i really really loved this mv

I know that all of the LL MVs are made to be more like anime clips, but it’d be cool if they made something more like a real music video instead of just them dancing. Like how most kpop girl groups do, if that makes sense? I think something like Gugudan’s A Girl Like Me or Pristin’s Wee Woo would be really cool man

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Hi! We are a group of Stormers with a passion for film making. We're in the process of collecting ideas for our next project, which might be a fan-made music video for Bastille's song Glory. To get more ideas, we need your help. If you or anyone else reading this have an idea for a story line, certain symbols, setting, general mood etc. for this video, we'd love to hear from you! You can either answer this ask or contact us on our Tumblr glory-music-video. Have a great day!

hey this is really cool and sounds like such a great project! i dont really have any ideas other than what ive see posted - like a lot of people on here i would love to see a mv that captures the essence of the song and the whole getting drunk with a friend or a significant other and sitting on a curb in the dark looking at the stars and talking about anything - its pretty stereotypical i guess but it’d be cool to a very diverse cast of characters and you could have different shots of each of these friends or couples doing all this stuff together. 

to sum it up id really love to see a video that shows that platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones in addition to the fact that not all romantic relationships are heteronormative.


i was tagged the lovely @iamlittleblackdress thank you!

so about the phone lock screen thing, i’m sorry i dont have a phone lmao so there’s that

i still did one with the last song i listened to because yall really should check out the mv if you haven’t already; and a pic of myself because i love that lipstick and also why not

i tag @onebritneydirection, @chronicniall, @louisprotectionsquad and @nottooldforthisship <3

Me trying to understand this MV

My first and last <3

-haechan just falling over in that chair ME SAME
-renjun the entire video plsssss
-jeno’s lines!! #slay
-when they fought over the cup
-the fact that they were the only students in the whole school
-she was the only teacher
-speaking of
-she was adorable (I LOVE HER HAIR)
-the choreo was lit
-including the naruto run
-chenle not caring that the teacher was married lolololol
-all their faces
-jisung solo dancing ALL THE WAYYYY
-haechan’s solo bless up
-chenle’s smile ahhhhh
-the sort of muted/pale colours!!! love it

How the 'ADORE U' MV came about
  • Pledis: Alright, guys, so your kinda-but-not-really first MV! What do you suppose we do?
  • SVT: ...
  • Pledis: Alright so I know this is kinda scary for you guys seeing as you're officially debuting for the first time, but c'mon! Let's break the ice and get some ideas rolling!
  • Seungkwan: *raises hand proudly* I have an idea for the MV.
  • Pledis: *over enthusiastically* Yes, go for it, Seungkwan!
  • Seungkwan: We should totally do a roadtrip concept!
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Alright, awesome! That would be pretty cool--
  • Dino: I have an idea too!
  • Pledis: Alright, what is it?
  • Dino: A flower-y concept where we all hang around plants and sip tea.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Uh, okay, that's pretty interesting, I guess--
  • DK: I also have an idea!
  • Pledis: Okay, shoot!
  • DK: An angel concept, where we all wear white and dance among the clouds.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Okay, nice! That makes a lot more sense--
  • Wonwoo: Wait, I have an idea as well.
  • Pledis: Uh, okay. What is it?
  • Wonwoo: A boxing concept.
  • Pledis: ...wat.
  • Wonwoo: Kinda like something out of Rocky, ya feel?
  • Pledis: But that has NOTHING to do with what you're singing about.
  • The8: Right, so why don't we do a band concept instead?
  • Pledis: You see? Now that's what I'm talking about! Great work, Jun!
  • The8: ...I'm The8.
  • Jun: I'M Jun.
  • Pledis: Oh, who cares? You're all the same underneath.
  • Chinaline: ...
  • Hoshi: But wait, why don't we do a sci-fi concept? I mean, it's out there and it's not something that many people have done before.
  • Pledis: Wait, we're still listing concepts? I thought we decided on the band idea.
  • Wonwoo: What about my boxing concept?
  • Dino: Or my plant concept?
  • DK: Or my angel concept?
  • Seungkwan: HEY! We're not gonna forget my, frankly, GENIUS idea of a roadtrip concept - are you kimbap kidding me?!
  • SVT: *arguing*
  • S.Coups: Hey, guys. Guys...HEY GUYS!
  • SVT: *turn to him*
  • S.Coups: How about we take all of the concept ideas...a merge them into one whole music video?!
  • SVT: *approving 'ahhhhh!'*
  • Jeonghan: Now that's an idea I can get behind!
  • Pledis: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but have you all gone NUTS?! WHY would you want to combine all these crazy concepts into one MV?! If your fans see this, they're gonna think you're all on DRUGS!
  • Woozi: Well...aren't we?
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • Pledis: Whatever, do what you want - I really couldn't care less. *leaves* Shouldhavestayedwithnuestinsteadofinvestinginthesenutjobs...
  • S.Coups: Sooooooooo.............CRAZY CONCEPT MV IT IS!

Inktober Day 5: Sad

I’m okay

I know that I usually don’t say this kind of things but I really love Day6 and it makes me really sad that they don’t get the recognition they deserve!

So if u have the time go check their new MVs! It’s really beautiful and the MVs are amazing! Plus each month they will release one MV which is really cool, I really love them 😭😭😭


map6 - swagger time what’s that??? did someone ask for an underrated boy group???? or was it just me


“Kindness that is devoured by loneliness,
is a night getting covered in white snow.”

Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna performed by Sayuri.

I’ve been listening to this song for a while now and JFC I love it! Of course, I wanna make a DRRR!! crossover with my favorite scene (for some reasons?) from the MV. So here we are: Roppi and Izaya ~