i really really really wanted to make something pretty but the more time i spent in photoshop

hey, guys! so as you all (hopefully) know, it’s valentine’s day!!!
so firstly, happy valentine’s day <3
secondly, i do feel quiet bad that i’ve been pretty MIA this past few days, and i’m so grateful to all of you guys for sticking with me. thirdly, i hit 1.5k yesterday, which i cannot believe! thank you so much, all of you!
along with this, i just really, really want to convey how deeply i care for all of you guys. i’m not very well-liked irl, and it’s really tough to have lost so many friends in such a short span of time, hence, i’m so so so SO grateful for all of you, even if we’ve never interacted, because you’re the ones that get me through the days. :)
so i figured, why get three (love)birds with one stone, and celebrate with some mutuals appreciation? let’s go!

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Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I love your art. I really love how you use colors and colorful lighting (does that make sense..?) and I wish I could do something like that. Thanks for drawing beautful kookmin art!


I know you didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it anyways because i have been getting a few messages about this and I’m nothing if not a masochist so I want to quickly show you that I ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING and you, too, can be just as effortlessly clueless as me when it comes to making your art shiny and colorful or whatever!

65% of digital art is knowing all the right ways to ‘cheat’. I use quotations bc it’s not reeeeeally cheating, but it sure feels like it. I’m allowed to say this, I spent 60k on an art education, ok. It especially feels like it to me because, I repeat, I usually have zero idea what I’m doing.

Digital art has so many tools at our disposal and yet we tend to overlook and forget about them. One of the tools that I tend to abuse use are blending modes in Photoshop. Here’s some quick and dirty examples:

Take this drawing I did of Jimin for example:

This is what I painted. It’s bland, the colors are boring, and it’s a little flat. I spent most of my effort on getting shapes and forms somewhat presentable. I’m an expert at laziness and doing the bare minimum and it shows here. Now save for adding some darker lashes to him, I got to this end result…

…by doing no more painting whatsoever. I literally just used the tools given to me in Photoshop. I don’t have the layered file anymore because I accidentally saved over it (don’t be like me kids), but here’s a basic overview of what I did:

  • laid down some VERY SATURATED bright colors randomly over the image with a large soft brush. You can seem some pinks on his lower body, and greens and blues on each arm respectively. 
  • set that layer with those bright colors to something like lighten. I forget exactly what blending mode I used, but you can really just play with all of them until you find something you like. i scroll thru the options five or six times before settling on something i like
  • blurred the bottom of the image to give it some fake depth feeling to it
  • added a fucking space picture for texture that i got off nasa (really! NASA IMAGES ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN AND FREE TO USE PEOPLE) and just set that layer to lighten and masked out the majority of it to where only small accents remained.

that’s literally it. here’s a detailed closeup of jimin:

and hey! you suddenly have a little bit more of a dynamic image without having to hardly do diddly squat. ISN’T ART GREAT, SO INSPIRING, WOW.

here’s another image that i did literally the bare minimum on:

when i say i did the bare minimum i really did. please don’t judge me too hard.

here’s what i actually painted.

this is a little embarrassing, lol. it’s just very basic shapes.

then i blurred the entire image and painted in some very faint details in the bg (like the extra branches and little bit of lighting in the bg)

then i added some of those bright colors on blending mode layers to give it some “lighting”…

here’s what the layers look like, and you can see the colors i used:

  • top layer: lighten
  • middle layer: screen
  • bottom layer: soft light

and then I added a space texture because i am NOTHING without my space textures:

and there you have a screen cap redraw I did in like an hour.

what’s that you say? more examples? let’s say you don’t necessarily want to change the lighting of a drawing, but the entire TONE of a drawing. you have a colder image you want to turn warm? i have just the thing:


i did this exact thing with this image:

contrary to what i may have lead people to believe, i’m actually shit at color palettes and color theory in general. i save all that legwork for photoshop. HERE is what i ACTUALLY painted:

completely different. but this is just how i work, i tend to work in pretty neutral colors and then adjust either as i go or after the fact. 

i started with adjusting the bg. i knew i wanted something really warm in tone, so i slapped a nice warm fill layer over it. i also added a tiny big of texture to the wall and a shadow on the floor to make it feel more dynamic.

here’s what those layers look like:

the adjustment layers are highlighted. the top his a orange to pink gradient set to multiply, middle layer is the texture, and the bottom layer is a midtone purple set to multiply with opacity at 69%.

then on to the figures. here’s my layers:

it’s literally just a bunch of playing around. this is more shadows at the bottom to give depth and some random saturated colors to give an interesting dynamic to the image. (don’t overuse this… it’s really easy to but try to resist. bright saturated lighting does NOT work on every image.)

then I added a warm orangeish fill layer and set that to multiply and well… this was the end result.

now i should say that i don’t always take such drastic shortcuts with my drawings. i do spend tons of hours on some paintings from time to time. but even with those i STILL use adjustment layers and blending modes and filters to enhance the art. example, everything i painted by hand on the left, and the same finished piece with adjustment layers:

it’s something that almost every artist does, and it’s time we stop pretending like people do this naturally, it makes aspiring artists work for something that isn’t attainable.

this ended up super long but i hope anyone who is looking for tips and tricks of improving the aesthetic of their drawings found this somewhat helpful. if you have any questions about specific processes, don’t hesitate to ask.

anonymous asked:

1. How do you make your sigils? They're different from other ones I've seen. 2. I have chronic nausea, I get nauseous twice a day, and I think it might be due to anxiety? Do you have any sigils that could help/could you make one? Thanks 😊

Hello there!

Well, that’s what’s awesome about sigils - even with the same creation method two different witches can end up with two vastly looking sigils. We all have our own aesthetics and artistic tastes, and they definitely show up in our sigil work.

As for what method I use, it’s really inconsistent, honestly. Sometimes I stick to a rigid set of rules, sometimes I only use a few steps, sometimes I just doodle and let the sigil come out on its own. The longer I work with sigils, the more I find myself experimenting with methods and styles, and I think that’s evident if you look at the sigils at @magic-for-the-masses, and even go through @thesigilwitch. (Conveniently, I just posted a masterlist of all the sigils I ever posted at thesigilwitch [here] if you wanna check those out!)

Anyways, I will try to give you a basic idea of what my sigil creation method is currently like. This post can originally be found [here], but I am rewriting some bits and further expanding on, so it can be a better resource for this blog.

The first thing I do when making sigils is write down my statement of intent, what I want the sigil to do for me. I always do this in present tense - ”I am” versus “I will”. (There is a post about this somewhere but gods be damned if I can find it right now.) I prefer to use longer complete sentences to make sure I get exactly what I need out of the sigil; only using a couple words or even just one can work just as well, and I have done this too. To help show you some of my process I’ll use the statement “I am safe and protected in my city" as an example - a sigil I made ages ago on @thesigilwitch.

From there I remove any letter that repeats more than once. I keep the first “instance” of the letter and remove any other times it’s used in the statement after that. Some people say you should or “have to” remove the vowels as well, but I keep them, and my sigils turn out just fine; that feels very much like a personal preference thing to me, so whatever works for you. From this step, our example of “I am safe and protected in my city" becomes “IAMSFENDPROTCY.” I always tend to write my statements in capital letters too, because I guess it feels it gives it more impact, makes it stand out and is more prominent, but again, personal preference.

Once that’s done, I break down the remaining letters of my statement into smaller, basic shapes. So A would become / - \, D is just | ), and I think you get the point. :p This is very much a personal preference step. I find my sigils more aesthetically pleasing when they don’t look like the English alphabet - they look more mysterious and arcane, which is a huge draw for me, and basically what made me want to start working with sigils in the first place. Well, besides the fact that they looked super easy, not so draining of one’s energy, and the least likely to cause negative backlash, but I digress. It is good to note, as well, that it is pretty important that you like how a sigil works when you use it. This helps to add a sense of connection with it, which is always a positive thing in magic.

After that, I basically just doodle. I keep my statement of intent in mind as I draw, constantly thinking and repeating it to myself, even sometimes saying it out loud. Sometimes I use all the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use only one of each “piece,” sometimes I just wing it and don’t use any of them…consciously, anyway. This is the part of my creation process that is the most fluid, the most random and sporadic, which I find sort of hilarious. I spend the time to write out the statement, break it down as far as I can, and then most of the time I don’t even use the pieces I end up with. xD There are times when I don’t even break down the statement of intent - like my [”Amulet Coin” sigil] on my personal blog - and others when I rid the duplicate letters but never break it down any further than that - the [”Bring Rain” sigil] is a good example of that. Again, sometimes I just write down a statement of intent, focus on it, then just put my pencil to the paper and let it design itself. Other times I just repeat the statement in my head as I draw it completely freehand on my computer. It basically just depends on my mood, and what I’m feeling for each particular sigil, and also time constrictions.

Anyways, back to the creation process. I generally get a design I like in one to three sketches, but that’s because I’ve spent over a year doing this and I’ve gotten my style nailed down pretty tightly. Sometimes it takes a while to get a design that you like - last year I spent an hour and something like thirty designs for one sigil, that was brutal. It’s fine if it takes some time, just keep trying until you get something you really like the look of. There is no rush, no pressure, and nothing wrong with you or your skills if it still doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s the universe telling us now is not the right time for us to be trying to use a sigil for that. But that’s a post for another time.

The design I went with for “I am safe and protected in my city" looked like this:

When I have a sketch that I like, I “digitalize” it. I draw a little bit outside of sigil work, and most of my artwork is done with digital art programs now, so I started neatening up my sigils that way as well. It’s super aesthetically pleasing to me, plus they look really nice uploaded to Tumblr when they’re digital. This step is another one of those absolutely personal ones, and has ultimately nothing to do with how the sigils works, just how it looks. I scan the sketch of the sigil, then use a mixture PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for making a final, digital my sigils. This sigil, “I am safe and protected in my city,“ looks like this when drawn in PaintTool SAI, and made to have a transparent background in Photoshop:

And that’s my process - for the most part. Lately I have been playing around with other creation methods, to see what sort of “looks” I can get, and to see if they’ll work as well. I find experimentation pretty important when working with sigils - they are a part of chaos magic, after all, which heavily recommends playing around and trying new things with magic. Personalization is a big thing as well, in all branches of magic. 

My creation method also really depends on the kind of mood I’m in, and how much time and/or energy I have to make a sigil. If I need to pump one out really fast, I generally just focus on my statement mentally and just let the pencil lead the way.

It wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t also include a ton of links for you to browse for further reading and comparison of other methods. ;) You don’t have to stick to one method - you can even Frankenstein steps from multiple methods to make one unique one of your own. It’s all about what you want, what will work for you, and what you like. :)

* = external links / resources

I also have to include [Sigilscribe.me] - an AMAZING sigil generator that I love and highly recommend to those who have difficulties crafting their own sigils!

I hope that is useful to you anon, and good luck in your sigil-y ventures!


Accepted CSSSA animation 2014 portfolio analyzed

Hello friends! Soap here! Just yesterday I learned that I was accepted into CSSSA this summer for animation! A dream come true!

I also learned yesterday that some amazing artists got rejected, they and myself are confused as to why. Seriously. Amazing artists got rejected. I’m still bummed out.

To help you guys out, I thought that I would analyze my own portfolio, and try to dig out ideas and traits that might help people who were accepted/rejected possibly realize why they were accepted/rejected. Maybe this will even give next years applicants some tips on what to include!

Just to let you know, I just figured out yesterday that I was accepted, so I am no means a CSSSA veteran. I just wanted to possibly help out my fellow friends!


Let’s start with a bit about me…

Name: Madison, but you can call me Soap

Age: 17

Year: Junior

Gender/Sex: Female

Location: Michigan

I’m a pretty standard applicant. I’m a junior going into my (yikes) senior year, and will be applying to colleges next year! Ahhh! I’ve heard from some people that CSSSA likes to accept people going into their senior year or junior year, so that may or may not have given me a bonus. Really, I think it comes down to skill level. I am from out of state, so I was one of the 20 people who were chosen. CSSSA only accepts up to 20 out of state each year, across all majors.

This year, I’ve heard people say that 260 people applied. CSSSA accepts about 50 into the program each year. Yikes! A 19% acceptance rate!

It’s competitive yes, but I think CSSSA wants to weed out the people who are too  terrified to apply. Seriously, GO FOR IT! SHOW YOUR STUFF! YOU ROCK!!!

Let’s get to my portfolio for animation…

With my application, I was largely focused on these two statements

“The applicant is highly encouraged to include submissions that explore a wide range of fine arts styles and ideas other than cartoon art.”


The review committee insists that all work is presented with the utmost care and attention. The artwork / animation you submit should be original and from your own experience and imagination. The committee wants to see YOU reflected in the content and distinctive style of your artwork. Be yourself!

So, I mainly focused on the use of different media, and expressing my own style, staying far away from any other artist’s style. Largely, I wanted to just BE MYSELF. If I love lizards, I LOVE LIZARDS, and CSSSA needs to know that!

This piece is called “The Creator.” I used it for assignment A for the prompt “One drawing or painting that shows what you feel is unique about yourself” This is a digital piece, drawn (err, painted…)  in Photoshop.

What I aimed to show here was the following…

-My characters/creations

-My digital art skill

-My optimism and excitement for creating

With my characters, I wanted to show diversity in them. I tried to make all my characters distinguishable from each other, especially my human characters. I also included my creature characters, which I feel to be original and interesting. When digitally painting them, I was largely focused on their form, and how I could manage to relate it to realism.

I spent a total time of 2 weeks on this piece, and it is still the best digital painting I’ve ever done. I really wanted to show my chops here, and show CSSSA “this is what I can do!” Do this! Really! Apply with your absolute best work! Or knowing the deadline, put something together a few weeks/months in advance that you know you can spend a lot of time on. I painted an environment for myself to be placed in, which is important! Characters in environments is a great thing to include! DO BACKGROUNDS.

I know that many animators are optimistic and fun people, so I wanted to show that here. I heard from an interview from a Sheridan professor of animation that “characters with guns make me nervous.” Make your apps happy and fun! Animation is fun! Animation is imaginative! Yeah! Animation! Yeah! Creating things!!!

Documentation wasn’t a big issue here, because the work was digital.

Now onto assignment B… which is “One drawing or painting of any subject that interests you. You might consider an emotion, memory, song, place or thing. Provide an explanation of the work on a separate sheet of paper, and include the poem, or lyrics if appropriate.”

This is an oil on canvas painting of my bearded dragon lizard Alfredo. I call it “Portrait of Alfredo.” Here, I wanted to change up my medium. I wanted to show that not only did I know how to paint digitally, I know how to paint with oils! That’s important! CSSSA wants to see variety! “Wide range of fine art styles.”

Here’s my prompt for assignment B:

My lizard Alfredo is an essential part of my life. As an only child, he acts in the place of a brother. Alfredo’s actions, expressions, and small adventures always manage to brighten my day. Having him as a pet makes me a more optimistic person. To immortalize my lizard, I set out to paint a portrait of him. For this piece, I stretched a canvas, and then painted Alfredo using oils. My main goal was to make the portrait have historical elements, as well as comedic ones.

History plays a very large role in my work. I draw history both from my own observations, and accounts from textbooks and novels. I’m very interested in the ideas of character relationships and cause and effect. History holds many stories that largely explore these elements. The characters presented in history are all real and unique. I love reading about how historical figures interacted with each other and dealt with the situations at hand. Almost all of my stories contain deep history, or are inspired by a historical period. For example, one of my narratives is largely based off the Gilded Age. Politics also influence my stories, tying right along with history, where the process and the outcome are both very important

I also have a strong interest in reptiles and birds. Many of my characters are based off these animals. I enjoy taking features from reptiles and birds and combining them with other things. These other things may range from inanimate objects to other animals. My creations can either be something serious, like an anthropomorphic businessman eel, or something goofier, such as a strawberry bird.   By playing around with combinations, I feel that I open up many possibilities for interesting and unique combinations.

The main topics I focused on were my love for my lizard, history, and hybrid creatures.

I especially wanted to hit on history, because I feel like it relates to story telling, which is an incredibly important part of animation! Personally, I’d put story before artwork any day.

The lizard head is painted from a photo, the fabric and salad bowl are painted from life, and the rest is painted from my imagination.

Documentation was a bit more of an issue with this piece. When taking a picture, my painting would get a nasty glare, as you can see. In Photoshop, I tried to minimize this to the best of my abilities. Try to stay true to the actual color of the work when color correcting! Documentation and display of your work is just as important as the piece itself!

This was my piece for assignment C… “One drawing or painting that you feel demonstrates your technical skills.”

I included a collection of figure drawings! All of them are in a different media, which I felt was important. I have a line drawing, a colored pencil figure, a marker figure, and a watercolor figure. Once again, variety is cool!!!  Figure drawing is very important to animation. CSSSA probably wants to see your observational skills with a figure! Go out! Take a figure drawing class! You’ll be glad you did! Sadly, my class can’t do naked models D: I aimed on showing form, and hopefully some movement. Ha ha… our models are really never in dynamic poses D: Yay! Observational life drawings!!!

For my animation I used this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWfJpVyMCHM

Don’t worry! Your animation does not have to be a 2 minute ordeal! It can be a simple action! Like, a few seconds. This also doubled as a final for one of my classes, that’s why it’s so long. I spent 2 months working on it, maybe even 3… Yeah, the animation is really choppy, I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER since submitting this. This animation does contain (choppy) movement, and a story, and my own personal music! I think possibly the story was the thing CSSSA was probably most interested in? Stories are really important!

These were my other prompts I submitted:

Madison Stubbs E #1

Last year, I applied to Interlochen Arts Academy, a well-known art high school in Traverse City Michigan. For my application, I had to piece together a portfolio out of nothing. I had never taken a formal art class, primarily being self-taught. To combat this, I enrolled in my first art class at my local community college. Throughout the semester I saw major improvement in my work. With new and better art in hand, and after an interview with the visual arts director, I was accepted into Interlochen.

The visual arts director suggested that I’d take on the summer program to push my art further before the fall. I did so, attending the advanced drawing program over the summer at Interlochen. The program was three weeks long, classes being six hours a day.  Our class was challenged to create several major drawings in a short time period. I was very proud of what I accomplished, once again seeing a major improvement in my art. Overall, I produced five major pieces, as well as three smaller exercises, which helped me be much more prepared for the school year.

This app focuses on challenges that I experienced with my artwork, and challenges that I faced at a similar summer camp. I wanted to show my dedication to my art, as well as my experience working hard at a 3 week camp with CSSSA’s similar expectations. Write about something that you truly worked hard on, or an experience that made you work really hard. I think if it’s an art experience, that’s a bonus!

My other prompt was..

Madison Stubbs E #2    


To me, animation is the ultimate vessel for story telling. It allows for an escape from everyday life, leading to a fantastical adventure. My personal stress relievers are my stories, untangling me from my anxiety. By focusing on the problems and conflicts of my characters, it helps me take my mind off of my own problems, and even helps solve them. By telling stories, I become a much more optimistic person.  

Animation is a medium that can definitely affect people’s lives. I aim to tell stories that will have the same effect on audiences as they do on me. Animation is wonderful, due to its ability to depict emotion and movement that ties right along with narratives.  I want to tell stories that will impact both young and old audiences. Also, I aim to create characters that stick with people well after a viewing. Hopefully those who view my films will pick up something they can take with them, anything ranging from laughter to a life changing moral.

My love for animation!!! Animation is great! Animation is awesome! Let CSSSA know this! Relate it to yourself, relate it to others! JUST TALK ABOUT HOW PASSIONATE YOU ARE!!!

My letters of rec were from my painting teacher and my digital arts teacher.

I hope this helps some people out who are planning on applying next year! Best of luck to all of you! I apologize if I sounded stuck-up and a know-it-all. (which I probably did, OMG I’m so sorry)  Just doing my best to help! If you have any questions, send me an ask!



Realities of professional photography.

As I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what it means to be a “professional photographer” today. I have done my best to distil some of those thoughts (for what they are worth) below.

1. Freelancing is hard. It doesn’t matter how many blogs you read or how many systems you have in place, the bottom line is “winning new clients who pay a fair fee is difficult.” How do you go about winning those new clients in the first place? Is the best route to assist first? How many clients do you need to have to survive? These are only a sample of the concerns that you will be rubbing against on a daily basis if you are committed to commercial photography full time. You just have to get used to the constant evaluation and re-evaluation process that you will be putting yourself through as you try and stay on top of whether you are going about running your business as well as you can. And you do need to do it — this is a fast-paced market so standing still is not an option.

2. Personal work drives (some) commercial success. If you take a look around the vastness of the internet and have a modicum of interest in what your peers are doing, the good ones or shall I say, the successful ones, usually have a good body of personal work (not always but usually).

3. What is commercial photography anyhow ? Ah, the question that many great philosophers have pondered over for centuries is a tricky one. Google tells me: “in a nutshell, commercial photography means taking photos forcommercial use. And by commercial we mean for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.” So if you’re getting paid for it, it’s commercial.

4. What you don’t show is sometimes more important than what you do show. You’ll get lots of jobs (hopefully) — from photographing untrained cats and people throwing cakes at themselves all the way through to some decent advertising work. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter how happy the cake picture makes you, if it doesn’t fit into your portfolio then it doesn’t fit. Getting a clean, cohesive set of pictures together is a difficult but important thing to do. And “no” you can’t have pictures of weddings, cars, parrots, portraits of grandma, water droplet shots and slow exposure of your dog running around the garden all mixed together and call it a “Clean Portfolio”.

5. Social Media is a full time job. So you are really good at putting 3 photos a year on instragram and you’ve mastered MSN messenger. However, social media takes a lot of hard work. You have to be responsive and get excited when you get 11 likes on a post. I’m not sure how much any of it matters in the grand scheme of things but if you do have a nasty argument with the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet of your choice then getting a few extra likes is a sure fire way to make you feel better about yourself.

6. Admin, Admin, Admin. I’m sure you’ve read or heard some wise photo owl tell you that only 20% of your time will you be taking pictures, the other 80% is spent on admin. Well, let me dispel that rumour for you right here, right now. I’d say (and I appreciate this will this vary from person to person) it’s more like:

18% — Sorting images

10% — Social Media (chasing the “like” train).

20% — Sales

20% — Heavy procrastination

10% — Project ideas that will never happen

10% — Chasing people for money

10% — Tidy desk, tidy mind!

1% — Taking pictures

1% — Editing pictures

That being said, never underestimate the power of good admin. It is all too easy to turn the post-job warm and fuzzy client glow to dissatisfied rage with bad admin. If you are asked for some kind of follow up — deliver it. On time.

7. Working for free is sometimes ok. We’ve all had a call from a friend of a friend who just wants 3 pictures of himself in front of something unimportant. It turns out he has a staff of 20,and he wants portraits of each of them, a group portrait and for me to be to be as “creative” as possible. Sometimes working for free is a business decision and a lot of internet clever people will tell you it’s a bad idea. I don’t believe it’s as simple as that. IF (and that’s a big IF) you do work for free, there has to be some benefit for you. I mean, either through exposure or due to new connections. I’ve done lots of things for free and sometimes wished I hadn’t but now we’re a lot better at weeding out the good people from the ones wanting a permanently free ride. To summarise: there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should work for free but, if you do, make sure it works for you too.

8. Surround yourself with the most talented people you can find. Going it alone is really macho and can be wonderful for the ego but working as part of team (at times) can be better for the soul. As you grow, you’ll realise you need all sorts of people you didn’t even know existed when you started your career. Pick the ones who are really good at what they do and learn from them.

9. Learn as many skills along the way as you can. I’m one of those people who learns by doing, it is just the way I am. If I could speak to my school-age self now, I’d say “pick up a camera son” — avoid the 10+ years in IT. But, speaking frankly, when I was in school I never really got the learning thing. I found it incredibly hard to focus for too long. Photography is one of the areas that suits my brain perfectly in that it allows me to go off and investigate lots of random stuff. Since we started 10 years ago, we have had to master all sorts of ancillary things including video, editing, after effects, processing and photoshop. Be as curious as a 4 year old child.

10. Be nice. Ah the easy one — I used to have a primary school teacher called Mr Davies. He told me never to use the word “nice” as it doesn’t mean anything. I am afraid I have to take issue with him as I think “nice” means a lot. People like people, they like working with people who are either like them or ones that can get on with them, take the time to understand them and can have a laugh with them. There is no great science to this. It’s simply about making connections and then putting in some effort to keep them up. A little empathy goes a long way.

11. Chose your competitions wisely. There are lots of them who either want to take your money or steal your pictures. Choose wisely.

12. Insurance is your friend. I lose stuff, you lose stuff, we all lose stuff occasionally and everything in photography is expensive. Don’t be silly and not get any. End of.

13. Networking — old school style. If you want to get your business to grow then the simple truth is you have to go out and meet people, talk to people on the phone and engage in all sorts of weird human interaction that you thought only happened in the 80’s. Yes, email is wonderful but nothing beats a warm smile and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps… Get out there and meet as many people as possible.

14. Jack of all trades, master of none. Photography is huge, I mean like so big it’s hard to comprehend. All those people, taking all those pictures of all those different people and things. Focus on one area that you love and work as hard as you can to know it inside out. Make sure your portfolio is focused and don’t dilute your work by putting out images that aren’t relevant to what you do. I know I have made this point already but it is so fundamental I think it bears repetition.

15. Uncertainty is all part of the process. Sometimes, things aren’t going to go the way you expected them to go. You’ll go through some pretty long periods of doing nothing when you start out. Being able to handle that “quiet” time is really important and that’s when you have to dig deep, stay positive and get resourceful.

16. Word of mouth is important. Having other people tell other people about the really great job you did for them can be a really important part of your business. People do get lazy though so gently nudging them occasionally is OK too. However, remember that this phenomenon works both ways so if you do a poor job, you can be sure that it’ll get out there twice as fast than if you had done a stellar one. And, finally, remember to return the favour. If someone does a great job for you, tell people. That good turn will come back to you.

Oh and enjoy it. Everyone always ends these things with an exhortation to enjoy it. So here you go.

kemetiwitch  asked:

may I ask what method you use to make sigils? I am constantly looking for new ones to try out

The method I have stuck with the longest goes something like this:

I write down my statement of intent, in present tense (”I am” versus “I will”). I prefer to use longer sentences to make sure I get exactly what I want and need out of the sigil, though just using a couple words can work just as well. I’ll use “I am safe and protected in my city" as an example - a sigil I made ages ago on thesigilwitch.

From there I remove any letter that repeats more than once. Some say to remove the vowels as well, but I like to keep them; that feels very much like a personal preference thing to me, anyway. So “I am safe and protected in my city" becomes “IAMSFENDPROTCY.”

Once that’s done, I generally break down those letters into smaller, basic shapes. So A would become / - \, D is just | ), and I think you get the point. :p This is very much a personal preference step. I find my sigils more aesthetically pleasing when they don’t look like the English alphabet - they look more mysterious and arcane, which is a huge draw for me, and basically what made me want to start working with sigils in the first place. (Besides the fact that they looked super easy, not so draining of one’s energy, and the least likely to cause negative backlash, but I digress.)

After that, I doodle. I keep my statement of intent in mind as I draw, constantly thinking and repeating it to myself. Sometimes I use all the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use only one of each, sometimes I just wing it. This is the part of my creation process that is the most fluid, which I find hilarious. I spend the time to write out the statement, break it down as far as I can, and then most of the time I don’t even use the pieces xD There are times when I don’t even break down the statement of intent - like my [”Amulet Coin” sigil] - and others when I rid the duplicate letters but never break it down any further than that - the [”Bring Rain” sigil] is a good example of that. It basically just depends on my mood, and what I’m feeling for each particular sigil.

Anyways, back to the creation process. I generally get a design I like in one to three sketches, but that’s because I’ve spent over a year doing this and I’ve gotten my style nailed down pretty tightly. Sometimes it takes a while to get a design that you like - last year I spent an hour and thirty designs for one sigil, that was brutal. It’s fine if it takes some time, just keep trying until you get something you really like the look of. 

The design I went with for “I am safe and protected in my city" looked like this:

When I have a sketch that I like, I “digitalize” it. I draw a bit outside of sigil work, and most of my work is done with digital art programs, so I started neatening up my sigils that way as well. It’s super aesthetically pleasing to me, plus they look really nice uploaded to Tumblr when they’re digital like that. I scan the sketch, then use PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for digitalizing my sigils. This sigil, “I am safe and protected in my city,“ looks like this when drawn in PaintTool SAI, and made transparent in Photoshop:

And that’s my process. Sometimes I play around with other methods, just to see what I can get / if they’ll work as well. I find experimentation pretty important when working with sigils (they’re a part of chaos magic, which heavily recommends playing around and trying new things with magic). It also really depends on the kind of mood I’m in, and how much time and/or energy I have to make a sigil. If I need to pump one out really fast, I generally just focus on my statement mentally and just let the pencil lead the way.

I’m including some links to other sigil creation methods, so you can get an idea of how they vary and how you can personalize your method to suit you and your needs. :)

Good luck, and have fun making your sigils! :D

Colouring tutorial

So, I was asked to show how I colour my gifs and thought I’d put together a little tutorial.

I will be going from this:

to this:

I’m using Photoshop CS6 Extended and will be using the timeline animation to make my gif. But if you use the frame animation that works just as well. Just make sure you’re standing on the first frame when you add the layers.

I put the full tutorial under a read more because it got a bit lengthy. I hope you like it! (p.s. this colouring works on a lot of different shows and movies)

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Teen Wolf

Posted August 28 2014 — 8:01 AM EDT

EW visited the show’s Los Angeles set recently for scoop on the sexiest, scariest, most bonkers show on MTV. Check out the extended interview below:

EW: This year, you premiered the season while still working on it. Did that throw you off to watch the premiere then come to work?
It caught me completely off guard. We never really had a season start filming as we’re shooting it. It’s hard to be focused on both, but it’s exciting. The next day, I’ll always wake up to a text from Dylan like, ‘The episode was great, you kicked ass.’”
DYLAN O’BRIEN: I watched it at like 3:30 in the morning.

Is that your preferred viewing experience?
Sometimes that’s how it has to be. We used to do viewing parties all the time. This is something we’re not used to, how the show just comes out while we’re working. But I was stoked to go home and watch the episode. I had adrenaline.

As you near the end of season four, do you ever think back to how much Teen Wolf has changed since that first year?
All the time. So much of this show is Dylan and me and our relationship, and the thing that blows my mind is how young I felt when we first started hanging out.
O’BRIEN: And at such a transitional point in our lives, too. We were 18, and it’s only been four years, but I feel like for us that’s a lot longer of a four years than for anyone else.
POSEY: We’ve gone through some really cool stuff with each other.

Do you remember the screen test?
That’s where we first really hit it off.
O’BRIEN: I’ll never forget that.

What was your first impression of each other?
POSEY: You go first.
O’BRIEN: Well, the first thing I remember about Tyler… He walked in and asked immediately where the bathroom was. And I remember just thinking, “Wow, he’s really comfortable. That’s so badass.” And then we started talking immediately, because the test was a disaster. It took seven and a half hours.
POSEY: It took a long time.
O’BRIEN: And at one point, they let us go across the street to have lunch because they were still working things out.

Was it just the two of you all seven hours?
We never actually auditioned with each other.
O’BRIEN: We never even went in the room together. I didn’t go in the room with anyone.
POSEY: That’s because they knew. They knew, this guy, right here.

Tyler, what was your first impression of Dylan?
At this point, I [had been] acting for, like, 12 years, and I never really liked going to auditions because the kids were lame. When I saw Dylan, he had on a DVS shirt, which is a skateboard company, and I grew up skateboarding. I immediately thought, “Okay, this dude seems cool.” And then, I don’t remember how we started talking…
O’BRIEN: We talked about our bands.
POSEY: Oh, right! We were both in bands.

What were your bands named?
Lost in Kostco. And our bands are so similar.
O’BRIEN: Mine was Slow Kids at Play, and we had, like, pop-punk elements but more of the beachy, reggae vibe.
POSEY: And you had some badass hardcore breakdowns. I was just listening to some Slow Kids the other day.

Do you wish you were still doing music?
Of course. It was one of the most depressing days when I wasn’t in the band anymore. Because I just literally don’t have time.
POSEY: But I think we’re both so musically inclined that it’s going to be in our lives one way or another. We should do something.
O’BRIEN: I miss playing shows. Anonymously playing shows, too.
POSEY: I think we should play a show. It’d be fun.

You both did Funny or Die videos, and I feel like there’s untapped duo power with you. Have you considered producing your own stuff after Teen Wolf?
We talk about this all the time.
O’BRIEN: With the show being on air, though, we would always have to be careful with the content we put out, in a way.
POSEY: We just need to start filming ourselves on set. That would be gold. I think we’re funny. I enjoy us.

Okay, so back to Teen Wolf. What should people know about Teen Wolf that they don’t? It’s been called the new Buffy.
That’s a really good comparison in the tone and the look, but it’s also got a lot more heart. We’re given some crazy scenarios but we do our best to make them real. I think a lot of people can relate to the show. It really does deal with relatable things. Your boyfriend turns into a werewolf…how many times has that happened to me?
O’BRIEN: So many. You always get stuck with that.
POSEY: [giggles]
O’BRIEN: The show is not what people would expect at all. There has to be such a stigma when you hear the name and what it is and the network it’s on. People don’t immediately give it a chance. They hearTeen Wolf, and it’s like, “Oh, that movie from the ’80s!”

Which is crazy, since the show has basically nothing to do with the movie at this point.
We’ve always known there’s something really special about it. It deals with relevant things but also fantastical adventures, and it can be really dark and really funny, but it’s always got heart. I just think that no one would expect any of that just by hearing it.
POSEY: I think people are afraid to like it. If they actually check it out, it’s really entertaining.
O’BRIEN: I sometimes wonder what I would think of it, if I would give it the chance. I get it. And it’s really aware of itself, too. It’s important to have a sense of humor that makes it easier to believe in the world you’re watching. We’re very aware of the fact that we are a teen werewolf show.

Dylan, are you happy that you don’t play a werewolf?
Always. I love the character that I play, and I understand my role and I love it, and there are also times where, yeah, I’d love to be a werewolf, but sometimes it’s way more awesome when I see these guys having to put on makeup for an hour and a half.
[At this point, O’Brien accidentally lets slip a spoiler.]
POSEY: Oh my God. I can’t believe you just said that!
O’BRIEN: Dude, we’re not allowed to say anything!
POSEY: I sometimes just literally don’t even say anything.

Who is more likely to forget the name of a demon?
I can never remember the names of things.
POSEY: We’ve spent a lot of time defeating those demons, I think we know them in the back of our heads.

Between the two of you, who has had the weirder fan interaction?
I’m sure you do.
O’BRIEN: I don’t know if I can say this. It’s inappropriate. But it’s pretty funny. I just got it at an autograph signing. They hand you notes and letters and portraits, photo books, little bracelets—all kinds of amazing stuff. But I got an envelope, and the first things that dropped out were two condoms that said something… graphic on them.
POSEY: We also get a lot of dolls.
O’BRIEN: Okay, that’s the direction we’re going in!? That’s not weird interaction!

Is there anything you would want to take when the show ends?
I want to take Scott’s motorcycle.
O’BRIEN: The Jeep.

I don’t think you can just take those, guys.
They’re just going to disappear one day.
O’BRIEN: The Jeep would be a lot to take care of. The car needs to be rebuilt from scratch.
POSEY: I’ll help you. We’ll get bloody and dirty!

Has there been any trivia about you online that you’d like to clear up?
There are a bunch of pictures that I always see that are just completely Photoshopped. They’ve been around for years. Just me on different people’s more ripped bodies.
POSEY: I think I saw one the other day. Where you’re like this? [Posey leans one arm back, all sexy-like.]
POSEY: I saw it! And I was like, that’s not Dylan! He wouldn’t shavethat!
O’BRIEN: That’s so not me! And sometimes random rumors start and you don’t even know how. Like a couple weeks ago fans thought I buzzed my hair, just because a picture from four years ago surfaced. And there was a celebration. A hashtag was going around.
POSEY: I started the rumor.
O’BRIEN: That’d be so funny if you were behind all this.
POSEY: Every single thing.

Dylan, you’re about to headline The Maze Runner. Are you nervous about what’s to come?
If you want to get down to it, this would turn into a therapy session. But I’m really proud of it, and I poured myLIFE into it, and hopefully I’m going to do it for another few years. I’m really excited for people to see it.

The two of you are so recognizable now—do you think you could crash a screening?
Oh dude, disguises do not work anymore.
O’BRIEN: Unless you have a mask.
POSEY: I’ve grown a beard and that doesn’t work. I’ve worn hats, and that doesn’t work.
O’BRIEN: Shailene Woodley wore a hat to The Fault in Our Stars, right?
POSEY: I feel like she’s so recognizable. I mean, should we crash a screening?
O’BRIEN: We would literally be the two dudes in trenchcoats and hats and sunglasses.

What is one interest the other has that you just don’t understand?
I mean, he’s really into sports. I want to understand them—I want to be into sports.
O’BRIEN: I actually genuinely don’t understand how tattoos work. He always tries to explain them to me, and I keep confirming with him and he’ll be like, ‘No, no,’ and he’ll start over again. Like, do they sew it in?

Would you get a Teen Wolf tattoo, Tyler?
I love Teen Wolf. It’s done monstrous things for me and my career and my life. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I’d ever get a Teen Wolf tattoo, and I don’t know why.
O’BRIEN: You could draw the most microscopic S.
POSEY: S + S equals heart. Stiles + Scott.
O’BRIEN: And they would… iron it in?
POSEY: Yeah, you got an iron?
O’BRIEN: Really?! Oh. I thought you were confirming that burning it in is how it works.

So I’m here on set. What are the rules of the Teen Wolf set I need to know?
Be quiet.
POSEY: Definitely true. When they say action, don’t do shit. And then when they say cut, make all the noise you want. But also have fun. Touch things!

What is your mother’s favorite thing about the otherPERSON?
My mom’s always had the exact same opinion I’ve had about Tyler. She’s always just like, “Tyler’s so sweet! He’s so funny.”
POSEY: It’s the same thing with my mom. She loves Dylan because she knows how much I love him.

We should start spending time with each other’s moms.
POSEY: When I was younger, I would hang out with my friends’ parents all the time.
O’BRIEN: You know your friends’ parents when you’re kids, but not anymore.
POSEY: We got a lot of years to work on that, buddy. This ain’t over yet!

Trollin’ Grace

So in honor of most of us (me too) being literally a crazy person, I have written a Hartbig fic about our little prank. There’s some romance but mostly this one is for laughs. Enjoy!

other fics here

It’s Monday. Grace rolls out of bed at ten AM, Goose trailing her into the very bright kitchen. Why does morning have to be so goddamn light? Grace is up a little later than normal prompting Goose to wait by her bowl expectantly. 

Grace lazily pours the French Bulldog’s breakfast as she checks her phone. Two new texts. One from Tim reminding her about her stepbrother’s upcoming birthday, and one from Hannah. At 8 fucking AM. Grace is glad she’s a hard sleeper, because it seems her little friend has the sleep pattern of an elderly woman. Hannah would probably just call it ‘well adjusted.’

Hey Smelly, wanna co-work? I kind of need to get out of my house. 

Grace hasn’t even showered, but whatever, it’s not like friends or viewers know her for pristine hygiene. She can take a bath tonight. Let off steam. She tells Hannah to be over in thirty which gives Grace probably a good twenty to clean herself up just the slightest and have some oatmeal. She hates to admit it, but this green juice stuff she keeps buying is good.

As Grace pulls a sweatshirt over her head, Goose starts sprinting to the door. Grace hears it swing open and a voice saying “Goose, no.” By the time she emerges, Hannah is petting Goose’s belly and the little dog is panting happily. “Hey Hannah.” “Hey dude. I brought you your camera,” Hannah says holding the little piece in the air. 

Grace grabs the camera and stares in Hannah’s eyes. Hannah and Grace are physically close right now, and the last time that happened…

Grace doesn’t want to think about it currently. “So what work did you bring?” Grace asks, walking over to her little desk and stowing her little Canon. “Book chapters to edit,” Hannah plops on the couch. “How about you?”

Grace doesn’t mention that she really had nothing in particular planned. Maybe some tax stuff or brainstorming for the TV show, but for once, she had spent the weekend getting ahead. She sort of said yes to Hannah’s idea simply because she wanted to see her. 

“I guess just a lot of things,” Grace settles with. Hannah nods and smiles, as she thinks, see? We can do this. Grace and I can do normal. But before they need to spend time actively trying to seem natural, something very peculiar is happening at Grace Helbig’s iMac.

“What’s that face for?” Hannah asks laughing at Grace’s astonishment.


“More Hartbig stuff? Or is it Grester this time?” Hannah assumes. “No.” Grace is genuinely unsure if she’s flattered or scared or something else. She giggles. “Hannah come here.”

Hannah closes her just opened laptop and walks over to Grace, who is scrolling through numerous photoshopped posts of her making the same funny face. Hannah bursts out in a fit of laughter after seeing things like “We be trollin’ Grace” and “YOU’VE BEEN PRANKED.”

“Aw look at these awkward little monsters you’ve created.” They want to stop laughing but  can’t. “Someone put my stupid face on a bunch of koalas.” “Frankly, babe,” Grace shivers at the pet name, which has recently become a lot more than a throwaway term of endearment, “You can’t put anything past tumblr people.” 

Grace is still chuckling, scrolling endlessly through her tag. “Hold up.” Hannah notices something, “Did they all change their fucking icons?” Sure enough, wall to wall, Grace’s face in those stupid glasses. 

“How am I supposed to know who is who or what is happening? What?” Hannah and Grace are now literally on the floor laughing. Rolling around because, the planning that this must of taken. Really, how did tumblr obsessed Grace and tumblr obsessed Hannah miss this entire operation?

Eventually Goose joins the party, jumping in the floor space between them, which pretty much shuts down the laughter party, because now they’re busy watching the dog. Hannah’s glad because her lungs really can’t  take any more. 

“Your fans love you, Grace.” Hannah says sincerely, holding Grace’s gaze. Grace is not so much one for sincerity. She offers, “Not as much as they want to fuck you.” Hannah laughs at the somewhat accurate comeback. Do you want that Grace? Hannah shakes off the idea, because she certainly shouldn’t be thinking things like that.

Grace is still stating at Hannah, thinking about that one accidental kiss. Hannah knows, biting her lip. Grace accidentally licks her own. Any person of any nation can recognize that this exchange is the universal signal for ‘just fucking kiss me.’ So Hannah does. 

Grace pulls Hannah toward her, kissing sweetly. Hannah deepens the kiss as Grace wraps her arms around her. Grace feels one hand twist into long hair while the other caresses her neck. They pull back after a moment and study each other. There’s a silent agreement that this is probably enough for one day.

Hannah kisses Grace on the cheek as Grace goes to the kitchen. “I’m making you a drink and you’re taking it.” Normally Hannah would protest at being told rather than asked, but she’s sort of preoccupied with other thoughts.

Hannah pulls up her laptop and types in “Grace Helbig” once again. Grace returns with some very plain vodka sodas. They clink and delve through the tag together. The laughter only stops when someone takes a sip.

“They’re ridiculous.” Grace giggles at her fans.

Hannah smiles. “So are we.”


We be trollin’ Grace even in the fan fic. with love, A

writing-from-my-soul  asked:

how does someone get started as a writer? Like what did you do to get noticed by IGN or any other writing job you've had?

I get a ton of questions like this and I kind of avoid answering them since I don’t really know what to say. I don’t really consider myself super qualified or knowing enough, at this early point in my life, to start giving advice to anyone. I guess the best thing I can do is tell you all what I did and let you take what you can from that. 

This is a very, very, very long story about how I got out of my first two years of college and into where I am now. It kind of explains some of what lead me here since I get asked that at least once a day along with “how did you meet____?” I hope this answers some of that and for those of you looking to work in writing, TV, journalism, maybe you can learn something from it. I highly, highly doubt it’s the text book way of doing anything. I think it’s a kind of round about way actually but maybe you’ll find more method in my madness than I did. 

More under the cut:

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Submitted to me.

Hey, english is not my first language, so please bear with me. i just want your opinion on the things i heard, this’s like really important to me. So I live in Thailand and when 1d came here, my friend was following them around. As you all know, louis and zayn went clubbing every night while they were here. Im not talking about zayn and the cheating rumor, this’s about louis.

Putting the drama inducing part under Read More. . 

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Have no fear, there will be no TS3 side blog~
AKA all the things that are wrong with TS3 in one, massive post:
(long overdue, but better late than never)

I have tried. I tried really, really hard. I got all the content, got defaults, got mods (to an extent), got custom content. I tried way harder than what I posted to my Tumblr, so in honor of honestly, deeply, sincerely giving The Sims 3 an honest to dragons shot - let me break it down for you:

The Sims 3 is a fucking awful game.

I was right 40 minutes after buying base game at Tesco when it released. I was right months later when I gave it another shot. I’ve been right in chats, replies, comments, always - I have been right. The Sims 3 is not a good game. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m a hardcore The Sims 2 fan and I prefer TS2 - you know why? Because TS3 is broken. It doesn’t work, and when it does, even then it’s questionable. I had zero mods in, and the game was broken. I did nothing to my sim, and she still jump bugged out (or, in TS2 we’d call it a jump bug, who the hell knows what it’s called in TS3.). I did nothing, and the game was not working the way I’d want it to - even if I were inclined to play it vanilla, it would be shit.

The Sims 3 has a lot of potential, especially for build and buy mode. Although I personally find the design tool obnoxious, I can see how it eliminated an annoying (although vital) part of TS2 CC: recolors. You don’t need them. Do them yourself. You know what the beauty of TS2 recolors is though? You don’t have to do them yourself. I consider myself to be moderately creative at TS2 build CC, but in TS3 I was completely lost. I know what I want, but given a color wheel I can’t do it. I can do what others do, but not in a shitty game option. Give me Photoshop, and I’ll do it.

If you ever get used to controlling the jerky, unreliable camera in TS3, you could potentially build some really nice lots with it, because the build mode tools are pretty good. If you can find anything in the menus made for children, that is. The whole UI in TS3 is pretty bad, to be honest - it’s overly complicated and overly simplified at the same time: at first glance it looks like it’s made for children, but good luck trying to locate anything specific in it, you’ll be looking a while. It literally took me five minutes to find a chess board the other day, but that could also potentially be because the tiny, spinning thumbnails of the buy mode items are nearly impossible to make out - unless I change my resolution to something it shouldn’t be, which, speaking of game options, you can barely do without restarting the entire game. If you don’t restart the entire game the graphics bug out. That’s great.

If you are into building and decorating though, I hope you’re either prepared to spend a lot of extra money buying store content, willing to hoist your pirate flag and illegally download it or willing to deal with every single shitty item at the start of a catalog that looks exactly like you can use it, but in reality you cannot - unless you do the aforementioned. Let’s also in the same turn cover how when you enter buy or build mode, a message pops up in the corner with “OMG POPULAR STORE CONTENT RIGHT NOW, YOU SHOULD GET IT” - no. No you shouldn’t. Unless you’re a pirate, you probably already spent a ridiculous amount of money on the game itself, and getting nagged to spend even more money (“cleverly” disguised as being bought with ‘sim points’, which is a fancy way of saying 'a currency that you pay money for but it looks better if they’re called sim points rather than $’), is very, very low. And also stupid. The TS franchise is already well known to be EA’s cash cow, so honestly I can’t believe they took it this far.

Gameplay in The Sims 3 is very different from The Sims 2, and not in a good way. I’m an infamous micro-manager in TS2, and I like it like that. I can control everything they do and everything they pursue, and it works. If you attempt to play TS3 the same way you play TS2, you will fail. You will literally be doing one pointless thing after another. There are some advantages to being able to take your sim wherever you want at the click of a button, but to what purpose? So your sim can disappear into a rabbit hole for 6 hours? To buy recipes you need the skill to cook? To go hang around community lots with awfully dressed “townies” making trouble everywhere? I can of course see how it’s more interactive, you’re more involved in what your sim does (or potentially: you’re so impatient that you can’t stand a 60 second loading screen), but it’s a pointless waste of machine power, in my opinion. Lets not even get into the whole “your sim ate a sandwich, congratulations!” – I mean, are you fucking serious? This feature would make so much more sense for massive events (child birth, promotion etc), but for every single thing your sim does for the first time, you get a virtual pat on the back… why? You could argue that ignoring them is easy, and it is, but it’s still a feature they decided to include and it is stupid. It’s the little things that bring the entire game down.

Social interraction. Where to start? Sims you communicate with give you status updates on how they’re feeling about what you’re doing/saying to them. “Bob thinks Jane is being sociable”. That’s nice. Watch out though, because one wrong interaction will bring Bob from thinking Jane is a blast to literally fucking hating everything she does and says from that point on. Thankfully, the game is simple like TS2 in this respect, and abandoning interacting with said sim temporarily will make them think higher of you. Makes sense, right? Nope, but that’s life simulations for you. Without having really done any deep and meaningful research on this, I was always under the impression that sim interactions had improved from TS2 to TS3 - especially when it comes to “grinding the social grind of love”, we all know it… talk, talk, talk, flirt, flirt, flirt, backrub, hug, hug, hug, flirt, kiss, kiss, kiss, get married. Like I’ve said, I’m a pretty hardcore TS2 fan, and I sort of want to avoid making this post a “everything is much better in TS2!!1”-post, but it’s very difficult… point being that the “love grind”, if that’s all you’re attempting to achieve, is much more forgiving in TS2, potentially because of Bob’s inclination to instantly hate Jane’s guts if she makes one wrong move - but the sims in TS2 just seem more interested in actually doing it, too. When I played TS3 for this experiment, I wanted my single, female sim to hook up with this guy she met outside work (or at work, maybe… somewhere between the x hours she disappeared into the rabbit hole and getting into the taxi that took her back to her lot). They had lots of things in common (music) and he kept praising her in little notification bubbles about how much he enjoyed all the things they had in common. He also constantly called her on her smart phone (…I’ll leave that one alone, don’t worry) and generally refused to leave her house once he first made it over there. So here’s the twist: Clara still had absolutely zero interest in interacting with him, unless I forced her to. Which I did. For two whole days. After two whole days of constant pie menu circulations, barely taking breaks for food and peeing, they could wohoo. So they did. Naturally. As you do. Clara got pregnant, what a blessed miracle, yada yada yada - and then their relationship progress completely stopped. In a perfect world (read: TS2), I’d want this guy to move in with Clara at this point, but either I have a case of the stupids or this game is pretty shit, because it didn’t show up as an option, and their romance never went further than kissing whilst in an upright position before Clara started refusing going to bed or taking a shower and I closed the game and haven’t opened it since because this is apparently enough to piss me off. :) And that’s when I officially ran out of patience.

In summation, if I even need to make a summation since this post is massively long and covers pretty much everything I bothered to remember about how little I enjoy The Sims 3: I will not be doing this again. I’m leaving the game installed for now (and believe me it took most of my willpower not to smash that uninstall option for instant gratification, but I have resisted) because I do want to be able to give build / buy mode more of a chance, since that’s what I found the least annoying and with the most potential, but it’s frustrating to want to be able to play an entire game, but instead you can only attempt to force yourself to enjoy 1/3rd of it.

I can also now honestly say that I don’t understand what the massive TS3 fanbase has done to be able to enjoy this pile of poo. I wish someone could let me in on their secret.

Just kidding no I don’t. This game sucks.

I’ll just stick with TS2 forever.

TLDR: not worth reading unless you’re exceedingly interested in my very biased opinion about how a 5-year-old game is worse than it’s 10-year-old predecessor. Also, there’s swearing.

Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Washington, DC

Written by my-own-patronus

2400 words

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #9

There were many reasons why Kurt was glad his father was in Congress. Making a difference in the lives of LGBT people, for one. But right now, he was most thankful that it meant that for the next two nights, he and Blaine would be staying in Burt and Carole’s DC apartment and not in some seedy hotel.

Kurt had been several times before, and had even helped his father decorate the Dupont Circle apartment when he had first come to DC. Thus, Kurt felt much more at home here and didn’t waste one moment before flopping face-first on to the bed.

“Come on, Kurt!” Blaine called, “too much to do, not enough time! I want to get to the mall before all the museums close!”

Kurt groaned. “Why don’t we just stay in tonight? Besides, didn’t you already see all the monuments and stuff on your eighth grade field trip?”

“That was years ago, and I didn’t care about any of that stuff back then. Anyway, I thought you were the one who wanted to make out in front of the supreme court in honor of marriage equality?”

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