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With No Particular Place To Go

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff oh and, did I mention fluff?

Summary: Dean Winchester loved a lot of things. But if he could choose his favorite it’d be the pointless car rides he’d  go with you.

Challenge/ Prompt: This was a challenge hosted by the amazing @butiaintgonnaloveem for Baby’s 50th Birthday :D My prompt was No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry 

A/N: I gotta admit, I really enjoyed writing this one -even though it took 5 friggin days- I really want to thank @imagining-supernatural for beta’ing this fic. She is amazing and had she not pointed out all that stuff this fic would probably be trash. Thank you so much <3

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request for the angst queen with a prompt where one of the gods take over Noct's s/o's body (like Shiva w Gentiana) and their no longer the person he fell in love with. Also thank you two so much bc you inspired me to start my own side blog (take-pitioss-on-me) and I'd be blessed if y'all would check it out. 💚

Alrighty, while I’d like to point out that Shiva actually is Gentiana, I really really enjoy this concept you’ve suggested. (And I rly rly love Noct ok?) 

This was a difficult one to craft while trying to somewhat stay true to canon— something I always strive to do in some kind of regard. So I had to take some liberties with the (very vague) lore of FFXV. Roll with it my dudes.

SO! With that being said.

On with the pain train!

{1,611 words}

It started after Altissia.

After you finally woke.

The healers said that they were certain you’d never open your eyes again. Noctis never left your side upon waking to find that everything had crumbled around him. He held on to your hand as if it was the only thing keeping him balanced in this wretched world— where heroes die too soon and the innocent far too young.

He had been told by Ignis how it had happened. Who it had been. The same man who stole his eyes and Luna’s life.

The day that you woke, Noctis was resting his forehead in the palm of your limp hand, caressing your wrist when your thumb twitched against his temple. He assumed it to be another one of his fragmented daydreams, the ones where you finally opened your eyes and he took you into his arms.

He realized it to be nothing short of reality when he pulled back, watching your eyes flutter as he gripped your hand. Yes, nothing short of reality because when your clear eyes opened, they were anything but relieved.

You stared at him as if you had lost your mind.

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Take Me || Stiles S.

Word Count: 4,133ish

Warning: Rough smut,😉

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Stiles smut where the reader and Stiles are like, lab partners or something, and Stiles has been mumbling really dirty stuff to you for weeks, and you finally tell him to do something, and then it’s really hard and rough. Thanks so much!! 

You’re my first request and my love for you extends wayyyy past the galaxy. You are the best beautiful! I hope this is what you wanted and I didn’t know if you wanted to be tagged. If not, let me know:) @pick-the-petalst

A/N: Also, just wanted to thank everyone for 130 followers! It might not be much to anyone else, but I didn’t think I’d even have 1 so I am more than grateful! You all are magnificent beauties and I hope you all have an extraordinary day. Much love 💕

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“Those jeans are looking extra tight today.” His lips grazed the outer shell of your ear as his hand slid onto your thigh. “Definitely makes me wonder what they would look like on the floor of my bedroom.”

Your breath caught in your throat. Yes, this had been going on for weeks now but it always affected you. Stiles had become your lab partner at the beginning of the semester and at first, you thought that it might actually go well. He seemed like a smart kid and even though Harris liked to torment him about failing his class, Stiles didn’t seem to be having any trouble.

All that went downhill about two days into your partnership. 

You had just arrived into class wearing a new skirt that you had recently bought over the weekend. It was black and faux leather. You knew that it was a little short, but it wasn’t too bad that you thought people would notice.

Stiles did.

The second you sat down in your seat he was leaning over to you. “Damn, I didn’t know you could get any hotter babe.”

“Excuse me?” You questioned raising your eyebrow at him.

“Oh, Princess, we can excuse ourselves right now and I can show you just how a man treats a lady.” He whispered against the side of your cheek.

You had always thought that Stiles was hot. Hell, he was super sexy, especially when he would wear his baseball cap flipped backward and his unlimited amount of flannels. But, right now, you didn’t know whether to be turned on, flattered, or appalled.

You turned your face to glare at him, but he was already giving you the once-over with his eyes.

You didn’t want it to be, but unfortunately, your teenage hormones got the best of you and heat rose to your cheeks.

“We have never spoken one word to each other and that’s what you start with?” You questioned hoping that he wouldn’t notice the redness that was dawning on your face.

But he did. Of course, he did.

Slowly, a grin curled onto the side of his thin pink lips. His eyes raked the length of your body at an agonizingly sluggish pace causing you to squirm in your seat. He took notice in that too because as he met your eyes a smirk was slipped on his mouth.

“All those dirty little thoughts that are going through that pretty little head of yours could be a reality. Just say the word and I’ll take you on this desk right now.” His eyes shined with pure honesty in his words and suddenly the room was the temperature of the sun. Heat crawled down your neck, past your heavy breasts, through the tingling sensation in your belly, and made its home in your core. The wetness already seemed to be dampening your panties.

As if he would smell your arousal, he leaned in closer. “Say the word Babygirl.”

You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t even move afraid that a moan would slip from your lips. How did this man have so much power of you with just words?

“Stilinski! Attention to the front! Please don’t bother miss L/N.” Harris yelled breaking Stiles’s intense stare he had on you. 

As his eyes left you, you took in a deep breath.

“Yes sir, wouldn’t dream of bothering her.” 

But that is exactly what he had in mind. He wanted her all bothered. Hot and bothered and wriggling underneath him while moaning his name.

You tried not to look at him, but curiosity got the best of you and you peeked at him. He was already staring at you, but this gave him the chance to rile you up some more.

He sent you a wink right as the bell rang.

Now, weeks later it has been a constant one-sided flirtation with a huge dose of lust sprinkled in every sentence that flowed from his amazingly beautiful mouth.

Not that you thought his mouth was beautiful, or that it could do beautifully dirty things as it scrapped the inside of your thighs. No, you had never thought of that.

Let’s all be honest with each other, it wasn’t a normal Monday if that thought didn’t go through your head at least twice.

Today, was no different. 

“Those jeans are looking extra tight today.” His lips grazed the outer shell of your ear as his hand slid onto your thigh. “Definitely makes me wonder what they would look like on the floor of my bedroom.”

“It definitely makes me wonder when you’re going to shut your mouth.” You muttered knowing that he could hear you as you continued to finish your chemistry worksheet.

“Sweetheart, is that the only thing you want my mouth to do?” It was as if he had read your mind and your pencil halted in writing the sentence it was currently on.

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Our Love In Fine Print

Request: “I really love your writing and if it wouldn’t be a bother I would really appreciate an imagine using drabble prompts 18 and 94. Thank you so much!!! ❤︎”

Summary: Draco has a terrible nightmare, and you comfort as best as you can, assuring him of how much you love him.

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,380

Warnings: Light smut (mostly kissing and feeling) - fluff. ;)

A/N: I really liked this request, and I hope you all liked it too! I hope it lived up to your expectations, love! Thank you for requesting! xx

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Draco couldn’t see a thing, it was pitch black. Icy, cold air seeped through his bones, goosebumps blanketing his skin. His hands reached around him, immediately coming in contact with freezing water.

The only sound that was heard was Draco’s ragged, harsh breaths and rapid heartbeat. His toes curled as he wrapped his arms around himself, cowering backwards into an inconspicuous corner.

“Why are you here?!” A voice ripped through the tense air, startling Draco. He froze in his spot, whimpering slightly.

“I-I don’t know where I am.” He explained to the voice, trying his hardest to focus his eyes through the dark. His efforts were to no avail, however, as the dark that surrounded him had not settled.

“We don’t want you here! Nobody wants you here! You’re a disgrace!” Yelled the unknown voice.

A sob threatened to release itself from Draco’s chest, his body shaking violently. The harsh words echoed in his ears, haunting him terribly, clouding his thoughts. He believed them, even agreed with them.

“NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE! NOBODY LOVED YOU! NOBODY LOVES YOU! NOT EVEN YOU’RE OWN MOTHER! NO ONE!” The painful scream screeched through the silence, deafening Draco.

He yelped, whipping his arms up to his ears and pushing in. He tried to steady his breathing, putting all his effort into pushing the hurtful words from his mind. Dead silence enveloped Draco in a cloud of dreadful thoughts. However, after a treacherous minute of utter torture, the voice had returned.

“SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!” It screeched, suddenly close to Draco’s face. The breeze from its shout had sent painful chills down Draco’s spine, a sob escaping his mouth.

“STOP!” He begged, tightening his hands on his ear. The pressure he aided his ear had provided nothing to silencing out the screams, the words echoing in his mind, his sobs escalating. “PLEASE STOP!”




A vicious gasp released itself from Draco’s chest as he abruptly sat up from the bed he shared with you. His breathing was ragged, deep – broken. Sweat drenched his entire body as his chest heaved and sputtered. Draco whimpered slightly. It was just a nightmare.

 “Draco?” You wheezed, sleep tainting your voice. You sat up next to Draco’s side a soon as saw him, reaching your hand up to thread your fingers through his damp hair and to his scalp, massaging it.

 Draco leaned into your touch with a crippled sigh, closing his eyes. His body relaxed only slightly under your touch, the vivid visions from the nightmare that he had just dreamt still itching its way through his thoughts. He opened his eyes again, twisting his head to look over at your sleep-ridden expression. Years of pain and despair swam in his deep blue eyes as he studied every inch of your face, memorizing every crease and crevice and stamping it into his mind for the thousandth time that he’s looked at you.

 “What the matter, sweetie?” You cooed, your voice surrounding him in a cloud of comfort and assurance. He had stayed silent, pulling your hand from his hair and to his lips, placing a light kiss upon your knuckles.

 You smiled lightly at him, suddenly standing up from the bed and walking over to his side. He watched you in confusion as you grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the bathroom. You yanked open the door, tiptoeing over to the tub and bending down to reach for the handle.

You twisted your hand to the right, letting the hot water run as you turned around to face Draco, who stood before you. His eyes watched you curiously as you reaching down to the edge of your shirt and pulled it over your head. You did the same to your trousers, and soon you were standing naked in front of Draco.

Usually a smirk would lace his lips by now, but he had just stared at you, tracing every inch of your body with numerous amounts of adoration sparkling in his eyes. He watched you as you walked up to him, your hands gripping the ends of his shirt. He knew what you wanted without even speaking, and in just one blink of the eye, you and Draco were standing bare in front of each other in no time.

 You bent your head up, connecting your lips to his. Occasionally, the kisses you two shared were full of passion and hunger, but this time was different. The passion was still there, but the kiss was sweet and gentle, comforting. Draco whined against your lips, wrapping an arm around your waist. The kiss went on for another couple of seconds before you pulled away. A groan escaped Draco’s lips, his grip tightening against your waist, keeping your body flat against his. Two pairs of lips brushed upon one another as you placed your forehead against Draco’s.

“Please.” He begged, his voice cracking. He brushed his hands across your back and down to your bum, squeezing gently, causing a gasp to escape your lips. Draco took that opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth, tracing every crack and crevice. His hand cupped your cheek, deepening the kiss. His other hand had tapped the back of your thigh, signalling for you to jump, which you had done willingly.

You moaned as you felt his cock slap against your bum, tightening your legs around his waist, hands tangling themselves in his hair instinctively. You pulled, emitting a groan from the back of Draco’s throat, the hold on your waist increasing. He dragged his lips to your cheek, tracing needy kisses passed your chin, to your jawline and down to your neck. He sucked and licked at your pulse, forcing a gasp from your lips. His arms started to shake, his kisses becoming sloppy.

You drew yourself back to the matter at hand, releasing your legs from his waist and dropping yourself to the floor. Draco whimpered against your neck, having no intentions of letting go of you. However, you gently pulled him away, against his own will, and tugged him towards the now full bath.

The sound of your rapid breathing filled the room as you and Draco climbed into the bath, tears pricking at the edges of his eyes.

You pulled his shaking figure down to sit in front of you, his back leaning against your chest. You sighed, running your hands through his hair, massaging it to comfort him.

“Just let it go, baby. Let it all go.” You whispered against his ear, causing him to finally fall apart in your arms.

He shook and quivered in your hold, sobs breaking from his mouth. You rocked him back and forth, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, assuring him that everything was going to be alright.

“I had a bad dream again.” He broke through his weeping, his hand going up the arm that was around his chest, his fingers curling around the limb.
He leaned more into your touch, needy and desperate.

He just wanted to be with you. He just wanted to love you. His nightmare had resurfaced to his brain, the words “she will never love you” floating to the top of his mind, echoing silently in his ears.

However, your voice had contradicted his thoughts, immediately reaching through to him.

“I love you.” You had whispered, the words meaning more to him than you had thought they did. He cried against your chest, cuddling closer to you in the water that enveloped you both in a soothing cloud of warmth.

“I love you.” He echoed, moving his head up to place a deep, passionate kiss upon your lips. You leaned into the gesture, returning the amount of feeling and compassion as he was giving you.

Soon after, he had pulled away from you, closing his eyes and leaning his head in the crook of your neck and staying there for a few minutes. Although sleep had almost coursed through his veins, he heard you whisper one last thing, thinking he couldn’t hear you.

“And I will always love you.”

That was all he needed before sleep finally overtook him, his body relaxing in your arms.

#2 Auston Matthews

Your writing is actually incredible! Could you write an Auston Matthews imagine where he gets badly injured (like a leg injury or something) and then his gf is like really cute and takes care of him because he’s in a lot of pain. Just like really cute and fluffy would be great! Thank you so much!!

aw I’m so glad you like the prompt!! I love it too! I feel like Auston would be so cute and like helpless if he got hurt and it would be so fun to take care of him and just like cuddle him all day while he sleeps because he’s in pain. Ugh he’s so soft

HERE YOU ARE! I love my soft son !!

Warnings: None

Word count:

Will i end up rewriting parts of it? WIll i not? Who knows really. Only time and my perfectionist demon can tell.

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“No,” You warned sternly as you returned to your shared bedroom to find your stubborn-as-hell boyfriend attempting to get out of bed, face contorted in pain as he struggled. He sighed defeatedly, flopping back into the pillows with a huff. “Don’t look at me like that, I made you breakfast.” you scolded, bending down to kiss his forehead.

“I want to help. You’re doing everything around here, I don’t want to be a-”

“If you say burden, I’ll kill you.” you threatened, good-naturedly.

“-hassle..” he finished with a sheepish grin in your direction. Every since Auston was injured, he’d been adamant on getting up and helping out around the house, especially in the mornings when his pain meds had just kicked in and he was feeling “fine”. He’d scared you half to death when he’d actually done his ankle and to hell if you were just going to let him waltz around the house during the day, given the pain was so intense that he could hardly sleep at night.

You shook your head in disbelief, setting the plate of food on the bedside table as you moved to help him sit up, propping the pillows up behind him and making sure he was comfy before handing over the plate. Although he wasn’t allowed back on the ice for a couple of weeks, he’d in no way lost his appetite; practically inhaling his breakfast in a matter of seconds. You giggled as he licked his lips in an attempt to check if there was any food that had missed his mouth, bringing your thumb up to wipe away the bit on his chin that he couldn’t reach.

“I have to say, your cooking really has improved.” he commented, causing you to smirk.

“compliment taken.” you replied. It wasn’t that you were a terrible cook, more that you only knew how to make like three things. Quality over quantity. But even you had to admit, it was getting a bit dull eating the same things over and over.  “Your mum’s being giving me some help in the kitchen.”

He shook his head with a laugh. “I swear you call her more than I do.” he was teasing but, being the momma’s boy he is, you knew he loved it. You grinned, planting a kiss to his cheek as you savoured you few hours of tranquility before Auston’s ankle would start to ache again. You’d spent the first few days he came home holding back tears as your boyfriend yelped and whimpered in pain. It physically hurt you to see him in agony and remain utterly helpless to aid him. It had been difficult, but you were finally settling into a routine and Auston was getting better at coping. So far he’d watched every season of Friends in existence, had seen Lets Be Cops three times over and was banned from watching hockey because it only made him moody and upset, as well as strengthening his will to get out of bed. Now he was just stuck to flicking through random cooking shows on the lifestyle channel.

Auston’s sleep had been suffering as well, he’d attempt to nap couple of times a day but continued to wake in the early hours of the morning in utter agony after he’d slept off his medication You’d let Auston take the bed for himself while you slept on the couch in the other room because you didn’t want to risk accidentally kicking his ankle as you slept.You did miss falling asleep with him as it was usually a rarity for the two of you, but you cared more about helping him get better.

Due to all of this, you didn’t much mind when you looked up from a great British bake off rerun to find him fast asleep beside you after you’d been absentmindedly tangling your hand through his hair. You smiled before kissing his forehead gently and snuggling against him, wrapping your arms round his torso as you rested you head on his chest.

It was only another hour after Auston woke up when the pain began to return. You could tell by his constant grimaces that he was trying to conceal how much pain he was actually in. You fished a couple of icepacks out of the freezer but they only seemed to provide a little relief. He was trying so hard no to make a noise that it looked like he might explode, his face redding as he squeezed his eyes tight shut.

“Auston, it’s okay.” you murmured, dabbing at his forehead with a wet tea-towel. He let out a whimper and your heart almost broke. You smoothed back his hair from his forehead as he rested the back of his head against your shoulder. “I’ve got you.” you assured quietly as he gripped your hand painfully tight. He let out another cry, his voice breaking as he threw his head back, close to tears. You kissed his forehead gently as you attempted to soothe his pain. “I’m going to get some more ice, okay?” you murmured as you slipped out from behind him, easing him back into the pillows. 

“No,” he moaned, another wave of pain washing over him, making him cry out again. “stay here.”

You forced yourself to extract your arm from his grip, returning with your emergency ice bucket. You helped him up till he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He let out a relieved sigh as soon as his ankle hit the water. You smiled, kissing him gently as you went to retrieve his next dose of medication. Which began to kick in a couple of minutes after he’d swallowed it. The boy hummed, pulling you into him and snuggling against you, gently nuzzling your shoulder with his nose. “You’re the bestest.” he mumbled, though the words were muffled slightly. 

You smiled, rolling over to face him. “Anything for you, huh?” you teased, kissing him softly.

“Something like that.” he chuckled, wincing when he went to roll over properly. You smiled a little, trying to hide both your amusement and pity. 

He hummed happily as you nussled his nose gently as he pulled you on top of himself. You giggled as he craned his neck up to chase a kiss from you as you carefully cupped his face in both your hands.

for momentaryrefrain, who requested two runners sleeping with their headsets on the bedpost.

I kind of jumped at this chance to draw Jody and Simon because I hadn’t had the chance before (I started this before I did the flower crowns drawing)

The Sight of the Stars

(Okay! So this is my super, abysmally late Star Trek Network Gift Exchange gift for @orsonkraennic. I’m sorry this is so late! Life and school and I started one, but then didn’t like it so switched and…yeah. I tried to incorporate two of your prompts, and I hope I’m able to make you smile! Thank you for being so understanding. Anyways, Enjoy!)

“I love you.”

The first-time Jim had said those words to Leonard, he hadn’t paid much attention. “You have a concussion,” he’d informed Jim, and slipped his pen-light back into his coat pocket before going to prepare a hypo to reduce some of the swelling. “Save your confessions for the next person who gives you an orgasm.”

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Those Christmas Lights Keep Shining On 

Bellamy and Clarke, new neighbors, get in a competition over their Christmas decorations. Chaos ensues. 

a/n: this has been a really hard fic for me to right actually, so I would really appreciate feedback or support. thank you so much and have a lovely holiday!!

Clarke isn’t all that into Christmas. For the last few years since her Dad died, it’s just been her and Raven in their apartment, Wells coming over with Monty and Jasper in tow. They ate a lot of pizza and watched a few Christmas movies while they hung out, and that was pretty much it. She called her Mom and Kane and wished them the best and promised to see them around the new year once they got back from the Caribbean. That was that. It was simple and good enough for her.

That is, it was good enough until the advance from her second book was enough for her to buy a house in the suburbs and Bellamy Blake became her next door neighbor.

Suburban Christmas, as Clarke would discover, was a whole new beast. There was an actual caroling group that had been having rehearsals for a month now. Everyone was attempting to one up each other with their lawn decorations and lights. Which, normally, she wouldn’t have given much thought to, but Bellamy Blake was an asshole she must destroy.

Read the rest on AO3 here. 

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I love your blog so much omg. Thank you so much for all your wonderful prompts, they've really helped kick me back into writing. On that note, got any cute/silly alien-human romance prompts?

//Thank you!!

“Wait, how many languages do humans have?”

“You’ve been courting me the whole time? I just thought you were being really friendly!”

“I tried making you some food, but it wasn’t until after that I didn’t think about if you could actually eat it or not.”

“Humans have the strangest concepts of ‘a good time’.” 

quain---trelle  asked:

Heey, do you write prompts? 🙈 because I would really love to read something about Jim leaving dead bodies all over the town for Sherlock, with love poems and messages in their cold skin 🙊 you don't have to, but it'd be really so cool 😊

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PROMPT! <3 I hope you like it!!!

~stars in his eyes~ 

The coldness in his bed kept him awake. He could hear the rushing cars on the street, the faint noises from the TV-Show John was watching, and yet he could hear nothing. His mind was working too fast, he had a hard time catching his thoughts. Sherlock sighed loudly and tried to sort out the images that were rushing through his mind. They found the twelfth body today, and Holmes was wondering exactly why Moriarty was doing this. All of the bodies had a letter engraved into their skin. 

Sherlock already figured out that if you reorganized the letters, a sentence would come out. (And he also knew, Moriarty knew that he had figured the cryptic puzzle out. Meeting at Midnight. The pool.) Besides the carved letters, Sherlock would always find a piece of paper with a poem in their hands. No one else would understand it, but the detective felt flattered. He felt like Moriarty did this just for him, and perhaps he was right. Maybe all the poems about love and loss and sadness were meant for him – but what did it mean? Sherlock got frustrated. 

Moriarty was his arch-enemy, his nemesis,  yet Sherlock couldn’t help but be interested in him. “Can you see the stars? I don’t see them any longer. They were taken, and I can’t reach them. The deep blue of your eyes keep them captured, and I’m afraid to fall.” This wasn’t really a poem and yet it had a deep meaning behind it. Sherlock shivered slightly, he grabbed his coat and scarf before heading out. He didn’t say goodbye to John even if he didn’t know for sure that he would have the chance to come back. Moriarty was … possessive. The criminal didn’t like to share and he made that pretty clear to the detective. 

 "If you stay or if you leave, it’s your decision to make. But whatever you decide to do, it will be forever.“ The snow was falling onto his dark curls, placing itself on his eyelashes like diamonds. Sherlock felt surprisingly warm, but  wasn’t quite sure if that was due to his coat or the fact that the man he longed for the most was stalking behind him. He could feel him with every nerve in his being. However, he kept going to the place where it all had started. Where they had started. 


 “Here we are again, Sherlock.” The detective could feel the shorter man behind him. It felt like his body was exploding.. it was a calming feeling. “Did you miss me?” God, yes, Sherlock wanted to shout. He wanted to tell Jim how boring the last two years had been. He wanted to tell him what crazy cases he had since that day on the rooftop, but how no case in the world could compare to Jim’s. Sherlock wanted to look into the other man’s eyes and tell him that he knew Jim was alive all along. 

Because if he really had shot himself that day, Sherlock would’ve died with him. He confessed to Jim all of the above, in his mind… In reality, he remained silent until his fast breath finally calmed down, and allowed him to talk to the criminal. “He was caught with his twisted heart tainted by his voice, his touch, his promises caught in his fangs that shredded his soul apart.” Sherlock’s gaze met Jim’s and he could swear that he saw stars in the dark eyes of his nemesis. Those stars captivated him and wouldn’t let him go anymore. 

 “You liked it?” “I did. But you could’ve just sent me a postcard.” James laugh echoed through the pool. “Where would the fun be in that?” They were close to each other now. So close. Their lips were almost touching and there was that smile on Jim’s face that drove Sherlock crazy. The detective could feel the criminal’s hand in his curls. “Yes.” 

That was the only thing that needed to be said. Their lips met with a softness that neither of them knew until this moment, and it felt like thousands of shooting stars were falling from the sky.

Also big thanks to @smol-consulting-one for proofing this! 

fanboyofallthingsfandom  asked:

So I found this prompt: Museums with historical portraits of upper class omegas surrounded by their pups! Like imagine the King's Omega wife and mistresses (for lack of a better word) getting their portraits painted with their pups around them looking angelic and the perfect Omega And I immediately thought of young Arthur running into a young Alfred, each at the museum with their separate Alpha/Omega schools, and both admiring the historical paintings and just getting to know each other.

I would read a fic like this. 

I can see tiny Arthur focusing so much on the paintings and statues, admiring them. He ends up being so focused on a painting and doesn’t notice the tiny Alpha watching him with wonder. 

Alfred would probably follow him around and just watching Arthur, more than likely blushing due to him thinking Arthur was cute. Then he would probably try to think of a way to approach Arthur but he gets flustered each time Arthur smiles a tiny cute smile.

They end up bumping into each other cause Alfred gets pushed by a friend, who tells him to go say ‘hi’ to the cute Omega. Alfred rushes out a ‘sorry’ before he tries to stutter out a ‘hello’. Arthur is starting at him, confused, and Alfred ends up yelling out ‘YOU ARE REALLY CUTE’. Causing Arthur to blush bright red and Alfred then realizes what he said and turns the same shade.

whygz  asked:

Hi! Could you do a scenario with yoosung where mc and ys are in some classes together (maybe an AU where MC inst in RFA but regardless he falls for her the same way) MC is chubby and her friend says that Yoosung has been eyeing (which is true he likes mc) her and she doesn't really believe it? (Bc 1: she has a crush on him and 2: bc of her height) but ys accidentally heard your disbelief and rushly told mc that she's wrong and confessed? (Idk if it made sense but I hope it did haha) thank you!

I seriously live for writing fluffy Yoosung scenarios. Yoosung may be a little out of character here but I still hope that it’s okay! None of you forget either that your body size is perfect, no matter how big or small or tall or short you are! I really loved this prompt so thank you so much for suggesting it!! :)

Even though you should have been paying attention to the teacher’s lecture, your eyes couldn’t stop staring at him. While Yoosung looked good everyday, he looked especially handsome that day since it was Formal Friday meaning all of the students would dress up just for fun.

You sighed dreamily as you rested your chin on your hands, continuing to stare at the young blond man. Yoosung had on a light blue button down shirt with tan khakis and white Vans. His hair looked a bit more messier then usual, but he still wore his hair pins making him look that much more good.

As your mind wandered, you couldn’t help but notice the other girls in the classroom and how much better they looked then you. Almost all of them were skinny and either tall and sexy or short and cute.

You on the other hand were such an awkward average height plus had some extra weight compared to the other girls. And although you had a major crush on Yoosung, you knew that he would never choose you.

Once the teacher dismissed class for the day, you slowly packed your things up, watching as Yoosung chatted with some of his guy friends.

You were snapped out of your daydreaming when your friend tapped your shoulder asking “Are you alright MC? You’re staring at him you know.”

“Y-yeah I’m fine, sorry.” You replied to your friend who sighed. They looked at your outfit saying “Why aren’t you dressed up MC? It’s Formal Friday and you should be wearing a dress or a skirt, not that.”

They pointed to your slightly oversized sweater and black jeans. You only shrugged saying “You know I can’t wear dresses or skirts, I’m too awkwardly sized for them.”

Your friend shook their head and crossed their arms saying “Well I know that Yoosung doesn’t think that you’re ‘awkwardly sized’ since I’ve seen him staring at you when you’re not staring at him.”

You didn’t believe your friend and told them “Yeah right. You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Your friend rolled their eyes and said “I’m telling you MC he really has been, I have a feeling that Yoosung likes you back, you should go talk to him.”

You gave a weak laugh saying “There is absolutely no way that the coolest guy in school would ever look at me let alone have any type of feelings for me. Unless Yoosung just felt like looking at someone ugly and gross girl like me.”

“Please don’t say that, you’re completely wrong MC.” You whipped your head around to see Yoosung standing behind you with a sad look upon his face.

The moment yours and Yoosung’s eyes met, you felt an undeniable spark of love within your heart. It quickly faded when you remembered that Yoosung looked like a handsome model while looked worse then mediocre.

Without saying another word, you abruptly stood up and ran out of the classroom, ignoring your friends calls for you to stop. You didn’t get far as you tripped over your own two feet and fell onto the floor.

And of course at that moment, two wannabe cool male students saw you trip and snickered, making remarks such as ‘klutz’ and ‘idiot.’

You couldn’t stop the tears from falling down onto your cheeks as you tried picking your things up with your hands shaking and put them back into your bag. As you reached for your notebook, you saw someone else reach for it as well, having both yours and their’s hands touch briefly.

You looked up to see the gentle lavender eyes of Yoosung, who had a worried look on. “Are you okay MC? Why did you run out like that?”

“I-I’m fine, sorry if you’ll excuse me.” You said as you hastily put the rest of your things into your bag and turned to walk the other way until you felt Yoosung grab onto your wrist.

“Listen MC I need to tell you something, something very important okay? I like you, I mean I like you a lot. Ever since the first time I saw you smile, I fell head over heels for you. You’re so kind and considerate of others and just a really overall amazing person. I’ve wanted to confess my feelings to you for a while but every time I try to get close to you, you always walk away or look scared. But I really needed to tel you this MC because I truly care about you.” Yoosung said with complete sincerity to you.

You stood there in shock at Yoosung’s words, thinking at first that he was taking pity on you but then realizing that his words were true. Your insecurities started taking over as you chocked out “B-but I’m so b-big and gross and-”

Before you could finish, Yoosung took hold of both of your hands and brought them to his lips, kissing them softly and said “Please don’t ever say those horrible things about yourself. You are so incredible beautiful in my eyes, the definition of perfection. I don’t care if you’re a bit bigger or if you’re average height, I fell in love with you because of all of your wonderful traits. So no more talking bad about yourself okay? Your Superman Yoosung is here to protect you from now on!”

It had finally sunk in that Yoosung really did care about you, not caring about your looks. You smiled at him and nodded as he smiled in return, wiping away the last of your tears with his thumbs.

Yoosung held your hand as he led you both out of building and with a small smirk he said “You know you should totally wear a dress or skirt for the next Formal Friday, you would look absolutely stunning plus it would make me so happy to see those beautiful legs of yours.”

You smiled at Yoosung and playfully hit his arm as he gave you a small kiss on the cheek. Yoosung knew from that day forward he would make sure that you never felt insecure about yourself and would treat you like the most wonderful person that you were.

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Could you draw Alistair? I really love how you draw him in those cheese wheel comics! It is very cute! Though for a bit more of a prompt, maybe him playing with some puppies? Or maybe Shale at a tea party that it's too big for?

This is super late but Alistair with puppies! Thank you so much for the prompts, anon! <3

anonymous asked:

Is there any way that you could do some prompts about scenery? I know this is really vague but I really struggle with writing about it, Thank you so much :)

//I can try!

“The stars reflected in the calm black water and every bit of me screamed to step inside.” 

“Standing under the tree upon the hill, the breeze was relaxing, and I felt at peace.” 

“The building stood high, crafted by careful and loving hands.”

“All around us, there was untouched snow, bright in the morning sun.”

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can i prompt something involving neil's reaction to anesthesia? maybe he gets his wisdom teeth taken out or gets a surgery and the whole gang is there

( I love this so much, thank you. )

He really needed to watch his mouth.

“Neil? Would you like some water?”

“Nope,” he said.

“Are you sure? You’ve been staring at Dan’s mug for five minutes now.”

Had he?


He had to watch his mouth. He had to play it cool.

“Nope,” he repeated.

Nailed it.

Neiled it.

“Why is he laughing?” Matt asked Renee.

“He’s really out of it.”

Keep reading

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✍ ❤ ♬ ☆ 📐 😘 😍 🌜 and (another thing that happens once in a life time) 🐉 for my favourite founder, Madara, would make me really happy. Thank you again. I love these prompts so much! (And I love you too!)

Thanks, I’m glad you like them! 

✍ : What is your muse’s handwriting like? Is it neat? Sloppy? Fancy?

Madara has really nice, perfect =, methodological handwriting. Absolutely perfect. 

: What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

Madaras’s thoughts on love are…interesting. He knows that all kinds of love exist, but he finds more evidence and holds more weight in brotherly love than he does for romantic love. He’s not very good at expressing romantic love, and he knows he doesn’t come across as a loving person. Sometimes, honestly, he thinks he doesn’t deserve romantic love. If he couldn’t protect his brothers, how could he protect someone else that he loved? It makes him feel so guilty. He also doesn’t think he will ever find a “perfect” person for him, hes aware how difficult he can be. Madara just thinks he’s such a problem in romantic love, like it’s one of the few things he will admit to himself that he’s not good at

♬ : Does your muse sing well? Regardless of whether they sing well or not, do they enjoy singing?

Yes he is good, has an amazing voice actually, but raaarely will he ever do it.

Video of his voice actor singing: https://youtu.be/ccdh_nCTF10 please watch it it’s so worth it

☆ : Of the sun, stars, and the moon, which is your muse’s favorite?

He’s definitely a mood guy, for obvious reasons lol. But really he loves how bright the moon is in the sky, and the different phases are interesting to him

📐 : Is your muse good at math? Do they like it, or do they hate it?

Madara is a math genius actually. He’s very good at it, and the nerd that he is would totally do calculus for fun and understand it all

😘 - how do they flirt?

He’s a physical flirt, like a hand on someone’s arm, brushing hair out of someone’s face kind of guy

😍 - what makes them lust after someone?

This might be so shallow, but a lot of physical attractiveness. The man has high as fuck standards, and rightly so, he knows he’s attractive too. Also, high level of shinobi strength, and ability to actually keep up with him sparring. He loooves that

🌜 - astrological sign + traits?

Madara is a Capricorn, and some of these traits suit him well but not all of them. 

One of a capricorn’s life goals is to be proud of their achievements, which hits it out of the park for Madara with his Eye of the Moon plan. Capricorns also want to be admired by their friends and family, which breaks my fucking heart every time I think about it because Madara’s clan turned their back on him and his best friend stabbed him through the heart.

Capricorns are ambitious, responsible, and reliable, but they have issues balancing work and life. Often they begin to be too absorbed by their work and their relationships become one-sided, which is definitely often an issue with Madara

🐉 - did they name their…dick? Lol

Hahahaha tysm for asking this. Madara would totally nickname his dick, when he was younger at least. We saw him call it his “water style” (best moment of th eentire series lol), so he totally would reference his dick as a canon. It’ll embarrass him when he thinks of it later in life though lol

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That BTS video was amazing and super interesting. I really liked that you talked us through your intention with the characters and how that has changed. If you have the time and inclination, I know I'm not the only viewer who would love to see more behind the scenes videos. Even if they aren't about a specific episode, it is interesting to hear you talk about writing and making the series! It is currently my favorite webseries!

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making it, and I’d really like to make another one soon. While I do have some ideas for more behind the scenes and blooper videos, is there anything specific you want to hear more about? Comment or send me an ask and I’ll see if I have enough footage to talk about it!


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23 (cat) with geoff and ryan if you're still doing the drabble thing also i absolutely love your writing!

“I didn’t know you had a cat.”

Ryan shuts the refrigerator door, frowning, a bottle of beer in each hand held at the neck. “I don’t.”

Geoff raises an eyebrow and gestures at Ryan’s open kitchen window, where a large, grey cat is sitting outside on the sill, gently butting its head against the screen.

“That’s not my cat.”

“You should probably tell it that, then, because I don’t think it knows.” He takes one of the beers from Ryan and pries the top off with his shirt bunched up in his hand.

Ryan looks exasperated. “No, she just—”


It. Hangs out around the apartment. I almost hit it with my car yesterday; it was lying out in the street like a bump in the road. Somebody in the building probably feeds it.”

Geoff grins at him. “Is that somebody you?”

“That somebody is not me. I’m not a cat person,” Ryan says firmly, walking to the window and pushing it shut, and for a second Geoff almost believes him.


The next time Geoff goes to Ryan’s place, after a heist gone surprisingly well, he sees a tupperware container of dry cat food outside on the window sill. He turns, smiling, but Ryan’s got his arms folded over his chest defensively.

"She wouldn’t stop crying. I was losing sleep.”

"She,” Geoff echoes.

“That’s—yes, it’s a female, stop looking at me like that.”


The time after that, Geoff barely takes three steps into the apartment before Ryan’s practically diving across the living room to kick something under the couch.

He waits until Ryan heads into the kitchen to grab drinks before getting down on his hands and knees and unearthing a little feathered toy.


"I thought you weren’t a cat person,” Geoff says, months later, when he walks into the apartment and Ryan’s sitting on the couch, introducing the large grey cat curled up and purring on his lap as ‘Speed Bump.’

Ryan gives him a blank look. “What are you talking about? I love cats.”

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this isnt really a prompt for the wip meme, i just wanted to tell you that i admire how much creativity flows through you, you have so many great ideas and you seem to write so much, it's incredible

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ahahahahah i really love to write AUs since it gives me a chance to stretch my creativity and explore some themes, so I’m really happy that lots of people enjoy my writings and the stories that i want to tell with these characters we all know and love :3

NaruMitsu Week Day 2: Gold Chains

Aaaahhh, Man, I loved this prompt but really hated the chains! After this, I don’t think i want to draw chains again!! 

Anyone, thank you so much for everyone who stopped by during the stream!! I really appreciate it!