i really really really like his face and hair


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….

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A very well known dangerous male yautja arbiter goes to earth to hunt and accidentally befriends a 4 yo girl. She uses him like a coloring book, practices using nail polish on him, braids his "dreadlocks" but everyone just thinks she's talking about her imaginary friend. "Mommy I made a friend today! " "Oh really honey? Thanks nice ." "Yeah! His head touches the top of my room! His skin is pretty colors! His hair is funny but pretty, and his face is really cool!" "He sounds like fun baby"

Ps the little girl names him “Mr. crabby” because the way he talks sounds like grunting to her


Your mouth is saying no, but your body is saying yes,” Malfoy continued, and the lascivious wink that followed was just really over the top, even for him.

Harry closed his eyes and began to count to ten under his breath, very slowly.

“Well, all except your hair,” Malfoy continued, undeterred. “But your hair always looks like it’s shrieking in terror and trying to run away from your face.”

“I hate you,” Harry replied, crossing his arms on the desk and burying his face in them. “I really, really hate you.
—  The Venice Job by nishizono
SHINee when you try to flirt with them

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ONEW: Your shy and awkward attempt to flirt with Onew would make him fall for you instantly. He’d see the same quirkiness and weirdness that he too possesses.  

“I can’t flirt either but I hope my weirdness is attractive in some way. Is that why you like me?” 

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KEY: Key would chuckle and run his hand through his hair with a smirk on his face. 

“Oh babe, we really need to get you some flirting lessons don’t we? It’s just lucky that you’re gorgeous so it doesn’t matter. Let me take your number.” 

He confidently gets out his phone and adds you under ‘gorgeous lady.’

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TAEMIN: “Ahhh sorry, I’m not really good with this whole interracting with girls thing. I think you’re really pretty too… Damn, sorry. Was that too forward? Should I stop?” 

*Minho shouts at him* “Just ask her out already!” 

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MINHO: Minho would think you were adorable and love your innocence. 

“You’re so cute! Though let’s have a drink. I’m not the best at flirting when I’m sober either.” 

He’d bravely take your hand and guide you to the bar. 

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JONGHYUN: Jonghyun would completely ignore the fact that you were shy and introverted when you were trying to flirt and just notice how perfect you were. 

“Oh, don’t apologise for being nervous! I barely even noticed! Umm, would you notice if I held your hand for the rest of the night though?” 


Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Note: Hey guys!  Firstly, I want to thank you for 210 followers! I didn’t expect to have so many in such a short amount of time, and it’s really amazing. So thank you! Second, this is my first Remus fic. It’s short but I just really wanted to write something about him for a while now. 

Other  stories: Beautiful | Ask You Out I II III IV | My Girl I II

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!


Their meeting was in the cliché-est way possible. He bumped into her, like, literally bumped into her, making her drop everything she was holding. “I’m terribly sorry.” He muttered beneath his breath as he stooped down to help her pick her books up.

He never really noticed the way she looked at that time since her hair covered her face, nor did he really care. She hastily thanked him and went running to her next class. Little did he know they were going to have to meet each other again.

Remus was sitting with his friends in the Great Hall during dinner. He laughed at something his Casanova friend, Sirius Black, said when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw her awkwardly standing there, a Potions book on her hand. “Um, I think this is yours. You gave it to me by mistake earlier.” She told him, uncomfortable by the way his friends started to eye her in curiosity.

He looked down at the book and took it, placing it inside his bag. “Right, thanks. Sorry for the bother.” He sheepishly smiled at her, realizing that she was in the same house as him because of her robes.

She smiled back. “No problem.” She turned and headed back to her friends at the end of the table. When he turned back around, he found his three friends grinning at him.

“Who was she, Moony?” Peter asked as he took a bite out of a chicken leg.

“Just some girl I bumped into earlier.” He answered in disinterest.

James looked back at the girl who now sat with her friends. “She’s friends with Evans!” He hissed at them.

Sirius rolled his eyes at them. “Let me enlighten you, my sad and naïve friends,” He chuckled at his own words, “Her name is Y/N Y/L/N. Half-blood, good with Lily and tolerates Snivellus, and-” He held his hand up at James who tried to say something, “some Ravenclaw’s girlfriend.” He finished.

“You’re well-informed.” Remus stated.

Sirius smirked, “I like keeping tabs with the pretty ones.” He winked at someone from the neighboring table and the girls started giggling and whispering excitedly among themselves.

Remus heard laughter coming from the end of the table and saw her flushing as she talked animatedly to Lily and the other girls. He smiled quietly to himself and shifted his attention back to his own friends.

Remus walked along the empty hallways of the school, his wand shining brightly as he gripped it with his hand. He was tired and was practically dragging himself forward. When he turned at the corridor he saw someone running past. He ran after him and when he knew he couldn’t catch up, he turned at the corner to meet the law-breaker. His plan worked and he held the student by the shoulders to stop him.

Y/N gasped loudly, pointing her wand at the person who held her. She relaxed when she realized it was Remus and lowered her wand.

“What are you doing out?” He questioned as he let go of her, trusting that she wouldn’t run away. She didn’t. He then noticed her eyes were quite puffy and red. “What happened?” He asked, shocked. Clearly he didn’t know what to do when someone was crying, much less a girl.

“It’s nothing.” She quipped. “You’re not going to rat me out are you?” Her voice was nervous as she looked everywhere but him. Before Remus could reply, they heard footsteps coming down from the corner. Y/N stiffened while Remus looked behind him then back at the girl. He then held her hand and quickly led her away as the unknown person went after them. They arrived at a corridor that had a statue of Gregory the Smarmy and Remus pushed her behind it, revealing a secret passageway.

“You! Prefect! There was a student out! I heard them running!” The caretaker, Argus Filch, told him while pointing at his face.

“I know, I was running after them too, but they suddenly disappeared.”

Filch scratched the back of his head in irritation then huffed and walked away. After a few minutes Y/N came out of hiding and stood beside Remus. “Thanks for that.” She told him and for the first time, she looked at him properly and it was like he was seeing her for the first time ever. Sirius was right, she was pretty, but something about her made him want to get to know her more. Or at least know why she was out at this hour of the night. But he wasn’t one to pry.

“Are you all right?” He asked in concern instead.

She nodded and smiled. “I am now.” She said sincerely. “I’ll head back before Filch or any other prefect comes. Good night, Remus.” She said and placed a soft kiss on his cheek and walked away.

Remus stared after her as his mouth slightly hung open, a harsh red tint adored his face. He smiled shyly to himself as he continued his rounds, this time with a light spring in his step.

Alex Summers(Long Hair) Appreciation.

I love his long hair fite me

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  • The decision to grow out his hair was spontaneous.
    • He just wanted to try it just for ‘shits and giggles’, and it was heavily in style during the time.
      • Alex thinks it makes him look drastically different. The hair really outlines his facial structure/face and he’s gotten compliments from girls about this.
        • Mainly, ‘I wish my hair looked that great”
          • Or “it looks really soft can I touch it?”
  • Imagine brushing your finger through his hair.
    • Imagine the sound he makes when you do it because he really loves it.
    • It’s a sort of squeal, and he shuts his eyes and tilts his head towards your hand, telling you silently that he’s loving the attention.
    • This makes you chuckle.
  • Imagine Alex allowing you to put little flowers in his hair.
    • He secretly likes it.
      • Makes him feel really relaxed.
  • imagine Alex letting you braid his hair.
    • He’s laying on the couch, watching TV, his head in your lap. You’re idly brushing his hair out and all of a sudden, you’re braiding his hair here and there.
  • Imagine Alex using your hair products and then innocently denying that he does when you ask him about it.
    • Mainly your shampoo and conditioner.
      • He really likes the smell.
        • His hair smells like coconut most of the time.
          • Sometimes sweet pea. Depends which scent you buy that week.
  • Imagine taking a bath together, and washing his hair for him. He’s sitting in between your legs, facing forward, and reveling in how good it feels to have your fingers rubbing his scalp down to the ends of his hair.
  • (NSFW) Imagine Alex growling whenever you pull his hair during sex.
    • Stirs him up, and gets him even more rough than he already is.
  • Imagine Alex pulling his hair back into a small ponytail, but not all of it fits so he has bits of hair sticking out and blowing into his face every so often.
    • does this when he’s going out for his morning jog.
    • Imagine Alex puffing hair away from his face with a small bit of annoyance.
  • Imagine his hair when he first wakes up in the morning. It’s tangly and all over the place, and you try to brush it out with your fingers but to no avail.
    • He leaves it like that until breakfast is done and he’s ready to take a shower.
      • It’s really cute.

little kabby things I think about a lot:

  • Marcus wanting to kiss Abby all the time, like really really wanting to, his mind constantly wandering to what it would be like to just lean down, take her face in his hands and kiss her senseless
  • Abby really liking Marcus’ voice, and realising that him speaking Trigedasleng is pretty much the sexiest thing ever and that she can never ever admit this to him because he will definately use it against her
  • Marcus having a Thing for Abby’s hair, fantasising about running his hands through it, imagining it loose and tumbling over her bare shoulders
  • N E C K  K I S S E S
  • Abby getting a little turned on any time Marcus calls her ‘Chancellor’  (it makes no sense, since plenty of other people use the title on a daily basis, and yet for some reason…)
  • Marcus getting a little turned on every time Abby calls him ‘Kane’ (it makes no sense, since pretty much everyone else calls him by his last name all the time, and yet for some reason…)
  • both of them getting really a little turned on every time they argue
  • Marcus finding out about Indra holding a knife to Abby’s throat when she went to meet her for the first time, and how that whole conversation went
  • Abby finding out about Marcus trying to sacrifice himself when he was locked in a grounder call with Jaha, and how that whole conversation went
  • Marcus kissing the scars on Abby’s back from the shock-lashing
  • Abby kissing the scars on Marcus’ wrists from his crucifixtion
  • Marcus being the only person who actually takes care of Abby, making sure she gets enough sleep and food, calling her out on her bullshit, noticing when she’s upset and trying not to show it, Marcus looking out for Abby because she’s always so busy looking out for everyone else
  • Abby being the only person who actually understands Marcus, realising how much things like the culling and the loss of the election to Pike haunt him, seeing him as a person rather than just a leader, Abby risking herself for him and worrying about him because he’s always so busy trying to sacrifice himself for everybody else’s sake
  • the two of them missing each other desperately when they’re seperated, wondering what the other is doing, whether they’re safe
  • the two of them curled up together in bed, waking up in each others arms, not having to be alone anymore
  • Marcus Kane
  • Abby Griffin
  • just…being in love with each other

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Hello hello! I was wondering if you could do RFA(plus V and Saeran if you like)'s reaction to MC being kind of obsessed with self-care, like working out almost everyday and doing face and hair masks 2 times a week and really watching her diet? Thank you💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨ Btw great blog 💗 I really like your headcannons and it's a shame that some people only come for the matchups /: Keep up the good work!


  • Yoosung isn’t really into self care
  • If anything he’s kind of a slob, an adorable slob
  • But seeing you work so hard is kind of inspiring for him
  • He doesn’t completely stop with his current lifestyle, but he does join you with a healthy diet
  • You’ll come into his room while he’s gaming with healthy snacks
  • They’re even better than HBC though, because you prepared it
  • He loves showing you off to his friends
  • Because you always look good, you make sure you look good
  • If anyone says you’re too good for him you can and will kick their ass
  • You gave him a charcoal mask once
  • He cried when you peeled it off


  • Jaehee’s never had time for this sort of thing. I mean, she doesn’t even have time to sleep sometimes
  • But with you in her life she has more reason to try to get out of work
  • She tries her best to support you
  • And you often support her to, through little things like packing her a healthy lunch in the morning and putting little notes on it
  • Anytime you can, you drag her to join you for facials, or mani pedi’s
  • She loves getting her nails done, it evens out all the grooves she puts in them when she bites them under stress
  • Also, she’s a muscle fanatic, have you not seen the way she admires Zen’s physical build?
  • She loves watching you work out, muscle S/O/ is best SO


  • Zen is all in for it, you do everything together
  • You’re actually goals
  • You know those cute couples who always have pictures and videos from when they workout together? That is what you are now
  • Literally you guys have every spa day planned on your calendar
  • And when he does hair masks he lets you play with his hair so it spreads evenly. 
  • Then when he washes it out, it actually feels like silk.
  • You both inspire each other to do more, and push your limits, challenging each other with prizes of kisses
  • Ever since you came into his life he finally is eating like he should be, It helps that you keep his fridge stocked with healthy foods
  • And you bring him lunches during rehearsals Definitely not an excuse to check up on your boyfriend


  • You’re extremely into selfcare? Okay, Jumin can help you get anything you want
  • Remember the building that his apartment is in, also has a gym, and probably a spa
  • He also has a hired nutritionist, that he would willingly pay to also care for you
  • He’ll often search around the building for you, because you’re always doing something
  • Even Elizabeth is healthier with you around, you’ll take her on walks, and play with her when you get bored
  • His bathroom is stocked with the best products
  • You better expect he has like, 50 things of those stupidly tiny glamglow face masks
  • Jumin is pretty healthy overall, his only problem is that he doesn’t get enough sleep, with you around through he sleeps like a rock


  • He loves how healthy you are because he doesn’t have to remind you to do anything. Like eat, or get enough sleep.
  • He also loves watching you, while you do anything, work out, masks, sleeping, you name it
  • He takes pictures of you while you’re at your worst and zooms in really close to your face
  • You are a meme now.
  • But you also make sure that he stays somewhat healthy to. Like bringing him to bed, making sure he eats full meals and having him take breaks from hacking when he’s sat for too long
  • It actually makes him more productive


  • V is cool with everything and anything, if there’s a new product you want to try, he lets you use it on him
  • He literally could care less what you do as long as you’re happy, not killing anyone, and not leading a cult… *cough, cough*
  • He doesn’t really work out with you, maybe hiking once in a while, He used to love hiking.
  • “V watch out for that trE-” *Thump*
  • You don’t go hiking for a while
  • He loves how healthy your diet is, you guys always eat together after you cook and it does wonders for him
  • Before you most of his time was spent worrying over Rika, taking pictures, and trying to hide his affiliation with the RFA from her. He really didn’t have time to worry about eating.
  • He’s even got a bit of pudge on him now.


  • You are really into self care, and Saeran has never really taken good care of himself
  • So now, you are here to rid the toxins from his life
  • He is originally really against it, he doesn’t trust you to control his diet/make his food, and touching him is a no go.
  • He doesn’t want you to be in control of anything now that he’s finally free
  • But after a bit he gets a bit more lenient
  • He starts eating the food you make for him, which helps him regulate his eating schedule. Even eating with you
  • And he had you show him how to use those weird products you’re always using, like the facial masks (He hates peeling them off) And hair masks
  • Hair masks are his favorite because after his hair has been very damaged from all the bleaching, it kind of smooths it out
  • To be honest, with you in his life he is healthier than he’s ever been

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This one was pretty fun because if I had enough money and time I would totally be into this stuff. I mean, I already am. Just not as high key as MC here

I’m Out~

Imagine Person A almost always has their own hair in their face, and Person B is one of few people who actually see Person A’s face on a regular basis because they’re always brushing Person A’s hair to the side so they can see their face.

I went in there and he was really excited, bless him, but he looked like a lady-boy. He’d made his hair enormous… his face was pale white and he had big red lipstick on. He looked atrocious. I wouldn’t let him go through with it - for his sake. He started crying, he was really upset and I felt really bad but I just couldn’t have gone on.
—  Carl Barat on the time he made Peter cry when he told him he didn’t like Peter’s makeup (you can sort of see traces of the red lipstick on sad little Peter when they performed later that night).
Body type/features

I know this has been done before but I’m doing this with the way I draw/headcanon them

Two-bit has chub
Ponys really short
Johnny’s curvy
Dally looks kinda skinny but has really firm arm muscles
Soda is covered in freckles
So is two-bit but only on his cheeks
Darrys hair is really scruffy
Both pony and johnny have growing stretch marks
Sodas hair is thick and curly
Steve has a scar on his lip
Two-bits a gentle giant
Steve has chiseled features
Curly has scars where his piercings are from having them punched in, in fights
Tim has a really strong body like darry but more sleek
Dally has a long face
Darrys hair gets a milky brown color in the summer and looks really soft
Ponys petite and slender
They all have bruises and small cuts in various areas 24/7
The underneath of dallys hair is a dark brown
Johnny has scars from his father on his back
Sodas really flexible
Darry has a nice butt