i really really really hope you guys understand it

I hope everyone who bitched about Jimin posting in the fancafe while on tour and said he didn’t like intl fans is really proud of themselves. He’s acknowledged intl fans and asked people to translate stuff so many times in the last couple of days; he obviously feels guilty. He even had Hoseok do that live with him so be could understand and interact with the intl fans. You guys really made him feel bad.

Not every idol can read/speak/understand English, languages are hard. Some people really struggle with learning second languages. And honestly I don’t think idols should be required to learn English or Japanese or anything else if they don’t really, actually want to. That kind of expectation is just too much, imo. We should take it as a nice surprise when an idol knows a second language instead of an expectation or a requirement. And on top of that, what is getting upset with an idol for communicating in their own language with fans who speak that language suppose to do exactly? Yelling at him doesn’t make him suddenly capable of understanding everything you guys type at him at lightening speed. It just hurts his feelings.

And of course he would feel home sick. He’s in a foreign country, eating foreign food, surrounded by people he can’t understand. If I remember correctly Jimin was the one who got homesick the fastest on Bon Voyage. He loves his country and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a homebody, so sue him.

Anyway it’s like 4am, I’m emotional, and him asking people to translate on ch+ for intl fans made me :/ :/ :/ because he shouldn’t have to worry about that. He’s a good kid and he doesn’t deserve to be spoken to that way by people (his fans) who are suppose to love and support him. I love armys, but honestly I don’t think you guys realize how spoiled we are. Your expectations are unrealistic.

There are fandoms out there that can’t even find an eng sub of a five minute clip of their group months after it’s aired. We get twenty subs uploaded to YouTube in a matter of hours. Armys work hard for each other and it makes BTS seem more accessible than they actually are, but please remember to respect the members in real time when English isn’t always an option. I hope that makes sense?? Like don’t let the ease of accessibility make you forget that, in the moment, you are dealing with real people with feelings who might struggle to understand you.

In short; please don’t be selfish and always remember to respect the members. They love you and they work hard for you. They deserve to be spoken to with care.

This calms me down so much

Stay safe everyone!

Edit: People are sending me messages about only caring about Dan and Phil. Really guys? Of course I care about all the other people in London at the moment! I just wanted to be sure that they were alright because they are the only people I ‘know’ that live in London. Do you really want to blame me for that? They mean a lot to me and the fact that I wanted to make sure that people I care about are safe is something I should be ashamed for is absurd. 

I am really sorry for everyone who lives in London. What happened was terrible and I hope that everyone will be alright. I understand that some of you are shocked and maybe some of your loved ones were there. These are difficult things and I totally understand that. I care about every single person who lives on this planet and I don’t want to be harassed about “Only caring for my faves” because that is not true.

For the last time, I am really sorry if this made some of you angry or sad. I didn’t mean it and I want to apologize.

transfixus sed non mortuus update!

chapter five: thanksgiving

plot summary: noah is alive again, but he’s not sure he remembers how to be. thankfully, he has plenty of friends to help him learn.

chapter summary: noah goes home to see his family for the first time in seven years.

read here on ao3!


For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!

You Think I’m...Pretty?

Characters: Castiel x reader

Words: 1,269

Request: Can you do one with Castiel x reader is really shy and smol, where she somewhat hides/is really quiet around everyone (but especially Cas)? And at first he kinda gets hurt by this because he doesn’t understand that she’s just shy so he confronts her, but then it’s really cute and fluffy? Thank you so much! I love you blog so much btw❤️ 

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope you guys like this one :) Also! I am going to be posting every Sunday just so I can get myself on a schedule, and btw my requests are still open.

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You sat alone in the kitchen of the bunker. It was in the early morning where everything was still dark and quiet just how you liked it. Steam from your coffee filtered up into your nose and you sipped it little by little.

You were a quiet person so little moments like this was heaven to you. It was rare to have a nice cup of coffee with pure silence. Living with the Winchesters was great, but you never really had time for yourself.

Light footsteps sounded behind you and you sighed into your mug. Guessing by how heavy the footsteps sounded you assumed it was Sam, “Morning Sam,” you sipped your mug. Sam walked passed you and grabbed his own mug from the shelf, “Morning,” he grumbled which singled the rest of your conversation with him.

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As you guys may have seen, we’ve been getting some really not kind messages lately (we didn’t post them all though). I don’t really know the reason behind them but they just keep coming and it’s… tiring. So we decided to put a the blog on a little hiatus, we all got stuff going on right now and getting here after a long day at school/work and seeing messages saying our work is shit is really discouraging. I hope everyone who’s been nothing but amazing to us and the people who send in nice messages everyday understand why we do this. 

We really appreciate you guys because without you this blog wouldn’t be what it, thank you.

See you all in a week or two, lots of love xxx

- the ziamfanfiction team.

i’m sorry if you guys haven’t been seeing a lot of art from me right now. i’m currently working on a pidge photoset and even as i work on it i really don’t feel…… confident or good at what i’m making right now. i just wanted to apologize and ask if you’d keep my art skills in your thoughts and prayers bc mama sarah is going into this fucking blind as shit

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Last message from me - Edd mod

((Hey guys. I already thought about this over and over again for millions of times and now I finally decided to leave the blog. I’m very sorry for doing this, but I’m really busy these days. I have a lot of school work and projects to do. I also have other stuff going on besides the reverse au blog. The reason why I didn’t quit back then was because I wanted to be responsible about what I got myself into. I really tried to be an entertaining moderator and make every followers happy but it’s really hard to do it.

All these drama and anon hate going on right now to me is stressing me out really bad. I don’t think I can focus on anything now becasue of it. It’s effecting my mental health pretty bad.

Again, I’m really sorry for leaving and I hope you guys will understand. I’m glad that I got to talk and be a part of something big and beautiful. Y'all are awesome and I actually enjoyed doing this! Thank you for all those months we’ve been together. Good-bye! - Edd mod))

  • Me: why don't you ever romance Zevran? He's awesome
  • Dad: Nah, I like girls
  • Me: So do I....

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Hey, I really really don't mean to rush you so I hope you don't take it as that, I'm just kind of bracing myself for how long (or little) I'll have to wait! I perfectly understand you're really busy and can't update fics all the time (or in the order we want) Just wanted to ask, since you said "Feed your focus" is second on your update list, where "A Harmless Proposal" was? I really love it but again, no rush and take your time!

Harmless Proposal is #1 on the update list :) i’ve got around 1k of the next chapter written 

just for reference for you all, this is basically what i’m looking at in terms of fics (not including school work and job applications of course):

  • ML Spring Exchange (due March 20th, which is my main focus rn)
  • ML Ultimate Guess Who (due April 1st, but this is just a quick reveal fic and hopefully something i can do the day before)
  • Fandom Trumps Hate Gift ( @youkaiyume , be patient with me, it’s on its way, i swear!)
  • Femslash February (which is honestly gonna stretch into April at this point but fuck it, no real deadline on it anymore anyway)
  • Private Request (due April 1st, which i….should start….)

and barring all that, i have all my other ongoing stories that i’m gonna try to update in this order:

  1. A Harmless Proposal (in the works, and it’ll be a long one)
  2. feed your focus (almost done outlining, will start writing soon)
  3. Think Alike (outlined, just…..gotta write it)
  4. The Best Gift in Life (gotta remember where i was going with this one)

so i guess you can take this as a sneak peak of what to expect? assume that if a story is incomplete that i’m working on it. i have no intentions of abandoning anything that i’ve started (knock on wood) but unfortunately i can’t predict when things are going to come out. it all depends on when i have time. sorry to leave you in suspense but hopefully after i graduate from college in may i’ll have a more regular updating schedule. 

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Harry would have known the implications of being papped so close to Louis's incident, but he he looks kinda happy in the pics? I guess you can't really tell his mood via a couple of paps shots though. I just really hope you all are right about Louis/Harry. Otherwise, I'd be pretty disgusted with Harry tonight. Using Louis's terrible ordeal to make himself look good by comparison. Right after Louis lost his mother. That's pretty vile. I don't know why Antis would support this version of him.

I don’t understand how you guys reach such conclusions really. They will never get papped again now because of what happened to Louis? Harry has no control over what The Sun/DM write, he’s not the one going to them and saying “hey you know, I want to be a piece of shit today”. Larry apart, even if they weren’t together, Harry has shown that he supports Louis no matter what. Why would he do anything like that? Like jesus guys, I really don’t see how you can reach the worst conclusions in every single situation when this is exactly what they want you to do 

Not Quite Normal

Summary: In which Phil is aromantic and he’s desperate for someone to understand.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: A lot of ignorance towards aromantic people, swearing, platonic phan (kind of??), mentions of sex, etc.

Word Count: 2544

A/N: I really wanted to try something different so I hope you guys like this?? I tried really hard so hopefully it doesn’t suck too bad. And if any of this seems inaccurate please tell me. Okay, thanks so much! Enjoy!! x

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Not Posting Today.

Hey guys… I’m very sorry but I’m not going to post today. Last night… I had a very bad relapse with my self harm and I’m in a really bad mental state. I’m having very depressed and suicidal thoughts. I’m going to see if I can talk to my therapist today because I feel like I’m really going to break. I hope you can understand. I promise I will write tomorrow even if I have to force myself but today I really just can’t. I wish you guys well. Love you and thank you 💕

Scenario Request Queue (16.08.30)

(before I begin this - thank you to the lovely people who commented on my pictures and said really lovely things about me. You’re all so sweet and I love you ^^)

This is the first time I’ve accepted over 30 requests x.x You guys sent me in over 80 requests and it broke my heart to have to whittle it down to 30 so again, I’m really, really sorry if your request wasn’t chosen. Please don’t get upset or angry at me as you can always try again next time and I am only one person, I can only do so much >.< I hope you can understand!

I usually post 1-2 scenarios every day and I update my “Who Are You? - Jaebum series” every Sunday evening (GMT) ^^

Requested scenarios to be expected;

1.       GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader (First Time Smut) - Read here.

2.       Jay Park x Reader (Comedy, Fluff) - Read here.

3.       GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader (Suggestive, Fluff) - Read here.

4.       GOT7 – Yugyeom x Reader (Angst, Smut) - Read here.

5.       BTS – Taehyung x Reader (Angst) - Read here.

6.       BTS – Namjoon x Reader (Angst, Fluff) - Read here.

7.       BTS – Jimin x Reader (Smut) - Read here.

8.       GOT7 – 2Jae x Reader (Poly Smut, Fluff) - Read here.

9.       BTS – Namjoon x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

10.   GOT7 – Jinyoung x Reader (Smut) - Read here.

11.   ASTRO – Sanha x Reader AU (Fluff) - Read here.

12.   Jay Park x Reader (Angst, Fluff) - Read here.

13.   GOT7 – Mark x Reader (Angst, Fluff) - Read here.

14.   GOT7 – Mark x Reader x Jinyoung (Threesome Smut) - Read here.

15.   GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader (Sad, Fluff) - Read here.

16.   GOT7 – Jinyoung x Reader (Angst) - Read here.

17.   GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader AU (Fluff) - Read here.

18.   BTS – Namjoon x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

19.   BTS – Hoseok x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

20.   GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader (Suggestive, Comedy) - Read here.

21.   GOT7 – Jackson x Reader (Drama, Angst) - Read here.

22.   BTS – Reaction - Read here.

23.   GOT7 – Jackson x Reader (Comedy, Smut) - Read here.

24.   GOT7 – Jaebum x Reader (Fluff, Smut) - Read here.

25.   GOT7 – BamBam x Reader (Fluff, Angst, Smut) - Read here.

26.   GOT7 – Mark x Reader (Angst, Fluff) - Read here.

27.   GOT7 – Jinyoung x Reader (Fluff, Angst) - Read here.

28.   BTS – Jungkook x Reader AU (Smut) - Read here.

29.   ASTRO – Rocky x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

30.   GOT7 – Yugyeom x Reader (Part 2 of Tender Beginnings) - Read here.

You can check out my MASTERLIST which I update every time I post a new scenario! ^_^

Requests are now closed for the time being until all of the above are completed!

In the meantime, if you guys have any questions or comments, please don’t be afraid to send me an ask/message ^^ I try to reply as soon as I can!

- Sara

Gekkogahara Miaya - Ultimate Therapist

I think everybody can understand why I didn’t draw her first, as this character is a walking (or mostly rolling) spoiler. I really wanted her to be a stand-alone character without her being connected to another character, but it was a really interesting twist.

I really don’t know if I should do the original hope’s peak students or just stop at Munakata, you guys got any thoughts on this? 

EXO reaction to them finding out their funny girlfriend is actually really smart

I really found this one funny, I hope you like it. Admin A~
/I don’t take credit of any gifs, unless it’s stated otherwise.

Chanyeol: *He asks you to give him a class of economy*
You: “So in economy we have this law that when the prices go down…”
Chanyeol: *Got lost since you started talking but really tries to understand what you are saying, nodding to everything*

Kris: *You guys travel to Germany and he is planning to buy a dictionary so the communication is easier*
You: “Galaxy cutie~ I told you I knew german.. When are you going to believe me that I actually speak 6 languages?” *Starts to speak in different languaes*
Kris: “This girl is my style” *GIF*

Sehun: “Jagi have you heard about Einsten’s Relativity Theory?” *Showing off*

You: “Well yes of course, it talks about how anything can’t go faster than light and…” *He starts to feel so proud of his girlfriend and encourgaes to you continue*

Tao: *You go out with him and some friends, when he realises he can’t keep up with the conversation since it’s about your work and sounds pretty serious*

Kai: *Accidentaly sees the notebook where you are always writing stuff. He actually thought you wrote fanfictions of him and the boys, but when he sees it’s all about math equations he just loses it* “Y/N!!!! What is this?! You… are you a genius?”

Xiumin: *He loves how you explain things he doesn’t know, to the point he enjoys your voice and makes flirty faces to you* “Please keep talking jagi, because you won’t be able later tonight~” *smirks* 
/please don’t kill me >< I just love sexy minseok

Baekhyun: *Actually has the suspicion you are a genius so he tell the boys about it. They don’t actually believe you are THAT smart so they test you with physics*
Chanyeol: “So y/n do you know the names of the quarks?”
You: “yes of course! They are: up, down, bottom, strange, charm and top, they also have an anti quark and …”
Baekhyun: “I told you guys, she is the best!”

Luhan: *He knows you have an exam tomorrow morning so he helps you to study, when he sees you finished reading, he prepares a little quizz for you to remember. When he realises you answer everything correctly he hugs you and says* “Whoa you never stop surprising me yagi, you are so smart”.

Chen:*There are some classmates saying stupid things in Biology class until you stand up and finally say something that makes sense*
You: “We all know that different species of animals can’t reproduce, if not we would have flying leons and walking whales”
*Everyone is glad you shut them up and he acts like the proud boyfriend he is* “That’s my jagi!”

Kyungsoo: *Tells Kai how awesomely smart you are* “And then she just calculated everything… like big stuff you know? She really is my girl!”

Lay: *you start explaining in a very easy way how the reproduction system works* “Well that totally makes sense now… So basically you need a girl.. and aboy when they..?”

Suho: *You were talking about history and how his family knows a lot about culture, so he starts to explain things to you but you end up giving him a history class insted. He just listens and smiles that his girl knows so much*

I know a lot of people did not like this but I really hope it works out for Castiel. I mean, the deal was pretty good: his sins will be forgiven and he can go to heaven whenever he wants.
And, yes, we can’t trust angels 100%, but I can understand why he’s trying; he still loves his family in heaven, he deserves a second chance.
I also really hope Dean and Sam can understand him, and I really think they will.
You guys, I’m so excited.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I really hope you are doing ok and getting the rest you need. Please take as much time as you need for yourself. Myself (and other followers) would rather you be healthy above anything else!! P.s. I really wish i was going on the 23rd so i can see that sope track suit!!! I'll be on the 24th which is like 9 days away and idk what to do with myself!

Thank you so much! (I’m sorry I didn’t answer this right away btw) You guys have all been really sweet and understanding about this, I can never thank you all enough!

Also… I might also be going on the 24th now as well…