i really really liked this movie

I’ve been listening to ars paradoxica so imagine peridot is a scientist who accidentally invents a time machine and travels back in time. Jasper is the sexy military grunt who helps her adjust to life in the 1940s

I’m actually really happy that Nolan didn’t take that question about Harry’s hair. That really isn’t a focal point of the project, and I feel like that’s the kind of thinking that’s made some Nolan fans, movie critics, and members of the gp leery of Harry’s inclusion in the cast. Though obviously harmless, questions like that really don’t do him any favors. I’m sure for a movie like this, Nolan and Harry and the rest of the cast want to all the attention to be on the project itself. Which is really really good! It’s awesome that they are treating Harry like the other actors and not “Harry Styles, boyband heartthrob who cut his luscious long locks for a movie role.”

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I'm so excited for the movie! The trailers make it seem like they're really capturing what being a teen is actually like. I'm already having feels! (Also when Tony realizes he's given a tiny-Steve permission to swing around the city fighting crime and the spiderling is totally going to look at everything emotionally and make really bad decisions, so he takes away Peter's suit!!!! *Already crying*

i can’t believe spider-man: homecoming is the best movie in the entire world already.

From the MuggleNet interview
  • Claire: There’s one very interesting scene that has got everyone talking. It’s the [scene] just after Tina is taking Newt out of MACUSA and Graves approaches her, and it kind of changes a lot of dynamic between Tina and Graves. People are now shipping it – not good. But how early on was that removed, and is Graves Grindelwald the whole way through this movie?
  • David: Graves is Grindelwald the whole way through the movie, that’s for sure. And that was another one that was really… it was really hard to let that one go. But it just, again, felt quite right. I love that scene. It’s one of my favorite… in fact, most of the things we cut out were some of my favorite things in the movie, by a long way. But it’s like you’ve got a piece of music, and when you see the whole thing in context it makes more sense to have it out rather than have it in. But that one came out about halfway through the editing process. But I love it. I love the way Colin [Farrell] does what he does. You get this whole sense of… their relationship is really intricate. But what it did was it set something running in your head about you wanting more of that in the rest of the movie, and then we went somewhere completely different with it. So it sort of set up a false promise in a way.
  • Claire: Yeah, well, we’ve seen it now and we’re all like, “Come on!” Did Jo talk about Graves and Tina’s relationship, either prior to Grindelwald or prior to the film scene when she was an Auror? Do you know more about that? Was that something that’s all written out?
  • David: We always just discussed it in terms of the fact that she kind of quite liked him and was always seeking his approval, and that had a slight sexual edge to it.
  • Claire: It’s that tailoring. That Oscar-winning tailoring.
  • David: Yes.

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If you could only pick three kaiju (besides the ones confirmed: rodan, mothra, and ghidora) to join the legendary verse which would you choose? I'd want to see some semi-obscure underdogs, like King Cesar or Manda. My ulitmate fantasy is Jet Jaguar (PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH)

That’s a really great question!! I think my first pick would be Mechagodzilla. When G14 first came out I wanted Kiryu in a sequel (probably bc I’m a fanboy), but now I feel like a villainous Mechagodzilla would be a little more fitting 

Next I’d go with Anguirus. I think he’d fit really nicely with the already established monsters. A natural enemy of Godzilla turned ally to fight against invaders 

Finally, Biollante! Though I really think she’d need a full movie with her as the villain in order to do her justice. Lots of crazy plant/body horror too

Anyway the second recap was good! I think the only thing I was really disappointed about was the lack of Sawano’s really epic tracks during the epic scenes. Some were totally silent in the background, and it kind of downplayed it a bit.

The Jiyuu no Tsubasa remix played during the beginning of the 57th expedition though and it gave me chills! I wanted to jam out so bad lmao

I really loved the use of the variants of theDOGS throughout the movie. 

And that Eren/Annie/Mikasa scene being added in there really adds to the depth of Eren and Annie’s relationship, as well as Annie and Mikasa’s rivalry. It helps the audience to understand why Eren struggles with fighting Annie at the end, AND it really adds that punch when Mikasa is ultimately the one to stop Annie. I especially liked it because (in the dub anyway lol) Annie says, “I’m curious if these moves will work on animals” (she calls Mikasa a beast in the manga) and when Mikasa draws her blade in the tunnel and says “I’m going to carve you up again, Titan!” idk. lol It’s one of those like, “you dehumanized me, now I’m gonna do the same to you” kind of things. Their relationship has always been interesting to me. 


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hey so i'm from the next town over from manchester by the sea, and they filmed most of the movie in my neighborhood so naturally i feel the need to tell everyone, but i can't believe what an amazing job they did with local culture in the film. the avg person wouldn't notice but watching it in a theater in my town was so fucking cool. like even the green sweatshirt is from a really old bar in my town. i get really nerdy about it all the time ahh just thought i'd share

no way! that’s so awesome. i’m so glad to hear that they did a really good job of capturing the feel of the town. thank you so much for sharing that ♥

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rtmi: my friend is going through a really really horrible time and while i was talking to them about it i internally thought "i wish they would end the conversation so i could get back to the movie i was watching". i immediately caught myself and felt bad for it. i've been thinking about it all day. i'm a bad person and i dont know where to start with myself. i'm a mess my dude.

hey don’t feel bad for it, it can be emotionally exhausting to listen to stuff. shit like depression gets you apathetic even when you don’t mean to be. ain’t your fault, doesn’t mean you don’t care about your friend

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i'm currently re-reading IT by stephen king and i would highly recommend it, just like all his books, if you like that "king atmosphere" you would really enjoy the books too. i'm planning on finishing the book before the new movie comes out and i had to start recently because it's a really long one lol

the only books i’ve read all the way through by stephen king are carrie and pet sematary and pet sematary creeped me out so much i almost had to pull a joey from friends and stick it in the freezer.

6 movies you can always watch

Okay, so I’ve been tagged in this thing by @douchenuts and @reasoniwantyoutostay so I really should actually do it, I guess.  

The first three are ones I always have on my list, the other three all cycle in and out depending on mood.  So, really, my list is actually only 3 movies long.  But whatever.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Reservoir Dogs

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann version - so people can just imagine my delight when I watched s3 of Skam, heh)


The Princess Bride

I tag @optimisticfairyprincess  @thealpacalypse  @avron and anyone else who feels like doing this.

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This isn't PoE related but Sinbad was one of my favorite movies as a kid. What do you think of the character in general? He's a trash bags sometimes but I love him.

yeah, he’s total garbage. but that’s the point. :)

i’m really, really not a fan of the dynamic between him and marina - it brings out the worst in both of them, and i don’t get why her love is enough to make sinbad want to go back and save proteus, while proteus’ years of friendship and faith in him don’t mean squat.

but i generally like him. what i appreciate most is how he never tries to be what he isn’t - he’s always upfront about who and what he is, even when he’s being a giant pile of trash. like when proteus explains to sinbad that he’s substituting himself at sinbad’s execution because, you know, they’re boyhood pals and of course sinbad would have done the same for him, right? and sinbad straight up tells him no, i wouldn’t. right in front of king dymas and the entire council lmao

the “are you a thief or a hero?” dichotomy the movie initially sets up makes you think that ultimately he’s going to have to choose which he wants to be, and that saving proteus firmly puts him in the hero column - from now on he’s going to be a good guy who does noble things.with his life. but nope, in the end sinbad sails off into the sunset to (presumably) keep on robbing and scheming like he’s always done. so he’s both: a thief and a hero. and that’s refreshing.

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For the ask! Uraraka Ochako (I was gonna ask you earlier but I got caught up in something ^^;)

Thanks for the ask! you didn’t have to really, I hope my salty post earlier didn’t make you feel obliged to. I probably shouldn’t have actually posted that.

Why I like them: She’s so sweet and friendly and pure. Design wise I really like her eyes. Drawing them is super fun for me lol

Why I don’t: I don’t know if I have anything I really really dislike about her? I wish we could see her (and the other kids) hanging out casually together more often but that’s not really something I dislike about her

Favorite episode (scene if movie):Hard to choose, but I really like the scene when she and Tsuyu fight Toga in the forest.

Favorite season/movie: umm (Season 2 spoilers!) I’m looking forward to the scene in season 2 where she calls her parents. (Im not emotionally prepared to actually hear her cry tho.. help)

Favorite line: I like when she basically changes the meaning of Deku from an insult to something to be proud of. tbh it really gives an example of her personality (As well as a cute izuocha moment)

Favorite outfit: ehhh idk, I always like seeing the kids in their casual/everyday clothes, I suppose. Her hero outfit is pretty cute too obv


Brotp: Tsuyu and her are cute besties.

Head Canon: Once her parents bought some bubble bath stuff for her birthday, and she loved trying to make the bubbles float without popping them.

Unpopular opinion: I feel like my OTP for her is an unpopular opinion,does that count

A wish: For her to both be able to be a hero and have a family of her own (simultaneously) in the end.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Her parents die before she’s able to actually fulfill her goal.

5 words to best describe them: It’s sad but I could really only think of a couple right on the spot. Sweet, determined, 

My nickname for them: I’m not sure I have one that I actually use lol..

Gratitude list.

1. My little sister’s birthday was and is nice although she’s really sick, but we managed to have a lovely time anyway.
2. I’m grateful for not being a teen.
3. There was this moment earlier today where I tried to draw but I ended up staring at all my loved ones instead. I’m grateful for that moment.
4. It’s really rare that all of us are together because everyone has things to do, and my brother is always out/playing computer, but today we sat down and watched scary movies while having amazing food and cake.
5. I got up this morning.
6. I did not nap.
7. I know some really strong and amazing people that inspire me.
8. I can go to bed really soon.
9. I said out loud that I don’t feel like going to school tomorrow and my mom sort of said it’s okay not to go. Not sure I’m going to stay at home, and I don’t need her approval, but it was just a really nice thing of her to say.
10. I’m grateful for you guys.


                              » Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) 

Oh when you’re near me 
I see the world more clearly
Hold me and I’ll hold you too
I want to spend my time with you. (x)

some swing dance batjokes because i’m really diggin electro swing music lately…