i really really really hope you guys understand it

I hope everyone who bitched about Jimin posting in the fancafe while on tour and said he didn’t like intl fans is really proud of themselves. He’s acknowledged intl fans and asked people to translate stuff so many times in the last couple of days; he obviously feels guilty. He even had Hoseok do that live with him so be could understand and interact with the intl fans. You guys really made him feel bad.

Not every idol can read/speak/understand English, languages are hard. Some people really struggle with learning second languages. And honestly I don’t think idols should be required to learn English or Japanese or anything else if they don’t really, actually want to. That kind of expectation is just too much, imo. We should take it as a nice surprise when an idol knows a second language instead of an expectation or a requirement. And on top of that, what is getting upset with an idol for communicating in their own language with fans who speak that language suppose to do exactly? Yelling at him doesn’t make him suddenly capable of understanding everything you guys type at him at lightening speed. It just hurts his feelings.

And of course he would feel home sick. He’s in a foreign country, eating foreign food, surrounded by people he can’t understand. If I remember correctly Jimin was the one who got homesick the fastest on Bon Voyage. He loves his country and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a homebody, so sue him.

Anyway it’s like 4am, I’m emotional, and him asking people to translate on ch+ for intl fans made me :/ :/ :/ because he shouldn’t have to worry about that. He’s a good kid and he doesn’t deserve to be spoken to that way by people (his fans) who are suppose to love and support him. I love armys, but honestly I don’t think you guys realize how spoiled we are. Your expectations are unrealistic.

There are fandoms out there that can’t even find an eng sub of a five minute clip of their group months after it’s aired. We get twenty subs uploaded to YouTube in a matter of hours. Armys work hard for each other and it makes BTS seem more accessible than they actually are, but please remember to respect the members in real time when English isn’t always an option. I hope that makes sense?? Like don’t let the ease of accessibility make you forget that, in the moment, you are dealing with real people with feelings who might struggle to understand you.

In short; please don’t be selfish and always remember to respect the members. They love you and they work hard for you. They deserve to be spoken to with care.

Okay, guys, I don’t want to answer “Am I Jewish?” questions from complicated family histories.

  • According to Jewish law, you’re Jewish if your mother is Jewish.
  • Alternatively, in Reform Judaism, you’re accepted as Jewish if only your father is Jewish and you were raised in Judaism.
  • If either of your parents are ethnic Jews, you partly share their ethnicity.
  • Adopted children have to be converted to be Jewish.
  • Any example of, “There’s Jewish blood in my near-ancestry, but not my parents” means that you have Jewish ancestry, not that you’re Jewish yourself. You’d need to convert.
  • If you want to research and explore Jewish culture, that’s genuinely great.
  • If you’re unsure, don’t ask Tumblr, ask a Rabbi.

Rabbis – for the most part – aren’t scary. You can find contact details on the majority of synagogue websites and then even send an email if you’re unsure or nervous.

I’m really not comfortable answering and sharing those kinds of personal questions. Thank you.


Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 (Final)

HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333

Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3

This calms me down so much

Stay safe everyone!

Edit: People are sending me messages about only caring about Dan and Phil. Really guys? Of course I care about all the other people in London at the moment! I just wanted to be sure that they were alright because they are the only people I ‘know’ that live in London. Do you really want to blame me for that? They mean a lot to me and the fact that I wanted to make sure that people I care about are safe is something I should be ashamed for is absurd. 

I am really sorry for everyone who lives in London. What happened was terrible and I hope that everyone will be alright. I understand that some of you are shocked and maybe some of your loved ones were there. These are difficult things and I totally understand that. I care about every single person who lives on this planet and I don’t want to be harassed about “Only caring for my faves” because that is not true.

For the last time, I am really sorry if this made some of you angry or sad. I didn’t mean it and I want to apologize.

And so they did

PROMPT: soulmate au where the first thing your soulmate says is tattooed on your arm, however, both dan and phils tattoos are in a foreign language that they don’t understand (as in they don’t speak the same language)

(prompt from @phanfic)

WORDS: 1785

(WARNINGS/TRIGGERS) none, as far as im concerned, though the quickest mention of abusive ever, right at the start. a few nervous/down thoughts I guess?

GENRE: fluff :)

(AUTHORS NOTE) im popping the oneshot cherry, presenting you with this, looking for some followers on here, @phanfucks , ao3 agnesisacunt, ff.net agnesfandoms, and my wattpad ineedfiction. also my ig danisabear but whatevs really. also this is kinda short dan bc he’s only seventeen at this point. anyway. enjoooooooooooooooooooy :)) also feedback helps the flowers grow


(Phil’s pov)

Philip Lester lived in a world where people had ‘soul-quotes’. That was the name of the little thing that was written on your arm from birth, the first thing your soulmate would say to you. Some people found their soulmates when they were just 7, some people even had to wait fifty years, and some never got their soulmate. Maybe they never met, maybe their soulmate was mean or abusive, or maybe they didn’t have a mark, or their soulmate had a mark for another person.

Soulmates didn’t have to be relationships, more often than not they were, but they could be friendships too.

The thing with Phil’s soul-quote? It was in danish. ‘Undskyld, men tog du lige et billede af mig?’ what?? He’d once tried looking it up on google translate, the sentence ‘sorry, but did you just take a picture of me?’ didn’t make any sense back then, but now, as a photography student, it kind of did. Kind of.

It was all very exciting though, him having a soulmate from a different country, while all his friends just had british soulmates. Phil also may have kind of dreamed about his soulmate finding Phil’s slight british accent hot.

But currently, he was more excited than ever. He was going to Denmark with his photography class at uni, because every year a country to go to was chosen by the students of the class, they’d have five options, and Phil may have convinced 13 people to choose Denmark. They would arrive at Copenhagen airport in about 45 minutes, use the rest of the day to get settled in, get right in to photography monday morning, and then take the train to a city in jytland called Aarhus on tuesday evening, where they’d spend three more days. Phil was ecstatic. Even at 8 o’clock on a sunday morning, he’d never been more excited.


The first day of Copenhagen was unsuccesful. He’d tried to speak to as many people as possible, even walking into some on purpose (do. not. ask). But no one said anything that could sound even a little bit like the thing he had on his lower right arm, in a squiggly writing - his soulmates writing. It’d taken several of Phil’s family members to figure out the letters, and it just made it all the more difficult that it was in a foreign language.

Phil was dead-set to try again tomorrow.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’d gotten a few ‘undskyld’s, but that was more or less it.

Now he was on the train to jytland, at 7:47 p.m., going through the pictures he’d taken of The Round Tower, Amalienborg Palace, a few birds, dogs, flowers, and people.

“Seem a little down, Phil? Didn’t find them today either?” Asked Camille, one of his friends, sounding like she felt rather sorry for him. Most of the people he knew, including her, had already found their soulmate, some were married, some not. Phil was the oldest person he himself knew who hadn’t found his soulmate yet. He was 22 for god’s sake. The most common age to find your soulmate was around 17. How long would he have to wait?

“Nah, I didn’t, unfortunately.” he answered. He got a few pats on the back with the people he sat with at that, but none of them really knew what to say, which was understandable.

“You’re gonna find them, promise.” said Mike, who was also Phil’s cousin’s soulmate. “Thanks man, anyway, did you guys get some good pics?” he asked.

“Yeah, I got one from the top of the Round Tower with a really nice view, also one of a dog with it’s owners sitting at a fountain. What about you guys?” said Mike, and so they continued talking until they had to get off the train.


First day of Aarhus? No luck. Phil was really fucking hoping that the second day was gonna be better (little did he know, it was).


Phil, Mike, Camille, Emma, and Damon were walking with each other along the Aarhus Canal, taking different pictures of it, buildings, cafés, dogs, people, and their ‘Baresso’ coffees. Phil had gotten an Ultimative Iceblend with mint, and it tasted like heaven. Camille and Emma had both bought a danish soda called Faxe Kondi, which tasted surprisingly well.

‘Holy-’ Phil couldn’t help himself, quickly putting his camera in front of his right eye and snapping a picture, when he saw the most breath-takingly beautiful boy he was to ever lay his eyes on. He had a brown fringe, sweeping to the left, sparkling brown eyes with little specks of golden and honey in them, and was smiling the brightest of smiles to some of his friends and, oh god, dimples as deep as Phil was in love. He was petting his dog, a black-spotted Grand Danois, and looking at some of his friends, laughing along with them. Well, until he wasn’t, and was suddenly looking at Phil, and oh shit, oh no, he fucking saw me taking a picture of him like some creep.

“Undskyld, men tog du lige et billede af mig?” he said, but of course, Phil didn’t understand shit.

“I-I’m sorry, say that again please? I’m british.” Phil explained with the slightest of embarrassed laughs.

The gorgeous boy looked down at his left arm, taking a couple of seconds before answering, with the most stunning smile ever; “Sorry, but did you just take a picture of me?”

And Phil burst out laughing, in relief, joy, happiness, so many different emotions.

“I- um, yes, yes I did actually.” He chuckled, more or less ignoring all the confused faces around them.

“Yeah? And not just of Bella here?” Pretty boy (also known as Phil’s soulmate, apparently, holy fuck) asked, scratching the big dog, that was more or less in his lap, behind the ear.

Phil chuckled. “Well, as charming as she is, that wasn’t the first thing on my mind.” He replied, smirking slightly at the now blushing boy, and if you asked Phil he’d probably refuse the slight tint on his own cheeks.

“Um, Dan? Hvem er din ven her?” asked a friend of the boy, Dan, as Phil had just discovered. Jesus, that’s a nice name. Is it short for something, maybe? What’s his last name? Phil thought to himself, and yes, he did feel a bit creepy to be honest, but he also knew that these were regular thoughts right after meeting your soulmate.

“Oh. det er- this is-” Dan giggled, not sure what to say since he didn’t kow his soulmate’ name yet, but kinda confused as to how his friends hadn’t caught on yet.

“I’m Phil Lester.” Phil said with a kind smile, reaching his hand out to Dan’ friends. Phil. Dan couldn’t help but let out a small, contented sigh, as his soulmate seemed to be the perfect person.

“Dan Howell.” Dan said at last and reached his hand out to Phil too.

“Howell? Isn’t that an english name?” Phil asked curiously, wanting to know as much about this boy as humanly possible.

“Well yeah, my great-great-grandpa was from Ireland and his son, my great-grandpa, got married to a danish woman who took his name, and so on.” Dan answered, quietly ushering Bella off of his lap so he could stand up before his legs fell asleep. He was about a head shorter than Phil, which was adorable, but would also be the cause of a great amount of neck pain in the future.

“Oh, you’re tall, no fair.” Dan whined and pouted, and Phil laughed, but was cut short by the voice of Camille. “Alright, not-so-wild guess, are you two soulmates?” she asked and when the two boys nodded to her, she couldn’t help but gasp along with Phil’s other friends and pull him into a hug, while some of Dan’ squealed a little and embraced him too, all laughing and congratulating.

“Alright, alright, but Dan how old are you?” asked Emma in a teasing tone. Phil snickered.

“Oh, I’m turning eighteen in June?” he told, not quite knowing why she wanted to know that, until she slapped Phil, exclaiming ‘old man!’. They all laughed at that, though Phil rolled his eyes and snickered again. “I’m twenty-two.” he explained.

Both Phil and Dan’ friends may have all lured off about fifteen minutes after that, but it’s not like the two really noticed. And Phil likes to tell himself that Dan didn’t notice the thirty-one pictures that were taken of him in the coffee shop they sat in for the next two hours, chatting and trying to teach Phil danish, though he probably did. And he probably noticed the twelve Phil took of him as they were walking and sitting beside the canal with Bella too.


Sadly, Phil couldn’t see Dan almost all friday because Dan still had school for a couple more weeks. That didn’t stop him from talking about him all the time, though. It was quite endearing, to be honest.

When Dan’ school day finally ended, at 1:55 because it was a short day, he and Phil met up right outside of the rather big - yet still much smaller than Phil’ old high school - building, they both smiled from ear to ear.

“Hey.” Dan said breathely.

“Hey.” Phil returned it in the same, slightly awe-struck, tone. “Don’t you guys have to wear uniforms?” he continued, noticing how Dan’ attire was a red-plaid sweatshirt, with the image of a dog and silhouette of a man in the center. Phil learned yesterday that Dan had quite an expensive taste.

“No, not here. When I was younger I always thought it would’ve been cool if we did, but I’m rather relieved now.” they laughed.

“Good. They’re horrific.” Dan laughed even louder at Phil’ words, and Phil could only say that he was proud of that.

“It’s sad that you’re leaving already. In two hours right?” asked the younger of the two, frowning deeply.

“Yeah. I was thinking if you maybe had the time, you could come say goodbye at the airport?” Phil said nervously, though he knew he had no reason to be. Dan smiled again, nodding.

“Yeah. We can exchange skype accounts, social media?” Dan proposed, and Phil nodded.

“Could we exchange a goodbye kiss?” said Phil, teasingly setting his hands on Dan’ waist, making the younger of the two giggle loudly.


And so they did.

Elemental - Chapter 5

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

A/N: the beginning of this chapter has some much needed iwaoi bonding so im using this as an opportunity to dedicate it to @amalasdraws , an artist that has filled my dash with some wonderful art and content. i am honored to call her a mutual! 

Night is upon them, the crescent moon sitting high in the sky, millions of stars glittering and winking at the world. A gust of wind blows past Oikawa and he shivers, the chill seeping into his bones. Glancing at his sleeveless tunic, he realizes that in retrospect, he should’ve brought his warm, north-pole-ready coat.

Sleep refused to drag him into the world of dreams, and so Oikawa had decided to explore a little. Their rooms were in a large tower on separate floors, and while Oikawa couldn’t really leave the building without air bending or a flying bison, the building itself seemed rather interesting. They were placed on the higher floors, closer to the mountain, while the lower floors overlooked the edge of the cliff.

As he’d been walking down the winding staircase, Oikawa had found a crack in the wall, just big enough for one person to crawl through. Curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he’d made his way to the other side, only to find himself on a long aisle with a tiny circular landing at the end. If he were to guess, this was a meditation spot. There aren’t any noises, just the sound of the wind caressing his skin, and the smell of fresh, healthy air.

But why he really loves it?

The stars.

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AX 2017: Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Panel Transcription

The Fullmetal Alchemist World Whirlwind Tour!! First stop Los Angeles!

| Transcription of a major part of the panel that took place on July 3rd, at Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles. Although the panel was listed as 11am to 12pm, it only actually lasted about 35 minutes since it started late and then ended a bit early in order to clear the room. Still, a lot happened in that short time! Here’s the complete transcription! Very Long Post!! |

- NOTE: the MC is Ken Ayugai from Tokyo. Mikey’s the interpreter. I cut their self introductions and their final remarks which let the audience know that the next stop on the live action promo tour was Paris.

- ALSO we weren’t allowed to film or take pictures till after the footage was shown and they were real strict about it, but I’m sure the live action team will release pictures and some footage after their world tour ends in Japan on July 12th, so we just gotta wait like a week.

Also check out: Description of scenes in the footage

MC: So first of all, I’m sure most of you are aware of this but I’m gonna run you through the history of Fullmetal, really quick.

Mikey: Just a little bit, so you guys, you know there might be some people who don’t know Fullmetal Alchemist up here.

MC: So first of all, Fullmetal Alchemist is a popular japanese manga, which I’m sure you know, and it’s written by Hiromu Arakawa and published in the monthly magazine Shonen GanGan from 2001 to 2010. And this series has sold over 70 million copies worldwide and there’s been like a tv series in 2003 and 2009, the animated series. And the movie was in 2005 and 2011. And [when the] author gave birth to her children, she continued writing hoping that her kids would read it one day.

Mikey: Exactly, she wanted her kids to read this one day, so that’s a really touching story, right?

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What was in Victor’s mind in episode 9?

So today I was thinking about the airport scene today again and what struck me about it is that it is never explained what was Victor thinking while saying this:

While it’s obvious what Yuuri has in his mind at the moment (i.e. having Victor by his side these last few weeks before his retirement) there is no reason why would Victor reevaluate their relationship then. Leaving Yuuri for that three days for Maccachin obviously doesn’t make him a bad coach at least Yuuri would never think so. And Victor doesn’t overthink things much normally so while it’s his natural reaction to throw himself into Yuuri’s arms (and Yuuri’s only but that’s another story) it’s why he speaks about coaching first what puzzled me the most.

But then I realised something else about this whole situation and I think that was the same realisation that really made Victor look so miserable on that airport. Because what is interesting is the fact that Victor couldn’t decide what to do when he learned about Maccachin at the first place.

He was seriously torn between staying with Yuuri or going back while really there shouldn’t be a question. Sure, he takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously and he cares about Yuuri a lot and he doesn’t want to leave him especially since they’re finally in a relationship like he always wanted but still we’re talking about Maccachin whom he had for over 12 years? He loves that dog more than anything, Maccachin was the only one to greet him home, the one to care when Victor was down, the one who slept with him… Like Yuuri was apart from his dog for five years and he was still devastated after Viccan’s death can you imagine how Victor would feel? For Yuuri, it’s obvious that Victor should go back, he tells him he needs to because it really is the one right thing to do and Victor. Still. Hesitates? 

Side note, I love the fact that Victor trusts Yakov so much he believes he may take care of Yuuri in his stead but anyway he finds a solution, he flies to Japan and now, we don’t know what happens there but what I think happened is that Victor looks at his miraculously saved dog, he looks back at what happened in Russia and he realises he truly loves Yuuri. I’m pretty sure that the only thing that Victor thinks about while sitting by Maccachin’s side is Yuuri and I’m also sure he gets aware of that too. It’s not a crush anymore it’s not the eros matter, it’s not the fact that Yuuri inspires him more than anything. I believe that while alone in Japan Victor realises that being apart from Yuuri terrifies him because he loves him more than he ever loved anyone. He literally was choosing between two persons he loves the most in his life.

So what I imagine Victor has in his mind when he sits on this airport is “what can I do to be with Yuuri for longer”. Now, there was a great meta on how much insecure Victor is about revealing his feelings and we know from what Kubo said that it is not until he has a ring on his finger that he lets himself think about their future together but I’m sure that Victor already tried to think of something he could do to stay longer by Yuuri’s side and as they communicate mostly thru skating he was probably thinking something like “I’ll tell him about the technical things we need to improve and also maybe suggest him that he may still win at Four Continents and Worlds so he would need me to stay” but even if he wants to play it cool he can’t wait to make sure Yuuri will make him stay and basically the second he holds Yuuri he starts to ramble about that. Like when I look at this scene now it all makes so much sense, that Victor is so touched when Yuuri asks him to stay because that’s what he wanted to hear all along. And then that marriage proposal remark that comes out of nowhere or rather comes from Victor’s realisation that he loves Yuuri so much he could marry him. And then this?

They are emotional because of being apart and because of how much in love they are but I think that what really explains this whole scene is looking at it as at the first time they are together while Victor fully understands his feeling for Yuuri. And Victor is so emotional and honest while saying that last line that it makes Yuuri cry? Yuuri has no idea what Victor has in mind but I think he feels something changed and I really wish Victor wouldn’t be afraid to tell him the truth at that moment. But anyway this scene somehow is even better for me now and I thought I should share it with you guys.

Hidden Feelings - Coming Out

Are you okay?
Please talk to us!
We’re your friends, we’ll understand.

The girl sighed heavily, rereading all of the comments her online friends were sending her. She had been distant with them lately, afraid they’d judge her for her secret. It wouldn’t be the first time someone did. Shaking her head, she clicked on the comment box. To hell with it all. They’re my friends, they’ll understand.

Guys, it’s really hard to say this…I’ve been hiding who I really am. I’m so afraid of rejection and hate that I’ve been lying to you.

What is it? You don’t have to hide from us, we’re your best friends! :) Her friend replied. With a deep breath as similar answers started popping up, she went back to typing.

Alright, guys. Just know I love you all, and I really hope this doesn’t change anything… She sighed shakily, before adding that last, chilling bit. …I’m a Conservative.

The website went silent, and for a minute the girl thought her screen froze. But after a chilling sixty seconds, the notifications popped up.

You’re a what?

So what, you support Trump?

Please tell me this is a joke.

The girl was shocked at what her friends had said. She didn’t know how to respond, this was certainly not a laughing matter.

Yes, I do support my president, and no, this isn’t a joke.

It didn’t take long for their responses to come through.

I can’t believe this! Trump is a racist, misogynistic, transphobic, pig!

I thought you were better than that. I’m so triggered right now.

I think it’d be best if you just went and drank some bleach, save us from doing it.

Seconds later, one by one her “friends” started unfollowing her. She didn’t have the strength to fight back, to try and defend herself. So she watched as more comments flooded her post, from people she didn’t even follow. All she could think was, when did having a different opinion become such a bad thing?

i really hope that no one takes any of these posts as me “attacking” their ships or whatever!

let me also re-clarify, this has NOTHING to do with me shipping mcpriceley. not one bit.

i just really need to put it out there that 2 males can be friends without you guys having to turn it into a gay relationship. it’s also really important that we have this kind of representation of friendship so that it kills the whole “dudes bein nice and supportive of each other is gay” thing.

I understand wanting more representation of the LGBT+ community in media. But let’s also not wash away this CANON, safe, pure, NON-ABUSIVE, NOT SEXUALIZED (unless you wanna count baptize me as sexual, but we know it’s all a joke) relationship between a Ugandan woman and a fat, nerdy, white boy.

Can we just appreciate that? For once? The only canon couple in this musical ended up being between a black woman and the nerdy sidekick. They could have easily made it the skinny, smart lead (Kevin Price) but instead made it Arnold. Who was never confident in himself and who was always used to being in the shadows.

That’s just. Important. Stop. Leaving. Nabalungi. Out. Of. This.

Let Kevin support his friend. Let Arnaba live on.

That’s all.


For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!

Together- Alex Wennberg

Originally posted by 91-tavaress-blog

Ok so I am SO sorry for such a long break! I don’t know what was going on with me this break! But I think I’m back! I might have to scale back to only two a day, but we’ll see how things go, ok? I love you guys so much!!! Thank you for understanding!!! Also… Alex and Wild Bill got broken up like… y'all… now whose Alex going to ride in the car with? Anyway! I hope you guys enjoy!

Warning: slight angst, cursing

Anon Request: Something with Alex wennberg where you find out you’re pregnant and you’re really nervous to say it to him, cause you do t think you’re ready, but you tell him and he gets shocked, not really happy but he is calm and says that you’ll get through it together and really cute?


              You were an idiot.

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Having been dealing with life lately , and finally had time to play Don’t starve together again with my pal. I am Wilson and he is Willow XD

Due to the fact that I am not really interest in Undertale anymore , I hope you can understand that i won’t post too many things here.  ( if Underswap game is really out , i maybe will back for a while :0c)

The last thing I do in this fandom is probably join the event “決心效應"  . I will post some projects i am gonna sell in the event next week ! 

I really appreciate you guys give me support this one and a half years :D 

banasiakj123  asked:

What are your all time favorite Lucaya moments from the show and why?

I got this and another ask which said:

“I loved your answer to that last ask. You probably don’t ship lucas and maya as much as riley and farkle, but did you have any favorite moments from them?”

So… let’s get it!

Edit: The more I write about these moments, the more I realize how many Lucas and Maya moments there actually were, and how tough it is to choose between them all. 

My favourite Lucaya moments would look something like this:

5. Girl Meets World (The Pilot)

If you had told me that the first episode would be a roadmap for Lucas and Maya’s relationship, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, their whole interaction on the subway and their bantering in the classroom really made me enjoy what was to come of their relationship. I think that in hindsight, it was a really intelligent way to plan out not only their relationship, but the execution of it. 

4. Girl Meets Rules

This episode had me cracking up! Arguably, the “flirtiest” moment on the show, bar none. 

“You don’t seem like a ‘mad dog’ to me…”

“Well what do I seem like to you?”

Come onnnn! This was when Lucas and Maya were starting to pick up steam and they were beginning to really hint that they would be something more than just friends and I was about it. 

3. Girl Meets the New Year

This scene always gets me. 

“Hey Lucas, have I ever said anything nice to you?”


“Well… it’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here.”

“Wow, that kinda makes up for everything.”

Okay, let’s take a look at this, and analyze why I really love this scene. Maya was at the height of her growth in this episode. She had been able to forgive herself for her father leaving, she was really starting to understand why hope isn’t for suckers, and the boy who she “wasn’t supposed to like” had really started to grow on her. So, at this point, she chose herself. Instead of putting everyone else in her life before her, she chose herself for once. And think what you may about Lucas and Maya, you can’t ignore the fact that in this moment, Lucas made Maya very happy, and vice versa. 

What also really gets me about this scene is the fact that this girl roasted and I mean ROASTED this guy for two years, and all she has to say is “I’m glad you’re standing here” and he’s cool? Come on now. Even if he may not have been cool with everything, it still displays how much the boy cared for her and apparently, what she thought of him as well. Love this scene. 

2. Girl Meets Texas Pt. 2

The campfire scene. Do I really have to say more about this? I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory but let’s dig in a little bit. The whole scene was very interesting, and I really had to scratch my head whenever I saw anyone say things like “Maya stole Riley’s man!” or “Maya is a snake for having feelings for Lucas!” when it did not go like that at all. 

This girl was not about these feelings… at least at the beginning she wasn’t.

For all intents and purposes, she was willing to go down with those feelings. Maya knew how complicated things would get, and she had already been trying to actively avoid that conversation as Riley asked her TWICE if she learned anything from being her (i.e. Girl Meets Yearbook). So, when Riley outed her feelings and Maya was left there with Lucas, she did what she always does, she falls back on her jokes and pushing people away. But, Lucas wasn’t having any of that. 

And then there’s the almost kiss. 

Now a lot of people were harping on Lucas for asking Maya not to tell Riley and not “properly dealing with these feelings”, but as I’ve stated earlier, it wasn’t that simple. Up until this episode, this boy wasn’t even 100% sure that Maya liked him. And along with the fact that Maya wasn’t even planning on talking to him because of his actions with Tombstone, I think his initial reaction can be forgiven. Anyways, the whole episode was great. Especially the whole Tombstone situation. I think for the Maya/Lucas/Riley triangle, it was one of the biggest spot-the-difference moments between Riley and Maya. Both of the girls care for Lucas a great deal, but their reactions really showed where they were at. Maya was scared for Lucas’ life and didn’t think he needed to ride this bull to prove that he wasn’t a disgrace, while Riley thought it would be good for him to ride the bull so he could make Pappy Joe proud. 

Anyways, let me move on to the #1 because that’s going to be long, lol. 

1. Yearbook/Creativity/Upstate/A Christmas Maya/Goodbye

So, I know I put a lot of episodes here, but bear with me here. A while back, I said that I would do a Lucaya analysis, but with everything that happened with the show I haven’t really gotten around to doing it. It’s still in my drafts, and I will get around to it eventually, but for now I’ll just try and summarize the main points I wanted to get across, hence the long list of episodes.

But, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

@cowboyandshortstack​ made a great post explaining why Lucas made the right choice in Girl Meets Upstate and how these kids SHOULD have gone about dealing with the triangle in the right way. I’ll link it HERE and I’m just going to elaborate a little bit because it’s really going to help me make my main point about why I love all these episodes and how they set up Lucas and Maya. 

In Yearbook, Lucas says something very important in regards to self-identity:

“But I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.” (And while there was a lot more in Yearbook, this is what really stuck out to me).

The reason why I’m including this is because the concept of “who you are” is more or less Maya’s entire growth arc from this episode up until the end of season three. There was a lot of things that were said and insinuated (mostly by Riley) in regards to who Maya was and who she was meant to be. And as a result of this, Maya, Riley, and pretty much the rest of the core six regress (with the exception of Farkle). I find it very interesting that they made Yearbook right before Creativity because in Creativity, Lucas had this to say about Maya:

Lucas: Well, I don’t want that for Maya. I want Maya to be happy. 

Maya: Thank you, Lucas. But it’s just an art class. 

Lucas: I feel bad. They’re taking away something you’re very good at. 

Maya: You’ve never said that to me before. 

Lucas: I’ve said it. 

Maya: Yeah, but not, like straight to my face when you were looking at me. I can’t remember you actually l– 

Lucas: You’re a great artist, Maya. 

Lucas: You have a real talent. And I want you to be able to get better and share it with people. 

Zay: Now they’re just lookin’ at each other and not sayin’ nothin’. Are they saying anything? No? Well, I wonder that they’re thinkin’. 

Lucas: I don’t want them to take away your art class, Maya.

So, why is this scene part of my favourite Lucaya scenes? Well for one, Lucas makes a grand show of letting Maya and the rest of the class know that he: wants her to be happy, thinks she’s a great artist, she has a real talent, AND doesn’t want them to take away HER art class. This is all coming from the boy who supposedly “is most likely to be okay with whatever happens”. If we contrast this with his reaction to Riley being bullied in Girl Meets Rileytown, it’s a very big spot-the-difference moment. 

And while the situations were both serious for different reasons, it was Lucas’ reactions to both situations that really stand out. I’m not trying to say that Lucas wasn’t upset that Riley was getting bullied, he was. But, when Riley thew the ice cream in Maya’s face and stormed off, Lucas went to check on Maya… not Riley. Meanwhile, it was Farkle who even figured out that Riley was being bullied in the first place (no surprise there). 

But, let’s move on. 

Girl Meets Upstate is probably my favourite episode out of all of these that I’m writing about because it really showed Lucas having a greater understanding of Maya than we initially thought. 

Here’s what Lucas says to Ms. Hart in regards to Maya:

Lucas: You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. In Texas, she doesn’t wanna see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Ms Hart. And from what I’ve heard, it’s not her father. You are a wonderful mother.

And after Topanga humorously asks Lucas to even it up (i.e. What about me, Chuckie?) he runs off to the bay window where he does what he should have done all along:

Eric: Listen to your heart. Your heart is what’s going to tell you what to do. And then go find your favourite quiet place. 

Like @cowboyandshortstack had said in her post: 

BUT, Lucas DID do this to make his decision in Upstate, which is paralleled pretty closely to Topanga making her decision in Goodbye. Except with one crucial difference.

Topanga gets to say what her decision is. Lucas doesn’t. Lucas lets Maya talk him out of his decision (which is presumably her given the rest of the context of the episode) before he even has a chance to say it.

Basically, Lucas did the right thing in Upstate to make the right decision. He gets talked out of it (it being choosing Maya) and, as a result, ends up choosing Riley (the wrong decision) in Ski Lodge.

What’s interesting about this entire situation is that I’m speculating (because I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure) that Maya knew Lucas was going to choose her, and she wanted to make Riley happy, so she backed off. Lucas wanted to make Maya happy, so he didn’t push the issue. But, just imagine being Lucas in that situation. You have taken roughly a year to figure out which one of these amazing girls you want to be with. 

After much thought and drama, you finally come to a decision… only to be dismissed because the girl who you were going to choose claims she wasn’t “her” (even though you had spend the past couple of days reaffirming who she was). And on top of all that, you choose to accept it, because you just want her to be happy. 

Say what you want about Lucas, I’ll probably agree with you. BUT, you can’t tell me that sidelining feelings he took about a year to figure out was “easy”. And that’s why I love Upstate. It really shows the selflessness of both Lucas and Maya, who once again are putting others before themselves. 

And finally… A Christmas Maya. 

Most of you are probably wondering why I would put this episode on the list because Lucas was not even in the episode. And to that comment, I would tell you to pay attention to what the focus of this episode is. We learn in this episode that Maya’s mom had done everything she could to make sure that Maya would have a good upbringing. As we all know, the Hart’s are not the wealthiest, and when Maya was young she didn’t see how much her mom had done for her. But, in A Christmas Maya, we see that while Ms. Hart didn’t have much to give, she gave Maya the most important thing she has - her friends. 

So, what does this have to do with Lucas? Not much really… except for:

Lucas: You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. In Texas, she doesn’t wanna see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Ms Hart. And from what I’ve heard, it’s not her father. You are a wonderful mother.

Lucas, who had barely spoken to Ms. Hart throughout the series was able to deduce that Maya gets her capacity to care for others and to be selfless… from her mother. Looking back on it, the conversation Lucas has with Ms. Hart and the conversation Maya has with her mom have nothing in common… except for the fact that they both appreciate everything Ms. Hart has done for Maya. 

I have to repeat this. This boy… who was written to be somewhat aloof, has the ability to deduce, quite accurately might I add, how much Maya’s mom has done for her and how important that is, to me is the cherry on top. I think the most important ‘spot-the-difference’ moment between Maya and Lucas and Maya and Riley comes down to how he interacts with them. Lucas is to Maya what Farkle is to Riley and I don’t really think much else needs to be said. The only difference between Farkle and Riley and Lucas and Maya is that Maya and Lucas were involved in a triangle and Riley and Farkle weren’t. 

Anyways, I know I rambled for a while, so let me see if I can bring this all together for y’all:

In Yearbook, we learned the importance of being “who you are” and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Lucas really drives this point home in the episode. 

In Creativity, we learn that Lucas has been paying attention to Maya, who was quite shocked at that realization, and he remind Maya who she is and why her art is important - because it makes her happy, she is a great artist, and she has a talent which she should share with others. Unfortunately, because we never got to see the season four come to fruition, we never got to see Maya’s artistic talents develop. However, we do get confirmation in Bay Window that Future Maya does pursue her artistic talents, so it can be inferred that Lucas wasn’t too far off the mark. This episode once again shows Lucas having a greater understanding of Maya than we initially perceived, and even sometimes has a better understanding of Maya then Riley does. 

In Upstate, we see Lucas giving Ms. Hart a very positive affirmation that she IS in fact a wonderful mother and that she played a pivotal role in developing Maya’s sensitivities. Again, just like Yearbook and Creativity, the focus is on who Maya is and what are the influencing factors behind that. 

In A Christmas Maya, we see Ms. Hart and Maya confirm what Lucas had stated in Upstate - Ms. Hart is a wonderful mother who gave Maya the opportunity to meet Riley and Farkle, which led to her meeting Lucas, Zay and Smackle. 

In Goodbye, we see the contrast between how Topanga handled her decision versus how Lucas handled his, and what that shows about who HE is. While he went about it the right way, and was prepared to announce his decision, when it was revealed that Maya was having a bit of an identity crisis, he put his feelings on the back burner so she could figure the out. Ultimately, it was really just a chance to offer these characters much needed growth and development. 

The theme of “who you are” and how that tied into Lucas and Maya is what connected these episodes. That is ultimately my thesis here - Lucas and Maya have an understanding of one another that had it not been bogged down by the triangle would have rivalled Riley and Farkle, in my opinion. Anyways, that’s about it!

Longest answer to an ask ever!

But before I wrap this up, I’ll give a list of other important Lucaya episodes that I can remember off the dome:

Girl Meets TSOL

Girl Meets Belief 

Girl Meets Texas Pt. 3

Girl Meets the New Year

Girl Meets Bay Window

Girl Meets Legacy

Girl Meets H.S. Pt. 1 & 2

Girl Meets Triangle

Girl Meets True Maya

Girl Meets Ski Lodge Pt. 1 & 2

Girl Meets Sweet 16

Well… that about does it! Let me know what y’all think!

anonymous asked:

So, something really scary happened to me and a close friend of mine recently, and my projectionist mind started thinking "what if the Chocobros were in this situation?" So, my request is, how would the bros react to S/O or a friend being rohypnoled and the guy who spiked her drink confronting them as they're trying to get her home safely? (Please do not hesitate to say if you're uncomfortable with this, I will understand)

This is okay anon! And I really do hope you and your close friend is okay!

And I’m sorry if this is off, I really don’t know how to write for this and this is my first time.


Gladiolus Amicita.

This is a man you do not want to mess with.

But, the greasy weasel that had offered you a drink obviously didn’t care about your bear of a boyfriend behind you.

He didn’t notice at first, mainly because he was ordering a drink you the both of you.

But the second he felt you slack up against him, he looked down to see the glass held loosely in your hand and your face twisted with the telltale signs of you being drugged.

He took the glass from you and sat you down on a booth before shaking you a bit.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Where did you get this? Who gave you this?” he called over the blaring music.

“Some… guy?” you questioned as your eyes drooped.

“Hey, hey, is this guy bothering you beauty?” the greasy man from before questioned as he nudged Gladio away.

“Who the fuck are you?” Gladio growled as his shoulders rolled backwards.

“Who the fuck are you buddy? I’m just trying to get this beauty home before someone snatches ‘em up!”

“I’m their boyfriend, and I don’t it’s smart of you to assume you can take them wherever you want. Especially when you drugged them,” he snapped. The man seemed to back away and Gladio only took a step further. “Leave,” Gladio snarled.

The man didn’t need any more convincing, so he took off into the crowd of people.

Gladio turned to you and shook his head.

“You’re no Gladio! Why am I sitting on your… *hic* face?” you complained as you scooted off the stool.

“Okay babe, let’s go,” Gladio sighed as he hoisted you up and off his shoulder.


He noticed a man has been staring you down all night and promptly kept an eye on him as well as you. He was eyeing you. Practically messing with your body in his mind.

Ignis noticed every second of it and shot a glare at the man behind his glasses before turning most of his attention on you.

As the night continued, he suddenly had the urge to use the bathroom and quickly set off to find one.

He had already gotten a few drinks in his system from your constant persuasion and now he was tipsy, but still functioning.

But as soon as he had gotten back, he saw you slumped against the counter with a glass tipped over in your hands and the man from before next to you.

Ignis’ nose twitched in anger and he quickly set off to grab the man and push him away from you.

“Woah woah, what’s going on?” he slurred.

“I suggest you get away from them,” Ignis spat as he turned his attention back to you.

“And who do you think you are?”

“Their boyfriend. And who might you be? Let me guess: Some lowly weasel with intentions of drugging people who come into this bar? So you can take advantage of them? You truly are a sick man,” Ignis snarled as he hoisted you up. “Come on darling we’re leaving.”

“Already?” you moaned as your eyes were still squeezed tight.


You two had decided to go to a new bar, not thinking about anything else but to have fun.

You two didn’t notice the man staring at you from a few feet away mainly because your backs were turned as you two took shot after shot slowly.

But he slowly made his way closer to the two of you until the both of you were able to sense it in your tipsy states.

Noctis went to go get some more shots while you sat there, scrolling through your phone.

But when Noctis turned around with two shots in hand, he saw you were drinking something that looked like water with a glass next to you most likely for him.

But through his tipsy state, he saw the glass slowly slip from in between you fingers and your eyes roll backwards as you passed out face first into the table with a guy running his hands along your back and head towards your lower back.

His nose scrunched up in anger as he rushed the guy and pushed him off of you.

“What the hell?” Noctis growled as he turned his attention to you, trying to position you as to lift you up.

“What? Can’t you see they’re passed out? I was gonna drive them home!” the man voiced as he grabbed Noctis’ wrists.

“Bullshit!” Noctis snapped as he shoved the man backwards in a slight drunken rage.

He slid his upper body under your arm and hoisted you up before trotting out of the bar, hoping he didn’t earn himself lectures from gladio, Ignis, and his father.


Prompto was not usually an angry person.

And he definitely wasn’t violent.

But when he saw a guy literally drug you in front of himself along with many more people in the crowded bar, he lost it.

His usual sunshiny, happy-go-lucky self went out the window as he marched over and punched the creep straight in the face when he grabbed your behind and squeezed it.

“What the fuck?” the man groaned as he clutched his bleeding nose.

“Come on (Y/n), let’s go,” Prompto calmly said as he helped you up.

By now, there was a crowd surrounding them with people already calling cops and ambulances for you and the creep.

“Prom?” you murmured as you peered up at him with drooping eyes.

“It’s okay babe, I got you,” Prompto murmured as he placed you upright on a different chair.

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When Chloe finds out what Jesse told Beca during their breakup?

{Let me start this by saying, I actually really like Jesse, but for the purpose of this ficlet, he’s going to be kind of a dick}

Chloe is worried, because she hasn’t heard from Beca since yesterday and the two of them were supposed to hang out and have lunch. Chloe had gone to the little cafe they were going to meet, but when Beca never showed, she had sent several texts, asking if she was okay with no response back. She’d called a couple times, too but it only went to voicemail. 

Keep reading

About BTS In Chile (from a Chilean)

I know the situation looked extremely bad… but I want to explain something.

It was just a few girls … and most of them weren’t even Chilean ok ?

Chile tickets sold out really fast and lot of foreigns came here to watch bts concert. From Bolivia , Peru , Argentina.
So please don’t say only Chilean fans …

Besides that. The main problem was that like 100 person went to their hotel. That was awful I know , but they left after people explained and no one was there at night. It was at day in the morning just when they arrived. And it’s not something new for idols … Kpop or not this kind of things happens all the time. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s ok for fans to do it !

And the situation at the restaurant was the worst thing ever ! And I admit that I was so embarrassed to look at it. The poor guys couldn’t even eat. But believe me when I said that there weren’t more than 30 girls ? And some moms….

I’m not saying it’s ok just because there were a few fans .

But more than 20.000 fans are going to both concerts in Chile. And to say that Chilean army’s are awful it’s really wrong !!!

And I’m pretty sure than since bts popularity it’s a lot bigger now this kind of things are going to happen a lot.

Don’t you remember when some fans followed jin on that show in the jungle ? Or when in Europe they couldn’t even walk ?

I feel like everyone it’s mad at us … but they all forget about the past. Chilean army’s are polite. But there’s always someone who doesn’t respect the idols :( sadly.

It can’t be perfect.

I really hope you guys watch the videos from the sound check and appreciate how good and respectful the army’s were

Also, the fans at the airport were really nice !!!! Didn’t push or anything (something that happens a lot )

And how the project for suga birthday came out so nice and beautiful !!!!

I really hope for people to stop bashing each other.

And I hope fans that made that mistakes rethink and understand that bts are humans and need space.

We have to educate others armys because some people just doesn’t understand by themselves… they need help to get it (it’s a bother but it’s the true )

Chilean army

anonymous asked:

do you guys have any tips for developing realistic group dynamics with characters?

Great question! We each took the time to answer below. 

Gabi: This was is a tough one. It’s one of my favorite things about my writing when I get it right. I do have some tips but what works for me may not always work for you.

First of all, I think understanding each character is one of the most important things you can do. Spend a lot of time working on each character’s backstory, personality, habits, pet peeves, family, and anything else you can think of. Really understand each character before putting them in a group situation.

Secondly, I think reflecting on reality can really help. How are you with family and friends, how do you speak to each other, what’s your humor like, how do you interact and what not. You want to breathe as much reality as you can into the story.

Next, write a lot with them. Before putting them in a plotted out story or book, it might do some good to write a bit of dialogue between some or all of the characters. Write little pieces of them doing something mundane together like getting ice cream or sitting down to watch a movie. Another thing is really letting everything flow. What I mean by this is not forcing any character or relationship be a certain way: that can be disastrous. Let your characters think for themselves as if they were a real person rather than your own personal robot.

Lastly, I say to make sure you have enough people who are different and similar. Don’t make two characters completely alike or so opposite they would never get along. In real life in real friend groups, people are usually mixed up, and they usually have some similar world views (but not exactly the same) and some people will have interests that maybe none else in the group has. For example, you may have five characters in a friend group and two of them may be really really different but they have three others between them to keep everything balanced.

Alright, that’s all I have for you guys. I definitely think understanding your characters and writing with the group a lot are the two most important ones. I really liked this question, and it really made me think about each group of friends I write about and whether they work or not and how I got them to where they are. I hope this helps someone and feel free to talk to us about anything we’ve said or ask if you’re curious or in need of help. Love you guys! 😘

Sarah: I’ve found this to be one of the most difficult (and most rewarding) aspects of writing stories with numerous main characters.

Firstly, I think it’s really important to go really in depth with each of the characters separately. Get to know them, map out what their likes and dislikes are, what they look for in friends and partners, etc. Once you know all of these things, start writing pieces with all of the characters together. It, however, is equally important to not build the characters around each other. They must be their own people outside of this group.

Next, practice dialogue and natural reactions. These are key. If you characters speak how people speak in real life, it will feel more natural. If you include their natural reactions and physical actions in their interactions, it will feel more natural. It is also worth remembering how real people act in groups of friends. What types of people generally group together?

Finally, making letting the group develop on its own throughout the fiction without any preset agenda of romantic interests, etc. will allow the relationships to develop naturally and ultimately feel more realistic. This also means not creating a single character and then building an empty social circle around them of one-dimensional side characters. That’s not really a group dynamic.

Alright, thanks for asking this! I’m really glad I got to go into this topic. Hopefully, you found this helpful!

Got a writing question? Send us an ask!