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I’d really like to make more of these patches for you guys, possibly even have them available at ATLANTALE but Im not even sure if anyone out there aside from me enjoys them. So this is a test sale to see if there is even a public interest in such a thing… 

The fabric patches are machine washable, wear quite well and in my opinion look pretty bad ass in the style of classic grudge punk band patches. Attachable by safety pin to just about anything, or if you choose sew them on for a more permanent accessory!

Each patch is 100% hand made by me, From cutting the stencil, painting, to machine stitching along the outside edges- meaning each one is one of a kind and no two look quite alike.

☆I have 5 of each patch available. 


  • The Swapfell Sans is roughly 5′ at the widest point
  • the Underfell Papyrus patch is roughly 6′x6′
  • The Undertale Bros is 4.5′x7′

12$USD For one, 2 for 22$USD or all 3 for 30$USD!




★Shipping world wide!

know this: clarke griffin has no reason to believe bellamy blake is alive considering it’s been six whole years plus some, and she’s still been recording messages addressed to him for 2,199 days and that is the sound of endgame.

I don’t know why but I’m so shy to pray with other people, I just like being alone when I’m praying


(ok hear me out I had a stupid idea that I kind of wanna write but I have no idea if any of you guys would be interested in it since it’s like a new level of messed up.

so one of the things Lucy wants to do is meet and befriend all the other egos. and while i was trying to find some more information on some of them i got intrested in Gear (Dark Ethan) and i noticed in i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing works with him, at least the latest ones i’ve noticed when she did a kissing meme with him and had mentioned he had a lab sort of. and i got thinking.

What if lucy agreed to help him with some tests? Her thinking she’d help him learn about humans more.

What if those tests included trying to turn her into an entity, even after she told him she didn’t want to go through with it?

I could possibly make it into a two part short. one mainly of just Gear and Lucy as she tries to talk him out of it and get him to let her go, but in the end ends up getting pretty hurt by the time Dark and the others find her and get her out of there. And another one of her possibly in a hospital, or in her room recovering from the aftermath and realizing she didn’t escape the event without a scar.

the first one won’t be super detailed of the tests Gear would inflict on her, it would be mostly dialouge driven if i would go through with it, I understand though that even with as little details as possible and of course tagged approperiatly for people who have the content  blacklisted, some people would more than likely only be intrested in the aftermath if any of you guy are even comfortable with this.

That’s why i’m asking before i even start writing

Does any of this sound intresting? or do i need to head back to the drawing board?)

Good luck to everyone going to the Exo'rdium dot concert!! Please stay safe, have fun and give them much love 💕

I was telling my parents how easy it was to commit accidental heresy in theology class and I told them the story of the time I said Jesus was physically present in the Eucharist and suddenly it was like all the lights were flickering on and off and everyone in the room was banging pots and pans because apparently Jesus is /substantially/ present in the Eucharist which is APPARENTLY different from being /physically/ present in the Eucharist which ApPaReNtLy was an actual debate in the Middle Ages or something idk wow lol being a theology student is so fun


Is it weird to read a fair amount of smut but never, like literally never, use it to get off? Doesn’t hold any interest. Yet still have opinions on whether it’s hot?

  • Ravenclaw: *sitting and listening to the rain* I like the rain, it's peaceful.
  • Slytherin: It'll help clean up a murder.
  • Ravenclaw: You wouldn't need the rain to clean up after you if you used an icicle as the murder weapon.
  • Hufflepuff: What is wrong with the both of you?


not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice