i really really loved these scenes

Okay but you know what I really loved about the captive prince trilogy, specifically King’s Rising?

The fact that they had a heated passionate moment where they were really angry with each other and were just fuming with hate and THEY DIDNT HAVE SEX

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ugly scenes in stories where they get in a heated argument and just start having sex and making out and it makes me so uncomfortable?? Like I remember being 13 and asking my parents why this scene was happening. Why are they doing this instead of talking or…what? And being angry and just rough sex to fix it is such a heteronormative thing and I hate it.

So yeah anyways, thanks pacat for having them kick the shit out of each other and then communicate their issues instead of just “fixing it” with rough sex

i just have a lot of feelings about steve harrington and i want to get them out so here’s a list of reasons (apart from the obvious ones) i love him

  • “hello ladies”: literally the best entrance to a scene in the history of tv
  • his jump into the pool aka how to be Extra™
  • literally he’s so extra all of the time
  • he definitely has two different pairs of Nike Cortez shoes, no idea why, but they look good as hell
  • “hey, i had a good time” like honestly that line managed to make nancy so much more confident and happy and like honestly that line is probably my favorite of his and nobody ever talks about it
  • shout out to him for not going along with the two jokes tommy makes about jonathan killing will like he knew that shit was fucked up
  • the way he invites nancy to a movie to get her mind off of barb for a bit
  • when he gets the hint that nancy doesn’t wanna talk to him and it obviously hurts him a bit but hes just like “i should go” and totally respects her and stays casual to not upset her
  • when he runs to nancy’s window he literally pops his collar first, gotta look cool for the ladies
  • when he looks at nancy right before she slaps him like wow he’s in so much pain thanks for those emotions joe keery
  • every? single? time? he? looks? at? nancy??? wow he loves that girl
  • have you seen his hair

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tbh, malec looked more like close co-workers than a sexually active couple. it's not believable. even not-endgame-climon got a more intimate, body close together scene for their first kiss than malec ever had. first time for malec (and alec!) and we got them to talk about it with other people?! not shocking since we never seen them even hold hands. i will not be surprised that spoiler hug and kiss in episode 10 is actually a buddy hug and a peck on the lips. or cut out altogether.

You know, Anon, that’s what kinda bugs me here. I mean I KNEW that we would never get some kind of “morning after scene” in this ep. Not after the framing of the ep from last week. But call me naive but at least I expected hoped for a scene where they would actually talk about this huge step and Magnus’ feelings!

Like… I cannot help it but as much as I enjoyed watching their first scene when Alec came over to tell Magnus about them throwing a party, you could really see and hear that there is still so much that needs to be talked about between them. Magnus like “You’re sure about this?” and Alec replying “Why wouldn’t I be?” Can we please go back to them having at least these real and honest conversations? This was/is pretty much their thing, so please.

So we ended up with nothing. They even cut the scene of Alec and Izzy short because Maryse and Max arrived. And instead we got the Jace and Magnus scene but where Alec had no idea that Magnus wouldn’t do this for anyone. Same for Alec. He kind of protected and stood up for Magnus against Maryse, but again, Magnus didn’t see/hear any word of that. And this actually disappoints me on a certain level.

I don’t need heavy making out (yes, I am still bitter, sue me) and 200 kisses in an episode but please go back to talk things over. Because right now I even doubt that they will ever talk about the cat eyes or Alec’s “attempted suicide”. And that is really annoying me right now. Since conversations were/are their thing!

So the Sanvers scenes tonight were lovely. We got some backstory for Maggie (and Floriana got a meaty moment to sink her teeth into), we learned Alex really sucks at writing poetry, and we got a sweet dance at the end. But this episode was NOT the “Sanvers-centric” episode we were promised in the media. I’m not sure I really blame the writers so much as The CW for this one. Feels like they promoted it that way to use us again to boost ratings (although Sanvers wasn’t featured heavily in the promos). We’ve seen that from them before, and it is February sweeps…

All the screaming at the Supergirl writers will probably just convince them not to give us anything at all, but they shouldn’t hype things on social media as being bigger than what they are. We’ve been used and disappointed by TV shows too much as it is.

I just feel let down by the show because earlier this season they’d been doing so well, but I’m grateful for Floriana and Chyler’s work as always. They don’t get the time we desperately wish they did, but they know how to make the most of it.

Overall a good 7/10 for the episode. The first half was honestly quite boring and some scenes just didn’t need to be there. However the grace that is Magnus Bane really did it in the second half. It picked up really well. The hallucinations driving up further and giving it a little push also brought all the insecurities to light. Overall that was amazing. Most of the downfalls were in the first part of the episode, the Isabelle/Raphael I have issues with. I loved when Raphael shared about his past with Magnus that was very well done. And honestly not enough Luke?! And they could have done a lot more with the Magnus cat eyes scene there was so many missed opportunities there. But overall not a bad episode. The second half was definitely the best part. Magnus Bane can end me with that fight scene anyday.

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This maybe be a question for spoiler (hope not, cause i really want to know). What was the reaction from other skaters about the doping scandal (especially Chris & Phichit? Love ur fic

Chris and Phichit I wont really go into because you will see their reactions in either this fic, the companion fic or, if I get that far, their POV chapters in the missing and additional scenes fic. But for the majority of the skating community they were horrified there was such a awful information leakage at the ISU because it’s already bad enough that Yuuri was falsely accused but it was much much worse that a mistake that should have been cleared up quickly and privately became public knowledge along with revealing very private medical information of his that should never have been allowed to go public without his say so

Can I just say, I actually really liked the episode(obviously minus Mon-El) like I loved Mr. Mxyzptlk and he was soo funny, and like that Hamilton scene literally gave my life. This episode though was like a literal representation of how Karamel just isn’t going to work out. They were fighting for 90% of the episode, do you really think that’s a good relationship when it’s barely even started?? And then out of nowhere they have an intense make out session and it looks like they’re going to have sex, I don’t believe that and it shows that Mon-El really only wants her for sex

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omggg i just read the latest chapter of masquerade and im dying!! that cliffhanger!! is killing me!!! As usual your prose was amazing - i could really feel the emotions of all the characters in each scene. Srsly tho i have no idea how Yuuri is gonna make it out of this scene emotionally intact. The only thing rivaling Victor's love for Yuuri is the insane things he'll do to protect their relationship. But Minako sounds powerful and terrifying. rip yuuri's feels. Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Yaaaay thank you but don’t die! And so good to hear from you! It’s a delicate situation for me to write, so I am not gonna lie, its actually really difficult since it’s so dialogue heavy, but yeah, it’s not gonna be easy on any one. 

Honestly rip is so accurate cos there are still quite a few more surprises coming that are going to ruin everyone :/ sorry in advance! 


Screencaps from episode 1 of Bellevue.

So far, Bellevue was really well done. Most of the episode was spent establishing the characters, the town and the mystery. I would have really liked to see the first two episodes at once as it felt like the story was just getting somewhere at the end of the episode. Some scenes of it were creepy as fuck, which I loved.

Allen Leech was in only two scenes, but the main one was pretty great. I’m interested to see where his character is going. 

magsbanes replied to your post “daddariosmuffin replied to your post: i knew in my…”

i hope they let her learn and become a better mother, as well be more accepting of alec and magnus, because i feel like there’s potential there

i actually noticed during that scene when magnus gives a gift to max, that maryse looks at alec a few times when magnus is with max in such a….. i dont know if caring would be a good world, but nicola did a wonderful job there with those looks because i really felt there that she could learn and use her potential as a supportive mother. i hope they dont forget her storyline because i really want to see her grow especially from the situation, and become a better version of herself because god theres so much potential and i love nicola so much

Replies to Birth and Death

Replies to Sunday’s hospital scene, under a cut, for your convenience

And before we get to that, have an outtake that happened while I was posing. Yes. That is Dina raging over Mortimer just as we got to the part in the scene where she was fueled by anger at him. I love when things like that happen.

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Who is your favorite Gorillaz voice actor?

It’s a tie between Nelson De Freitas (2D) and Phil Cornwell (Murdoc). I love how when 2D sings, all you hear is Damon Albarn. But when he talks, his voice is high pitched and so adorable. I love it! As for Murdoc’s voice, his voice could go low when talks normally. But when he gets excited, like in the Internet Explorer 9 video and his Pirate Radio Sessions,  his voice would pitched up a bit. Plus, his voice is pretty soothing for some reason. I really like Remi Kabaka (Russel) and Haruka Kuroda (Noodle) too. But 2D’s and Murdoc’s voice has to be my favorite. 

This video shows behind-the-scenes footage of the recording for the Gorillaz G-Bites back in Phase 1. It’s really cool and very interesting!

Episode 2x08

Okay guys! So I’m gonna be honest I really liked the episode! There were things that I didn’t like obviously but I’m not going to dwell on those things *cough* lack of Luke again *cough*. Anyways I really liked the Izzy and Raphael interactions and I want this to blossom into a beautiful friendship. The malec obviously and the Magnus and Jace scene. I’m not a Climon shipper but I’m not going to bash them because I don’t ship bash. Kat and Alberto were really good together, as always. The scene with Alec and Clary got me and both Matt and Kat did so great in that scene. Magnus! Oh my god Magnus actually killed me in this episode he’s so amazing and badass like holy shit I love him! The Alec and Clary scene at the end made my heart sing. I’m so excited for them to become best friends forever. And of course, perhaps my favorite scene in the whole episode, the Jace, Alec, and Maryse scene. Dom, Nicola, and Matt were so good. I really felt Maryse’s emotions and it was such a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene. So all in all, I would give this episode an 8/10. It was a lot easier to follow than last week’s and didn’t seem rushed or cramped so I liked that. But obviously I want to know what you guys think so come at me with your reviews! 😘

while i appreciated the sappy sanvers scene, i wish they would’ve let maggie hurt. i wish we would’ve seen maggie and alex having this discussion about the trauma that maggie went through because quite honestly i feel as though they didn’t allow for any development within the storyline for maggie at least, and it needs to be shown that coming out isn’t necessarily rainbows and butterflies. it’s sometimes really hard; it’s important to showcase the other side of things because you have Alex who has a loving and supportive family, but then you have Maggie, whose family didn’t support her and such. that side of it needs to be shown because it is just as important, not only to show that it happens, but to show people who didn’t have a welcoming coming out that they are still valid and that they are deserving of love and will find it one day. idk i just wish they would have given that scene more attention because it really really could have been pivotal, not only in the development of Maggie and Alex’s relationship, but in the way that coming out is perceived by people of all sexualities, and it could have been beautiful validation to adults and kids alike who were ostracized by their families that it will all be okay. and while you don’t necessarily need a tv show to do that, it would have been nice validation that they deserve saying that they will achieve happiness and love in their lives. anyway idk


- Isaac Lahey I thought you were in Paris after S3 but I’m not complaining if you somehow ended up in the past and you have this marvelous accent. Really, I’m far from it. 
- Anne Hastings is growing so much on me, I think I love her. 
- Gimme Mary back or gimme oxygen. I miss my badass nurse like crazy. 
- For a moment I thought that the John Doe was Matron’s son and I was ready to cry. Spoiler: I did it anyway because the letter scene was the saddest ever. 
- Do we really need so many scenes featugring Jimmy? Is there a soul that likes him? 
- Byron and Anne are precious and always make me smile.
- Lisette you didn’t need to go away to not interfere with my Phoster, you can stay. You’re beautiful and talented. Don’t go.
- Finally Emma is caught up on How to Get Away with Murder: Green family edition. 
- Byron passed the exam GIMME A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR HIM. 
- Though really, did you need to make up that horrible excuse about Samuel? He’s your friend, Byron.


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THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT ❤ ok so the bit when Aaron got out of the boot, and chas, cain & Adam were stood there I thought that was really touching, they've been with Aaron through everything!!!! Oh and poor Aaron in prison & robs sad face!!! We will need gin! 🍸🍸🍸🙏

Aww sorry I missed this last night. I LOVE their faces during that scene and ESPECIALLY that Cain and Adam played such a big part.

Adam being his best mate, just planning to drive about or play Xbox. It was really touching.

Then Uncle Cain doing what he does best but, in a way, it was a really WEIRD lovely little nod to their nightmare past and the fact Rob could stand there and make a joke about their past with car boots when Cain is metres away and had him bundled in one… it’s so THEM. Cain and Rob’s weirdo relationship continuing to ruin me.

The best!! Tonight is going to be proper overwhelming. I mean, it’s MAXINE!

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I think Cosimo never loved Contessina a lot. But a legion of romantic impossibles fans don´t stop saying how much he loves her, that he realize this later etc. But in real terms i think whom he really loved was to Bianca, that was his real election. Normal if his marriage was cold and empty. Even the love scene between them in the episode 6 is so sad...unnecesary. he really despises Contessina.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say he despises her. I think there’s indication that he liked her or even loved her (like a friend, a sister, whatever) for a while, although obviously her feelings were different and deeper. I talked about that here

Besides, if his marriage was cold and empty he really had no one to blame but himself, seeing that he never gave his wife a chance. The one thing you could tell in his defense is that at least he was honest about it (at least up to a point), which makes his small affectionate moments all the more interesting.

Their sex scene was pretty angry but not as cold as it might seem imo. The fact that Cosimo got that jealous might speak of his being a typical early Renaissance straight male™ but also about his being the opposite of indifferent to her. Again, I’m not sure there’s a point in watching Cosimo if we forget that he’s trying his best not to let anything and anyone under his skin.

As for Bianca, she’s obviously his first love. He loved her. I get it, I mean I love Miriam Leone and I’m a straight woman. But I feel like by saying he’s still in love with her 20 years after he met her we’re kinda lying to ourselves. As time passed Cosimo idealized Bianca and made her a symbol of all he’s wanted, pursued and lost. It was an impossible love and she ended it because she had the common sense he lacked, and that’s what made it both beautiful and tragic, as that art Cosimo claims to love so much often is.

So yes, sure, Cosimo chose Bianca but was handed Contessina. It’s quite sad for Contessina, really, because her feelings were unrequited for a long time, but to borrow Francesco Alberoni’s terms I don’t think we were in for a ‘falling in love’ story with the two of them. They skipped that altogether, they’re about 40, they loved other people before. They just found themselves married to each other, with an adult son, a city lost and found, a dead brother and all that shitstorm going on, they’re probably just going to try to forget that and love each other in their own way. 

Sanvers 2x13

I’m not extremely happy but I’m content with the sanvers stuff we got. Yes it’s wrong they give mon-hell more time with Kara, and this episode really wasn’t sanvers centric so the hype and news we got was misleading, but What we got was not that bad. Especially Maggie’s scene of how she got outed, was so well acted. And like obviously the dance scene at the end was two seconds, but at least we got something. Anyways y'all could hate me for saying this but it’s just my opinion.
Also, I know CW being slightly homophobic can’t really show a sanvers love scene but at least give us a scene of them both laying in bed, just talking or something.

I really, really don’t know how to feel about that episode.

There were good and bad parts. Im just trying not to be too critical even though every part of me wants to dissect every scene and be super picky. I must say there was definitely some cringy parts but over all it was not too much of a mess, though I have learned to lower my expectations at this point.

I’d love to know what you all thought.