely to waste.

Or maybe he could just focus on getting his physics degree. Considering that his father was paying for his living expenses, that would probably be easier. Besides, his father would probably object if he weren’t focusing all of his energy on his schooling.

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Speech-Language Pathology (sorry for the novel- I'm just really passionate about linguistics and SLP)

Hey, so I’ve seen some posts about jobs/applications of linguistics on a few different linguistics blogs now. One field I think many people don’t consider is speech-language pathology. Granted, it’s an entirely different degree; however, I was fortunate enough to attend a school that allowed me to get a bachelors in both linguistics and speech-language pathology. SLP deals a lot more with treating language and speech issues, but still requires a vast background knowing about language.

In undergrad, half of my linguistics courses and SLP courses were cross-listed/the exact same class. So getting an extra bachelors took just one extra semester and was very manageable. Often what I was learning in one class was reinforced in another. If I’m being 100% honest, linguistics is my passion. I could study nothing but languages for the rest of my life and be totally happy. However, another one of my passions is being able to help people and make a difference in their lives. And that’s where SLP comes in. 

Almost everyone (that I’ve met) in the SLP field has pretty much stuck to SLP/communication sciences and disorders (aka CSD), and will know a lot about language acquisition, articulation, various disorders, etcetera. However, having a linguistics degree/background (like I do) has provided a whole different level of depth to my understanding of the SLP field. Having studied phonology, syntax, and language change in not only English (my native tongue), but in also other languages, has given me insight to working with my clients that a lot of my peers don’t have. Often, CSD focuses on the language you plan on working with (in my case, English) and doesn’t always look at language as a whole. Like, why does /t/ become a glottal stop at the end of the word? Well, when you’ve taken a semester of phonology as a linguistics major, it’s easier to see and notice subtle nuances that most individuals in the field just don’t recognize. Having a background in linguistics has been nothing but beneficial to me in this field.

Speech-language pathology is a growing field (it’s still relatively new, compared to a lot of other fields), and it offers a TON of different opportunities. As a clinician, a speech pathologist can literally work with a person from the time they’re born (literally as an infant) all the way up until a person is on their deathbed. Granted, most people pick a certain specialty to focus on (e.g., stuttering, aphasia, autism, accent reduction, etc.), there’s always the opportunity to change things up and start working with a different population- that way, you never get bored. Currently, I’m working with a 3 year old and a 47 year old. So, as you can imagine, my therapy is very different. Not only is each day a new day with that client, but one day I’m crawling on the floor laughing and singing, and the next I’m working with a gentlemen on spelling his kids’ names.

With your bachelor degree in SLP, you can work as a speech-language pathology assistant (and it pays pretty well). With your masters degree (a couple more years of schooling and passing a national certification exam) you can do anything from work in a hospital, a school, or own your own private practice. Like I said, the possibilities are limitless. 

All in all, I’ve seen such improvements in my clients. I’ve laughed with them, I’ve cried with them. I’ve had parents thank me while wiping the tears away from their eyes because their child has accomplished things they were once told they would never be able to accomplish something.

This field has been tremendously rewarding. I wake up every day looking forward to the differences I can make in another person’s life, another person’s language. As linguists, I’m sure we all recognize the vital role that language and communication plays in our day-to-day lives. As a speech pathologist, you get to help improve the quality of life for others via language and their communication. 

I would highly, highly encourage anyone looking for a job/career path that’s passionate about languages to look more into speech-language pathology. Not only does one get to apply something they’re passionate about (i.e., language), but there’s an opportunity to make a difference- even if it’s just in one person’s life. And the field is constantly growing, with tons of different opportunities out there, across the entire spectrum of a person’s lifespan. 

TL;DR- If you love linguistics and also want a nice paying job, you should really look into speech-language pathology. 

ADHD Awareness Month:

Due to numerous factors my ADHD wasn’t picked up until 20.
My parents thought ADHD was kids (boys) bouncing off walls, they were shocked and kinda guilty they missed it when I told them about my diagnosis.
A breakdown of my symptoms and what delayed my diagnosis:
-Fidgeting. Idk why the fact that at 18 I couldn’t sit remotely still in a cinema wasn’t concerning to anyone.
-Talkative and talking at a fast pace. People just assume I’m talkative, I don’t notice I’ve talked for too long.
-Interrupt people when they speak. To be fair my entire family is awful for this. If there’s than three of us in a room and you don’t yell across someone no one will listen.
-Refusal to make social plans without a lot of coaxing and help. I couldn’t verbalise that I had no idea how to pull everything together and the thought of trying scared me and it my Mam numerous “just text and ask if they’re free” and her telling me where to meet them and what time to get my weekend plans sorted. She had no idea planning issues can be ADHD.
-Late to everything. My parents always ensured I was on time so my poor time keeping skills didn’t present until I was in my teens and weren’t an issue for school or work as my parents got me there on time!
-Memory issues. My Dad has a weird memory so we assumed I was just like him and had a randomly selective memory that opts not to remember to bring my sports kit home or take my keys with me when I left the house. My parents formed a habit of verbally and visually confirming I had everything I needed for the day before I left the house.
-Losing stuff due to forgetting where I put it. It was assumed I just lacked respect for my possessions.
-Difficulty with verbal directions or instructions. Didn’t present until I started needing to walk places, my parents just used visual landmarks or drew maps. My driving instructor just gave up and assumed I’d take a wrong turn. Long verbal lists of tasks quickly became my parents asking me to do one task, waiting for me to do it and then asking me to do the next.
-Daydreaming. I was just called creative. My doodling in school was seen as disinterested and rudeness.
-Unable to sustain concentration in school/ on school work. I caught up on my work and always managed to meet deadlines. I aced class tests because I had less work to revise (normally just one topic) and it was fresh. My poor exams results were seen and nerves affecting performance as I was always studying. I didn’t notice how much faster other students did work thanks to no daydreaming and I didn’t notice how much I daydreamed.
-Aversion of crowds and loud noises. Not necessarily ADHD but I can’t process crowds they overwhelm me and noises are very distracting for me and loud ones I just hate tbh, they hurt me more than they seem to hurt others.
-General overwhelming. A list of five things for my brother to do right now= him whining but doing it. That list for me= internal panic, that’s not on my mental schedule for the day, how will I have time for my school work that will take half an hour and do these chores that take half an hour when there’s only five hours before bed-time. Basically I end up just stood there, trying to figure out which tasks to start on and if I can say I have homework and most importantly trying not to cry from confusing.
-Forgetting to eat. Whenever my parents left me home-alone on a weekend it was only when they came home and asked if I wanted dinner that I realised I forgot lunch and probably hadn’t drunk much. But I didn’t say that I’d get a concerned lecture about eating disorders or responsibility depending on the day.

So, how did I end up diagnosed?
I moved out for uni, overcompensated for my poor attention and burnt out repeatedly in my first year and started ruining my mental health. Summer came just at the right time.
Then in second year, as my “pacing around my room in halls/ my house” became “going to bug my flatmates” it was finally evident how short my attention span was. My vocal stimming became more prominent (idk why) but I was still fidgety.
Add to that my flatmates saying they don’t really daydream and us running the ‘experiment’ of me writing a list (during a lecture) of every unrelated thoughts or daydream I had and the fact I was always seen as “weird” with no one able to pin point why (I think it’s because my thoughts move faster so I make different and stranger conclusions faster and don’t stop myself making weird inputs to convo) and I hit up google.
I’d consider ADHD before but now I was starting to believe it. I was managing, but struggling to keep my life on track. I was late to everything. Ate late because I forgot. Mixed up deadlines (but figured out early on I had the wrong date). Was always on the go just trying to stay afloat, I was still over-compensating my disorganisation by having an emotional attachment to my diary and still hated changes to my daily plans but I couldn’t find the extra time to make up for the fact our work was harder. Whilst most students saw their grades rise as they finally started to revise I saw mine fall as I was already at my coping limit and still spent more time daydreaming at my desk than working.

I knew I wouldn’t pass third year. I was at my limit and couldn’t fix my issues no matter how hard I tried. I just couldnt focus. Couldn’t get to bed on time or to lectures on time. All the issues I had growing up were suddenly impacting me because my parents weren’t there to help. I wasn’t close enough to my flatmates from first year for them to notice but it got picked up on in second year and the change of living environment allowed some issues (like leaving my chair and zoning out in conversation or lectures) to be more noticeable to me too.

If someone had noticed the combination of smaller issues and the work I put in to overcome them before uni…a lot of concern for my mental and physical health (and the reasons for those concerns) could have been avoided.
And I could’ve grown up not thinking I wasn’t as smart as we thought I’d be and that I was actually pretty stupid and should work hard so I could keep passing but shouldn’t bother aspiring to achieve anything impressive.
My uni course and career choice were made on those assumptions and I’m lucky I let myself risk applying for the course I thought would be too hard for me. Because it trains for an easy job I decided I could do (but one lecturer insists I’ll get too bored because it’s too easy and now I think that maybe he’s right- I can do more, I just need some help and there’s nothing wrong with that) but it allows gives really good openings to further training for the jobs I actually want. So I haven’t sabotaged myself just yet.

So yeah.
I talk (and write) too much but this time it’s needed. ADHD awareness is needed. The stereotype needs to fade away.
Because the route I had to take to be diagnosed at uni was painfully expensive and I’m lucky I survived academia this far without failing (like one cousin, also diagnosed at 20/21) or lasting mental health issues (like my other cousin, diagnosed at 18).

Dance Boy? Flower Boy?

Wanna One’s Park Woojin X Reader [ fem ver ]


Word count: 3786

• Woojin isn’t exactly happy on his second day of his summer job
• he really would rather be at his dance studio practicing but no, he got ropes into this ridiculous job
• maybe you will finally put a smile on this flower boy’s face :)

omf okay anon you’re changing the game here by requesting flower boy woojin oh god i can’t picture it but at the same time i can but tysm anon, this scenario was fun to write and i lowkey can’t wait to expand my flower boy series hAHAHAH should it be? let me know ;)

- admin L


Woojin glared at Daehwi, partially unamused and partially two seconds away from breaking Daehwi’s neck. He tossed the pastel coloured flyer back at the younger boy and scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Park Woojin rarely showed his temper, especially to Lee Daehwi, of all people. Hell! He had grown up with his boy and they were pretty much brothers! He hardly ever was angered by anything Daehwi had done. Woojin was shy, awkward and sometimes petty more than anything, so him flaring up over this was a huge thing.

Maybe his anger rose because, as much as it hurt his pride and image, he was also disappointing Daehwi.

“Daehwi, you know I’d do anything for you, but I can’t do this,” Woojin said calmly despite his clearly angered exterior. He shut his eyes, sucking in a deep breath to tamper his outburst.

Daehwi smiled sadly, folding back the flyer and tucking it back into his bag. He shrugged his shoulders and tried to look nonchalant as he said, “I-I guess it’s okay, hyung. I…I just wanted to do something interesting together this summer! B-but, I understand.” Even though he was visibly upset at Woojin’s upright rejection, he still hugged his hyung. “I’ll see you tomorrow! Don’t worry about it!” Daehwi skipped out of Brand New High School’s dance studio. He didn’t dance on the school team but he did attend classes almost every day at another studio, that’s how he got close to Woojin.

Woojin ran a hand through his bird nest like hair, letting out a sigh. He began to pack up his duffle bag but Daehwi’s offer resonated in his head.

Lee Daehwi, the president of English Language Drama and Debate Society, his best friend, had asked if he wanted to join him in working at the newly opened flower boy cafe for the summer. He was completely convinced that Woojin was the perfect candidate and that he would be hired.

Half the male population in this damn school is applying. What makes him think I’ll get it?

True, Woojin was looking for a summer job. It wasn’t like he desperately needed one but he figured he should slog a little to earn money instead of idling at home all day. But when he thought of a job, he didn’t exactly consider working at a flower boy cafe or even a coffee shop for that matter. He knew he could be shy and awkward, sometimes coming across as cold or menacing. It wasn’t a typical personality type for any job that required face-to-face human interaction. Things could escalate…pretty fast.

Ugh! I’m thinking too much about this. I need to start leaving before I miss the last bus home.

Woojin stuffed his water bottle into his bag, hastily changed his shirt and grabbed his bag. He locked the studio and left. It had become a regular routine for him. Staying back well after school, practicing hard for hours - on occasion, his good friends in college and Senior year like Youngmin or Donghyun would drop by and sometimes Daehwi kept him company - before being the last to leave the studio and locking up. The dance studio was like his home and he planned to spend every second of the summer dancing at Fantagio Dance Studio should he not find a job. Along with Daehwi, Youngmin and Donghyun, Ong Seongwoo, also danced there. He was a close friend during middle school but he enrolled into a different high school. He was now in the same college as Youngmin.

Perhaps hyung will have an answer…..I should ask him. He always has an answer to everything. I really hate to upset Daehwi, and he knows that. Hyung will know what to do. 

“Wow! That was great! Woojin, you worked hard. I can tell you have improved,” Seongwoo commented, beaming and he dabbed a clean towel to his face. He smacked Woojin on the shoulder, nodding in approval.

It was their weekly dance session. Originally, they would be taught and observed by a sunbae but Seongwoo recently started choreographing and teaching his own dance classes so he booked the studio to evaluate Woojin. He always joked that Woojin would soon be joining him on the board of choreographers and teachers. ( um he alrdy is tho ?? what am i doing with my life )

“T-thanks, hyung,” Woojin stammered, cheeks flushing pink and not solely because he had just finished an intense choreography. After he had caught his breath, he posed the question to Seongwoo. “Hyung, Lee Daehwi invited me to… work at the new flower boy cafe for the summer. Do you think I should?”

Seongwoo nearly spit out his water, his large eyes went wide, mimicking a manga character. He coughed and cleared his throat. “Well, funny you should mention that. Park Jihoon asked me the same thing and, u-uh…I applied for the job?” His tone went up an octave so it came out like a question. Seongwoo laughed and bashfully scratched the back of his neck. “Yah! Just because of this doesn’t mean I’m not your favourite hyung anymore. Besides, I think it will be a good change of scenery. Sure, I’m earning a bit through teaching but I suppose I need to try something new before I get too old,” he reasoned. “Woojin-ah, it’ll be fun. Come join us. I think it’s called Our Two Lips. Like tulips but….yeah. I’m not the biggest fan of it either.”

“Do you think I should apply too? Would I even qualify?” Woojin pressed, he really needed answers urgently! He began bouncing on his toes.

“It’s really up to you but I think it will be a good idea. Daehwi is sure to get in so I think we should all try to hop on board his flower boy train. But it depends on you, Woojin. What do you want?” Seongwoo chuckled in reply. “You’ll make the right decision. It’s up to you.” He ruffled his dongsaeng’s hair affectionately.

And that’s how Park Woojin found himself at 11.56pm applying for the job as a flower boy at Our Two Lips, four minutes ( sobs bc 4Minute ) before applications closed.

He wasn’t sure if he made the right decision or not. 

You were waiting at the traffic junction to cross the road, the illuminated red man glaring back at you. It was a pleasant summer day, the sky was Atlantic blue and white fluffy clouds dotted it, reminding you of cotton candy. You were on your way to meet a couple of your friends after dancing, they wanted to try out the food at Our Two Lips - the new flower boy cafe - and at first you opposed the idea but couldn’t pass up free food. There was no doubt your friends had dressed to the nines. Of course, you had changed into a more comfortable set of a trendy shirt and shorts but your dance bag was still slung around your body, you hoped it wasn’t a fashion disaster.

Even though you weren’t as interested in Our Two Lips as your friends, you were curious to discover the truth about rumours of Park Woojin, a sunbae at Fantagio Dance Studio and your crush, working there. You had been introduced to Woojin by Seongwoo, he conducted a class with just the two of you and occasionally, you’d see Woojin around the studio. He often went home late, just like you. Though the two of you were rather good pals, you figured that was all Woojin wanted the two of you to be.

Woojin was made out of the most perfect boyfriend material. He was diffident yet outgoing and a ball of energy. A true sunshine in its purest form. He was a gentleman, always holding the studio doors open but slamming them on Jihoon. You found their friendship hilarious. And like him, you adored practicing late by yourself in the studio, if he could, he would offer to walk you back home and at times, buy you a smoothie on the journey. Woojin mentioned his hyung worked there so he constantly got discounts. Still, you felt bad whenever he ignored your credit card and paid, it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside though. Seongwoo swore that the two of you would end up together by Christmas but you weren’t sure.

If Woojin is more comfortable being friends then so be it. We don’t even attend the same schools, he could have found someone else.

Just the mere thought of it caused your heart to crack. It was painful to imagine Woojin with someone else. It was selfish of you, you knew that but you couldn’t help the feelings bubbling inside of you. However, you knew where to draw the line. If Woojin really had somebody, you would back off. You weren’t going to risk losing a friend because of something like that.

Anyway, you made it safely to Our Two Lips and joined your friends in the booth they were seated in. True enough, all of them had dressed up very well.

“Oh my god! Y/N! I’m going to die! Bae Jinyoung from C9 International Academy is working here!” Your best friend, Lucy, yelled into your ear. Her face was practically comparable to her strawberry smoothie. Bomin whispered something about Sungwoon looking absolutely delicious in his flower crown and peach coloured button down. You kept your eyes peeled for Woojin, trying to spot even the slightest signs of his presence. Unfortunately or fortunately, Bae Jinyoung was managing your table. You weren’t sure if your heart was able to handle all that Woojin brought to the table.

Chaesol giggled when she saw your antics. “Yah, Y/N. We get it, you’re worried about your man. Bomin saw him a few minutes ago. Those rumours were definitely true.”

Lucy ‘oohed’, smiling knowingly. Everyone knew about your crush on Woojin, it was embarrassing yet you wanted the whole world to know.

Just not Woojin.

Anyone but him.

You were halfway through your red velvet cupcake when Chaesol firmly nudged you in the ribs using her elbow. She nodded her head to her right.

Finally, Park Woojin appeared. 

What did I get myself into? What have I done to deserve this? I did nothing wrong.

Woojin’s head was usually filled with jumbled up and meaningless thoughts but he was dead set on this one.

He officially wanted to quit this job on his second day.


All the customers at tables he served had asked him to do something sweet or cute which he became incredibly flustered at first but after the fifth time, he sort of numbed off and forced a smile on his face. It wasn’t who he really was. But he put on a mask and continued to work because he deserved his cheque after putting so much effort into his aegyo. Every few minutes, his flower crown would loosen and he would be forced to tie it back while running from table to table. It was just too demanding but at the same time, it was what he kind of signed up for.

I should be dancing, he thought. Maybe I’ll get to see Y/N at the studio instead of these people. No offence but I think that girl is a Freshman in Brand New High School and runs that creepy ‘hottest students’ blog. He shuddered at the thought of it. I bet that dude next to her takes all the pictures. Weren’t they suspended?

He was distracted and distraught. This really wasn’t his scene. In fact, he had been resting in the break room, needing fresh air, until Seongwoo shouted that Y/N had entered. Immediately, he was alert and felt energised. He nearly did a double take when he saw you seated in the booth, surrounded by your friends. You were laughing at a joke that Bomin made and Woojin thought your laugh was absolute music to his ears. Your smile lit up his own. He went about attending to the tables a bit more enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Seongwoo was busy telling all the flower boys about Woojin’s insane crush on you. Daehwi and Jihoon just stood in the corner sipping tea.

Woojin wasn’t around your table for the most part but one by one, your friends started to leave and you decided to sit and wait for him. He was rather perplexed you were sitting alone and since his shift was over soon, he tore off his apron and walked over to you.

“Hi.”  Woojin’s warm honey voice sent calming shivers down your spine.

“Oh! Hi, Woojin. Y-you didn’t mention you would be working here,” you mused, batting your eyelashes.

Woojin looked apologetic. “I’m sorry. It’s not something I want everyone to know of though,” he admitted, groaning slightly. “It really doesn’t suit me.”

You giggled and leaned closer to fix his flower crown properly. His heart nearly stopped functioning.

What is a normal heart rate? What is breathing properly?

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get better at your job. It’ll be fun, especially with all your friends around you. Just promise me I’ll see you soon at the studio,” you said, offering your pinky out for him to clasp.

He gladly did, beaming and showing off his charming snaggletooth.

“Of course, I’ll always be back home.“ 

This occurrence happened quite frequently.

‘This’ meaning you, visiting Woojin at his job at Our Two Lips after your dance session, some visits alone and other times with a bunch of your friends. They couldn’t shut up about how many times you had been to the stupid cafe you swore off. Daehwi, Seongwoo and Jihoon teased you constantly, especially when they bumped into you at the studio. They went on and on about how Woojin had seemingly become more lively whenever you were around him.

It was cute.

Woojin couldn’t be the one serving your table all the time and he looked apologetic. Maybe even a little ticked off when he saw how well you were getting along with Baejin. He resembled a sad puppy, shuffling away. ( i love dogs )

However, Baejin and Sungwoon were out of sight today and he finally managed to wait on you.

“Hello! I’m Woojin. What can I get for you today?” He greeted, smiling to show off his pearly whites. Today, Woojin had spent extra time clipping in faux flower petals in his hair instead of his flower crown. He wanted to try something new and different. You, for one, thought they were really pretty and unique.

“I like your hair today, it’s very pretty,” you complimented, waiting for a blushing, bashful Woojin to appear. His cheeks did flush a bright pink but instead of completely melting down, he came back with a heart fluttering response.

“Thank you, but nothing compares to your beauty,” he replied suavely, clasping your hand and bringing it to his lips.

If you could, you would have chemically combusted right in your seat. You cleared your throat but your current heart rate wasn’t exactly cleared off the ‘seizure’ line. “Ahh, look at you. Your confidence is soaring. What happened to the old Woojin?” ( o, the old woojin can’t talk right now. why? he’s dead )

Woojin fiddled with his pen and notebook, a key sign that he was getting really…shy. Or impatient. There was no in between. You quickly placed your order and he shuffled back to the kitchen, self-consciously patting his clips.

Oh my god, Y/N just complimented me! I should go and check to see if my clips are in place.

“Yo, Sungwoon hyung, cover for me for a second.”

He raced to the break room and broke open his backpack, rushing to touch up his makeup and neaten his appearance. Woojin took a deep breath before stepping out again, refraining from clutching his heart.

“Are you going to confess?” Sungwoon asked, smirking. “I think you should. Y/N has been waiting for you ever since you started. She’s a keeper. Not to mention she always has supported you in your dance.”

A million thoughts ran through Woojin’s mind. Suddenly, a lightbulb ignited in his head.

“Sungwoon hyung,” he started, voice dripping with honey. “Could you…help me with something?”

Sungwoon grinned and crossed his arms over his chest. “You can count on me.”

You were mildly surprised and amused when Woojin literally hopped towards your table.


Okayyy, this so isn’t like the Woojin I know but this is pretty funny.

Woojin set your smoothie on the table. He bounced in his place and made rabbit ears. “Y/N, has bunny Woojin hopped into your heart?” ( woOJIN SWEETIE I AM SO SORRY ) He bobbed closer, fished out a flower from his back pocket and proceeded to offer it to you.

It’s like they had high-quality flowers lying around all the time. Who’s paying for these? You wondered but gratefully accepted the stalk, thanking him. Still, he didn’t leave.

“Y/N, did you know that bunnies hunt? I think I’m on the hunt for your love,” he professed dramatically.

This is Seongwoo….This is not Woojin. Seongwoo has possessed him.

You burst out laughing and forced yourself not to cringe. “Ugh! Who taught you these?”

Woojin pouted. “Yah! I thought of these. It was so hard! Am I not cute?” He whined but his voice started to waver.

You smiled and patted his shoulder. “You’re like the Easter bunny, sweet but hollow on the inside. Woojin is cute but, but not as much when you’re like this. I’m not saying I totally hate it though. The first one was good,” you confessed, hoping he wasn’t hurt. “Thanks for the flower anyways. It’s almost as gorgeous as you.”

He nodded sheepishly and backed away when Jinyoung called for him.

You sighed and rubbed your temples. No wonder he hates his job, but his aegyo isn’t terrible. I bet Daehwi has been teaching him a few tricks. Should I save him as flower boy on my phone now? 

“Hyung, full offence but your idea was terrible,” Woojin blurted out flatly, face hot. “She hated it!”

Seongwoo raised a perfectly plucked brow. “I only suggested it. It’s on you that you went with my suggestion,” he retorted, pointing out the obvious and smiled smugly when Woojin had no reply.

“Woah! Calm down, there’s still a ton of other things you could do! Don’t give up yet, hyung,” Daehwi encouraged. He shoved a bunch of things that Woojin was unfamiliar with into his arms.


“Just go!”

Woojin stared at the strange items. He had no clue what to do with those. Is this a pink bow hairband? And silly string? What does Daehwi even carry to work? He was confused and slumped in defeat.

I’ll just need to accept the fact that Y/N is the sunshine in my life. She gives me warmth and makes me happy but she’s too distant and hot to touch.

Sungwoon found him sulking in the break room - there weren’t many people at this hour - and joined him. He rubbed his back affectionately. “Yah, why are you like this? Don’t be demoralised.”

Woojin squeezed his eyes shut, leaning his head on the headrest of the sofa. “I don’t know. Nothing’s working out for me. What am I going to do?”

“Well, I know you appreciate all the ideas and help we’re giving but maybe….maybe you need to strip that off. Just go to her like the Woojin she knows and loves. You have to be yourself,” Sungwoon advised. He hoped that his hypothesis would work.

“B-but how? How can I do that? I’m so awkward and shy. I’m not good at aegyo or anything of that sort,” Woojin groaned. He looked like he wanted to pull his hair out.

Sungwoon hummed. “I’m sure you will figure it out. I can help you with one component. Just tell me what Y/N’s favourite dessert is.”

That was a no-brainer for Woojin, he knew the answer immediately.

Sungwoon nodded as he stood up. “Got it. I think you know what to do too.“ 

You were tucked in your chair, head buried in your novel you needed to study for literature over the summer. The cafe was quiet and cozy, just the way you wanted it to be.

An envelope fell on your table, but whoever delivered it walked away before you could see who it was. Puzzled, you peeled it open.

Dear Y/N,
it’s me.
park woojin.
I wanted to thank you for being an amazing friend, always staying by me when I’m dancing late at the studio and now, even visiting me at work and supporting me. It’s crazy how far you’re willing to go for your friends.
I suppose you deserve to know a few things. If not, it’d be unfair to both of us. I just want to say that I like you.
Like, I genuinely like you.
As more than a friend.
I don’t mind if you don’t feel the same way but I want us to still be friends.
If you do feel the same way, put the letter down and look on your table.

With your heart about to thud out of your chest and butterflies erupting in your stomach, you complied and set the letter on the table. You gasped at what was placed on it. It was your favourite dessert that Woojin always bought for you when you walked past that cafe. It wasn’t even on the menu here. You could feel tears brimming your eyes, you were touched beyond belief.

Next to the dessert, a cursive 'be mine?’ was written in chocolate sauce. You clasped your hands over your mouth.

It’s happening! It’s really happening!

Woojin settled in the seat in front of you, his gaze locked with your own. "So,” he started, confidence surprisingly coming off strongly in his tone “I guess you now know. Y/N, will you date me?”

“YES!” you squeaked, earning a few curious stares. You pretty much threw yourself on him, crushing him in a bear hug. Woojin only laughed and kissed the top of your head.

“Who knew you were such a big romantic?” You teased but your voice was muffled by his chest.

“Who knew you would fall for a hopeless romantic?” Woojin retorted, raising his eyebrows. “Are you serious? You like me?”

In reply, you pecked him on the cheek and nodded. “Yes. For like a long time now.”

“I hope you’re my girlfriend for a long time.”

Discreetly, in the kitchen, upon hearing the excited shrieks, Sungwoon reached over and high-fived Jisung.

“We make a good team, bro.”

“Bro, your hands are so nice.”




Finally, I feel now that I can say that I’ve earned my BA in Linguistics from UCLA! It’s been an amazing four years (counting Ohio), and I’m beyond grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow. From the parties, sleepovers, and late-night De Neve runs to the study sessions, extra office hours, and all-nighters in the Hitch study lounge, I’ve gained an impressive treasure-trove of knowledge, not just about linguistics and cognitive science (and the classes I took for fun), but about life, and who I am as a person. I’m proud to say that I’ve grown immensely in my college years, and I hope I will continue on this path I’ve set for as long as I live. 

Yes, I’m going to miss college. I’m going to miss it a lot. These four years have been a breathtaking, spectacular, sometimes-frustrating-but-always-amazing whirlwind of new opportunities, challenges, and growth. These are years I’m going to look back on for the rest of my life. But even so, I know that this is not my whole life. I have so much to look forward to in my future, and the final, best gift that UCLA has given me is the power to face that future with hope and grace, both for myself, and for others.

I will never, ever forget the friends I made during the years I spent at the best school in LA (@ ya USC 😜), and I know I’m going forward to make new memories with them, even brighter and more beautiful than I could even imagine. The future’s ours, Bruins and Bruin-friends. Let’s go out and make it ours!

movedtoradiolariia  asked:

hello, i was just wondering what the etiquette is after sending an online job application? the website said that this company usually replies within 4 business days, but it's been two weeks now. should i send a follow-up letter? and if so, do you have a script for this? i really appreciate this blog and i hope you have a good day :)

I would absolutely send a follow up letter! Here’s what you should include:

Dear {company name},

My name is {your first name}, and I’m writing to inquire about the {position you were applying for} that you were recently hiring for. I sent in an online application on {date you sent in application}, and just wanted to check in with you. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me at this time, and thank-you for your consideration.

- {your full name}
{your phone number}
{your email address}

I love the phrase “please let me know if you need any additional information from me”, because it makes no assumptions. It gives the person you’re writing to the space to say “yes, we’ve received your application, we’ve just been busy” or “we’re not hiring any more, but thank-you for your inquiry”.

If they aren’t going to hire you, write them back and say “Thank-you for your time, I hope you’ll consider me for future positions”. And they WILL. 💕

Keep me posted babe!

TEACH ME | Chapter Two

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masterlist (you can find the previous chapters and the rest of my writings): https://urbanstrangersfanfics.tumblr.com/post/165038874661/tom-holland-masterlist

Chapter Two:

The next morning you wake up with a message from Tom in which he asks you to go together to Oxford Street.
He didn’t say anything specific about your next lesson and you - must admit it - are curious.
Yesterday Tom opened your eyes. Maybe, he is right, you should try to be more feminine and straight your hair more often.
You stand up and head to your wardrobe full of baggy and old clothes.
You sigh. Candice is the answer to all your prayers.
Reluctant, you go to Candice’s room just across the corridor and knock a few times on her door.
Candice has a year less than you and she is your antagonist. She likes clothes, pink, make up and she spend more than one hour in front of the mirror before a date. Maybe you should become a sort of middle way, being more feminine without give up on your tastes.
Since you don’t hear signs of life, you open the door to find your sister asleep in her bed. Without making noises, you tiptoe till her wardrobe to take a black skirt and a pink blouse. Something simple but still far from your typical outfits and you can’t help blushing imagining Harrison’s expression to see you in your sister’s clothes.

“I cannot believe my eyes” Tom exclaims as you reach him in front of Forever 21.
You do a small twirl so that Tom can see all of you.
“What do you think?” you ask, more nervous than you could imagine.
Tom bites his lower lips and nods, his eyes lingering your legs.
“Harrison would definitely approve this.”
You blush at his compliment.
“What are we going to do today?” you change the topic and Tom moves his gaze from you to the street.
“I was thinking that maybe we can do some shopping. I have the impression that someone lend you her clothes.”
“Actually, she doesn’t know I’m wearing her clothes” you bite the inner of your cheek while Tom chuckled.
“Even more so, we have to buy something nice for you to wear. Harrison need to change his mind.“
Your heart clenches a bit to the memory of what Tom told you the night before.
"Sure” you shrug, trying to avoid the memory “where can we start?”
“We can start from ‘Forever 21’” He turns around to point the window shop.
You wrinkle your nose but at the end you ruefully accepted.
Three shops and thousands of dresses after, you still haven’t found anything that you like.
“What about this one?” you ask Tom showing him a black sheath dress with a diamond strip under the breast.
Tom wrinkles his lips and “Ok, try it. I’ll wait you outside the changing room” he sighs following you to the changing room area.
You start to undress you and then put on the dress, finding the zipper hard to close.
Reluctant you move the curtain apart and call Tom.
“What’s up?”
You blush a little “The zip got stuck… Can you help me?”
Tom just nods as you turn around.
Tom lingers a little before unzipping your dress. Even if you can’t see him, you have the impression that his hands are trembling as he moves your hair away from your back. Tom’s hot breath hits the back of your neck and suddenly a waterfall of shivers start to run down your spine, making you gasp.
“You look stunning” Tom whispers.
You look at your reflection in the mirror and you can’t help smiling.
“It really suits me” you giggle.
Tom lowers his head while his left hand meets yours, making you turn around so that you can face him.
“Listen Y/N, tonight a friend of mine is throwing a party. Maybe you can join us.”
You start nodding “Yeah sure. I don’t have plans for tonight. Sounds cool.”
“All right” Tom gives a hint of a shy smile “I can pick you up at 9pm if you like. I also think you should wear this dress. I bet all the boys will be drooling.”
“Do you know if…” you bite your lower lip, unsure of your question “Do you know if Harrison is coming to the party?”
Tom expression clouds, he takes a step back from you and his hand leaves yours. “Honestly I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him.”
“Oh, never mind” you said, a bit disillusioned.
You keep quiet until Tom claps his hands with a weak “Fine” he gasps again “ I have to go now, it’s getting pretty late and… uhm, see you tonight.”
“I guess so” you make a pause “Can I ask you to unzip the dress again? I don’t want to get stuck again.”
Tom comes behind you and unzips the dress for you. You are about to thank him when his cold hands caress your spine, from the end until the upper part, and then your naked shoulders.
An unknown heat swarm you, from your bowel to the rest of your body.
You open your mouth to say something but the second later Tom is already gone, leaving you alone with your own thoughts.

Saying that you are nervous is reducing, you are literally panicking. You have been to several parties but never alone with Tom in a house full of strangers.
A part of you is telling you to stay at home and watch some old episode of 'Criminal Minds’ while the other part advices you to check if Harrison is coming or not. After the episode in the changing room you don’t know if you can trust Tom 100%, what if he leaves you alone at the party?
You shake your head.
“Do you think it’s a good idea going to the party?” you ask your sister who is curling your hair.
“Of course, it is. You can meet new people and maybe you find a way to detox from Harrison.”
You stick your tongue out, making Candice laugh.
“But tell me more about Tom. How is he?”
You stiffen “He’s… ok
“Just ok?” Candice asks you.
“All right, he is more than ok but he is just helping me. I’m sure that with his tips Harrison will see me more than a simple friend.”
Candice just nods, not fully convinced.
“Ta-daaaaan” Candice exclaims once she finished curling your hair “you are so pretty and I’m definitely the best makeup artist in the world!”
“Candice, you just apply mascara and eyeliner” you point out.
Candice pants “Yeah but I applied them on you, the most annoying girl in the world. Do you think it was easy for me? You were a whining mess, always complaining!”
You chuckled at your sister’s exasperated expression and look into the mirror.
Candice has made a really good job, you look like a complete different person now.
“I don’t want to be a pain in the ass but you should probably get going” Candice says with an annoyed tone.
You look at the time on your phone and your eyes widen, 8.57pm.
In a rush you collect your phone, bag and shoes and the second later you are outside your house.
Tom is already there waiting for you, his back leaned on the side of his car as he was playing candy crush on his phone. For the party Tom is wearing a pair of black trousers that swaddle his toned legs, a white button-down shirt and a leather jacket. You clear your throat to gain his attention and you blush a bit when Tom whispered a weak “Damn it”.
“You look good as well, Tom” you smile.
For the first time ever, Tom looks uncomfortable and vulnerable near you. It’s a strange feeling but you like it and all you can think of is taking advantage of the situation.
During the way to the party, Tom doesn’t say a word, but you can see that he looks at you every time his eyes aren’t on the street.
This make you gain some confidence and you enter his friend’s house with your head held high. As you walk into the hall, you notice a few guys checking you out and you smile back.
“Stay with me, darling.” Tom says giving a dirty look to every guy who’s staring at you.
You just nod as Tom’s strong arm enclose your waist.
“So” he whistles on the crock of your neck “are you ready for your second lesson, darling?”

next chapter is going to be published next Tuesday :) hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam! You may have answered this already a while ago (sorry if you have), but I was wondering whether it's standard protocol to email an interviewer after the interview to thank them. Thank you in advance for your time and help! :D

It used to be standard procedure to send a thank-you note to everyone who interviewed you, like an actual physical one, before email became a thing. Then for a while yes, the post-interview email was standard, but it starts to get complicated… 

Previously, the thank-you note or email was a courtesy, and a gentle way of reminding someone of your existence, but it was also basically one more way of proving you know how to play the game, like you understand the rules of professionalism. And it was much more common when the person interviewing you was the person who would hire you but not necessarily the person you would be working with (as is still the case with a lot of retail jobs). Nowadays it’s often the case that the person who makes the hiring call is also going to be your boss or coworker, and they are generally not trained in the ways of HR, so they have less rigid expectations.  

A lot of people outside of the actual hiring business aren’t aware of this protocol and a lot of people who are aware of it don’t expect it – I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get a thank-you note from someone, but I never expect it and it doesn’t influence my feelings on whether we should hire them, since generally that’s been handled by the interview. So the question is, does it come off weird? Well, not really, especially if you do it right. 

In general, to be safe, I would send one especially if you’re applying for an office job. They can be very simple – just “Hi [name], I wanted to thank you for seeing me yesterday; I had a great time talking about [something you talked about that is vital to the job]. If you have any questions we didn’t get to cover in the interview, feel free to get in touch! Sincerely, X.” 

Though it is important – if you did not get their email address, don’t go looking for it, in general that is seen as kind of creepy (not in my job, but my entire job is creeping on the rich, so). If you didn’t get the email of the person you spoke with, you can always drop a line to the person who set up the interview or the interviewer’s scheduler/admin and say “I wanted to thank you for setting up the interview with X; I had a very enjoyable and educational time speaking with them yesterday. Please pass along my thanks to them as well for the interview.” Always be polite to the admin! :D 

Good luck! 


A Symbol of Strength


I forced myself to walk back into that office with my head held high, ignoring the fact that it was genuinely, utterly humiliating to be back there.
Molly and Sasha were shooting me encouraging smiles as I scurried past our desk, but Niall was literally cringing on my behalf, teeth clenched and shoulders tight. Niall wasn’t exactly the best person when it came to hiding his true emotions. His bloody face would just give away the whole thing.
I smiled back at them as much as I could, ignoring the looks on everyone else’s faces because I knew they’d just be wondering what the hell I was doing back there. It was better not to look their way, because I already had a million reasons to run back out of there, and I was trying my absolute best to fight that instinct that always kicked in, the one the made me run and not face up to things that I needed to.
It was something I really needed to change.

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Hey guys!!!

We are back! Sorry, I disappeared for like 3 months! My phone broke and I’m broke soo….. no phone … but that is okay!! Everything is coming along! Gwen and I have jobs in Denver and Kimmy is our lovely stay at home dog mom! (Also it’s her birthday today, more on that further down) We are still trying to get stable housing, but good news, we are applying for one we should get into this next paycheck.

Our dogs are amazing still and eat way better than we do. Nova claimed Kimmy as her human, and Stella has attached herself to Gwen. They have been amazing for Gwen and Kimmy’s health. It really is beautiful how our family is coming together.

We are still currently living in the van, but we eat and are doing okay, only problem is car insurance came out and I only have 9$ to spend on Kimmy tonight. I had a lot planned and I had to scrap half of my plans because the money was gone and had to move some of it to later this month. But I wanted to get her a cake and some baskin robins ice cream (her favorite) for tonight, and I can’t do that with what I have. Any money would be amazing!! I need around $50 for everything, so please if you want to help us celebrate Kimmy’s birthday (@spideygirl) our PayPal is littletransgirl18@gmail.com!

Thank you all so much!
You’re all fantastic!
Sincerely - GEK
(Gwen, Ember, Kimmy)
@gwennspacey @emberbrekker @spideygirl

I Put a Spell on You (IV)

Prompt: The flowers in the garden are the woman’s most prized possessions - for good reason.

Summary: Y/N owns a magical garden in the quiet woods of Southern France. There, she tends to her flowers- the things that keep her safe, that give her purpose. No wonder they’re her prized possession, but will her wellbeing be threatened when the deceiving Unseelie Fae set their eyes on her?

Warnings: Sexual Assault- nothing graphic, but still uncomfy

Pairing: Bucky x Witch!Reader

A/N: Shit’s gonna hit the fan. 

I  II  III  Masterlist

Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagines13

You were unsure of what time it was, but you awoke in your kitchen, standing completely still, and unable to move. You tried to speak- but your throat tightened, making it nearly impossible for you to breathe. You tried to move your arms, your legs, they stayed completely put. You closed your eyes, focusing on breathing through your nose as best you could, staying calm. The lavender was helping, but you were unsure of what was even happening.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I am very interested in concept art and I want to take it professionally sometime in the future, when i am able to improve ofc. May I ask if you have some tips on how to actually get started on it, like lets say I want to work in a game dev company how do i approach this and what should be my initial step. Or even as a freelancers how do i put myself at there as a starting point to make people notice me?

Ahh… I think… you’re asking the wrong person because I did everything wrong… Im probably going to tell you things you already know but I guess I can share my experience and what I’ve learned?

A little background, I was an international student from Malaysia and i studied in California for 5 years. I didn’t go to art school but I went to a community college and then transferred to a university with an art program. That means I only did art for my final 2.5 years and spent the rest of my time completing the General Education requirements. This is cool and whatever except Im the type who’s obsessed with getting good grades so I put a 100% of my effort into every class I took, from marine biology, to calculus and astronomy etc etc. As a result, I didn’t spend as much time doing art as I should’ve been, especially when it was going to be my chosen career. 

My first 3 years I had a solid 4.0gpa. I was really proud of it! And then one of my art professors found out. He sat me down and asked me if I knew that in the art industry, grades and school doesn’t matter at all. I knew. He told me that while my grades were impressive, i shouldn’t tire myself out on subjects that wont matter and concentrate on building a portfolio instead. I did that for a semester (and my grades fell lol) but I couldn’t let go so in the end, I graduated summa cum laude with a 3.91 and a lousy portfolio. 

As an international student in the states, you have 90 days to look for a job or you’d have to leave. If you do get job, you have a year to work before you have to leave (unless your employer decides they want to keep you and your work visa gets approved). For me… I totally lost confidence in myself and my art. Writing a cover letter was so hard because i didn’t believe in what I was typing. My portfolio was a mess and my resume was… full of things that didn’t pertain to art. So I only applied to 2 places I think, didn’t get a reply, and left after my 90 days were up. 

When I got back, I applied to the first 2d illustrator job opening i saw and got the job. Worked there for 10 months, learned alot and then quit (because despite having a really good well known art director, he didnt know how to direct the artists under him, he just knew how to make his own work amazing and the studio was beginning to move away from concept art gigs anyway). I did a few freelance gigs after that but they were mostly referred to me from my ex-boss. Since then, I’ve been working on my own originals and as you can see, fanart stuff. I decided to give myself some time to do all the things I wanted to do while in school but did not do because i was too busy studying. I have until the end of this year before I gear up, revamp my portfolio, and join the industry fray again!  

I KNOW you didn’t ask for my life story but I feel that you needed to know that I havent been successful before deciding to listen to what I have to say! (Also I guess I still feel this regret and disappointment and needed to unload…) 

So basically, don’t do what I did! Here’s what I’ve learned though!

1) Network! 
If you are in school, join an art club. If its a good club, they’d bring in industry professionals to give seminars or portfolio reviews. Participate! I have friends who got their first job through their networking efforts. Go to events that industry professionals attend! Like CTN Expo etc etc. Attend the panels and if they’re doing a portfolio review, GO FOR IT  

2) School
Is not important! If you’re in school studying art, thats great! If not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about which school you attended or if you even went to school at all. If you’re the right person for the job, you’ll get hired regardless.

3) Portfolio
Is everything. Put work in your portfolio that you wanna be hired for. For example, if you’re going for an environment artist job, don’t fill your portfolio with comic work. ADs don’t have time to sieve through your portfolio for what they’re looking for. That said, research the studio you wanna work for and create your portfolio to match. Your portfolio shouldn’t contain all your work, only the best ones. 

4) Social network
You should share your art online on every available site to increase the reach of your audience, but more importantly, share it on the sites that really matter! You probably already know but sites like artstation and drawcrowd, where concept artist congregate, are where you should be! Its also a good place to gauge the current industry standard and try to match up to those standards. ALSO, sign up for artstation’s job listings!! I get an email every 2-3 days from artstation listing job openings from around the world (but mostly in the states and europe).
Follow art directors on their social network! Occasionally they’ll post a job opening and a call for entry!

5) Just try…
Even if you don’t think you’re good enough, just apply for every job you can cause you’ll never know… 

6) Resources
If you haven’t already, please follow dearartdirector. In fact, i think if you asked them this same question, they’d have a better answer for you because… you’re asking actual art directors…

Subscribe to levelup on youtube! They do interviews with industry professionals and talk about how they got their jobs and how they develop their skills and stuff! Its really insightful! 

Thats all i have for now… I don’t think I helped… but I’ll be trying again next year so lets work hard together!! 

skincare recs

okay here we go! stuff I’ve loved in the last two months

  • &other stories chambray micellar water - I bought this cause eva chen used it, that’s all it took. it’s really good, I wanted to try something other than the garnier micellar water I used for a while. plus I would buy anything &other stories puts out, clothing or beauty wise
  • herbivore blue clay mask -  formulated to reduce existing blemishes while deeply detoxifying the skin - it really leaves your skin super soft and works great w blackheads/acne (can be drying, moisturize after)
  • skinceuticals phyto corrective masque - okay so I’ve been battling redness in my cheeks that comes and goes so I’ve seen this masque recommended by one of the bloggers I follow and decided to give it a try. it’s really expensive for a mask however I use it on a weekly basis so it should last me a while! so far it’s done a better job than anything I’ve tried so far. another bonus and what I really love is skinceuticals’ website which is so informative, it’s skincare nerd level 900 which means I’ll probably order more stuff from them
  • pai camellia & rose gentle hydrating cleanser - for dry & sensitive skin  or those with rosacea. with the liquid comes a little cloth you can use for a better cleanse! it’s super gentle. what might be a little bit weird is it applies to dry skin (I usually prefer wet skin with cleansers cause I normally use foam cleansers) but you get used to it! 
  • anese slay. mushroom serum - revive and glow serum; this is on the expensive side of things but you’ll see results after 1 use. it gives this glow to your skin - I don’t see the “smoothing” effect that much but it does work with making your skin look younger and overall more glow-y a lot 
  • dr. jart+ cheek & eye lift patches - smooths your cheeks & under eyes real nice. if you put the patches in the fridge you can use them twice so you get four uses out of one box
  • josie maran 100 percent pure argan oil - I really liked argan oil for my hair so I decided to give it a try for my skin too. I ordered the smallest packaging of 15mil to test it out and so far it’s been doing amazing! no break outs (it says its for sensitive and acne prone skin on the packaging which is why I went for this brand). it really helps with hydration without clogging up your pores
  • mario badescu rose water - I was really skeptical about paying actual $$ for something that would “refresh” my face? it sounded weird but so many people are obsessed with this I was like okay, let’s try it. and boy was I wrong to doubt it, it makes you feel so luxurious and it really makes a difference with your face, it looks more nurtured? worst thing is I am going through this so fast because I can’t resist spraying it on me every time I walk by my skincare shelf 

anonymous asked:

The other day a girl from corporate came to my store (retail fashion aka hell), told me she's leaving her job next week, and that I should apply for it. She gave me her email and her supervisor's, and I sent them my resume. This morning HR calls to say they want to interview me. But I have to tell my store manager first...The store is understaffed, but I NEED to leave. Been there 4+ years and it's really starting to take its toll mentally and physically. Wish me luck.

Zynga hiring scam warning

I was recently hit with this horrible scam, i needed some time to recover before speaking about it but please help me spread this to warn others!!

TLDR; Scammers are Impersonating the real company Zynga and are targeting artist looking for work. They try to get you to deposit a check and then have you send it to a “vendor” they runaway with the money and you’re held responsible for almost 5k of fraudulent money. 

Update: Zynga’s HR team is aware of this scam and are doing their best to put a stop to it. 


It started out innocent enough I received an email telling me that they found me as an artist though a looking for work jobsite that i actually use

They told me a VERY nice job was open and that I should apply for it.

I thought no harm right? It was a really nice job so i probably wouldn’t even get the position but, like many freelance artist needing the work, I decided to apply anyways

I go an email the next day saying that they liked my portfolio and was selected to move on to get interviewed! I was so excited about the opportunity at an interview that i went to sleep early on my birthday in order to wake up the next morning to do this “interview”   

unfortunately I think i’ve lost the messages to this “interview” but they had me do it all over text?/ google hangouts. At the time this seemed suspicious but the man conducting this interview seemed on the up and up? every quested they asked sounded like a real interview question, they asked me about my experience and if i knew how to use a list of industry standard programs. I got good feed back and by the end of it all He had me convinced that I did great and that i had gotten the job. At this point i was easily swept away all doubt gone They said they were going to send me a contract letter and everything.

But then finally came the scam

After convincing me that i had gotten the job they told me they’d pay me in advance to be able to buy everything I needed to work from their “trusted vendor” 

Thank fully The whole time I had been speaking to friends about this, One of which actually knows people who work for Zynga and pointed out to me that all the emails and names were fake. I was able to back out and block them all before things went too far but if i hadn’t they would have had me send them four THOUSAND dollars of fraudulent money that i would have been held responsible for. 

SO PLEASE these people are horrible and purposely targeting artists! They are going out of their way to impersonate a legitimate company to trick people /looking for work/ out of what little money they have. I’ve also heard that other artists have been hit with a similar scam recently but i cannot say if it was the same.  If you’re an artist please keep an eye open and if something feels fishy trust your gut and don’t bother with it!