i really see her as his only mother

Nigh Skylines 2: Forbidden Fruit

These days I was depressed once again. I had found a new part of myself when I bumped into Lexi. I hadn’t seen her since the day she went to the hospital. My mom forbid me from any contact with Lexi or her mom. In fact i couldnt leave the house. Only for school. I never had anything to do so being at home all day never really phased me but now that Lexi had introduced fun into my life, i knew that home was the last place I wanted to be. Last week was kinda crazy. I watched my own father kill his self because he wanted to see me. I saw my best friend raped by her own father. I saw a mother cry; her child unconscious in a hospital bed. I realize that Lexi gave me life. Before Lexi i was existing but with Lexi i was living.

Chapter 1

I was searching through amazon, tired, looking for nothing, just online window shopping. Tinashe bumped through my speakers. The old shit not the doing too much trying too hard new shit. At this exact moment i happened to be looking at pocket pussies. Sex toys always seemed so one sided to me. Niggas had pocket pussies and women had a bajillion things but i realized i was kinda wrong. Kinda. As i scrolled there was a tap on my window. I thought nothing of it, maybe a bird or something just stopping by. But then the taps got louder. I went to my window and low and behold there was Lexi. She was looking good, like nothing had ever happened. I opened the window and let her in. “Wats good nigga” she spoke as she attempted to dap me up like a nigga. I scooped her up into a hug and laid my anxiously awaiting lips on hers. For about 3 seconds our lips danced and then she pulled away. “Ewww you like this frog face ass bitch.” She said with a look only Gavin the facial expression boy could recreate. “She’s beautiful fuck u mean” i responded. “ Oooookaaaay. If thats what you call it” she snapped back at me. “What u doing kiddo?” She asked as she grabbed my computer. “Ohhh i see you tryna cheat on me!?! You tryna get ya dick wet!!” She screamed. I ran up to her “stop screaming girl. My mom is here.” I told her. “Oh i feel like i got a couple more screams in.”
She told me as she pressed a button on her phone and suddenly Alicia Key’s Like You’ll Never See Me Again was playing as i thought to myself how tf she do that. She grabbed me and put her arms around my neck and mine around her waist. We slow danced to the music. Nothing could kill this happiness. As i laid her down on my bed and begin to kiss all over her. I felt like i had did this a hundred times. My tongue slow tracing the outline of her body. Her moans synchronized with Alicia’s melodies. She reached down and grabbed my dick. That was it. I moved further down her body to try my first foray at eating pussy. As I was about to give my first lick. Alexia stopped me. She looked me deep in my eyes and once again i could feel the seriousness in her soul. “ Go slow. I think I love you.” Were her exacts words, that pierced through every last cell in my body. Shit was even realer now. “I love you too baby.” Was all I could say. And with that i gave my first slow lick across her whole pussy and watched as her body began to become mine.
I gave her another slow lick and then begin to flick my tongue like i didnt even know i could. My tongue was in sync with her soul as i was beginning to feel her tense up. Her eyes were closed and i was nose deep in her. I changed my tongue pattern and she put me in a death grip. I was gonna finish the job on my first try i thought to myself. And thats when i felt something go across my face. Something hard and soft at the sametime. It wasnt soon that i felt it again and this time fell on the floor. I think i was concussed. There was a ringing in my head. I could hear snippets of conversation. “In my gahdamn house, who the fuck you think you is, do i look like boo boo the mother fuckin fool to you?!?!?” It was my mom with a broom. And she was beating the shit out of Lexi. Just as she had beat the shit out of me…

dan and kevin sibling hc's

•dan is average height. kevin is 6'2". think about it.

•they have family dinners with wymack and abby on the weekends, and with every family dinner, the more dan gets to see who kevin really is under his exy-obsessed exterior

•she knows, now, that he only loves and breathes exy so much because it brings him closer to his mother

•later, in the future, she’s talking to someone and refers to kevin as her brother. she doesn’t catch the slip up until much later, and even then, she doesn’t really think it was a mistake

•kevin and dan becoming gossiping buddies with Sibling Nights. it started when kevin interrupted dan’s Girls Night one too many times and allison and renee got so fed up with him they left

•kevin usually wears whatever face masks dan buys for them and tries to learn how to paint nails without fucking up. he gets better. eventually.

•Kevin showing up to one of their Gossip Nights with four bags hanging off his arms. one is for snacks, two is for fun beauty products he saw that he wanted to try, and the fourth is magazines. they have a blast that night.

•kevin, during practice and before games, likes to stand behind dan and look menacing. it doesn’t work a t a l l, but when neil starts being captain, it starts working on the freshmen


•dan cries for a solid minute and a half bc hello, her baby brother has grown up so much and also fuck gender roles

•kevin, while waiting for his nails to dry and a clay mask cleaning his pores: do u think andrew would do this thing for me?

dan, flipping through a magazine and waiting for her charcoal pore cleaning face mask to dry: don’t waste ur time thinking about him babe neil is his new man

•this, of course, launches a whole discussion on Neil “Death Wish” Josten

•they bond over their mutual mother hen tendencies when it comes to this 5'3" asshole

•matt is jealous only bc they don’t invite HIM to their Sibling Nights, mostly because hello, he loves face masks, and he loves when he gets his nails painted fun colors, and c'mon dan just one time i’ll be chill i promise!!!!!!!

•let these two siblings be happy

Fantastic Beasts

• ok first of all just the fact that newt Scamander EXISTS
• and the leader of the macusa, basically equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, is a woc
• the fact that everything only happened because Jacob wanted to open a bakery and make people happy
• that tiny lil niffler and its cute pouch and newt’s little tickles to make it open the pouch
• meeting tina Goldstein
• “mustard”
• that quidditch pun “I’m more of a chaser myself really”
• newt’s Hufflepuff scarf
• queenie who at first you think is going to be a ditzy blonde
• but then she turns out to be absolutely amazing and gorgeous and kicks ass
• also Tina seeing her mother in the execution room
• credence barebone
• and newt’s mating dance
• literally every second of it
• and the “don’t hurt my creatures”
• saying ‘mummy’s home" to his creatures
• and also Pickett the lil bowtruckle
• and credence barebone
• and colin farrell
• also the execution room when newt was trying to get Tina to trust him
• and credence barebone

It’s different being really young and still having hope and being of a certain age and having hope. It takes much more courage. Knowing all the truth and seeing so much bad shit and still having hope. I think it’s way more brave.

Sure it’s sweet when you see a child or teen who is so sheltered and they still believe in all the best of people cause they weren’t as touched by the world.

But to see someone like Daryl that since from a very young age until late in life was only abused,mentally and physically and taken for granted still find within himself to give someone else hope. To offer comfort and hope to a grieving mother. It’s really not a mistery how he got himself a place on Carol’s heart.

(Not to mention on Consumed where he was doing his best to convince her she wasn’t burned away and that they could still start over again)

I just think about the fact that everyone thought badly of Daryl or judged him. Andrea,Rick,many of the group on season 2,The Claimers,Beth,Negan. They all think he is a bad or problematic person(or in the villains’ case they think he is “one of them”) but Carol very early on season 2 could see beyond all this and she knew he was a good man. Carol sees him as a man of honor.

Carol was hurt by a man who she thought she loved and who she thought loved her back. I just think it’s beautiful the way she loves and trusts Daryl. 

He is not like everyone else to her. He is the person she trusts the most. She sees him as someone who saves and protects even strangers. She said:

“That’s just who you are”. Like,he doesn’t need to apologize for not killing. Carol would never scold Daryl for being who he is even if she disagrees.

I hope one day not far from today Daryl can find out how much he means to Carol and that he is the thing she loves the most in the world or God help me.

maui can do anything but float

i really like the idea that at some point moana teaches maui how to swim. i know that we see him do a bit of breaststroke, y’know, when he hurls himself into the ocean to get away from moana and the heart, but still. i think it’d be cool to see moana teaching him how to swim, how to actually swim, more than a couple of strokes? 

because that way, not only does moana get to repay him for teaching her to sail, but she also helps pull him out of his past. it’s clear from the movie that his mother’s abandonment still hurts him, and moana is just so loving, she’s the perfect person to help him get away from it. she’d be helping him move on, away from the people who abandoned him and further into the island with the family who loves him. 

She's mine

Listening to jcole’s she’s mine pt 1&2 has really allowed me to see how passionate he is about his, how beautiful it is to be in love, how scared and excited he is to have a daughter & how the possession he will have of her as well as her mother how he nurtures both

Ugh it’s just honestly so beautiful and as a fan I am in awe x3

Sam Winchester-Doll faces

Title: Doll faces

Pairings: Sam Winchester x young reader, Winchester brothers x young reader

Word count:2051…the most I’ve written I think!

Winchester brothers owe a friend a favour and babysit the reader and their sister, only that Sam can see the reader isn’t how a child such be.

‘’Be good. Thank you boys so much!’’Your mom sighed in relief as he clapped Dean on the shoulder gratefully. You tensed your jaw, trying to avoid looking at the strangers. Lily (your sister) however jumped up and down as grinned at the brothers. 

‘’It’s no problem, really’’Dean smiled, giving her hand a squeeze. 

‘’Yeah, we owe you’’Sam nodded, agreeing with his brother. Your mother placed her hand against her heart as she gave the boys a awe filled look. She whispered another thank you before petting Lily’s head. 

‘’Be good, Lily’’She warned playfully, tone teasing. She turned to you, everyone watching you now. You squirmed pulling your sleeves tighter over your knuckles as your mom shuffled awkwardly. 

‘’Erm… (y/n)…’’She trailed off, glancing up at the confused boys. The shorter one didn’t seem to be that confused since he wasn’t really focusing but the taller one was staring at you with confused eyes, trying to figure you out.

‘’See you guys later’’She said, rocking on the backs of her heels as she petted the top of Lily’s head and stalked off. Sam’s brows furrowed as he raised a brow at you. You were never close with your mom and didn’t like people getting close to you so she just left you alone. 

‘’So. What are we gonna do?’’Lily grinned. She was the complete opposite of you, she was loud and confident. You were quiet, broken and scared. 

‘’Let’s go get something to eat!’’Dean cheered, chuckling when Lily nodded enthusiastically. Dean walked ahead with Lily to the Impala but Sam stopped and waited for you, then walked with you. 

‘’Hey, your (y/n) right?’’He asked, smiling gently at you. You gnawed at the inside of your cheek, heart thumping as you nodded slightly before letting your head drop and your hair fall over your face to hide you. 

Sam scrunched up his nose, he didn’t know what else to say, you weren’t exactly co-operating. The conversation was a little one sided. ‘’So, erm.. (y/n). What sort of things do you like?’’Sam asked. Desperately trying to get you to respond, but when you shrugged Sam finally gave up and nodded. 

You sat in the Impala, buried in the corner as you peered out at the world rushing past in a hurry. Such a hurry. You leaned your chin on your palm, elbow braced against the windows ledge as Lily talked the Winchesters away. 

You heard them asking her questions, her responding and vice versa. You heard them laugh and chuckle. But you didn’t see Sam glance at you from the rear view mirror. 

Sam turned around in his seat, hair falling in his eyes as he smiled softly at you. ‘’Hey, (y/n). You okay back there? You’re awfully quiet’’Sam asked. You said nothing but spared him a shy glance. 

‘’Oh, she never talks. She doesn’t like people getting close to her. She prefers to be alone’’Lily butted in. You wanted to scream at her then and there, but of course, you kept your mouth shut. At the words, Sam’s eyes softened, Dean glancing up at you. He knew exactly how that felt. 

Sam was confused though, a child shouldn’t be like that. Lily had no right to tell them that. Sam turned back around and Dean decided to start another conversation to relieve the tension. 

You fiddled with the sleeves of your long top, picking nervously at the ruffled edges. You climbed out of the Impala, Sam once again walking behind with you. You both said nothing but he kept glancing at you from the corner of his eyes as though he was deep in thought. 

You shuffled into the booth, squirming when Sam climbed in next to you. You was however, grateful how his large form hid you from prying eyes. You shuffled further into the corner, you had a thing for corners, you felt they hid you from everyone. You felt safe there. 

‘’So what do you guys want to eat?’’Dean asked as he looked between the both of you. Lily said her order excitedly, there wasn’t a moment where that girl wasn’t excited. You however said nothing. 

Both Winchester brothers looked over at you. ‘’(y/n). What about you?’’Dean asked. He watched you but you just glanced up at him and said nothing. Sam looked at his brother as they shared a look that only they would understand. 

Sam decided to try since he had been trying to bond with you from the beginning. ‘’Why don’t you have a little thing if you’re not hungry then?’’Sam asked gently. His voice was like honey, it was soft and comforting. But you knew you weren’t safe with anyone. 

You shook your head and the Winchester brothers both sighed but dropped it. They knew they couldn’t exactly force the food down your throat. 

The food had came and everyone began to eat. Dean had taken Lily to find the toilets since she had no idea where they were. Sam looked over at you, he raised his brows slightly before fishing a fry from his plate he dropped it into his mouth before pushing his plate closer to you. 

He smiled encouragingly to you as he nodded. He frowned when he watched you shrink away from him. What the hell could have happened to the kid that made them this bad. ‘’It’s okay. If you’re not that hungry, you can just have a few of my fries’’Sam nodded. 

You didn’t want to take a fry from the tall man’s plate but you were hungry. You hadn’t ate in a while. You looked up at him, bowing your head as you hesitantly plucked one small fry from his plate. He smiled at you when you nibbled at the end of it. 

‘’You can have some more. I’m actually quite full’’Sam lied, pushing the plate closer to you. He held his breath waiting. He watched as you glanced at him with your puppy dog eyes that almost killed the hunter. 

Yes the strong, been-though-hell Winchester was melting like putty in your hand at the sight of your puppy dog eyes that he had to admit, was better than his. He sighed in relief, happy when you went for another fry. He noticed you were hesitant so he braced both elbows on the table and looked around for Dean. 

He pretended he couldn’t see you plucking at his fries, from the corner of his eye. Dean finally came back without Lily which meant she was at the toilets. Dean’s eyes narrowed, forehead creasing as his brows drawn in on each other when he spotted your shyly nibbling on Sam’s fries. 

Sam caught his brothers eye and shock his head, warning Dean not to say anything. He had just got you to eat, he didn’t want Dean to ruin it. 

When Lily got back you all headed back to the Impala, heading to the Bunker. Dean stopped Sam just as he was about to reach and unlock his door. He flashed his brother a confused look before Dean spoke up. ‘’Dude, you got her to eat?’’Dean whispered. 

Sam nodded, shrugging. ‘’She was just to shy to order anything. If you don’t give her to much attention she’ll eat.’’Sam shrugged. Dean narrowed his eyes wearily. It was strange how Sam was the only one who got you to eat. 

‘’Just don’t get to close Sam. You know it’s only for two days’’Dean reminded. Sam’s brows creased in confusion. 

‘’I know. Dean, getting her to eat doesn’t mean I’m getting attached’’Sam scoffed slightly.

As soon as you got in you all headed for the living room. Dean sat with Lily on the couch watching some show whilst Sam sat with you on the large wooden table. 

You played with the tips of your fingers, unsure of what to do. You were in a big open space and you hated it. You needed a corner. As soon as Sam got up to go to the toilet, you headed for the halls. You walked down the long hall before settling yourself down in the corner. You pulled your knees up to your chest, arms wrapping around them as you rested your head on the tips of your kneecaps. 

Sam came back from the bathroom, brushing the water droplets on his jean cladded thighs. He did a double take when he noticed you weren’t were he had left you. 

He thought about calling for Dean but stopped himself half way. He knew it would probably only make matters worse since if you were hiding, you would just hid more if everyone’s attention was on you. 

Sam quietly stalked off, whispering your name every now and then as he began to go into a slow jog around the bunker. He stopped jogging when he spotted you curled up in the corner. He frowned, nose scrunching in confusion. 

He slowly stalked towards you, careful not to frighten you as he knelt down in front of you. ‘’Hey Kiddo.What are you doing out here?’’Sam asked. You jumped slightly, you eyes had been closed since you were drifting off to sleep. 

Sam kept his voice low not wanting to wake you up fully since you were half asleep. You said nothing and just looked away. Sam sighed, letting it go as he watched you carefully. He titled his head, licking his bottom lip as he tried to figure you out. 

He noticed a small strand of hair that cutely curled up in front of your eyes. He had to stop himself from brushing it out of your eyes. ‘’Kiddo’’Sam said as he got down into a crossed legged position. He sat opposite you, elbows resting on his knees. ‘’You okay?’’He asked. 

You nodded straight away, not missing a beat. You were so used to nodding straight away you didn’t even have to think about it. You tried to keep eye contact but you just kept nodding off. Sam spotted and stood up. 

He stopped and turned around when he noticed Dean carrying a sleeping Lily. Dean nodded towards Sam. 

‘’Gonna go put her in bed. You found her’’Dean said, referring to you. Sam turned around glancing down at you before nodding. Sam noticed you had a thing for hiding in the corners. At least now he knew where to look for you. 

Dean walked off into a spare room. Sam turned back to you. He would’ve picked you up too but he knew that probably wasn’t a good idea. He bent slowly as he held his palms flat out towards you. He was giving you the choice. 

You looked up at Sam, eyes weary. You reached your hands out, shaking slightly. You reached towards Sam’s hand, pulling them back instead before stopping and reaching back out to Sam. He waited patiently seeing you were having a argument with yourself from just thinking whether you should let him help you up. 

You finally let your hands fall in his and Sam had to stop himself from cooing at how small they was in his large ones. He gently hauled you up and walked with you to the spare room. 

Sam would scratch his head, fingers curling and uncurling on themselves as he scolded himself to not pick you as he watched you stumble and knock into walls from how tired you were. 

You finally made it too your room and into your bed. Sam flickered the light off wishing you a goodnight as he spared you one last glance before leaving. 

Sam went back to bed, flopping down on his bed as he shut his eyes tiredly. Everything was perfect till a loud scream sounded. Both brothers were quickly by Lily’s door, gun in hand as they looked at each other seeing Lily was gone. 

Sam grunted running a hand through his hair. His eyes widened when he remembered you. ‘’(Y/n)!’’Sam breathed out rushing to your room. He burst the wall down hoping that fi you was in there you wouldn’t hate him so much for the loud noise but his heart stopped when he saw you wasn’t there. Sam grunted smacking his palm of the wall as he turned around and froze. He spotted you peeking out from the wall as you watched with scared eyes. 


Inktober got enough away from me that I gave up like a loser, and just started working on finishing the inks I did manage to get done.  Here is Maeglin with white anemone flowers, who I tend to think got kind of a raw deal in life. I mean, yes, made some very questionable choices, but…

Got to see his father murder his mother, and then be the only elf I’m aware of who was actually executed. Then he got to grow up in a city with a totally alien culture surrounded by people who I strongly suspect felt more guilt towards him than love. (Not really Turgon’s fault, but still rough on his nephew.)

The bit where he sold Gondolin out to Morgoth and then tried to murder his cousin’s husband so he could have her for himself are pretty questionable, but he did do both of them after being captured and tortured by the aforementioned Morgoth, so I dunno if we can call either of those choices freely made or anything.

Monsta X React to their mother saying she loves you

(I feel like this is one of those reactions that only requires minimal dialogue, the gif explains the rest)

Minhyuk: Seeing his mom with tears in her eyes, he’d give her a quick tight hug before he would explain happily, “Mom, there is no reason to worry. I’m never going to let (y/n) go. She means too much to me to lose.”

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Wonho: He would be relieved that his mother approved, “She’s not going anywhere, I’ll make sure of that. But… she really is something isn’t she?” He would look over at you happily, thinking about the future.

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Jooheon: He’d look from his mom and over to where you stood and smile, “I love her… I won’t let her go. I’d be stupid if I did that.” He’d chuckle lightly and blush after just admitting that to his mom.

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I.M.: He’d at first look at his mother surprised by what she had declared, but would excitedly reassure her. “Mom, it’s alriiiight! She’s here to stay, I’m sure of it. I’m just glad you love her as much as I do.”

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Hyungwon: Seeing his mom teary-eyed, he would end up hugging her. “She’s not ever going to leave. I can’t give many details now, but you’ll know why soon enough.” he’d said softly and smile.

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Kihyun: He’d smile brightly and wipe away his mother’s tears, “there’s no reason to worry. She’s not going anywhere, I’m planning on us staying together for a very long time.”

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Shownu: After hearing what his mother said, he would be speechless- but in a good way of course. “Oh mom.. please don’t worry yourself. She won’t be going anywhere, please don’t cry.” he’d finally say.

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This month is getting really busy really fast and I don’t approve of that. 

~BangtanBunnie <3

Okay I’m finally going to just get all my ranting about Scott McCall off my chest because holding this in is so exhausting. Scott McCall is one of the most interesting characters in anything I’ve ever watched/read. Scott McCall is a bi-racial teenager who was raised by a single mother. And not only does he not blame his mother for throwing his father out, but he always grew up to be like her. Instead of the typical “My dad’s not around, I’ll do whatever it takes to make him want me in his life again” plotline, Scott McCall decided to fully embrace being raised by a strong woman and takes after her in several different way. 

Scott McCall is a teenage boy who sees worth in everyone, because there was a time in his life where no one really saw any worth in him. He knows how it feels to be ignored and not thought of as anything special. And instead of using his werewolf powers/True Alpha status to look down on people, he uses them to help others. The world has been trying to taint him since the pilot episode of this fucking show but he won’t let it. 

Scott McCall as a 17 year old dedicates himself to becoming a better son, a better student, and a better friend. He got his life together mere months after being bitten and turned into a werewolf (and an even shorter amount of time after the girl he loved broke up with him). And the only reason things got fucked up again is because not only did a supernatural serial killer start ‘sacrificing’ innocent people, but a pack of powerful Alpha werewolves showed up with the intent on practically weaponizing Scott. The Alpha pack wanted Scott for his True Alpha status alone because it would give them all more power. Not only has practically every season been about someone trying to weaponize Scott (ie Peter, Alpha Pack, Kate) but every single season includes countless amounts of people treating Scott’s overall personality as some kind of weakness. Try and name three characters on the show who haven’t at some point make a jab about Scott being “too nice” or “weak.” Whether you think it’s true or not, the fact that the underlying theme in all the villians is that they want Scott for his power and dump on the reason he HAS THE POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Scott McCall is the True Alpha because he fights without having to kill. He believe in people and unless proven wrong, he gives them a chance. In a world as ugly and tainted as the world we live in (Let alone the Teen Wolf world) it is so fucking hard to find someone who honestly believes that people are good. Scott McCall is the True Alpha because he has fought against impossible odds and still refuses to become a monster. And people (within the show and within the fandom), label him as weak?? It’s so hard to hold onto hope. So hard. Fighting a constant battle against evil for the sake of others and still believing in pure goodness takes a hell of a lot of strength.

Scott McCall is an amazing person, and has been throughout the entire length of the show. Even if Scott is flawed (which he obviously is and always has been) that just makes him even more interesting. You don’t have to be perfect to be a hero. You don’t have to be perfect to be a leader. You don’t have to be perfect to earn power. You don’t to be perfect to be wirth loving and worth fighting for. Scott McCall shows that and has been showing that for almost five years now and y’all are still bitching about how ‘boring’ and ‘weak’ he is. What more could you possibly want out of a character?


Just a short drabble for Jily Valentine’s Week. It only veryloosely fits the Bookstore AU requirements but I don’t really care. Becausesometimes I like to pretend my cuties never died and Harry lived a normal, happy life.

“Oh, for Circe’s sake, Harry. Keep up,” Lily demanded as they navigated through the crowded street of Diagon Alley. She had never seen the place so crowded before and it was starting to make her nervous.

“You better listen to you mother,” James said and although she couldn’t see his face, Lily knew he was smirking. The git. “You wouldn’t want her to hold your hand, would you?”

Harry, who had been too busy searching for his best friend, Ron Weasley, snapped his gaze to the back of his mother’s head. He wouldn’t put it past the woman to humiliate him like that so he hastened to catch up to her.

“There’s a good lad,” James said, slapping his son’s back.

“Why’s it so crowded,” Harry asked as he dodged another giggling teenage girl.

“I’m not sure,” Lily said. She looped her arm through James’, feeling much more relaxed now that she had an eye on her entire family. “Maybe there’s…” she trailed off when they reached Flourish and Blott’s. Grinning and winking down at them was a giant poster of Gilderoy Lockhart.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Lily said flatly.

“Aw, did we really go school shopping the same day that ponce decided to have a book signing?” James whined as they pushed through the busy bookstore.

“Mrs. Weasley fancies him,” Harry said. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards, trying his best to keep his teasing off his face.

The three of them watched as Lockhart strutted around the back of the building, making extravagant flourishes with his arms as he posed for the cameras. Lily and James were horrified when the man made the announcement that he would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Ignoring the comically large peacock quill Lockhart pulled out of his robes, James turned to Harry and said, “Harry, your mother and I will not hold you accountable for any detentions you get for tormenting your Defense professor this year.”

“Stop it, James,” Lily scolded, lightly hitting her husband’s shoulder. Her eyes flashed dangerously. “Our son knows better than to get caught.”

What I could gif of Shoutan’s Birthday Livestream  XD

Was really adorable! Even if I could only watch the last ten minutes, it was adorable

He called his mother, and as soon as she picked up, she wished him happy birthday! 

In the end(I believe when she was sending a message to the fans), she was clearly crying on the other side, and Shoutan was trying so hard not to do the same ;_; really adorable. I’m glad he’s surrounded by happiness! Happy Birthday again, Aoi Shouta~~ 

So you know how we know nothing about Kakashi’s mother, other than the fact she died sometime before he was 4 and entered the Academy? And how we don’t know why he wears the mask? I mean is that little mole really worth wearing a mask on your face your entire life? Probably not. And at 4 would he really care if people knew he looked like his dad? I mean, the mask didn’t really hide that either.

But what if his mother had a mole just like it, maybe not in the exact same spot but somewhere on her chin, or maybe right above her lips. What if that was the only physical trait he inherited from his mother, since we know he is the spitting image of his father in looks. 

And what if, to a small boy who was much smarter than any child that age really should be, seeing that mole when he looked in a mirror, or when he caught a glimpse of his reflection in a window or a puddle or any reflective surface he passed by was just too much to handle because it was his constant reminder of who he got it from. Of who should be there, but wasn’t anymore. 

What if he started wearing the mask as a way to cope with the loss of first, and often overlooked, of the many precious people he lost in his lifetime?


So, I’ve also had this idea. It is a different take on the whole soulmates business but I’ve thought about it long ago, after being inspired by the previous season.

The kind of soulmates who fell in love in heaven where their souls existed but then were separated and didn’t meet on Earth up until that moment.

A mysterious kind of conection formes between the two of them and Dean finds himself thinking about Reader all the more, seeing her practically everywhere.

But imagine if: When Amara told him he would have what he really wanted was not only his mother but Reader as well.

And imagine Reader remembering it all and recounting all those beautiful moments they had in heaven together. And Dean having flashes of them one after the other.

And he finds himself falling in love with her, for the first time finding the peace he needed.

He wants to deny it and fight it because this life doesn’t afford attachments but Reader tells him she’ll always be by his side and even if he doesn’t remember it she’s already seen teh most vulnerable parts of him already.


Little Padawan Sarada…. daughter of Sakura a member of an old race really strong with the force. and her father Sasuke who was consume by the dark side in the past (common among his curse family). she lives by herself and doesnt have any memory of her parents…. the only thing she remembers is the color of her mothers hair. which is a rare thing to see in the entire galaxy. 

Maybe i dont know haha….. feel free to let your imagination go wild and contribute and change the story if you want. (and let me know so i can draw more hehe)

color more detail versions soon. 

Sorry I’m Late (Part 2/?) (Rogers/Stark/Barnes x reader)

Part 1

After hearing what Steve and Bucky were up to from Clint, Tony didn’t feel much like working and retreated to his room, not really feeling like interacting with anyone either. He had been sitting on the edge of his bed for nearly an hour, unmoving and staring at the picture on his phone, trying to see any part of himself in it.  Seeing your mother in you was easy and he remembered her well, though they were together only a very short time.  The longer his eyes lingered on the picture, the more unfocused they became, and eventually he had to force himself to look away.  

Waiting to hear anything was torture, so even despite the warning from Barton to not interfere, he tried to call Steve only to get no reply.  Tony was growing more frustrated by the minute, finally tapping his fingers harshly over the screen to convince the Captain to respond.

Steve, I know what you’re doing.

Rogers, answer me.  

You’re really toying with a new level of pissed off, and I’m not going to be responsible for my actions if you don’t reply to me.

Steve, come on.  Please just give me something.

When no reply ever came and his anger had reached its peak, Tony threw the phone across his room and watched as it smashed into the wall.  “FRIDAY, I need the current coordinates of the quinjet, and a flight plan loaded into the Mark 45.”


Steve held his hand steady and waited for you to make any kind of move.  You continued to stare at him with wide eyes that glowed under his light, but you had yet to speak.

“(Y/N), I won’t hurt you, I promise.  I’m here to get you to safety.”

“How can you get me to safety,” you said in a strained and harsh voice, “when you are the one in danger?”

The Captain pulled his hand back just slightly and sighed, “there’s no one here.  They’ve all left and you’re the only one.”  He thrust his hand forward again, “They seem to have left you behind, (Y/N).”

I’m here, Captain Rogers.  Do not rule me out so quickly.”

“You know who I am?” Steve asked, more surprised than he was at the sight of you.  “How do you know my name?”

“We all know your name. They were my first words.”

He now fully retracted his hand away from you, feeling that he should be more cautious with an uneasy sensation growing in his stomach.  “How long have you been here, (Y/N)?”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Captain.  This has always been my home.”


As Tony flew through the sky, he played information from every file known on you or your mother, which were very few and very vague; he didn’t even know your name, so his search was already limited and extremely frustrating.  He hadn’t seen your mother in over twenty years, and would never have thought that she would enter his life again in any way, much less to find out that she had given birth to his daughter and had never told him.  

His frustration grew to anger with each mile closer to his destination; with each passing mile as he neared the HYDRA facility that Steve and Bucky were now searching in hopes to find you.  He could understand why they didn’t tell him right away, given how he was now reacting, but that wouldn’t allow them forgiveness for keeping such a big secret from him.    

“Boss, you’re within one mile of the specified coordinates.  I have a confirmation of the location of Captain Rogers and Mr. Barnes.  There appears to be only one other person on the grounds with them.”

Tony snapped out of his thoughts at FRIDAY’s voice and looked at the screens she began to fill with information on the base below.  “Is it a woman, about twenty years old?”

“Yes, sir.”

He could feel his heart begin to race and pound within his chest, with a cool dampness moistening his palms and forehead as his breathing quickened.  “No, not now,” he groaned, “this really isn’t the time for this.”  A slight wave of nausea washed over him just as he lowered himself to the ground, throwing the suit open so that he could get as much air into his lungs as possible and panting as he knelt down.        

“Tony!  Tony, are you okay?”  Bucky ran to his side, but didn’t come close enough to make contact.  “Hey, you look pretty rough.  What happened?”

Stark raised a hand to stop him and slowly brought himself back onto his feet to stand and face him.  “Why, Barnes?  Why are you guys doing this?  And please don’t deny what’s going on, because I already know.”  He leaned his back against a nearby tree to help hold himself upright, even though his body wanted nothing more than to collapse and forget everything around him.  “What are you trying to accomplish with this?”

Bucky held his position but averted his eyes to glance back at the building that Steve was still within, not aware that he had already found you.  “We’re trying to do the right thing here, Tony.  When this information came to us, we needed…” he paused, locking his gaze with Stark, “we wanted to do this for you.  To prove that you could trust us.”

“You mean to prove that I could trust you.”

“You can choose to believe me or not, but I just want to do the right thing, Tony.  I’m not that other guy anymore.”


Steve had been staring at you for several minutes before he spoke again, but his voice was much quieter now and almost sounded afraid.  You didn’t trust what you were hearing, however, as Captain America had always been described to you as cold, angry, and blood thirsty for anyone who was against him.  It was unnerving to hear him this way, and you now wondered if it were a ploy to get you closer to him.

“Were you born here?”

“I don’t think I owe you any answers about my life, Captain.”

“No,” he sighed, “you don’t. But I would appreciate the answers to just a few questions, if you would allow me to…”

You looked at him skeptically and continued to keep your distance from him.  He hadn’t reached out for you again, but you resolved that if he did, you would make your move.  “I was not born here, no.  My mother brought me here when I was only a few months old.”

“Did she ever talk about Tony Stark?”

“You mean my father? No.  I know nothing of him other than the name, and I don’t want to know. He abandoned us.”

Steve felt his pulse quicken, knowing that what you had said wasn’t true, excited to be able to tell you. “No, (Y/N), he didn’t abandon you. He doesn’t even know you exist. Your mother never told him.”

“My mother was cold, calculating.  She never told me she loved me, she never even told me she that she liked me.  It’s no surprise to me that she wouldn’t tell him.” You swung your legs forward from your crouching position and sat back against the wall, still under the harsh beam of his flashlight.  “She raised me within HYDRA with only one purpose, and it would seem that my purpose is no longer necessary.  If they have all left, then they’re not returning, and as irony would have it, I’m being rescued by the man I was raised to kill.”

“Come with me,” Steve pressed, despite the revelation of who you were, “let us help you to find your own life.  Let me introduce you to your dad.”

You opened your mouth to speak but recoiled at a loud bang from the door behind Steve.  A man with dark hair and a metal arm approached and spoke to Steve in words too quiet for you to hear.  When Steve turned his attention back to you, he shone the light over you again so that the other man could see.  

“Buck, it’s her.”

Bucky leaned down and studied your face, making sure that you matched who he had seen in the picture and in his own mind; making sure that if he was going to bring you out to Tony, he had to be right.  

“(Y/N), I’ve come for you, just as I always promised.”

Part 3

Isabelle & Alec - Ep 5.

These two broke my heart this episode.
They are both going through some really tough family situations at the moment.

After talking to Clary and hearing all about Clary’s wonderful mother, Isabelle is brushed aside by her own, receiving only a nudge on the shoulder before watching Maryse embrace and kiss Izzy’s older brothers. The moment her mother arrives, she can barely stand up for herself confidently as her mother rebukes her for her connections in the Downworld. I just really wanna give Izzy a hug…

As for Alec, he is constantly being reasonable and logical in all his actions and just wants to carry out his duty to his family and the Clave. No one else really seems to see that and their actions, especially those of Clary, are continually getting Alec in trouble. Clary is constantly breaking Clave rules and going off of her own accord, dragging Jace along with her; and who gets blamed for it by his mother, parabatai and the entire clave?


I LOVE, however, that Izzy is always there to stand up for Alec or side with him.

Like, when Jace gets the message that Clary left the institute and blames Alec, Izzy is instantly questioning why Jace blames their brother for Clary’s actions.

Or when Jace says that maybe Alec’s best isn’t good enough, Isabelle reprimands Jace for saying something horrible to his Parabatai like that.

And she can totally see when things aren’t going great between Jace and Alec, she asks Alec if he and Jace are okay and when he says he doesn’t know, she looks at him sadly and recognises that he’s going through a rough time, especially now that he’s losing his Parabatai to Clary.

I just really love these two and their relationship with each other.

i am trash have more dilf!eren and pining!levi there will be even more of this bc i love it blame that masterpost that perksofbeingawaifu did omf

[part one] [part two] || [part four] [part five] [part six]

i wanted to write some farlan too so here you are

“God, I hate this job,” muttered Levi as the door closed behind his last customer and her screaming child. He’d been working at the corner shop for a little over a year to help support his mother with the rent and really the only decent thing was that he got to work next to one of his closest friends.

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“You know who J.M. Barrie is, Steve?” Tony asked quietly. “He was alive during your time, for awhile anyway.”

“Peter Pan,” Steve agreed, nodding. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“See, when Barrie was six, his brother died. His mom was devastated, naturally, and Barrie - he couldn’t really handle the grief of losing his brother and the weight of his mother’s grief. So he dressed himself as his brother, emulated the way he had been with their mother, so that he could be him for her. He wanted her to be happy, I guess. Wanted to bring his brother back for her, and did it the only way he knew how. I can’t remember if it worked out for them or not, but. You know, I heard the story as a kid, and I thought-.” Tony chuckled - “I thought, what a great idea!

“I was eleven, skinny as fuck, just a little too tall for myself and awkward for it. Physically, I could have passed as you. The old man, he missed you so much, you know, would not shut up about Steve Rogers. Sometimes I’d catch him in his office, staring at this old picture of you, and his face would be - I don’t know, sad? Anyway, he had your old army uniform, from before Rebirth, and I just-.”

There was no ice for the chill Steve felt. “God, Tony, you didn’t.”

The other man’s laugh was as genuine as it was humorless. “He beat the shit out of me and sent me to boarding school the next year.”

Who do you see, Rose or Steven?

You know what I noticed out of all the Crystal Gems

Garnet’s the only one who has ever said “I love you” to Steven

First time was Jailbreak and the second time was in “When it Rains”, I think that really is the case because in “Nightmare Hospital” When Connie and her mom say I love you to each other Steven just looks at his mothers sword and hugs it as if it was Rose herself. When I saw this I was like aw “no Steven it’s okay you have the gems…”, I thought it was because it was like they are like moms to him but they can never replace his real mom…

But after I saw this episode and looking at it again, I realized this factor… don’t get me wrong but it’s strange, to have never hear the gems say “I love you” to Steven (the only one who as was Garnet). And then saw it… the other reason why Steven hugged his mom’s sword because he never got a “Mommy I love you” from any of them like that before. 

And after I figured all that out one song kept replaying over my head “I alway’s thought I might be bad… Now I’m sure that it’s true~ Cause I think your so good… But I’m nothing like you~” Steven fears that the gems blame him for his mothers death but I think he has another secret fear… that the gems only care about him because of him mom and not really for him. He can never be anything like his mom and he thinks he’s bad because of it (and the reason for taking her away). In his mind they’re seeing Rose and not Steven

 Alright like I’m not saying the gems don’t love and care about Steven, I can see how he’s mislead about this ... more evidently Pearl she had a deep connection with Rose and was extremely loyal to her… infant was willing to throw her life away for her. She’s protective of Steven in a motherly way but after knowing her emotional baggage… is she protecting Steven or Rose. 

And Amethyst well in her way she basically drowns he sorrows in eating, sleeping and having fun, but I also in shifting the blame. In Maximum Capacity she clearing blames Greg for taking away Rose, her mother figure, but what bothered me in this episode was this. When Greg was sad and that he wanted to be there for Steven she kept trying to distract him egging him on to stay. In way I felt that this was her way of taking Steven’s parental figure away from him. And sadly Steven sees it all (yet another reason for him to believe it was his fault)

 And the gems in general always do compare him to his mom, so yeah you could see how he could be thinking this stuff… 

But to be honest I have to say out of all the Gems Garnet seems like the only gem who genuinely see Steven as himself. Garnet has all ways had faith in Steven even when the other’s didn’t and she share her feeling with him more than the others and is closest to him. She gives the right amount of love and faith and their relationship between them has grown so much from the beginning of the series, so…