i really really want a marco plushie

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AU idea: Star has an older brother of 18 years old, called Comet, while Marco has a younger sister named Gabriela, better known as "Gaby" who is 12 years old. How would the series develop in this scenario?

I don’t really know how an older brother for Star would work.
Perhaps he’d be a recurring “serious” figure, visiting Earth to check on Star. Mewni is still a matriarchy in this AU but it’s not like he wants the throne for himself or anything: he genuinely wants Star to be a good princess/queen for her own good. He’s just more like their Mother.

But now imagine Marco having a little sister.
I can see them getting along just fine, without the usual “sibling hatred” tired tropes. And Gaby also really likes  princesses/royal stuff and she’d be Star’s biggest fan. Imagine the princess having a tea with her and her plushies, sitting at this very tiny table (I have a very younger kid in mind), with Gaby giving royal advice and saying stuff like “my bro-bro is a dork but he really likes you” and all the usual, disgusting cheesy stuff that I hate but I also really like.